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To really know what makes a great city work,you have to ppel back its skin and expose its secret life force.A system of incredible complexity in technology of millions depend on ,but few understand.A fantastic voyage now begins a journey deep inside the worlds megacities.要真正知道什么使得这个伟大的城市工作,你必须深入剖析才能了解它的秘密。数以百万计的人依赖一个难以置信的复杂技术系统,但却很少有人知道。我们马上开始一段神奇的旅程。Its the worlds biggest city.It covers more than 1400 square kilometers.Its population density is greater than New York City,Tokyo or London.But for the nearly 18 million people who live here its not just another metropolis.Mexico City is grounds zero.On one side,one of the worlds most earthquake-prone hot spots.On another,one of the worlds most active volcanos and beneath their feet,the shaky foundation of an ancient lake bed.The mother nature,Mexico City is one big target, at any moment,the big one could heat.这是世界上最大的城市。占地面积1400多平方公里。它的人口密度远超纽约、东京或伦敦。但是这里居住的近1800万人却不把它当做另一个大都市。墨西哥城才是其原点。一方面,这里地震也最为频繁。另一方面,世界上最活跃的火山就在城市居民的脚下,这里曾是古代湖床不稳定的基石。大自然赋予墨西哥城这座伟大的城市,在任何时刻都很伟大,大到炙手可热。From the instant the alarm sounds,they have just 60 seconds to reach safety.But the children of Mexico City,this drill may seem like funny games.But for the adults,its deadly serious.In 1985 they lived through the real thing.瞬间报警声音响起,他们只有60秒的时间转移到安全的地方。但墨西哥城的孩子们却好像在玩耍一样。但是对于成年人来说,那是很严肃的问题。在1985年他们经历过真实的事情。165326The revival of independent film独立电影的复兴Scripts, not effects 剧本才是王道,资金不是问题Independent films are at last recovering from the slump独立电影终于起死回生了I’m bored with the radio. Let’s go to the cinema听广播太无聊了,我们去看看电影吧THE Toronto film festival, which ends this week, marks the start of the serious-film season. Out—at least untilThanksgiving, in late November—go the superhero spectaculars. In come the foreign films and the dining-room dramas. The autumn crop is far more prone to failure than the summer one. But highbrow films now come with higher hopes.本周谢幕的多伦多电影节标志着严肃电影的活跃期已到来。看来要到感恩节,也就是11月末这场群雄逐鹿的盛大比拼才会散场。紧接着外国电影和爱情文艺片就要闪亮登场。今年秋季档的影片失败的风险比暑期档的还大,不过这次文艺片获胜的希望还大一些。For the past few years the independent film business has resembled a low-budget horror movie. Outside financing was brutally killed in 2008, as banks stopped lending. Three of the six major studios axed subsidiaries that had specialised in buying independent films. Consumers struck another blow by switching from buying DVDs to renting them.过去几年里,独立电影的票房就像低成本的恐怖电影一样惨淡。因为不能再从贷款,外界融资渠道也在2008年中断了。六大制片公司中有三个都砍掉了专门收购独立电影的子公司。而观众对影碟从买到租的转变对于独立电影又是一大打击。201110/155824

The grassroots cause known as the Tea Party movement has brought its demands for lower taxes and smaller government to Washington. The Tea Party rally in Washington was the final stop on a nearly three-week national tour.After stops in 48 cities in 23 states, the Tea Party Express rolled to a stop just blocks from the White House.“茶党快车”在全美二十三个州的四十八个城市作停留后,抵达离开白宫仅几个街区的终点站。The Washington rally coincided with tax deadline day in the ed States, the day Americans must file their income tax returns with the government.在华盛顿举行集会的这一天正好是美国人报税的最后期限,在这一天之前,美国人务必向政府申报自己的所得税。Tea Party Express organizer Amy Kremer addressed a crowd of several thousand people on Pennsylvania Avenue and predicted the movement would bring change to Washington in November's midterm congressional elections.“茶党快车”的组织者克雷默在宾夕法尼亚大道上向几千民众发表讲话,她预计“茶党”运动将在十一月举行的国会中期选举中给华盛顿带来变化。"We have a message for them," said Ms. Kremer. "They may not listen to us now, but I guarantee you they will listen to us in November when we vote the bums out!"克雷默说:“ 我们有话要告诉他们。他们现在可能不会听,但是我向你保他们十一月份的时候会听,那时候我们会把那些不中用的家伙赶出国会。”Tea Party supporters want to cut taxes, government spending and the federal budget deficit. They also oppose President Obama and Democratic congressional leaders, and many want to repeal the recently-passed health care reform law.“茶党”持者们希望减税、减少政府开和联邦赤字。他们也反对奥巴马总统和国会的民主党领袖们,他们中很多人希望废除最近通过的健保改革法。Congressional Republicans who spoke at the rally eagerly welcomed Tea Party supporters.在这次集会上发表讲话的国会共和党人热切地欢迎“茶党”持者。"Thanks for coming to the Devil's city to help us do the Lord's work!" said Senator Saxby Chambliss, a Republican from Georgia. 他说:“感谢你们来到这个‘魔鬼’之城,来帮助我们做上帝的工作。”201004/101765

CNN's Eunice Yoon reports on the developing world's position in the debate over who is to blame for rising food prices.In India, Food Courts, packed with middle class families, these days eating bigger meals more frequently with greater choice. To Anshul Singhal, it's a sign of the good economic times. “So it's people who are poor, and the poor are getting rich and they can afford food for two times a day.” But some point to this prosperity, as one key cause of record high food prices. New economic power houses, like China and India are often blamed, at least in part for the current food crisis. US president George. W. Bush had pointed to growing consumer demand in India as one reason prices are going up. But many in this part of the world say the real gluttons are: Certainly the rich countries, they not only consume much more, the amount of food that you waste is just huge. He might have a point. According to a report by the Food and Agriculture Organization, the average American eats 3,770 calories of food a day, compared to 2,940 calories in China or 2,440 calories in India. Americans are also some of the biggest consumers of beef, a food that takes a lot of energy to produce. Chinese agriculturalist Zhouli goes as far as to call the ed States a e "food imperialist ". Li says American food aid and farm subsidies discourage farmers in poorer countries from raising their own crops. Some also blame high food prices on the international push to use grain as fuel for cars instead of food for people. American Agro-economist Lester Brown agrees and says he's not surprised / the debate over food is turning ugly. "What we are now seeing is the emergence of a politics of food scarcity, unlike anything we've seen before." And many food experts say that the blame game is set to get even uglier as nations battle it out in this global food fight/. Eunice Yoon,CNN, Beijing.200812/59268阿卡帕纳是最大的梯形金字塔,曾被认为是一座人工堆建的小山。阿卡帕纳金字塔是遗址中最大的建筑,塔底平面呈长方形,长180米,140米。One thousand years before Columbus, they were pyramid builders, warriors, the architects of an empire in South America. The Tiwanaku lived in a valley of Lake Titicaca for 1,500 hundred years. And then their civilization vanished, leaving behind only stone ruins and the enduring mystery of their passing. The center piece of Tiwanaku's spiritual power was the Akapana Pyramid, surrounding the pyramid, cities and temples, was a vast maze of channels and regions, though they look like irrigation ditches, they were far too complex.The mystery of their purpose is one that archaeologist Alan Kolata had been struggling to solve. Kolata had a hunch, and to prove it he asked the local farmer to plant crops along the channel banks. Then the archaeologist and the farmers led in the water. Crops spouted and began to grow. But then a tremendous frost hit the outer planter. It devastated other fields, but the crops landed along the canals were not affected.The key to the sophistication of these, uh, of these raise fill system are really these canals that you see here all around me. What's important about the maze is they function like gigantic solar collectors. If you fetch this water you'll see that it's warm enough to bay, and it's truly remarkable and here we are up at 14,000 feet. And that's really the key to the system. It really prevents frost from damaging the crops that would be growing up on these field platform services here.The mystery was solved. The Tiwanaku had found a way to control the environment of the valley itself. Their canals store heat during the day, then radiate it over the fields at night. This remarkable system provided the wealth to build an empire, and to keep it for over a millennium. But then a mid-growing political turmoil, the empire began to decline. For the Tiwanaku, it was the end, but for the local farmers, it is a new beginning. Secure from the frost, the raise fields proved to be seven times more productive, providing hope for a better harvest, and pride for their ancestor wisdom that is returned from the past.04/67630

More than 100 villagers from rural Cambodia were detained briefly by the authorities in Phnom Penh after handing out leaflets detailing how government land concessions are affecting their lives.柬埔寨农村地区的100多位村民在散发有关政府出让土地对他们生活造成的影响的传单后,被金边当局短暂拘押。Early Thursday, about 120 villagers gathered to pray at a Buddhist shrine on the riverfront in Phnom Penh.星期四早上,大约120名村民聚集在首都金边河边的一个佛教寺庙里祈祷。Many were dressed in outfits designed to evoke a Cambodian version of the hit film "Avatar," which depicts the struggle of an alien race battling to save their forest from commercial exploitation. Protesters had green painted faces, green shirts and wore a green leaf as a hat.许多村民装扮成热门电影《阿凡达》中的形像。这部电影讲述的是潘多拉星球的纳美人为保护他们的森林免被商业开发而与地球人对抗的故事。柬埔寨的这些抗议者们用绿色涂料涂在脸上,身着绿色衣,头戴树叶做成的帽子。Raising awareness of deforestationThey said they had come to the capital to let the public know of the troubles they face in rural areas where huge tracts of forest have been leased to domestic and foreign businesses.他们说,他们来到首都是要让公众了解他们在农村地区面临的困境,那里的大片森林已经租给了国内和外国的企业。Villager Kao Chart, who traveled from the northeastern province Kratie, said the forests are being cleared and people like him are losing their livelihoods. He said 20 people came from his area, and are praying to the Buddha for help. He also said taking care of the environment is a priority.来自东北部桔井省的村民考·查特说,森林正在消失,像他这样的人正失去生计。他说,有20个人来自他那个地区,他们向佛祷告祈求帮助。他说,保护生态环境是首要任务。201108/150254U.S. troops will begin their drawdown in Iraq at the end of this month, but there still is no government in place and violence is on the rise. On Wednesday, the U.N. Security Council urged Iraq's recently-elected legislature to form a government quickly.Iraq has been mired in a political stalemate since legislative elections in March left Shi'ite political factions vying for dominance, and the right to form a government and to choose a prime minister. With the impasse unlikely to be resolved before the end of this month, when U.S. troops will drop to their lowest levels in Iraq since the war began in 2003, the U.N. Security Council pressed the legislators to work through their differences in "the national interest" and form "as quickly as possible, a government that is inclusive and represents the will of the Iraqi people."The U.N.'s top diplomat in Iraq, Ad Melkert, echoed the council's call, saying the delays are contributing to uncertainty and creating conditions that could be exploited by elements opposed to the country's democratic transition. In a briefing to the Security Council, he noted that the delays are also affecting the rebuilding of the country's basic infrastructure and services. "Recent protests in a number of cities denouncing the lack of electricity is a sign of potentially growing disillusionment and anger over what has become a situation of daily life for the average Iraqi citizen," said Melkert.Melkert said blackouts continue to persist nationally on average about nine hours a day. He also noted that national reconciliation needs to be a priority of the new government."This includes Arab-Kurdish relations, particularly as they relate to disputed internal boundaries, revenue-sharing, legislation related to hydrocarbons, the federal framework and the constitutional review process," he said.On the implications of the U.S. military drawdown for ed Nation's operations, Melkert said his staff work and live under challenging conditions. He said the U.N.'s own security will need to be increased during this transition period, which will require adequate funding from member states.The ed States will end its combat mission in Iraq on August 31. Some 50,000 American troops will remain in the country to focus on training Iraqi soldiers and performing counterterrorism operations under a new mission called "Operation New Dawn."  美军将从这个月底开始减少在伊拉克的兵力,但伊拉克目前仍然没有一个政府,暴力活动不断增加。星期三,联合国安理会敦促伊拉克最近选举产生的立法机构尽快组建政府。 伊拉克自3月议会选举导致什叶派政治派别争夺主导权和组建政府、推选总理的权力以来,政治陷入僵局。 在美国这个月底将驻伊部队减少到2003年战争开始以来的最低水平前,伊拉克政治僵局看上去无法得到解决。联合国安理会向伊拉克议员施压,要求他们“从国家利益出发”,努力消除分歧,尽快组建“一个广泛的、代表全体伊拉克人民意愿的政府”。 联合国负责伊拉克事务的最高外交官梅尔克特附和安理会的呼吁。他指出,这种拖延正导致不确定性,并创造会被反对伊拉克民主过渡的人利用的条件。 梅尔克特在向安理会介绍情况时指出,这种拖延还影响了伊拉克重建基础设施和提供基本的务。梅尔克特说:“最近一些城市出现抗议活动,对缺电表示不满,这是一个迹象,显示普通伊拉克人对这些已经成为生活常态的情况越来越失望和愤怒。” 梅尔克特说,全国范围仍旧每天停电大约九小时。他还指出,民族和解是新政府的首要工作。 梅尔克特:“这包括阿拉伯人和库尔德人的关系,特别是这种关系涉及有争议的内部边界,另外还有收入分配,与碳氢化合物相关的立法,联邦结构和宪法审查程序等问题。”至于美国减少驻伊军队会对联合国的行动产生什么影响,梅尔克特说,他的工作人员在困难的条件下工作和生活。在这个过渡阶段,联合国需要加强自己的安全,这将要求成员国提供充足资金。 美国定于8月31日结束在伊拉克的作战任务。大约5万名美军将继续留在伊拉克,重点是训练伊拉克士兵和执行反恐任务,这是一个新的叫作“新曙光行动”的部分内容。201008/110810Pirates Reaching Farther Out to Sea to Hijack Vessels索马里海盗到远海劫持至少六艘船  In response to increased naval patrols in the Gulf of Aden, pirates in Somalia are venturing hundreds of kilometers out to sea to seize vessels. The change in tactic has allowed pirates to successfully hijack numerous ships in recent days, including a private yacht with a child on board. 索马里海盗冒险到数百公里以外的海面劫持过往船只,以此应付亚丁湾日益增加的海军巡逻。海盗的策略变化使他们最近几天成功地劫持了很多船只,包括一艘私人游艇,上面还有一个孩子。Since the beginning of April, pirates have successfully seized at least a half-a-dozen vessels off the coast of Somalia in a surge of activity that has not been seen in months.  从4月以来,海盗在索马里海岸活动猖獗,频繁程度几个月来少见。他们成功地劫持了至少6艘船。The director of the International Maritime Bureau in London, Pottengal Mukundun, told VOA the maritime community is alarmed not only by the number of vessels seized in such a short period, but where some of the hijackings are taking place. 在伦敦的国际海事局主任穆昆敦对美国之音说,航运界不仅对如此短的时间内被劫持的船只数量感到吃惊,也对其中一些劫持行动发生的地点表示惊讶。"I think the important change has been the fact that there are now attacks taking place hundreds of miles southeast of Mogadishu. And that is the big change," he said. 他说:“我认为重要的变化是,现在发生的海上袭击距离首都加迪沙东南数百公里。”Mukundun said pirates have become active in the region of the Seychelles and Comoros Islands in the Indian Ocean, where there are no international naval patrols. 穆昆敦说,海盗在印度洋的塞舌尔群岛和科罗群岛地区的活动开始活跃,那里没有国际海军巡逻。On Saturday, pirates hijacked a German container vessel with more than 20 crew members more than 740 kilometers off the southern Somali port city of Kismayo. Two days later, a Taiwan-flagged fishing trawler with 29 men aboard was taken in waters near Denis Island in the Seychelles.  星期六,在索马里港口城市基斯马尤海岸740公里的海上,海盗持了一艘德国集装箱货轮和船上的20多名船员。两天以后,一艘悬挂台湾旗的拖网渔船和29名船员在塞舌尔群岛的丹尼斯岛附近水域被劫持。On April 2, pirates, operating more than 1,000 kilometers southeast of the Somali coast, attacked a luxury British ship, carrying western tourists. None of the tourists were taken hostage, but the ship was seized along with its seven-member crew.  4月2日,海盗在索马里海岸东南1000多公里的海上活动,袭击了一艘满载西方游客的豪华英国游轮。没有任何游客被绑架,但是游轮和7名船员被扣押。In 2008, pirates attacked more than 120 commercial and private vessels, mostly in the Gulf of Aden between Somalia and Yemen at the mouth of the Red Sea. The narrow waterway is vital to ships carrying goods between Europe and the Far East. 2008年,海盗袭击了120多艘商业和私人船只,大多数在红海角的索马里和也门之间的亚丁湾。这条狭窄的水域是来往欧洲和远东商船的必经之地。 The disruption of trade and shipping in the Gulf of Aden prompted more than a dozen countries to send naval forces to escort ships and to protect shipping lanes. Their efforts in thwarting pirate attacks have been credited with significantly reducing the number of successful pirate boardings there for the first three months of this year.  亚丁湾贸易和航运被破坏,促使10多个国家派遣海军护航保护航道。他们的努力挫败了许多海盗袭击,大幅度减少了今年头3个月海盗成功登船劫持的数量。But journalist David Hughes of Maritimenet.org said dispatching warships to combat piracy in the Indian Ocean is simply not an option. 但是Maritimenet.org的记者休斯说,派遣军舰在印度洋打击海盗并不是有效方法。"You cannot really do too much over such a widesp area as the northern Indian Ocean. You can in the Gulf of Aden, where there is a bottleneck. But you cannot start escorting every ship down the east African coast or across the northern half of the Indian Ocean," he said. 他说:“无法在北印度洋这样一块广阔的海域上有所作为。在亚丁湾或许可以,那里有一个瓶颈。但是不能给每艘驶往东非海岸或者穿越印度洋北部的船只护航。”In a reminder of the limitations of naval operations even in the Gulf of Aden, pirates hijacked a large Italian-operated bulk carrier there early Monday. 即便是在亚丁湾,海军护航的能力也有限。海盗星期一清晨在那里劫持了一艘意大利大型散装船。Meanwhile, officials in France said they know the location of a French yacht hijacked Saturday by pirates off the northeast coast of Somalia. The yacht, carrying two couples and a three-year-old boy, was more than 640 kilometers off the Somali coast when it was seized. 另外,法国官员说,他们知道海盗星期六在索马里东北海域劫持的法国游艇的地点。这艘游艇上乘坐了两对夫妇和一个3岁男孩。劫持地点在索马里海岸大约640多公里的海上。04/66528

Peres Says Israel Heading for Decisive Election Campaign以色列总统:准备进行提前选举Israeli President Shimon Peres says Israel is heading toward early elections after prime minister-designate Tzipi Livni failed to form a coalition government. The elections could lead to a change of direction for the Palestinian peace negotiations. 以色列总统佩雷斯说,以色列正在准备进行提前选举。此前,指定总理利夫尼组成联合政府的努力失败。选举可能改变巴勒斯坦和平谈判的方向。President Shimon Peres told Israeli lawmakers there is no choice but to hold elections, after Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni gave up efforts to form a coalition government.  佩雷斯总统对以色列议员说,在外长利夫尼放弃组成联合政府的努力之后,别无选择,只能进行选举。Peres spoke at the opening of the winter session of the Knesset, Israel's parliament.  佩雷斯在以色列议会开始冬季会期时发表讲话。He said Israel will start a decisive election campaign in the coming days.  佩雷斯说,以色列将在未来几天里开始决定性的竞选。The election may bring a clear change of direction for negotiations with the Palestinians. The U.S.-sponsored talks have been going on for almost a year, but remain stuck on the key issues including Palestinian refugees, and the status of Jerusalem, which both sides claim as their capital.  选举可能给和巴勒斯坦人谈判的方向带来明显变化。美国发起的谈判进行了大约1年,但是在主要问题上仍然陷入僵局,其中包括巴勒斯坦难民和耶路撒冷地位问题。双方都声称耶路撒冷是他们的首都。The poll will pit Livni's ruling centrist Kadima party against the Likud Party of right-wing opposition candidate Benjamin Netanyahu.  竞选将在利夫尼的执政党--中间派的“前进党”和右翼反对派候选人内塔尼亚胡的“利库德党”之间进行。Livni is a pragmatist who favors negotiation, and has spoken of a need to make territorial concessions in return for peace. 利夫尼是个务实派,她持谈判,而且说过有必要做出领土上的让步以换取和平。Netanyahu also wants to negotiate, but opposes handing over territory that Israel gained in the 1967 Arab Israeli War. He launched his campaign at the Knesset, promising that any future agreement with the Palestinians will not include handing over parts of the West Bank and the Golan Heights.  内塔尼亚胡也希望谈判,但是反对交出以色列在1967年阿以战争时夺取的领土。他在以色列议会启动竞选,他保未来与巴勒斯坦人的任何协定不会包括交出西岸和戈兰高地的部分地区。He said Jerusalem will not be up for negotiation in any talks he has with the Palestinians.  内塔尼亚胡说,耶路撒冷不会包括在他和巴勒斯坦人的任何谈判中。His remarks prompted angry shouts from Arab-Israeli lawmakers.  他的讲话引起阿拉伯裔以色列议员的愤怒呛声。Once the Knesset formally approves plans for the poll, the election will likely be scheduled for early - more than a year ahead of schedule.  一旦以色列议会正式批准竞选计划,选举可能会定在年初举行,比计划提前1年多。The winner will replace Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, who resigned in September as he faced corruption allegations. He remains in office as a caretaker until a new government is in place. 选举的胜者将接替奥尔默特总理。奥尔默特因面临腐败指控于今年9月辞职。在新政府组成之前,奥尔默特将一直担任看守总理。200810/54261Italy Quake Victims Mark Somber Easter Holiday意大利地震灾民度过悲伤复活节  Thousands of people made homeless by Italy's deadliest earthquake in 30 years celebrated a somber Easter on Sunday. Six days after the quake struck and with the death toll now standing at 294, masses were held in makeshift chapels set up in tent cities. The Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi traveled to the devastated area again on Sunday. He has promised not to abandon the people affected by the quake. 意大利上星期一发生30年来死伤最严重的地震,数千人无家可归。这些人星期天度过了一个悲伤的复活节。地震已经过去六天,死亡人数达到294人,人们在帐篷区设立的临时教堂举行弥撒。意大利总理贝卢斯科尼星期天再次前往地震灾区。他承诺,不会丢下地震灾民不管。In the more than 30 tent cities hosting thousands of people made homeless by last Monday's 6.3 magnitude earthquake, priests offered communion wafers at makeshift altars. The mood this Easter in the Abruzzo region was somber as many prayed for relatives and friends they lost to the quake.  上星期一发生的里氏6.3级地震使得数千人无家可归,他们现在住在30多个帐篷区里。神父们在临时设立的教堂里为灾民分发圣餐薄饼。阿布鲁佐地区今年的复活节沉浸在一片悲伤气氛中,许多人为自己在地震失去的亲朋好友祈祷。Aid workers distributed brightly wrapped chocolate Easter eggs to cheer up the children and their distraught families. Traditional Easter meals of lamb were organized in the camps and Italian dove-shaped Easter cake was also handed out.  救援工作人员发放包装鲜艳的巧克力复活节蛋,让孩子们和他们心烦意乱的家人高兴起来。人们在帐篷区安排了传统的复活节羊肉餐,还有鸽子形状的意大利复活节蛋糕。Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi on Sunday declared the emergency phase over but said it would be months before most of the people displaced will know if they can go back to their homes.  意大利总理贝卢斯科尼星期天宣布紧急阶段结束,不过他同时表示,绝大多数无家可归的灾民还需要几个月的时间才能知道他们是否能够重回自己原来的家。Prosecutors are investigating why so many modern buildings were flattened by the quake and whether flawed construction materials were to blame. 检察官们正在调查地震中为什么有那么多的现代建筑倒塌,罪魁祸首是不是伪劣的建筑材料。Mr. Berlusconi attended a mass for rescuers and volunteers at a police academy in L'Aquila on Easter Sunday and complimented them for their work.In this occasion, he said, we certainly took a step forward to make all of us feel we belong to the same country and we can be proud of our generosity and the assistance we have provided to all these people. I believe I can speak for the whole nation when I say this and compliment you for your work.  贝卢斯科尼出席了星期天在拉奎拉警察学院为救援人员和志愿者举行的复活节弥撒,并对他们的工作表示敬意。贝卢斯科尼说:“在这次事件中,我们的确付出了努力,让我们大家都感到我们同属于一个国家,我们可以为向全体人民提供的慷慨帮助和救援感到自豪。我相信,我可以代表全国这样说,向全国感谢你们的工作。”Berlusconi added that everything possible would be done to get people out of tents in the shortest possible time. 贝卢斯科尼还说,政府将尽一切所能,尽可能在最短的时间里让灾民搬出帐篷。The search for possible quake survivors has now ended and officials said that no one remains officially missing. But the possibility that dead bodies may still emerge as the rubble is cleared is not being ruled out.  搜寻地震幸存者的工作现在已经结束,有关官员说,从官方角度,已经没有失踪人员。不过随着瓦砾被清除,并不排除发现死者遗体的可能性。One person died in the hospital Sunday, raising the death toll to 294. And six victims were being buried, two days after a collective funeral was held for more than 200 people. 星期天有一人在医院死亡,使得地震死亡人数上升到294人。两天前,意大利为200多人举行了集体葬礼,目前有6名死者将被埋葬。People prayed on Easter Sunday and tried to find comfort in religion. But the aftershocks in the region continue and residents remain nervous. 人们在星期天作复活节祈祷,试图从宗教信仰中得到慰藉。不过,阿布鲁佐地区的余震还在继续,当地居民仍然紧张不安。In his Easter greetings to Italians, Pope Benedict urged survivors not to lose hope. He has said he would visit the stricken area after Easter Sunday. 罗马天主教皇本笃十六世在向意大利人民发表复活节致词时敦促幸存者不要失去希望。他说,星期天复活节过后,他将探视地震灾区。04/66892Rice Says Decision on Opening Mission in Iran to Be Left to Obama Administration赖斯:由奥巴马决定设伊朗代表处 Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Wednesday the Bush administration supports the idea of opening a U.S. diplomatic "interests section" in Iran. But she says the press of other matters delayed action on the issue, and that the decision will now be left to the incoming Barack Obama administration. 美国国务卿赖斯星期三说,布什政府持在伊朗设立美国外交“利益代表处”的主意。不过,赖斯表示,其它事情的紧迫性推迟了在这项工作的进度,因此这个决定现在要由即将上任的巴拉克.奥巴马政府实行。There have been news reports for several months that the Bush administration was considering opening a diplomatic mission in Iran, and Rice confirmed at her news conference Wednesday that President Bush made a decision in principle to do so some time ago. 几个月来一直有新闻报导说,布什政府正在考虑在伊朗开设外交代表处,赖斯星期三在记者会上实了这一消息,她说,布什总统曾经在原则上作出决定这样做。But the Secretary of State says the Russia-Georgia crisis in August and other issues intervened to delay implementation. She says that now with only two months left in the Bush administration the matter will be left to President-elect Obama. 不过,赖斯国务卿说,8月发生的俄罗斯和格鲁吉亚冲突等问题耽搁了这一决定的实施。她说,鉴于目前布什政府还剩下两个月就要卸任,因此这件事情要留待当选总统奥巴马来完成。Despite the lack of U.S. Iranian diplomatic relations, Tehran has operated an interests section in Washington for several years, technically part of the embassy of Pakistan. 尽管美国和伊朗之间没有外交关系,但是德黑兰几年来在华盛顿开办了一个外交利益办事处,在名义上是巴基斯坦使馆从属部门。U.S. officials have said Iran would not have a strong case to oppose the setting up of a similar U.S. mission in Tehran, which would issue visas for Iranians traveling to the ed States and conduct people-to-people outreach programs. 美国官员曾经表示,伊朗没有充足的理由反对美国在德黑兰设立同样的代表处,该代表处的工作是向前往美国的伊朗人发放签,开展人际交流项目。Rice told reporters President Bush decided to support an interests section in the context of a firm U.S. policy confronting Iranian nuclear ambitions, aggressive actions in the Middle East and political repression at home. But she said the necessary contacts with Iran on the issue never began because of the press of other business. 赖斯对记者说,布什总统决定持在德黑兰设立外交利益代表处的前提是美国坚决反对伊朗的核野心,反对它在中东的侵略行径以及在国内实行的政治压制。但是赖斯说,由于其它事务的紧迫性,美国跟伊朗一直没有就在德黑兰设立代表处的事宜开始进行必要的接触。"Frankly, at the point at which we most likely would have done it, we were right in the middle of the Georgia-Russia conflict, and then a number of other international events I think just made it difficult to do," Rice said."And so I think that within the context of a firm policy toward Iran, something that reaches out to the Iranian people is very important, and you rightly say that eyes on the ground is also very valuable. But it is awfully important that it be understood that the constituency here is not the Iranian regime, but the Iranian people." 赖斯说:“坦率地说,在我们本该最有可能完成这件事某段时间里,但我们却不得不忙于应对格鲁吉亚和俄罗斯的冲突。我认为,接着发生的若干国际事件又让我们无法顾及它。因此,我认为在我们对伊朗的坚定政策的框架内努力接触伊朗人民是非常重要的,你有理由这样说:着眼于这一基本问题也是非常有价值的。但是,我们应该认识到我们的持者不是伊朗政权而是伊朗人民,这点尤为重要。”Rice said the State Department has done internal work on how a Tehran interests section would function but said that "at this late moment" it is better that the decision to proceed be left to the next administration. 赖斯说,在美国驻德黑兰外交利益代表处的职责方面,美国国务院已经完成了内部的工作,不过她表示,既然这项工作已经耽搁了,因此由下届政府进一步执行这个决定比较好。The ed States and Iran have not had diplomatic relations since after Iran's 1979 Islamic Revolution, when Iranian student activists took over the U.S. embassy in Tehran and held many staff officials hostage for more than a year.Diplomats of the two countries have interacted at multi-lateral meetings in recent years, including a Geneva meeting in July when Under-Secretary of State William Burns was part of a big-power meeting with Iran's nuclear negotiator. 近年来,两国外交官员在各种多边会议上进行互动,其中包括国务次卿伯恩斯7月跟伊朗核谈判代表一道在日内瓦出席一个大国会议时有过的接触。200811/57307

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