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Reduce order by half消减订单A: To get around your difficulty,Mr Smith. Id suggest that you reduce your order by half. You can send in an additional order later.A:史密斯先生,我建议你把订单数量消减一半以摆脱你的困难,你可以以后再提出新的订单。B:Well.Ill consider the possibility. By the way.when do I have to open the L/C if I want the goods to be delivered in June.B:嗯,我考虑一下对了,如果想要你们六月份交货的话,我需要在什么时候开立信用呢?A:A month before the time you want the goods to be delivered.A:在交货期前一个月。B:Could you possibly effect shipment more promptly.B:你们能否再提前一点交货呢?A:Getting the goods y,making out the documents and booking the shipping space,all this takes time you know. You cannot expect us to make delivery in less than a month.A:你瞧,备货、制单,舱位……所有这些都要花时间你总不能要求我们在不到一个月的时间内交货吧。B:Very well. Mr Zhang. Ill not reduce my order. Ill take the full quantity you offer. And Ill arrange for the L/C to be opened in your favor as soon as I get home.B:好吧,张先生,我不打算消减订单你提供的数量我全部都要,我一回去马上着手办理向你方开立信用。A:When will that be?A:那是什么时候呢?B:Early next month. In the meantime,I should be very pleased if you would get everything y. I hope that the goods can be dispatched promptly after you get my L/C.B:下月初 ,同时,我希望你们能把一切都准备好,并在收到我方的信用以后马上发货。A:You can rest assured of that.A:这你就放心 /201508/393651questionable practice 有问题的做法英文释义An action or procedure that may be unwise or illegal (NOTE: usually followed by preposition ;of;)例句The new manager intends to stop the little companys questionable practice of letting employees come to work in the morning at any hour they want.公司允许员工早上不按点上班,新来的经理打算阻止公司的这一有问题的做法。 /201302/225238第一句:Yes. And we hope you can make the offer before this Friday.是的,我们希望你们能够在本周五前做报价。A: Thank you for your letter dated May 5, in which you expressed your interest in our products.感谢您5月5日给我方发的信,您在信中提到对我们的产品很感兴趣。B: Yes. And we hope you can make the offer before this Friday.是的,我们希望你们能够在本周五前做报价。A: At your request, we take pleasure in making you the offer.根据你方的要求,我们非常乐意为你们做这份报价。第二句:Id like to remind you that we have to withdraw our offer if we dont haer from you by next Monday.我要提醒您如果下周一没有得到您的消息,我们将撤销这份订单。A: Id like to remind you that we have to withdraw our offer if we dont haer from you by next Monday.我要提醒您如果下周一没有得到您的消息,我们将撤销这份订单。B: Oh, time is limited.噢,时间很有限啊。A: Thats because our stock is limited.因为我们的存货有限。报盘(offer),也叫报价,是卖方主动向买方提供商品信息,或者是对询盘的答复,是卖方根据买方的来信,向买方报盘,其内容可包括商品名称、规格、数量、包装条件、价格、付款方式和交货期限等。其他表达法:This offer will remain effective for another 10 days from June 1.这份报价自6月1日起将持续生效10天。 /201207/191026

不用课本学商务英语口语第66期接听外商电话你能应对自如吗? 面对外商谈判你能应对自如吗? 面对外籍上司谈论商务问题你能应对自如吗? 商务场景→英语句子 你本来口语还不错,可面对突然而遇到的商务场景,你却找不到合适的句子,怎么办?《 NO-BOOK 商务英语口语》的“商务场景→英语句子”让你闭目养神时听一听,就能记住很多有“现场感”的英语句子,让你面对“紧急”的商务场景,也能应对自如。

商务英语必备1000字 5management 经营管理administration n. 行政;管理Pamela, could you give us an overview of the Administration Department?潘蜜拉,你可不可以為我们简介一下行政部门?assignment n. 分派;任务It was difficult for me to take care of both John's assignment and my own responsibilities.  要同时兼顾分派给约翰的任务和我自己的职责是很困难的。  audit  n. 稽查;稽核  Accounting irregularities were found during the audit.  稽核时发现了一些会计缺失。  authority  n. 权限  I'm afraid I don't have the authority to approve that.  这个我恐怕没有权限核准。  bankruptcy  n. 破產  After losing money for two years, the company declared bankruptcy.  亏了两年之后,该公司宣告破產。  corner the market  垄断市场  Our goal is to corner the market nationwide.  我们的目标是要垄断全国市场。  corporate culture  企业文化  The biggest challenge for Freedom Group will be to maintain its corporate culture.  弗瑞登集团最大的挑战将是维繫其企业文化。  development  n. 发展;开发  Although product development is important, we also need to upgrade our distribution network.  產品开发固然重要,但我们也必须改进我们的配销网。  diversify  v. 多角化 ; 多样化  Let's not put all our money in one investment. Let's diversify.  我们不要把钱全放在同一项投资,我们要多样化投资。  downsize  v. 缩编  Downsizing is one way to reduce costs.  缩编是降低成本的途径之一。  innovation  n. 创新  The company encourages innovation.  该公司鼓励创新。  merger  n. 合併;併购  The two companies decided to complete the merger.  这两家公司决定完成合併。  operation  n. 营运  Our company has been in operation since 1996.  我们公司自一九九六年开始营运。  risk  n. 危机;风险  This hands-off approach could lead to huge risks for the companies.  这种放手不管的作法可能会為企业带来巨大风险。  strategy  n. 策略  Peter Senge is one of the most progressive thinkers about business strategy in the world today.  彼得?圣吉是当今世上在企业策略领域最具革新的思想家。  subordinate  n. 下属  Mr. Brown valued opinions from his subordinates.  布朗先生重视下属的意见。  track record  绩效纪录  Partner Investments is hiring brokers with great investment track records.  帕特嫩投资公司将聘请投资绩效卓越的经纪人。 /200708/16478In most parts of the world, having lunch or dinner together is an important part of doing business. In places such as North America, eating meals is a way of building a relationship or celebrating a partnership. And in other cultures, such as China, much of the real work of making deals actually often gets done over the dinner table.在全世界大部分地区,一起吃午饭或晚饭都是做买卖一个很重要的部分。有些地方比如在北美,吃饭是建立关系或庆祝合作的手段。在其他文化中,比如在中国,许多买卖实际上是边吃饭边谈成的。No matter where you are doing business, it’s important to be able to handle the basics of dining out. This includes ordering food, recommending dishes, proposing a toast, and paying for the check, among other things. These skills will be the focus of this episode.无论你在哪儿做买卖,能够掌握商务会餐的基本知识是很重要的。这包括点菜,推荐菜品,提酒,买单。这节课将要学习这些技巧。In the listening, we continue to follow Mario and Francesca, who represent the Italian fashion company Viva, on their visit to the U.S. As planned, they are having dinner in Las Vegas with their distributor Adriana, who works at the American company Foxtrot. Bill, one of their new customers, has also joined them.对话中,我们继续跟随意大利Viva公司的代表Mario和Francesca,前往美国的商务旅程。按照计划,他们将和在美国公司Foxtrot工作的销售商Adriana一起在吃晚饭。Bill,他们的潜在客户,也会来就餐。When the dialog begins, the group has aly made some small talk and looked at the . Now they are y to order.对话开始时,人们已经进行了一些简短的谈话,并看了菜单。现在他们准备点菜。Listening Questions:1) Why doesn’t Francesca want to try the “steak tartare?”2) How does Francesca signal that she’s y to go back to the hotel?3) Who pays for the meal? /201109/154230第一句:You may have another certificate showing the goods to be free from radioactive contamination.你们要开具另一份明书,以明货物没有受放射线污染。A: Mr. White, any other requirements?怀特先生,贵公司还有其他要求吗?B: Yes. You may have another certificate showing the goods to be free from radioactive contamination.是的。你们要开具另一份明书,以明货物没有受放射线污染。第二句:Our goods must be up to export standards before the Inspection Bureau releases them.我们的货物只有在符合出口标准后,商检局才予以放行。A: Our goods must be up to export standards before the Inspection Bureau releases them.我们的货物只有在符合出口标准后,商检局才予以放行。B: I know. But if you have that certificate, that would be better.我知道,但是如果你们能够开具这个明会更有利于我们的合作。A: We have the best surveyor, China Import and Export Commodity Inspection Bureau.我们有最好的公,即中国进出口商品检验局。其他表达法:Our Inspection Bureau will issue a Veterinary Inspection Certificate to show that the shipment is in conformity with export standards.商检局将出具动物检疫明书以明货物符合出口标准。Is it convenient for you to engage a surveyor?你们联系公方便吗? /201209/200418

He always gets in Dutch with the boss.他经常得罪老板。get in Dutch with sb. 这个俚语来源于十七至十八世纪的“英荷之战”,当时英国人对荷兰人非常憎恨,他们在重创荷兰人之余,还在语言上得理不饶人,在许多场合都用Dutch一词表示厌恶、轻蔑之意。这个俚语的意思就是:“得罪某人”。因此,当美国人说;He always gets in Dutch with the boss.;时,他/她要表达的意思就是:;He always causes offence to his boss.;、;He often displeases his boss.;。情景对白:Jane: He has a high opinion of himself. The boss seems to be fed up with him.简:他这个人很自负,老板似乎很烦他。Shirley: Yes. He always gets in Dutch with the boss. Who would like to have such an employee?雪莉:是啊,他经常得罪老板,哪个老板会喜欢这样的员工啊?搭配句积累:①I think he is in great danger.我觉得他处境很危险。②Look, he is arguing with the boss again.看,他又在和老板争论了。③I think the boss will fire him soon.我想老板很快就会炒掉他。④He is not pleased with his work and pay.他对现在的工作和薪酬不满意。单词:displease vt. 使生气,使不悦Not wishing to displease her, he avoided answering the question.为了不惹她生气,他对这个问题避而不答。Because have money situation, everybody dare displease him.因为有财有势,谁也不敢得罪他。His actions greatly displease me.他的举止令我不高兴。第50期:商务午餐你愿意在午餐中讨论这件亊情吗?Would you like to discuss the matter over lunch?For example:A: Would you like to discuss the matter over lunch?你愿意在午餐中讨论这件事情吗?B: Sure.当然。你推荐什么呢?What do you recommend?For example:A: What do you recommend?你推荐什么呢?B: Everythings is good.什么都可以。我们讨论正事吧。Lets talk business.For example:A: Lets talk business.我们讨论正事吧。B: Where shall we begin? 我们从哪里开始呢?不要空着肚子谈生意。Never talk business on an empty stomach.For example:A: Lets break for lunch now.我们休息一会儿吃午餐吧?B: Thats a good idea. Never talk business on an empty stomach.好主意,不要空着肚子谈生意。你喜欢中餐还是西餐?Do you prefer Chinese or Western food?For example:A: Do you prefer Chinese or Western food?你喜欢中餐还是西餐?B: Either one is OK with me.都可以。这是我们招待贵宾的传统座位。This is our traditional seat for the guest of honor.For example:A: This is our traditional seat for the guest of honor.这是我们招待贵宾的传统座位。B: Its my honor to be given so much attention.受此殊荣我十分荣幸。入乡随俗。When you are in Rome, do as the Roman do.For example:A: Do you like to use the chopsticks or the fork and knife?您喜欢用筷子还是刀叉?B: When you are in Rome, do as the Roman do. Id take the chop-sticks.入乡随俗,我想用筷子。为何我们不休息一会儿,下午再回到这边呢?Why dont we take a break and come back to this in the afternoon?我想要回到我们刚才讨论的话题。Id like to get back to what we were talking about. /201503/362416

claim to fame 成名的原因英文释义 What makes someone or something famous.例句Its beautiful hot springs are the tiny mountain villages claim to fame.美丽的温泉是让这座小小山村出名的原因。 /201402/275168

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