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  • Millions of us could be putting our lives at risk by not applying sunscreen properly, experts have warned.专家警告说,数百万英国人因为涂抹防晒霜的方法不当而对自己的生命构成了威胁。An online poll from the British Association of Dermatologists (BAD) revealed eight out of 10 Brits don#39;t apply sunscreen before going out in the sun. What#39;s more, 70% of us aren#39;t reapplying the protection every two hours.英国皮肤科医学会开展的一项在线调查揭示,80%的英国人在艳阳天出门前不会涂抹防晒霜。而且,70%的人不会每隔两小时补涂一次防晒霜。The findings follow last weekend#39;s heatwave and skin experts say we should be more careful to check we#39;re protected before sunning ourselves.这项调查结果发布前,上周末英国刚经历了一场热浪天气。皮肤专家说,我们在日晒之前应该更谨慎地确认自己是否做好了防晒工作。“Applying liberally half an hour before going out into the sun, and then again shortly after going outside, is vital to ensure that you are fully covered and that the sunscreen has had time to be absorbed into the skin,; said BAD#39;s Johnathon Major.英国皮肤科医学会的乔纳森#8226;马杰说:“在日晒之前半小时大量地涂抹防晒霜,然后在出门后不久再涂一次防晒霜,这可以确保你被防晒霜全面覆盖,而且皮肤也有时间去吸收防晒霜。;It should then be reapplied at least every two hours, as the protective filters can break down over time.“然后至少每隔两小时就要补涂一次防晒霜。因为防晒霜在皮肤上形成的保护层随着时间流逝会逐渐被分解掉。;It should also be reapplied after any activity where it might be accidentally removed, such as swimming. Water-resistant sunscreens are not friction-resistant, and therefore they can be accidentally removed if you towel dry after swimming or sweating.;“在有可能将防晒霜不小心擦掉的活动之后也应该进行补涂,比如游泳。防水防晒霜并不抗擦,所以在你游完泳或流汗后用毛巾擦身子的时候防晒霜可能在无意间被擦掉。As well as bringing us a scorcher of a weekend, this week is also Sun Awareness Week - and the reason for the online poll that questioned 215 people.本周不但会有一个炎热的周末,本周还是“阳光关注周”,这也是该机构为何要开展这项涵盖了215人的在线调查的原因。Other potentially bad habits also came to light as 35 percent of people surveyed would only seek shade if they were hot, rather than to avoid burning.调查还暴露了其他一些潜在的坏习惯,比如35%的受访者在天热的时候只会去寻找遮阳处,而不会采取措施防止晒伤。Although getting a tan looks great, prolonged exposure can increase the risk of developing melanoma - the deadliest form of skin cancer.尽管古铜色的皮肤看起来很棒,但是长时间暴露在日光下会增加患黑色素瘤的风险,这是最致命的一种皮肤癌。Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the UK and rates have been climbing since the 1960s.皮肤癌是英国常见的一种癌症,自上世纪60年代以来皮肤癌的发病率就一直在上升。Every year over 250,000 new cases of non-melanoma skin cancer – the most common type – are diagnosed, in addition to over 13,000 new cases of melanoma, resulting in around 2,148 deaths annually.在英国,每年新增超1.3万黑色素瘤病例,导致约2148人死亡,此外每年还有超25万例非黑色素瘤皮肤癌(最常见的皮肤癌)新增病例被确诊。;While we have succeeded in making people aware of the link between sunburn and skin cancer, we have more work to do in teaching people how to use sunscreen properly,; said Mr. Major.马杰先生说:“尽管我们成功地让人们意识到了晒伤和皮肤癌之间的关联,但是在教会人们如何正确地使用防晒霜方面,我们依然任重而道远。” /201605/443215。
  • “When things go right, we talk about it and we learn from it,”Hagen said.“When there’s a fear of failure in an organisation, people lose out on thechance to learn how a problem happened and how to avoid it happening again.”“当进展顺利时,我们都会相互沟通,并展开学习。”哈根说,“而当一个组织中的员工都害怕失败时,人们就会失去一次学习的机会,无法了解问题的根源,也无法避免同样的情况再次发生。”It#39;s crucial for managers to learn theright way to take responsibility for a setback, said David Rodnitzky, CEO of 3QDigital, a media company in California. While admitting to the problem, offerup analysis on how it happened, what you’ve learned from it, and how you’ll avoid itfrom now on. 加州媒体公司3Q Digital首席执行官大卫·罗德尼特斯基(David Rodnitzky)表示,对管理者而言,关键是学会通过正确的方式承担失败的责任。承认问题的同时,还要展开有针对性的分析,包括问题发生的原因,可以从中吸取哪些教训,以及今后如何避免类似的事情再次发生。That kind of analysis will help you survivethe fallout from your superiors or stockholders. As well, admitting to themistake will help you with your subordinates, Rodnitzky said. Blaming yourselffor the mistake, instead of someone on your staff, breeds loyalty.这样的分析可以帮助你顶住主管或股东的批评。另外,罗德尼特斯基认为,承认错误还可以帮助你与下属相处。主动将错误归咎于自己,而不是自己的手下,可以加强团队的忠诚度。Good managers will also learn that takingresponsibility doesn’t always include the successes, Rodnitzky said. Whenthings go well, it’s time to give credit to someone else. “There’s an old adageevery manager should live by: accept responsibility and delegate credit,”Rodnitzkysaid.罗德尼特斯基表示,优秀的管理者还明白一个道理,有了错误应该勇于承担责任,但有了成绩也不能全部归功于自己。当事情进展顺利时,就应该称赞他人。“每个管理者都应该牢记一条格言:承担责任,谦让功绩。”罗德尼特斯基说。Rejecting your ego戒除自负Cristina Mariani-May recently experiencedfirsthand how difficult it was to admit she was wrong.克里斯蒂娜·马里亚尼-梅(Cristina Mariani-May)最近亲身体会到承认错误有多么困难。Her family owns New York-based Banfi Wines,which has exported Italian wine worldwide since 1919. Since 1978, it has alsoowned a Tuscan vineyard.她的家族在纽约经营着班菲红酒公司(Banfi Wines),该公司从1919年就开始向世界各地出口意大利红酒。从1979年以来,他们还在托斯卡纳拥有一个酒庄。It was her father, John Mariani, who cameup with the idea seven years ago of opening a hotel on their seven-acre Italianproperty. During a meeting in the Montalcino office they share, he suggestedthe company could run the hotel themselves. Mariani-May argued they needed tobring in an expert. Things got heated, and it seemed like there was nocompromise.她的父亲约翰·马里亚尼(John Mariani)7年前提出了在7英亩的意大利酒庄建设一座酒店。在蒙塔奇诺办公室召开的一次会议上,他建议公司自主经营酒店。马里亚尼-梅则认为应该聘请一名专家来负责经营。双方各不让步,事情似乎没有妥协的余地。Mariani-May agreed to study the twooptions. Two years later, after checking with other winery owners, she cameback to her father with a difficult answer: He was right.马里亚尼-梅同意对两种方案展开研究。两年后,在调查了其他酒庄的经营状况后,她带着令其难以接受的找到了自己的父亲:他是对的。“I had to swallow my pride, and I had to admit I was wrong,”Mariani-Mayrecalled. “It wasn’t easy, but once I took credit for making the wrong decision, wecould move on.”“我必须收敛自己的傲慢,必须承认我错了。”马里亚纳-梅回忆道,“这并不容易,可一旦你承认自己错了,便可以继续向前。”Five years ago the company opened CastelloBanfi il Borgo, a privately run 14-room hotel on the grounds of a 12th Centurycastle. Since then, Condé Nast Traveler ranked it among the best hotels inItaly, and Fodor#39;s Travel named it one of the 10 best wine country hotels inthe world. It wouldn’t have been possible, Mariani-May said, if she first hadn’t admittedshe made a mistake.5年前,该公司开设了CastelloBanfi il Borgo,这是一家在12世纪的古堡中经营的私人酒店,共有14个房间。自那以后,《悦游》(CondéNast Traveler)杂志将其评选为意大利最佳酒店,《Fodor#39;s Travel》也将其评选为全球10大葡萄酒乡村酒店之一。马里亚尼-梅表示,如果她当初不承认自己的错误,根本不会有今天的成功。“That’s one of the assets of good management. Don’t go intoany big project with ego, and be y to admit when you’ve made amistake.”“这是优秀的管理者所应具备的一项品质。不要带着自负的心态来从事重大项目,要随时做好承认错误的准备。” /201606/450655。
  • A confession: I am one of the maybe six people left who have never seen an episode of Game of Thrones. Just existing in the world and on the internet means I have, over the years, indirectly absorbed a rough working knowledge of the show, enough that I can sort of follow along with friends’ conversations about it.我坦白:我就是大约六人里面那个连一集《权力的游戏》都没看过的人。我是说,只要活在世上而且上个网,过去这些年,我对这部剧的粗略了解也够我跟得上朋友们的对话了。One study suggested that spoiled stories were actually more enjoyable possibly because they’re easier to process while a later investigation found the precise opposite.有研究称,剧透的故事情节其实更令人愉悦,大概因为这样的故事更好理解吧,而后又有一项调查的结果与之截然相反。But the answer may be slightly more nuanced than “spoilers good” or “spoilers bad” — maybe, as a new study in the journal Psychology of Popular Media Culture suggests, it depends on your personality.“剧透“”到底“是好是坏”,或许还有些微妙,《大众媒体文化心理》期刊一项新的研究发现,这取决于你的个性。The study authors, professors of communication at Albany State University, in Georgia, and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, focused on two personality elements: “need for cognition,” or how much a person likes to use their brain for challenging mental activities, and “need for affect,” or the tendency to seek out emotional situations.研究的作者是通讯方向的教授,来自美国纽约州立大学奥尔巴尼分校和阿姆斯特丹自由大学,他们重点关注两大个性元素:“认知需求”,即一个人需要多大的脑力活动挑战,和“影响需求”,走出情感局面的倾向。In the first part of the study, a group of 358 college students “previews” of short stories, including some that contained spoilers, and then reported which previews made them most interested in ing the full stories. When the volunteers then took personality tests, the researchers found, the same people who had scored low on need for cognition were also the ones who said they’d rather the stories that’d aly been spoiled.在第一部分的研究中,358名大学生读了小说的“预告”,包括部分剧透内容,然后报告他们对整篇故事里哪部分情节最有兴趣。然后,这些学生志愿者参加了性格测试,研究人员发现,“认知需求”分数低者同样也是称愿意读剧情透露故事的人群。The study authors then gave their subjects copies of a handful of stories that had been included in the previews — some that they’d spoilers for, and some where they still didn’t know what would happen. When the volunteers rate how much they’d liked the stories, another pattern emerged: The people who had scored higher on the need for affect enjoyed the unspoiled stories more.研究人员继而给了实验参与者一批故事看,这些故事在预告中已经有所涉及,有些已经剧透,还有些故事的情节尚不知如何发展。后来这些实验参与者评价他们对故事的喜欢程度时,又一个模式出现了:影响需求分值高者更喜欢读未经剧透的故事。 /201608/457600。
  • My next novel will change how people view literature...我的下一部小说将会改变人们如何看待文学……Without a doubt, dear Lucien. I view literature as an expression of human greatness...毫无疑问,亲爱的吕西安。我认为文学是人类伟大的表情…… /201607/453297。
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