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【视频欣赏】【听力文本】If you’re longing to spend more time with the Sandman, your dream will come true by heeding this advice.You Will NeedDoctor Comfortable mattress Room-darkening shades Cool temperatures Ear plugs White noise machine Dietary adjustments To-do list (optional) Sleep mask (optional) Step 1: Make time for sleep(保足够的睡眠时间)Make time for sleep no matter how hectic your daily schedule, and commit yourself to going to bed and getting up at the same times each day.Adults require about 8 hours of sleep, but the amount varies among individuals.Step 2: Rule out disorders(不要改变作息规律)Rule out sleep disorders which may interfere with sleep, seeking your physician’s advice if necessary.Step 3: Create a relaxing environment(创造一个懒洋洋的环境)Create a relaxing and quiet sleep environment. Use a comfortable mattress and room-darkening shades, and establish a cool, comfortable temperature.If stress is shortening your night, make a to-do list, mentally setting it aside until morning.Step 4: Address lifestyle issues(改变生活方式)Address your lifestyle. Shift workers and people with jet lag typically employ such techniques as keeping sunlight out of the bedroom, using ear plugs, and using a white noise machine.If light shows into your bedroom, use a sleep mask.Step 5: Avoid electronics(睡觉时不要开着通讯设备)Avoid electronics at bedtime. Turn off your cell phone, and keep TVs and computers out of the bedroom to avoid distractions.Step 6: Adjust your diet(注意饮食)Adjust your diet, avoiding caffeine and alcohol close to bedtime and allowing 2 to 3 hours between eating and bedtime.Step 7: Make the most of bedtime(抓紧时间睡觉)Make the most of bedtime using these tips, especially if you’re a new parent or your situation otherwise temporarily creates short nights. The Sandman will wait. Article/201003/99708


  英超第34轮进行了一场焦点战,曼联在老特拉福德球场迎战阿斯顿维拉。曼联4-0大胜,上半场鲁尼争议点球首开纪录后维尔贝克扩大比分,下半场鲁尼梅开二度锁定胜局。本轮过后,曼联继续领先曼城5分。In England, Manchester ed aimed to keep its place on top of the Premiership table on Sunday. The Red Devils matched up against Aston Villa, holding a two-point lead over rival Manchester City in second. A win would see the title holder#39;s five points clear at the top with four games to play.ed opened the scoring 7 minutes into the match, Ashley Young tumbled in the box under slight contact. Wayne Rooney scored from the spot. It was 1-0.Underdog Aston Villa struggled and Man U stretched its lead just before halftime. Danny Welbeck nets from close range. It was 2-0 at the break.The home side didn#39;t let up after the restart. In the 73rd minute. Rooney extended the lead with his 24th goal of the EPL season. It was 3-0.The Red Devils finished off the scoring when Nani added the fourth in stoppage time. Manchester ed thrashed Aston Villa 4-0 and moved a step closer to its 20th English title, now with a 5-point lead over Manchester City. Article/201204/178115。


  This relationship has traditionally challenged writers and comedians, so here is a simple guide to tackling it, with VideoJug#39;s help and advice from counsellor Hillie Marshall. Learn how to create a great relationship with your mother-in-law with these easy steps.婆媳关系,女婿和岳母的关系长久以来一直挑战作家和喜剧演员,在VideoJug的帮助和顾问Hillie Marshall的建议下,你可以解决这个问题。跟随以下简单的步骤,学习怎样处理好和婆婆岳母的关系。Step 1: Respect your mother-in-law#39;s feelings1.尊重岳母,婆婆的感受Make her realise you#39;re not trying to take her son away from her. You#39;re here as her son#39;s partner and your friend. You should realise that she#39;s had a great friendship with her daughter - you should give them time and space together.让她意识到,你并没有试图抢走她的儿子。你只是作为她儿子的伴侣。你应该意识到,她和自己的女儿有着非常深切的关系,你应该给她们相处的时间和空间。Never criticise her son or daughter to her. Find out about your partner#39;s childhood, encourage her to tell you the stories and show you the pictures.不要向婆婆或岳母抱怨她们的儿子或女儿。探索一下你的伴侣的童年时光,鼓励她讲述你的另一半的童年趣事,或者看一些老照片。Step 2: The right approach2.正确的方法Don#39;t try to divide your partner#39;s loyalties. Never moan to your partner about your mother-in-law. At some point you may come to a crises with your partner, you mother-in-law can be someone you can go to for help and advice as someone who#39;ll know both of you very well.不要试图挑战你的伴侣的忠诚。不要向伴侣抱怨他们的母亲。有时你可能会和另一半吵架,这种时候你可以向岳母或婆婆求助,她们对你们两个人都非常了解。Thanks for watching How To Have A Great Relationship With Your Mother In Law.感谢收看“怎样与婆婆岳母保持良好关系”视频节目。 Article/201211/209442Baby pandas make their debut at zoos in China and California. Article/200909/84091

  【视频文本】Don’t be blindsided! Know the most common signs that your lover is about to leave you.You Will NeedObservational skills Test question Step 1: Look for contempt(对方总是一副不耐烦的神情)Be on your guard if your lover suddenly seems annoyed by everything you say and do — especially if there’s nothing unusual going on in their life that would explain their irritability.Step 2: Ask them to make plans(当你提到规划你们的未来时,他总是敷衍了事)Try to make long-term plans with them. If they won’t commit to anything beyond the next few weeks, and their reasons for refusing to do so are vague, watch out.Step 3: Be wary of makeovers(对方开始非常关注自己的外在)Be wary if they take a renewed interest in their appearance. They may be primping for someone else — or simply sprucing themselves up in anticipation of putting themselves back on the market.Step 4: Size up the sex(在一起的时间变少)Size up the sex. A decrease in frequency and passion is normal for long-term couples, but if your partner is actively avoiding intimacy of any kind, they may be getting y to pull up stakes.Half-hearted hugs are a bad sign, especially if they involve back-patting; it may be their subconscious way of comforting you for the pain they’re about to inflict.Step 5: Track their comings and goings(对方突然变得很忙)Having trouble tracking their comings and goings? They’re no longer keeping you in the loop. Being unable to reach them for long periods of time, or their sudden “busyness” when you try to call or make plans, are other red flags.Step 6: The fighting stops(对方不在乎你的看法)Be suspicious if they’re no longer carping at you for things you do that used to drive them crazy. It could mean they just don’t care anymore, because you soon will no longer be their problem.In one survey, 87 percent of respondents said they would rather know the truth about the cause of their being dumped than be lied to. Article/201004/101330

  欧冠半决赛次回合皇马主场迎战拜仁,首回合1:2落败的皇马全力应战,结果在90分钟内2:1击败拜仁,两队总比分战成3:3。比赛进入加时赛后两队仍未能分出胜负,最后进入到残酷的点球大战。而德国人又一次在点球大战中笑到了最后,最终凭借拜仁门将诺伊尔的表现,拜仁点球大战3:1战胜皇马晋级决赛。Bayern Munich was attempting to become the first team to advance to a Champions League final at home on Wednesday night as they took on Real Madrid in leg two of their semi-final tie.Bayern, winning leg one in Germany and were looking to make history on the road in Madrid. It was set up to be an exceptional match and this one, would not dissapoint.Real Madrid, would level on aggregate early on...as a cross by Angel Di Maria went off a hand of sliding defender David Alaba, and the referee awarded a penalty.And only six minutes in, Ronaldo would be sent to the spot...and he would not make a mistake. He sends the keeper the wrong way to make it 1-0 Real, and 2-2 on aggregate.And just 8 minutes later it would be Ronaldo again, as he converts the Mesut Oezil feed. His 56th goal of the season giving Real the 3-2 aggregate lead.But Bayern Munich would have a solid chnace to bring this one back on level terms after they were awarded a penalty kick after Pepe pushed Mario Gomez in the 27th minute.And Arjen Robben would step up and convert to level the aggregate score in the series 3-3, and also evened the away goals at 1-1.The score stayed that way through the second half and 30 minutes of overtime, forcing a shootout, the first in the semifinals since Liverpool defeated Chelsea in 2007.In the shootout, Bayern got off to a good start as Alaba beat Iker Casillas with the first kick.And then Bayern’s Manuel Neuer saved Ronaldo’s shot. Coming in, Ronaldo had converted 26 of 27 penalty kicks for Real Madrid. Article/201204/180056


  原汁原味情景喜剧,配有中文字幕,让你在欢笑中学英语。 Article/201112/165412

  我国安徽省突降大雪 Article/201302/226173


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