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乌鲁木齐铁路中心医院吸脂手术多少钱北屯去痣多少钱一颗Amazon is offering its corporate customers the option of running internet services and holding data in Germany as it addresses concerns from European businesses about the threat of online spying in the US.亚马逊(Amazon)正向企业用户提供在德国运行互联网务及保存数据的选项,这是为了应对欧洲企业对美国网络间谍活动的担忧。The retailer’s cloud computing arm has unveiled plans to build centres in Frankfurt as businesses and governments in continental Europe have been increasingly alarmed at revelations of internet surveillance, exposed by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.这家零售商的云计算部门公布了在法兰克福建立数据中心的计划。对于美国国家安全局(NSA)告密者爱德华#8226;斯诺登(Edward Snowden)有关互联网监听活动的爆料,欧洲大陆的企业和政府日益感到恐慌。US and UK security services were shown to be capable of breaking into the networks of the US’s leading technology companies, while there was uproar over revelations that the personal phone of German chancellor Angela Merkel had been tapped. European companies hoping to gain some protection from this surveillance have demanded that data be held on servers within the EU, which is seen to have stricter data protection laws than elsewhere in the world. This is particularly the case in Germany, which has powerful online privacy watchdogs.从爆料内容看,美国和英国的安全部门能侵入美国主要技术公司的网络,同时德国总理安格拉#8226;默克尔(Angela Merkel)的个人手机被曝遭监听,引发轩然。希望针对这种监听获得一些保护的欧洲企业要求将数据存储在欧盟(EU)境内的务器上。欧盟被视为世界上数据保护法律最严格的地区,德国尤其如此,该国设有权力极大的网络隐私监督机构。Andy Jassy, senior vice-president of Amazon Web Services, said the decision was because of the “cultural preferences” of companies in the region. “We have thousands of German customers and a number of those customers have told us that they would like to move their workload and data to AWS, but can’t do so until we have infrastructure here in Germany.” Previously, enterprises hoping to build their web operations using Amazon’s pay-as-you-go infrastructure would have used the company’s data centres in Ireland or nine other locations outside the EU.亚马逊网站务 (Amazon Web Services,简称AWS)高级副总裁安迪#8226;雅西(Andy Jassy)称,做出这个决定是因为欧洲企业的“文化偏好”。“我们有成千上万的德国客户,其中一些客户告诉我们,他们希望能将工作量和数据转移到AWS平台,但只有当我们在德国拥有基础设施后他们才会这样做。”此前,希望使用这个按使用量付费的基础设施平台来进行web运作的企业,需要使用亚马逊设在爱尔兰或者欧盟以外地点的9个数据中心。Research suggests that US-based cloud providers may be losing business to overseas competitors because of alarm at online snooping. Last year, a report from think-tank the Information Technology amp; Innovation Foundation found US cloud companies could lose bn by 2016 because of this trend.研究表明,网络监控引发的恐慌可能使位于美国的云务提供商被海外竞争者抢走业务。去年,智库“信息技术创新基金会”(Information Technology and Innovation Foundation)的一份报告显示,到2016年,这种趋势可能使美国的云务企业损失350亿美元。Aaron Levie, chief executive of Box, said his cloud enterprise company was looking at creating bespoke services built on data centres in Europe. But he argued that improved encryption and security were a better way to convince European groups to trust US tech providers. “The Snowden issue has obviously prompted more caution.”云务提供商Box的首席执行官阿龙#8226;利维(Aaron Levie)表示,Box在考虑依托欧洲的数据中心提供定制务。但他认为,要说欧洲企业信任美国技术提供商,改善加密和安全技术是更好的办法。“斯诺登事件显然促使人们更为小心。”Amazon does not disclose figures for its AWS business. But Macquarie Capital estimates the unit’s revenues will rise from .3bn this year to .1bn in 2015.亚马逊并不公布AWS业务的详细业绩。但据麦格理资本(Macquarie Capital)的估算,该业务的收入将从今年的53亿美元升至2015年的81亿美元。 /201410/338068乌鲁木齐瘦腿针正规医院 While Apple was announcing its long-awaited smartwatch (and two updated smartphones), chipmaker Intel was unveiling its own vision for the future of wearables up the Peninsula at San Francisco’s Moscone Center. The Santa Clara, Calif.-based semiconductor company, which has long been criticized for being late to the mobile market, is determined to turn the tide and lead in this fledgling product category.当苹果公司(Apple)发布人们期盼已久的智能手表(以及两款升级版智能手机)时,芯片制造商英特尔(Intel)也在旧金山半岛的莫斯康展览中心(Moscone Center)展示了他们对于可穿戴设备的未来愿景。由于进入移动市场的步伐缓慢,这家位于加利福尼亚州圣克拉拉的半导体公司多年来饱受批评。如今,公司决定扭转态势,力争在这一逐渐成型的产品类别中取得领先地位。To that end, Intel announced several new offerings at its annual developer forum on Tuesday morning, including an updated “board” developers can use to build all sorts of wearable devices. Called Edison, the postage stamp-sized product features a dual-core system-on-a-chip, Wi-Fi, memory, support for USB and more. The company also announced an “analytics for wearables” program that will provide data-driven intelligence to developers building wearables using its platform.为了实现这一目标,英特尔在上周二上午举行了年度开发者论坛,发布了几款新的产品,其中包括一款最新的计算平台,可供开发者打造各种类型的可穿戴设备。这一平台名为“爱迪生”,仅有邮票大小,内置双核系统芯片,还持无线网络、内存、USB和其他功能。公司还推出了一个“可穿戴设备分析”项目,将为使用其平台打造可穿戴设备的开发者提供数据驱动智能务。Intel’s still trying to drive demand for new PCs, and has set an ambitious target of getting its chips in 40 million tablets by end of this year. But it’s definitely made it clear that it’s angling for the wearables–and larger “internet of things”–market. (To show just how fancy wearables can get, Intel recently unveiled a high-end, bejeweled smart bracelet at New York Fashion Week). Company president Renee James has her own take on where wearables are going–post Apple smartwatch. Fortune caught up with James to find out more about her company’s vision for the newish market, the competition and what needs to happen for wearables to really take off.英特尔还在试图扩大新PC机的需求量。他们设立了雄心勃勃的目标,要在今年年底前让4,000万台平板电脑使用公司的芯片。不过公司也明确表示,要在可穿戴设备以及更广大的“物联网”市场大展身手。(为了展现可穿戴设备能够多么时髦,英特尔最近在纽约时装周上推出了一款珠光宝气的高档智能手镯。)苹果推出智能手表之后,可穿戴设备将呈现怎样的发展趋势?英特尔的总裁詹睿妮有自己的见解。《财富》(Fortune)有幸采访到詹睿妮,挖掘了更多相关信息:关于她的公司对新市场的愿景、公司未来面临的竞争,以及可穿戴设备要想真正蓬勃发展还需要什么。Fortune: Wearables were a big topic at last year’s event. Is it still a big topic?《财富》:在去年的活动上,可穿戴设备是一个重要话题。现在它还很重要吗?James: It’s a big deal today but it’s more real today. We’re on the second generation of everything we announced last year, but today what we talked about is the software developer kits. So basically you can get a hardware board, a full software development kit tools and actually build stuff easily and quickly. So what I would say is one year later, everyone’s like, ok, it’s real. They’re on their second rev of the developer board—Edison and they’ve got a full kit. Cause developers just want to know how to hook software to it and build stuff. This conference is all about software developer kits that make it easy to work on Intel platforms. So we announced a kit for internet of things, we announced for wearables and one for high performance computing.詹睿妮:可穿戴设备如今仍然是一个重要话题,而且还变得更加真实了。我们去年公布的产品,现在已经研发出了第二代,但今天我们要讨论的是软件开发工具包。基本上你拿一块硬件主板,一个完善的软件开发工具包,就能轻松快捷地打造出新的东西。所以仅仅只用了一年的时间,每个人都感到可穿戴设备不再是一个概念,而是实实在在的产品了。开发者可以用第二代开发主板爱迪生,还能获取开发工具包。他们只需要知道如何在其上挂载软件、开发产品就可以了。这次会议的主题就是软件开发包,它们可以让人们轻松地在英特尔平台上工作。我们发布了物联网开发工具包、可穿戴设备开发工具包,以及用于高性能计算的工具包。On the wearables side are you competing with Samsung now, since they recently launched their own platform?在可穿戴设备领域,你们正在同三星(Samsung)竞争吗?他们最近也发布了自己的平台。Samsung has a product and they are attracting developers to their platform. So they’re more about getting developers to actually write apps, because most of the apps for that device are actually Samsung-written today. They want to extend it to become the de facto standard open interface for everyone. We’re about getting all the people who want to compete with Samsung to be able to build devices. So we’re kind of down at the guts level saying, hey, we can give you the hardware, the sensor platform, the software you need to go build your own one. So our point of view on it is we’re more generic. We’re about enabling the masses to be able to do the kinds of things that Samsung’s doing for their own products.三星推出了一款可穿戴设备产品,并试图吸引开发者使用他们的平台。他们更想让开发者来编写应用,因为当下的大多数应用实际上都是三星自己编写的。他们想要将平台拓展成为业界标准的开放界面,供每个人使用。而我们则汇集了所有想要打造可穿戴设备,与三星竞争的人。所以在本质上我们类似于在说:嘿,我们可以给你所需的硬件、传感技术平台和软件,你来打造你自己的产品。所以我们觉得自己的机制更为通用。三星只给自己的产品做开发,而我们让大家都来做开发。They seem to say they’re taking a much more open approach and want even other manufacturers to use it.三星似乎认为他们的方式更加开放,甚至希望其他生产商也使用这个平台。I think that’s what they want but I don’t know if other people will do it. So Apple will do what Apple is doing, which apparently they announced a moment ago. I don’t know if people will go Samsung’s route but it’s the right objective.我认为这是三星自己的想法,我不知道其他人是否会这么做。苹果在走自己的路,显然,他们刚刚发布了自己的产品。我不知道人们会不会按照三星的路线走,但这是一个正确的目标。I know Intel is somewhat agnostic on the actual products, but what do you think is going to really take off on the wearables side?我知道落到实际产品上,英特尔总有一些不可知论的意味,但是在可穿戴领域,你觉得有哪些产品将会真正蓬勃发展起来?In my experience in this industry the things that have been breakthrough have all been about connecting human beings to each other, communicating with each other. Do I really care about my heart rate all the time? But the fact I can get my text messages without looking at my phone. There’s others in the world that I’ve seen that have private display on the inside, and there’s some that have haptics (technology that uses the sense of touch like vibrations, for example). If you can make it so that I could touch somebody remotely through a wearable because it has haptic feedback—like I could give a hug and it would touch you or pinch you—that would be killer. People want to chitchat, they talk, they text. I think that’s it. I think that they don’t do anything that your phone can’t do yet and they need to do something more, not only be more stylish.以我的经验来看,这个行业中获得突破性进展的产品都是能够让人们彼此联系、互相交流的。我真地会时刻关注我的心率吗?不,但我想要不掏出手机就看到短信。我看过一些可穿戴设备,它们有非常私密的显示功能,其中一些用到了触觉技术(这是一种利用振动等触觉感受的技术)。如果你能开发出一种拥有触觉反馈功能的可穿戴设备,让我触摸到千里之外的其他人——比如我做出一个拥抱,设备就会环抱着你——那绝对棒极了。人们想要聊天,他们想要交谈、发短信,我认为这是关键。我觉得开发者还没有研发出那些用手机无法实现的功能,因此他们还需要做得更多,而不仅仅是让可穿戴设备的外型更加时尚。 /201409/327980With hundreds of thousands of ‘apps’ available, smartphones allow users to do anything from checking their bank balance to booking a flight. But 71 per cent of owners use them simply to make a call, text or check Facebook, research shows. In fact, the study revealed that a typical person exploits only 10 per cent of their phone’s functions.   科技的变革日新月异,手机应用也以秒的速度翻新、翻新、再翻新式的“强奸着”人们的智商与神经。有数据显示,在智能手机市场上,大约71%的普通民众搞不懂“智能为何物”,手拿智能手机却只拿它来:打电话、发短信、再甚者也就是拿它来更新更新微了。虽然,厂商们“不遗余力”渲染花样翻新的智能手机的N种智能功能,但是事实上,有数据显示,普通用户只能“探索到”智能手机中10%的功能而已。 The survey – of 2,000 users – also found more than half had felt shy;pressured to get the latest or most shy;popular smartphone, such as Apple’s iPhone4 or a BlackBerry. The devices, which will be the top gadget on Christmas lists this year, are really pocket computers. As well as the capacity for the downloadable programs known as ‘apps’, they can browse the internet and send and receive emails.   这项调查对象是2000名使用智能手机的用户,调查发现,大型手机厂商比如苹果、蓝莓推出新型机型、或者新型手机应用,50%的民众会感觉“有压力”,而非兴奋.。在圣诞节假日期间,高科技物品,比如智能手机、迷你电脑都属于厂商主推的圣诞主打圣诞礼物。而如今网上充斥着可下载的“眼花缭乱”的手机应用会让老百姓“一头雾水”。所以,民众选择回归原始“大哥大”的用途也不是没有道理。   The research by Envirofone, which recycles mobiles, estimates there are 11million smartphones in the UK. While there are many useful apps offering train information or sat-nav functions, others are bizarre. Jon Butler, of Envirofone, said: ‘The latest phones have become status symbols which look flash but aren’t fully utilised.’   该调查由英国手机回收网站“Envirofone”牵头,统计在英国上千万手机使用者。虽然调查员承认,也不是所有的手机应用都“一无是处”,有一些智能功能的确给人们带来了方便,比如说可以提供火车票信息的手机应用、全球定位系统等等,这些应用贴近生活、容易学习和使用,受到了用户的喜爱。来自回收网站的工作人员Jon Butler说:“花样翻新的智能手机在一定程度上被‘功利化’了,人们拿手机的目的不再是使用它,而是炫耀自身的社会地位。所以大多数的手机应用自‘投产’到‘停产’从未被人们发觉。” /201012/122002乌鲁木齐润白颜瘦脸需要哪家医院好

乌鲁木齐达坂城区手臂激光脱毛多少钱喀什去额头上的皱纹价格 Global warming 300 million years ago triggered the evolutionary burst which caused lizards to evolve into dinosaurs, scientists revealed today. The new research is focused on the Carboniferous Period, when the supercontinent of Pangea was covered in tropical rainforests ruled by reptiles. Scientists now believe that the Earth became significantly hotter during this age - turning rainforests into 'islands' surrounded by arid deserts. This climatic change caused lizards to adapt to live in drier conditions and led to the evolution of different varieties of dinosaurs.   这是一个信息大爆炸的时代,也是一个生活大爆炸的时代,但谁也没想过,早已远去的时代未来会在亿万年后又重新回归。 伦敦大学的科学家通过研究发现,30亿年前的一波全球变暖让当时的蜥蜴进化成了恐龙,这一推断让人不禁想到30亿年后的今天,全球气候变暖重演,蜥蜴是否会再次进化成恐龙。 在30亿年前的石炭纪时代,大陆被热带雨林覆盖,并由爬行动物所统治。科学家分析,若变暖趋势加剧,蜥蜴会调整自身以适应干燥气候,再次进化成不同种类的恐龙。   Dr Howard Falcon-Lang of Royal Holloway, University of London, who carried out the research, revealed this global warming indirectly caused the evolution of mammals. He said: 'We now know that this climate change caused the rainforests to fragment into small 'islands' of forest. 'This change isolated populations of reptiles and caused each community to evolve in a different direction leading to an increase in diversity.   伦敦大学皇家霍洛威学院的科学家指出,全球变暖将首先作用于哺乳类动物,推进它们的进化。士Dr Howard Falcon-Lang说:“我们了解到气候变暖加剧后,会使得大片的热带雨林分裂,而群居的蜥蜴一旦被强行分开就会成为一个个小群体,随之,每个群体之间开始向不同方向进化,最终差异促进进化成功。而蜥蜴进化的最终结果有可能成为恐龙。”   'We have discovered for the first time how this evolution occurred after analysing hundreds of fossils from around the globe. 'This initial burst of global warming significantly affected the evolution of the world and led reptiles to evolve into dinosaurs, birds and mammals.'   据悉,科学家大胆推断出这一结论是通过搜集病研究全球各地的化石而得到的,他们认定,第一波的全球变暖的确影响了生物的进化过程。 /201012/119868石河子市做隆鼻多少钱

乌鲁木齐祛痘多少钱 Apple’s new mobile payments service has been blocked by US stores including CVS and Rite Aid that have signed up to a rival wallet app, setting the stage for a showdown between the technology giant and some of the largest US retailers.苹果(Apple)新推出的移动付务已被CVS和Rite Aid等商店禁用,这些商店已经订立合约使用其他钱包应用,至此,美国一些大型零售商与科技巨人苹果已做好了一决胜负的准备。The two pharmacy chains are part of a consortium called the Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX), which includes Walmart and Best Buy, the electronics retailer, that plans to introduce an alternative mobile payments system called CurrentC in the coming months.这两家药店连锁店加入了Merchant Customer Exchange(MCX)联盟,该联盟打算在未来几个月内引入CurrentC移动付系统。联盟成员包括沃尔玛(Walmart)和电器零售商百思买(Best Buy)。“Given that we are still in the process of evaluating our mobile payment options, Rite Aid does not currently accept Apple Pay,” the company said. “We are continually evaluating various forms of mobile payment technologies, and are committed to offering convenient, reliable and secure payment methods that meet the needs of our customers.”“鉴于我们仍在评估移动付可选方案, Rite Aid目前不会接受Apple Pay,”Rite Aid称。“我们正继续评估不同形式的移动付技术,致力于提供满足客户需求的便利、可靠和安全的付方式。”CVS said its stores “cannot accept Apple Pay or other mobile payments that use NFC technology. We are in the process of evaluating mobile payment options for our customers.”CVS表示,其商店“不接受Apple Pay等采用近场通讯(NFC)技术的移动付方式。我们正替客户评估不同的移动付可选方案。”An Apple representative said that “one big advantage” was that the service used standard NFC technology, ensuring widesp compatibility.一名苹果代表说,Apple Pay的“一个重大优势”是该务使用了能确保广泛兼容性的标准NFC技术。Apple has said that more than 220,000 stores in the US would accept its payment service, including many that are not listed among its launch partners, such as Walgreens, Foot Locker and Macy’s.苹果表示,美国逾22万家商店将接受其付务,包括Walgreens、Foot Locker和Macy’s等不属于其初始合作伙伴的商店。Gerry Granovsky, payments analyst at Moody’s, said the move by CVS and Rite Aid was a sign that the mobile wallet industry was “getting closer to the finality of the battle lines being drawn”, after previous efforts from mobile operators, Google and PayPal.穆迪(Moody’s)付业务分析师格里#8226;格拉诺夫斯基(Gerry Granovsky)表示,CVS和Rite Aid的做法表明,在移动运营商、谷歌(Google)和贝宝(PayPal)的先期努力之后,移动钱包行业“正在接近划定最终战线的时刻”。“When [CurrentC] launches we think that#39;s probably the last entry into the field – that will really start the battle,” he said.他说:“当(CurrentC)启动时,我们认为那可能是进入该领域的最后一款务,那时战斗将会真正打响。”Turning off support for Apple Pay also means that other contactless payment services, including Google Wallet, can no longer function.关掉对Apple Pay的付,也意味着谷歌钱包(Google Wallet)等非接触式付务将不能再运行。Mr Granovsky said the decision could harm companies on all sides of the market, by frustrating iPhone owners and making them go back to using plastic credit cards, while also running the risk of angering the relatively small number of early-adopters of the new technology.格拉诺夫斯基说,禁用Apple Pay的决定可能伤害市场各方的利益——打消iPhone用户的积极性,迫使他们回去使用塑料信用卡,同时也可能令这一新技术的少量早期接受者感到愤怒。 /201410/339269乌鲁木齐市做双眼皮手术多少钱喀什市垫鼻子多少钱




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