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1, One goal: a boat without a goal can be easily affected by the wind in any direction. 一、一个目标:一艘没有航行目标的船,任何方向的风都是逆风 /200912/92742Blog offers potted history of life as a plantIt has long been accepted that talking to plants can help them flourish, but have you ever wondered what they'd say in response?Well a plant in Japan has its own blog that may help you understand."Midori-san," a 40 cm (16 inches)potted plant on a cafe counter in Kamakura, near Tokyo, blogs every day with the help of a sensor that measures electric signals and a computer algorithm that translates them into Japanese.The plant, a hoya kerrii, is commonly called a "sweetheart plant" because of its leaf shape."We were initially interested in what plants are feeling and what they are reacting to where we can't see," said Satoshi Kuribayashi, a researcher involved in the project at Japan's Keio University.The strength of electronic signals on the surface of Midori-san's heart-shaped green leaves, which react to light and human touch, are measured by a sensor attached to the plant, and this data is sent to a computer in the cafe.The computer uses an algorithm to translate the signal data, as well as other factors -- including weather and temperature -- to translate them into words, which are automatically posted on Midori-san's blog (http://plant.bowls-cafe.jp/index.php)"Today was a sunny day and I was able to sunbathe a lot... I had quite a bit of fun today," Midori-san, whose name means "green" in Japanese, posted on Oct 16.The latest entry s: "It was cloudy today. It was a cold day."Kuribayashi said he hopes that in the future, the blog will reflect even more accurately of Midori-san's feelings.Blogging with computers and mobile phones is popular in Japan, which had the greatest number of blog posts by language at 37 percent, followed by English and Chinese posts, a study from blog search engine Technocrati in 2007 showed. 大家都知道,与植物说话有助于促进它们的生长,但你有没有想过它们会怎样回应?现在,日本一颗植物的“客”或许能为你解开这个疑问。日本一颗名叫“绿(Midori-san)”的盆栽植物每天在一个传感器和电脑的帮助下“写”客,传感器的作用是测量电子信号,而电脑则通过一个运算程序将这些信号翻译成文字。这株盆栽植物生长在东京附近镰仓市一家咖啡厅的柜台上,高40厘米(16英寸)。这颗植物是一株心形球兰,因其叶子呈心形,常被称为“开心草”。日本庆应义塾大学参与该项目的研究员栗林说:“最初我们是想了解植物的‘情绪变化’,以及在人不知晓的情况下,会做出怎样的回应。”“绿”的心形绿叶被光照射和人触摸后会产生回应,而它所携带的传感器则能够测量其叶子表面的电子信号的强弱,然后再将这些数据传输到咖啡馆的一台电脑上。电脑通过一个运算程序将这些信号数据以及天气和温度等其它信息转化成文字,然后将其贴在:“绿”的客(http://plant.bowls-cafe.jp/index.php)上。“绿”在本月16日的客中写道:“今天阳光明媚,美美地享受了日光浴,真开心哪。”最近的一篇客写道:“今天多云,有点冷。”栗林士说,他希望今后这个客能更准确地反映“绿”的“心情”。日本人很喜欢用电脑和手机写客,根据Techocrati客搜索引擎去年的一项统计数据,日语客占全球客总数的37%,居世界首位,其次是英语客和中文客。 Vocabulary: potted plant:盆栽植物 /200810/53817There’s a great many reasons why a woman's weight may fluctuate. Some might say it's a hectic work schedule preventing them from getting to the gym.Others may suggest it's the temptation of the office chocolate machine.But research suggests there's only one real reason - their men.A study into the ups and downs of the female weight-cycle showed happiness - or the lack of it - in a relationship is the biggest factor.The report found early courtship usually brings with it a strict diet regime resulting in the loss of around 5lb.After women enter Stage 2, which is the comfort zone, when they feel secure enough to relax a little, can put on a few pounds.Wedding plans mean another sprint to shed a few pounds before the arrival of a baby reverses that weight loss, followed by a reinvention - which again sparks a diet drive.The five stages of weight fluctuation, which can vary over around two stone, emerged in a study of 3,000 women by UK weight management firm www.slendex.com.'Our emotions and relationships have an enormous effect on our health and above all our weight,' said Jane McCadden, of Slendex.女性的体重变化受到很多因素的影响。有些人可能会认为,这是因为女性工作太忙没时间健身。也有一些人认为,这是因为女性禁不住办公室巧克力机的诱惑。但一项最新研究表明,真正的原因只有一个——那就是她们的爱人。一项针对女性体重波动的研究显示,爱情幸福与否是影响女性体重变化的最重要因素。研究发现,女性在“恋爱初期”通常会控制饮食,这一阶段她们的体重会下降5磅。而在进入第二个阶段即“舒适期”后,安逸稳定的生活会让她们放松下来,同时体重也会随之增加。到了结婚筹备期,女性的体重又会减掉几磅;而生了宝宝后,她们的体重又会大增,只有等到“再造期”重塑美丽身材了。研究显示,女性的体重在这五个阶段会上下波动约28磅。该研究由英国“体重管理”网站slendex.com开展,共有三千名女性参加。Slendex网站的简#8226;麦克卡登说:“我们的情绪和感情状态会对我们的健康,尤其是体重产生很大影响。” /200810/53469

The research shows men who spend even a few minutes in the company of an attractive woman perform less well in tests designed to measure brain function than those who chat to someone they do not find attractive.一项研究表明,男性在与迷人的女性聊上几分钟后,在脑功能测试中的表现要逊色于那些仅和相貌平庸的女性聊过天的男人。Researchers who carried out the study, published in the Journal of Experimental and Social Psychology, think the reason may be that men use up so much of their brain function or "cognitive resources" trying to impress beautiful women, they have little left for other tasks.研究结果发表在《实验与社会心理学期刊》上,研究人员认为也许是因为男性在想法设法吸引漂亮女性时,消耗了太多的脑功能或“认知资源”。The findings have implications for the performance of men who flirt with women in the workplace, or even exam results in mixed-sex schools.该发现或许可以有助于理解在工作场所与女性调情的男性的表现,或者甚至在男女混合学校的考试成绩。Women, however, were not affected by chatting to a handsome man.然而女人则不会因为和帅哥聊天而受到影响。This may be simply because men are programmed by evolution to think more about mating opportunities.这也许不过是因为男人在进化时就被设定为要为“交配机会”多操心一些。Psychologists at Radboud University in The Netherlands carried out the study after one of them was so struck on impressing an attractive woman he had never met before, that he could not remember his address when she asked him where he lived.荷兰内梅亨大学的心理学家们作此研究缘起他们中的一位在与一个从未谋面的美女搭讪时遇到了麻烦,当她问起他住哪时,他居然忘记了自己的住址! /200912/91780

“阿汤嫂”跑马拉松 阿汤哥携女助威Holmes was among the tens of thousands of runners participating in the annual New York City Marathon on Sunday, finishing the race in 5 hours, 29 minutes and 58 seconds.一年一度的纽约马拉松赛于上周日举行,“阿汤嫂”凯蒂#8226;赫尔姆斯也出现在数万人的参赛队伍中,她以5小时29分48秒跑完了比赛全程。Husband Tom Cruise and their daughter, Suri, were at the finish line to congratulate the actress, according to event officials.据比赛组织人员介绍,“阿汤哥”抱着女儿苏芮在终点线处等待凯蒂的“凯旋”。Holmes had registered under an alias so she wouldn't draw too much attention to herself, event officials said, but her time was listed in the official results under her real name.据介绍,为了避免招致过多注意,赫尔姆斯报名参赛时用的是化名,但官方记录的比赛成绩用的则是她的真名。The 26.2-mile course travels through all five boroughs of the city, starting on Staten Island and finishing in Manhattan's Central Park. This year, 39,085 runners started the race.此次比赛全程共26.2英里,起跑点为史坦顿岛,终点设在曼哈顿中央公园,途经纽约市五大行政区。今年的参赛选手达到39085人。Paula Radcliffe, of Great Britain, who had a baby just 9 months ago, won the women's race in 2 hours, 23 minutes, 9 seconds. Martin Lel of Kenya won the men's title in 2:09:04.九个月前刚做妈妈的英国选手保拉#8226;拉德克利夫以2小时23分9秒的成绩夺得女子组冠军;肯尼亚选手马丁#8226;勒尔以2小时9分4秒的成绩获男子组冠军。Holmes has said she has always liked to run, and took it up to help lose baby weight after giving birth to her daughter, who is now a year old.赫尔姆斯说,她一直喜欢跑步。生完女儿后,她坚持跑步锻炼减肥。她与“阿汤哥”的爱女苏芮现在已满一周岁。"I'm good, but I'm feeling very tired," Holmes said.赫尔姆斯说:“我感觉不错,但现在很累。”The 28-year-old actress trained for months for the grueling event.这位28岁的女星在参赛之前进行了为期数月的训练。 /200803/32749据说从女人的坐姿可以解读出她的性格。下面有四种不同的坐姿,你是哪一种呢?1. Legs tightly closed together, vertical to the ground。两腿紧闭,与地面垂直。2. Legs crossed。两腿交叉。3. Feet open, with toes pointing to the sides。两脚分开,脚趾指向两边。4. Legs closed together, slightly tilted to one side。两腿并拢,轻微斜向一侧。 /201009/114692Looking forward to his coming home(一)遥望他晚归的身影 Scene One: Man has to overwork, return home late and asks her not to wait for him and have meals alone. Woman then asks him to focus on his work and waits for his return. She buys vegetables and then cook. She keeps on running to the balcony once and again to look into the distance with the concern hovering in her mind while she is cooking his favorite soup which will clear fever and moisten lung. She puts all her affectionate and passionate love in to her longing eyes. 场景一:男人告诉女人下午要加班,估计要晚点回家,让她不要等他,自己一人先吃饭。女人却让他安心工作,等他回来。下班后自己买菜做饭,一边在厨房精心熬着男人喜欢喝的清热润肺的靓汤,一边又忍不住萦绕于心头的那份牵绊,不时跑到阳台上遥望他晚归的身影,把自己对男人深切的爱、浓烈的情都融进了眼中那抹焦急的企盼中。Man: I can’t figure out, but once the tiny, slim figure comes into sight, I have the indescribable feeling when my nose becomes sore and touching. 男人:不知为什么,看到阳台上那个小小的、单薄的身影,鼻子一下就涩涩的、酸酸的,心里有种说不出来的感觉…… /200911/90454

Get off that couch and begin the more productive life you should be living.别赖在沙发上了,做事变得高效一点吧,那才是应该过的生活。 /201006/106065A man's genetic make-up may play a role in whether he has sons or daughters, a study of hundreds of years of family trees suggests.Newcastle University researchers found men were more likely to have sons if they had more brothers and vice versa if they had more sisters.They looked at 927 family trees, with details on 556,387 people from North America and Europe, going back to 1600.The same link between sibling sex and offspring sex was not found for women.The precise way that genes can influence baby sex remains unproven.But the Evolutionary Biology study could clear up a long-standing mystery - a flood of boy babies after World War I.While a woman will always pass a female "X" chromosome via her egg to her child, the father effectively "decides" the sex of the child by passing on either another "X" in his sperm, making a girl, or a "Y" chromosome, making a boy.While the birthrate is almost 50/50, suggesting that overall men will deliver equal amounts of "X" sperm and "Y" sperm, scientists have suspected that in some individual couples the balance is shifted in favour of either boys or girls.Various explanations have been put forward for this, ranging from differences in the time in the woman's monthly cycle that sex happens, to the amount of time thatsperm spend waiting in the testicles.The Newcastle study, by Dr Corry Gellatly, is strong evidence that there is a genetic component.He found that within families, boys with lots of brothers were more likely to have a higher number of sons themselves and those with lots of sisters were more likely to have lots of daughters.War babiesDr Gellatly said it was likely that a genetic difference affected the relative numbers of "X" and "Y" sperm within those produced by the man.This gene, while only active in the man, could be carried by men and women."The family tree study showed that whether you're likely to have a boy or a girl is inherited."He said that the effect was to actually balance out the proportion of men and women in the population."If there there are too many males in the population, for example, females will more easily find a mate, so men who have more daughters will pass on more of their genes, causing more females to be born in later generations."In the years after World War I, there was an upsurge in boy births, and Dr Gellatly said that a genetic shift could explain this.The odds, he said, would favour fathers with more sons - each carrying the "boy" gene - having a son return from war alive, compared with fathers who had more daughters, who might see their only son killed in action.However, this would mean that more boys would be fathered in the following generation, he said. /200812/59762

Women do a lotof silly things to try to impress men; because men do a lot of ridiculous things to impress women, too. Though, even acceptedsocietal norms for picking up a guy often miss the mark becausewomen overthink things. Here's a look at some of the most surefireways that women think that they can impress a guy--and why they'llfail miserably every time。  女性总会做一些傻事去吸引心仪的男生,而男生也会做出许多离谱的举动去追求女生。不过,已被大众认可的追男方式却经常不凑效,那是因为女人错误地估计了它们所能产生的影响。下面来看看这些被女性认为肯定会吸引到异性而又屡屡失败的糟糕方法。  1.Makeup 化妆  Makeup doesn't doa lot for guys. In small doses it's alright, but if I want to geteyeshadow all over my clothes, I'll go see the Cure inconcert。  化妆对男人不会意味着更多东西,淡妆就行了。如果我想让衣上沾满女人的眼影,那还不如去听怪人合唱团的演唱会。  2.Perfume 香水  No man minds whena woman smells like nothing--a simple stick of deodorantaccomplishes this. Women who slather on the perfume end up smellinglike the front counter of Macy's, and it's a bit of aturn-off。  如果一个女人闻起来没有什么特别的味道,我相信没有男士会介意——你要是担心自己的汗味或其它不好闻的味道的话,简单地使用去味剂就可以解决这个问题。问题就是总有些女人会在身上喷上一层又一层的香水,这浓烈的香味会使她们闻起来像梅西百货里的售货,那多少让人有些失去兴致。  3.Name Brands 用名牌  You shouldn'twear name brand clothes that cost more than they need to justbecause you want to impress men. If you're trying to impress women,this sometimes works, but name brand items don't do much for anyman other than Ralph Lauren. And just to prove that men don't knowanything about brands, I just referenced Ralph Lauren. I have noidea if he makes good clothes. Probably not. But he's the onlydesigner I could name。  不要为了取悦男人就在他们面前穿戴名牌饰,他们不看重这个。如果你是为了刺激其它女性,这招的确奏效。衣的品牌名称对男人没有意义。为了明男人对品牌根本没有概念,我在这提下RalphLauren的名字。我不知道他是不是能做出好衣来,这无关紧要。但他是我能叫出名来的唯一一个装设计师。  4.Tanning 古铜色肌肤  Tanning salonsare all over the place, waiting to help you turn your skin into asort of orange, glowing monstrosity that looks like it was sprayedout of a can. There are men out there who are impressed by a goodtan, but they're what the scientific community calls "pig-ignorantslimeballs"。  各地滋生了专门做日光浴的美容院,你可以坐在屋子里看她们是如何把你皮肤变成带点橙色的,像发着光的小怪物,看起来好像是从哪个实验室的瓶子里逃出来的。有些男人对棕褐色皮肤确实很迷恋,但这些女人却被理性思考者称作“无知的可怜虫。”  5.Cosmetic Surgery 整容手术  It almost soundstrite to say that cosmetic surgery is ugly and disgusting. Everyoneclaims to hate it; yet, it's still a thriving industry. The thingis, though, the cosmetic surgery industry caters to a specific kindof person--the type of person who wants to look fantastic at allcosts. The industry isn't set up for making people beautiful. It'sset up to make people think they look beautiful. And if the resultswere fantastic, well, then all's fair in love and war. Ultimately,breast augmentation, fat reduction, Botox treatments ... all ofthis looks terrible to men, women, small children and animals.Plastic surgery may eventually provide a way for people to cheat themselves into looking younger。  整容手术是非常恶心令人厌恶的,这样的说法几乎是老生常谈,每个人都说不喜欢它。然而,它仍然是一个兴旺的产业,关键是整容业迎合的是特定人群的需要——该类人愿意不惜一切代价使自己看上去漂亮。整容业不能使人们变得更美,它只是使人们认为他们看起来美丽动人。如果整出来的效果很棒,那么好了,在爱与竞争中相关的一切都可以获得公平对待了。不过最终,隆胸,减肥,肉毒杆菌毒素治疗.。。这一切对男人,女人,儿童还是小动物来说都很可怕。整形外科所能提供的只是使人变得年轻的谎言。 /200911/892891. If you think he is a good man, think again.  如果你认为他是好人,那你就大错特错了。 /201103/129509英国女性:为了钱不离婚They may have promised to have and to hold for richer and for poorer.But wives are most interested in the richer part.In a British study of married men and women, the majority of wives - 59 per cent - said they would divorce immediately if their future economic security was assured.The survey also found more than half of husbands thought their marriage was "loveless".And among both sexes, more than one in ten wished they had wed someone else.Responding to the astonishing results, relationship experts warned couples to avoid getting stuckin a rut- or risk the trauma of divorce.The survey of 2,000 adults revealed that 12 per cent would stay in an unhappy relationship just for an easy life.Almost 30 per cent said they were staying in a doomed marriage to save themselves going through a massive upheaval.Thirty-seven per cent said they were staying for the sake of the children.Almost a third of those polled were concerned they would be left with absolutely nothing if they walked out on their marriage.And 30 per cent of men said they were scared that they would have to leave without their children.The survey was commissioned by solicitors Seddons after a rush of divorce applications in the first week of the new year.Overall, 12 per cent said they were in a loveless relationship and more than a third (35 per cent) believed their marriage would turn stale in the near future.A shocking 56 per cent admitted they were not completely happy in their relationship - and more than half said they had considered splitting from their partner.A spokesman for the marriage counselling service-Relate said: "It's so easy for married couples to get stuck in a rut once the realities of paying the bills and getting the children's breakfast sets in."Relationships inevitably change over time. Divorce impacts on every single area of a person's life. Dividing up the family home, pets and everything they own is just part of the process." 他们一定都立下过婚誓:无论贫富贵贱,一生相随。不过妻子们还是更愿意在“富贵”的时候相随。英国一项对已婚男女的调查表明,多数女性(59%)表示如果以后在经济上能得到保障,她们会马上离婚。另外,调查发现,超过一半的男性认为自己的婚姻“无爱”。超过十分之一的男性和女性觉得自己找错了人。针对这些令人惊讶的调查结果,婚姻问题专家提醒已婚夫妇不要陷入生活的陈规,也不要冒险离婚。该项调查共有两千名成年人参加,结果显示,12%的受访者表示,为了过上“安逸”的生活,他们愿意忍受不幸福的婚姻。近30%的人称他们为了度过难关,正在忍受不幸福的婚姻。37%的受访者称不离婚是为了孩子。近三分之一的受访者担心离婚后会一无所有。30%的男性害怕失去孩子。该调查由希登斯律师事务所委托开展,该机构在新年后的第一周内收到了大量的离婚申请。总体来看,12%的人说自己正在经受无爱婚姻的折磨,超过三分之一(35%)的人认为婚姻的正在慢慢减退。多达56%的人承认婚后生活并不十分开心,超过一半的人考虑过与对方分开。Relate婚姻咨询务机构的发言人说:“对于已婚夫妇而言,一旦付账单和给孩子做早餐等家庭琐事成为每天的现实,两个人便很容易陷入‘陈规’。”“久而久之,两人的感情必然发生变化。离婚会对个人生活的方方面面产生影响。分家、分宠物、分财产仅是其中的一部分。” /200803/32061

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