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Xica:I just got my paper back from Professor Rodriguez and it all marked up.西卡:我刚从罗德里格斯教授那拿回论文,上面全是被批改的记号Lucas:Let me see. It doesnt look too bad. This is a draft, right? His note at the top says to make revisions bee handing in a final version. He trying to help you get a better grade.卢卡斯:让我看看看起来没那么差啊这只是草稿,对吗?他在顶端批注道,修改后上交最终版本他是在帮你取得更高的分数Xica:Maybe, but there nothing he likes about the essay. Look at all of those comments in the margins. He underlined the entire introduction and wrote “run-on sentence” next to it.西卡:或许吧,但是他根本就不喜欢这篇论文你看空白处的这些他在整段介绍下面都画上横线,并在旁边写道“流水句”Lucas:That easy to fix, and it is a run-on sentence, you know.卢卡斯:这很好修改啊,你也知道,它确实是流水句Xica:And in the body, he wrote that I had no transitions and that my arguments werent well supported.西卡:在正文部分,他写道因为没有过渡句,所以无法很好地撑论据Lucas:Well, transitions are easy to put in and you just need to cite a few more sources—that all.卢卡斯:是的,过渡段很容易加进去,你只需要再引用一些文献就好了Xica:Yeah, but that not all. Next to the conclusion, he wrote that I didnt properly summarize my main points. See what I mean? There nothing he likes about this essay.西卡:对,但这还不够在结论处他批道:没有恰当地总结主要观点明白我说的吗?他根本就不喜欢这篇论文Lucas:I think you should take the constructive criticism as it meant—to help you.卢卡斯:我认为你应该吸取这些批评,因为这对你有益无害Xica:It easy you to say. Youre done with college. It kind of demoralizing to get your paper back all marked up.西卡:说起来容易你已经大学毕业了如果返还的论文上全是批改,这会让人很气馁Lucas:True, but you get that I have my own battle wounds—lots of them!卢卡斯:确实,不要忘了我也是久经沙场,浑身是伤了! 1979

Sue: This medication Im taking is messing with my vision. Everything is blurry.苏:我用的这种药会干扰我的视力一切看起来都是模糊的Hamed: That a good reason you to stay home from work today.哈默德:这是你今天留在家不上班的好理由Sue: I cant. I have to give a presentation this afternoon and I cant flake out on my coworkers.苏:不行今天下午我得做演讲,我不能放同事们的鸽子Hamed: What good are you to them if youre blind as a bat?哈默德:如果你视力很糟糕的话,对他们有什么好处呢?Sue: Everybody else will have crystal clear vision, so all I have to do is to put in an appearance. Things may not be as sharp as Id like them to be, but I can still make out people and objects—as long as theyre really big.苏:其它人的视觉都很清晰,所以我只需露面即可虽然我的视力并非我期待的那样敏锐,但我仍可以分辨出人和物——只要他们个头够大Hamed: I dont think your coworkers are going to want you to blindside them today with your strange behavior. Youre going to do more harm than good.哈默德:我觉得今天你的同事们并不会希望你在身边,因为你古怪的举动会让他们感到意外你去了只会让事情变得更糟Sue: I can see well enough. I only see double if I move my head like this. Whoa…苏:我看得清楚只是如果我像这样偏头的话,就会把一件东西看成两件 哇哦...Hamed: At this point, I dont care if you have X-ray vision. That medication is affecting more than your vision. It impairing your better judgment!哈默德:在这一点上,我不介意你是否有X射线视觉这种药不仅影响了你的视觉,还影响你做出更好的判断 原文译文属! 9

Why didst thou promise such a beauteous day,为什么你期许如此的晴空丽日,And make me travel th without my cloak,使我轻装上路,不虑遮风避雨,To let base clouds oertake me in my way,而一旦我涉足中途,你却让浓云翻飞,Hiding thy bravery in their rotten smoke?使你四射的光芒在迷雾中消失?Tis not enough that through the cloud thou break,纵然你后来又穿破密云浓雾,To dry the rain on my storm-beaten face,晒干我脸上暴风雨时留下的雨珠, no man well of such a salve can speak然而无人会称赞你这种治病药膏:That heals the wound and cures not the disgrace医治了创伤,医不了心灵的痛楚Nor can thy shame give physic to my grief;你的羞惭难冰释我彻骨的忧愁,Though thou repent, yet I have still the loss你虽痛悔再三,我却惆怅依旧The offender sorrow lends but weak relief犯罪者引咎自责,又怎能够驱除To him that bears the strong offence cross.替人受罪者内心的极度悲苦!Ah! but those tears are pearl which thy love sheds,但是,唉,你流出的情泪是颗颗明珠,And they are rich and ransom all ill deeds.价值连城,使你的一切罪恶获得救赎 5583

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