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经典句型:Lets talk about the terms of payment. 现在来谈谈付款方式吧。A:Lets talk about the terms of payment.甲:现在来谈谈付款方式吧。B:We only accept payment by irrevocable LC payable against shipping documents.乙:我们只接受不可撤销的,凭装运单据付款的信用。A:I see.甲:明白了。经典句型:Id like to discuss the terms of payment with you. 我想同您讨论一下付款方式。A:Id like to discuss the terms of payment with you.甲:我想同您讨论一下付款方式。B:Could you make an exception and accept DA or DP?乙:你们能不能破例接受承兑交单或付款交单?A:Im afraid not.甲:恐怕不行。句型讲解:常见的付方式有:DA(Documents against acceptance)承兑交单,DP(Documents against payment)付款交单,DP sight即期交单,DP after sight or after date 远期交单。 /201402/277312You:There is a foreign holliday which has something to do with pumpkins. I think youre supposed to carry a pumpkin around on that day. I cant remember which holliday is it.有一个外国节日跟南瓜有关,我想那天你也会带一个南瓜的吧。只是我不记得哪个节日了。David:Are you talking about Halloween?你是说万圣节吗?You:Yes, we have a party and give a lot of performances是的,我们在派对上玩,许多人表演David: Performance?表演?You:Yes, lots of people give performanes on that day?是的,在节日那天许多人一起表演节目。David:Wait, were they evry scary performances?等下,是很恐怖的表演节目吗?You:Not scary, but very intense. I cant really remember it exactly. We all danced. There were two circles, one for the girls and one for the boys.不是啊,但是很紧张。我不记得确切的场景了,我们都在跳舞,围着两个圈,一个都是女孩,另一个全是男孩。David:For Halloween? Really? In America, we dont have such performances on Halloween. Instead, we usually dressed up in costums and go trick or treat.Trick or treat is a game with children go to peoples homes and ask for candy.这是万圣节?你确定吗?在美国我们并没有这些表演的。相反,我们会穿上万圣节的恐怖装,然后去玩“不给糖就捣蛋”的游戏,也就是小孩子挨家挨户讨要糖果的活动。You:Yeah, it was a game. Then the ofreign teachers ask us to cut up the pumpkin, so we did, and then we lighted it up.是的,这是一个游戏。然后外教让我们切开南瓜,我们照着做了,然后就点起了南瓜灯。David: You carved pumpkin, the Jack-o-lantern?你们雕刻了南瓜灯?You:Yes, it was very interesting.是的,非常有趣。 /201208/19561813. A lifebelt is the best thing for you to rowing.划船时最好带着救生圈。还能这样说:You had better take a life ring with you to row.The best thing you can take to row is a life buoy.14. Chinese people are used to having a boat race on Dragon Boat Festival.中国人习惯在端午节赛龙舟。还能这样说:It is a custom for Chinese people to have a boat race on Dragon Boat Festival.Dragon Boat Festival is the day when people in China go to have boat races.应用:a race against time 和时间赛跑;the rat race 激烈的竞争(尤指为保住职位或地位)15. People who are seasick are not suitable to go boating.晕船的人不适合划船。还能这样说:It is not appropriate for the people who are seasick to go boating.Go boating doesnt suit the people who are seasick. /201312/266868

Todd: OK, Jose, you just said you went to the Galapagos Islands.托德:好,何塞,你说你去过加拉帕戈斯群岛。Jose: Yes.何塞:没错。Todd: Can you talk about the Galapagos?托德:你能谈谈加拉帕戈斯群岛吗?Jose: Yes, the Galapagos, as everybody knows is such a unique place and I went there and by chance I was in the same tour like with President Carter.何塞:当然,就像所有人都知道的那样,加拉帕戈斯群岛是一个非常独特的地方,我在偶然间遇到了去那里旅行的卡特总统。Todd: Really!托德:真的吗?Jose: Yeah!何塞:对!Todd: Wow! Hes my favorite president.托德:哇!他是我最喜欢的总统。Jose: Well, its so interesting because you know the guy was, I mean when went there, all of a sudden I had this strange people looking at me. I say, ;What happened? Whats wrong?; There were 8 bodyguards with the guy.何塞:嗯,这很有意思,因为你知道当时他……,我是说我去那里的时候,突然看到一个奇怪的人看着我。于是我问:“发生什么事了?怎么了?”当时他身边有8名保镖。Todd: No kidding!托德:别开玩笑了!Jose: Yes! He was with his wife and his daughter and the child. Yeah it was interesting. You know thats just one anecdote but still, Im , the Galapagos Islands, what I can tell you is that, its a unique place, but you have to go there, sooner than later is better because I think the whole ecosystem will collapse.何塞:就是这样!他和妻子、女儿、外孙一起去度假。这很有意思。你知道这只是一件轶事,不过我可以告诉你,加拉帕戈斯群岛是一个独特的地方,我认为你一定要尽早去那里看看,因为我想那里的整个生态系统将会崩塌。Todd: Oh, no!托德:哦,不!Jose: Yeah! The situation is very complicated because lack of ---- of the government. The poor fisherman, and they dont have any kind of way to actually make a living by destroying the system. And all the money just goes to the big tourist companies that are taking tourists and you go to the capital, to Quito, but the people on the Islands, they dont have money, so they are, theres no control, for fishing, I mean, sharks and lobsters and tuna and so on, so everything is terrible. I was very very upset with the situation, and also you know, its a kind of tourism for rich people and I was the only Ecuadorian in the group何塞:是这样。那里的情况非常复杂,因为缺少政府的管理。那里的渔民很贫穷,由于生态系统被破坏,实际上他们并没有谋生的方法。而所有的营利都进了大型旅游公司的口袋,他们会带游客旅游,你可能会去首都基多,但是那些岛上的人们没有收入来源,所以那里对渔业并没有管制,我是说,他们会捕食鲨鱼、龙虾、金鱼等等,所有的事情都非常糟糕。我对那里的现状非常担心,而且你知道,这对富人来说是旅游,而我是那个团里唯一的厄瓜多尔人。Todd: Really! Thats not good.托德:真的吗?那不太好。Jose: Yes, thats not good. You know we were just servers and waitresses and waiters and Ecuadorians so, for me it was, I was 5 days there. You know its very beautiful to see the animals and birds but me being an Ecuadorian I had a completely different point of view. I was very disappointed frankly.何塞:对,不太好。你知道我们只是务员、务生、厄瓜多尔人,我在那里待了五天的时间。你知道见到那些动物和鸟类是件美好的事情,但是我作为厄瓜多尔人来说,却有着完全不同的看法。坦率地说,我非常失望。 /201403/282295

Larry在家里和朋友们联网打游戏,李华则在书房里写作业,他们会用到两个常用语:epic fail和learn your lesson。(网络游戏声音)Larry: OK, guys. There are only two enemies left. Everybody stay calm! We almost have this round won.LH: Larry,你在跟我说话么?Larry: Oh wait, theres an enemy sneaking up behind Mike. Mike! Watch out! Hes gonna kill you!! Noooooo!!!LH: Larry!怎么啦?Larry: Epic Fail. We almost won.LH: Epic fail? 什么意思?Larry: ;Epic fail; means an unfortunate occurrence. People say that when something bad unexpectedly happens - especially in games. In this case, we had almost beaten the other team, until someone sneaked up on my friend Mike at the last minute... it was such an epic fail.LH: 哦,epic fail就是惨败。你是说,你和朋友们本来在游戏中要赢了,结果却遭到对方的突袭,结果惨败。 不过,你说话的声音太大了吧?我作业都写不下去了!Larry: Im sorry, Lihua. I just get so involved with these games...LH: (叹气) 算了,是我自己太紧张这篇论文了。要是明天交不上去,我就完了,it will be an epic fail!Larry: Here, sit down. Let me show you one of my favorite websites. Its a collection of epic fails.LH: 好吧,我也放松一下。Larry: Look - heres a of a guy trying to jump over a car on his bicycle. Look, there he goes...and at the last second, he misses the ramp and - (撞碎的声音) - he broke the cars window with his bike.LH: 我的天!表演飞车最后却被车撞!还好这个人没有受重伤!Larry: but Im sure hes embarrassed after that epic fail.LH:是啊,这么丢脸的失败,好窘啊! 为什么要干这么危险的事嘛!*******Larry: You would be surprised how many people are willing to try dangerous things like that. Hopefully, after that epic fail, he learned his lesson.LH: Learned his lesson?你是说,他撞了车还要去上学?Larry: No, not quite. I dont mean lesson as in something a teacher tells you at school. That phrase can also mean something you learn in life after making a mistake.LH: 我明白了,learn his lesson就是吸取教训的意思。嗯,这个人的确应该长点记性,以后别干这种事儿了。我就不会像他一样,明知道最后结果是个epic fail,大失败,何必还要做呢?Larry: Oh really? I can remember an epic fail you had just last week.LH: 不会吧?Larry: Remember last Friday when it was really windy outside and you were carrying that briefcase full of papers?LH: 呵呵,那倒是,我公文包没锁好,结果里面的论文全飞出来,被风刮得满地都是,我当时都快疯了!这算是个epic fail! 大失策!Larry: And did you learn your lesson?LH: 那当然! 我可是吸取教训了! 每次都会检查公文包锁好了没有。Larry, 你看! 网站上又有个视频,还是刚才那个飞车男! 这回他要骑车从房顶飞到游泳池里去!Larry: Wow, looks like he didnt learn his lesson. Im almost afraid to watch...LH: 是啊! 哎呀! 游泳池旁边有堆树杈,他可别摔在那上面!(撞在树杈上的声音,水花飞溅的声音). 还是撞上了!Larry: Yea. It was also an epic, epic fail. And look - this kid has 15 more s!LH: 啊?还有15个视频?I guess hell never learn his lesson. 真是不长记性! 好了,我要回去写作业了!Larry: Sounds good. I should get back into the game; my team is probably waiting for me. Ill try to be quieter this time.LH: 没关系,我会戴着耳机,边听音乐边写。你不会吵到我的!Larry: Smart idea. ...Hey, wait a minute. Wheres my headphones? Lihua!LH: Larry, 我把你的耳机拿走了,你就凑合一下,别用了。Larry: No headphones? But then I wont be able to hear my teammates.LH: 啊...不管,我先拿到的! 你就认倒霉吧! This is an epic fail for you, 你失算了, 哈哈!Larry: An epic fail indeed.今天李华学了两个常用语。一个是epic fail,表示;惨败,非常失策;。另一个是learn your lesson, 意思是;吸取教训;。 /201203/176167

Rob: Hello. Im Rob. And this is Li!罗布:大家好。我是罗布。这位是李!Li: Hello.李:大家好。Rob: The weather is so great today were outside on the sea, sailing in this beautiful boat. What do you think Li?罗布:今天天气真好,所以我们出海来玩,坐在这条美丽的船上航行。李,你觉得怎么样?Li: Impressive. Rob, I didnt know you had a sailing boat–in fact I didnt know you could sail a boat!李:令人印象深刻。罗布,我不知道你有一只帆船——实际上,我不知道你会驾船!Rob: Dont worry Li, I know what Im doing.罗布:别担心,李,我知道我在做什么。Li: Mind that rock!李:小心那块岩石!Rob: Whoa…its ok Li. I’m in control–just keep your hand on that rope. Weve got the wind in our sails, the sea is calm–we can just easily sail around this island and be home in time for tea.罗布:哇……没问题的,李。我能控制——你要一直抓着那条绳子。我们在航行中遇到了风,海面很平静——我们很容易在这座岛周围航行,而且能及时赶回家喝茶。Li: Oh right. I thought our excursion was going to be trouble free–or plain sailing.李:哦,好吧。我想我们的旅行会顺利的——或者是会一帆风顺的。Rob: What? Plain sailing? Were not sailing any planes Li.罗布:什么?飞机航行?李,我们可不是在航行飞机。Li: No Rob. Plain sailing. Its an expression used to describe an activity that goes well or smoothly and is easy and uncomplicated.李:不是的,罗布。是一帆风顺。这是一个用来形容活动进展顺利、容易、不复杂的短语。Rob: Yes of course–this sailing is going well and is actually quite easy–so youre right–this is plain sailing. But can we only use the phrase to describe sailing boats?罗布:当然——这次航行会很顺利的,实际上也很容易——所以你是正确的——这次会一帆风顺的。不过我们只能用这个短语来形容驾驶船只吗?Li: No. Although it was originally a sailing term, it can really refer to any activity. Listen to these examples:李:不是。虽然这来自于帆船用语,不过也可以用来指任何活动。来看下面这些例子:Driving through the city was difficult but once we were on the motorway it was plain sailing all the way.在城市里开车很难,不过我们要是走高速公路就会一路畅通无阻。Once we found some office space and recruited staff, setting up our business was plain sailing.只要我们找到办公地点并招聘员工,建立我们自己的企业就会一切顺利。Li: So plain sailing means things are going well. I have to admit Rob, your sailing skills are very good and …oh watch out for that big wave!李:所以一帆风顺的意思就是事情进展顺利。罗布,我必须要承认,你的航海技巧非常棒,而且……哦,小心那个大浪!Rob: Whoa...ouch! Ive hit my head on the boom. Oh no, were heading for the rocks again…hold the rope Li, quick!罗布:哇……哎呀!我的头撞到帆桁上了。哦不,我们前面又有岩石……李,快抓紧绳子!Li: Ive changed my mind Rob, this isnt plain sailing anymore! Thats taken the wind out of your sails Rob.李:罗布,我改变想法了,这不再是次一帆风顺的航行了!罗布,那完全灭了你的风头。Rob: Err, its still windy Li. Look at the sails.罗布:嗯,李,现在仍在刮风。看看那船帆。Li: No Rob. Thats another sailing idiom – to take the wind out of your sails is an expression that means your boasting and arrogance has been challenged. Lets hear some other people using this expression:李:不,罗布。这是另一个有关航行的习语——这个表达的意思是你的自夸和傲慢遇到了挑战。我们来看其他人对这个表达的应用:I was all y for a big argument but when he bought me some flowers it took the wind out of my sails.我已经准备好大吵一架了,但是他给我买了些花,这挫败了我的锐气。The negative feedback from my boss has really taken the wind out of my sails.从老板那里得到的负面反馈给了我当头一棒。Rob: Hmm, Li youve certainly taught me a lot about sailing today – there are some really good expressions – but one thing you havent taught me is how to sail this boat.罗布:嗯,李,你今天教了我很有关航海的东西,有许多好的表达,但是你没有教我一件事,那就是如何驾驶这艘船。Li: You said you knew how to sail it.李:你说你知道怎么驾船的。Rob: Well when I said I had been sailing several times I had….but I meant on a ferry….as a passenger.罗布:嗯,我说我有过几次航行经验,但我的意思是我作为乘客坐在渡船上航行的经验。Li: Oh. Watch out!李:哦。当心!Rob: That was close. Ive a feeling this really isnt going to be plain sailing after all.罗布:好险啊。我有种感觉,这不会是场一帆风顺的航行。Li: Too right! Bye bye.李:太对了!再见。Rob: Bye. Now Li could you just hold that rope there please.罗布:再见。现在,李,请你抓住那边的绳子。 /201404/287541

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