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龙岩人民医院人工受孕好不好费用多少福州市治疗男性精子多少钱China is not only the global manufacturing base for thousands of everyday household items, it is also the source of most of the world’s torture instruments, from spiked clubs and electric stun batons to weighted leg cuffs.中国不仅是成千上万种日常家居用品的全球制造基地,也是世界各地大多数刑具(从带刺警棍、电警棍到加重脚镣)的产地。China’s manufacture and export of “intrinsically cruel, inhuman and degradinglaw enforcement equipment has surged in the past decade, according to a report published on Tuesday by Amnesty International.大赦国际(Amnesty International)周二发表的一份报告称,过0年里,中国制造和出口的“残忍、不人道和有辱人格性质”的执法装备猛增。The number of Chinese companies producing such equipment, much of it banned in the EU and condemned by the UN, has more than quadrupled to 130 in the past decade, the report said.报告称,生产此类装备的中国企业数量在过去10年里增加倍以上,30家。这些装备有很多是欧EU)禁止的,并受到联合国(UN)谴责。Many of the worst items, including thumb cuffs and rigid restraint chairs known as “tiger benchesin Chinese, are exported to countries with poor human rights records in Africa and southeast Asia.许多最残忍的产品,包括拇指铐和在中文里被称为“老虎凳”的刚性约束椅,远销人权纪录糟糕的非洲和东南亚国家。“This trade which causes immense suffering is flourishing because the Chinese authorities have done nothing to stop companies supplying these sickening devices for export or to prevent policing equipment falling into the hands of known human rights abusers,said Patrick Wilcken, security trade and human rights researcher at Amnesty.“这项造成巨大痛苦的贸易正在蓬勃发展,是因为中国当局没有采取任何措施阻止企业出口这些令人作呕的装备,或防止警务装备落入已知的人权侵犯者手中,”大赦国际安保产品贸易和人权研究员帕特里#8226;维尔Patrick Wilcken)表示。Torture by police and law enforcement officials in China itself is well-documented and many of the items singled out by Amnesty are used extensively in the country.中国本身的警察和执法官员动用酷刑的行为已得到大量记载,大赦国际提到的许多刑具在中国都有广泛使用。Although China’s top authorities have vowed to stop the use of torture to extract confessions, the practice remains widesp.虽然中国最高当局誓言停止刑讯逼供,但在实践中这种做法仍相当普遍。In its report, Amnesty said China is the only country to manufacture spiked batons, which are “specifically designed as implements of torture大赦国际的报告称,中国是制造带刺警棍的唯一国家,这些警棍是“专为施加酷刑而设计的工具”。It identified seven companies that openly advertise these batons for export and said they have been used by police in Cambodia and exported to security forces in Nepal and Thailand.报告指认家公开面向出口市场做广告宣传这些警棍的企业,并称这些产品已被柬埔寨的警察使用,并向尼泊尔和泰国的军警出口。Chinese-made electric shock batons, often used to torture detainees in China’s notorious and recently abolished reform through labour detention camps, are sold to several countries in Africa, according to the report.报告称,在中国不久前被废止的臭名昭著的劳教营常用来折磨在押人员的中国产电警棍,行销非洲多个国家。Many of the Chinese companies identified in the report are state-owned or have deep ties to the government or domestic security services.报告指认的许多中国企业是国有企业,或是与政府或国内安全保卫部门关系很深的企业。Amnesty also criticised the UK for hosting arms fairs in London and other parts of the country where illegal Chinese equipment is advertised.大赦国际还批评英国在伦敦和国内其他地方举办让中国企业宣传非法装备的军火展览会。The group has documented several cases where banned equipment such as electric shock stun guns, batons and leg cuffs has been on display at these events.该组织列举了数个案例,说明被禁止的装备(如电击眩晕、警棍和脚镣)曾在此类展会上展出。“The UK government has never prosecuted any company for illegally peddling torture equipment at UK arms fairs, despite numerous repeat offences dating back over a decade,said Oliver Sprague, Amnesty’s arms programme director.“英国政府从未对任何在英国军火展上非法兜售刑具的企业提起公诉,尽管过0年里一再出现此类违法行为,”大赦国际军火项目主任奥利弗#8226;斯普拉格(Oliver Sprague)表示。“The UK’s public rhetoric is that it has the strongest laws to ban this trade, but its actions so far have demonstrated the complete opposite. We want assurances that this is the end of the UK playing the dirty role of matchmaker between trader and torturer.”“英国官方的公开说辞是,英国拥有禁止这项贸易的最强大法律,但迄今它的行动明实际情况完全相反。我们希望英国保自己不再扮演贸易商与刑讯者之间撮合者的肮脏角色。”来 /201409/331800福州市检查排卵哪家最好 The president of the European Commission has called for the creation of an EU army in order to show Russia “that we are serious about defending European values欧盟委员European Commission)主席克洛#8226;容克(Jean-Claude Juncker)呼吁成立一只欧EU)军队,以向俄罗斯显示,“我们在捍卫欧洲价值观上是当真的”。In an interview with German newspaper Die Welt, Jean-Claude Juncker, who leads the EU’s executive arm, said an EU army would let the continent “react credibly to threats to peace in a member state or a neighbour of the EU在接受德国报纸《世界报Die Welt)采访时,这位欧盟执行机构掌舵人表示,欧盟军队将让欧洲“在欧盟成员国或邻国的和平受到威胁时,做出更可靠的回应”。The EU is divided on how to deal with an increasingly forthright Russia, which has been accused by Nato and the US of supplying rebel fighters in eastern Ukraine with military equipment and intelligence in the conflict against government-backed forces.在如何对付日益强硬的俄罗斯上,欧盟成员国的意见并不一致。北Nato)和美国一直谴责俄罗斯向乌克兰东部叛军提供军事设备和情报,对抗乌克兰政府军。Some member states, including the Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, are calling for the bloc to take a much stricter line on its eastern neighbour.包括波罗的海三国——爱沙尼亚、拉脱维亚和立陶宛在内,有些成员国在呼吁欧盟对俄罗斯采取较目前强硬得多的立场。Large member states are also split over the idea of an EU army, with the proposals being cautiously welcomed by many senior German politicians but repeatedly dismissed outright by a succession of British governments.较大成员国也在成立欧盟军队的构想上产生了分歧。该提议得到了德国高级政治家的谨慎欢迎,但多次遭到英国政府直截了当的拒绝。Some MEPs defended the idea, arguing that such an army should be controlled by the European Parliament.一些欧洲议会议MEP)为该构想辩护,主张这样一只军队应受欧洲议European Parliament)控制。But eurosceptic parties criticised the suggestion. Mike Hookem, a defence spokesman for the anti-EU UK Independence party, said: “A European army would be a tragedy for the UK. We have all seen the utter mess the EU has made of the eurozone economy, so how can we even think of trusting them with this island’s defence.”但反对欧洲统一的政党批评了这一建议。反欧盟的英国独立党(UKIP)的国防发言人麦#8226;胡凯Mike Hookem)表示:“欧盟军队对英国而言将是一场悲剧。我们都已看到,欧盟已把欧元区经济完全搞砸了,那怎么还能设想把保卫本岛的责任托付给他们呢?”Mr Juncker said an EU army would “help us to develop a common foreign and security policy, and to fulfil Europe’s responsibilities in the world Nato was not a sufficient protection for the EU as not all EU members are part of the alliance, according to Mr Juncker.荣克表示,欧盟军队将“帮我们建立共同的外交与安全政策,并履行欧盟在世界上的责任。”荣克称,北约为欧盟提供的保护并不充分,因为并非所有欧盟成员国都加入了北约。Additional reporting by Helen Warrell in London海伦#8226;沃勒Helen Warrell)伦敦补充报道 /201503/363536Meeting for the first time in three years, leaders from China, Japan and South Korea agreed on Sunday that they would meet annually and work toward greater trade ties, even as they continued to wrangle over territorial and historical disputes.本周日举行的会谈,是近三年来中、日、韩三国领导人的首次会面。尽管这三个国家间还存在领土和历史上的争端,三国领导人在会议上一致同意,日后将每年进行会面,加深三国之间的贸易联系。Given their countries long history of mutual grievances rooted in a wartime history, the meeting of Premier Li Keqiang of China, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan and President Park Geun-hye of South Korea was in itself considered progress.鉴于三国之间由战争遗留下的长期怨怼,中国总理李克强、日本首相安倍晋三以及韩国总统朴槿惠的三人会面可以说是一项重大突破;This summit meeting carries a historic significance because it restores a system of cooperation among the three countries, which in turn is an important frame of peace and prosperity in Northeast Asia,; Ms. Park said during a joint news conference with the two other leaders.朴槿惠在联合新闻发布会上说:;此次首脑会议具有极大的历史意义,因为其修复了这三个国家之间的合作关系,并且也相应地为东北亚地区构建了和平昌盛的框架;During their talks, held at Ms. Parks presidential headquarters, the Blue House, the three appeared to have skirted their countries territorial and other thorny disputes, with their joint statement saying they would work for regional peace and stability ;in the spirit of marching to the future while looking squarely at the history.;在青瓦台举办的会谈中,三国领导人刻意回避了彼此之间的领土问题以及其他争端,联合发表声明称他们会就;面向未来、直面历史的精神;而为区域和平稳定做出努力。They also produced widely expected pledges to stay committed to ending North Koreas nuclear weapons ambitions and to add momentum to efforts to negotiate a trilateral free trade agreement, a new engine for joint economic advancement. They also agreed to meet again next year, in Tokyo, in a continuation of discussions that were suspended for three years because of political tensions between Japan and the other two.同时,他们也不负众望,承诺会共同致力于遏制朝鲜发展核武器,并且投入更多精力来商议三边自由贸易协定,为三国经济共同发展注入新动力。三国领导人也同意明年于日本东京再次会面,重启先前因为政治冲突而搁置三年的讨论。Even before the three leaders met on Sunday, few analysts expected any major deal to emerge. But their discussions reflected the fact that their countries, which are among the worlds largest economies, rely on one another for badly needed growth, despite the persistence of animosities rooted in Japans colonial aggression in the early 20th century.即便是在这三位领导人的周日会面之前,没有几位分析人士认为此次会谈会催生什么重大交易。但是他们的谈话表明,尽管日本在20世纪初的殖民侵略遗留下的深深仇恨仍未散去,这三个在世界名列前茅的经济体因为迫切的增长需求而互相依赖。During the news conference on Sunday, Mr. Abe said he had had a ;quite frank exchange of opinions; with Ms. Park and Mr. Li. But he did not mention any of the issues that have distanced his country from the two neighbors, like the recruitment of Korean, Chinese and other Asian women who were forced or lured into working in front-line brothels for Japans World War II soldiers.在周日的新闻发布会上,安倍晋三说他同朴槿惠以及李克强;相当坦率地交换了观点;。但是他并未提及任何使日本与其他两国疏远的事件,譬如二战时期从中、韩以及其他亚洲国家征召慰安妇的事件。Mr. Li came close to calling Mr. Abe to task during the news conference. Without mentioning Japan by name, he said that the three countries needed to ;heighten mutual political trust; and that ;mutual trust is conditioned on a mutual understanding of historical and other important issues.; He said that Beijing did not want its trilateral and bilateral ties with the others to be disrupted again.在新闻发布会期间,李克强靠近安倍,叫他分配任务。李克强并未刻意提及日本,说三个国家需;加强彼此政治互信;,并;这种互信建立在对于历史以及其他重要事件的共同认识之上;。他说中国不希望其三边及双边合作关系再次破裂。Leaders of the three neighbors held five annual trilateral meetings between 2008 and 2012, but those ended after Mr. Abe took office in late 2012. Tokyos relations with Seoul and Beijing, aly frosty because of territorial disputes over islands and conflicting interpretations of wartime history, chilled further after the Japanese leader visited or sent offerings to the Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo, where war criminals, as well as other war dead, are honored.008年到2012年期间,这三个相邻国家的领导人曾举办了五次年度三边会议,但自2012年底安倍晋三上台执政后中止。日本对中、韩关系因为领土争端和彼此矛盾的侵略战争历史观而不断恶化,并因日方领导人祭拜靖国神社和供奉战犯而更加恶劣。Mr. Abes insistence that there was no proof that Japans military systematically forced Korean and other Asian women to serve as sex slaves during World War II so angered South Koreans that Ms. Park has refused to meet with him one on one. She has met with Mr. Li and President Xi Jinping of China several times since taking office in early 2013.安倍晋三坚称,没有任何据表明二战期间日军曾有组织地逼迫韩国以及其他亚洲妇女成为性奴。此举一度激怒朴槿惠,使她拒绝和安倍一对一会面。朴槿惠013年上任来已与中国总理李克强、中国国家主席习近平有过几次会面。Mr. Abe was traveling with no compromise on historical issues, South Korean officials said. The rift between him and Ms. Park remained so wide, especially over the sex slaves, known euphemistically as comfort women, that South Korea decided not to hold a state banquet for him, an honor it bestowed on Mr. Li on Saturday, when he discussed trade and other ties with Ms. Park and South Korean business leaders.韩国官员称,安倍此次与会并没有任何在历史问题上妥协的意味。安倍和朴槿惠之间的嫌隙极深,尤其是在慰安妇问题方面。此次韩国并未以国宴规格招待安倍晋三。而在周六,李克强则受到国宴规格的款待,当时他和朴槿惠以及韩国的商业领袖们一起讨论贸易和其他往来联系。Washington has repeatedly asked Japan and South Korea, its key allies in Northeast Asia, to mend ties to cope with Chinas growing regional influence.美国一直敦促其在东南亚的重要盟友要修复和中国的关系,以应对其日益壮大的区域影响力。Mr. Abes arrival in Seoul came as many Japanese accuse Ms. Park of taking South Korea too close to China, to the detriment of the regional security partnership linking Japan, South Korea and the ed States. South Korea recently completed a free-trade agreement with China, aly its biggest trading partner.安倍在首尔的露面引发了日本国内对朴槿惠的诸多不满,许多人指责朴槿惠与中国太过亲近,会对日、韩、美三国的区域安全合伙造成不利。近期,韩国和中国达成一项自由贸易协定,中国俨然成为其最大的贸易伙伴。来 /201511/407492福州治疗不育大约多少钱

福州去哪里检查精子活性最好福州博爱医院检查输卵管造影 It is common in the US to view France as a fading nation. Last week’s carnage in Paris has reminded Americans what they value in their oldest ally. France may suffer from steep unemployment and a sclerotic public sector. It remains an à la carte ally of the US, rather than adopting a British-style prix fixe. But its effective handling of the attack on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and the symbolic nature of the target has invoked something in America’s DNA. “Solidaritéis the cover of the New Yorker against a cartoon of the Eiffel Tower as a pencil an artful echo of Le Monde’s “We are all Americanspost-9/11 headline. The slogan, “Je Suis Charlie may be overblown. But this tragedy has brought out America’s underlying sympathy for France. The more is the pity that no senior US official was able to attend Sunday’s unity demonstration in Paris.Though recent, the neoconservative view of France as a nation of “cheese eating surrender monkeysis now a memory. Yet the lessons of the Iraq invasion look ever more relevant. In 2003, many Americans saw France as a weak-kneed appeaser of Third World dictators Saddam Hussein being the latest. Some of it was true. The French have few scruples in dealing with thuggish regimes when there is profit to be made. But France and Germany stood against the Iraq invasion on principle and substance. With hindsight they were prescient. History will treat Jacques Chirac more kindly than Tony Blair. Besides, the US and the UK have histories of arming their own strongmen at one time that included Saddam. Whether you view the fight against Islamist fascism as a war, or as an international police operation, the French are doing some things right.Last week’s horror reminds us that Enlightenment values are universal and France remains one of its strongest cradles. Some commentators have pointedest to Charlie Hebdogratuitous lack of taste. The magazine has been relentlessly provocative, they say. It is a fair critique. Hebdo has made its name through insulting people of all faiths, Muslims among them. But the critique confuses defence of free speech with its content. Voltaire said: “I do not agree with what you have to say but I will defend to the death your right to say it.The philosopher is said to have made those remarks in 1766 after the French state had executed a baron for blasphemy the offender having defiled a crucifix and spat on religious imagery. The philosopher’s worldview prevailed. Today, such material is likelier to be on exhibit at a Parisian art gallery. No one is required to like Hebdo. We are all Voltairians now.France has stuck more rigidly to secularism than its cousins in the US. Depictions of Jesus are as unwelcome in the French classroom as the Islamic veil. Some Muslim feminists argue this is counter-productive wearing the chador emboldens girls from conservative families to go out into the world. Yet France enforces the principle even-handedly. In parts of the US, such as Texas, the curriculum teaches that the Christian God is the author of American liberty. It is a long way from what most of the founding fathers believed. Many, including Thomas Jefferson, the most Francophile of America’s revolutionaries, were Deists they believed God originally made the universe but did not interfere in its workings. It was as close to atheism as the age permitted.Today, few US politicians would dare admit to Godlessness, or even agnosticism. According to Pew, just 2.4 per cent of Americans identify as atheist. Yet faith is only selectively rewarded in the US. Muslim unbelievers are celebrated with plenty of airtime.Nor is France vacillating in its response to the Islamist threat. With mixed results it spearheaded the war against Muammer Gaddafi’s Libya President Barack Obama was content to lead that from behind. It has taken the initiative to fight the Islamist insurgency in Mali. It is the most sceptical among the EU three in its view of Iran’s nuclear ambitions Britain and Germany are less hardline.There are plenty of doubters in the English-speaking world. They point to French iness to pay off al-Qaeda-linked hostage-takers in north Africa and elsewhere. They are alarmed by rising anti-Semitism a record number of French Jews are moving to Israel. Moreover, France’s 5m Muslims are among the least integrated in Europe. Marine Le Pen’s far right Front National will doubtless gain support after last week’s horrors. Whatever backlash occurs will encourage yet more French Muslims to join the Islamic State’s insurgency in Syria and Iraq, another dubious league table that France tops.But these are dangers France and the US have in common. With obvious reluctance, but little option, Mr Obama has assembled another ad hoc coalition to “degrade and ultimately destroythe latest threat from the Middle East. This time France is a willing partner alongside the UK. Two of the Hebdo terrorists were trained by al-Qaeda in Yemen. Others will have learnt new methods from Isis. It is probably only a matter of time before one of the groups tries another attack on the US homeland. Today, as in the late 18th century, France and the US are peas in a pod. Each sees itself as exceptional. But what they have in common transcends national vanities. When France and the US see eye-to-eye their histories sometimes rhyme.美国人普遍把法国视为一个衰落中的国家。上周巴黎发生的屠杀让美国人回想起,他们对最长久的盟友法国看重的是什么。法国可能正受困于高失业率和僵化的公共行业。法国仍是美国的一个照单点菜式的盟友(而非英国那样的铁杆拍档)。但是,讽刺杂志《查理周刊Charlie Hebdo) 遇袭后法国的高效处理——以及被攻击目标具有的象征意义——唤醒了美国人基因中的某些东西。最新一期《纽约客New Yorker)封面的主题是“团结”,背景是制成埃菲尔铁塔(Eiffel Tower)卡通形象的一枝铅笔——巧妙呼应了法国《世界报Le Monde)/11事件之后“我们都是美国人”的标题。“我是查理Je suis Charlie)的标语可能有些过头了。但这场悲剧引出了美国对法国的根本同情。在这一背景下,没有一位美国高官能够参加周日在巴黎举行的团结游行更加令人遗憾。尽管存在于不久之前,但将法国视为“吃奶酪的投降派猴子”的国家的新保守主义观点现已销声匿迹,但入侵伊拉克的教训看来更有相关性003年,许多美国人认为法国软弱面对第三世界独裁者——萨达姆#8226;侯赛Saddam Hussein)是最新的一个。这道出了部分实情。当有利润可赚时,法国人在跟野蛮政权打交道时很少感到顾虑。但法国——以及德国——在原则立场和实质性问题上反对入侵伊拉克。事后看来,它们颇有先见之明。历史对雅克#8226;希拉Jacques Chirac)的评价将高于托尼#8226;布莱Tony Blair)。再说,美国和英国都武装过自己的强人——有一度包括萨达姆。无论你将打击伊斯兰法西斯主义的斗争看作一场战争还是国际警察行动,法国人在一些事情上做对了。上周的恐怖事件提醒我们,启蒙运动(Enlightenment)的价值观是普世的——而法国仍是这些价值观最强大的摇篮之一。有些员指出了《查理周刊》的无厘头缺乏品味。他们表示,该刊历来竭尽挑衅之能事。这是合理的批评。《查理周刊》以侮辱各种信仰的人(包括穆斯林)而闻名。但这一批评把捍卫言论自由和捍卫言论内容混淆在一起。伏尔泰(Voltaire)曾说:“我不同意你的观点,但我誓死捍卫你说话的权利。”据称,这位哲学家是766年发表这一言论的,之前法国政府以亵渎言辞为由,处决了一名男爵——后者玷污了一尊耶稣受难像,并朝着圣象吐痰。伏尔泰的世界观后来占了上风。如今,这样的内容更有可能在巴黎艺术画廊里展出。没有人非要喜欢《查理周刊》不可。如今我们都是伏尔泰的信徒。法国人比美国人更固执地倒向了世俗主义。在法国的课堂上,耶稣画像跟伊斯兰面纱一样不受欢迎。有些穆斯林女权主义者辩称,这么做的效果适得其反——穿上黑色罩袍会让保守家庭的女子更有胆量走进外面的世界。不过,法国是不偏不倚地执行这一原则的。在美国有些地区(比如得克萨斯州),按照教学大纲的规定,基督教的上帝是美国自由的缔造者。这与美国多数开国先贤的信念相去甚远。当年的许多人,包括美国革命者中最崇拜法国的托马斯#8226;杰斐Thomas Jefferson),都是自然神论者——他们认为,最初由上帝创造了宇宙,但后来上帝对宇宙的运行未加干预。这是那个时代所能容许的最接近无神论的观点了。如今,敢于承认不信仰上帝、甚至自称接受不可知论的美国政界人士寥寥无几。根据佩尤民Pew)的调查结果,仅有2.4%的美国人称自己是无神论者。不过,信仰在美国获得的回报是有选择性的。不信仰伊斯兰教的穆斯林获得喝,在电视上得到大量时间。法国在应对伊斯兰主义威胁时也并未摇摆。尽管结果有好有坏,但法国充当了推翻利比亚穆阿迈#8226;卡扎Muammer Gaddafi)政权的作战的先锋——而美国总统巴拉克·奥巴马(Barack Obama)满足于“从后面领导”。在打击马里的伊斯兰主义叛乱中,法国也采取了主动。在看待伊朗核野心的问题上,法国是欧盟三剑客中最为怀疑的国家,比英国和德国更强硬。英语世界中有一些质疑者,他们指出法国准备为北非等地发生的、与基地组织有关的人质劫持事件付赎金。反犹太主义升温引起他们的担忧——迁居以色列的法国犹太人人数创下纪录。此外,法国00万穆斯林融入主流社会的程度是欧洲最低的。在上周的惨案发生后,马#8226;勒庞(Marine Le Pen)领导的极右翼党派国民阵线(National Front)无疑将获得持。无论产生什么反弹,都将刺激更多法国穆斯林加入叙利亚和伊拉克的“伊斯兰国Islamic State)动乱,这是法国领衔的另一个不好的排行榜。不过,法国和美国也有共同的威胁。明显不情愿但别无选择的奥巴马,已经组织了另一个特别同盟,以“削弱并最终摧毁”来自中东的最新威胁。这次法国与英国一道,成了愿意与美国合作的伙伴。袭击《查理周刊》的两名恐怖分子曾在也门接受基地组织的培训。未来的恐怖分子将会在“伊斯兰国”学到新手段。某一个组织试图在美国本土发动另一次袭击,很可能只是时间问题。就8世纪后期一样,如今的法国和美国是一个豆荚里的豌豆。两国皆自命不凡。但他们之间的共同点超越民族虚荣心。当法国和美国坦诚相待时,他们的历史有时会产生共鸣。来 /201501/354146三明市封闭抗体检查什么医院好

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