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This morning on our continuing series, On the Couch with Dr. Gail Saltz, our Today contributor and psychiatrist helps you cope with some serious relationship problems. Hostess: Gail, good to see you. Gail: Good to be here. Host: Ok, let's go right to the emails, coz' we've got some really interesting stories here. First email we've received: my sister is infatuated with my boyfriend and constantly flirts with him. I've ignored it to keep the peace in our family. My mother says I should forget about it. But what she's doing is hurting me. What should I do? Gail: You know sister rivalry is so common, and even when you grow up, it's common still. But there are a couple of people involved in what's going on. You need to talk to the boyfriend: I don't appreciate you flirting back, coz' let's face it, it takes two to tango. You need to talk to the mom and say: Hey, peace at any price? This is really hurting me. Why would you support this? But mostly you need to talk to your sister and say: Look, if you're still feeling rivalrous with me over something, we need to talk about what that is. Because stealing my boyfriend is not the sisterly way to go. We need to talk about what's in your qua that you're acting out here. Hostess: And the culpability as mom to say keep the peace (at any price), as there is the thing that makes me feel, you know, uneasy about that. (It's, Of course it's very hurtful to her.) Gail: It's not uncommon, unfortunately, to have one parent feel that somehow one of their children is more fragile than the other and support that child more and that might be going on here. Hostess: ok, let s look at the second email: My boyfriend is constantly looking at other women. I see him gaze, and they smile back. It's like, "Boy, I'd love to be with you, but I'm stuck with her." It hurts me, and when I talk to him about it, he says that he is a man, and that's what men do. My female friends tell me not to worry-that he's just looking. I'm young, in great shape , I love him. But why am I so unhappy?Gail: You're unhappy because he is RUDE. And he's not taking your feelings into consideration. You know, you hear this a lot, men are visual and they can't help it. I say that's kind of ridiculous. Everybody is visual. And everybody likes to look at what attracts them. But people stop looking at other things that attract them in an obvious way because they don't want to hurt the person they are with. So he's not listening to how you feel. You need the basics to explain to him how would you feel if I checked out the tush of every guy that I thought was attractive. That wouldn't make you feel good either. It really should be the same for the sexes and while everybody wants to look, people control that out of consideration for their partner. Hostess: Ok, great advice. Ok let s look at email No. three: I often repeat a pattern in my romantic relationships: I get close to a boyfriend, feel emotional pressure, start to see his faults, and then break up with him. Then once the pressure is off, I reconnect with him. This is driving me current boyfriend crazy. I can't figure out if he is just wrong for me, or if I have commitment issues.Gail: Well, this is a very good question and a common scenario. One way to help you tell the difference is: if this is your MO, meaning if in past relationships you've tended to do this, I get close, I want you ,I want you; oh, now you are here, now go away, then probably you do have a commitment issue and a fear of intimacy. On the other hand, if that's not being your past history, you've had long relationships, they've worked out, but now it s happening just with this guy, it may be more that this guy isn't really working for you, but you are afraid of being alone. Many women are afraid of not having someone with them.Hostess: With a fear of intimacy, right? Gail: Well, if you've been able to be intimate in the past, (You should be (like) it.)that's less likely. But if in fact it is only with this guy, then sometimes it's: I wanna be with a guy and even this not good guy is better than no guy at all, which I would say, is not the way to go. If you keep having problems, it's probably time to move on. Hostess: Ok, let s look at the fourth email: My boyfriend and I have been dating for 2 years. His mother kisses my boyfriend on the lips just before she goes to sleep. I have never been comfortable with it. When I recently mentioned it, he said that it was not a big deal, and that she's always done that. She has three daughters and does not kiss them on the lips. Is this weird?Gail: Well, probably a lot of people are going eek. But let me say this, for a mother and a son, they' re sort of each other's loves for a long time. It's very normal for mom to be your first love when you're a little boy. And hopefully one day you grow up and you'll pick up a girl that reminds you of mom in the positive ways but is not mom. On the other hand, unfortunately, some moms have trouble letting it go and so they keep some sort of connection going and this may be one of them. If this is the only one, I'd say, all right, tell him you don't like it. But I wouldn't do worry too much. But if there are other things, like he listens to everything she says, she calls all the time, she's there all the time, he just may not be available for you, which could be a big problem. Hostess: Gail, excellent advice, as always. Gail: My pleasure. Hostess: Thank you so much.200807/44409Putin Accepts Leadership of Russia's Dominant Political Party俄罗斯执政党神速开会普京任党魁 Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin has agreed to head the ruling ed Russia Party, whose members voted unanimously in his favor. The selection occurred with remarkable speed after an unusual rule change. 克里姆林宫的领导人普京在俄罗斯执政的统一俄罗斯党党员表决的一致持下同意担任该党的党魁。在这个党不同寻常地修改了规章制度以后,这次选择党主席的程序以异乎寻常的速度完成。ed Russia selected its new leader in a bit of reverse order. First, President Vladimir Putin told the party congress in Moscow he would agree to head the organization. Party members then voted in a unanimous show of hands to a rule change that created a new position of chairman, allowing Mr. Putin to hold it without joining the organization.  统一俄罗斯党选举自己的领导人的过程似乎是顺序颠倒。首先,总统普京在莫斯科对党代会表示他同意担任党魁,然后党员代表一致举手赞成改变规则,设立一个党主席的新职位,并且允许普京在没有加入该组织的情况下担任主席。This was followed in quick succession by a second open vote, also unanimous, that confirmed Mr. Putin in the newly created job. Current party leader Boris Gryzlov, who will head the party's ruling council, then made brief remarks and the Russian president returned on stage to formally accept the position he agreed to take less than four minutes earlier. 这个决定做出以后, 党员代表第二次迅速公开表决,仍然以全体通过的结果确认由普京担任刚刚设置的主席。统一俄罗斯党目前的领导人格雷兹洛夫将担任该党的执行委员会的主席,他在会上作了简短发言以后,普京就再次登上主席台,正式接受了这个他在不到四分钟之前刚刚表示同意接受的职务。Mr. Putin says Russia needs a consolidation of political forces, and its people need spiritual unity. He adds that responsible leadership is needed at all levels, working as a single organism in the name of the majority but in the interests of each citizen and Russian society as a whole. 普京说,俄罗斯需要巩固政治力量,俄国人民需要精神团结。他又说,各级单位都需要负责任的领导人,这些领导人以多数党的名义、以单一机制的方式工作,同时为每一个公民和俄罗斯社会的总体利益务。Mr. Putin's last word was followed by 20 seconds of polite applause. It took Boris Gryzlov another 11 seconds to declare the Congress over. Delegates departed after playing of the Russian national anthem.  普京的话音刚落就响起了礼貌的掌声,持续了20秒钟。格雷兹洛夫又用了11秒来宣布大会结束。党代表们在乐队演奏俄罗斯国歌后,离开了会场。The convention opened a mere 25 hours earlier with Gryzlov ringing a bell as he announced the importance of brain storming in party working groups to craft ed Russia's political strategy through 2020. Topics for consideration included such issues as, "The Law versus Corruption," "Search for a Middle Class," "Russian Democracy," "Innovation," and "Technical Leadership in the Economy." 这次党代会在25小时之前刚刚开幕,格雷兹洛夫摇铃宣布开会后指出了党内工作小组集思广益、创造统一俄罗斯党在2020年前的政治策略的重要性。大会要讨论的话题包括法律和腐败、寻找中产阶级、俄罗斯民主、革新、以及对经济的技术性领导等问题。Former lawmaker and political analyst at the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexey Arbatov told VOA that any serious discussion of such issues would take at least two months. He notes that ed Russia did not produce the country's leadership, but rather the leadership created the party, whose members rely on the president for their political existence. Arbatov says this dependency makes it difficult to rely on ed Russia to resolve the country's problems.  前国家杜马议员、目前担任俄罗斯科学院政治分析人士的阿列克塞.阿巴托夫对美国之音说,任何有关这类议题的严肃讨论至少需要两个月的时间。他指出,统一俄罗斯党没有为这个国家产生领导层,而是领导层创造了这个政党,它的党员依靠总统来保他们的政治存在。阿巴托夫说,这种依赖使得指望统一俄罗斯党来解决国家的问题变得非常困难。The analyst says serious matters of state will continue to be dealt with by senior officials in the executive branch and the presidential administration, as well as in business and expert circles, and the media. 这位分析人士说,国家的严重问题将继续由行政部门和总统班子来解决,商界、专家和媒体也会参与进来。Speaking earlier, President-elect Dmitri Medvedev said ed Russia leaders invited him to join the party. He said although he supports its ideas, he feels it would be best if he avoided direct ties to any political party.  稍早,俄罗斯当选总统梅德韦杰夫说,统一俄罗斯党领导人邀请他参加该党。他表示,虽然他持这个观点,但是他感觉最好是避免和任何政党发生直接关系。The prospect of current President Putin serving as prime minister and leader of the majority party has again raised speculation in Russia over how he will share power with his successor. Answers to those questions will begin to emerge after the transfer of presidential authority on May 7. 现任总统普京出任下届总理并兼任多数党领导人的前景再次引发了人们对俄罗斯的猜测,人们都想知道普京将如何同他的继任总统分享权力。关于这个问题的将在总统交接权力的5月7号开始逐渐浮出水面。200804/35103Turkish President in Armenia on Historic Trip土耳其总统居尔首次访问亚美尼亚 The Turkish President Abdullah Gul arrived in the Armenian capital Yerevan, the first time a Turkish head of state has visited the country. Mr. Gul was there to attend a soccer match he said could help end almost a century of mutual hostility and aid security in the broader Caucasus region. 土耳其总统居尔抵达亚美尼亚首都埃里温,这是土耳其国家元首第一次访问亚美尼亚。居尔到埃里温观看一场足球赛,居尔认为这场比赛有助于结束这两个国家将近一个世纪的敌对状态,促进大高加索地区的安全。Turkish President Abdullah Gul's jet arrived in Armenia on this historical visit escorted by attack helicopters. Police and demonstrators lined the traffic-free streets as his motorcade sped through downtown Yerevan. 土耳其总统居尔乘坐的喷气客机在武装直升机的护航下抵达亚美尼亚,开始了他对亚美尼亚具有历史意义的访问。居尔的车队疾驶过埃里温市中心时,街上的车辆停驶,警察和示威者站在街道两旁。Ankara and Yerevan have no diplomatic ties but a relationship haunted by the question of whether ethnic Armenians killed by Ottoman Turks during World War One were victims of systematic genocide. 安卡拉和埃里温之间没有外交关系,第一次世界大战期间奥托曼帝国土耳其人杀害的亚美尼亚人是否属于有组织的种族清洗的受害者,这个问题一直笼罩着双方的关系。The director of Armenia's National Genocide Museum, Hayk Demoyan, hailed Mr. Gul's visit, saying this could be a positive step in talking about the issue of genocide. 亚美尼亚全国种族清洗物馆馆长德穆瓦扬对居尔来访表示欢迎,他说,这次访问可能成为讨论种族清洗问题的积极的一步。"Armenians fighting for genocide recognition and for restoring the rights of the survivors and descendants of the survivors is just part of the global movement of prevention. So this is not anti-Turkish or something against Turkish people," said Demoyan. "We also realize that there a lot of problems in public memory and national memory of Turkey and Turkish people. That's why this is a matter of two people. We have to talk, we have to agree, we have to negotiate." 德穆瓦扬说:“亚美尼亚人争取让这次种族清洗获得承认,争取恢复幸存者以及他们后代的各种权利,这只是全球性制止种族清洗运动的一个组成部分。因此,这并不是反土耳其或者想跟土耳其人民作对。我们还认识到,在土耳其和土耳其人民的记忆里存在很多问题。因此这是两国人民的事。我们必须讨论,必须取得共识,必须磋商。”But the controversy continues to fuel nationalist anger in both countries.  不过,这场争议仍然给这两个国家的民族主义者提供了愤怒理由。President Gul was strongly criticized for agreeing to visit Armenia by both the main Turkish opposition parties, who accused him of betraying Turkey and its close ally Azerbaijan. Armenia is occupying a region of Azerbaijani territory, which has resulted in Turkey enforcing a trade embargo against Armenia since 1993, crippling the Armenian economy.  由于居尔总统同意访问亚美尼亚,土耳其两个主要反对党都对他提出强烈批评,指责他背叛土耳其及其亲密的盟友阿塞拜疆。亚美尼亚目前占领着阿塞拜疆的一个地区,土耳其因此从1993年开始对亚美尼亚实施贸易禁运,给亚美尼亚经济造成重大损失。In Yerevan, reaction to Mr. Gul's visit is mixed. 在埃里温,对居尔的访问反应各异。This man says Mr. Gul's visit is of no importance. He says his team will win in any case. He says he would like Mr. Gul to leave Armenia in a bad mood, but only because his team has lost the game. 一名男子说,居尔的访问无足轻重。他说,亚美尼亚足球队无论如何都会胜利。他表示希望居尔带着坏心情离开亚美尼亚,但仅仅是因为土耳其队输了。Another man has a more positive view. 另一名男子对居尔访问亚美尼亚的态度比较积极。He says he thinks that the meeting of the two presidents will discuss problems which may help to normalize the Armenian-Turkish relationship. 这个男子说,他认为两国总统会晤会讨论一些问题,或许有助于两国关系正常化。Turkish diplomatic sources have played down any expectations of a breakthrough in bilateral relations. But experts say if Mr. Gul's visit passes off smoothly, it's real success can be that it will open the door to future dialogue. 土耳其外交消息人士对于有关双边关系会出现突破的猜测不予置评。不过有关专家指出,如果居尔的访问顺利,那么这次访问真正的成功之处就在于为以后的对话打开了大门。200809/47632equivocate ———— 含糊其词(不及物动词)英文释义 (intransitive verb) To speak ambiguously in order to confuse the listener and conceal the truth; a subtle form of telling lies.例句 The cynical company owner trusted none of his employees, and always equivocated when they asked him questions about the business.这位愤世嫉俗的公司老板不相信手下的任何员工,每当员工询问公司的业务情况时,他总是兜圈子。 /201607/455753

We had a very small budget and I had to make decisions on what to buy.我们的预算很小,所以我必须决定买什么。I like it! ;Im particularly proud of; - Positive but not boasting.我喜欢!“我特别自豪”——积极但又不是在吹嘘。Youre doing well.你做的很好。Very impressive – so youre a good planner Anna!真厉害,那么安娜,你是一个好的规划者!We like organised people here...ooops, silly me.我们喜欢有条理的人……哎呀,我真笨。I seemed to have spilt tea over your CV.我似乎把茶洒到你的简历上了。Oh, do you need some help?你需要帮助吗?Oh no…Im sure itll dry out… carry on please…没事,它肯定一会儿就干了,请继续。Also… timekeeping is important to me…而且,守时对我很重要。;Timekeeping is important to me; – thats good!“守时对我很重要”——说的好!I always try to complete my work on time.我总是努力按时完成工作。At university I never handed my assignments in late.在大学里,我从不晚交作业。Thats good to hear. We like punctuality here…听你这么说太好了。我们这里喜欢守时的人。Excuse me Paul. Sorry its a bit late – but I thought you might like a biscuit with your tea.打扰了,保罗。不好意思有点晚了,但是我想你可能喜欢就着饼干喝茶。 /201611/479858

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