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日本水果拍卖,一串葡萄价值1.1万美元 -- :7:3 来源: 日本人愿意为高品质种类的水果付高价,有时会把这些作为礼物送给级别高的领导 A bunch of grapes has sold a record-breaking ,000dollars (8,500 pounds) in Japan, where fruit often commands high prices and social prestige.一串葡萄在日本卖出了破纪录的1.1万美元(8500英镑),那里的水果往往价格高昂,具有社会名望A supermarket owner from western Japan walked away with 30 grapes, each worth about 360 dollars.来自日本西部的超市老板带走了这30颗葡萄,每颗价值360美元They were the first Ruby Romans - a super sweet grape variety grown in Ishikawa prefecture - of the season.这是当季第一串红宝石罗马葡萄——一种生长在石川州的超甜葡萄种类"We will display them at our store bee giving our customers a sample taste," Takamaru Konishi said.“在请顾客品尝之前我们要把它展示在我们的店里,”Takamaru Konishi说The Japanese are often willing to pay top-dollar premium samples of fruit, sometimes with the intention of giving them as gifts to people perceived to be of higher status - example, their boss at work.日本人愿意为高品质种类的水果付高价,有时会把这些作为礼物送给级别高的领导——例如,他们工作时的老板A single apple can cost up to 3 dollars. And melons are sometimes sold the equivalent price of a vintage wine.一个苹果可以要价3美元而西瓜的售价有时能与陈年的葡萄酒一样Last year a pair of melons sold under the hammer more than ,000 dollars.去年有两个西瓜的拍卖价格达到了1.万美元"I am so happy and I am honoured," Mr Konishi said.“我很开心,也很荣幸,”Konishi说道"These are truly Ruby Roman gems."“这些都是真正的红宝石罗马精品”懒人福利贴:德国发明自动鞋带 -- :: 来源:   A team of scientists from University of Freiburg in Germany aredeveloping a shoe with a sensor to automatically tie its lacesthat could be taken off when users click their heels together.  德国弗莱堡大学(University of Freiburg)的一个科学团队正在研究一种可利用传感器自动系鞋带的鞋,当使用者碰撞鞋跟时,鞋带就能自动解开  It’s been 6 years since we saw them magically tightening MartyMcFly’s Nike boots in Back to The Future.  在电影《回到未来(Back to The Future)里,我们看到马丁·麦克弗莱(Marty McFly)耐克鞋自动系鞋带的神奇情景,已经有6年了  Now, self-tying shoelaces could actually become a reality this year, proving right one of the film’sfantastical predictions what would be like.  如今,假如电影中对年的虚构预言有一个能成真的话,自动鞋带今年可能真会成为现实  Engineers have designed a shoe that can automatically lace up, adjusting itself to the shape ofyour foot.  工程师们设计出一款鞋可以自动系鞋带,并可根据脚型自动调节  Simply slip the trainer on and pressure sensors will tell the ‘smart shoe’ when your foot is inposition, triggering a tiny motor in the heel that pulls the laces tight.  只需滑动控制器,脚穿进去时,压力传感器就会告知“智能鞋”,触发鞋跟的小发动机,将鞋带系紧  When you want to take off the shoes, you click your heels together twice and the motor willrelease a spring in the shoe’s tongue, which loosens the laces enough you to slip them off.  当你想要脱鞋时,碰撞鞋跟两次,发动机就会释放鞋舌部位的弹簧,松开鞋带让你脱鞋  And the ingenious invention doesn’t even need to be plugged in to charge or have its batteryreplaced because it runs on power generated by the swing of your foot as you walk.  这项独创性的发明甚至无需充电或更换电池,因为它仅靠你走路时双脚的摆动来发电  Engineer Klevis Ylli, of the Institute Micromachining and Inmation Technology in southernGermany, said the shoes could help a variety of different people.  德国南部微加工和信息技术研究所(The Institute Micromachining and InmationTechnology)工程师克赖维斯·伊利(Klevis Ylli)表示,这种鞋可以帮助不同的人   "One focus is that it could be used in shoes elderly people who have mobility problems," hesaid. "But it could also work children, or as a lifestyle product."  他说:“值得注意的是,这种鞋带可供行动不便的老年人使用,也可以供孩子使用,或者作为一种生活产品”  The design, which is still in a prototype phase, cleverly captures the energy of the foot's swingwhen opposing magnets in each shoe move past each other.  目前,这项设计还是雏形当两只鞋中极性相反的磁铁互相移动时,设计师能巧妙地获得能量  It then uses that power to charge a battery. An hour of walking is enough to tighten the lacesonce, and it requires no energy to undo the shoes because that relies on the spring alone.  然后将这些能量给电池充电,走一个小时的路,产生的电量足以系紧一次鞋带,而解鞋带时只需依靠弹簧,无需能量双陈领 三喜临门 -- :3:58 来源: 杨过和小龙女这对《神雕侠侣中的神仙眷侣终于在现实生活中也修成正果,两人在宣布领的同时还公布了陈妍希已怀的另一则喜讯,双陈可谓是三喜临门 Yang Guo and Xiao Long Nv from The Romance of the Condor Heroes are now married. As an added bonus, they have a baby coming along the way!杨过和小龙女这对《神雕侠侣中的神仙眷侣终于在现实生活中也修成正果,两人在宣布领的同时还公布了陈妍希已怀的另一则喜讯,双陈可谓是三喜临门Our favourite girl-next-door, Shen Jiayi from You Are the Apple of My Eye, is not only no longer single… she’s headed to motherhood!备受观众喜爱的邻家女孩沈佳宜(电影《那些年,我们一起追过的女孩中女主角的角色名)现如今也已嫁为人妇,并且很快就要荣升做母亲Michelle Chen Yan Xi, 3, and Chen Xiao, , met on the set of The Romance of the Condor Heroes and went public about their relationship in August . Michelle Chen had accepted Chen Xiao’s proposal in October last year after dating merely 8 months.3岁的陈妍希和岁的陈晓是在共同出演电视剧《神雕侠侣一剧中相识相恋,并与年8月份公开承认恋情在相恋8个月之后,年月份陈妍希正式答应陈晓求婚The two registered their marriage on July 5th, which happens to be Chen Xiao’s birthday as well. On weibo, they also announced the news of Michelle Chen’s pregnancy. Their wedding in Beijing is scheduled to be on 19th July while the wedding in Taipei will be on 1st July.两人在7月5日登记结婚,当天还恰逢陈晓生日两人在微上共同发布了这则消息,并同时公布了陈妍希怀的喜讯两人的婚礼将于北京和台北两地分别举办一次在北京举办的婚礼将于7月19日举行,台北的婚礼仪式将于7月1日举行Although some people must admit they were doubtful when they heard about the news regarding these two and didn’t expect them to last from the beginning, most people are now happy that they have found their happiness with each other, especially that Michelle Chen gained something more precious than pointed remarks and insults from her stint as Xiao Long Nu. All those unfounded criticisms about her appearance must have hurt a lot. However, just look at how successful she was as Shen Jiayi in You Are the Apple of My Eye, how bad can she be? She does not deserve all that negativity. Now, all the haters can stare dumbfounded as she is having Yang Guo’s baby in real life.尽管最初两人公布恋情时,很多人对此并不持,甚至希望两人早日分道扬镳,但两人走到今天,大多数人还是对两人的恋情表示祝福尤其是陈妍希之前因为饰演小龙女一角而遭到了无数中伤与非议,很多人认为她的形象并不符合小龙女的人设幸好现如今她收获了更加珍贵的东西事实上,纵观陈妍希在电影《那些年,我们一起追过的女孩饰演沈佳宜的表现,她的演技不会差到哪里去观众并不应该对其全盘否定在现实生活中,小龙女现如今有了杨过的孩子,恐怕那些曾经不喜欢陈妍希的网友也只能目瞪口呆了Once again, congratulations to Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao! Wishing you two a blissful marriage and a happy family.再一次将祝福送给陈妍希和陈晓夫妇祝愿两位婚姻美满,家庭幸福

妙笔生花! 失败纹身有得救 -- ::5 来源:sohu 皮卡丘的自画像,看来他的画功很有进步空间! 有些人一辈子也要背负着纹身失败所带来的无形负担, 但也有一些人选择把它们继续留在身上, 让皮肤上的烙印永远地提醒自己一时做错的决定看看下面失败的纹身作例子,这些不幸的人一生都得承受着耻辱和嘲笑多亏这些出色的纹身师出现 , 他们利用高超的技巧和想象力去明 「当有些事情是时间也无法治愈的话,创造力就能起作用」 Some people go through life carrying the invisible weight of their mistakes on their shoulders. Others however choose to carry their mistakes on their body, physically etched into their skin to ever remind them of their respective momentary lapses of judgement. Take a look at these tattoos example. As you can see however, their hapless owners were spared a lifetime of shame and ridicule thanks to the skills and imagination of some awesome tattoo artists who proved that when time can't heal something, good old-fashioned creativity can. 拼错字的纹身有够丑! 创意之作, 把旧纹身通通擦走! 换掉旧情人的名字,以小清新纹身重新出发! 花仙子变身大暴龙! 英明神武的大将军 English Source: boredpanda

武汉抗洪救灾在行动 -- :5: 来源: 目前武汉雨势有所缓解,人们正全力投入救援救灾行动,同时做好准备,迎战后续的暴雨和洪灾 Flood relief and rescue efts have been stepped up in the Chinese city of Wuhan, which has been hit by severe flooding.武汉近期遭受了严重的洪涝灾害,目前针对武汉的进一步抗洪救灾行动正在进行Transport links and water and power supplies in the city of million are severely affected.在武汉这个千万人口的城市里,交通被中断,供水和供电都受到了严重的影响Flooding across central and southern China has killed more than 180 people, state media have reported.据中央媒体报道,在中国中部和南部肆虐的洪灾目前已经造成了180多人死亡The Chinese premier has called upon local authorities across the country to be prepared further downpours.总理李克强做出指示,要求全国地方政府做好准备,抗击后续的暴雨China floods in numbers中国洪灾数据3 million people in 6 provinces across China have been affected by severe flooding特大洪涝灾害目前已经影响了全国6个省份共计30万人口186 people died and 5 are missing186人死亡,5人失踪1. million people have been relocated0万人被迫转移56,000 houses have collapsed56000座房屋被毁On Wednesday the Wuhan meteorological office issued a red alert further rain and flooding. By Thursday, the rain appeared to have eased off, and attention turned to relief and rescue efts.本周三,武汉市气象局发布了暴雨红色预警,该市即将迎来进一步的降雨和洪水灾害周四,雨势似乎已经有所缓解,人们将重点放到了救援救灾行动上Chinese media is reporting that more than 600mm (1.9ft) of rain has fallen over the past week in Wuhan, the most ever in the history of the city, which is on the Yangtze River.据中国媒体报道,在过去一周的时间里,武汉的降雨量超过了600毫米(约合1.9英尺),是该市历史上降雨量最大的一次Roads and metro stations were inundated with water, and trains cancelled.公路和地铁站被洪水淹没,火车也被取消On Thursday, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang warned local authorities across China to be prepared further downpours, and instructed them to ensure measures were in place to avoid potential risks to people’s lives.本周四,总理李克强对全国地方政府作出了警示,要求他们准备好抗击后续的暴雨,并且指示各地方政府确保措施到位,杜绝对人民群众生命安全的潜在威胁He has been visiting affected areas in Anhui, Hunan and Hubei provinces and was in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei, to oversee relief and rescue operations on Wednesday.李克强总理目前正在视察受洪灾影响的安徽、湖南和湖北等省份,本周三李克强总理还赶赴武汉监督该市的抗洪救灾行动Amid the crisis, official figures the number of dead have fluctuated. On Wednesday state television put the overall toll at about 0.受洪灾影响,官方死亡人数统计数据有所波动本周三,中央电视台公布的遇难人员总数在0人左右Netizens are sharing images on social media showing submerged buildings and cars, and people wading through water up to their knees.在社交媒体上,网友们转载了许多洪灾的照片,照片中建筑物和汽车被水淹没,人们从及膝深的水中趟过They are also sharing stories of people helping with flood control measures, under the hashtag ’We’re mobilising against the Wuhan floods.’以“全市总动员,迎战大洪水”为主题的文章在网络上广泛传播,网友们转载了许多人们帮助防洪抗洪的事迹

关灯看手机易患眼盲症 -- ::3 来源:chinadaily 你经历过“智能手机眼盲症”吗? 半夜睡不着的时候,很多人都会拿起手机,刷微或者看朋友圈屋子里整体是一个黑暗的环境,如果看手机的时候侧躺着,主要用一只眼睛看手机,那么等你翻身平躺,把两只眼睛都睁开的时候,你会感觉到刚才看手机的那只眼睛什么都看不见 Smartphone blindness happens when people lie on their side at night, with one eye against the pillow and the other staring at the smartphone screen. While one eye adjusts to the dark, the other eye gets used to the bright light of the high-resolution screen. But when they roll over and open both their eyes, the eye which has been staring at the screen cannot cope with the darkness of the room. Subsequently, with both eyes uncovered in the dark, the light-adapted eye is perceived to be “blind”. 人们晚上侧躺着看手机,一只眼靠着枕头,另一只眼盯着手机屏幕的时候会出现“智能手机眼盲症”一只眼(靠着枕头的那只)适应了黑暗的环境,而另一只眼(看手机的那只)则适应了高分辨率屏幕发出的亮光当你翻身把两只眼睛都完全睁开的时候,之前盯着手机屏幕的那只眼睛无法适应房间内黑暗的环境结果,两只眼同时在黑暗环境中的时候,适应了光亮的那只就会出现“眼盲”的情况 It usually takes several moments the eyes to adjust, leading people to believe they are suffering from a severe problem. 通常,这种情况需要一段时间让眼睛来慢慢适应,有些人就会以为自己得了什么重病 A similar condition known as digital eye strain may also appear after long hours of staring at computer screen or smartphone screen. The sympotoms may include eye dryness, blurry vision and persistent headache. 另外一种相似的症状叫“数码眼疲劳”,多半出现在长时间盯着电脑或手机屏幕之后,主要的症状有,眼干、视野模糊,以及长时间头疼 缓解眼疲劳小贴士: 1. Blink more often. 多眨眼 Blinking is very important when working at a computer; blinking moistens your eyes to prevent dryness and irritation. 看电脑的时候眨眼很重要,眨眼能够滋润眼睛,防止眼干和不适 . Adjust your computer display settings. 调整电脑显示设置 Brightness. Adjust the brightness of the display so it's approximately the same as the brightness of your surrounding workstation. 亮度将电脑显示的亮度调整到接近周围环境亮度的水平 Text size and contrast. Adjust the text size and contrast comt, especially when ing or composing long documents. 字体大小和对比度将字体大小和对比度调整到让眼睛舒适的水平,尤其在需要长时间阅读或处理文件的时候 3. Take frequent breaks. 多休息 To reduce your risk computer vision syndrome and neck, back and shoulder pain, take frequent breaks during your computer work day. 为了缓解电脑视力症状以及颈、背、肩痛,在电脑前工作时要多停下来休息

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