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Todd: So, Phil, Im thinking about going to China and Im really into nature. I love wildlife. Can you recommend anything to me?Phil,我正打算去中国看看,我非常喜欢亲近大自然,我还喜欢野生动物。你能给我推荐一些景点吗?Phil: The best thing I did in China was go through Zhang Jia Jie National Park. Thats Hunan Province, and if you like nature, thats really highly recommended. Its an UNESCO cite. Its easy to find on the internet, but its just craters, gorges, trees sticking out of really strangely shaped hills, lots of caverns and very very few people there. It was empty when I was there. I had never heard of it before. I had just been recommended by a tour guide. It was spectacular. If you like nature and like hiking it will definitely give you a workout and youll take a lot of pictures.在中国最值得去的地方就是湖南省的张家界国家公园了。如果你喜欢大自然,那我强烈推荐你去那儿看看。联合国教科文组织中曾介绍过。在网上很容易搜到相关资料,但那里有很多山口,峡谷和树木,有很多奇形怪状的山,还有很多的山d洞,但是人很少。我去那儿的时候感觉那里人烟稀少。之前我也从未听到过这个地方。是一个导游向我推荐的。那里的景色十分壮观。如果你喜欢大自然并且喜欢远足,那里一定是一个远足和拍风景照的好地方。Todd: Wow, well, how big is this park?哇,那个公园有多大?Phil: Good question. I didnt see the whole thing, and I spend three days there walking different parts every day, so I really dont know the size of it except that its massive. So you just went hiking and then you camped overnight, or did you just hiked for the day?好问题。我没有把从头到尾把张家界游览完。只是花了三天时间在那里游览,所以我也说不好那里到底有多大。你是想远足并且在那儿露营过夜还是只是白天走走?Phil: Just day hikes, the tour I had been organized with had rented us a hotel, just stayed in the hotel, slept there at night, and walked most of the day.只是白天走走。我的旅行团给租了宾馆,但只是晚上歇歇脚睡一觉,白天多半都在外面活动的。Todd: Uh-huh. Did you see any wildlife?哦,你看到什么野生动物了吗?Phil: Some insects and some butterflies, but no, nothing, no mammals, nothing like that.只看到了些昆虫和蝴蝶,其他的就没了。也没看到哺乳类的动物。Todd: Was the, were the trails steep?那儿的山路陡峭吗?Phil: Yeah, but most of them do have stairs so, regardless of your fitness level I dont think it would be very difficult for anybody to, some people might be a bit slower than others but you should be able to make it up alright.挺陡峭的,但是大部分都是有楼梯的,无论你身体素质怎么样,我觉得爬山都不算难。有些人可能会爬的慢些,但你自己要注意调整好。Todd: So, where is this again? You said in Hunan Province!好,再说一遍那在哪?你刚刚说是在湖南省!Phil: I believe its North-Western Hunan Province.就在的湖南省的西北边。注:译文属原创,,。 /201307/2480589. Could you fill out this form?您能填一下这张表吗?还能这样说:Please fill out this form.This form should be filled out.应用:be filled with 充满着;drink ones fill of 喝饱,吃饱10. Please check and confirm that all things are in the bags.检查一下,确保一切物品均在包里。还能这样说:You should check to make sure that articles are not lost.Please examine to ensure that all articles are in the bags.应用:confirm指用事实或据来进一步实或明……是真实的;substantiate指列举事实以实某一主张是有效的;corroborate指以陈述新事实或据来明……是真实的。11. You should tell the details of the lost to the police.你应把丢失细节讲给警察听。还能这样说:You should tell briefly the process of the lost to the police.The whole process of the lost should be told briefly to the police.应用:in some detail 相当详细地;in more detail 更详细地12. Dont worry, you will find it.别着急,会找到的。还能这样说:Take it easy, you will get it.Calm down, it will be back.应用:worry down 勉强咽下;worry out 绞尽脑汁解决;费尽心机弄到手 /201407/315868

Todd: So, Steven, where did you go to college?托德:史蒂文,你在哪里上的大学?Steve: I went to the University of Wales, um, the College of Cardiff there, so it the ed Kingdom, obviously we have England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland and so I spent three years over in Wales.史蒂文:我上的是威尔士的卡迪夫大学,英国包括英格兰、威尔士、苏格兰和爱尔兰四个部分,我在威尔士度过了三年的时间。Todd: Wow. Sounds fun. So whats university like in Wales? Is it different than University life in Britain?托德:哇,听起来很有意思。威尔士的大学怎么样?和英国其他的大学生活有什么不同吗?Steve: Yeah, it is. Um, for example Wales has its own distinguished, distinctive language and culture as well, so if you go to Wales youll see street signs written not only in English, but above that youll have the Welsh language there and Welsh people are very, very proud of their language, and their heritage and there culture and it made it just a slightly different experience from studying over the border in England.史蒂文:有。举例来说,威尔士有自己独特的语言和文化,所以如果你去威尔士,你会看到街上的标志不仅仅是用英语写的,在英语上面还有威尔士语,而且威尔士人对他们的语言、传统和文化感到非常自豪,这和在英格兰边界学习的经验有所不同。Todd: So they speak Welsh? Is that the language?托德:那他们说威尔士语吗?这是那种语言的名称吗?Steve: Thats correct. Yeah. Yeah, they do. Its not spoken by everybody in Wales. Since the middle ages, the usage of the language has declined somewhat but there has been a revival over the last 30 or 40 years, and now about, maybe about 40% of the Welsh population speak it as either as their first of second language.史蒂文:没错。他们说威尔士语。但是并不是威尔士的所有人都说威尔士语。威尔士语在中世纪的使用有所减少,但是过去三四十年以来,威尔士语又再度复兴,现在威尔士大约有40%的人口把威尔士语当成第一或第二种语言来使用。Todd: Did you learn it while you there?托德:你在那里的时候有学威尔士语吗?Steve: No, no, I didnt, no. Everybody speaks English there. but there is a lot of good music coming out in Welsh now. Theres lots of cultural festivals and when I was at Cardiff, theres lots of pubs where its Welsh speaking only and it was quite good fun to go in there and try to order a beer and stuff in the Welch language, but that was about as far as I got.史蒂文:没有,我没学。那里所有人都说英语,现在威尔士有很多不错的音乐。那里有很多文化节,卡迪夫有许多只说威尔士语的酒吧,去那里试着用威尔语点一杯啤酒和其他东西真的很有趣,不过我也只会那点威尔士语。Todd: Could you say that theres any, its a stereo type, thats theres any difference between the Welsh people and the British people?托德:有没有那种刻板印象,威尔士人和英国人有什么区别吗?Steve: There is yeah, because theyve had a different history and obviously that affects how people have evolved over many centuries. They like different sports for example. Theyre more into rugby than they are into football. They tend to look slightly different than they do to English people. They tend tohave sort of redder hair and darker eyes than English people, but also theyre very, very loyal, theyre very, very fierce, theyre very passionate people. Theyre very nice people.史蒂文:有,因为他们的历史不同,而历史影响着人们数个世纪以来的发展方式。举例来说,他们喜欢的体育运动就不同。相较于足球,威尔士人更喜欢橄榄球。他们总是会看起来和英国人的做法有些不同。他们的发色比英国人更红、眼睛的颜色也比英国人深,但是他们也同样踏实又坚定,他们是充满热情的人,他们是非常棒的人。Todd: Well, it sounds like a nice place to go. Id love to go someday.托德:听起来那是个不错的地方。我希望有一天能去看看。Steve: Yeah it was nice!史蒂文:当然了,那里很不错! 译文属 /201411/340805

14. The sun drives me up the wall.我快被太阳逼疯了。还能这样说:The sun drives me crazy.The sun drives me around the bend.应用:be driving at 意在,意指,打算。例如:I wish I know what they are really driving at.我希望我能知道她们的真实意图。15. Ill fix up some vegetables for cooking.我来准备用来做饭的蔬菜。还能这样说:I will prepare the vegetables for cooking.I will set about the vegetables for cooking.应用:cook sb.s goose 破坏别人的计划;cook up 很快煮好;编造;cook out 在外面烹调;too many cooks 人多反倒误事16. Lets go to the woods in the countryside.我们去乡下的小树林吧。还能这样说:Shall we go to the woods in the countryside?How about going to the woods in the countryside?17. I will make fire for you. Its too easy for me.我给你们生火,这可是我的绝活。还能这样说:I will make fire for you. It is a piece of cake for me.I totally have no problem to make the fire, so I will do it for you.应用:easy in ones morals 行为不检点;easier said than done 说起来容易做起来难;take it easy on 对……别太严厉;go easy on 对人温和点,省着点用;stand easy 放松些,随便些18. The beautiful scene puts me in a happy mood.美丽的景色使我心情愉快。还能这样说:The beautiful scene makes me feel happy.I am thrilled by the beautiful scene.应用:be in the mood for doing sth. 有做某事的心思或兴致;be in no mood for doing sth. 没有做某事的心思 /201312/270133For:正方辩词:The extreme sports will be the mainstream sport.极限运动将成为未来体运动的主流。At present, more and more modern people are tired of the monotonous life. They desire to experience something interesting and exciting. The desire to experience something interesting and exciting. The extreme sports such as bungee jumping, sky diving and ice climbing meet their needs. So I think the extreme sports will be the mainstream sport in the future.如今,越来越多的现代人厌倦了单调的生活,他们渴望经历一些有趣剌激的事情。如蹦极、空中跳水、攀冰等极限运动都正和他们胃口。因此,极限运动将会成为未来的主流运动。Besides, the extreme sports are beneficial to explore and develop our potentials when we are facing challenges and difficulties. Therefore, more and more people will love these sports activities and promote the extreme sports to the top position in the future.另外,极限运动中会面对很多挑战与困难,这将对开发及发展我们的潜能有很大帮助。因此,越来越多的人喜欢上了极限运动,从而在未来极限运动将会被推向顶峰。Against:反方辩词:The extreme sports woot be the mainstream sport.极限运动不会成为主流体育运动。Although the extreme sports are paid more and more attention by us, these activities are designed for a certain group of people rather than the general public, since these sports are related to high risks and dangers.尽管极限运动越来越被大家所关注,但是,由于这些运动常常伴随着高风险和高危险性,因此它们仅仅是为某一特定人群而设计的,并不能成为全民普及运动。As we know, the extreme sports need professional skills and gears. Most people are not qualified to do these activities. In this sense, the extreme sports are not for everyone, so the extreme sports wont be the mainstream sport in the future.我们知道,极限运动需要专业的技术和装备,而大部分人并不具备参加极限运动的资格。因此,极限运动并不适合每一个人,而它也不会成为未来体育运动的主流。 /201412/349785

经典句型:Is it time for boarding? 该上车了吗?A:Hurry up.甲:快点。B:Is it time for boarding?乙:该上车了吗?A:Yes.We will have our tickets punched now.甲:是的。我们现在要去检票。B:Where should we go now?乙:我们去哪儿检票呢?A:Waiting Room 2.甲:第二候车室。B:Which platform should we go?乙:我们要去哪个站台呢?A:Just follow me.甲:跟着我走就行。经典句型:When will the ticket be punched? 什么时候检票?A:When will the ticket be punched?甲:什么时候检票?B:I dont know.Just wait for the broadcast.乙:不知道。等着听广播吧。A:All right.甲:好吧。句型讲解:Punch表示“打孔”,punch a ticket在车票上打孔,即检票的意思。也可以用check一词,have the ticket checked或者have the ticket punched都是表示“检票”。 /201404/292369Li:Hi Neil, how are you?Li:你好尼尔,最近怎么样?Neil:Im fine thanks, how are you Li?Im good.Neil:谢谢我很好。小李你怎么样?我很好。Li:Are you free on Saturday evening?Li:你周六晚上有空吗?Im holding a small dinner party.Saturday?我要举办一个小型的晚餐派对。周六吗?Neil:Yeah, that would be fantastic but Id better just check with my other half.Neil:那好极了但是我最好和我的那位确认一下。Li:Your other half?Li:你的那位?Li:What do you mean?Li:什么意思?Neil:Yes Im not sure if my wife has anything planned for Saturday.Neil:是的,我不确定我妻子周六是否有安排。Li:Oh!I did not know you call your wife your other half.Li:哦,我之前不知道你称你的妻子为你的那位。Thats interesting.真有意思。Neil:Yes.Neil:是啊。Neil:Thats a phrase often used by married couples to refer to each other.Neil:这是夫妻之间互相用来称呼对方的短语。Li:Thats useful to know.Li:长知识了。Lets hear some examples:我们来听一些例子吧:A:Hows your other half?你的那位怎么样?Is she feeling better?她好些了吗?B:Yes, she is much better, thanks.是的,她好多了。谢谢。Lady:I like the colour of the car but I should ask my other half before I buy it.我喜欢这车的颜色但是我买之前应该问一下我的那位。A:Fancy another pint, John?再来一品脱吗,约翰?B:Id love another pint but I have promised my other half Ill be home early.我也想但是我已经答应了我的那位我会早点回家。Neil:So, people often refer to their partner as their other half.Neil:所以人们经常用“他们的那位”来称呼他们的伴侣。Li:Can this phrase be used to refer to both a husband and a wife?这个短语即可以用来称呼丈夫也可以用来称呼妻子吗?Neil:Yes, thats correct.Neil:对。Neil:And sometimes a man will refer to his wife as his better half.Neil:有时一个男人也会称他的妻子为“更好的那位”。Li:Better half?Li:更好的那位?Of course the woman is always the better half!当然了,妻子总是更好的那位!would not you agree?难道不同意吗?Neil:Of course!Neil:当然!My wife always reminds me that shes my better half!我的妻子老是提醒我她是我的更好的那位!Li:Lets listen to a couple of examples:我们再来听两个例子吧:A:Oh what a lovely room, youve made a great job of this.欧,多么可爱的房间!你一定花了很多功夫。B:Thanks, but compliments should really go to my better half, she chose all the colours and the furniture.谢谢,但是应该表扬的是我的妻子,是她选了所有的颜色和家具。A:Thanks for dinner last night.谢谢昨晚的晚餐。The food was fantastic!食物太棒了!B:Youre welcome.Im glad you enjoyed it.不用谢,我很高兴你喜欢。It was a fun evening.真是个愉快的夜晚。Im really lucky, my better half is a great cook, I just have to do all the washing up.我真的很幸运,我的妻子厨艺超赞,我只是负责洗碗。Li:Im sure your wife thinks you are the better half although she may not say it.Li:我敢肯定你妻子肯定觉得你也是更好的那位尽管她可能不会说出来。Neil:I hope so.Neil:我希望如此。Li:Well, just check with your better half and let me know if you are coming on Saturday.Li:呃,和你的那位确认一下然后告诉我你周六是否能来。Neil:I will do, thank you.Neil:我会的。谢谢。 /201311/264021

The best things in life are worth waiting for, fighting for, believing in, and just never letting go.生命中最好的事情值得等待,值得为之奋斗,值得相信,也值得绝不放手。A: 又到了学美语的时间了!大家好,欢迎收听美语训练班!我是杨琳!B: 我是CAT!杨琳,今天我们教什么呢?A: 今天,咱们要看看被出租车司机忽悠时该怎么办, 要尝试刺激的跳台滑雪,要聊聊买车, 还要告诉大家怎么用美语说“路痴”和“新手”。B: 新手是;newbie,; 这个我们以前教过了吧?A: 没错,今天咱们教另外一种说法。不过,节目一开始,咱们还是先来学个词儿!Learn A Word #1355 Off the charts今天我们要学的词是off the charts. Off is spelled o-f-f; and charts, c-h-a-r-t-s, charts; off the charts. Chart 是表格的意思,off the charts,不在表格上了,意思是超常。The bands popularity among teenagers is off the charts. 这个乐队特别受青少年欢迎。研究发现,医护人员容易患抑郁症,因为他们工作时间不规律,而且 Their stress levels can be off the charts. 他们承受的压力也过大。我们还可以把这三个词用hyphen, 连字符连接起来,作为形容词。比如:The Washington Redskins are having an off-the-charts season。美国首都华盛顿的橄榄球队红人队这个赛季表现特别好。好的,今天我们学习的词是off the charts, off the charts, off the charts.A: 我家附近新开了一个泰国饭馆,Its food is totally off the charts! 哪天咱们一起去吃!B:Thats great! I love Thai food! As a matter of fact, I just bought some cooking books and now Im learning to make Thai food by myself.A: 在家钻研做泰国菜? 你太贤惠了!B: 不是,我只是嘴馋嘛!A: 那什么时候能尝尝你的手艺啊?B: Im not there yet. 我还是个新手,做得不好。A: 诶呀,你太谦虚了。不过说到“新手”,咱们来听今天的流行美语!Popular American: shoot hoops, rookie各位听众,现在播送《流行美语》。Larry 和李华要放三天长假,他们正在计划假期的安排。李华会学到两个常用语:shoot hoops 和 rookie.LL: I cant believe we have a three-day weekend. I havent had a break from school for so long.LH: 是啊,要放假了,一定得好好玩玩。LL: What are you planning on doing over the long summer?LH: 不知道啊,不过,今天放学后我和 Tracy 要去吃饭,看电影,你要不要一起来?LL: Sorry Li Hua. I have plans tonight. Im going to shoot hoops with Jeffrey and Tom.LH: Shoot hoops? 那是什么?LL: Shoot hoops is a casual way of saying to play basketball.LH: 喔~原来to shoot hoops 就是去打篮球。LL: Yes. In basketball, the main goal is to shoot hoops. If you are only playing basketball with friends or alone, in a casual manner, you can say that you are going to shoot hoops.LH: 我明白了,打篮球主要目的是投篮得分,所以要去打篮球时就说,Im going to shoot hoops. 那如果我要去踢足球,可以说,Im going to kick balls 吗?LL: No, no, no. No one says theyre going to kick balls when theyre going to play soccer. This way of saying to play a sport is only used in basketball.LH: 哦,原来只有篮球可以这样说。对了,Larry, our school is going to shoot hoops with our rival school tomorrow. We have to win! 我这样说行吗?LL: Well, you generally dont say shoot hoops when you are talking about a basketball game or competition. Shoot hoops is only used for casual basketball playing.LH: 好吧,不过 Larry, 认识你这么久,我好象从来没见你打过篮球,藏而不露嘛!LL: No, Im not that good at basketball. Im just a rookie.LH: Rookie? Whats a rookie? 我那天有个朋友也说自己是投资的 rookie, 我当时就没搞懂他的意思。LL: Haha. A rookie is a beginner, a person who is new to a field or profession.LH: 哦,Rookie 是初学者的意思,你说自己篮球打得不怎么样,刚入门,而我那朋友则是在说自己刚开始做投资。LL: Thats right. A rookie can be used to describe any type of beginner. You can be a rookie doctor, a rookie English speaker, or a rookie violinist.LH: 嗯,那我懂了。Larry is not only rookie at basketball, but is also rookie at driving. 你不光打篮球刚入门,开车也是新手。LL: What do you mean by that? Ive been driving for years!LH: 没错,你拿到驾照虽然很久了,可你开车的技术还是跟初学者一样,每次坐你的车我都心惊胆颤的。 /201206/1885471. Tidy up the room.收拾一下你的房间。还能这样说:Clean up your room.Clear your room.应用:tidy sth. away 将某物收起;使房间等显得整齐;tidy oneself a bit 梳理一下;tidy up after dinner 饭后收拾餐具2. Please sweep the floor.请把地扫扫。还能这样说:Please clean the floor.Please have the floor cleaned.应用:sweep off 扫清;吹走;大量清除;sweep out of 傲慢地走出;大模大样地离开;sweep over 风靡,向……扩展;眺望;袭击;将……一扫而光3. I kept cleaning the house this morning.今天早上我在不停地清理房间。还能这样说:I cleaned up the room all the morning.It took me a whole morning to clean the house.应用:be cleaned out 把钱花光;输光;cut clean through 穿透;give it a clean 把它弄干净;keep it clean 守规矩,正派;keep oneself clean 保持自身清洁4. Its your turn to take out the garbage.今天该你扔垃圾了。还能这样说:It is time for you to take out the garbage.Comes your turn to throw the rubbish.应用:turn right round 转一整圈;turn-round 归航准备;turn-round distance 周转距离;by turns 轮流地;时而……时而…… /201302/226680

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