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Kai Wang and her friends like to sniff out the latest regional Chinese restaurants: a tiny cafe in east London specialising in food from China#39;s north-east, or one near London Bridge serving numbing and hot crayfish. Kai, 26, is a media professional who came to the UK from Beijing in 2008, first to study and then to work. ;When I arrived in London I thought I was really going to miss Beijing food. I love traditional Beijing cuisine, but also the spicy regional cuisines that have become popular in recent years: Sichuan, Hunan and Hubei. When I came to the UK, the Chinese food here all seemed to be so sweet and westernised, with a focus on the Cantonese style, which is too light and delicate for Beijing tastes. But more and more authentic Chinese regional restaurants have opened in the past few years, not just in Chinatown but all over the city.;王凯(音译)和她的朋友们乐于发觉最新的中国地方菜餐馆:一家位于伦敦东部专营中国西北菜的小餐馆,或是一家位于伦敦桥旁的餐馆提供「麻辣小龙虾」。凯(音译)是一位2008年从北京前往英国的专业媒体人,先求学后就业。“当我到达伦敦的时候,我想我开始切实的想念北京的食物。我爱老北京的传统烹饪,同时麻辣口味地区的菜肴在近年也开始流行起来:四川,湖南和湖北。我来英国时,这里的中国菜看来都是过甜和过于西化的,集中于粤式,相较于北京(菜肴)的口感太过清淡。但是近几年越来越多正宗的中国地方菜餐馆开业,不仅限于中国城,遍及城市。It is people like Kai who have been one of the driving forces in a revolution in Chinese cooking in London and Manchester, and increasingly all over the UK. Unlike the older generation of Cantonese immigrants who arrived decades ago, bringing with them Hong Kong flavours adapted to western tastes, Kai and her contemporaries want to eat bolder, spicier food, and the trendy dishes that remind them of home. ;So many westerners order dishes such as sweet-and-sour pork, char siu buns and stir-fried rice noodles with beef, which I really don#39;t like,; she says.正是像凯(音译)这样的人们驱使着伦敦和曼彻斯特地区的中餐烹饪进行变革,而且逐渐遍及整个英国。不同于数十年前抵达的老一辈广东移民,所带来的适应西式口感的港式风味,凯(音译)和她的同辈想要更猛,更辣的菜式,这些时髦的菜肴能让他们想起故乡。“如此多的西方人点例如「糖醋里脊」、「叉烧包」、「炒饭」和「牛肉面」等菜肴,我都不甚喜欢。”她说。In the mid-1990s, a restaurant called Baguo Buyi opened in the Sichuanese capital, Chengdu, giving a glamorous new spin to Sichuan folk cooking and setting off a nationwide craze for Sichuanese flavours that is only now beginning to cool. Since then, Hunanese food and the hearty cooking of the north-eastern or Dongbei region have also enjoyed their time in the limelight of Chinese culinary fashion. More recent Chinese arrivals to the UK, who include not only students but also businesspeople and tourists, are just as likely to come from Fujian, Shanghai or Liaoning as the Cantonese south of China, which means that Chinese restaurateurs no longer need to adapt their tastes to an old stereotype of Anglo-Cantonese food.在上世纪90年代中期,一家名为『巴国布衣(Baguo Buyi,音译)』的餐馆于四川省省会成都开业,给予了民间川菜烹饪一个富有魅力的疾驰(式发展),并引爆了全国范围内对川式口味的狂热,而今已经成为了一种时尚。自此以后,湖南菜、丰盛的西北或东北菜也开始享受起了其在中国烹饪风尚中引人注目的时代。近来来到英国的中国人,不仅仅包括留学生,也包括商人和游客,(这些)来自福建、上海或者辽宁的中国人,就像来自中国南方的广东人一样。这意味着中餐馆不再需要调试其口味以适应那些老古板一般的英-粤式菜肴。Many establishments, including Liao Wei Feng in Bethnal Green and Local Friends in Golders Green, have s divided into two sections. They have one list of the usual Anglo-Canto suspects, including lemon chicken and crispy duck, and another offering some of the most authentic Hunanese food available in the capital, with dishes such as ;stir-fried fragrant and hot fish; and ;steamed belly pork, Chairman Mao-style;.许多餐馆,包括【贝思纳尔格林(Bethnal Green)】的『辽味风(Liao Wei Feng,音译)』和【戈尔德斯格林(Golders Green)】的『当地友人(Local Friends)』,有两份菜单。其中一份列有惯常的英-粤菜式菜肴,包括「柠檬鸡」和「香酥鸭」,另一份提供了在首都(伦敦)可以获得的地道湖南菜,如“「炒香辣鱼」”和“「毛氏红烧肉」”。North-eastern and Hunanese cuisines are not the only ones making gradual inroads into British restaurant culture. Large numbers of Fujianese immigrants have joined the catering trade, although they are often inconspicuous in the kitchens of Cantonese restaurants. Fujian province lies on the south-eastern Chinese coast, and is known for its delicate soups, appetising street snacks and gentle way with oysters and other seafood. A handful of Fujianese cafes have come and gone in London: only one remains, Fuzhou in Gerrard Street, which is the place to go for gorgeous fishballs stuffed with minced pork and cabbage-and-clam soup with slippery rice pasta.西北和湖南菜肴不是唯一入侵英国餐饮文化的。大量的福建移民开始加入餐饮行业,尽管他们在粤式餐馆的厨房并不常显眼。福建省位于中国东南海岸线上,少量的福建餐馆在英国来来往往:只有一家留存下来,【杰拉德大街(Gerrard Street)】的『福州(Fuzhou)』,那是追寻——填满猪肉末的极品鱼丸和配以卷心菜蛤蜊汤的爽滑米粉——的地方。Shanghainese food has traditionally been hard to find in Britain, although the city lies in one of China#39;s richest gastronomic regions. The city itself is best known for the xiao long bao ;soup dumpling; and for its sweet, soy-dark braises, but the wider region is the source of exquisite river delicacies such as crab, eel and shrimp, and famous dishes including beggar#39;s chicken and dongpo pork. For a glimpse of Shanghainese cuisine, seek out the elegant dishes created by Shanghainese consultant chef Zhang Chichang at the Bright Courtyard Club in Baker Street, or the modest, homestyle stir-fries such as green soya beans with pork and pickled greens at Red Sun in New Quebec Street.传统上沪菜在英国很难被发现,尽管这座城市位于中国最富美食烹饪的地区之一。这座城市最富盛名的莫过于小笼包“汤包”和其甜口、酱焖(菜式),更广泛源于其精致的河鲜如螃蟹、鳗鱼和虾。知名菜式包括「叫花鸡」和「东坡肉」。想一睹上海菜的佳肴。去找【贝克大街(Baker Street)】的『光明庭俱乐部(Bright Courtyard Club,音译)』的沪菜顾问张驰昌(音译)大厨亲手烹制的优雅菜肴,或者位于【新魁北克大街(New Quebec Street)】的『红日(Red Sun)』那最现代的、家常炒菜如「绿豆猪肉」和「腌制蔬菜」。Sichuan and Hunan are China#39;s best-known spice regions, but chillies are also adored in Guizhou province. Maotai Kitchen in Soho, named after the famous local liquor, offers Guizhou food. The jovial chef, Zhu Shixiu, grew up in the beautiful hills near the Guizhou-Hunan border, and, after years working in Cantonese restaurants, has been given free rein with the . His wife makes the ;villagers#39; pickled Chinese cabbage;, a delicious salad laced with coriander, fermented black beans and chilli. Many of his rustic dishes share the sour-hot characteristic of Hunan cooking, but the intriguing lemongrass note in some of them comes from litsea oil (mu jiang you), a Chinese medicine used as a condiment in Guizhou and a few other regions. Maotai Kitchen is part of the same group as Leong#39;s Legends, which serves Taiwanese specialities.四川和湖南是中国最负盛名的香料产区,但贵州省同样嗜辣。【索霍区(Soho)】的『茅台灶(Maotai Kitchen)』,以当地名酒为店名,供应贵州菜肴。快乐的主厨,朱石秀(音译),成长于湘黔交界的小山中,而且,在粤式餐馆工作数年后,被给予了制定菜单的自由。他的妻子制作的“乡村腌白菜”,是一道点缀香菜、豆豉和辣椒的美味沙拉。他制作的许多乡村菜肴里包含了湖南菜式烹饪的酸辣特色,但其中一些菜色的迷人的柠檬草香来自于木姜油(litsea oil ,mu jiang you),一味在贵州和一些其他地区被当做调味品的中草药。『茅台灶(Maotai Kitchen)』是『梁山好汉(Leong#39;s Legends)』集团的一员,这是一家供应台湾菜肴的集团。While there has been a flowering of regional cuisines in London, only Sichuanese cuisine has really broken out of the capital and begun its long march all over the country – a sign, perhaps, of its decade-long status as China#39;s trendiest style of cooking. Red N Hot has branches in Manchester and Birmingham, while Red Chilli has expanded from its original Manchester HQ into Leeds and York: the spicy charmingly promises to look after ;your pocket, stomach and soul;. And in Oxford, My Sichuan has taken over the old school house at Gloucester Green, where chef Zhou Jun from Chengdu presides over a kitchen offering all the classic Sichuanese specialities.作为在伦敦开花的一种地方菜色,或许,只有四川菜已经冲出省府并开始了全国的长征——引领数十年中国烹饪风尚的地位的一个标志。『红和辣(Red N Hot)』已经在曼彻斯特和伯明翰开设了分店,同时『红辣椒(Red Chilli)』已经从原本的曼彻斯特总部扩张至利兹市和纽约市:辣口菜单诱人地保着照顾“你的口袋,胃和灵魂”。在牛津,『我的四川(My Sichuan)』已经接管了【格洛斯特格林(Gloucester Green)】的旧校舍,来自成都的大厨周军(音译)主持着一间提供全套传统川菜的厨房。As China#39;s changing culinary fashions continue to cause ripples in the restaurant scene in London, the range of regional flavours is only likely to increase and sp across the country. In the meantime, Sichuanese cuisine has aly radically changed the face of Chinese food in many parts of Britain. No one, it seems, need go for long without dry-fried beans or a bowlful of sliced sea bass in a sea of sizzling chilli oil.中国变化中的烹饪风尚波及伦敦的餐饮业,地域口味的范围已经增加并席卷全国。在此期间,川式烹饪已经从根本上改变了英国许多部分中餐的面貌。没人能够长期离得开干炸黄豆或一碗热滋滋的辣椒油中的海鲈鱼片。 /201402/276150。

  • U.S. government data reveals that up to 44% of the U.S. workforce single -- and it may be because of work. Here are four reasons why your job might be keeping you single and what to do about it.美国政府公布的数据显示有接近44%的职场人士是单身,而单身的原因很有可能是工作。以下列举了工作可能造成单身的四点原因以及应对措施:1. ;I don#39;t have time to date.;我没时间去约会。Many people who are single say their jobs don#39;t leave them with enough time to meet Mr. or Mrs. Right. You may have made a conscious decision to make career your No. 1 priority. Or it may be that pursuing your dream job is easier than pursuing your dream partner. Whatever the reason, dedicating too much of your time and energy to your career will cause your dating life to flounder.很多单身的人都说自己的工作忙得没有足够的时间去认识真命天子(天女)。你可能下意识的将工作当成第一优先事项。也可能是因为找到梦想中的工作比找到梦中情人更容易。不管理由如何,如果你在工作中花费太多的时间和精力的话,就会使得你的约会生活毫无进展。Solution: Make dating your work. Approach your social life with the same determination and commitment you apply to your career. You wouldn#39;t expect to get ahead at work if you didn#39;t put in the time. Make an investment in your coupled future by setting dating goals, like committing a certain number of hours a week to dating.解决之道:将约会当成工作。将你在工作中的决心和果断同样应用到你的社交生活中。在工作中如果不花时间的话就无法取得进步。设立约会的目标(比如每周哪些固定的时间去约会),为未来的二人世界投资。2. ;My boss knows I#39;m single and singles me out.;上司因为知道我单身给了我很多工作任务,搞得我一直单身。Singles are often expected to work late, travel for business, and take on last minute assignments because they don#39;t have ;family commitments.; For example, Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell stated last year that the choice of Janet Napolitano as Homeland Security Secretary was an excellentone because she has ;no family and no life; and could devote 19-20 hours a day to the job.上司通常会因为单身的员工没有家庭负担,而期望他们工作到更晚、出差、承担最后一分钟的任务。比如,宾夕法尼亚州的州长Ed Rendell声称,Janet Napolitano作为国家安全部长是一个非常明智的选择,因为她没有家庭生活,每天可以工作19-20小时。Solution: Value your dating commitments. If your boss asks you to work late, you don#39;t always have to say ;yes.; Saying that you aly have plans is an acceptable excuse. It#39;s great to be able to put in the hours to get ahead at work, but make sure that you#39;re not allowing work to get in the way of your other life goals.解决之道:重视约会承诺。如果上司叫你加班,你不必每次都答应。告诉上司你已经有安排了,这个是很正当的拒绝理由。在工作中投入更多的时间让自己遥遥领先固然好,但是要确保你没有让工作挡住了你实现生活目标的道路。3. ;Everyone I know is taken/married/coupled up.;我认识的每个人都名花有主/结婚了。While this may not seem to be a job-related issue, it could be. Statistics show that nearly half of all married couples met at work. So you#39;re at a disadvantage if your work doesn#39;t provide you with opportunities to meet and hang out with other singles.这点看起来和工作无关,但实际上是有关系的。数据显示差不多有一半以上的结婚夫妇是在工作上认识的。所以,如果工作让你无法认识其他单身人士,更没办法和他们约会的话,你就处于不利的地位。Solution: Create your own dating pool. Branch out and try different approaches to meeting other singles. Join a local group/club, attend a different restaurant/bar, or join 40 million Americans using online dating and social networking sites to meet available singles.解决之道:建立自己的交际圈。拓展你的交际圈,试试用不同的方法去认识其他单身人士。加入一家当地的团体或俱乐部,去不同的餐馆/酒吧,或利用在线约会或网上的社交网站去认识不错的单身人士。Going back to school can help you advance your career and give you a chance to interact with like-minded people. Use the free education-decision test to find out if going back to school is the right move for you.重回学校深造不仅可以帮助你事业取得进步,也可以让你有机会结识志同道合的人。利用免费的教育决策测试来看看你是否适合重返学校深造。Unfortunately, some jobs come with certain stereotypes that can make a prospective date run for the hills. For example, being a lawyer or therapist could make you a dating pariah because nobody#39;s idea of a good date is to argue or be psychoanalyzed!很不幸,有些刻板的工作让约会离你远远的。比如,律师或临床医学家的工作可能让你和约会无缘,因为没人会认为好的约会是辩论或被进行精神治疗。Solution: Be yourself, not your job. If you have a job with a poor career dating profile, don#39;t reinforce these prejudgments. Be aware of the stereotypes that go along with your job title and avoid discussing work-related topics until you and your date have a better understanding of each other.解决之道:做你自己,而不是你的工作。如果你本来的工作就会给别人一种不适合约会的形象,那自己就不要再增加这一负面影响了。要注意你工作职位中的那些陈腔滥调,直到你和约会对象有更好的了解之前不要谈和工作相关的事情。 /201403/281245。
  • VANCOUVER, British Columbia — AROUND the world, honeybee colonies are dying in huge numbers: About one-third of hives collapse each year, a pattern going back a decade. For bees and the plants they pollinate — as well as for beekeepers, farmers, honey lovers and everyone else who appreciates this marvelous social insect — this is a catastrophe.加拿大温哥华——目前,世界各地的蜂群都在大批死亡:每年都有大约三分之一的蜂巢坍塌,这种现象已持续了10年之久。对于蜜蜂及通过它们授粉的植物——还有养蜂人、农民、喜爱蜂蜜的人,以及所有欣赏这种神奇的群居昆虫的人而言——这都是个灾难。But in the midst of crisis can come learning. Honeybee collapse has much to teach us about how humans can avoid a similar fate, brought on by the increasingly severe environmental perturbations that challenge modern society.但是,这种危机之中也隐藏着一些学问。蜂巢的坍塌可以提供许多信息,告诉我们当愈加严重的环境问题对现代社会构成挑战之时,人们如何才能避免相似的命运。Honeybee collapse has been particularly vexing because there is no one cause, but rather a thousand little cuts. The main elements include the compounding impact of pesticides applied to fields, as well as pesticides applied directly into hives to control mites; fungal, bacterial and viral pests and diseases; nutritional deficiencies caused by vast acreages of single-crop fields that lack diverse flowering plants; and, in the ed States, commercial beekeeping itself, which disrupts colonies by moving most bees around the country multiple times each year to pollinate crops.蜜蜂的死亡尤其令人忧心,因为起因并非只有一个,而是有上千种轻微的破坏因素。主要原因包括,农田喷洒的杀虫剂,以及为了抑制小虫直接喷到蜂窝上的杀虫剂所造成的综合影响;带有真菌、细菌和病毒的害虫,以及疾病;由于大面积种植同一种作物而缺乏多种开花植物所造成的营养不足;在美国,商业养蜂人每年都会多次带蜂群在全国各地为作物授粉,这种做法也对蜂群造成了破坏。The real issue, though, is not the volume of problems, but the interactions among them. Here we find a core lesson from the bees that we ignore at our peril: the concept of synergy, where one plus one equals three, or four, or more. A typical honeybee colony contains residue from more than 120 pesticides. Alone, each represents a benign dose. But together they form a toxic soup of chemicals whose interplay can substantially reduce the effectiveness of bees’ immune systems, making them more susceptible to diseases.然而,真正的问题并不在于问题的多少,而是问题间的相互作用。我们从蜂群身上得出了一则核心教训,一旦忽视,就会给我们带来危险,那就是协同作用的概念——即一加一等于三,或者四,甚至更大的数值。一般而言,每个蜂巢都含有120多种杀虫剂残余物。单独来看,每种杀虫剂的剂量都是良性的。但是如果放在一起,它们就会形成一种有毒的化学液体,这些化学物质相互作用,会极大地破坏蜜蜂的免疫系统,让蜂群更容易患病。These findings provide the most sophisticated data set available for any species about synergies among pesticides, and between pesticides and disease. The only human equivalent is research into pharmaceutical interactions, with many prescription drugs showing harmful or fatal side effects when used together, particularly in patients who aly are disease-compromised. Pesticides have medical impacts as potent as pharmaceuticals do, yet we know virtually nothing about their synergistic impacts on our health, or their interplay with human diseases.这些发现所提供的,关于杀虫剂与杀虫剂、杀虫剂与疾病之间发生协同作用的数据集,是所有物种中最为详细的。对于人类,唯一对等的是对药物相互作用的研究。许多处方药在同时使用时,都会表现出有害乃至致命的副作用,对于那些已经生病的患者来说尤其如此。杀虫剂与药物的作用一样强大,但我们其实根本不知道它们会对我们的健康产生怎样的协同作用,也不知道它们会如何与人类的疾病相互影响。Observing the tumultuous demise of honeybees should alert us that our own well-being might be similarly threatened. The honeybee is a remarkably resilient species that has thrived for 40 million years, and the widesp collapse of so many colonies presents a clear message: We must demand that our regulatory authorities require studies on how exposure to low dosages of combined chemicals may affect human health before approving compounds.我们应该从观察蜜蜂大量死亡的现象中获得警示:我们自己的健康同样可能会受到威胁。蜜蜂是一种生命力极强的物种,4000万年来,繁衍不息。大量蜂群死亡的现象向我们传达了一条明确的信息:我们必须要求监管机构做出要求,在批准混合药物之前,必须研究低剂量的混合化学物会对人类健康造成何种影响。Bees also provide some clues to how we may build a more collaborative relationship with the services that ecosystems can provide. Beyond honeybees, there are thousands of wild bee species that could offer some of the pollination service needed for agriculture. Yet feral bees — that is, bees not kept by beekeepers — also are threatened by factors similar to those afflicting honeybees: heavy pesticide use, destruction of nesting sites by overly intensive agriculture and a lack of diverse nectar and pollen sources thanks to highly effective weed killers, which decimate the unmanaged plants that bees depend on for nutrition.蜜蜂还为我们提供了一些线索,告诉我们如何能与生态系统所提供的务建立起更具合作性的关系。除蜜蜂以外,还有数千种野蜂也能提供农作物所需的授粉务。不过野生蜂——即不是养蜂人所养的蜜蜂——也受到了与蜜蜂的境况相似的威胁:大量使用杀虫剂;农耕过于集中造成筑巢区被摧毁;高效除草剂的使用,减少了花蜜和花粉来源的多样性——除草剂大量消灭了作为蜜蜂营养来源的野生植物。Recently, my laboratory at Simon Fraser University conducted a study on farms that produce canola oil that illustrated the profound value of wild bees. We discovered that crop yields, and thus profits, are maximized if considerable acreages of cropland are left uncultivated to support wild pollinators.最近,我在西蒙弗雷泽大学(Simon Fraser University)的实验室对生产菜籽油的农场进行了研究。研究发现,野蜂能发挥重要价值。我们发现,如果把相当一部分农田留出来不耕作,而是用来为野生授粉昆虫提供生存资料,那么粮食产量和收入就会最大限度地提高。A variety of wild plants means a healthier, more diverse bee population, which will then move to the planted fields next door in larger and more active numbers. Indeed, farmers who planted their entire field would earn about ,000 in profit per farm, whereas those who left a third unplanted for bees to nest and forage in would earn ,000 on a farm of similar size.野生植物种类繁多,就意味着蜜蜂也会更健康、种类更多,然后就会有更多、更活跃的蜜蜂飞到旁边的种植区。把所有农田种满的农民,每个农场的收益约为2.7万美元(约合17万元人民币),而对于那些面积相当的农场,如果留出三分之一的农田不耕作,而是供蜜蜂筑巢和搜寻食物,其收益则为6.5万美元。Such logic goes against conventional wisdom that fields and bees alike can be uniformly micromanaged. The current challenges faced by managed honeybees and wild bees remind us that we can manage too much. Excessive cultivation, chemical use and habitat destruction eventually destroy the very organisms that could be our partners.这种逻辑与常规观念存在冲突,后者认为我们可以对农田和蜜蜂等事物进行细致入微的管理。但家养的蜜蜂和野蜂目前所面临的挑战提醒却我们,我们或许管得太多了。过度的耕作、化学品的使用和栖息地的破坏,最终会破坏原本能成为我们的合作伙伴的有机体。And this insight goes beyond mere agricultural economics. There is a lesson in the decline of bees about how to respond to the most fundamental challenges facing contemporary human societies. We can best meet our own needs if we maintain a balance with nature — a balance that is as important to our health and prosperity as it is to the bees.这种观点的意义不仅在于农业经济学。蜂群数量的减少告诉我们要如何回应当代人类社会所面临的最基本挑战。如果我们能与自然保持平衡,我们就能最好地满足自己的需求——这种平衡对于我们的健康和繁荣很重要,对蜂群也一样。 /201407/312888。
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