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Russian leader Vladimir Putin says he and President Barack Obama had a ;constructive; conversation on the phone about action moving forward in Syria. 俄罗斯领导人普京表示他与奥巴马总统通话,就叙利亚行动展开“建设性”对话。The announcement comes after the International Syria Support Group — made up of 20 countries — and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation met in Munich. 公告发布之前,由20个国家组成的国际叙利亚持集团和伊斯兰合作组织在慕尼黑见面。The group is trying to further outline the ;cessation of hostilities; or informal ceasefire announced by the U.S. secretary of state and Russias foreign minister on Friday. The goal is to implement this peace action within a week.该组织正试图进一步概述美国国务卿和俄罗斯外交部长周五宣布的“停止敌对行动”或非正式停火协议。目标是在一周内执行和平行动。The ISSG will be working with the ed Nations to ensure aid is delivered to civilians in need, especially in various besieged Syrian towns. ISSG组织将与联合国合作,确保为需要的平民提供援助,特别是在被围困的叙利亚城镇。And some reports say aid from different organizations is aly on its way to some of those towns.一些报道称,来自不同组织的援助已经在前往这些城镇的路上。A more formal ceasefire is still the goal for some, including the U.S. But because many of the countries in the group have different strategies, it could take more time. 更为正式的停火仍然是目标,包括美国在内。但因该组织的许多国家有不同的策略,可能需要更多的时间。According to the Kremlin, the U.S. and Russia said they will increase their diplomatic aid and military cooperation in the name of the latest ISSG agreement. 据克里姆林宫,美国和俄罗斯称以最近ISSG协议为名,将增加外交援助和军事合作。译文属。201602/426451

Moon Festival Story (Part One)中秋节的故事(上)One morning, Houyi was practicing his sword fencing in the woods near the Heavenly Palace. Suddenly, he saw a raindrop slipping down from the leaf. He drew his bow, and shot the raindrop. It hit, and splashed everywhere.一日早晨,后羿正在天宫旁的森林里练习剑术。突然,他看到一滴雨水从树叶上滑下。他抽出弓,并射向那雨滴。射中了,还四处喷溅。This happened to be seen by a group of fairy maidens who were flying past the woods. They started to praise Houyis great shot. The most beautiful fairy maiden, whose name was Change, exclaimed, ;What a master archer!; But Houyi was very modest. Change and the other maidens danced for this master archer, and Houyi is very much attracted by Changes beauty.这碰巧被一群飞过树林的仙女看到了。她们开始赞赏后羿完美的箭术。最美丽的仙女,她的名字是嫦娥,惊叹道:“真是个神射手!”但后羿非常地谦虚。嫦娥和其他仙女为这名神射手跳舞,而后羿深深受到嫦娥美貌的吸引。Suddenly, there were dark clouds, and some terrible sounds could be heard. There, amidst the dark clouds came running a fierce wolf. The fairy maidens went into a panic, and did not know where to hide. The wolf dashed at the young ladies with its big mouth wide open, and the girls were scared to death. The wolf ran towards Change, who was frightened out of her wits. And at this moment, just before the wolf ran towards Change, Houyi drew the bow and shot the wolf dead.乌云乍现,且可以听到一些可怕的声响。在那儿,在乌云中跑出一匹凶猛的狼。仙女们惊慌失措,且不知道要躲哪去。那匹狼大嘴开开冲向那年轻的女士们,而女孩们都吓死了。那匹狼跑向嫦娥,她已吓到不知所措。而在这时,就在狼跑向嫦娥前,后羿抽出弓并将狼给射死。The news of Houyi killing the wolf was soon known by everyone in the Palace. The Lord of Heaven decided that Change should marry Houyi. They lived together very happily until one day Houyi was showing off, and he shot down the sun. The Lord of Heaven got very angry, and sent them down to earth. Change did not want to leave the Palace, but she had to go with her husband to the human world.后羿杀死狼的消息很快地就让天宫里所有人给知道了。天神决定嫦娥应该许配给后羿。他们非常快乐地生活在一起,直到有天后羿在炫耀卖弄,射下了太阳。天神非常地生气,并将他们贬下凡间。嫦娥并不想离开天宫,但她必须和她的丈夫一起去人类的世界。After Houyi shot down the sun, the weather on the earth became good for crops to grow, and people lived happily. But in the mountains, rivers and lakes, there lived wild beasts and monsters who came out to hurt people. Houyi heard that there was a monster with nine heads in the north who often did horrible things to people, and even ate people. Houyi decided to fight it.在后羿射下太阳后,地球上的天气变得适合谷物生长,且人们活得很开心。但在山上、河流和湖泊里,住着会出来伤害人们的猛兽和怪物。后羿听说北部有个常对人类做出恐怖事情的九头怪物,甚至会吃人。后羿决定要对付它。Houyi fought against the nine-headed monster for three days, but neither of them could win. Later on, Houyi learned that the only way to kill the monster was to cut off all of its nine heads. Otherwise, it would get even stronger. Houyi drew his big bow, and shot nine arrows all at the same time at the nine heads of the monster. The nine heads all fell down, and the monster died immediately.后羿和九头怪物奋战了三天,但他们俩没有一个可以胜出。后来,后羿得知要杀死怪物的唯一办法就是砍下它全部九颗头。否则,它会变得更加强大。后羿抽出他的大弓,并同时将九箭射向怪物的九颗头。九颗头全都落下,而怪物随即死了。From then on, Houyi got lots of love and respect from the people. He began to like his new life in the human world. But his wife still felt very sad, and missed her life in the Heaven very much.自此后,后羿得到许多人们的爱戴以及尊敬。他开始喜欢他在人类世界的新生活。但他的妻子还是感到非常难过,且非常想念她在天堂的生活。One day, Change was sitting at the table, waiting for her husband. She felt sad and began crying at the thought of her unhappy life in the human world. When she heard Houyis footsteps, she did not go out to welcome him as usual. Houyi entered the room, and found Change was so sad. He asked, ;What is wrong with you? Dont you enjoy our life here?; Change answered, ;Ever since we arrived in the human world, my life has not been happy at all. You spend your time outside. Do you know how lonely and bored I am?; Houyi smiled and said, ;I will keep you company from now on. Im going to take you to a deep valley in the mountain tomorrow. I guarantee that the valley is more beautiful than anything you have seen in the Heaven.;有一天,嫦娥坐在桌前,等待她的丈夫。她一想到她在人类世界的不开心生活就感到难过且开始哭起来。当她听到后羿的脚步声,她没有像往常一样出去迎接他。后羿进到房间,发现嫦娥非常难过。他问:“你怎么了?你不喜欢我们在这里的生活吗?”嫦娥回道:“自从我们抵达人类世界,我的生活就一点也不快乐。你把时间都花在外头。你知道我有多孤单多无聊吗?”后羿微笑并说:“从现在起我会陪着你。我明天会带你到山中的深谷。我保那个溪谷比起任何你在天堂看到的东西都还要美丽。”The valley was indeed beautiful, quiet and cool, with many butterflies flying around. Change sat by the river to comb her long hair, looking at her reflection in the water. Houyi put some flowers in his wifes head. Change was very happy and thought, ;This is just the life I want.;那溪谷确实很美、宁静且凉爽,有许多蝴蝶四处飞舞。嫦娥坐在河边梳着她的长发,看着她在水中的倒影。后羿插了一些花在他妻子的头上。嫦娥非常开心并想着:“这就是我想要的生活。”Suddenly, the quietness was interrupted by some screaming voices in the distance. Houyi knew the beasts were hurting the villages. So he quickly took his bow and arrows, and was about to hurry away, but Change was very angry and cried. Houyi said, ;It is my job to remove evils from this world to protect the people. Forgive me.; And then he rushed away. Chagne cried and returned home alone.突然间,那平静被一些远方的尖叫声给打断了。后羿知道野兽正在蹂躏村庄。所以他迅速地拿了他的弓箭,即将匆匆离开,但嫦娥非常生气而且哭了。后羿说:“将妖魔从这世界除掉来保护人们是我的职责。原谅我。”接着他就仓促跑走了。嫦娥边哭边独自返家。The following weeks Houyi went out to get rid of evils almost every day. It took a long time, but at last, he wiped out all the evils. When he happily returned home, he saw the sad look in Changes face. Houyi understood that he had made his wife suffer a lot, and he should treat her better. He also knew his wife didnt blame him. She was just worried about his safety. After all, he was the only person she can depend on.接下来几周后羿几乎每天都出去斩妖除魔。花上很长一段时间,但最后,他除掉了所有的妖魔。当他开心地回到家,他看见嫦娥脸上的伤心神情。后羿了解他已经让妻子受了很多苦,他应该要对她更好。他同样也知道妻子并不怪他。她只是担心他的安危。毕竟,他是她唯一可以依靠的人。Now that all the evil beasts were killed, Houyi and Change lived peacefully, and happily, and spent their time together. Change began to love her life on earth until one day she realized that she and Houyi would die someday, just as the ordinary people of the earth would. Houyi knew that there was a Queen Mother who knew magic. If he could get one of her magic potions, he and his wife could live hundreds of years until the Lord of Heaven let them go back to the Heaven. So, having made up his mind, he set out with his bow and arrows to find the Queen Mother.现在所有邪恶的野兽都被杀掉了,后羿和嫦娥平静且快乐地生活着,共度光阴。嫦娥开始爱上她在地球的生活,直到有天她领悟到她和后羿有天都会死,就像世界上一般人一样。后羿知道有个懂魔法的王母娘娘。如果他可以得到她的一剂神奇药水,他和他的妻子就可以活数百年,直到天神让他们回到天堂。所以,下定了决心,他带着弓箭启程去找王母娘娘。201503/367321

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