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南平二院试管婴儿要多少钱Though Wei Christianson is one of the most powerful figures in Asian investment banking, her entry into the industry was a bit of an accident.尽管孙玮(Wei Christianson)是亚洲投行界最有权势的人物之一,但她进入这一行却有一点儿偶然。Five years before she became a banker, Christianson was at a party in Hong Kong. She was talking to a neighbour who suddenly said: “You’re a godsend.”孙玮曾在香港参加过一个派对,五年后她成为了一名家。在那场派对上,她与旁边的人聊天时,对方突然说:“你真是上天派来帮我的。”“To do what?” she asked.“帮你做什么事?”“To list Chinese companies in Hong Kong,” came the reply.对方回答说:“让中国企业在香港上市。”The neighbour was a senior official at Hong Kong’s market regulator, the Securities and Futures Commission, which was preparing for the first overseas listings of Chinese companies in the then-British colony. The SFC was looking for someone with Christianson’s skills to join its corporate finance department.此人是香港市场监管机构——券及期货事务监察委员会(Securities and Futures Commission)的一名高官,因为当时该机构已开始筹备第一批中国企业赴香港海外上市的工作,所以正在物色有孙玮那样技能的人加入其企业融资部。当时的香港还是英国殖民地。Christianson, who is now Morgan Stanley’s Beijing-based China chief executive, says: “I don’t believe that women in the financial services sector are treated very differently in China than they are in the US or Europe,” she says. “Banking is only one portion of my job right now. I spend a lot of my time focusing on supervision of all our business platforms and building our management team.”常驻北京、现任根士丹利(Morgan Stanley)中国区首席执行官的孙玮说:“我认为,中国金融务行业的女性受到的对待与美国和欧洲没有太大的不同。现在业务只是我职责的一部分。我花很多时间专心监督我们所有业务平台,并建设我们的管理团队。”Her role is twofold. She chases deals and represents Morgan Stanley’s Asia and China franchises globally. At the same time, Christianson must oversee the development of Morgan Stanley’s overall China business. This encompasses a wide range of joint ventures – in everything from asset management to securities and trusts – in which foreign investment banks can only hold minority stakes.她的职责是双重的。她要在全球为根士丹利赢得交易,并作为根士丹利亚洲区和中国区业务的代表。与此同时,孙玮必须掌管根士丹利全部中国业务的发展,既涉及一系列合资企业,又涵盖从资产管理到券和信托的各个领域——外国投行在这些业务中只能持有少数股。“The restriction on [foreign] ownership is unfortunate,” she says. “We’re lucky in the sense we have great partners#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;Hopefully it will open up soon. I’m cautiously optimistic.”她说:“限制外资持股令人遗憾。所幸我们有着很好的合作伙伴。希望限制不久就能放开。对此我持谨慎乐观态度。”Christianson grew up in China and came of age just as Deng Xiaoping was consolidating his grip on power, ushering in a long period of political stability and economic growth. That translated into an opportunity to go to university in the US – at Amherst College in Massachusetts – after which she studied law at Columbia University and worked as a corporate lawyer in New York.孙玮在中国长大,她成年的时候,邓小平正在巩固权力、带来长期政治稳定和经济增长。于是,她有了机会去美国读大学——就读于马萨诸塞州阿默斯特学院(Amherst College)——之后又在哥伦比亚大学(Columbia University)学习法律,然后在纽约担任一家公司的律师。In 1992, Christianson and her American husband, also a corporate lawyer, moved to Hong Kong for his job. She, meanwhile, was contemplating a career change. “After giving birth [to my first child] I realised there was no way I could travel; but if you were a corporate lawyer in Hong Kong, you travelled,” she says. “I wanted to have more kids and build a family, so I had to do something else but I didn’t know what.”1992年,同为公司律师的美国丈夫因为工作关系要去香港,孙玮便和丈夫一起到了香港。与此同时,她也在考虑改变职业。“在生下(第一个)孩子之后,我意识到我不能出差,但在香港当公司律师就少不了出差,”她说,“我想再要几个孩子,把家庭照顾好,所以我必须换个工作,但当时我不知道该做什么。”That’s where her new neighbour came in. Christianson understood both the law and the securities business, and was fluent in Mandarin and English. “My neighbour said, ‘You’re hired.’ I said, ‘Wait a minute, I have to see how much you pay – I’ve got to support a family,’#8202;” she recalls. “The next day I went to their offices and got the job.”这个时候她遇到了新的邻居。孙玮精通法律和券业务,汉语和英语都很流利。她回忆说:“邻居说,‘你被雇用了。’我回答说,‘等一下,我想知道你们付多少工资,我还要养活家庭呢。’第二天我来到他们的办公室,于是就得到了这份工作。”Christianson’s husband, however, felt she had a brighter future ahead of her as poacher rather than gamekeeper. “He said I don’t see you thriving as a regulator,” she says. “He put the idea in my head to become a banker. I was intrigued but I didn’t really know what it entailed.”然而,孙玮的丈夫认为她当“偷猎者”比当“猎场看守人”更有前途。“他说我当监管者没有前途,”她说,“他建议我当一名家。我很好奇,但我并不知道这意味着什么。”In the late 1990s, she joined Morgan Stanley’s investment banking arm and – apart from a detour from 2002 until 2005, to run Credit Suisse’s China business and then to Citigroup – has steadily climbed up the ranks. This year, Christianson’s China investment banking team advised Shuanghui International on its successful .1bn takeover of Smithfield Foods, America’s largest pork producer, the largest US acquisition by a Chinese group.上世纪九十年代末,她加入了根士丹利的投行部——除了2002年到2005年期间先是负责瑞士信贷(Credit Suisse)的中国业务,然后加入花旗集团(Citigroup)——她一直是稳步上升。今年,孙玮的中国投行团队为双汇国际(Shuanghui International)以71亿美元成功收购美国最大猪肉制造商史密斯菲尔德食品公司(Smithfield Foods)提供了咨询。这是中国集团对美国公司完成的规模最大的一宗收购案。For her generation, the broader sweep of Chinese history is never far away. Christianson’s mother was a doctor who joined the communist revolution in 1939, and later became a hospital administrator. Her father was in the military.对于她这代人来说,中国历史的深刻印记从来都没有远去。她母亲是一名医生,1939年参加共产主义革命,后来成为一名医院管理人员。她父亲是军人。“I was raised during the cultural revolution, when people didn’t have many options,” she says. “But sometimes there was a little light at the end of the tunnel and you had to work really hard and persistently towards that light#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;I was old enough to remember but young enough not to participate. I was not in the Red Guards but I have other memories#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;” She stops herself, careful not to reveal too much. But the subject lingers. “I am amazed, thinking back to how horrible everything was,” she suddenly adds. “It all seems quite sad now and yet there were sparks of optimism because of this very strong desire [people had] to try to make something out of nothing#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;I don’t want to get into personal stories but I can tell you one thing – what I’ve learnt from my parents is the toughness of the human spirit. No one can defeat you but yourself.”她说:“我在文革时期长大,当时人们没有太多的选择。但有时候隧道尽头还是有一线光明的,你必须非常努力、坚持不懈,才能看到那束光。那时我已记事,但还做不了什么事。我没有参加红卫兵,但我也记得其他一些事。”她谨慎地停下来,不想透露太多。但话题开始转移。她突然补充说:“回想起一切曾经是那么地可怕,让我感到吃惊。一切都那么悲剧,但人们那种绝处逢生的强烈愿望,却闪耀出乐观的火花。我不想说具体故事,但我可以告诉你一件事:我从父母那学到的就是人类精神的坚韧。除了你自己,没有人可以打倒你。” /201312/268905宁德那个医院打胎Pay packages for expats often include extra cash for employee housing, private schools and security. Next up: Extra money for air pollution?驻外员工的薪酬方案通常包括额外的住房、私立学校和安保补贴,以后是否还将包括空气污染补贴?Coca-Cola Co. now offers environmental hardship pay for employees who have relocated to China, where smog has reached harmful levels in several cities, the company said this week.可口可乐公司(Coca-Cola Co.)本周表示,将向其驻华外籍员工提供环境困难补贴。中国部分城市的雾霾污染已达到有害的水平。A spokesperson for the Atlanta-based beverage giant declined to confirm the value of the wage premium or how many employees are eligible for the benefit. The Australian Financial Review reported the allowance to be around 15% of an employee#39;s base salary.可口可乐的一位发言人未实这一补贴的金额以及有多少员工有资格获得这项福利。据《澳大利亚金融报》(Australian Financial Review)报道,这一补贴或为员工基本工资的15%左右。It is not uncommon for multinational companies to provide hardship allowances to incentivize employees to work in China, in part because of the heavy levels of smog, said Ed Hannibal, global leader of the mobility practice at HR consulting firm Mercer LLC. He said the value of hardship pay will depend on where the office is located, as some cities have higher levels of pollution than others.人力资源咨询公司美世咨询(Mercer LLC)迁移业务的全球负责人汉尼巴尔(Ed Hannibal)表示,一定程度上受严重雾霾水平影响,跨国公司为了鼓励员工在中国工作而提供困难补贴并不罕见。他还说,环境困难补贴的金额将取决于办公室设在哪个城市,因为一些城市的污染情况比另一些更严重。#39;They will provide that as a compensation tool in order to offset the severe living conditions and to keep people on the ground,#39; Hannibal said. Many companies also pay for air or water purification systems to be installed the homes of China-based employees, he said.汉尼巴尔称,跨国公司提供这样的补贴来补偿在恶劣的生活环境下受到的不良影响,好让雇员继续留下来。他表示,许多公司还出资为在中国工作的员工安装空气或水净化系统。Panasonic Corp., the Japan-based electronics maker, offers a #39;lifestyle differential allowance#39; that compensates for several factors that impact quality of life, including air pollution, a spokesman said.日本电子产品生产商松下电器产业公司(Panasonic Corp.)的发言人称,该公司为员工提供“生活方式差别津贴”,用以补偿因一些因素而给生活质量造成的影响,其中就包括空气污染。Exposure to smog has been linked to respiratory problems such as asthma and emphysema. The U.S. Embassy in Beijing alerts American expatriates in China when air-pollution levels reach dangerously high levels and provides an air quality monitor for several cities on its website.暴露在雾霾空气中一直被认为可能引发哮喘和肺气肿等一些呼吸道疾病。美国驻北京大使馆在空气污染水平上升至危险程度时会给在华美国公民发出警报,同时还在其网站上提供中国几个城市空气质量的监测值。This week, the Air Quality Index for Beijing registered unhealthy levels of pollution, according to the website.美国大使馆网站显示,本周,北京的空气质量指数(AQI)的监测值显示污染水平为“不健康”。 /201407/312731A daughter who went missing from herparents 37 years ago after catching the wrong train has had an astonishingreunion with her mother.37年前,因坐错火车与父母失联后,女儿终于与一家人又团聚在了一起。Jiang Ai-wu - now 43 - was just six whenshe got lost in her home town in Hunan province, south-central China, and triedto make her way home by train from the local station.今年43岁的姜爱武在湖南老家走丢时才6岁,当时她试图从当地车站坐火车回到家里。Her story echoes that of Australian SarooBrierley, who was only reunited with his birth mother 25 years after he gotlost on India#39;s sprawling rail network aged four.她的故事和一名澳洲男子的故事极其相似,这名澳洲男子在4岁时在印度纵横交错的铁路网上迷失自己,25年后才与亲生母亲团聚。#39;I had no idea where I was going and one wrong train led to another, andanother and another. The harder I tried to get home, the further away I seemedto go,#39; said Ai-wu at the tearful reunion.“我当时都不知道自己要去哪里,总是坐错火车,我越是想回家,似乎就离家更远,”在感人的团聚上她如是说。The frightened child ended up 450 milesaway in Xuzhou, a city in Jiangsu province in eastern China, where she wastaken into care by the authorities.年幼的她最终来到了450英里外的江苏徐州,在那里,她得到了政府的帮助。#39;I always wanted to find my own family, I dreamed of it, but I was so young Ididn#39;t know how to find them. I didn#39;t even know our address.“我总是想找到自己的家人,但是我当时年纪太小,不知道怎么找,我甚至不知道自己的家庭住址。”#39;Gradually I had to concentrate on the lifeI had but I never gave up hoping that one day, my mother and father would comeand get me.#39;“渐渐的,我专注于自己当下的生活,但是我总期望父母有一天能来接我。”Meanwhile, her frantic parents kept up thesearch for their daughter.与此同时,疯狂的父母也在不断的寻找自己的女儿。Ju Yeh, her mother said: #39;She had gone on asmall errand but never came home. We were desperate. We went to the police,searched the city, went to all the train and bus stations but we couldn#39;t findher.她母亲说:“我叫她出去跑腿买点东西,可是再也没回来。我们当时都绝望了。我们去找警察,找遍了整个城市,去火车站和汽车站找,可就是没有她的踪影。”The family were finally reunited when Ai-wu#39;s daughter, Mei, contacted amissing persons website and spent nearly a year tracking down her relatives.爱武的女儿梅联系了一家失踪者网站,在经过1年的寻找后终于找到自己的亲人。Her persistence paid off, even though thefamily had moved north to Shanxi province.她的坚持终于得到了回报,尽管她的家人们搬到了山西省。Yeh, now 70, said: #39;I couldn#39;t believe itwhen I received a phone call one day asking me if I#39;d ever had a daughter who#39;dgot lost.现年70岁的母亲说:“我都不敢相信有一天我收到个电话,问我是否有一个走丢的女儿。”#39;Then my little Ai-wu came on the line andit was as if she#39;d never been away.#39;“然后我的小爱武接过了电话,就好像她从来都没有离开似的。”Ai-wu added: #39;We have a lot of catching upto do - I have a huge new family to get used to now.#39;爱武说:“现在有很多事情需要重新认识,我现在有一个大家庭需要去适应。” /201408/324319福州监测卵泡大概多少钱

福州博爱中医院检查女性不孕费用福州去哪间医院检查精子好The world faces an unprecedented challenge: to change the high-carbon energy DNA of the global economy in the next three decades to low carbon. This requires directed technological change on a historic scale.世界面临史无前例的挑战:在未来30年将全球经济的能源DNA从高碳转变为低碳。这需要一种历史性的有控技术革新。It could well fail, and with failure will come a planet wrecked by climate change. At Tuesday’s UN climate summit, nations began the negotiations to last through 2015 that are our last chance to change course.这一变革很可能失败,如果失败的话,气候变化将给地球带来巨大的破坏。在上周二的联合国(UN)气候峰会上,各国开始了将持续至2015年的谈判,这是我们做出改变的最后机会。The reasons we need to change course on the economy, energy and environment are diverse and interconnected. They include persistence of extreme poverty and rising inequality; human-induced climate change; the destruction of biodiversity; and, most generally, the many challenges of a large and growing world economy and population that press far too hard on the earth’s fragile ecosystems and resources.我们需要在经济、能源和环境方面做出改变,改变的理由是多样化的、彼此关联的。这些理由包括:难以根除的极度贫困,日益加重的不平等;人为导致的气候变化;生物多样性遭到破坏;而最主要的理由是,庞大并日益增长的世界经济和人口带来了许多挑战,这对地球脆弱的生态系统和资源造成了极大的压力。The question is not the need for change but how to achieve it. The challenges of global-scale social and economic change are profound, not least high levels of inertia visible in the world’s economic and technological systems – industry, energy, transport, production, trade and investment.问题不在于是否有必要改变,而是如何做出改变。要在全球范围内从社会和经济方面做出改变,挑战是艰巨的,尤其是全球经济和技术体系——工业、能源、交通、生产、贸易和投资——存在显而易见的巨大惰性。The inertia of the global economy results from several powerful factors: long-term infrastructure, vested interests (perhaps no lobby is more powerful than Big Oil), geopolitical competition, short-termism and massive technological uncertainties and challenges. The world needs to chart a new low-carbon energy trajectory, but what will it be? Of course, different countries will make different choices and should be supported to do so.全球经济的惰性源于多个强有力的因素:长期基础设施建设、既得利益者(或许没有比大型石油公司更强大的游说集团了)、地缘政治竞争、短期主义和巨大的技术不确定性和挑战。世界需要绘制新的低碳能源轨迹,但这种轨迹是什么样子?当然,不同的国家将会做出不同的选择,而且我们也应该持他们的选择。For the politicians, the issue of climate change is deeply unpleasant. It is filled with uncertainty and technical complexity; it involves time horizons far beyond election cycles; it requires patient long-term investments; and it requires new public-private institutions that are no joy to design and implement over the din of lobbyists. And these issues involve counterintuitive choices, such as stranding fossil fuel reserves that have been discovered but cannot safely be burned because of the need to limit carbon emissions.对政客们来说,气候变化问题令人头疼。它充斥着不确定性,技术上也非常复杂;它的时间跨度远远长过选举周期;它需要耐心的长期投资;而且它需要建立新型的公私合作机制——在游说者的吵吵嚷嚷中,这种机制是很难成功设计和实施的。这些问题还涉及一些违反直觉的选择,比如停止开采已被发现、但由于需要限制碳排放而无法安全燃烧的化石燃料储藏。These considerations have so far caused 22 years of inaction since the signing of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. So how to move forward? Here’s my take. First, we should hold on for dear life to the globally agreed commitment to keep the rise in mean temperature below 2C. This is not meant to be a target, mind you; it is meant to be an upper limit. By all accounts, right now we are on a 4C-6C trajectory instead.基于上述问题,世界在自签署《联合国气候变化框架公约》(UNFCCC)以来的22年间无所作为。那么应该如何推进进展?我的建议有如下几点。首先,我们应该坚持全球达成一致的承诺,让平均气温升幅低于2摄氏度。提醒人们注意的是,这并不是目标,而是上限。人人都说,我们现在实际上已经处于气温上升4至6摄氏度的轨迹当中。Second, each of the countries that is a big emitter (and many other high-income and smaller middle-income countries) should agree to design – and present to the world – a country-specific pathway to deep decarbonisation by 2050 that is consistent with the 2C limit. Such deep decarbonisation pathways would provide country-level scenarios of how each of the world’s leading economies proposes to cut emissions to 1-1.5 tons a head by 2050, implying a reduction of about 90 per cent in the US, and about 80 per cent in China and Europe.其次,每个温室气体排放大国(以及其他许多高收入国家和规模较小的中等收入国家),都应该同意设计(并向世界展示)本国到2050年深度脱碳的路径规划,该规划要与气温升幅不超过2摄氏度的上限相符。此类深度脱碳规划应让我们从国家层面上看到,所有全球主要经济体计划如何到2050年将人均排放削减到1-1.5吨——这意味着美国减排约90%,中国和欧洲减排约80%。Third, the world’s governments and leading businesses (especially in energy, transport, industry and construction) need to undertake a massive and co-operative programme of research, development, demonstration and diffusion of low-carbon technologies. A clear, predictable carbon tax would help those technologies by giving a market-based incentive to shift from carbon; but carbon pricing is not enough to generate the rapid development and uptake of new technologies, or the network infrastructure to deploy them.第三,世界各国政府和大型企业(尤其是在能源、交通、工业和建筑领域)需要大规模地开展合作项目,对低碳技术进行研发、论和传播。明确而可预测的碳税将对放弃高碳提供市场激励,从而有助于这些技术的发展,但现在的碳价还不足以让新技术迅速发展和实施,也不足以促进用于实施这些技术的网络基础设施的发展。Such public-private partnerships in low-carbon technologies are not a new type of co-operation. They are familiar from the military sector, informatics, computing, space science, genomics and physics (as in the government-backed hunt for the Higgs boson). Several leading economies are indeed very good at directed technological change. But when it comes to low-carbon energy, we just haven’t really tried.低碳技术上的此类公私合作并非新的合作模式。它们常见于军事部门、信息学、计算科学、空间科学、基因组学和物理学领域——寻找希格斯玻色子(Higgs boson)的政府持项目就是这样。多个主要经济体实际上非常擅长于有针对性的技术变革。但就低碳能源来说,我们甚至没有真正尝试过。There is a narrow path up to climate safety. It involves holding on to a clear goal, in this case the 2C limit. It involves finding practical pathways to success for each of the big emitting countries. And it requires a well-funded, generation-long effort to develop the low-carbon technologies that we will need.通往气候安全的道路狭窄。它包括坚持明确的目标,也就是2摄氏度的升温上限。它还包括为每个排放大国成功减排找到切实可行的道路。它需要资金充裕、长达一代人之久的努力来开发我们需要的低碳技术。As the politicians met at the UN this week, they had not yet decided on such a bold, co-operative, generation-long effort. Yet our survival depends on it. Tuesday’s gathering will have mattered if its pushes political and business leaders in the direction of survival. We can save our planet and ourselves if we decide to do it. With crucial negotiations ahead in 2015, next year will be the year of decision.当政客们上周在联合国会晤之际,他们还没有就如此大胆、需要一代人之久的合作努力做出决定。然而,这关系到我们的生死存亡。如果上周二的峰会把政界和商界领导人推向为人类存活而努力的方向,那么峰会将是具有重要意义的。如果我们决定这么做,就可以挽救我们的星球和我们自己。2015年将举行关键的谈判,那将是决定性的一年。 /201410/332609The once-a-year meeting of China’s national legislature kicks off Wednesday with all eyes on China’s growth-target projections and military-spending plans.中国人民政治协商会议第十二届全国委员会第二次会议3月3日在北京人民大会堂召开。一年一度的国家立法机关会议3月5日拉开序幕。所有人都密切关注着对于中国经济增长的预测和军费出计划。The gathering of the National People’s Congress at Beijing’s Great Hall of the People usually doesn’t generate much drama by itself. As the congress put it in a guide for reporters, “no new laws or major law amendments are expected to be put before the legislators this year, and there will be no outstanding personnel changes for voting.”在北京人民大会堂进行的人民代表大会本身不会有任何的戏剧性。正如记者指南所说:“今年没有新的法律或者法律修正案需要代表修订,也没有需要投票决定的重大人事变动。”Still, the congress — which goes by the English shorthand NPC — provides China’s top leaders with a platform to sketch out their economic and policy goals for the year. Some of them appear at rare – if carefully managed – press conferences. Enterprising reporters might even catch key officials as they come and go from meetings or duck out for bathroom breaks.然而,全国人民代表大会--用英语速记法可以简写为NPC--为中国的高层领导人提供了一个可以概述本年度经济和政策的平台。如果仔细安排,在一些罕见的情况下,一些高层领导也会出现在新闻发布会上。在会议过程中,一些重要官员进进出出或者去上厕所,这时,一些有魄力的记者甚至能碰到他们。Some major points of interest will be:一些重要的看点将会是:China’s economic growth target for 2014: Last year, China held fast to a growth target of “about 7.5%,” then just eked past it with 7.7% growth for 2013. Most economists believe Beijing will stick to the 7.5% rate but that it will become harder meet that target as the country’s economy matures.2014年中国的经济增长目标:去年,中国坚持“7.5%左右”的经济发展目标。2013年经济增长勉强维持在7.7%的水平。大多数的经济学家相信,今年北京仍然会坚持7.5%的增长率,然而,随着中国经济走向成熟,这个目标将会更加难以实现。China’s military spending: Last year China increased its defense budget by 10.7% amid rising regional tensions with Japan and with Southeast Asian national over their overlapping South China Sea claims. This year tensions have heightened even further after Japan’s prime minister visited a controversial shrine. Another ramp up would be further signs of China’s desire to flex its muscles regionally.中国的军费开:去年,中国与日本地区紧张局势不断上升,与东南亚国家关于南海重叠区域领土争端愈演愈烈,国防预算增加了10.7%。今年,在日本首相参拜靖国神社之后,地区局势更加紧张。中国产能的提升也是其想要在亚洲大展拳脚的重要标志。Financial reform: Any hints that China will ease capital controls, liberalize interest rates or make its currency more freely convertible. Experts don’t expect broad moves from the NPC.金融改革:一些迹象暗示,中国将要放松资本管制,放开利率或者提高货币的自由兑换。专家指出,不要指望人代会会做出大刀阔斧的改革。Social services: China may ramp up spending to address growing public demands for health care, better education, bigger pensions and other services.社会务:中国可能会加大出来满足公众对于卫生保健,优质教育,丰厚养老金以及其他社会务的需求。Corruption: Chinese leaders are in the midst of a broad-ranging campaign against graft and waste. Austerity for officials is likely to be a message reinforced repeatedly. In the past, Chinese have combed online news photos of delegates pointing out their expensive clothes and accessories. This year they’ve been instructed to eschew fancy banquets and tchotchkes.腐败:中国领导人正在开展大范围的打击贪污和浪费的活动。官员的朴素作风很可能是不断强调的品质。过去,中国人经常会搜索新闻和图片指出官员昂贵的装以及饰品。今年这些官员被要求避开昂贵的宴请和这些小玩意儿。National security: Don’t expect it to be on the formal agenda, but leaders might let something slip following the deadly weekend knife attack in Kunming.国家安全:不要期待这会在正式议程上讨论,然而在上周昆明发生暴力袭击之后,领导人可能会采取一些措施。 /201403/278845福州市弱精去哪里Thousands of workers have downed tools at the shoemaking factory that last year suffered one of the biggest strikes in China’s modern history, as labour relations grow increasingly fractious amid the slowing economy.去年曾爆发中国现代史上最大规模罢工的鞋厂的数千名工人再次放下了生产工具。随着经济发展放缓,中国的劳资关系正变得越来越紧张。Millions of migrant women — and men — provided the muscle behind China’s export-driven economic rise. But protests are rising as the balance of power slowly shifts from employers to workers because of demographic and technological trends.数以百万计的男女农民工曾经充当中国出口导向型经济增长背后的“肌肉”。但由于人口结构和技术上的发展趋势,力量平衡慢慢地由雇主向工人倾斜,抗议活动正在增加。Workers and labour rights groups said at least 3,000 went on strike at Yue Yuen Industrial, a Taiwanese shoe manufacturer for the likes of Nike and Adidas, after management announced plans to merge two production operations.工人和劳工权益组织表示,在为耐克(Nike)和阿迪达斯(Adidas)等品牌代工的台资制鞋企业裕元工业(Yue Yuen Industrial),至少有3000名工人发起罢工。此前,管理层宣布了合并两块生产业务的计划。Last year tens of thousands of workers at Yue Yuen’s facilities in Dongguan, a manufacturing centre in southern Guangdong province, took to the streets after alleging their employer had not been making pension payments. The industrial action ended after Yue Yuen agreed to make back payments.去年,裕元位于广东省制造业重镇东莞的工厂有数万工人走上街头,这些工人声称,厂方未能足额缴付社保。这场劳工行动在裕元同意补缴社保费后结束。“With the transformation of manufacturing, a lot of problems affecting workers’ social security and other benefits have accumulated,” said Pang Kun, a labour lawyer. “There will be more strikes such as this.”“随着制造业逐渐转型,有很多影响工人社保和其他福利的问题日积月累,”劳工律师庞坤表示,“像这样的罢工还会发生。”In a notice obtained by China Labor Watch, a New York-based group, Yue Yuen said the merger of the two plants would affect only clerical and logistics staff, and not assembly-line personnel.总部位于纽约的“中国劳工观察”(China Labor Watch)获得的一份通知显示,裕元表示,两家工厂的合并将只影响文秘和后勤人员,不会影响组装线上的工人。The workers, however, fear it could be a prelude to lay-offs if the company relocates operations to cheaper locations in China or to other countries in Asia.但工人们担心,这可能是裁员的一个前奏——如果公司把业务迁往中国或亚洲其他国家劳动力成本更低的地方。They demanded the immediate release of money they have accrued under a “housing fund” — allowances required under Chinese law, which can range from 5 per cent to 20 per cent of workers’ monthly incomes.他们要求立即发放他们积累的“住房公积金”,这是中国法律规定由雇主及其在职职工缴存的长期住房储金,雇主缴纳的金额相当于工人月收入的5%至20%。Dongguan recently moved to restrict the circumstances under which workers may draw down their housing funds, sparking a strike at another factory in the area last week.最近东莞出台新政策,对工人能够提取住房公积金的情况作出了限制,此举上周在当地另一家工厂引发罢工。“We are at the factory today but nobody is doing any work,” said one Yue Yuen employee, who asked not to be identified. “Our main request is to be able to withdraw our housing fund freely. If the merger goes ahead, then we also want severance.”“我们今天在厂里上班,但没有人干活。”一位要求匿名的裕元雇员表示,“我们的主要诉求是能够自由提取我们的住房公积金。如果合并变成现实,那么我们还想拿到遣散费。”Jerry Shum, head of investor relations for Yue Yuen, said the strike involved less than 5 per cent of the company’s China workforce and would not have a material impact on its operations.裕元的投资者关系总监岑立(Jerry Shum)表示,此次罢工涉及该公司不到5%的中国员工,不会对公司经营产生实质性影响。Late last year, similar concerns sparked a wave of school strikes in northeastern Heilongjiang province involving as many as 20,000 teachers.去年晚些时候,类似的担忧在中国东北的黑龙江省引发了一连串教师罢工,涉及多达两万名教师。Additional reporting by Wan Li万丽补充报道 /201503/365378福州市二医院输卵管造影多少钱

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