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上海复旦大学附属眼耳鼻喉科医院去眼袋多少钱长宁区激光祛痘印多少钱dine吃饭,appetite食欲, scurry急匆匆地走He’s A Club MemberWhile dining in the club in the Philippines, my wife and I lost our appetites when a rat scurried past up. “Waiter!” I said, pointing to the rodent. “What are you going to do about that?” “It’s all right, sir,” he said unfazed. “I’ve aly confirmed he’s a club member.”他是俱乐部会员我和太太在菲律宾的一个俱乐部里吃饭,看到一只老鼠从身边窜过,顿时没了胃口我指着老鼠问侍者:“你准备怎么处置?”他毫不在意地说:“先生,这没什么我已经确认过他是我们俱乐部的会员”1.dine吃饭也可以指“请客”: Our school dined the famous scholar.我们学校宴请了这位有名的学者 .the Philippines菲律宾注意说到菲律宾这个国家时要加上冠词the以及复数形式3.appetite食欲 The baby has a good appetite.这个婴儿食欲很好 .scurry急匆匆地走 It began to rain and we scurried shelter.下起雨来, 我们急忙找地方躲避5.rodent啮齿目动物在这里指上文提到的那只老鼠6.unfazed不苦恼的源自动词faze,指“使担忧” 90上海玫瑰美容医院做去疤手术价格 Voice 1: However, women rights groups have criticised the trade. They say that it is not a good way of making money. They warn that the work can lead to dangerous situations. Betel nut girls may become involved in the sex trade, or use drugs. Many of the betel nut girls are only young. Some have left school early. others, their family members have ced them into the work. On the streets, men may think the young girls are selling more than betel nuts. Local governments did ban betel nut girls from wearing nothing. But even today, they wear very little clothing. Patricia Huang is a spokeswoman the Government Ministry of Internal Affairs. She said that the girl lack of clothing may stop drivers looking at the road. This could cause road accidents. And, it also puts the girls in a dangerous position. Men may attack them.声音1:但是,妇女权利组织对这个生意进行了指责他们认为,这并不是赚钱的好方法他们警告称,这种工作可能会导致危险的情况“槟榔西施”可能会卷入性交易或吸毒许多“槟榔西施”的年纪都非常小一些人很早就辍学了还有一些人是被家人强迫出去工作她们站在街上时,男性可能会认为她们不仅仅是卖槟榔果当地政府禁止槟榔西施不穿衣可是现在,她们穿的非常少帕特丽亚·黄是台湾内政部发言人她说,由于这些女孩穿着暴露,可能会让司机的视线离开道路这可能会导致交通事故而且也会让这些女孩置于险境男性可能会袭击她们Voice : However, betel nut traders say that there is nothing wrong with the industry. And, some women groups have also defended the rights of the betel nut girls. They say that sexy images of international models are acceptable. They point out that supermodels and singers wear very little clothing. And, they say people accept and respect them! The girls should be able to work to improve their economic situation, they say.声音:但是,槟榔果商人表示,这个行业没有问题一些女性组织也在捍卫槟榔西施的权利他们说,国际名模的性感形象可以被接受他们指出,超级名模和歌手穿的也很少可是人们却接受并尊敬他们!这些女孩应该也能通过工作改变她们的经济情况译文属 565donkey驴,camp营地,A Small Boy and A DonkeyA small boy leading a donkey passed by an Army camp. A couple of soldiers wanted to have some fun with the lad. “What are you holding onto your brother so tight , sonny?” asked one of them. “So he won't join the army,” the youngster replied without blinking an eye.这样他就不会去参军了一个小男孩牵着头驴子穿过部队营房两名士兵想跟小家伙开个玩笑:“小孩,你把你哥哥牵得这么紧干什么?”“这样,他就不会去参军了”小家伙眼都不眨地回答道1.camp营地作动词有“使扎营”的意思:The hunters camped themselves in the valley.猎人们在山谷中扎营 .couple一些也可以指“连接”:They coupled two railway coaches.他们把两节火车车厢连接起来3.lad小男孩,小伙子He's just a lad.他还只是个少年 .tight紧的也可以指“小气的”:He's really tight with money.他真是一毛不拔5.sonny,(昵称)宝贝,小家伙6.blink眨眼In a blink of an eye he had disappeared.一眨眼的工夫他就没影了 85浦东新副乳切除多少钱

上海人民医院纹眉毛多少钱American Presidents-James A. Garfield; to resigndrawabandon match; gorgeous versus magnificent; nail in (someone) coffinWords:to be raisecanalto pursuesessionto nominatecandidateslogantow pathadministrativeto appointpatronage systemsuccessionmatchto resigndrawto abandongorgeousmagnificentnail in (someone) coffin 1上海最好的皮肤美容科 徐汇区治疗黑脸娃娃多少钱

上海市新华医院治疗狐臭多少钱Famous Americans-Elizabeth Blackwell; The Metropolitan Museum of Art; to delay versus to put off versus to procrastinate; during versus while; sheerWords:povertyto earn a livingto be rejectedto harassto contractblindto incorporateimpressivewingtemplecloistertapestryto delayto put offto procrastinateduringwhilesheer 1 Part . Listen and Relax.Keywordsmail carrier, best job, easygoing, married, customers, attitude.Vocabularycoop up, junket, interdiction, fluke, animosity.Youre going to hear a conversation between radio host Steve Weisman and Jim, a postal carrier. Listen and enjoy.Jim in Brighton, youre next on RKO.Hi, Steve, been listening to you. Thanks,what kind of job do you do? I am a postal worker and a mail carrier. Oh, Do you like it? I do, I like it very much.Do you get, now you said youre a mail carrier, so you get out there. I, yes, everyday. That part I think I would like cause I dont like being cooped up.Yean, Im told, from when I got into the Postal Service in the beginning of 1988, that the carriers are the best job.Um, hum. Because were out there on the street, and we dont have anybody looking over our shoulders. That also. a whole eight hours.Yup, you dont have those supervisors with you all the time. Were only in there in the morning. And theyre looking over your shoulder, but I work in Allston, and it a very small station, and everybody on a name, on a first name.Oh, that good. basis, and there not a lot of stress there. If you want to do your job, you do it, and you do it well, and you dont complain a lot. It really an easygoing job, and I do like it.That good. What do you think the best job would be ever? The best job of any in the world? Yeah. A food taster. Han, Yeah! A traveling food taster, where everything is a junket. 508九院做双眼皮开眼角多少钱上海玫瑰整形美容医院绣眉手术好吗



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