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I Know Where I've Been by:Queen LatifahThere's a lightIn the darknessThough the nightIs black as my skinThere's a lightBurning brightShowing me the wayBut i know where i've beenThere's a cryIn the distanceIt's a voiceThat comes from deep withinThere's a cryAsking whyI pray the answer's up ahead'Cause i know where i've beenThere's a roadWe've been travelin'Lost so many on the wayBut the richesWill be plentyWorth the price weHad to payThere's a dreamIn the futureThere's a struggleWe have yet to winAnd there's prideIn my heart'Cause i knowWhere i'm goingAnd i know where i've beenThere's a roadWe must travelThere's a promiseWe must make'Cause the richesWill be plentyWorth the riskAnd chances that we takeThere's a dreamIn the futureThere's a struggleWe have yet to winUse that prideIn our heartsTo lift us upTo tomorrow'Cause just to sit stillWould be a sinI know it, i know itI know where i'm goingAnd lord knows i know..Where i've beenOh! When we win,I'll give thanks to my god'Cause i know where i've been影片简介:故事发生在上个世纪的196年当时在美国的巴尔的,正处处风靡着电视舞蹈秀的风潮无论大人孩子,无不喜欢这样的节目黑人胖女孩特蕾西·特布莱德(尼基·布朗斯基饰)虽说在学校里经常成为同学们的取笑对象,但性感温和可爱的她同样对电视里播放的舞蹈秀节目钟情有加眼下,她正被一个专门面向青少年的电视舞蹈节目“考林·柯林斯秀”给完全的迷住了每天放学后,她和她最好的朋友潘妮·萍乐顿(阿曼达·柏尼斯饰)都要第一时间赶回家收看这个节目  但是,特蕾西对于热辣的林克·拉肯(扎克·艾弗恩饰)的迷恋让她的妈妈(约翰·特拉沃尔塔饰)十分的惊慌由于节目中一位明星离去,考瑞·柯林斯(杰森·马斯登饰)号召大家猜想谁会是下一个考瑞·柯林斯秀的明星在朋友斯韦德(伊利亚·凯利饰)的帮助下,特蕾西来到了现场,她的表演让邪恶的舞台皇后艾巴·范·塔斯(布列塔尼·斯诺饰)和她的母亲威尔玛(米歇尔·菲佛尔饰)嫉妒异常而特蕾西也开始和电视业的种族歧视做起了斗争因为,电视台规定:黑人选手只能在在考瑞·柯林斯秀上每个月登台一次倔强的特蕾西决定用自己的努力和行动打破这个陈规陋习终于,她在众多好朋友的帮助下,取得了这场斗争的胜利,而可爱的胖女孩最终也赢得了爱情…… 19。

  • 上期中英对照文本:Dialogue:Xiao Gao, lately there’s been some news coming out one right after another. It was totally shocking!京晶:小高,最近有些接二连三的新闻,看得我非常震惊! Oh? What kind of news was it?小高:哦?都有些什么新闻? A famous young singer died of cancer. The weird thing is, a few days bee she passed away, the news said that shehad aly died. What’s even more unbelievable is one of newspapers in an attempt to get an exclusive report, posedas a doctor’s assistant and went to the hospital to take a picture of her remains.京晶:有一位著名的青年歌手患癌症去世了,奇怪的是,在她去世前几天,就有新闻说她死了更令人不可思议的是,有一家报社为了抢独家报道,竟然假扮医生的助手去医院拍摄她的遗体 Oh my god! Are you serious? How could they do something like that?小高:OMG!这是真的吗?他们怎么能做出这样的事? I kid you not! After they were discovered, they were condemned by Chinese netizens and ced to apologize in the end.京晶:千真万确!他们被发现以后,遭到中国网民的强烈谴责,最后被迫道歉 Not only that, their actions hurt others and crossed the moral boundary of news reporting.小高:即使如此,他们的行为也伤害了他人,也违背了做新闻报道的道德底线 In an attempt to get exclusive news, taking secret and eavesdropping has become common practice somemedia outlets. They do that so they can get a shock from everyone.京晶:有些媒体为了获得独家消息,偷拍、窃听已成常用手段,就是为了迎合大众的猎奇心理 Actually, in the West, most media outlets also hire private investigators to get exclusive news. This has also been viewedas hurting the people’s privacy.小高:其实在西方,大多数媒体也会雇佣打听独家消息,这也被认为损害了公民的隐私权 Now the internet has let everyone become their “own news”. But the sad thing is that some people take advantage of thisand create rumors, illegally earn money, sp false inmation, and carelessly attack others.京晶:现在的互联网让每个人都成为了“自媒体”,可我们却遗憾的看到:有些人利用自媒体造谣、非法挣钱、散布虚假信息、随意攻击他人Yeah, when we all become our own news outlets, we really should protect the “media boundaries”. We shouldn’t just doas we please and carelessly hurt others.小高:是的,当我们每一个人都成为了“自媒体”,就更应该守住“媒体的底线”,不要随心所欲,随便伤害他人 I still feel sorry her. I hope she give those people who hurt her while she’s up there in heaven.京晶:我仍然为她感到抱歉,希望她在天上能原谅这些伤害她和她家人的人们 I hope something like this never happens again.小高:希望这类事件再也不要发生 New words dialogue:One right after another 接二连三Exclusive report 独家报道Pose as 假扮Remains 遗体I kid you not 千真万确Netizen 网民Do as you please 随心所欲 357589。
  • 点击此处收看MVI need you to listen 我需要您的倾听I need you to listen, I need you to answer. 我需要您的倾听,我需要您来解惑! Oh, God I need you too, I want to see your face. 噢,上帝,我也需要你, 我想见见你! It is this love I have, It make me search you. 这是我所拥有的爱,它让我寻找你! I need you to listen, I need you to answer. 我需要您的倾听,我需要您来解惑! Do not avoid my eyes or let me anger you, 请别回避我的目光,请别被我激怒, Do not loss me aside. 请别将我遗忘 Oh, God do not drop me! 哦,上帝,请别抛弃我! I need you to listen, I need you to answer. 我需要您的倾听,我需要您来解惑! 55。
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