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1. Decoration Competition装饰竞赛What’s a party without a cheesy game? There are a lot of different things that you can decorate for a competition. Cookies or people, just choose whatever you like.聚会没有一些有趣的游戏怎能称之为聚会?这里有许多你能用来进行装饰竞赛的不同用品。饼干或是人,选择你喜欢的就好了。2. Cookie Exchange交换饼干If you plan on Christmas with a large group, set up a Christmas cookie exchange. Everyone should bring individually wrapped portions of their cookies to the party, as well as recipes, so that each person can have a sample to take home and enjoy.如果你打算圣诞节时和一群人一起度过,进行一下圣诞节饼干交换吧。每个人都要带一份自己的饼干参加,配方也需要,一遍每个人都能带回家借鉴和享受。3. Name That Tune疯狂猜曲Do you remember that game show from the 70′s where people would try to name a tune in so many notes? Why not play the same game with your friends and family by naming Christmas songs? This is a great activity for a big group and people can be split into individual teams or larger groups.你还记得哪个始于70年代的综艺节目吗?一个让人们在许多提示下猜曲子的节目。为什么不和你的朋友及家人一起用圣诞节歌曲尝试一下呢?这个游戏很适合大量人一起玩,并且可以进行团体战也可以进行个人战。4. Do A Thanksgiving Activity玩感恩节喜欢玩的活动There are some fun and frugal Thanksgiving activities. Just change the theme from Thanksgiving to Christmas and you’re all set!有很多又有趣有省钱的感恩节活动。只需要把主题从感恩换成圣诞就都解决了! /201312/268618Customer Service 美式顾务 Would you like to be a king or queen? To have people waiting on you hand and foot? Many Americans experience this royal treatment every day. How? By being customers. The American idea of customer service is to make each customer the center of attention. Need proof? Just listen to the commercials. Most of them sound like the McDonald's ad: "We do it all for you." Actually, not all stores in America roll out the red carpet for their customers. But wherever you go, good customer service means making customers feel special. 你想当国王或皇后吗?想有人把你事得贴贴的吗?很多美国人每天都享受着皇室般的招待。怎样才能享受到呢?只要是顾客就可以了啊。美式的顾务就是使每一个顾客成为关注的焦点。需要明吗?听听广告就知道了。大部份都很像麦当劳的广告一样:麦当劳都是为你。事实上,并不是所有美国的商店都待顾客如同上宾一般。不过无论你走到哪里,好的顾务就是让顾客觉得自己独特无比。 People going shopping in America can expect to be treated with respect from the very beginning. Most places don't have a "furniture street" or a "computer road" which allow you to compare prices easily. Instead, people often use the telephone and "let their fingers do the walking" through the Yellow Pages. From the first "hello," customers receive a courteous response to their questions. This initial contact can help them decide where to shop. 在美国逛街,顾客们可以从一开始就享受到受尊重的感觉。大部份的城市不会有「家具街」或是「计算机路」,让你可以轻松地比价一番;取而代之的是用电话,让他们的手指头来代步「走过电话簿」。从第一声「哈啰」开始,顾客们的疑问都接收到最殷勤的回答。这个初步的接触,可以协助他们决定该到哪儿去采买。 When customers get to the store, they are treated as honored guests. Customers don't usually find store clerks sitting around watching TV or playing cards. Instead, the clerks greet them warmly and offer to help them find what they want. In most stores, the signs that label each department make shopping a breeze. Customers usually don't have to ask how much items cost, since prices are clearly marked. And unless they're at a flea market or a yard sale, they don't bother trying to bargain. 当顾客们来到店里的时候,他们会受到贵宾般的款待。他们通常不会看到店员坐在那儿看电视或是玩扑克牌。相反的,店员会亲切地打招呼,并且协助寻找需要的东西。大部份的商店里,每个商品分类区清楚的标示使逛街成为一项轻松的乐事。由于价钱已清楚地标示,顾客们通常不需要再问价钱。在美国,除非是跳蚤市场或是旧货大拍卖,否则人们不会费事去讨价还价的。 When customers are y to check out, they find the nearest and shortest checkout lane. But as Murphy's Law would have it, whichever lane they get in, all the other lanes will move faster. Good stores open new checkout lanes when the lanes get too long. Some even offer express lanes for customers with 10 items or less. After they pay for their purchases, customers receive a smile and a warm "thank you" from the clerk. Many stores even allow customers to take their shopping carts out to the parking lot. That way, they don't have to carry heavy bags out to the car. 当顾客们要结帐的时候,他们会找一个最近、队伍排得最短的收银台去结帐。不过根据莫非定律的说法,不论你排得是哪一列,结果其它列都会前进得比你这一列要快。当结帐队伍太长时,好的商家会再开放新的收银柜台。有些甚至会为购物项目为十项以内的顾客,提供快速收银的务。当他们付钱之后,店员会给予顾客一个微笑和一句温暖的「谢谢」。有些商店甚至让他们的顾客将购物推车推到停车场去,这样他们就不必提着重重的袋子到车上去了。 /200803/32560雪地靴无疑是冬季必备的御寒神器,雪地靴的“洋名”UGG的发音也困扰过很多爱学习的同学们,到底是念作“油叽叽”还是“阿格”呢? 关于UGG读音傻傻分不清的传闻也有很多:传说澳洲海关的一位女海关在对货品和收据时,曾说Could I please have a look at your #39;油叽叽#39;;;传说一名美国小伙伴曾经在聚会上对朋友说;your #39;阿格#39; look pretty;…… 赶紧来看看UGG的正确读音和相关介绍吧!你之前念对了吗? UGG正确读音:UGG [#652;g] UGG名称由来:为什么要这么读?到底有啥渊源? The unisex sheepskin and fleece footware called UGG boots, or simply uggs, gained popularity in the 1960s. UGG雪地靴(或直接称uggs)是一种中性风格的羊皮材质、羊毛内衬的靴子,20世纪60年代开始流行。 The word may have derived from fug boots that were worn by aviators in rural Australia during World War I. The term is believed to be a shortened version of “flying ugg boots.” 这个词有可能与一战期间澳洲乡村地区飞行员所穿的飞行羊毛靴(fug boots)一词有关。据说飞行雪地靴一词是“飞行员用雪地靴”(flying ugg boots)的缩写。 The owner of one company that has been making the boots since the late 1950s claims that he invented the name. He says that his inspiration came from his wife, who called the boots ugly. 一家自1950年代开始生产雪地靴的企业所有人声称,是他本人发明了这个词。他说灵感来自于他的妻子,因为她妻子说这些靴子很丑(ugly)。 【UGG 品牌简介】 UGG是鞋类、饰和手袋品牌名。雪地靴是一战时期在澳洲兴起的,澳大利亚飞行员用两块羊皮包裹成鞋子穿在脚上御寒,后来逐渐在澳洲流行开来。现在比较流行的品牌有:UGG、JOMVOX、MOU、EMU、ANYPRIZE、Yellow Earth、AUKOALA等。 1978年,一个叫做 Brian Smith 的澳大利亚冲浪员带了一批羊皮靴到达美国加利福尼亚,那里发达的冲浪运动市场吸引住了这批羊皮靴。后来他建立了UGG Holding公司,注册了UGG商标,但是由于经营不善,1995年,Brian Smith将股份卖给Deckers(德克斯)户外用品有限公司运营,该公司使好莱坞明星穿着而走红美国,进而在多个国家获得认可。从此以后,UGG开始慢慢从一个小的冲浪用品品牌发展成为全球知名的羊皮雪地靴豪华品牌。 /201312/268698

A stewardess (空中) wore a sparkling gold necklace , a plane model as a drop, looking unique and professional. Detecting that somebody around was looking at her, she asked gracefully: “Is it pretty?” “Very pretty, but the airport looks more fascinating(迷人的).” The other party wisecracked(说俏皮话).有位空带着亮灿灿的金项链,项坠儿系一小飞机,显得别致而有职业特点。她发现有人在看,便大方地问了一句:“它漂亮吗?”“漂亮极了,不过,飞机场更漂亮!”对方俏皮地说。 /201302/224875

-yq4F7EsQx1lKxo~0j5t!fP@_2*~NiUE1. You don#39;t need to wash your face with hot water to get it clean:1不用热水洗脸: In fact, hot water can cause redness and irritation in people with sensitive skin, and for those with normal skin, it can still dry out delicate facial skin, leaving it more susceptible to all kinds of issues, from red, flaky dermis to acne. Wash your face with mildly warm to air-temperature water. It will get the job done without irritating your skin. The same goes for the rest of your body; it may feel good to burn it up in the shower, but especially as cool weather draws closer, this is guaranteed to irritate your skin.事实上,用热水洗脸会对敏感型肌肤有刺激,可能会导致红血丝的出现KbiQRLf_qi2+zNuCXEw。热水洗脸还会让皮肤更脆弱,皮肤更容易产生肌肤问题,如红血丝和粉刺问题0hJ*[9U-uPA。洗脸时用微微温热的水或是和室温差不多的水可以洗干净脸,也不会刺激到皮肤b.,AfT,Dd*f#j]e@HkXt。洗澡水的温度也同理RL2|]~#9Ew9j,cw5Jg。一个热水澡也许会让你感觉很舒,然而,太热的水会伤害你的皮肤,特别是秋冬季节WRvF9m,vQMJi。IPa,5pvfQFDN8Q;bX2S^KMtg,2r1_Bvd,(]*!WkJzhX*lrj+hd@9;fmGRKKQ^LG /201309/256425

这是关于一个女孩、女人、女性的成长漫画On A Claire Day:亲情、友情、爱情;家庭,朋友、婚姻,工作,生活……一切的一切~今日嘱咐:还记得年少时的梦吗,象朵永远不凋零的花,陪我经过那风吹雨打,看世事无常,看沧桑变化…走吧,走吧,人总要学着自己长大;走吧,走吧,人生难免经历苦痛挣扎~译者:koogle

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