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山东省青岛诺德医院电话号码是多少青岛人民医院做丰胸手术多少钱More than 2,500 young girls in Guangdong Province have sustained sexual violence in the past three years, said a joint investigation report launched by the provincial Women#39;s Federation and People#39;s Procuratorate, Guangzhou Daily reported.据《广州日报》报道,广东省妇联和省检察院联合发布的一份调查报告显示,近3年来,广东有超过2500名女童曾遭遇性侵犯。The report found that nearly half of the victims were younger than 14 years old, and that 65.74 percent of the assaults were acquaintance rapes, more committed by perpetrators under 20 years old or above 50.报告称,受害人近半在14岁以下,而且性侵女童者65.74%是熟人,加害人多在20岁以下或50岁以上。The children and their guardians#39; reluctance to report to the police has placed the actual number of assaults much higher, said the report.报告表示,这些孩子和她们的监护人由于不愿报案,所以实际的侵害案件数量会更多。 /201204/179845山东省青岛埋线双眼皮哪家医院好 Sesame Street is an American educational children's television series and a pioneer of the contemporary educational television standard, combining both education and entertainment. Sesame Street is well known for its Muppets characters created by Jim Henson. It premiered on November 10, 1969, and is the longest running children's program on US television. The show is produced in the ed States by the non-profit organization Sesame Workshop, formerly known as the Children's Television Workshop (CTW), founded by Joan Ganz Cooney and Ralph Rogers.芝麻街是美国一套著名的幼儿教育电视节目,内容结合了教育和。节目是由 Children's Television Workshop(CTW)制作,后来在1999年分出来的 Sesame Workshop 继续制作。芝麻街最为人熟悉的部份,正是节目中采用大量布偶(Muppet)作为大部份主角,有关布偶是由著名木偶师Jim Henson创造。现时节目总共播出了38季,合共4160集,成为美国电视历史上最长久的儿童电视节目。此外,节目成功在120个不同的国家播放,并曾经推出20多个国际版本。而且芝麻街曾经获得109个艾美奖,远超过其他的电视节目。此外,芝麻街除了在电视播放,亦曾推出电影、玩具、书本、录像带等副产品。由于它的全世界伸手可及的距离,因此芝麻街被公认是世界上最家喻户晓的幼儿教育节目。 /200911/88924沂水县开眼角

在青岛祛疤哪个医院好The release last week of softer than expected Chinese growth data triggered a fresh bout of speculation that the country’s economy could be heading for a ;hard landing;. But should investors worry?中国上周公布的增长数据逊于预期,引发新一轮有关中国经济可能发生“硬着陆”的猜测。对此,投资者应当感到担忧吗?David Shairp at JPMorgan Asset Management says that while there are signs that China is heading for a soft landing, it is too soon to sound the all-clear.根大通资产管理公司(JPMorgan Asset Management)的戴维#8226;谢普(David Shairp)表示,尽管许多迹象表明中国经济将实现软着陆,但目前远不到解除警报的时候。;The Achilles heel of this economy — ironically — is the trade sector,; he says. ;For an economy that has developed strongly over the past three decades, thanks to export-led industrialisation, the main risk to a soft landing now lies in a sharper export slowdown. There are some tentative signs that demand is recovering, with the PMI orders data ticking up, declines in inventories of raw materials and bank credit improving.;“具有讽刺意味的是,中国经济的致命要害恰好是贸易领域,”他表示。“得益于出口驱动的工业化,中国经济过去三十年发展迅猛。眼下,可能导致经济无法实现软着陆的主要风险在于出口下滑幅度加大。目前已出现需求回升的初步迹象:采购经理指数(PMI)中的订单数据有所改善,原材料库存在减少,而信贷也在好转。”;But while it may well be that China’s economy is bottoming out, the vagaries of post-lunar new year data mean it will be some time before the growth outlook is clarified. The most likely outcome is a ‘soft’ landing but the risk of a ‘harder’ landing remains significant. Indeed, unless the authorities ease policy further, a more unpleasant outcome could occur.;“但是,尽管中国经济很可能正在触底回升,春节后各种怪异的数据却表明,一段时间之后我们才能看清中国经济的增长前景。最有可能发生的结果是‘软着陆’,但‘比较硬地着陆’的风险仍然不容忽视。实际上,除非当局进一步放松政策,否则可能会发生更糟糕的后果。”Nikolaus Keis, economist at UniCredit, agrees that the GDP data emphasise the necessity for further policy action by the Chinese authorities to boost domestic demand.意大利裕信(UniCredit)经济学家尼古劳斯#8226;凯斯(Nikolaus Keis)也认为,国内生产总值(GDP)数据说明中国当局有必要采取进一步的政策行动,以刺激国内需求。;GDP growth at about 8 per cent is generally thought to be the threshold at which enough job creation for new entrants into China’s labour market can be assured,; he says. ;We expect the reserve requirement rate for banks to be lowered by an additional 150-200 basis points over the coming months. A cut in key interest rates is also an option, as are further selective fiscal policy measures — although definitely not another huge stimulus programme like that rolled out in mid-2009.;“人们通常认为,8%是中国GDP增长率的一个临界点,只有达到这个‘门槛’,才能保为劳动力市场新增人员提供足够多的工作岗位,”他表示。“我们预计,未来几个月,中国将把存款准备金率再调低150至200个基点。调低关键利率也是一种选择,此外也有可能再出台选择性财政政策措施——尽管绝不会是2009年中庞大刺激计划的翻版。”;Continued or intensified policy accommodation is the most important factor why our money is still on a #39;soft-landing scenario#39;. It is combined with our expectation that the drag of net exports on GDP growth should abate, given signs of stabilisation and subsequent recovery of the global economy, namely the US, and the defusing of the debt crisis in Europe.;“政策宽松度持续或加大,是我们的资金仍然押注‘软着陆结果’的最重要因素。另一个因素是我们的预测——鉴于全球经济、最重要的是美国经济出现企稳并复苏的迹象,以及欧洲债务危机出现缓和迹象,净出口对中国GDP增长率的拖累作用应会减弱。”Carl Weinberg, chief economist at High Frequency Economics, is even more bullish on the outlook for consumption. ;Apparently the windfall from falling food prices in China did not pass through fast enough for households to act on it by the end of the first quarter — so consumer spending did not rise over the period,; he says.高频经济公司(High Frequency Economics)首席经济学家卡尔#8226;温伯格(Carl Weinberg)对中国消费增长前景更为乐观。他表示,“很明显,因为食品价格下跌而省下的钱,中国家庭在第一季度结束前还没来得及做出相应的反应,因此这段时期消费出未见增长。”;But this pick-up in spending is inevitable, although it may take longer to materialise than we had initially expected. People need time to realise that they have more money left over after they have eaten.;“但是,消费开增加的趋势是不可避免的,尽管可能会发生得比我们先前预测的要晚一些。人们意识到购买食品之后还富余更多的闲钱,是需要时间的。”;Slowing the rate of food price increases is the most potent economic stimulus for this huge nation, where 1.3bn people spend 35-45 per cent of their earnings on food. Just as petrol price rises crowd out discretionary spending in New York and London, food price surges squash spending in China. Look for consumer demand to accelerate soon, boosting second-quarter GDP growth.;“中国是一个有着13亿人口的大国,人们在吃喝上的开占到收入水平的35%至45%。对于这样的国家,减缓食品价格上涨速度是最有效的经济刺激。正如汽油涨价会挤压纽约人和伦敦人的可配开,食品价格猛涨也会挤压中国人在其他方面的开。我们预计消费需求不久后就会加速上升,从而推高第二季度GDP增长率。” /201204/178557山东省三院激光去烫伤的疤多少钱 Samsung Electronics Co. said Friday that its second-quarter profit jumped 48% to another company record as it increased smartphone sales and experienced cyclical recoveries in its chip and display component businesses. 三星电子(Samsung Electronics Co.)周五说,第二财季公司利润大涨48%,再创新高,原因是智能手机销售增加,芯片和显示屏等组件业务经历了周期性复苏。 The launch of a new, high-end smartphone helped its telecom division continue to have the most impact on Samsung#39;s overall results. The unit accounted for nearly two-thirds of the operating profit for the world#39;s biggest technology manufacturer by sales.受发布新高端智能手机的推动,三星的电信业务继续对公司整体业绩产生了最大影响。按销售额计,三星是全球最大的高科技产品生产企业,而电信业务占到其营业利润的近三分之二。 The telecom unit#39;s operating profit margin declined from the first quarter, however, as Samsung lost money in its telecom network equipment business and ramped up sales of the new smartphone, called Galaxy S III, more slowly than expected. Analysts spotted the difficulties a month ago and lowered their earning projections.不过,三星电信业务的营业利润率相比第一财季却有所下降,因为三星在电信网络设备业务中出现了亏损,并且在加大新智能手机Galaxy S III销售速度方面慢于预期。分析人士一个月前就发现了这些问题,从而下调了三星的利润率预期。 But the company#39;s bottom line got a boost from strong results in its display component division, which lost money all last year and produced a small profit in the first quarter of this year.但三星的整体业绩得到了显示屏组件业务利好结果的提振。显示屏组件业务去年全年亏损,今年第一财季实现小幅盈利。 In a statement, Samsung said it expected the third quarter to be #39;marginally positive#39; and focused chiefly on the display component division as likely to provide the most improvement.三星在声明中说,预计第三财季业绩会出现微幅增长,现在主要把精力放在显示屏组件业务上,该业务可能会为业绩提升提供最大助力。 Samsung said it earned 5.19 trillion won, or .5 billion, in the April-to-June period, up from 3.51 trillion won in the same period a year ago. The net profit amount surpassed the previous record of 5.05 trillion won set in the first quarter.三星说,今年4月至6月财季公司实现利润5.19万亿韩圆(合45亿美元),高于上年同期的3.51万亿韩圆。今年第二财季的净利润超过了第一财季创下的5.05万亿韩圆的纪录。 Revenue was 47.6 trillion won, up 21% from 39.4 trillion won a year ago.今年第二财季,三星实现营收47.6万亿韩圆,较上年同期的39.4万亿韩圆高出21%。 Nearly all the company#39;s growth over the past year has come in cellphones, as higher average selling prices for smartphones drove revenue in its telecom division 60% above last year#39;s level.三星业绩的增长几乎全部得益于手机业务。智能手机平均售价上涨,推动三星的电信业务收入较去年增长了60%。 Samsung#39;s telecom unit reported an operating profit margin of 17.4%, up from 13.7% a year ago but down from 18.4% in the first quarter.三星的电信业务实现了17.4%的营业利润率,高于上年同期的13.7%,但低于今年第一财季的18.4%。 Samsung stopped disclosing details about its cellphone business, including unit shipments, early last year. Market researchers earlier this year estimated that it passed Nokia Corp. as the world#39;s top seller of cellphones and Apple Inc. as the top seller of smartphones. In its statement Friday, Samsung said only that #39;handset shipments gained quarter-on-quarter and year-on-year.#39;去年初,三星停止披露有关其手机业务的细节,包括单位出货量等。市场调研人员今年早些时候曾估计,三星已超过诺基亚公司(Nokia Corp.)成为全球第一大手机生产商,并且还超过了苹果公司(Apple Inc.)成为全球第一大智能手机生产商。三星在周五的声明里只是说,手持设备出货量较上一季度和去年同期均有所增加。 /201207/192510青岛中心医院是公立的吗

青岛祛痘那里好China is getting y to send a woman into space for the first time in a mission that will also represent the country#39;s first manned docking mission with its Tiangong-1 space station. 中国正在为将首名女航天员送入太空做准备,这次飞行也是中国的宇宙飞船与天宫一号目标飞行器进行的首次载人交会对接任务。The mission, announced just a few days ago, is moving forward rapidly: The Shenzhou-9 manned spacecraft to be used in the mission has aly been strapped to its carrier rocket and the rocket aly moved to the launch pad at a satellite launch center in northwest China.Associated Press去年11月,神舟八号无人飞船发射升空。本月中国称,将发射神舟九号飞船,这次使用与发射神舟八号同系列的运载火箭,但将把三名航天员送入太空,其中包括一名女航天员。这个几天前刚刚宣布的任务正在迅速推进:在中国西北部的一个卫星发射中心,执行任务的神舟九号载人飞船与运载火箭的组合体已经垂直转运至发射区。All that remains is to choose the woman who will be on board when spacecraft shoots skyward.剩下的工作就是选择最后与飞船一同升空的女航天员了。On Tuesday, in what may or may not be a sign that the decision has been made, the state-run China Daily published a profile of 34-year-old fighter pilot Liu Yang, one of the two candidates tipped as the most likely to go where no Chinese woman has gone before.周二,国有媒体《中国日报》(China Daily)刊登了34岁的应急机动作战部队女飞行员刘洋的个人简介。不知道这是否代表最后的决定已经做出。刘洋是最有可能成为中国首名女航天员的两名候选人之一。Based on the story, it sounds like Ms. Liu will make a reliable and pleasant, if not particularly entertaining, travel partner.从报道中看,刘洋似乎将是一名可靠、容易相处,甚至非常有趣的旅伴。Liu#39;s uncle Niu Zhenxi told China Daily on Tuesday that she has long set the example for children in her relatives#39; families since she was very devoted and obedient to her parents.刘洋的舅舅牛先生周二告诉《中国日报》,刘洋是个听话的孩子,一直都是家里孩子的榜样。;We all believe that she could make a difference because she is good at overcoming various difficulties,; he said.他说,我们都认为这孩子错不了,她特别能吃苦。Wang Xufeng, one of Liu#39;s high school classmates, said she was not talkative in high school but very friendly to the other classmates.刘洋的一名高中同学王旭峰说,她在高中不太爱说话,但是对同学很友善。;I remember that she was a quiet girl who was shy to talk in public,; Wang told China Daily. ;She always smiled while talking with her friends, and I can still remember her sweet smile.;王旭峰告诉《中国日报》,她挺文静,见人总是乐呵呵的。他说,刘洋脸上常常有淡淡的浅笑。She was very diligent in her studies and always ranked in the top 10 of the class in exams, Wang said.王旭峰说,她性格很执着,成绩总在全班前十名。Lest anyone assume that having a sweet smile and obeying her parents as a child means Ms. Liu is soft, the story makes sure to point out that she flies with ice in her veins, citing as evidence an incident in 2003 when a plane she was flying collided in mid-air with a flock of pigeons.为了避免人们认为刘洋作为“一个面带微笑而且听话的孩子”会很柔弱,这篇报道还指出刘洋在执行飞行任务时的镇静,并提到了她在2003年处理信鸽撞机事件的例子。According to China Daily, the plane tore through 18 of the unfortunate birds, destroying one of its engines and splattering blood on the windshield. Despite the carnage, the report says, Ms. Liu managed to keep the plane steady, safely executing an emergency landing minutes later.《中国日报》报道说,刘洋驾驶的飞机当时撞上了18只不幸的信鸽,飞机的一个引擎受损,血喷到了挡风玻璃上。报道中说,尽管撞上了信鸽,刘洋仍保持了飞机平稳飞行,在几分钟之后成功实施了紧急迫降。The newspaper didn#39;t mention the woman widely believed to be Ms. Liu#39;s chief rival for a seat on the Shenzhou-9, Wang Yaping, a fighter pilot said to have flown relief flights during the Sichuan earthquake.《中国日报》对刘洋参与此次飞行任务的最大竞争对手王亚平只字未提。据说,王亚平曾经驾驶飞机参与汶川地震的救援任务。The Guardian has photos of both women here.《卫报》(The Guardian)刊登了两名女飞行员的照片。It#39;s unlikely, though by no means impossible, that propaganda authorities would choose to profile Ms. Liu in the country#39;s main state-run English-language newspaper if she weren#39;t considered the front-runner.尽管并不是完全不可能,但如果刘洋不被视为头号人选,宣传机构是不大可能选择在国有主要英文报纸上刊登刘洋简介的。In any case, we won#39;t know for sure who won until just before the Shenzhou-9 lifts off, an event authorities have said will happen;in mid-June.;不管怎样,在神舟九号飞船升空之前,我们无法确定到底谁会获胜。中国官方说,此次发射将在6月中旬进行。 /201206/187096 An Army brigadier general who commanded a South Carolina post has been suspended for allegedly having a physical altercation with a mistress, officials said Tuesday.据美国《华盛顿邮报》报道,美国官员5月21日称,一名陆军准将涉嫌与情妇发生肢体冲突,目前已被停职。Brig. Gen. Bryan T. Roberts, the top commander at Fort Jackson, is the latest in a string of senior military officials who have come under investigation for alleged misconduct. The case comes amid an outcry from lawmakers and other critics who say the Pentagon is failing to address pervasive sexual harassment and assault in the ranks.布莱恩·罗伯茨准将为美国南卡罗来纳州杰克逊堡最高指挥官,也是一系列因性丑闻被调查的又一位高级军官。“The allegations are being thoroughly investigated,” said Harvey Perritt, a spokesman for the Army Training and Doctrine Command. Perritt said the Army’s criminal investigations division is handling the probe. Army officials did not say when the incident is alleged to have taken place or how it came to their attention. Perritt said Roberts would not be available to comment.“我们正在彻查这项指控。”美国陆军训练和条令司令部发言人哈维··佩里特说。佩里特称,陆军犯罪调查部门负责调查。不过,军方没有透露该案何时发生,如何引起他们的注意。A defense official said Roberts got into a physical altercation with a woman with whom he was having an affair. “These are not allegations of sexual assault or harassment,” the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing.一名国防部官员称,罗伯茨和一名与其私通的女性发生肢体冲突。“这并非性骚扰和性攻击指控。”由于调查还在进行,这位官员不便透露姓名。If investigators find enough evidence, Roberts could be charged with assault and adultery, which is a crime under military law.如果据确凿,罗伯茨可能被控攻击和通奸。依据军法,这已构成犯罪.Brig. Gen. Peggy C. Combs, who runs the Army Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear School at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., will take over Roberts’s duties until the matter is resolved, the Army said in a statement. Roberts had been at the helm of Fort Jackson, a large Army training base, since April 10, 2012.陆军发布的声明称,在案件完结之前,美国陆军化学、生物、放射和核武学校校长佩吉··库姆斯准将接替罗伯茨的职务。罗伯茨自2012年4月10日起入主杰克森堡这一大型陆军训练基地。Two other Army generals have been investigated in recent months for allegations of inappropriate sexual conduct. Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair, the former deputy commander of the 82nd Airborne Division, was charged last year with rape and other charges that involved an affair with a subordinate. His case has not gone to trial. Maj. Gen. Ralph O. Baker, who led a counterterrorism force in Africa, was fired in March after being investigated for allegedly groping a woman while he was under the influence of alcohol.近几个月还有其他两位高级军官因涉嫌不当性行为而遭到调查。第82空降师前副师长杰弗里··辛克莱准将去年被控强奸和与部下私通,目前案子尚未审判。曾在非洲领导“反恐”行动的拉尔夫··贝克少校因被控酒后骚扰女性遭调查,于今年三月被解职。The Army disclosed last week that it was investigating a soldier at Fort Hood in Texas assigned to be his unit’s sexual assault prevention officer for alleged sex abuse and prostituting a fellow soldier.美国陆军上周公布,得克萨斯州胡德堡一士兵因被指控性虐待和逼迫战友卖淫而受到调查。该士兵恰恰负责预防性侵害事务。由于性丑闻频发,立法者与批评人士表示强烈不满,他们认为五角大楼对无所不在的军中性骚扰和性攻击行为处置不力。 /201305/241304青岛青医附院打美白针多少钱青岛种植牙什么价格



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