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A fish swimming just below the surface creates tell-tale ripples一条在水面下游动的鱼 造成明显的涟漪and that is all the bat needs to detect them.只需这样 牛头犬蝠就能发现猎物With little more than a fin to aim for,以时速六十五公里飞行and whilst flying at 40 miles an hour,只要瞄准一片鱼鳍the bat takes the fish completely unawares.牛头犬蝠就能出其不意的If the shoal scatters...如果有鱼群散布在水中..the bat trawls the surface.它就在水面拖钓Raking the water, trying to snag a fish.擦掠过水面,试着勾起一条鱼He won#39;t have the best fishing spot to himself for long,这只牛头犬蝠 无法独占最佳渔场太久and soon, other bats arrive.它的同伴很快就出现Oncoming traffic would make grabbing a fish almost impossible,老是担心会迎头撞上同伴 就无法so the bats avoid collisions by honking -所以牛头犬蝠 会按喇叭避免对撞dropping their calls an octave to say, ;Look out, here I come!;发出低八度音的叫声 就表示“小心,我来了” Article/201309/257346UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Today#39;s ;Shoutout; goes out to Mrs. Brown#39;s honors law amp; justice classes at Apex High School in Apex, North Carolina.今天的“大声喊出来”来到了布朗女士的法律与公正课堂。Which of these can be caused by an algae bloom? You know what to do. Is it a riptide, neap tide, red tide or tsunami? You#39;ve got three seconds, go!水华会造成什么?你知道该怎么做!它是激流、小潮、赤潮还是海啸?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Algae blooms can cause a phenomenon known as red tide. 水华会造成赤潮的现象。When the sea water changes color. That#39;s your answer and that#39;s your ;Shoutout.;海水会变颜色。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: Algae makes up the base of food for pretty much all life in the water: plants, animals, fish, everything. 水藻为水里所有的生物提供了基本食物:植物,动物,鱼和其他所有东西。When a red tide happens, the algae let off a toxin that can be poisonous to that same marine life.当赤潮发生时,水藻会释放出对其他同样的水生物有毒的毒素。John Zarrella examines how that sudden shift in habitat is taking a toll on one species around Florida.约翰检查了居住地的突然改变对佛罗里达附近的一种生物造成了怎样的影响。 /201303/232358

In 2007, one in eight Americans was born abroad.截至2007年 八分之一的美国人是在国外出生的My mother#39;s Cuban and my dad is Australian,我母亲是古巴人 我爸爸是澳大利亚人my mother is black, my father#39;s white.我母亲是黑人 我父亲是白人But America is this melting pot.但美国就是这样一个大熔炉You know, I#39;m a black latino with freckles.我是个会长雀斑的拉丁美洲黑人And that#39;s kind of America.这就是美国We#39;re this melting pot and we always have been.我们就是这个大熔炉 我们一直都是We#39;ve been the place that people are desperate to get to人们不顾一切想要来到这里because they know once there,因为他们知道 一旦来到了这里their story can be written.他们就能书写自己的传奇It can be anything.一切皆有可能Each society in the past created tremendous innovations in civilizations.每一个社会在过去的文明发展中都进行了大量的创新All of a sudden we have them all here.忽然之间 这些创新我们一应俱全It#39;s not just one philosophy.不是一种价值体系It#39;s many, many philosophies which makes for a very creative country.而是很多很多种价值体系造就了这个充满创造力的国家In the past 20 years,在过去的20年间two-thirds of new immigrants have come from Latin America and Asia.三分之二的新移民来自拉丁美洲和亚洲I think this theory that you can be anything that you want in America我觉得这种在美国一切皆有可能的理论is not a theory. It#39;s a truth.不是一种理论 而是事实It#39;s a basic truth that plays itself out in every immigrant story.这是一个在每个移民的经历里都体现得淋漓尽致的基本事实It#39;s really what America has always been about.美国的故事真的一直都是这样Coming from someplace else.来自异国他乡Coming to a place where you can rise up with your own sweat,来到一个可以靠你的汗水和努力and your own hard work and achieve something better than what you might have had elsewhere.出人头地的地方 取得在其他地方不可能取得的成就So for me the immigration experiment in America will never end because really that#39;s what defines us as a nation.所以对我来说 美国的移民尝试永远不会结束 因为这才是我们国家的独特之处I think Americans are a collection of incredible souls and beings我觉得美国人就是一群神奇的人 who believe we are all in this together.相信我们都是休戚相关的This is a country where you can take chances.这是一个充满机遇的国家You#39;re allowed to try anything to achieve success你能够竭尽全力取得成功and failure is always there.但失败总是难免的and in order to try things and have failure there为了尝试新事物 学会面对失败you have to be brave.你必须变得勇敢There#39;s a large can-do attitude in the ed States.美国有着一种人定胜天的精神I think America#39;s a land of opportunity again because,there were no set rules.我认为美国是一片机会之地的另一个原因是这里没有陈规教条We sort of invented it as we went along.我们差不多是一边前进一边制定规则It#39;s this belief that wherever you are in every moment of history有这样一种信念 无论你身处何时whatever your circumstances身处何地that radical progress is possible.都有可能实现突破性的进展 /201305/238138

The time is 9:05 AM,现在是上午9:05the Japanese has been on board exactly 10 minutes.日方刚刚上船十分钟Swarms of ed States aircraft当仪式结束时flying formation overhead as the ceremony ends.美国战机排列着整齐的阵势 盘旋在上空The final ed Nations victory has been won.联合国最终胜利The war is over.战争结束Peace is here.和平到来In the 1943 Human Rights Treaty of Cairo in Egypt,1943年的《开罗人权宣言》中and the 1945 German Potsdam Proclamation,以及1945年的《波茨坦公告》里British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill,英国首相温斯顿·丘吉尔US. President Harry Truman,美国总统哈里·杜鲁门and Soviet Marshall Josef Stalin苏联大元帅约瑟夫·斯大林ordered Japan to return to China命令日本向中国all ceded territories退还所有1895年《马关条约》中of the 1895 Shimonoseki Treaty.被割让土地It is at this point其实这是个很好的时机that the Diaoyu Islands issue可就此could have been easily resolved.将钓鱼岛问题解决The Diaoyu, or Senkaku Islands as they are now called by Japan钓鱼岛 或日本人称为尖阁列岛的岛屿were not part of the Shimonoseki Treaty,本不是《马关条约》中的内容because Meiji Imperial Japan had annexed the islands in 1895因为明治政府于1895年吞并了这些岛屿in a moral infringement against China#39;s sovereignty.完全没有顾及中国的主权考虑Japan treated the islands as the war booty,日本视此岛为战利品and incorporated them as part of the Okinawa Prefecture.并将其纳入冲绳县This is the historic truth这便是日本政府that the Japanese government至今仍在遮遮掩掩的continues to ignore today.历史真相In this connection另外it is interesting to know that only in 1900还有件值得玩味的事实 那就是that the Imperial Japan had adopted the name Senkaku for these islands直到1900年 日本才采用了“尖阁列岛”这个名称that had always been known since ancient times by their Chinese name, the Diaoyu Islands.尖阁列岛 就是自古以来属于中国的钓鱼岛In the 1951 San Fransisco Treaty between Japan and USA1951年美日签订的《旧金山条约》中the Diaoyu Islands was placed under the administration of the ed States.钓鱼岛被置于美国的管辖之下In vain,中国政府和台湾都both Beijing and Taiwan对美国的管辖权protested this US administration of the Diaoyu Islands.提出抗议 但徒劳无功Neither the People#39;s Republic of China nor Taiwan中国政府和台湾都were consulted nor invited at the signatories to the 1951都没被请去参加1951年San Fransisco Peace Treaty.《旧金山和平条约》的签字仪式This clearly demonstrates the political climate of those days,这个事件鲜明地体现出当时的政治气氛which was dictated by cold war hysteria.即一切都受到冷战思维的左右This is the big picture这里是“大展望”节目an official television report to the nation本节目由美国军队制作from the ed States Army.面向全国播放Now to show you part of the big picture,这位便是here is Sergeant Stuart Quinn.斯图阿特·奎因军士 Article/201409/329685

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