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全南县医院白带常规多少钱赣州仁济男子医院打胎流产好吗A Turkish word for melancholy is huzun, and Orhan Pamuk’s writing soaks in it. Certain jazz musicians excepted, few artists conjure sweet sadness as unremittingly.帕慕克的行文中总是浸透着一个格外伤感的土耳其字眼:“呼愁”(huzun)。除了少数几个爵士乐手,几乎没有任何艺术家能够创作出这样绵绵不绝的甜蜜忧伤之情。Mr. Pamuk, who won the Nobel Prize in literature in 2006, sought to tap into “the huzun of an entire city” in his nonfiction book “Istanbul: Memories and the City” (2005). His sprawling new novel is after something similar.帕慕克是2006年诺贝尔文学奖得主,在他2005年的非虚构文集《伊斯坦布尔:一座城市的记忆》(Istanbul: Memories and the City)一书中努力写出了这种“整个城市笼罩的呼愁”。他最新一部篇幅铺漫的小说也是在追寻类似的东西。“A Strangeness in My Mind,” Mr. Pamuk’s first novel since “The Museum of Innocence” (2009), is a minor-key epic about life in Istanbul over the past half-century. It floats on a cushion of huzun, the way an air-hockey puck hovers above the game table.《我意识里的怪癖》(A Strangeness in My Mind)是帕慕克自2009年的《纯真物馆》(The Museum of Innocence)后的首部小说。它如同一曲小调史诗,吟咏伊斯坦布尔在过去半个世纪里的生活。它漂浮在一层呼愁之上,就像桌面冰球在球桌上方悬浮。The first thing to know about “A Strangeness in My Mind” is that it ranks with “A Confederacy of Dunces” as a major street-food vendor novel. Its primary character is Mevlut Karatas, who walks Istanbul’s neighborhoods at night calling out: “Booo-zaaaaa. Goooood boozaaaaa.”关于《我意识里的怪癖》,你要知道的第一件事就是它和《笨蛋联盟》(A Confederacy of Dunces)一样,堪称一本经典的路边食摊小贩小说。它的主角名叫梅弗卢特·卡拉塔斯(Mevlut Karatas),一到夜里就在伊斯坦布尔沿街叫卖:“卜——茶——,好喝的——卜茶——”Boza is an ancient fermented beverage, made in Turkey from wheat. It’s yellowish and thick and often topped with cinnamon and roasted chickpeas. Boza has a low alcohol content — so low that, as one character comments, it is “just something someone invented so Muslims could drink alcohol.”“卜茶”(Boza)是土耳其一种古老的发酵饮料,用小麦制成。颜色澄黄,口味浓郁,上面往往点缀着肉桂和烤鹰嘴豆,其中略含酒精,不过含量很低,正如书中一个角色的,“它被发明出来就是为了让穆斯林也能喝酒。”Boza sellers, Mr. Pamuk notes, have mostly disappeared from Istanbul. By the 1960s and ’70s, Mevlut is among the last of a breed. His call is ripe with huzun. One customer says, “You have a lovely voice, like a muezzin.” He replies, “It’s the emotion in the seller’s voice that really sells the boza.”帕慕克指出,卜茶小贩已经在伊斯坦布尔近乎绝迹。20世纪六七十年代,梅弗卢特是其中的最后一代人。他的叫卖声中充满了呼愁。一个顾客说,“你的声音真美,好像清真寺塔上的宣礼人。”他答道,“卜茶就是靠着小贩声音里的情感才能卖出去的。”“A Strangeness in My Mind” is not merely Mevlut’s story. This novel relates, through multiple voices, each jostling for airtime, the lives of a frazzled and often very funny cast of characters. Most are members of Mevlut’s extended family.《我意识里的怪癖》不仅仅是梅弗卢特的故事。这部小说通过许许多多的声音将一系列疲惫而又往往非常风趣的角色们的生活联系起来,而每一个声音都在力争更多的亮相时间。大多数角色是梅弗卢特大家庭中的亲戚。They arrive in Istanbul from poor villages in the Central Anatolia region of Turkey. They move into crumbling houses on the city’s outskirts before being raked by modernity into tall and disorienting apartment buildings. From this handful of people, Mr. Pamuk evokes the flow of generations of hopeful immigrants into the teeming city.他们从土耳其安纳托利亚中部贫困的村庄来到伊斯坦布尔,搬进城市郊区破旧的房子,然后又在现代化大潮中被抛进令人迷失的高楼大厦。帕慕克从这一小群人着手写起,描述出一代代充满希望的移民是如何涌入熙熙攘攘的城市。The primary theme in Mr. Pamuk’s work, powerfully evoked in his eerily fine novel “Snow” (2004), is mental dislocation — life lived between the competing attractions of Western and Eastern values, between secular doubt and religious conviction.帕慕克在2004年那本怪异而精致的小说《雪》(Snow)中强有力地写到了精神错位这个主题——生活在相互冲突的东西方价值观魅力之间、生活在世俗的怀疑与坚定的信仰之间。That’s true here, too. Mevlut is pulled, at trying moments, toward a deeper engagement with Islam. But “A Strangeness in My Mind” wears this topic lightly. The book is a hymn to life’s physical and mental chaos, not to the harmonies faith would impose.这个主题亦存在于《我意识里的怪癖》之中。在某些令人痛苦的艰难时刻,梅弗卢特被更深地推向伊斯兰信仰。但这本书对这个话题涉及不多,它是一曲对生活中灵与肉的混乱的赞歌,而不是信仰所能带来的身心和谐。A lot happens in “A Strangeness in My Mind.” There are timely births and untimely deaths, feuds and frauds, heartaches by the number. At its center is an unconventional love story.《我意识里的怪癖》中发生了很多事情。有适时的生育与过早的夭亡、世仇与欺骗、无数心痛。而故事的核心是一个不合传统的爱情故事。Mevlut is hoodwinked into eloping with the wrong girl, the less attractive older sister of a woman he admired. Theirs becomes a blissful marriage anyway, though they never quite make it out of poverty.梅弗卢特受到欺骗,和错误的女孩私奔,她是他爱慕的那个女人的,长相也不好看。不过他们毕竟是成了有福的一对,尽管一生都在受穷。There are many things to praise in “A Strangeness in My Mind,” which I’ll get to in a moment. What first needs to be said about this amiable novel is that, like boza, its alcohol content is not very high.. At nearly 600 pages, it has the stretch of an epic but not the impact of one. Like boza, it leaves a bit of film on your lip.《我意识里的怪癖》中有很多值得赞美之处,我会马上讲到。首先,它是一本温和的小说,和卜茶一样,酒精含量不是太高……它有着史诗般的篇幅,接近600页,但没有史诗的冲击力。和卜茶一样,只是在你唇边留下一丝回味。Melancholy is a hard emotion to sustain; over the long run, it cloys. Reading this novel, I was reminded of a passage in Elif Batuman’s lovely nonfiction book, “The Possessed” (2010). Ms. Batuman, an American writer born to Turkish parents, described how few people in Turkey novels, and how the melancholy Mr. Pamuk seemed somewhat miserable writing his.忧郁是一种很难去保持的感情,从长远角度来看会显得发腻。读这本小说的时候,我想起艾丽芙·巴图曼(Elif Batuman)可爱的非虚构作品,2010年的《附体》(The Possessed)。巴图曼是美国作家,她的父母是土耳其人,她在书中描述很少土耳其人读小说,而忧郁的、写小说的帕慕克有时候看上去真是可怜。About his novel “The Black Book” (1994), she writes: “It was about a man who had lost a woman called ‘Dream.’ This guy was walking around the streets of Istanbul calling: ‘Dream! Dream!’ I remember ing this on a bus in Turkey and feeling deeply, viscerally bored.”关于他1994年的小说《黑书》(The Black Book),她写道:“这是一个男人的故事,他失去了一个名叫‘梦’的女人,于是走遍伊斯坦布尔的街头,呼唤着:‘梦!梦!’我记得自己在土耳其的公共汽车读这本书,内心一阵深深的厌倦。”I was not deeply, viscerally bored by “A Strangeness in My Mind.” But I mostly turned its pages with polite interest rather than real desire. This novel hits its low points in its too frequent nods toward its title, to the strangeness in Mevlut’s mind. This “strangeness” is not so very strange; it comes to seem like little more than a variation on the author’s own brand of huzun.《我意识里的怪癖》并没有让我内心深深厌倦,但打开这本书的时候,我心中怀着的往往是礼节性的兴趣,而不是真正的渴望。这本小说写得最不好的地方就是它经常呼应标题,写到梅弗卢特意识里的怪癖。这个“怪癖”其实并不太怪;最后只不过是作家自己的呼愁的一个变种。Mr. Pamuk remains an estimable writer. One of his great gifts is for blending what is clearly a large amount of research, on many topics, into alert, humane, nonwonky prose. One example can stand in for many: his writing about street vendors.帕慕克仍然是一位非常难能可贵的作家。他最好的天赋就是把他对许多题材的大量研究混合在一起,成为敏锐、富于人文色而坚决的行文。举一个例子就够了,他对街头小贩的描写。He evokes “the golden years of Ottoman-style street food.” He expounds on many dishes, from stuffed mussels and lamb’s head to pan-fried liver. We learn the history of these food sellers. We witness them coping with onerous regulations, fickle customers, mean dogs.他描述“黄金时代的奥斯曼土耳其风格街头食物”。他详细地描写各种菜肴,从填馅青口、羊头到煎肝脏。我们通过这些食物小贩学到了历史。我们看到他们如何应付繁重的规则、暴躁的顾客和恶犬。Mr. Pamuk is a subtle writer on about social class. Once dishes like chicken with chickpeas and rice, eaten outside with plastic cutlery by office workers, begin to be seen as poor people’s food, sales shrivel.帕慕克擅长细微地描写社会阶层。办公室职员在外面用塑料餐具吃的鸡肉鹰嘴豆米饭一旦被视为穷人的食物,销量马上就跌下来了。Mevlut is among these sellers. At night, he peddles boza. During the day, he sells whatever he can. His wife, who helps prepare the food he hawks, describes herself as “the head chef of a three-wheeled restaurant.”梅弗卢特也是这些小贩之一。晚上,他兜售卜茶。白天他什么都卖。他的妻子帮他准备他卖的这些食物,说自己是“三轮餐馆的主厨”。The humor in this novel, which has been lucidly translated by Ekin Oklap, flows freely. The narrators interrupt and contradict one another as if they were talking heads in an early Spike Lee movie.小说中也包含了大量幽默,由翻译艾金·奥克拉普(Ekin Oklap)流畅地还原。叙事者们彼此打断,彼此矛盾,好像斯派克·李(Spike Lee)早期电影里的旁叙人。One woman notes the upside of dirt floors: “It took a month before I realized that the more I swept the floor, the higher the ceiling got.” Mevlut, who loves movies, comments on the downside of American and European ones: “You never quite knew who were the good guys and who were the bad guys.”一个女人说肮脏的地板也有好处:“我花了一个月才发现,我越扫地,房顶就显得越高。”梅弗卢特爱看电影,他说美国电影和欧洲电影有个缺点:“你永远都分不清谁是好人谁是坏人。”Yet “A Strangeness in My Mind” lacks the visceral and cerebral impact of Mr. Pamuk’s best novels, notably “Snow” and “My Name Is Red” (2001). For all its melancholy, it verges on being cute. You can say about it what one character says of Mevlut: “He’s a bit of a weirdo, but he’s got a heart of gold.”是的,《我意识里的怪癖》缺乏帕慕克那些最好的小说当中对心灵与头脑的冲击力,特别是《雪》和《我的名字是红》(My Name Is Red)。它虽有悲凉,却也不无喜乐。你可以用书中一个角色评价梅弗卢特的话来形容它:“他是个怪人,却有一颗金子般的心。” /201510/406137章贡区妇幼保健院医术信得过 For people who buy, sell or collect old art, the hope of unearthing a new work by a big name is a motivating dream. And names don’t come much bigger than that of Leonardo da Vinci.对于买卖和收藏古老艺术品的人们来说,发掘著名大师的未知作品堪称鼓舞人心的梦想,而最有名的大师恐怕莫过于列奥纳多·达·芬奇(Leonardo da Vinci)了。For eight years, the Canadian collector Peter Silverman, who lives in Paris, has been trying to convince the art world that a drawing of an aristocratic young woman he bought for around ,000 is a long-lost masterpiece by Leonardo, potentially worth as much as 0 million. Now the controversy surrounding the drawing, “La Bella Principessa,” has taken a new turn. Shaun Greenhalgh, the notorious British art forger who is thought to have created fakes that spanned centuries of art history, has declared it to be his work.八年来,现居巴黎的加拿大收藏家彼得·席尔瓦曼(Peter Silverman)一直都在试图说艺术界,自己手上有一幅遗失已久的达·芬奇真迹,这幅贵族年轻女子的肖像名为《美丽的公主》(La Bella Principessa),是他花大约二万美元买来的,可能价值1.5亿美元。现在,围绕着这幅画作的争议又进入到新的一轮。臭名昭著的英国艺术品伪造者绍恩·格林哈尔(Shaun Greenhalgh)所仿造的赝品跨越艺术史上的几个世纪,如今他声称这幅画是自己的作品。Mr. Greenhalgh says the subject was not an Italian noblewoman, but a check-out girl named Alison who worked at a supermarket in Bolton outside Manchester in northwest England.格林哈尔说,图上的女人不是什么意大利贵妇,而是英格兰西北部曼彻斯特市郊外尔顿某超市内一个名叫艾莉森(Alison)的女收银员。That sensational claim emerged on Nov. 29 in an article in The Sunday Times by the art critic Waldemar Januszczak, who is part of a consortium that has just published a memoir by Mr. Greenhalgh, “A Forger’s Tale.” Mr. Greenhalgh, who in 2007 was sentenced to four years and eight months in prison on forgery-related charges, was responsible for a number of well-documented fakes, including a Gauguin sculpture of a faun bought by the Art Institute of Chicago and an Egyptian alabaster sculpture of a princess purchased by the Bolton Museum. Now he has added “La Bella Principessa” to the list.这个耸人听闻的声明出现在11月29日的《星期日泰晤士报》(The Sunday Times)的一篇文章里,作者是艺术家瓦尔德马尔·雅努茨扎克(Waldemar Januszczak),他所隶属的财团刚刚出版了格林哈尔的回忆录《伪造者的故事》(A Forger’s Tale)。格林哈尔因涉及伪造艺术品,于2007年被判入狱四年零八个月。他所仿造的艺术品包括一尊高更的农神雕像,被芝加哥艺术学院购买;以及一尊古埃及公主的大理石像,被波士顿物馆购买。如今他把《美丽的公主》也加入了这个名单。Mr. Januszczak says Mr. Greenhalgh was about 20 years old when he made “La Principessa,” while he was working at the supermarket in the late 1970s.雅努茨扎克说,格林哈尔创作《美丽的公主》时20岁左右,当时是20世纪70年代末期,他在那个超市上班。“To draw her he says he bought an old land deed that had been written on vellum, and finding the ‘good’ side to be too ink-stained to use, turned it over and drew on the rough side instead, as Leonardo would never have done,” Mr. Januszczak wrote in The Sunday Times.“他说,为了给她画像,他买来了一张旧地契,是用上等羊皮纸做成的,上面写了字,他发现,纸张‘好’的那一面上有太多墨水字迹,所以就把它翻过来,在粗糙的一面上画画,列奥纳多从来不这么做,”雅努茨扎克在《星期日泰晤士报》的文中写道。Mr. Greenhalgh was unavailable to comment.格林哈尔先生未能置评。“It’s ludicrous and absurd,” Mr. Silverman said in a telephone interview. “It’s shameless that an art historian should stoop to that level to promote his book.”“这太滑稽,太荒唐了,”席尔瓦曼先生电话采访中说,“一个艺术史学家为了宣传新书,竟然做出这么有失身份的事,真是无耻之极。”Mr. Silverman said he would pay Mr. Greenhalgh 10,000 pounds, about ,000, if he could reproduce “La Bella Principessa” on vellum in front of a committee of experts. “And he goes back to jail where he belongs if he doesn’t,” he said.席尔瓦曼说,他愿意付格林哈尔1万英镑(约合1.5万美元),看他能不能当着一个专家委员会的面,在羊皮纸上重新画出《美丽的公主》来。“要是他画不出来,就回监狱呆着去吧,”他说。The story of “La Bella Principessa” and its attribution started in January 1998, when Kate Ganz, an art dealer in New York, bought a hea·or ,850 with fees at Christie’s in New York. Executed in pen, ink, chalk and watercolor on vellum, it was cataloged by Christie’s as “early 19th century, possibly German.”《美丽的公主》及其作者鉴定的故事始于1998年1月,纽约艺术品交易商凯特·冈兹(Kate Ganz)以21850美元(含交易费)的价格,从纽约佳士得买来了这幅身穿意大利文艺复兴时期饰的年轻贵族女子的半身侧面像。这幅画以钢笔、墨水、粉笔和水在羊皮纸上绘制而成,被佳士得标记为“19世纪初,可能是德国作品。”Nine years later, in January 2007, Ms. Ganz sold the drawing, which she described as “based on a number of paintings by Leonardo da Vinci and may have been made by a German artist studying in Italy,” to Mr. Silverman for the original purchase price, minus a dealer’s discount.9年后的2007年1月,冈兹把这幅画以原价减交易商折扣的价格卖给了席尔瓦曼,她当时对它的描述是,“可能是一个在意大利学习的德国艺术家根据一幅列奥纳多·达·芬奇的画临摹的”。In June 2008, Lumière Technology, a company in Paris that specializes in digital scanning, announced that its analysis had determined that the portrait was by Leonardo. The work was subsequently valued at 100 million by the London art dealer Dickinson, who offered it for sale to selected clients. Timothy Clifford, a director of the National Galleries of Scotland from 1984 to 2006 who joined Dickinson as an adviser in 2007, declared the drawing a genuine Leonardo in an article in The Times of London in October 2009.2008年6月,法国数码扫描公司“光明技术公司”(Lumière Technology)声称,经分析,公司认为这幅画是出自列奥纳多本人之手。因此,这幅作品被伦敦艺术品交易公司迪金森(Dickinson)标价为一亿英镑,并向高级客户提供这幅作品的出售。蒂莫西·克利福德(Timothy Clifford)于1984年到2006年担任苏格兰国家艺术馆馆长,2007年出任迪金森的顾问,2009年10月,他在《伦敦泰晤士报》上发表文章,认为这幅画是列奥纳多的真迹。The attribution has also been endorsed by a half-dozen Leonardo scholars. Martin Kemp, an emeritus professor in art history at Oxford University who began researching the work in 2005, was an early convert, identifying the sitter as Bianca Giovanna Sforza, the illegitimate daughter of Ludovico Sforza, the duke of Milan from 1494 to 1499.这个结论还得到了半打列奥纳多专家的背书。马丁·肯普(Martin Kemp)是牛津大学的艺术史荣退教授,他从2005年开始研究这幅作品,是最早相信它是真迹的人之一,他认为画面上的人是比安卡·乔万娜·斯福尔扎(Bianca Giovanna Sforza),是于1494年至1499年任米兰公爵的卢多维克·斯福尔扎(Ludovico Sforza)的私生女。Research by Mr. Kemp and Pascal Cotte, a co-founder of Lumière, suggested that the drawing had been removed from a Sforza family album, now in the National Library in Warsaw, made to celebrate the 1496 marriage of Bianca to the Milanese military commander Galeazzo Sanseverino.肯普与光明技术公司的联合创建者之一帕斯卡·科特(Pascal Cotte)认为,这幅画是从斯福尔扎家族的画册中被拿出去的,该画册于1496年制作,是为了庆祝比安卡与米兰军事指挥官加里亚佐·桑瑟夫内洛(Galeazzo Sanseverino)的联姻,目前收藏于华沙国家图书馆。Those developments prompted the owner of the drawing when Christie’s sold it to Ms. Ganz, Jeanne Marchig, the widow of the artist and restorer Giannino Marchig, to sue Christie’s for breaches of fiduciary duty and of warranty, as well as negligence and negligent misrepresentation, claiming they should have known it was a Leonardo.佳士得把作品出售给冈兹时,该画像的主人是艺术家与艺术品修复家詹尼诺·马奇格(Giannino Marchig)的遗孀珍娜·马奇格(Jeanne Marchig),因为这一事态的发展,她起诉佳士得公司违反信托与担保责任,以及疏忽和做出草率鉴定,她主张,佳士得本应鉴定出那是列奥纳多的真迹。The suit was rejected by a ed States appeals court in 2011 on the grounds that the statute of limitations had expired. In a separate suit against Christie’s, concerning the loss of the drawing’s frame, Ms. Marchig stated that the drawing had been in her husband’s collection by 1955, long before Mr. Greenhalgh is supposed to have made it.该诉讼于2011年被美国一上诉法庭以诉讼时效过期而拒绝。在另一项起诉佳士得遗失了这幅作品的边框的诉讼中,马奇格女士指出,这幅画于1955年便归她丈夫所有,远远早于格林哈尔声称的创作时间。As a Leonardo, “La Bella Principessa” has yet to win over the art establishment. The work has not been shown in any major national museum, and it was not included in the landmark exhibition “Leonardo da Vinci: Painter at the Court of Milan” at the National Gallery in London from November 2011 to February 2012.艺术界权威尚未彻底认可《美丽的公主》是列奥纳多的真迹。这幅作品还未在任何大型国家级物馆展出,2011年11月至2012年2月于伦敦国家物馆举办的重大展览“列奥纳多·达·芬奇:米兰宫廷时期画作”(Leonardo da Vinci: Painter at the Court of Milan)也没有收入这幅作品。That show did, however, include a recently rediscovered Leonardo, “Christ as Salvator Mundi,” circa 1499, which was bought in 2013 by the Russian collector Dmitry E. Rybolovlev for 7.5 million from Yves Bouvier, a Swiss businessman and art dealer.不过,那次展览确实收入了一幅新近发现的列奥纳多作品:《救世主基督》(Chirist as Salvator Mundi),创作时间约在1499年,是2013年俄罗斯收藏家德米特里·E·雷波诺列夫(Dmitry E. Rybolovlev)以1.275亿美元从瑞士商人与艺术交易商伊夫·布维尔(Yves Bouvier)手中买下的。Mr. Rybolovlev sued Mr. Bouvier after discovering that he had paid the sellers, the New York dealers Alexander Parish and Robert Simon, between million and million for the work.后来雷波诺列夫发现,为这幅作品,布维尔只付给卖主纽约交易商亚历山大·巴利什(Alexander Parish)与罗伯特·西蒙(Robert Simon)7500万到8000万美元左右,便对布维尔发起了诉讼。Last Tuesday, meanwhile, Kasia Pisarek, an independent art historian who specializes in attribution, became the latest scholar to make a case against a Leonardo “Principessa.” In a paper presented at a conference in London, she ran down a checklist of what she termed “inconsistencies” — the lack of any documentation or copies, the presence of just three stitch-holes in the side of the vellum sheet ( the Sforza volume in Warsaw has five) and what she saw as anatomically incorrect quality of the drawing itself.上周二,专门鉴定艺术品作者的独立艺术史学家卡西娅·皮萨莱克(Kasia Pisarek)成了最新一位为列奥纳多的《美丽的公主》发起诉讼的学者。她在伦敦的一次听会上呈送文件,列举了这份作品的“矛盾清单”——它没有任何相关文件记载,也没有复制品、羊皮纸边上只有三个装订孔(华沙收录的斯福尔扎家族画册有五个装订孔),还有她眼中其他一些不符合真迹特质的细节。Her conclusion was that “the present attribution to Leonardo must be deemed unreliable.”她的结论是,“列奥纳多是作者这个结论是站不住脚的。”The drawing itself is at the Geneva Freeport storage warehouse and is not for sale, Mr. Silverman said, who added that in 2012 he had been offered million for it but had rejected the offer. “I want the drawing to be shown all over the world so that people can decide for themselves,” he said. “But the experts who won’t accept it have refused to see it. Bureaucrats don’t like to take a chance. They’re afraid of controversy.”席尔瓦曼先生说,这幅画作目前被存放在日内瓦自由港,不做出售之用,他还补充说,2012年,有人曾经出价6000万美元,但被他拒绝了。“我希望这幅画能在全世界展出,让人们自己来判断,”他说,“但是那些不接受它的专家们拒绝看它。官僚主义者们不愿把握机会,他们害怕争议。”By various accounts, then, it would seem that “La Bella Principessa” is either a real Leonardo worth tens of millions; a 19th-century Italian Renaissance style drawing worth tens of thousands; or a modern fake worth hardly anything at all.出于种种原因,这幅《美丽的公主》要么就是价值数千万的列奥纳多真迹;要么就是价值数万美元的19世纪意大利文艺复兴风格作品;再不就是一文不值的现代赝品。But adding characters like Shaun Greenhalgh and Alison from the supermarket into the mix will liven up the debate — and make it ever more difficult to discern what the scientifically minded Leonardo would have recognized as the truth.但是随着绍恩·格林哈尔与“超市艾莉森”等人卷入混战,争议无疑进一步升级了;列奥纳多是个相信科学的人,如今,要找到他渴求的真相,更是难上加难。 /201512/415094崇义县人民医院妇产科怎样

会昌县人民医院怎么样Pigeons and pollution are both common blights in cities around the world, but a group of engineers in London are hoping the birds can help them tackle problems with air quality.对世界上许多城市来说,鸽子和污染问题都是常见的危害,但伦敦的一群工程师却希望能利用鸽子来帮助解决空气污染问题。A technology company has revealed it is strapping pollution-monitoring backpacks onto ten pigeons in London to monitor air pollution over the next three days.一家科技公司透露称,他们在十只鸽子背上绑上了污染监测器,在未来三天监测伦敦空气污染情况。On Monday, the flock, nicknamed the Pigeon Air Patrol, were set loose from a rooftop in Brick Lane by pigeon fancier, Brian Woodhouse.当地时间周一,鸽友布莱恩·伍德豪斯从布里克巷的屋顶放飞了这群被称为“空中巡逻鸽”的鸽子。For three days, Londoners will be able to get live updates of the pollution where they are by tweeting their location to @PigeonAir.此后三天,伦敦市民可以通过在推特上发布自己的位置并@PigeonAir来了解该地实时更新的污染情况。Data from three of the pigeons, called Coco, Julius and Norbert, will then be used to instantly reply, telling them about the level of pollution in their area.名为可可、朱利叶斯和诺伯特的三只鸽子收集的数据被用来即时回复市民消息,告知市民所在地的污染水平。A live map is also being updated as the pigeons fly around, detailing the levels of pollution in different areas of the capital.随着鸽子飞行轨迹改变,生成的实时地图亦不断更新,详细显示了伦敦各地区的污染水平。#39;Air pollution isn#39;t sexy and people don#39;t engage with it,#39; said Pierre Duquesnoy, creative director at DigitasLBi, who had the original idea.“空气污染并没什么吸引力,人们也不去关注它,”乐必扬创意总监皮埃尔·迪凯努瓦说道。这个想法最初是他提出的。#39;So the heart of our idea was to make air pollution more accessible and relevant to people.“因此我们的核心想法是让人们更容易得悉空气污染情况,让空气污染与人们更加切身相关。”#39;The Pigeon Air Patrol is a perfect example of how data combined with creative storytelling can raise awareness of a serious health and environmental issue.#39;“把数据同新奇的宣传结合在一起能够增加人们对严重环境卫生问题的关注度。空中巡逻鸽就是一个很好的例子。”To develop the idea Mr Duquesnoy worked with Plume Labs, a technology company that helps consumers track and reduce their exposure to air pollution.为了发展这个构想,迪凯努瓦选择与科技公司Plume Labs合作。Plume Labs帮助其客户追踪并减少暴露在空气污染中的机会。#39;Air pollution is a huge environmental health issue, killing 10,000 people every year in London alone,#39; said Romain Lacombe, chief executive office of Plume Labs.“空气污染是一项重大的环境卫生问题。仅在伦敦,每年因空气污染而死亡的人数就超过1万,”Plume Labs首席执行官罗曼·拉科比说。#39;Putting air sensors on the back of pigeons goes beyond raising awareness of this problem and helps Londoners understand the impact of pollution in an accessible, tangible and immediate way.#39;“在鸽子背上安设空气监测器不仅会使人们更加关注这个问题,也能让伦敦市民用可行的方式更真切、更直观地意识到污染的影响。”The pigeons used in the study are racing pigeons, who usually live four times longer than street pigeons because they#39;re so well cared for.研究所用鸽子均为赛鸽。由于受到良好养护,它们的寿命通常是街头普通鸽子的四倍长。The flock even has their own vet to double check they#39;re always in peak health.这批鸽子甚至有自己的兽医以确保它们总是处于最佳健康状况。The high-tech backpacks they wear to monitor pollution are tiny and light as a feather.鸽子背的高科技污染检测器像羽毛一样又小又轻。The campaign only runs for three days, after which the birds will be able to return to their normal life.这项活动仅持续三天,在那之后鸽子们将回归正常生活。The company hope the campaign will encourage Londoners to join the Air Patrol, by becoming beta testers for a wearable version of Plume Labs#39; air pollution measuring device.Plume Labs公司希望此举能鼓励伦敦市民参加“空中巡逻”活动,成为该公司设计的可穿戴式空气污染检测器的测试员。‘We’re looking for 100 people to beta test our new pollution sensor, in partnership with Imperial College London,’ the website says.“我们与帝国理工学院合作,寻找100人来测试我们的新污染监测器,”该网站表示。‘If you’re a cyclist, runner, or pram pusher, who’d like to know what you’re breathing and how to beat pollution, join our programme testing a wearable version of our air pollution device.’“无论你是骑自行车、跑步还是推婴儿车,只要愿意了解你所呼吸的空气的质量以及如何战胜污染,那就加入我们的项目,测试一下我们研发的可穿戴式空气污染检测器。” /201603/431757赣州市龙南县程龙镇卫生院妇科检查 Wu Cheng#39;en (1500~1582) was a novelist and poet of the Ming Dynasty, generally acknowledged as the author of the Chinese folk novel Xiyouji (Journey to the West).吴承恩(1500~1582),淮安山阳(今江苏境内)人,明代小说家、诗人。吴承恩被认为是中国民问小说《西游记》的作者。Wu received a traditional Confucian education and became known for his cleverness in the composition of poetry and prose in the classical style.接受的是传统儒家教育,因善于做诗和写文言文而出名。Throughout his life he displayed a marked interest in bizarre stories, such as the set of oral and written folktales that formed the basis of Xiyouji.吴承恩一生都对志怪小说(比如作为《西游记》成书基础的口笔头民问故事)非常感兴趣。In its 100 chapters Xiyouji details the adventures of a cunningly resourceful monkey who accompanies the Buddhist priest Xuanzang on a journey to India.在100个章节里,《西游记》详细地叙述了一个足智多谋的机灵猴子陪伴唐僧玄奘前去印度取经的冒险故事。Like all novels of its time, Xiyouji was written in the vernacular, as opposed to the officially accepted classical style, and therefore had to be published anonymously to protect the author#39;s reputation.与当时的其它小说一样,《西游记》是用白话(与官方接受的文言文对应)写成的,所以,为了保护作者的名声,这部小说不得不化名发表。As a result, the identity of the novelist was long unknown outside of Wu#39;s native district.这样一来,吴承恩家乡以外的地区很长时间都不知道《西游记》的作者是谁。Only two volumes of Wu#39;s other writings have survived; these were discovered in the imperial palaces and were reprinted in 1930.吴承恩的作品只留下来两册,这两册书在皇宫被发现,并于1930年出版。 /201602/426150赣州安远人民医院不孕不育怎么样

崇义医院是私立的还是公立的Robin Li Yanhong, CEO of China#39;s search engine giant Baidu Inc, issued a public apology at a meeting on Sunday about a scandal involving the company#39;s disease-related online forums, domestic news portal yicai.com reported.据国内新闻门户网站第一财经报道,中国的搜索引擎巨头百度的首席执行官李彦宏在星期日的一次会议上,就公司旗下所有疾病类相关贴吧的丑闻做出了公开道歉。;Last week was a special time for Baidu … we will reflect deeply in a bid to turn this crisis into an opportunity,; Li was ed as saying in the report.该报道援引李彦宏的话:“上周对百度来说是一个特殊的时期……我们也会非常深刻的反省,并努力把这场危机转变成一次机遇。”Baidu was recently mired in a scandal involving its hemophilia forum, which had been sold to a private hospital that promoted itself in the forum and allegedly banned the forum#39;s original operators from posting, media reports said.据媒体报道,百度最近因其血友病贴吧被卖个一家私人医院打广告而陷入了丑闻,此外,该贴吧还涉嫌禁止原吧务发表帖子。The disclosure triggered public outrage, because the forum was a platform where users could discuss information on medical services.这一消息的披露引发了公众愤怒,因为该贴吧本是用户讨论医疗务信息的一大平台。In response to the uproar, the company said Tuesday that it would end such business collaboration in its disease-related online forums.为应对骚动,该公司星期二表示,将在其疾病相关的的贴吧结束这样的商业合作。Baidu then replaced the operator of the hemophilia forum with Hemophilia Home of China (HHC), an NGO dedicated to helping hemophilia patients, making HHC the first NGO to run a disease-related forum, the company said.百度表示,公司随后将血友病贴吧的吧务换成了中国血友之家(HHC),一个致力于帮助血友病患者的非政府组织。HHC也成为了运营疾病相关论坛的第一个非政府组织。Because Baidu Tieba exists as a public service and plays a vital role in public communication, the operator should not be any third-party commercial institution that aims to seek profits, said Lu Zhenwang, CEO of Shanghai Wanqing Commerce Consulting Co.上海晚晴商务咨询有限公司CEO鲁振旺表示,百度贴吧作为一种公共务,在公共交流中起到重要的作用,管理者不应该是任何追求利润的第三方商业机构。 /201601/422941 If you thought wearing a pair of tights is a simple matter, you#39;d be wrong. A male scientist has devised a mathematical formula to help women choose the perfect pair of tights to keep their legs warm this winter.如果你以为穿一件紧身袜是件简单的事,那你就错了。一位男性科学家设计了一条数学公式,用于帮助女性挑选在冬天为双腿保暖的完美紧身袜。Dr James Hind came up with the equation to determine the most suitable fabric thickness depending on the weather conditions.詹姆斯·欣德(James Hind )士想到根据天气状况,用公式来决定最佳紧身袜纤维材料的厚度。The 39-year-old says the secret to deciding what stockings to pop on the morning all depends on wind speed and temperature. The formula then helps calculate what denier, or thickness, to choose to avoid being too hot or cold throughout the day.39岁的欣德士说,决定早上穿什么袜子的秘密,完全由风速和气温决定。这条公式帮助人们计算,应选择哪种旦尼尔或厚度,从而避免一天下来感到太热或太冷。The mathematician designed the equation after he had to wear green stockings when he worked at the Tales of Robin Hood, a former tourist attraction in Nottingham.这位数学家之所以设计这条公式,是因为他在诺丁汉(Nottingham)曾经很能吸引游人的罗宾逊纪念馆(the Tales of Robin Hood)上班时,不得不穿绿色长袜。He said: #39;I worked in tights day in and day out for a year and I know the value of properly warm tights on a cold day. I worked there 15 years ago in 1997. My 110 denier thick tights saved my life in the winter. I made those tights my basis for the formula because they should see anybody through cold and windy weather, and then when it#39;s lovely and sunny, the denier recommendation reduces.#39;他说:“我每天穿着长裤袜工作已经一年了,因此我知道寒冷天气里,一双刚好够暖的裤袜的重要性。15年前,即1997年,我就在那里工作了。我的110旦尼尔(纤维强度标准,越高表示越结实)厚裤袜,在寒冬里救了我的命。我用我袜子的旦尼尔数作为方程的基数,因为那就够帮任何人度过寒冷且大风的天气了。当天气暖和明媚,建议的旦尼尔数就会减少。”The mathematician claims the complex-looking formula will work across the UK as it takes into consideration local weather conditions.欣德士称,这条看起来很复杂的公式在全英国范围内都有效,因为它考虑了当地的天气状况。His formula builds the temperature (t) and wind speed (w) into a forecast to calculate the thickness of tights most appropriate. The equation uses the sigmoid curve to create a scale to determine the denier or density of fiber needed (d).他的方程将气温(t)和风速(w)构建成一个预测模型,用以计算最合适的裤袜厚度。等式使用函数曲线创造一个模型,来决定裤袜所需的丹尼尔数或纤维密度(d)。It can be altered to allow for warmer southerly winds and colder northerly winds by using kilometers per hour for colder winds and miles per hour for warmer ones.可通过调整,较暖的南风以千米每小时作单位,较冷的北风则以英里每小时作单位,来使方程适应不同的天气。Dr Hind, who lives with science lecturer wife Dr Laurice Fretwell, 33, in Beeston, Nottingham, added: #39;I used the Sigmoid formula here. It took a lot of tinkering and tampering for a few hours at a time but I think it#39;s turned out really well.#39;欣德士,和现年33岁作为科学讲师的妻子劳里斯·弗雷特韦尔(Dr Laurice Fretwell),一同居住于诺丁汉的比斯顿(Beeston)。他补充道:“我就在这里使用这个函数公式。我曾花了好几个小时来修改和修正它,但我觉得它最终表现得很好。” /201510/405791南康市妇幼保健所做血常规检查赣州仁济男子医院妇科预约



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