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Thousands of helpless dogs and cats have been squeezed into rusty cages to be sold off skinned and boiled ahead of China#39;s infamous Yulin festival.在玉林肉节之前数以千计的无助的和猫被关在肮脏的笼子里等着被剥皮煮熟并售卖。The heartbreaking images from a market in southern China show up to four dogs crammed into single cages a day ahead of the annual event where as many as 10000 cats and dogs are butchered and eaten.从中国南部的市场里拍到的令人心碎的照片显示在节日前四只被塞在一个笼子里,每年多达一万只猫被宰杀和食用。Animals Asia CEO Jill Robinson told Daily Mail Australia the campaign against the festival is part of a broader battle against dog eating in China where 10 million canines are eaten annually.亚洲动物基金会CEO对每日邮报说这个抗议活动仅仅是针对中国更广泛的吃肉活动的一部分,每年有1000万只犬类动物在中国被吃掉。#39;The festival is horrific but the issue goes far beyond this event alone. Ending the Yulin Dog Meat Festival is an significant first step to ending dog and cat meat eating across China#39; she said.“这个节日是可怕的,但问题远远超出了这个单独的事件。结束玉林肉节是结束中国吃肉和猫肉前重要的第一步。“她说。 Research from the group found the vast majority of animals used in the festival are stolen - a method that is cheaper and easier than farming.根据该组织的调查发现,在节日里使用的动物绝大多数都是偷来的这比专门养殖的成本低多了,而且也更加容易。 /201606/450645

YANJIAO, China — Artists in need of cheap, affordable studio space are often drawn to out-of-the-way or hardscrabble neighborhoods. 中国燕郊——需要便宜、租得起的工作室的艺术家们通常会被吸引到偏僻或贫穷的地方。The visual artists who flocked to SoHo in Manhattan decades ago helped resurrect what had been a deteriorating factory and warehouse district.几十年前蜂拥来到曼哈顿SoHo区的视觉艺术家们帮助复兴了这个曾经日益衰落的工厂和仓库区。Young artists also helped revive parts of Brooklyn neighborhoods like Williamsburg and Bushwick, 年轻艺术家也帮助复兴了布鲁克林(Brooklyn)的部分地区,比如威廉斯堡(Williamsburg)和布什威克(Bushwick)。and a similar pattern has occurred in many other major cities, including Berlin, Paris and Detroit.类似的模式也出现在其他很多大城市,比如,柏林、巴黎和底特律。In China, a small and decidedly nondescript city called Yanjiao, about an hour’s drive from Beijing, has been experiencing a similar influx of artists, though it is highly unlikely that they will initiate the kind of renaissance that has tourists flocking to Williamsburg and SoHo.在中国,距北京1小时车程的毫不起眼的小城市燕郊也在经历类似的艺术家蜂拥而入的过程,虽然他们不大可能实现上述的那种复兴,吸引游客像蜂拥前往威廉斯堡和SoHo那样来到这里。That’s because the artists’ inexpensive studios in Yanjiao lack exposed brick walls or distressed wood beams. 那是因为,艺术家们在燕郊租住的廉价工作室没有暴露的砖墙和古旧木梁。Instead, they tend to feature concrete walls and cheap metal fittings, and they are generally in large, uninspired apartment blocks.相反,它们大多由混凝土墙和廉价的金属固件构成,通常位于庞大的、平淡无奇的住宅区。Yanjiao, with a population of about 300,000, was once known mostly as a sleeper city, whose residents commuted to jobs in Beijing. 燕郊大约有30万人,曾以睡城闻名,那里的居民通勤去北京上班。During the day, its wide, dusty streets are nearly empty, flanked by apartment buildings waiting for tenants to return from work.白天,尘土飞扬的宽阔街道上几乎空无一人,两侧的公寓楼等着住户们下班回家。The idealistic but impoverished artists here, many of them young graduates from Beijing’s elite art schools, work and live in these apartment blocks.贫穷的理想主义艺术家——很多是北京顶尖艺术学校的年轻毕业生——在这些住宅区工作和生活。Driven by high rents and the constant threat of demolition in Beijing, many artists who might previously have hunkered down in the city, China’s unofficial cultural capital, are flocking to Yanjiao as a low-cost spot from which to chase their dreams.很多艺术家可能曾经蜗居在中国的非官方文化之都北京,但那里高昂的房租和持续不断的拆迁威胁迫使他们蜂拥来到燕郊这个生活成本低廉的地方,继续追逐自己的梦想。The only reason for artists living in Yanjiao is that it’s cheap, one of them, Zhang Yongji, 27, said with a laugh.只是因为便宜,我们才住在燕郊,27岁的张永基笑着说。Like many young artists, Mr Zhang dreamed of making it big in Beijing. 和很多年轻艺术家一样,张也曾梦想在北京大展宏图。But after graduating from the prestigious Central Academy of Fine Arts there in 2012, he looked into renting a studio in the city and found he could not afford one. 但是,2012年,他从著名的中央美术学院毕业后,想在北京租一间工作室,却发现自己租不起。A friend of his was living in Yanjiao, and after visiting, he decided to move here.当时他的一个朋友住在燕郊,他去看望那位朋友后决定搬来这里。Eventually, he settled into an apartment complex called the South Side of Hawaii, one of the city’s many sprawling, 最后,他在一个名叫夏威夷南岸的小区住下来。colorfully named residential complexes designed in a faux European style. (Others include the North Side of Hawaii, Hawaii Valley and Sweet Seoul City.) 它是这座城市很多名字起得很炫的庞大仿欧式住宅区之一(其他的还有夏威夷北岸、夏威夷溪谷和首尔甜城等)。In 2013, he and a group of friends founded On Space, an apartment turned experimental art gallery.2013年,他和一群朋友成立了On Space工作室——一个用公寓改造而成的实验艺术画廊。In the last decade, urbanization and gentrification have accelerated in Beijing. 在过去十年里,北京的城市化和中产阶层化进程加快。These forces are pushing artists to think of alternative models for running art spaces, including, yes, spaces in Yanjiao, said Kira Simon-Kennedy, a co-founder and the director of China Residencies, a nonprofit arts organization.这些压力正推动艺术家们思考开设艺术空间的其他模式,是的,包括在燕郊设立工作室,非赢利艺术组织中国艺术交流(China Residencies)的联合创始人兼总监孟金兰(Kira Simon-Kennedy)说。Many of China’s most famous contemporary artists emerged from so-called artist villages on the urban fringes of Beijing, where rent was low and distractions from making art were few.中国很多最著名的当代艺术家都是从北京郊区所谓的艺术家村走出来的,那里租金便宜,而且几乎没有分散艺术创作注意力的东西。One of the best known of these enclaves is Caochangdi Village, which became an artists’ hub after Ai Weiwei built his studio there in 1999. 其中最出名的一个地方叫草场地,1999年艾未未在那里开设自己的工作室后,它成为一个艺术家聚集地。However, as Beijing’s city limits have expanded, many smaller artist villages have been torn down to make way for new development.但是,随着北京的城区范围不断扩大,很多小型艺术家村被拆除,让位于新的地产开发项目。Art is always pushed to the edge, said He Miao, a curator of contemporary art in Beijing. 艺术总被推到边边角角的地方,北京的当代艺术策展人禾苗说,In China, contemporary art cannot be made in cities. 中国的当代艺术不可能诞生于城市,Where the urban meets the rural, that’s where art happens.而是诞生于城乡结合部。Yanjiao initially attracted attention from the artistic community in 2006,2006年,中央美院在离夏威夷南岸不远的地方建了一个校区。 when the Central Academy of Fine Arts established a satellite campus not far from the South Side of Hawaii. 自此,燕郊开始引起艺术家群体的注意。Art supply, printing and framing shops quickly popped up to serve the students, teachers and artists who would be living and working nearby.很快,附近涌现出很多艺术创作用品店、印刷店和装裱店,为在这里生活和工作的学生、老师和艺术家务。The first artists found it lonely. 搬来这里的第一批艺术家当时觉得很孤单。When I first got here, my building was completely empty, and there were no lights at night, said Pange Yang, 26, 我刚到燕郊的时候,我的楼完全是空的,晚上的时候一片黑,26岁的潘戈阳说。who arrived in 2012. 他2012年搬来这里。I was the only person in the building.楼里面只有我一个人。But as word of mouth about Yanjiao sp, more artists began coming.但是,随着燕郊的口碑散播开来,越来越多的艺术家来到这里。 /201611/475339

Japan’s prison system is being driven to budgetary crisis by demographics, a welfare shortfall and a new, pernicious breed of villain: the recidivist retiree. And the silver-haired crooks, say academics, are desperate to be behind bars. 日本的监狱系统正因人口结构、福利缺口以及新的恶棍人群——退休惯犯——而陷入预算危机。而学者称,这些满头银发的坏蛋迫切希望坐牢。 Crime figures show that about 35 per cent of shoplifting offences are committed by people over 60. Within that age bracket, 40 per cent of repeat offenders have committed the same crime more than six times. 犯罪数据显示,约35%的入店行窃罪行由60岁以上的人犯下。在这个年龄组内,40%的惯犯犯相同罪行的次数超过6次。 There is good reason, concludes a new report, to suspect that the shoplifting crime wave in particular represents an attempt by those convicted to end up in prison — an institution that offers free food, accommodation and healthcare. 一项新报告得出结论称,有充分理由怀疑,入店行窃犯罪案件高发,尤其代表了罪犯有意进入提供免费食物、住宿以及医疗务的监狱。 The mathematics of recidivism are gloomily compelling for the would-be convict. Even with a frugal diet and dirt-cheap accommodation, a single Japanese retiree with minimal savings has living costs more than 25 per cent higher than the meagre basic state pension of Y780,000 (,900) a year, according a study on the economics of elderly crime by Michael Newman of Tokyo-based research house Custom Products Research. 惯犯的盘算对于潜在罪犯来说令人沮丧地充满吸引力。由总部位于东京的研究机构Custom Products Research的迈克尔#8226;纽曼(Michael Newman)对老年犯罪的经济分析所作的研究称,即使饮食节俭、住宿非常便宜,日本单身退休人员如果存款较少,其生活成本也比微薄的基本国家养老金(每年78万日元,合6900美元)高25%。 Even the theft of a Y200 sandwich can earn a two-year prison sentence, say academics, at an Y8.4m cost to the state. 学者们表示,即使是偷窃一份200日元的三明治,就可以换取两年的有期徒刑,给国家带来840万日元的成本。 The geriatric crime wave is accelerating, and analysts note that the Japanese prison system — newly expanded and at about 70 per cent occupancy — is being prepared for decades of increases. Between 1991 and 2013, the latest year for which the Ministry of Justice publishes figures, the number of elderly inmates in jail for repeating the same offence six times has climbed 460 per cent. 老年犯罪案件高发趋势正在加速,同时分析人士指出,最近扩大了规模、入住率约为70%的日本监狱系统,正准备好迎接未来数十年罪犯人数增加。1991年至2013年(日本法务省已发表数据的最近一个年份)期间,重复犯相同罪行超过6次的正在刑的老年罪犯人数攀升了460%。 The surging rates of crime among the elderly disguise a darker trend than mere contempt for the law, say economists and criminologists. Retiree crime is rising more quickly than the general demographic ascent into old age that will put 40 per cent of the Japanese population over 65 by the year 2060. 经济学家和犯罪学家称,老年人犯罪率上升掩饰了一个比单纯蔑视法律更加阴暗的趋势。退休人员犯罪的上升速度超过人口老龄化趋势——到2060年40%的日本人年龄将在65岁以上。 Akio Doteuchi, a senior researcher on social development at the NLI Research Institute in Tokyo, expects the ratio of repeat offenders to continue rising. 东京日生基础研究所(NLI Research Institute)的社会发展高级研究员土堤内昭雄(Akio Doteuchi)预计,惯犯比例将继续上升。 “The social situation in Japan has forced the elderly into the need to commit crime,” he says. “The ratio of people who receive public assistance is highest since the end of the war. About 40 per cent of the elderly live alone. It’s a vicious circle. They leave prison, they don’t have money or family so they turn immediately to crime.” “日本的社会形势迫使老年人不得不走向犯罪,”他称,“如今接受社会救助的人口比例达到战后以来最高水平。约有40%的老年人独自生活。这是一个恶性循环。出狱后,他们既没有钱也没有家人,因此他们会立即再次犯罪。” The crime figures, he adds, expose the strained calculus of the government’s welfare spending as the world’s second-biggest economy ages. Prison, no matter how the spsheets are run, is a woefully inefficient way for the government to target welfare spending at those who most need it. 他补充称,犯罪数据显示出,随着全球第三大经济体人口老龄化加剧,日本政府在福利出方面捉襟见肘。无论电子数据表如何运作,监狱都是政府把福利出对准最需要帮助的群体的效率极其低下的方式。 Attempts to find ways to release elderly prisoners early have encountered insurmountable legal problems, Mr Doteuchi says, and the prison system as a whole will eventually be overrun by elderly inmates. 土堤内昭雄称,设法提早释放老年犯的企图遇到了难以逾越的法律问题,监狱系统作为一个整体最终将被老年囚犯占领。 /201603/433881

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