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重庆无痛流产手术哪家医院好重庆爱德华医院男科How To Talk To Your Cat on HowcastSure, you talk to your cat now, but does he know what the heck you’re saying? And do you understand his purrs and meows? If not, it’s time to have a good chat with your furry friend.当然,你现在就可以和你的猫谈话,但是它明白你所说的吗?而且你明白它的叫声吗?如果你还不能做到,是时候和你的猫朋友谈谈了。Step 1: Mimic his soundsCreate greater intimacy with your cat by mimicking his meows. Just knowing that you’re attempting to speak his language will make him feel closer to you.第一步:模仿猫的叫声模仿猫的叫声来和它建立更深的情谊。仅仅知道你试图说它的语言就会使它感到和你很亲近。Step 2: Use his nameIncrease your chances of your cat listening to you by using his name when you’re issuing a command.第二步:叫小猫的名字当你发布命令时,要叫小猫的名字,这样来增加小猫听你叫它名字的机会。Tip:Men should use a higher-pitched voice when speaking to their cats, because cats respond better to sopranos.小贴士:当和小猫谈话时要大点声,因为猫对高音会有反应。Step 3: Watch your toneLike humans, cats seek clues about a person’s mood by listening to his voice. So when you talk to your cat, be sure that your tone matches the message you want to convey.第三步:注意你的语调像人类一样,猫通过听人说话来判断人的心情。当你和小猫谈话时,要确保你的语调和想表达的信息相配。Tip:If you want your cat to know you’re upset that he just peed on the rug, do what his mom would do: Gently pick him up by the scruff of his neck and growl.小贴士:如果你想要小猫知道你对它在地毯上撒尿的行为感到恼怒,那就像小猫的妈妈那样做:拽住它的后颈并低吼。Step 4: Learn his languageCats have about 100 words in their vocabulary in the form of meows, growls, purrs and hisses. Pay close attention and you’ll begin to learn sound he makes when he’s hungry, angry, fearful and so on.第四步:学习猫的语言猫的语言大概有100个词汇,叫声有喵喵叫,怒吠,呜呜叫和发出嘶嘶声。要仔细观察,那样你就学到当它饥饿,愤怒,害怕等时发出的声音。Step 5: Read his tailLearn how to your cat’s tail. If only the tip is moving, he’s irritated. If the tail is swinging from side to side, he’s PO’d. If he’s carrying his tail tall and proud, he’s happy.第五步:读它的尾巴。学习如何看猫的尾巴。如果只是尾巴末梢在动,表明它很恼怒;如果尾巴左右摆动,说明它的心情还可以;如果尾巴高翘起而且很得意,说明它很开心。Step 6: Interpret speed and volumeFigure out kitty’s mood by paying attention to the speed and volume of his mewling. Fast, loud sounds indicate anxiety, while slow, quieter sounds convey confidence.第六步:要关注猫叫声的大小和速率来判明猫的心情。急促的,大声的叫声表明焦虑,而缓慢的,小声的叫声表明自信。 Article/201012/121860重庆第八医院有四维彩超吗 Huazhong University of Science and Technology in Wuhan, Hubei province, recently cancelled the women#39;s 3-thousand-meter race and the men#39;s 5-thousand-meter race at its university games.位于湖北省武汉的华中科技大学近日取消了该校运动项目中的女子3000米赛和男子5000米赛。Prior to this, many colleges in Beijing, Nanjing and Xi’an also cancelled their long-distance races. One university official says it’s because many students lack the stamina to finish the demanding course and ill-prepared runners could suffer injury or even death after the intense physical activity.在此之前,北京,南京,西安等地的许多高校就已经取消了这些长跑项目。一位大学官员说取消这些项目是因为许多学生缺乏完成长跑的毅力,而且参赛运动员在准备不当的情况下还有可能受伤甚至在剧烈运动后导致死亡。On November 18th, 21-year-old college student, Chen Jie, passed out at the finish line of the Guangzhou International Marathon and later died in hospital. A nationwide study of students’ health and physical fitness in 2010 found that college students were less fit than in 2005. And their strength and endurance had also declined significantly. Analysts say a lack of sporting facilities and unhealthy lifestyles are a key to the problem.11月18日,21岁的大学生陈洁在广州国际马拉松终点线昏蹶,后在医院不治身亡。2010年全国范围内的学生身体健康状况调查研究表明,大学生健康状况水平低于2005年。而且他们的力量和耐力都严重下降。有分析表明缺乏运动设施和不健康的生活方式是导致该问题问题的罪魁祸首。 Article/201211/211017重庆治疗子宫肌瘤大概要花多少钱

重庆引产专科医院People don#39;t often look back on the early 1900#39;s for advice, but what if we could actually learn something from the Lost Generation?通常人们不会为了求取生活妙方而去回顾20世纪初的年代,不过如果那个“垮掉的一代”真的能对我们有所助益呢?The New York Public Library has digitized 100 ;how to do it; cards found in cigarette boxes over 100 years ago, and the tips they give are so practical that millennials ing this might want to take notes.纽约公共图书馆将一组100多年前的香烟盒上的“生活妙招”卡片进行了数字化处理,这些卡片上的小贴士实在太实用了,二十一世纪的我们看到了也会多加留意!How to Tell the Points of the Compass with a Watch如何用手表辨认南北方向To determine the points of the compass by means of your watch, point the hour hand at the sun and then lay a piece of wire, or a blade of grass crosswise between the hour hand and the figure twelve. The end of the wire between the twelve and the hour hand points due south.想要用手表辨认南北方向, 你可以把时针对准太阳,再把一根金属丝或者一根草放在时针和12点的位置中间。这根12点和时针之间的金属丝末端指向的就是南方。 /201706/514124重庆在哪里检查有没有怀孕 But none of those hunters ever tried to不过从未有捕杀者venture into the frigid interior of the Antarctic continent.冒险登上冰天雪地的南极大陆The first successful attempt第一次成功的尝试to do that was made only a hundred years ago.出现在一百年前This hut was the base for one这间小木屋of the most famous expeditions in polar history.是极地史上最闻名遐迩的探险基地It was from here in 1911 that Captain Scott and his team1911年 斯科特船长率领的队伍launched their attempt to从这里出发be the first people to reach the South Pole.拉开了第一次冲向南极点的旅程The cold, dry conditions have preserved the interior寒冷和干燥的环境使小屋内部of the hut almost exactly as the expedition members left it.保存得几乎如探险队离开时一样Expedition photographer Herbert Ponting探险摄影家赫伯特·庞汀captured the spirit of the age of exploration.依然留存着探险时的照片These first explorers第一批探险者borrowed the techniques of the Arctic peoples.从北极居民那借来装备They wore fur gloves and boots他们戴着毛皮手套 穿着靴子and burned seal blubber to keep warm.燃烧海豹脂肪取暖They built sleds based on a traditional Inuit design.他们按因纽特人的传统设计制造雪橇They even made their sleeping bags from reindeer hide.甚至还用驯鹿皮做成睡袋 /201212/214230重庆妇科检查哪里便宜

荣昌万州区盆腔炎哪家医院最好的A healthy teenager in the US state of South Carolina died from drinking several highly-caffeinated drinks too quickly, a coroner has ruled.据一名验尸官裁定,美国南加州的一名健康青少年,由于快速饮用了多种含高深度咖啡因的饮料而不幸身亡。Davis Allen Cripe collapsed at a high school in April after drinking a McDonald#39;s latte, a large Mountain Dew soft drink and an energy drink in just under two hours, Gary Watts said.加里·沃茨指出,今年4月,戴维斯·阿伦·克里普在不到两个小时内喝了一杯麦当劳的拿铁咖啡、一杯山露威士忌酒和一杯能量饮料,随后在一所高中内死亡,The 16-year-old died from a ;caffeine-induced cardiac event causing a probable arrhythmia;. He had no pre-existing heart condition.这位16岁少年死于“咖啡因含量过高导致心律失常”。此前他身体健康,并无心脏疾病。The teenager weighed 90kg but would not have been considered morbidly obese, Mr Watts said.沃茨称,这位少年体重90公斤,但并不是重度肥胖。;This is not a caffeine overdose,; Mr Watts told Reuters news agency. ;We#39;re not saying that it was the total amount of caffeine in the system, it was just the way that it was ingested over that short period of time, and the chugging of the energy drink at the end was what the issue was with the cardiac arrhythmia.;沃茨在接受路透社采访时表示:“这并不算是咖啡因过量。我们认为,并不是他体内的咖啡因的含量让他死亡的,而只是因为他是在那么短时间内摄入的,以及后面的那杯能量饮料,导致他心律失常。”Most energy drinks contain a caffeine equivalent of three cups of coffee and as much as 14 teaspoons of sugar.许多能量饮料含有约等同于三杯咖啡量的咖啡因以及14茶匙的糖。Davis may have consumed about 470mg of caffeine in just under two hours, based on statistics from the website caffeineinformer.com. And once you#39;ve drunk it, it will take hours to clear it from your system.基于caffeineinformer网站的数据分析,戴维斯在两小时内摄入了470毫克的咖啡因。而一旦喝下去,你的身体系统需要数小时来分解它。Having a few cups of coffee or other caffeinated drinks a day is considered perfectly safe. But drinking too much or lots in a short space of time is risky.一天喝上几杯咖啡或者其他一些含咖啡因的饮料是安全的,但是喝太多或是在太短时间内喝下去,这都是具有风险的。 /201705/511293 重庆妇幼保健医院孕检多少钱重庆爱德华医院看妇科炎症多少钱



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