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Proper Way of Replying to E-mail 陈豪在北京的A美国公司工作,他去找美国同事Amy。(Office ambience)CH:Amy, 我有个问题请教你。A:I'll be happy to try to answer your question, but I don't have a lot of time. I have a meeting in a few minutes.CH:就几句话,是关于回电子邮件的。A:Can you explain what you mean?C:今天早上,我收到通知,说要开会,让大家回个email, 看能不能参加。我就"reply to all"说能来。A:What happened?C:先后有三个人发电子邮件给我,叫我不要把回复的电子邮件寄给他们,好像挺不高兴的。A:They have a very good point. When you get a message by e-mail to announce a meeting, you should not reply to everyone else who received the e-mail. Your response should go only to the sender.C:可我也经常会收到没用的电子邮件,我就觉得无所谓。A:Your reaction may have to do with your laid-back personality.C:Laid-back personality?A:Laid-back means easy-going. No one wants to get unnecessary e-mail like the one you sent. You are not being thoughtful of other people's time.C:我真没意识到别人会介意。A:In the future think before you reply to all. Oh, I'm sorry, Chen Hao, but I've really got to go.C:谢谢你,Amy. 我还有个小问题,你散会能给我打个电话吗?A:Sure. I call you after the meeting.******下午陈豪在办公室写报告。Telephone rang....C:Good afternoon. Accounting department. This is Chen Hao.A:Hi CH. I am out of my meeting and wanted to call you before I go home.C:太好了。我的问题是,我不知道回复电子邮件,什么时候用CC, 什么时候用C.A:You are not alone. Lots of people have the same issue. "CC" means "courtesy copy." You use "CC" whenever you need to inform someone of what is being done but they are not responsible for doing it.C:你能举个例子吗?A:When your colleague needs to be sure that you know your duties, he sends the e-mail to you. However he sends a copy to your boss so he knows what is going on. You can see that your boss got the e-mail, too.C:就是说,如果Kevin让我在星期五之前把报表做完,他可以写个电子邮件给我,然后CC给我老板。那C呢?A:"Bcc" stands for "blind "courtesy copy." It's used when you don't want the receiver to know who else got the message.C:你是说不让收件人知道还有其他收件人吗?A:That's right. The only time I find "Bcc" acceptable is when you don't want to reveal all the e-mail addresses of the people you are mailing to for security purposes. /09/8342339.工作瓶颈常用应急场景范例一:Boss talked to meThe boss had an informal discussion with me this morning, I feel really down.What’s up?Well, actually I failed to meet a deadline last week and I forgot to answer an e-mail for a VIP customer yesterday.Anything that distracts you from work?Yes, everything. I feel overwhelmed by the daily work. Sometimes, I just can’t focus on what I am doing. What is worse, though I make plans for a whole week, I always have to make changes later on because other things come up. I can’t manage my time well. I can’t handle work well. I am afraid I was screw up more things.Look, Lucy. Things are not so bad as you said. This is our company’s busiest time in a year. You need to relax a little. Don’t push yourself too hard, ok?Well, I will try.范例二:Manager did wrongHow do you think a manager should react to an employee’s unsatisfactory work?If I were a manager, I would have a private talk with this employ to figure out the reasons. It is very important to have this one-to-one discussion in an unthreatening situation without any distraction.Exactly, I overheard a manager scold his employee in the elevator this morning, they were from the company on the 12th floor, I guess. They were only three of us in the elevator, I felt very embarrassed to be in the middle of them.Well, I guess the employee would feel more embarrassed and probably angry. Anyway, it is not wise at all to give a harsh time to your employee in front of others, especially strangers.Sure, no matter what happened, they should wait to discuss in their office and find the solution in a positive way. /201001/93740I understand why youre upset, sir. 先生,我明白您为什么恼火。I understand why youre upset, sir.先生,我明白您为什么恼火。Well then, do something about it!那好,想想办法吧!I am very sorry, sir. But,at the moment, there is really nothing I can do. As soon as my supervisor comes in,I will contact you.非常抱歉,先生。可这会儿我的确无能为力。我的上级一来, 我立刻就跟您联系。Im sorry to give you so much trouble.抱歉给您添了这么多麻烦。I realize that weve started off badly, but I think youll be pleased with the refinished work.我知道我们开头开得不好,但我想我们的返工结果会使您满意的。I expected a better standard.我原以为水平会比这高。I realize that weve started off badly, but I think youll be pleased with the refinished work.我知道我们开头开得不好,但我想我们的返工结果会使您满意的。I am very sorry you feel that way.非常遗憾您这么想。I think youll be satisfied with the quality of these designs.我想您一定会对这些设计的质量感到满意的。I hope that answers your questions.我希望这能回答您的问题。I really appreciate your assistance.非常感谢您的协助。 /201507/385487【Trancript】Work time and breaksA:Didn’t you punch in this morning, Monica?B:Sorry, I don’t know the rule about punching.A:That’s ok. I should have told you earlier. This is a company rule.B:Do we also need to punch out after work?A:According to the company rule, we should punch in before 8 o’clock and punch out after 5 o’clock every work day.B:How about the lunch break, Lucy?A:From 11:30 to 1 o’clock.B:May I ask whether we need to work overtime?A:Sometimes, but not quite often. /201006/107376

1.Award 颁奖A: Are we going to have award ceremony at the Annual Party?B: Yes, kill two birds with one stone. A:我们年终宴会上会有颁奖仪式吗?B:有啊,一举两得。 2.Beer 啤酒A: How about beer? B: Beer is fine. I have no problem with it, but it's better to cold. A:那么,喝啤酒呢?B:啤酒还好了,应该没问题,但最好是冰镇的。 3.Christmas party 圣诞晚会A: In the West, the company annual party is always around the Christmas, right?B: It's always before the Christmas.A:西方公司里的年终宴会是不是一般都在圣诞节前后?B:都在圣诞节前。4.Dance 跳舞A: What do they do after eating?B: They would dance.A:他们吃过晚饭做什么?B:他们会跳舞。5.Dress up 盛装打扮A: What is the dress code for the party?B: Man can have suit and tie, and women can wear evening gowns.A:聚会的时候该穿些什么?B:先生们一般穿西装打领带,女士可以穿晚礼。 /200810/52895

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