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探索世界奥秘之万里长城 15When the British arrived at the emperor's summer residence, they were lavishly entertained and spent days touring its beautiful parks and temples. Macartney(马戛尔尼), a good Englishman and loyal to his king, refused to kowtow to the emperor and provoked a huge scandal at the Chinese court. In their final meeting, the British were asked to bow to a scroll from the emperor. And when they opened it, its message was pointed. "We possess all things. I set no value on objects strange or ingenious and have no use for your country's manufactures. Oh, King of England, tremblingly obey and show no negligence." This is a story of pride. Two empires each convinced they were the masters of the universe. One of the British delegates said "In short, we entered Beijing like paupers. We remained in it like prisoners and we quitted it like vagrants."Humiliated, the British plotted their revenge, knowing full well from all the military intelligence they had gathered that when it came to war, the Chinese were centuries behind the Western world. The Great Wall was obsolete. A century of Chinese humiliation, civil war, foreign invasions and chaos was to follow. In the 20th century during the turmoil of Mao's Cultural Revolution, wonderful stretches of the ancient wall were destroyed. Today the wall was protected and is an icon for China used in advertisements from cough drops to banking. But preserving and conserving an ancient monument, some 35,000 miles long, is a nightmare for the Chinese. In an era when almost everything on the planet has been mapped, the wall remains so complicated and so vast that not one single accurate map of it exists. All of this is a constant worry to the man who knows the wall better than anyone else. Now in his 60s, Chen Daling spends every day photographing and looking for lost sections of his beloved wall. He worries that no young Chinese scholar is y to take his place. He worries that the wall would be spoiled by commercial exploitation, and he worries that the more remote parts of the wall would be destroyed simply because no one knows their importance. As Chen walks across China, he is also walking back in time--as far back as the Emperor Qin and the millions of Chinese who died building the wall. He is afraid they would be forgotten as Chen puts it "they died building the greatest construction ever built by man."scandal: an action or event regarded as morally or legally wrong and causing general public outragebow: prostrate one selfpauper: beggarcough drop: sweet hard candy containing medication to help stop coughing 200707/15855

Host: Is international maybe a bigger opportunity for the company than the U.S. is? Sallie Krawcheck: Absolutely is. Absolutely it is.Host: What kind of opportunity is China for you?Sallie Krawcheck: China I think it is, is what we would call a longer term opportunity. Um. I think there have been er, many companies that have gone in and expected to earn a lot of money. Oh, you, you, you do the very trite math, right? You take out your calculator, you know, these many billion (1.3 billion) people and the numbers went off the side of the calculator. Because there are so many and all they have to do is, you know, make one deposit or take out one loan and my goodness, me. It's gonna be terrific. One has to be very patient in dealing with China. It is, to state the obvious, it is clearly a different culture, than we have here, different business environment. And to view the American bill, we have to get in, we have to make money, we need a positive MPV immediately, right, is doomed to failure.Host: You were not only CFO, you're also head of strategy. Sallie Krawcheck: Sure. Host: Is there any kind of tension between those roles? Can you balance them?Sallie Krawcheck: I view my role, I have to be the conscience of Citigroup, the right numbers, not that good-looking, the right numbers. Um, I view my role, also, and Chuck's role as well as chief capital allocators, and as communicator. And those three things really have to work together.An Unidentified Man: What would you say about the ability to innovate and innovativeness? Is that an important part of your job as well?Sallie Krawcheck: We recently launched an Internet bank offering. Right, blew our doors off. I mean just blew the doors off. Um, and we believe we, we have, we'll change it six times but you know the right combination of pricing and brand and all that stuff. But it has to be innovated in terms of...Ok, let's, let's ...where should that capital be? Right, what can we see as we think about strategy for Citigroup. What can we try to see five and ten years down the road, or two months down the road. Isn't it as it is today? Ok, how can we envision. Um, you know a world that will be different. The next iteration of Citigroup will be more global than it is today. It'll build on our strength. It'll take advantage of what's to come.200809/48949

Rice Urges Arab States to Boost Ties With Baghdad赖斯促阿拉伯国家加强伊拉克关系 U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says she will push Iraq's Arab neighbors to boost diplomatic relations and other ties with Baghdad as a counter-weight to Iranian influence. Rice leaves Saturday on a mission to the Gulf including an Iraq neighbors conference in Kuwait. 美国国务卿赖斯说,她将呼吁伊拉克的阿拉伯邻国同巴格达加强外交关系和其他联系,抗衡伊朗的影响。赖斯星期六将启程前往海湾国家,包括参加伊拉克几个邻国在科威特的会议。 The ed States has welcomed the stated commitments of key Gulf allies including Saudi Arabia and Bahrain to set up embassies in Baghdad. But Rice is signaling impatience with a lack of action on such promises, and is making clear her intention to press the matter at the Kuwait conference. 美国对主要的海湾盟国,包括沙特阿拉伯和巴林发出的准备在巴格达设立使馆的承诺表示欢迎。但是,赖斯国务卿则对这个许诺之后不见行动的作法表示不耐烦,她明确表示要在科威特会议上在这个事情上施压。In a talk with reporters, Rice said security conditions in Iraq have vastly improved since the Bush administration began pressing the issue of Arab ties with Baghdad months ago.  赖斯对记者说,布什政府几个月前开始推动阿拉伯国家加强同巴格达的联系之后,伊拉克的安全局势大有改善。She said while Arab states need not match the U.S. diplomatic commitment to Iraq as evidenced by the new 0 million American embassy in Baghdad, they should be represented into order to as she put it "confirm and work for Iraq's Arab identity" in the face of Iranian influence.  赖斯说,尽管阿拉伯国家不必和美国一样,在巴格达建造一座价值7亿美元的大使馆,以此作为对伊拉克的外交承诺的见,但是他们应该将承诺逐渐体现出来,面对伊朗的影响,阿拉伯国家要实伊拉克的阿拉伯特性,并为此工作。"Iraq should be fully reincorporated into the Arab world," Rice said. "It think that in and of itself will begin to shield from influences of Iran that are nefarious influences. Iran is a neighbor. It's going to have influence. But Iraq is first and foremost an Arab state. It's a state in which Iraqi nationalism is very strong, and the neighbors ought to be reinforcing that." 赖斯说:“伊拉克应该全面融入阿拉伯世界。我认为它自己应该开始抵制来自伊朗的影响,这是一种邪恶的影响。伊朗是伊拉克的邻国,必然会有影响。但是伊拉克首先是一个阿拉伯国家。这是一个伊拉克民族主义非常强烈的国家,这些邻国应该强化这一点。”Iran will be represented at the Kuwait ministerial though Rice said she has no plans for any direct contact with the Iranian delegation. 伊朗将参加在科威特举行的部长级会议,不过赖斯说她没有和伊朗代表团直接接触的计划。She said Iran must end what she termed "malign actions" that undermine the Baghdad government, and said ultimately the stability and success of Iraq is in the interests of all of its neighbors including Tehran.  她说,伊朗必须结束她所称的“恶意的行动”,停止削弱巴格达政府。赖斯说,伊拉克的稳定和成功最终符合所有邻国、包括德黑兰的利益。Rice said the stress on Iranian meddling by senior U.S. figures including Iraq military commander General David Petraeus does not mean the threat from Sunni insurgents in Iraq has disappeared. But she said the position of groups like al-Qaida in Iraq has been significantly weakened:"The context for al-Qaida and the Sunni insurgents, to the degree that they continue to operate is a far less hospitable context, in which their base of operations, Anbar [province], is overwhelmingly controlled-cities like Ramadi and Faluja - by legitimate Iraqi authorities," Rice said. "And the rebuilding of those cities gives reason to the people of those provincial cities to continue to support the government." Rice said Iraqis are turning security gains into political progress, and she suggested that no other country in the Middle East is doing a better job of trying to peacefully reconcile its Sunni and Shiite Muslim communities. 200804/35464

1 商品介绍3句英文任你选Our products are well thought of in the ed Stated.我们的产品在美国市场很受欢迎。Its a revolutionary new product weve just developed.这是我们刚刚开发的创新产品。These products are of the best quality and excellently made too.这些产品质量上乘,而且制造精细。半个句型要记牢be well thought of (被给予很高的评价)Tip:是 think well of的被动语态,其中 well可用 highly替换。这句话还可以说 Buyers all have high comments on it. (所有的客户对它的评价都很高)。另外,买方要求买方介绍产品,可以说 Could you give me some idea about your products? (可以介绍一下你们的产品?) /201604/434100

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