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I put away the milk 37。

The Apple Tree苹果树A long time ago, there was a huge apple tree. A little boy loved to come and lay around it every day. He climbed to the tree top, ate the apples, took a nap under the shadow... He loved the tree and the tree loved to play with him.很久很久以前,有一棵又高又大的苹果树一位小男孩,天天到树下来,他爬上去摘苹果吃,在树荫下睡觉他爱苹果树,苹果树也爱和他一起玩耍Time went by... the little boy had grown up and he no longer played around the tree every day. One day, the boy came back to the tree and he looked sad.后来,小男孩长大了,不再天天来玩耍一天他又来到树下,很伤心的样子;Come and play with me,; the tree asked the boy. ;I am no longer a kid, I dont play around trees anymore.; The boy replied, ;I want toys. I need money to buy them.;苹果树要和他一起玩,男孩说:“不行,我不小了,不能再和你玩,我要玩具,可是没钱买”;Sorry, but I dont have money...but you can pick all my apples and sell them. So, you will have money.; The boy was so excited. He grabbed all the apples on the tree and left happily. The boy never came back after he picked the apples. The tree was sad.苹果树说:“很遗憾,我也没钱,不过,把我所有的果子摘下来卖掉,你不就有钱了?”男孩十分激动,他摘下所有的苹果,高高兴兴地走了然后,男孩好久都没有来苹果树很伤心One day, the boy returned and the tree was so excited. ;Come and play with me,; the tree said. ;I dont have time to play. I have to work my family. We need a house shelter. Can you help me?; ;Sorry, but I dont have a house. But you can chop off my branches to build your house.;有一天,男孩终于来了,树兴奋地邀他一起玩男孩说:“不行,我没有时间,我要替家里干活呢,我们需要一幢房子,你能帮忙吗?”“我没有房子,”苹果树说,“不过你可以把我的树枝统统砍下来,拿去搭房子”So the boy cut all the branches off the tree and left happily. The tree was glad to see him happy but the boy never came back since then.于是男孩砍下所有的树枝,高高兴兴地运走去盖房子看到男孩高兴树好快乐从此,男孩又不来了 37687。

At the mallJennifer: Wedding rings! Billy: Oh, no... Jennifer: Aren't they cool? I like the settings. Billy: Jen, is there someone you're not telling me about? Jennifer: No. I just like looking at wedding rings, OK? Billy: Women are such dreamers. Jennifer: These are specially designed the year 00!setting (n.)   (宝石的)镶嵌design (v.,n.)   设计在购物中心珍妮花:结婚戒指! 比 利:糟了…… 珍妮花:你说酷不酷?我喜欢它的镶钻设计 比 利:阿花,你是不是认识了谁没跟我说? 珍妮花:不是我只是爱看结婚戒指,可以吧? 比 利:女人还真是爱做梦 珍妮花:这些戒指是专为千禧年设计的! 59。

Mr. Shy is in the lingerie department Ali: Um, hello again. Are you sure you don't want to make a purchase, sir? Mr. Shy: I have a question. Ali: Uhhh...OK. What is it? Mr. Shy: Why do people like all this fancy, expensive underwear? Ali: What kind of question is that? Mr. Shy: I'm just curious. I think women are beautiful without this stuff. Ali: Uh...yeah, right...fancy (a.)   花俏的underwear (n.)   内衣裤curious (a.)   好奇的 A: Who was that I saw you having lunch with today? 我今天看到跟你吃饭的那个人是谁? B: Why are you so curious? 你干嘛那么好奇?害羞男在女性内衣专柜 阿 丽:呣,又见面了您确定不买东西吗? 害羞男:我有个问题 阿 丽:呃……好的什么问题? 害羞男:人们为何喜欢这些又花俏又贵的内衣? 阿 丽:这算哪门子问题啊? 害羞男:我只是好奇我觉得女人不要这些东西也很漂亮 阿 丽:呃……是,对啊…… 38。

Lession—Do you think you could stop whistling? I'm trying to write an essay. —Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you were in the other room. —Is it alright if I leave my rucksack on the back seat? —Yes, of course. Go ahead. —And would you mind if I took off my shoes? My feet are killing me. —Well, I'd rather you didn't. It's a rather hot day. —Hello, Charles, I haven't seen you all day. What have you been doing? —Actually I've been working on my first novel. —Oh, yes. How far have you got with it? —Well, I thought of a good title, and I made a list of characters, and I've designed the front cover. —Have you started writing it yet? —Oh, yes. I've written two pages aly. —Only two? —Well, yes. I haven't quite decided yet what happens next. —I saw an accident yesterday. —What were you doing at the time? —I was queuing the cinema. —And what did you do when you saw the accident? —I rushed ward to see if I could help. —Hmm. You are a good squash player. How long have you been playing? —I have been playing since the beginning of the last term. What about you? —Me? Oh, I've been playing about two years now. But I'm still not very good. —I've got a watch with a silver strap. —That's nothing. I've got one with a gold strap. —I've got a watch that tells you the date. —That's nothing. I've got one that tells you the date and the day. Woman: Look at these glasses, this one's even got lipstick on it. Waiter: I'm very sorry, madam. I'll bring you clean ones right away. Man: Ah, Head Waiter, I want to have a word with you. Head Waiter: Yes, sir. Is there something wrong, sir? Man: Something wrong? I should think there is something wrong. My wife and I have been kept here waiting nearly an hour our meal! Head Waiter: I'm terribly sorry about that, sir. Our staff has been kept unusually busy this evening. I'll see to it personally myself. Now, if you wouldn't mind just telling me what you ordered. Woman: This coffee is practically cold. Waiter: I am sorry, madam. I'll bring you a fresh pot straight away. This table shows the number of commuters into central London between 7:00 am and :00 am daily. The total number is 1,3,000. Of these, ,000 travel by underground—that's 9% of the total, and % travel by British Rail—that's 391,000 people daily. % use both rail and underground, and %, 99,000 people, travel by bus. That means a total of 788,000 people, 77%, on public transport. The remainder use private transport. 197,000 come by car and the rest come either by motorbike or bicycle. This means % come by motorbike or bicycle, and 19% by car. Mrs. Nicholas went away a tnight. Bee she went, she called in at the local police station and talked to the policeman on duty. Mrs. Nicholas: I'm going away to the seaside a few days and I'd like you to keep an eye on my home while I'm away. Policeman: Certainly, Madam. What's your name and address? Mrs. Nicholas: The name's Nicholas, and the address is Spring Vale. Policeman: Thank you. You'll lock all the doors, and make sure all the windows are shut, won't you? Mrs. Nicholas: Of course. Policeman: And you'll remember to cancel the milk. Mrs. Nicholas: Yes, I've aly done that. Policeman: And the papers. Mrs. Nicholas: Yes. Policeman: And you won't leave any ladders about. Mrs. Nicholas: No, we haven't got a big ladder. Policeman: That's fine. Are you friendly with the people next door? Mrs. Nicholas: Yes, we are. Policeman: Well, I think you'd better tell them you're going away, too. Ask them to give us a ring if they see or hear anything suspicious. Mrs. Nicholas: Yes, I will. Thank you. (There is a party in progress and one person A is standing by the drinks table serving drinks. B approaches and A offers her a drink.) B: Aha, I thought you might be here. A: Ah, hello. How are you? B: Not bad. How are you? A: All right, I suppose. B: What are you drinking? A: Some sort of wine. Do you want some? B: No, I think I'd prefer beer. Have they got any? A: Yes, there's some over there. (B pours out a drink.) B: Well, what do you think of the party? A: It's not bad. I'm not really in the mood a party, though. B: Why's that?' A: I don't know, really. I suppose I'm a bit tired. (During the last exchange C has approached the table to get a drink. A offers C a drink but accidentally drops it.) A: Oh, sorry about that. C: (annoyed) I should think so! A: Don't worry. It's not too bad. C: What do you mean? It's gone all over my trousers—I only bought them last week. A: There's no need to shout. C: (loudly) I'm not shouting. A: Yes, you are. C: (very loudly) No, I'm not! B: (wanting to calm the situation) Look, look, why don't you dry them with this? C: (ignoring B) You should watch what you're doing! A: What do you mean? It was your fault! B: How about another drink? (C ignores B.) C: Anyway, don't I know you? B: Do you want another drink? (C ignores B.) A: You might do. C: You didn't go to St. Mark's School, did you? A: Yes, I did actually. C: Yes, I remember now. You were going out with that awful girl, weren't you? A: What do you mean? C: You know, the one with the big nose. What happened to her? A: We got married, actually. In fact, that's her over there. C: Yes ... 1. A woman went into a bar and asked a glass of water. The barman pointed a gun at her. She thanked him and went out. . A man was found lying dead in the middle of a desert. He had a pack on his back. 3. A woman dialed the number on the telephone. Someone answered and said, "Hello." She put the phone down with a happy smile. . A man is found dead in the room. There is no furniture, and all the doors and windows are locked from the inside. There is a pool of water on the floor. 5. There is a man on the bed and a piece of wood on the floor. The second man comes into the room with sawdust on his hands, smiles and goes out again. 99。