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  • She is hardly ever seen without her high heels, and now it is clear why. When Victoria Beckham went on a recent family outing with her four children, she found herself looking up to -year-old Brooklyn. She had been sporting a stylish pair of buckled flats a shopping trip in Los Angeles.几乎没见过她不穿高跟鞋,现在大家都很清楚为什么了当维多利亚#86;贝克汉姆就在最近和她的四个孩子进行的一次全家出游时,她发现自己要抬头看岁的布鲁克林她曾在洛杉矶的购物之旅为一个运动时尚秀了一双平底鞋Victoria was also seen showing off her youthful side as she sipped on a blue Slushy drink during the day out. Meanwhile, it was Romeo, ten, who took charge of little -month-old Harper and was spotted pushing her stroller. Brooklyn and Cruz, seven, led the way as the famous family browsed stores around sunny Los Angeles.维多利亚也被见过炫耀她年轻的一面,当她外出时抿着一杯蓝色冰沙喝时与此同时,这是十岁的罗密欧负责个月的Harper,被看到推着婴儿车走着当这著名的一家人在阳光明媚的洛杉矶逛着商店时,布鲁克林和七岁的克鲁兹领着路As usual, fashion designer and mer Spice Girl Victoria was looking chic. The 38-year-old was sporting a two-tone navy and blue shift dress along with her flats square-framed sunglasses. The male members of the clan were all dressed down in T-shirts and casual trousers.像往常一样,时装设计师和前辣组合成员维多利亚看起来很精致这个38岁的女人体育穿着海军色和蓝色的两色连衣裙,戴着平方框太阳镜家里的男性成员都打扮低调,t恤和休闲裤As Victoria cooled down with her electric blue iced drink, Harper was seen sipping on apple juice. The family appeared to be making the most of Calinia following reports they are set to move to New York.维多利亚很酷地拿着她的铁蓝色冰饮料,Harper被看到吸着苹果汁这家人似乎占据了接下来加州报道他们将搬到纽约的大部分A source told the Mail On Sunday: ‘Talks have begun about the next step the family and New York is one of the options being talked about seriously.一位消息人士周日向《邮报透露:“关于家庭的下一步的谈话已经开始,纽约是其中一个严肃讨论的选项LA has given the family the outdoors lifestyle that they’ve loved five years. But now the children are getting older and the couple both look to the future in their careers.’“洛杉矶给了这个家庭5年他们喜爱的户外生活方式但是现在孩子们正在长大,这两口子都在展望着他们事业的未来” 6。
  • HBO Popular TV series Game of Thrones has given Northern Ireland economy an unexpected tourism boast. Local officials say filming of the series in Northern Ireland has led to a 1-million pounds investment in the economy. Season six is currently being filmed in Northern Ireland — and fans of the show are flocking there to get a glimpse of the locations — leading to a surge in tourism.HBO的流行剧《权力的游戏给北爱尔兰的经济带来了意外的旅游收入当地官员说在该剧在北爱尔兰系列的拍摄带来了1.1亿英镑的投资经济该剧第6季目前正在北爱尔兰拍摄——该剧的粉丝们蜂拥而来,导致旅游业激增While the series is filmed in several locations — Northern Ireland rugged landscape is home to a majority of the filming. And tourism chiefs here are hoping to exploit the shows phenomenon.尽管该系列剧是在几个地方拍摄的——北爱尔兰崎岖的景观占据了多数拍摄点而北爱尔兰的旅游主管们正希望该剧大加利用当地的景观;The demand and the number of visitors that are coming through are growing each year and more and more of the tourism industry is developing businesses around these actual locations,; Judith Webb, Officer of Experience Devt of Tourism Ni, said, ;and the whole theme of game of thrones. Certainly we feel that the momentum is hear now and will continue as the programme continues to be aired by HBO.;“旅游需求和游客的数量每年都在增长,越来越多的旅游产业在拍摄地点和整部《权力的游戏主题环境里发展起了商业”朱迪思韦伯,官体验旅游开发官说“当然我们认为最重要的游客时间点就是当下与未来,因为其第六季将继续在HBO播出”Government backed agency, Northern Ireland Screen, has provided .5m pounds funding the production and say that the series has added 1m pounds to the local economy so far.由政府持的机构--北爱尔兰荧幕,为该剧的生产制作提供了50万英镑的资金,说到目前为止,这个系列剧让当地经济增加了一亿一千万英镑Businesses here were quick to capitalize on the shows popularity — offering guided tours of film locations.当地的旅游业迅速利用剧目火爆的来为游客提供拍摄地点的游览;Throughout all of we have a bus of 0 people every day throughout the week,; Dorothy Nealon, Tour guide of ;Games of Thrones tours; said, ;7 days of the week since we started running full time. Its just been phenomenal.;“在年过去的日子里,我们有一辆公共汽车在每周每天载着0人,”多萝西尼龙说,他是“《权力的游戏之旅”的导游,“一周7天时间,我们每天都没有空闲时间这个现象是惊人的”The production has created 900 full-time jobs and over 5,000 part-time jobs—with wages trickling down to the local economy. Additionally tourism operators say there has been a sharp increase in visitors to the area.《权力的游戏创造了900个全职工作和超过5000个兼职工作,这些工资都是当地经济的一部分除此之外,旅游运营商说急剧增加的游客络绎不绝的来到这里Northern Ireland economy has taken a beating in recent years--so attracting big budget TV shows like the game of thrones to mystical film locations like this is something that tourism chiefs want to continue doing. And with an audience of over 18 million viewers tuning in to season five--who can blame them.北爱尔兰的经济近年来一直低迷,所以吸引巨额预算的电视节目像《权力的游戏等玄幻电影,是这里的旅游主管们想要继续做的事情一个超过1800万的观众收看第五季《权力的游戏——谁又能责怪他们呢 1835。
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