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Bing Xin (1900~1999), originally named Xie Wanying, was a native of Changle of Fujian Province.冰心(19oo~1999),原名谢婉莹,福建长乐人。Her father was a naval officer and she spent her childhood in Yantai of Shandong Province. 父亲是海军军官。她的童年是在山东烟台度过的。The ocean left a deep impression on Bing Xin.大海给冰心留下了深刻的印象。She was one of the most celebrated female writers among the first batch of modern writers emerging in large numbers during the new-vernacular literature (promoted by the May Fourth Movement in 1919).冰心属于五四新文学运动中涌现出来的第一批现代作家,是其中最著名的女作家之一。Most of her early works were ;problem fiction;, which lay bare the oppressive, feudal patriarchal system and exposed the problems of society, family and women. Two Families, The Man Alone Is off Color, Leaving the Courtry and The Sister of Zhuang Hong, showed clearly that the patriotic May Fourth Movement and the tide of new thinking had strongly affected Bing Xin. 在新思潮的影响下,冰心创作了《两个家庭》、《斯人独憔悴》、《去国》、《庄鸿的姊》等揭示社会、家庭、妇女等人生问题的“问题小说”。Passionately concerned about the realities of her day, she was utterly dissatisfied with the feudal authorities. After the high tide of the May Fourth Movement, under the influence of the philosophy of Tagore, she ;retreated into the small world of the family, describing and lauding the kind of #39;human love#39;, which cannot exist in a society that is bedeviled by class distinctions;.这些小说,表现了她对封建势力和社会现状的不满,五四之后,受泰戈尔《飞鸟集》的影响,冰心退缩到家庭的圈子里,去描写、歌颂在阶级社会里不可能实行的‘’人类之爱”。Her stories ;Superman; and “Awakening; as well as the volumes of poetry ;The Stars; and ;Spring Waters; belonged to this period.在这个时期,冰心创作了《超人》、《悟》以及诗集《繁星》和《春水》。In these works, she dwelt on maternal love, childlike innocence and purity, sping the empty belief that ;the world is love;. Compared with her early stories and poetry, Bing Xin#39;s essays brought her greater recognition for their achievement.这些无标题的格言式自由体小诗,以自然和谐的音调,抒发了作者对自然景物的感受和人生哲理的思索,歌颂了母爱、人类之爱和大自然。Bing Xin was a talented writer with a very personal style. The style of her prose, known as “Bing Xin style;, was light; the feelings expressed were transparent and delicate. As a writer, she was good at using her literary style to create a rich lyrical atmosphere in her works, which also accounted for their influence at the time. She wrote with natural grace so that her writing style was just like floating clouds and running streams.冰心的散文被称为“冰心体”散文,即以行云流水似的文字,歌颂自然、母爱和童年,抒发对祖国、故乡、家人、大海的眷念,满蕴着温柔,微带着忧愁,显示出清丽的风致。Essays such as The Post, Thoughts in the Mountains, Letters to My Young Readers, Returning to the South and Little Orange Lamp also gave the er a sense of beauty close to that conveyed by lyrical poetry or landscape paintings.代表作有《往事》、《山中杂记》、《寄小读者》、《南归》、《小桔灯》等。Letters to My Young Readers was the earliest work of children#39;s literature in modern China.其中散文集《寄小读者》是中国现代最早的儿童文学作品。Most of these essays were written abroad, as she thought of her family, her hometown and her country. Maternal love and childlike innocence still featured prominently in these works, but the tone was somewhat changed. There was also disappointment upon the shattering of empty dreams, frustration upon the failure to find answers in her search for the meaning of life, and melancholy upon recollection of childhood. She took full advantage of the easy flow of the vernacular as well as the disciplined simplicity of the classical language. She advocated endowing Chinese with a tint of the Western language. The sentences under her pen were elastic and gentle with dancing rhythm.冰心主张“白话文言化”、“中文西文化”,她的散文既保留了某些文言文的典雅凝练,又适当地“欧化”,使句子灵活婉转,有自然跳动的韵律感。 /201603/428934

Director-General Bokova, ladies and gentlemen,尊敬的科娃总干事,女士们、先生们:It gives me a great pleasure to join you for this important initiative as the UN marks its 70th anniversary。我非常高兴在联合国成立70周年之际,出席这一教育高级别会议。Education is very close in my heart. My father grew up in a very small village in China. In those days, not many villagers could . So my father opened a night school to teach them how to . With his help, many people learned to write their own names; with his help many people learned to newspapers for the first time; with his help, many women were able to teach their children how to 。我非常关注教育,我的父亲生长在中国的一个小山村,那个时候许多农民都不识字,当时我的父亲是村夜校校长,专门帮助扫盲,在他的帮助下,许多人第一次写出了自己的名字,第一次看懂了报纸和书刊。在他的帮助下,许多女性也能够把自己学会的字教给他们的孩子们。As his daughter, I know what education means to the people, especially those without it. After generations of hard work, China has come a long way in education. I myself am a beneficiary of that progress.Otherwise I would never become a soprano and a professor of musical。在父亲的教导下,我自幼就清楚地意识到教育对每个人,尤其是对得不到教育的人来说是多么重要。经过了几代人的努力,中国的教育事业取得了显著成就,我自己就是中国教育发展的受益者,否则的话,我永远都不可能成为一个女高音歌唱家和一个音乐教师。I am following my father’s footsteps by teaching at China’s Conservatory of Music to help continue China’s success story. I want to thank Director-General Bokova and UNESCO for naming me the Special Envoy for Women and Girls Education. I am truly honored to work with the UN and do something about Global Education. I have visited many schools around the world. I’ve seen first-hand on how much we can do for education。我现在也追随我父亲的脚步,投 身教育工作,为推动中国教育事业发展尽绵薄之力。我想要感谢科娃总干事和教科文组织,授予我促进女童和妇女教育特使称号,我非常荣幸能够与联合国组织共 同为全球教育贡献一己之力。我走访了世界很多国家的学校,我也亲眼看到了在教育方面,我们可以做出更多的努力。教育要关注妇女和女童,女童一定要上学,这 个很重要的,因为她们长大之后,会成为自己孩子的第一位老师。Education is about women and the girls. It is important for girls to go to school because they will become their children’s first teacher some day. But women still account for over half of the world’s poor in population and 60% of adults who can’t 。但是全球贫困者中,女性过半,而全球成年文盲中,女性人占60%以上,教育是改变女性不公平待遇的重要途径,中国的春蕾计划,帮助了三百多万女童重返学校,其中很多人已经从高校毕业,并且成为社会的有用之材和优秀分子。Education is crucial in the addressing such in equalities. In China, Spring Bud Education Program has helped over 3 million girls go back to school. Many of them have finished university education and they are doing well at work. Education is about equality. In poor countries and regions the number of school dropouts is astonishing. We call for more educational resources to these places.Education is about the young people. Young people are the future. Education is important because it not only gave young people knowledge and skills but also help them become responsible citizens. As the UNESCO special envoy and the mother myself my commitment to education for all will never change。教育要倡导公平公正,在许多的贫困的国家和地区,辍学比例很高,我们呼吁加大对这些地区的教育投入,教育要面向青年,青年是我们的未来,教育之所以重要,因为它不仅要教授知识和技能,而且也帮助青年人成长为具有强烈社会责任感的公民,作为教科文组织的一名特使和一名母亲,我也愿意恪尽职守,实现教育的进展和进步。Many years ago my father made a small difference in his village. Together we can make a big difference in the world. I was once asked about my Chinese dream. I said I hope all children especially girls can have access to good education. This is my Chinese dream. I believe one day education first will no longer be a dream, it will be a reality enjoyed by every young woman on this planet。多年前我的父亲通过他的努力,改变了他所在的小村庄,今天只要大家携手努力,就能改变世界。有人问过什么是我的中国梦,我说我希望所有的孩子,特别是女孩,都能接受良好的教育,这就是我的中国梦。我坚信总有一天,教育第一的梦想将不会是一个梦想,将会成为全世界共享的美好现实。Thank you very much。谢谢大家。 /201509/401566

  Han Yu (768~824), called Han Changli or Han Wengong, courtesy name Tuizhi, was the master of Chinese prose, outstanding poet, and the first proponent of what later came to be known as Neo-Confucianism, which had wide influence in China and Japan. 韩愈(768~824),字退之,也叫韩昌黎或韩文公,中国散文大家、杰出诗人,首倡对中国和日本有广泛影响的宋明理学。An orphan, Han initially failed his civil service exams because the examiners refused to accept his unconventional prose style, but he eventually entered the bureaucracy and served in several high government posts.韩愈是个孤儿,起初因考官不接受其非传统的文风而科考落地,但是他最终进了官场,做了高官。At a time when the popularity of Confucian doctrine had greatly declined, Han began a defense of it.当时,儒家学说已如昔日黄花盛况不再,于是韩愈开始捍卫儒学地位。He attacked Daoism and Buddhism, which were then at the height of their influence. So outspoken was he that he castigated the emperor for paying respect to the supposed finger bone of the Buddha; this act of criticism almost cost Han his life and caused him to be banished to South China for a year.韩愈攻击当时盛极一时的道教和佛教,非常直率地批评了皇帝对所谓的佛骨舍利的尊敬;此举差点要了韩愈的命,他因而被流放到南方过了一年。In defending Confucianism, Han ed extensively from the Mencius, the Daxue (;Great Learning;), the Zhongyong (;Doctrine of the Mean;), and the Yijing (;Classic of Changes;; known to many as Yijing-Ching), works that hitherto had been somewhat neglected by Confucians.为了捍卫儒学,韩愈广泛引用《孟子》、《大学》、《中庸》和《易经》里的话。这些书已经有点被当时的儒生忽视了。In so doing, he laid the foundations for later Neo-Confucianists who took their basic ideas from these books.就这样,韩愈为后来的宋明理学家(他们的基本思想是从这些仔里得来的)奠定了基础。Han advocated the adoption of ;ancient style;, the free, simple prose of these early philosophers, a style unencumbered by the mannerisms and elaborate verse-like regularity of the pianwen (“parallel prose;) style that was prevalent in Han#39;s time. 韩愈提倡写作古文。古文是早期哲学家使用的一种自由、简单的散文文体,这种文体并未受阻于汉代流行的辞藻华丽、崇尚对句等形式的骈文。His own essays (e. g. On the Way, On Man,and On Spirits) are among the most beautiful ever written in Chinese, and they became the most famous models of the prose style he espoused.韩愈自己的论文(《原道》、《原人》和《原性》)也在中国最优美的文章之列,并成为他所提倡的文体的范文。In his poetry also, Han tried to break out of the existing literary forms, but many of his efforts at literary reform failed.在写诗方面,韩愈也试图突破原有的文学形式,但是他在文学改革方面的许多努力都失败了。He is considered the first of the renowned ;Eight Masters of the Tang and Song;. At his death the title of president of the ministry of rites was conferred upon him, as well as the epithet “Master of Letters;, both great honours.韩愈被尊为“唐宋八大家”之首,去世时被追封为礼部尚书(应该是吏部侍郎),谥号“文”。 /201601/420560

  Half of one satisfying sexual encounter a month. That is the average benefit a woman gets when she takes the new female libido drug, sometimes called the “female Viagra,” researchers reported Monday. 周一(2月29日),研究人员报道:妇女们在用一种新型女用助兴药(有时也称为“女用伟哥”)后,一个月里满意的性行为次数平均可以增加半次。 Last year the Food and Drug Administration approved the drug, flibanserin, making it the first drug available to treat low sexual desire in women. It was promoted by a group of women’s rights activists who argued it was unfair that men had numerous drugs to boost sexual function while women had nothing. 该药物名叫氟班色林(flibanserin),去年获得了美国食品和药品监督(Food and Drug Administration, F.D.A.)的批准,从而成为了第一种用于治疗女性性欲低下的药物。这是一群女权主义者大力敦促的结果。她们认为,男人们有好多药物可以促进性功能,而女人们却什么都没有,太不公平。 But public health groups and some other women’s groups contended that the science did not justify its approval. The drug’s effects were modest, they said, and not worth side effects such as sleepiness, dizziness, fatigue and nausea. And the risk of some side effects increased with alcohol consumption. 然而,部分公共卫生组织和其他一些妇女团体对此表示异议,声称该药物的获批缺乏足够的科学依据。他们说,这种药物的作用平平,不足以抵消其副作用,如嗜睡、头晕、疲劳和恶心等。而且,饮酒还会加大某些副作用的风险。 In the new study, published in JAMA Internal Medicine, researchers found benefits that were slightly more modest than those submitted to the F.D.A. during the approval process. The researchers analyzed eight studies of about 5,900 women, using a method that involved pooling the data. They concluded that treatment with flibanserin, now marketed as Addyi, resulted in “one-half of an additional sexually satisfying encounter per month.” (The study did not define what “one-half” of a sexually satisfying encounter was.) 在发表在《美国医学会期刊:内科学》杂志(JAMA Internal Medicine)上的一项新研究中,研究人员发现,该药物的效益比审批过程中提交给F.D.A.的材料中显示的略低。研究人员采用数据汇总等方法,分析了涉及5900名妇女的八项研究。他们的结论是:接受氟班色林(商品名为Addyi)治疗的女性“一个月里满意的性行为次数平均可以增加半次”(该研究并未给“半次”满意的性行为做出定义)。 That result was not very different from original findings of three clinical trials submitted to the F.D.A. as support for the drug’s approval. Those trials found that once women started taking the drug, they had an average of about one additional satisfying sexual encounter a month, on top of the two to three they were having aly. That result lifted the benefits above the bar of being scientifically meaningful, but barely. Still, it was enough for the agency’s approval. 该结果与当初药物审批过程中提交给F.D.A.的三个临床试验的结果大同小异。那些试验发现,从妇女们开始用该药物起,她们一个月里满意性行为的次数平均增加了一次,最多可以增加两到三次。这些结果表明,该药物的效益勉强达到了“具有科学意义”的标准——但已经足以获得F.D.A.的批准了。 In a statement, Dr. Tage Ramakrishna, the chief medical officer at Valeant, the company that now owns the drug, said that the new analysis confirmed the findings of the clinical trials and “provided little additional context.” He said the way the analysis was done, combining data from a number of different studies, carried “less statistical weight” than the randomized trials . 该药物的当前持有者——Valeant制药国际公司的首席医务官塔格·罗克里希纳(Tage Ramakrishna)士在一份声明中表示,上述新分析实了临床试验的结果,且“没提供什么新东西”。他说,该分析合并了来自众多不同研究的数据,其“统计权重低于”随机试验。 The drug was approved last June, after twice being rejected by the agency over several years. In the clinical trial results submitted, women taking the drug also reported on monthly questionnaires that they felt more desire, although the difference compared with a placebo was also meager — only about 0.3 points on a scale ranging from 1.2 to 6.0. 继此前若干年里两次遭到F.D.A.拒绝后,该药物终于在去年6月通过了审批。在提交给F.D.A.的临床试验结果中,用该药物的妇女们还在每月的问卷调查中报告,她们感到性欲增强了,只是与安慰剂差异甚微——在评分范围为1.2到6.0分的量表中仅差0.3分上下。 Experts who had opposed the drug’s approval said the JAMA analysis, which confirmed that the drug increased the risk of dizziness, sleepiness, nausea and fatigue, underscored the meagerness of the benefit. 反对该药物过审的专家们则称,JAMA的分析实,该药物确会增加头晕、嗜睡、恶心和疲劳的风险,反过来更显出其效益的微乎其微。 “An additional half a satisfying sexual encounter a month — is that meaningful?” asked Dr. Adriane Fugh-Berman, the director of PharmedOut, a project at Georgetown University that questions the influence of drug companies on the practice of medicine. “I think only the women can answer that, but perhaps they aly have with their lack of enthusiasm for getting prescriptions.” “一个月平均可增加半次满意的性行为——这有意义么?”安德莱内·傅柏曼(Adriane Fugh-Berman)士问道,他在乔治城大学(Georgetown University)领导了PharmedOut项目,质疑制药公司对医疗实践的影响。“我认为这个问题只有妇女们自己才能回答,但或许她们的兴趣缺缺已经表明了她们的态度。” The drug is not selling well. As of early January, Addyi was generating only 240 to 290 prescriptions a week, according to a report last week by David Maris, an analyst at Wells Fargo Securities, who cited the prescription tracker IMS Health as the source of the data. Mr. Maris estimated that sales of Addyi were running at a rate of million a year, well below the 0 million to 0 million in sales that Valeant said it hoped to achieve this year. 这种药物并不畅销。上周富国集团(Wells Fargo Securities)的分析师戴维·马里斯(David Maris)在一份报告中指出,根据艾美仕市场研究公司(IMS Health)的处方跟踪数据,截至1月初,一周里只有240到290张Addyi的处方开出。马里斯先生估计,Addyi的年销售额约为每年1100万美元,远低于Valeant公司的预期——今年达到1亿至1亿5000万美元。 Still, some said the drug helped. Dr. Lauren Streicher, an associate clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, said a number of her patients have taken the drug and reported significant increases in libido. None has discontinued use because of side effects, she said. 不过,也有人说这种药有些用处。西北大学费恩柏格医学院(obstetrics and gynecology,位于芝加哥)的妇产科临床副教授劳伦·施特赖歇尔(Lauren Streicher)士说,她的一部分患者在药后报告性欲显著上升。她还说,没有人因副作用而停药。 The analysis was undertaken by researchers in Europe, but one of the study’s authors, Dr. Ellen Laan, an associate professor in the Department of Sexology and Psychosomatic Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Academic Medical Center at the University of Amsterdam, has been an opponent of the drug. Last year, she helped organize a letter to the F.D.A. opposing the approval and signed another letter to Congress that said the argument about gender equality was “misleading and dangerous.” 前述新分析由欧洲的研究人员完成,但该研究的作者之一,荷兰阿姆斯特丹大学(University of Amsterdam)学术医学中心(Academic Medical Center)的性学和心理妇产科系(Department of Sexology and Psychosomatic Obstetrics and Gynecology)副教授埃伦·拉恩(Ellen Laan)士一直对该药物持反对态度。去年,她协助组织致函F.D.A.反对该药物通过审批,并在给国会(Congress)的另一封信上签名,表示那些声称该药物的审批关乎性别平等的论调“误导人心,十分危险”。 /201603/430535。


  BEIJING — As Beijing disappeared into the heavy smog shrouding the region in recent days, an artist covered seven models with body paint until they, too, faded against a desolate grove of trees on the eastern outskirts of the city.北京——随着最近几日北京被浓重的雾霾笼罩,一名艺术家在北京东部郊区,对七名模特进行身体绘伪装,直至他们与背后的荒凉树林融为一体。“Instead of passively disappearing, I’d rather actively make people disappear to express my attitude,” said the artist, Liu Bolin, who has been called the “Invisible Man” for blending into his surroundings by meticulously applying paint to his body.“与其被动消失,我更愿意主动使人消失,从而表达我的态度,”艺术家刘勃麟说。因为善于通过仔细地在身上进行绘,将自身融入周围环境,他被称为“隐形人”。“I’m using this active disappearance to voice my protest,” he said in an interview about his latest work, “Winter Solstice.”“我通过这种主动的消失,来表达抗议,”他在最近接受采访,谈到最新作品《冬至》时说道。Last year, he made four rows of people disappear against a photograph of Tiananmen Gate, which was grayed by smog. This time, Mr. Liu said his new work was inspired by the red alerts issued this month in Beijing for hazardous levels of air pollution.去年,他对四排人进行绘伪装,使他们融入了背景中被雾霾笼罩的天安门的照片。刘勃麟表示,这一次,作品的灵感来自北京因空气污染达到有害程度,而发布的红色预警。On Saturday, Beijing issued its second-ever red alert, the highest level of a four-tier warning system, effective through Tuesday. It came only a week after its first one, even though the capital has been plagued by heavy smog for years. By Wednesday, 10 cities in China had issued red alerts, the state news agency Xinhua reported.上周六,北京发布了有史以来的第二次红色预警——四个预警级别中的最高级别,此次预警持续到周二。而在一周之前,北京才刚刚发布首次红色预警,尽管北京多年来一直受到严重雾霾的困扰。官方通讯社新华社报道,截至周三,中国已有十座城市发布红色预警。Mr. Liu decided to name his new work “Winter Solstice” because it was carried out on Sunday, two days before the winter solstice, an important festival in the traditional Chinese calendar.刘勃麟决定将新作品命名为《冬至》,因为该作品是在周日,也就是冬至的两天之前创作的,冬至在中国是一个重要的节气。The seven models, all modern dancers, posed for photographs and then danced for a , Mr. Liu said.这七名模特都是现代舞者,他们先摆好姿势拍照,然后又拍摄了一段舞蹈视频,刘勃麟说。“These are the movements people instinctively make when their lives are suppressed,” he said of the dance moves, adding that this was the first time he had portrayed his disappearing subjects in motion.他形容其中的舞姿时说,“这些动作是人们在生活受到压制时,本能做出的动作。”他还表示,这是他首次让隐形人动起来。The work is a continuation of the political and social commentary often found in Mr. Liu’s works. He has staged disappearances into backdrops that have included the Great Wall, the Temple of Heaven, a wall painted with Communist Party slogans, a portrait of Mao and a police officer to reflect ordinary Chinese people’s sense of invisibility in a fast-changing economy.该作品延续了刘勃麟一贯以来的政治及社会风格。他曾融于长城、天坛、涂有共产党口号的墙壁、毛泽东及一名警察的画像等背景之中,以此体现普通中国民众隐形于快速变化的经济之中的感觉。Mr. Liu, 42, first went invisible in 2006. When Suo Jia Cun, an artists’ village in suburban Beijing where he worked as a sculptor’s assistant, was forcibly demolished, Mr. Liu disappeared into the ruins to protest the destruction. That became the first work in his “Hiding in the City” series, which won him international attention.42岁的刘勃麟于2006年第一次化身为隐形人。当时他在北京郊区索家村艺术区,为一位雕塑师担任助理。当索家村被强行拆除时,他隐形于废墟之中,抗议强拆行动。这成为了《城市迷》(Hiding in the City)系列的第一个作品。他凭借这一系列作品,赢得了国际关注。“Smog, as a top-level carcinogen, has created fear among Chinese people,” Mr. Liu said of “Winter Solstice.” (The World Health Organization has classified outdoor air pollution and one of its major components, particulate matter, as cancer-causing agents.)“雾霾是高度致癌的,它在中国民众当中引发了担忧,”刘勃麟评价《冬至》时说。(世界卫生组织将室外空气污染及其主要成分颗粒物质归类为致癌物。)“This work actually shows the helplessness modern people feel,” he said. “The fear in their hearts. Their struggles.”“这个作品实际上展现了现代人的无助感,”他说。“他们心中的恐惧。他们的挣扎。” /201512/419111On a recent rainy evening, about 30 women, most wearing high heels, gathered in a Midtown Manhattan rehearsal space and engaged in a series of brisk maneuvers: hammer fists, elbowing out of chokeholds, fierce kicks.前不久的一个雨夜,约30个女人聚在曼哈顿中城的一个排练场,进行一系列激烈的演习:用拳头锤击,肘击以摆脱锁喉,猛烈踢腿。她们大多穿着高跟鞋。“The idea is to lock in muscle memory,” said the leader, Avital Zeisler, a former ballerina with posture as straight as an index finger and black tresses evoking Cher during her Sonny years.教练阿维塔勒·泽斯勒(Avital Zeisler)曾是芭蕾舞女演员,她站得笔直,留着黑色披肩发,让人想起了和桑尼(Sonny)搭档时期的雪儿(Cher)。她说:“训练目的是形成肌肉记忆。”Ms. Zeisler, 26, is not a model or actress; and her charges were not engaging in some gimmicky exercise class like pole dancing. She is an expert in hand-to-hand combat who has trained members of the military and law enforcement, as well as actresses like Keri Russell, Megan Boone and Amanda Seyfried.26岁的泽斯勒不是模特,也不是演员。她的课程不涉及钢管舞等花哨的舞蹈。她是徒手搏斗专家,训练过军事和执法人员及演员,包括克丽·拉塞尔(Keri Russell)、梅根·布恩(Megan Boone)和阿曼达·塞弗里德(Amanda Seyfried)等。She is passionate about women learning to defend themselves, no matter what they are wearing on their bodies — or feet. And so this workshop, for which she sometimes charges up to a participant, was free.她对女人学习自卫很有热情,不管她们身上或脚上穿的是什么。她的讲习班有时收费高达每人80美元,但是这个讲习班是免费的。“The objective is to disrupt the attacker’s thought process — even just to get him to blink,” Ms. Zeisler told the assembled.泽斯勒对学员们说:“目标是打断攻击者的思路,哪怕只是让他眨一下眼。”Lydia Billings, 24, a photographer and a founder of End Rape Now who was attending the class, was impressed. Her best friend was raped in high school, she said, but Ms. Billings had never before studied self-defense.这句话让24岁的学员莉迪娅·比灵斯(Lydia Billings)印象深刻。她是一名摄影师、End Rape Now的创始人。她说,她最好的朋友在高中时遭到强奸,不过她自己之前从未学过自卫。“A few really simple, powerful moves can get you out of any situation,” said Ms. Billings, who was wearing a pair of Payless pumps.比灵斯穿着一双Payless浅口高跟鞋。她说:“几个非常简单而有力的动作能让你摆脱任何困境。”Ms. Zeisler is not the first or only person teaching such self-defense techniques. The instructional website Howcast has posted s about using heels in self-defense (this being 2015, the iPhone is also a potential weapon). And Jennifer Cassetta, 39, a personal trainer in Los Angeles and a third-degree black belt in hapkido, began a class called Stilettos and Self-Defense in 2007.泽斯勒不是第一个也不是唯一一个教授自卫术的人。指导性网站Howcast发布了一些关于如何在自卫中使用鞋跟的视频(现在是2015年,iPhone也可用作武器)。39岁的詹妮弗·卡塞塔(Jennifer Cassetta)是洛杉矶的一名私人教练,是合气道黑带三段高手。2007年,她开设了一个名叫高跟鞋与自卫(Stilettos and Self-Defense)的训练班。“Women feel very empowered wearing heels,” Ms. Cassetta said. “I love heels. I love the way my legs look in them. But most women can barely walk in them, let alone run. If you can’t run away, you better know how to fight off an attacker. You have to be prepared at all times, no matter what you’re wearing, no matter how tall you are.”卡塞塔说:“女人穿上高跟鞋会感觉很有力量。我很喜欢高跟鞋。我喜欢穿上高跟鞋后我的腿型。但是大部分女人穿着高跟鞋连路都走不好,更别提跑了。如果你跑不掉,那就得知道如何反击。你必须随时做好准备,不管你穿的是什么,不管你多高。”While it is known that shoes can be lethal weapons — last year, Ana Trujillo of Texas was sentenced to life in prison for stabbing her boyfriend to death with a 5-inch stiletto heel — they are not always easily accessible when they are on your feet. And they tend to handicap one of the best strategies for self-defense: running away.虽然我们都知道高跟鞋可能是致命武器——去年,德克萨斯州的安娜·特鲁希略(Ana Trujillo)用5.5英寸(约合14厘米)的细高跟鞋刺死男友,被判终身监禁——但如果它是穿在脚上,你并不总能把它轻松取下。而且高跟鞋也会妨碍一种最好的自卫方式:逃跑。But despite warnings about the perils of heels, and the havoc they can wreak on backs and ankles (“Working out in heels is really bad for your calves, and can cause tears or tendinitis,” said Rob Conenello, a sports podiatrist in Orangeburg, N.Y., and the past president of the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine) it’s unlikely that urban women are going to stop wearing them anytime soon. So some concerned with safety are factoring in that reality.但是,尽管人们一直在提醒高跟鞋的危险以及它对后背和脚踝可能造成的伤害(纽约州奥兰治堡市的运动足病医生、美国足部运动医学学会[American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine]前会长罗布·科奈奈罗[Rob Conenello]说:“穿着高跟鞋运动对小腿很不好,可能导致撕裂或腱炎”),但是短时间内城里的女人不大可能停止穿高跟鞋。所以一些顾虑安全的人也在考虑这个现实情况。According to a ed Nations analysis, about 35 percent of women worldwide said they had experienced physical violence, including rape, murder and sexual harassment.据联合国的一项分析,全世界约有35%的女人称自己遭遇过暴力袭击,包括强奸、谋杀和性骚扰。Ms. Zeisler is one of them. At 19, she was sexually assaulted by her boyfriend at the time, after which she went through a debilitating depression. She left her home in Toronto and traveled to Israel, her father’s birthplace, to study Krav Maga, an Israeli form of self-defense.泽斯勒也是其中一位。19岁时,她被当时的男友性侵,之后陷入极度沮丧,离开多伦多的家,前往父亲的出生地以色列,学习以色列的自卫术——近身格斗(Krav Maga)。In 2013, she created and began teaching the Soteria Method (Soteria is the Greek goddess of safety), whose components include self-defense, fitness and, yes, “empowerment.” She defines self-defense as “having the ability to create, live and protect a life that you love.”2013年,她创立并开始教授Soteria Method(Soteria是希腊安全女神),它包括自卫、健身和“获得力量”。她认为自卫是“有能力创造、度过并保护你热爱的生活”。Her argument is that women shouldn’t have to alter their physical appearance or “compromise their femininity,” she said, to ensure their ability to protect themselves.她认为,女人不必通过改变外貌或“放弃女子特质”来确保获得自我保护的能力。“When I teach self-defense, I want to make sure it’s authentic to women,” said Ms. Zeisler, who has also written a book, “Weapons of Fitness.” These weapons can presumably include Christian Louboutins. “The point of training in heels is that if you’re wearing heels and targeted for an attack,” she said, “you’re equipped with a few survival strategies that can save your life.”泽斯勒说:“我教自卫术时,想要确保它对女人真的有用。”她写了一本书,名叫《健康武器》(Weapons of Fitness)。这些武器应该包括Christian Louboutins牌高跟鞋。她说:“穿着高跟鞋训练的意义在于,如果你遭到攻击时穿的是高跟鞋,你拥有几种能救命的生存策略。”Lori Hartman Gervasi, 57, a black belt trained in traditional karate who also has taught self-defense in heels, believes that women need to contemplate their shoes, along with other items of clothing, before an attack even happens.57岁的洛丽·哈特曼·格维西(Lori Hartman Gervasi)是传统空手道的黑带教练,她也教授穿着高跟鞋自卫的方法。她认为,女人在遭到袭击之前就需要考虑自己的鞋子和衣物。“That way they’re not standing there thinking ‘Oh no, I’m being grabbed by some jerk and dragged by my hair to his car and I’m in heels of all things!’” said Ms. Gervasi, author of “Fight Like a Girl … and Win: Defense Decisions for Women,” who is based in California. “Instead, this woman should know many options for getting out of this ordeal. Like stuffing her thumb in his eye and using those high heels to rake down his shin, then kick him in the groin.”格维西说:“那样的话,她们就不会站在那里想:‘哦,不,有个混蛋揪着我的头发把我往他的车里拖,我却正好穿着高跟鞋!’相反,这个女人应该知道很多摆脱这种折磨的方法。比如用大拇指戳他的眼睛,用高跟鞋刮他的小腿,然后踢他的腹股沟。”她住在加利福尼亚州,写过一本书,名叫《像女孩那样战斗并获胜:女性自卫策略》(Fight Like a Girl … and Win: Defense Decisions for Women)。Ms. Seyfried, 29, trained with Ms. Zeisler off and on for two years, and said her advice also included many hypotheticals. “It’s basic survival, and how we can outsmart the attacker,” Ms. Seyfried said. “It’s not just about learning it, it’s about getting it into your bones and the muscle memory of it. She had me picture the possibilities and imagine myself in these situations. If you have one exit and it’s blocked by the attacker, then what do you do?”29岁的塞弗里德跟着泽斯勒断断续续学了两年。她说,泽斯勒的建议还包括很多假设,“它是基本的求生方法,是关于如何战胜攻击者。不仅要学习,而且要把它变成骨头和肌肉记忆。她让我想象各种可能性,想象自己处于这些情况中。如果只有一个出口,但是攻击者挡住了出口,那你该怎么办”?(Answer: Scan the assailant to see if he is armed, then improvise a weapon, like a chair — or shoe. If these aren’t options, defense training enables a woman “to close in and neutralize the threat,” Ms. Zeisler said.)(泽斯勒说,正确的做法是打量攻击者,看他是否携带武器,然后寻找临时武器,比如椅子或鞋子。如果找不到临时武器,自卫训练能让女人们“近身搏斗,降低威胁”。)Vanessa McDaniel, 33, a graphics designer who is traveling around the world, is so enthusiastic about training with Ms. Zeisler, which she has done since November 2012, that she plans to become a Soteria instructor. Ms. McDaniel was attacked when she was younger, and always wondered how she could have gotten away.33岁的凡妮莎·麦克丹尼尔(Vanessa McDaniel)是一个在世界各地工作的平面设计师。她从2012年11月开始跟着泽斯勒训练。她对此很有热情,打算也成为Soteria教练。麦克丹尼尔是在更年轻的时候遭到攻击的,总是在设想当时她可以怎样逃脱。“Training with Avi has given me more confidence,” she said. “Walking down the street, I feel like I am better equipped to handle the catcalls or other situations I might encounter, and I have — fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it — had the opportunity to use some of what she’s taught me in real life.”她说:“跟着阿维训练让我更有信心。走在街上,我感觉自己能更好地应对吹口哨挑逗等情况,我在现实生活中已经用到过她教我的一些方法——这到底是幸运还是不幸,得看你怎么看了。”And Dayna Bloom, 26, a singer and songwriter in New York, said that studying with Ms. Zeisler has given her extra oomph in areas besides self-defense.26岁的戴娜·布鲁姆(Dayna Bloom)是纽约的一名歌手和词曲作者。她说,跟着泽斯勒学习让她不仅能自卫,而且更有魅力。Ms. Bloom has learned “how to attack life,” she said. “Even though someone is not attacking me.”布鲁姆说,她学会了“如何攻击生活,就算没人攻击我”。 /201511/410937



  The Civil Aviation Administration of China has pledged to gradually loosen control over air carriers#39; ticket prices and administrative charges.中国民用航空总局近日表示,将逐步放开机票价格及行政性收费。The administration recently published a set of guidelines that aim to deepen the reform of China#39;s civil aviation industry. The guidelines vow to let the market, rather than the government, play a decisive role in the sector.总局最近公布了一系列指导方针,旨在深化中国民航业的改革。这些指导方针将会推行市场而不是政府决定价格的机制。Enterprises in the industry will have more freedom to determine charges for their services or products, and consumers will enjoy more options when they use air transportation, the administration said.航空总局表示,该行业中的部分企业将获得更多的自由,以规定他们的务或产品费用。消费者在利用航空运输时也会有更多的选择。Beginning next year, airlines will be allowed to determine the ticket prices for routes that the government defines as having competition among carriers. Starting in 2020, they will be allowed to decide the prices for all routes.2017年起,政府定义的已经形成竞争的国内航线将会允许航空公司自主定价。2020年起,国内所有航线客运票价将由航空公司自主制定。Currently, carriers can only determine the lowest price for their domestic flights. The highest price for such flights and prices for international services are controlled by the government.目前,航空公司仅有权决定其国内航线的最低票价,国内航线的最高票价以及国际航线票价需执行政府指导价。The move is the latest step taken by the CAAC as part of its efforts to ;marketize; the civil aviation sector.这项举措是由民航总局努力实现民航部门“市场化”的最新动作。 /201601/422340。


  Between 1206 and his death in 1227, the Mongol leader Genghis Khan conquered nearly 12 million square miles of territory—more than any individual in history. Along the way, he cut a ruthless path through Asia and Europe that left untold millions dead, but he also modernized Mongolian culture, embraced religious freedom and helped open contact between East and West. Explore 10 facts about a great ruler who was equal parts military genius, political statesman and bloodthirsty terror.从1206年到1227年去世,蒙古领袖成吉思汗征了近三百万多平方千米的土地——比历史上任何一个人征的都要多。他在亚欧之间打开了一条血路,牺牲了千百万人的生命,但是他也使蒙古文化变得现代化,他拥护宗教自由,并促使了东方和西方的交流。我们将为您揭秘,这位伟大的军事家,政治家,嗜血恐怖统治者的10个事实。1.;Genghis; wasn#39;t his real name.1.;成吉思;并不是他的真名。The man who would become the ;Great Khan; of the Mongols was born along the banks of the Onon River sometime around 1162 and originally named Temujin, which means ;of iron; or ;blacksmith.; He didn#39;t get the honorific name ;Genghis Kahn; until 1206, when he was proclaimed leader of the Mongols at a tribal meeting known as a ;kurultai.; While ;Khan; is a traditional title meaning ;leader; or ;ruler,; historians are still unsure of the origins of ;Genghis.; It may have may have meant ;ocean; or ;just,; but in context it is usually translated as ;supreme ruler; or ;universal ruler.;这位伟大的蒙古;可汗;,于1162年出生在翰难河岸,原名为铁木真,意为;好铁;或;铁匠;。到1206年才获得尊号;成吉思汗;,那时在一个部落会议即;库里台大会;上他被宣为蒙古领袖。;可汗;是意为;领袖;或;统治者;的传统称呼,然而历史学家还不确定;成吉思;的起源。也许是意为;大海;或是;正直;,但在文本中通常翻译成;至高统治者;或;世界统治者;。2.He had a rough childhood.2.他的童年并不快乐。From an early age, Genghis was forced to contend with the brutality of life on the Mongolian Steppe. Rival Tatars poisoned his father when he was only nine, and his own tribe later expelled his family and left his mother to raise her seven children alone. Genghis grew up hunting and foraging to survive, and as an adolescent he may have even murdered his own half-brother in a dispute over food. During his teenage years, rival clans abducted both he and his young wife, and Genghis spent time as a slave before making a daring escape. Despite all these hardships, by his early 20s he had established himself as a formidable warrior and leader. After amassing an army of supporters, he began forging alliances with the heads of important tribes. By 1206, he had successfully consolidated the steppe confederations under his banner and began to turn his attention to outside conquest.在年幼时,成吉思就不得不适应蒙古大草原上残酷的生活。在他九岁时,鞑靼人就毒死了他的父亲,他的部族后来流放了他的家族,只剩他的母亲独自抚养她的七个孩子。成吉思汗从小就打猎觅食求生,年少时,他在食物之争中杀掉了他同父异母的兄弟。他少年时期,死对头的家族绑架了他和他的妻子,他当了很长时间的奴隶,才敢逃出去。经历了这么多的磨难,他20出头时已然成为令人敬畏的战士和领袖。在聚集了一批持者后,他开始和重要的部落领袖结成联盟。到1206年,他成功地巩固了草原上的同盟们,并开始将注意力转移到地区。3.There is no definitive record of what he looked like.3.关于他的长相,并没有清楚的记载。For such an influential figure, very little is known about Genghis Kahn#39;s personal life or even his physical appearance. No contemporary portraits or sculptures of him have survived, and what little information historians do have is often contradictory or unreliable. Most accounts describe him as tall and strong with a flowing mane of hair and a long, bushy beard. Perhaps the most surprising description comes courtesy of the 14th century Persian chronicler Rashid al-Din, who claimed Genghis had red hair and green eyes. Al-Din#39;s account is questionable—he never met the Khan in person—but these striking features were not unheard of among the ethnically diverse Mongols.对于成吉思汗这么有影响力的人,关于他的个人生活,甚至是他的长相都鲜为人知。他的任何当代画像或雕像都没有保存下来,而且历史学家掌握的些许信息经常是互相矛盾,亦或是不可靠的。大多认为他人高马大,长着一头浓密的头发,畜着长长的络腮胡。最令人惊讶的描述是来自14世纪波斯一位年代史编记者拉施德丁的记录,他称成吉思长着红色的头发和绿色的眼睛。拉施德丁的记录是有有问题的——他从未见过成吉思本人——但是这些突出的特征真是种族多元化的蒙古人的特征。4.Some of his most trusted generals were former enemies.4.他最信赖的一些大将,以前是他的敌人。The Great Khan had a keen eye for talent, and he usually promoted his officers on skill and experience rather than class, ancestry or even past allegiances. One famous example of this belief in meritocracy came during a 1201 battle against the rival Taijut tribe, when Genghis was nearly killed after his horse was shot out from under him with an arrow. When he later addressed the Taijut prisoners and demanded to know who was responsible, one soldier bravely stood up and admitted to being the shooter. Stirred by the archer#39;s boldness, Genghis made him an officer in his army and later nicknamed him ;Jebe,; or ;arrow,; in honor of their first meeting on the battlefield. Along with the famed general Subutai, Jebe would go on to become one of the Mongols#39; greatest field commanders during their conquests in Asia and Europe.大可汗总能识别出人才,他经常根据将士的本领和经验来提拔他们,而不是根据等级、祖先甚至是以往的忠贞。在这个贤能社会中有这样一个有名的例子,说在1201年,和一个敌方部落的战争中,有一只箭从成吉思身下射出,成吉思汗差点死掉,不过最后是马死掉了。后来他问责俘虏,让他们说出这是谁干的,有一个士兵勇敢的站出来承认自己是那个射手。他的大胆让成吉思眼前一亮,成吉思任命他为军队里的士官,还给他起了个绰号;杰贝;或;弓箭;,来纪念他们在战场上的初次相遇。在和著名大将速不台一同征亚欧时,杰贝成为蒙古最勇猛的战地指挥之一。5.He rarely left a score unsettled.5.几乎没他打不赢的仗。Genghis Khan often gave other kingdoms a chance to peacefully submit to Mongol rule, but he didn#39;t hesitate to bring down the sword on any society that resisted. One of his most famous campaigns of revenge came in 1219, after the Shah of the Khwarezmid Empire broke a treaty with the Mongols. Genghis had offered the Shah a valuable trade agreement to exchange goods along the Silk Road, but when his first emissaries were murdered, the enraged Khan responded by unleashing the full force of his Mongol hordes on the Khwarezmid territories in Persia. The subsequent war left millions dead and the Shah#39;s empire in utter ruin, but the Khan didn#39;t stop there. He followed up on his victory by returning east and waging war on the Tanguts of Xi Xia, a group of Mongol subjects who had refused his order to provide troops for his invasion of Khwarizm. After routing the Tangut forces and sacking their capital, the Great Khan ordered the execution of the entire Tangut royal family as punishment for their defiance.成吉思汗总会给别的王国一个机会,让他们和平地从蒙古的统治,但他也会毫不犹豫的对付任何反抗的群体。最有名的一次复仇战争发生在1219年,花刺子模帝国的伊朗国王违反了同蒙古的一项条约。成吉思跟伊朗国王达成了一项有价值的贸易条约,即通过丝绸之路进行货物交换,然而他的第一批使者被刺杀了,愤怒的可汗便派出蒙古部落全力进击花刺子模在波斯的领地。接下来的战争连带了数百万人的死伤,也使伊朗完全沦陷,但可汗并不止步于此。接着,他又一路向东杀了回去,并在西夏的党项发动战争,因为党项的蒙古国民拒绝向成吉思侵略花刺子模的军队提供供给。在党项发动战争并攻陷了它的首都后,可汗下令对党项所有皇室家族执行死刑,作为他们违背可汗的惩罚。翻译:汤汤 来源:前十网 /201511/410644


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