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地点:公寓楼道人物:瑞秋,罗斯事件:作为昔日的情侣如今的好友,瑞秋劝罗斯抓住并珍惜与英国女孩艾米丽的感情,不要止于现在Rachel: Is there room on that step a pathetic loser?瑞秋:这台阶上有悲哀的失败者坐的地方吗?Ross:Yeah, have a seat.罗斯:有,坐吧Rachel: Im so sorry.瑞秋:我真对不起你Ross: That okay. I mean it was just two-week thing anyway. I just didnt want it to end this way.罗斯:没关系,反正也只是两周的事,我只是不想以这种方式结束Rachel: You seem to really like her.瑞秋:看起来你真的很喜欢她Ross: Yeah, I really do.Yeah, but what am I gonna do? I mean we–we both agreed that it was gonna be a two-week thing, yknow no commitment.罗斯:是,我真的很喜欢她是啊,但我又能做什么呢?我们都心照不宣,知道这只是两周的事,没有承诺Rachel: Ross, that girl just spent the entire evening talking to your friends, asking to hear stories about you, looking through Monica photo albums. I mean you dont do that if youre just in it two weeks.瑞秋:罗斯,那个姑娘用整晚的时间和你的朋友聊天,打听所有关于你的事情,还看莫妮卡的相册,我的意思是,没有谁会只想交往两周还做这些的Ross:You think?罗斯:你这么想?Rachel: Yeah, you got like hours until she has to be at the airport, and youre sitting here in the hallway with a -year-old cheerleader with a fat lip.瑞秋:是的,她还有个小时就得到机场赶飞机了,而你却和一个岁的、嘴唇肿起来的拉拉队长坐在走廊里Ross: Hey, youre right. Thanks. What photo album was it?罗斯:嘿,你说得对,谢谢她们看的什么相册啊?Rachel: I dont know. It was you and a bunch of albino kids.瑞秋:不知道,是你和一群白化病孩子的Ross: Oh my God! Those werent albino kids, that was computer camp! Rach!罗斯:天啊,他们不是白化病,那是在计算机夏令营,瑞! 981paramore,是一来自美国的年轻乐队,风格是典型的EMO-PUNK,音乐自然而紧凑,散发着浓厚的流行摇滚元素点击此处收看MVYou were my conscience, so silent now you’re like waterAnd we started drowning, not like we’d sink any farther.But I let my heart go, it’s somewhere down the bottom.But I’ll get a new one, come back from the hope that you’ve stolen.I’ll stop the whole world, I’ll stop the whole worldFrom turning into a monster, and eating us aliveDon’t you ever wonder how we survive?Well now that your gone, the world is ours.I’m only human, I’ve got a skeleton in mebut I’m not the villain, despite what you’re always preaching.Call me a traitor, I’m just collecting your victimsAnd they’re getting strongerI hear them calling.I’ll stop the whole world, I’ll stop the whole worldFrom turning into a monster, and eating us aliveDon’t you ever wonder how we survive?Well now that your gone, the world is ours.Well you thought of straight solutionsthat I liked the attentionAnd not always knowing the answersYou’re gonna lose itYou’re gonna lose itI’ll stop the whole world, I’ll stop the whole worldFrom turning into a monster, and eating us aliveDon’t you ever wonder how we survive?Well now that your gone, the world is ours. 50

Help eign guests at mal dinner中国餐桌礼仪With the Spring Festival just round the corner, your mouth might aly be watering at the thought of the coming banquet.春节就要到了节日里自然少不了聚餐一想到宴会上的美食,你是不是就直接流口水了?The traditional family banquet is the year most important meal millions of Chinese at home and abroad. You probably know all about the food and have tried many different dishes. But do you really know how to behave properly at such an important meal? If a eign friend was visiting, could you explain Chinese table manners? Dont worry if you are not sure, here are some tips.中国传统的春节家宴是海内外亿万华人一年中最重要的一顿饭大家品尝了各式各样的菜肴,可能对春节里的饭菜很熟悉了,但是,你知道在春节宴会上如何做到举止得体吗?倘若有外国朋友前来拜访,你能给他说说中国的餐桌礼仪吗?不必担心,这儿有一些建议The main difference between Chinese and Western eating habits is that unlike the West, where everyone has their own plate of food, in China the dishes are placed on the table and everybody shares. It is always polite to let guests or elder people at the table taste every dish first.中西餐桌礼仪最主要的差别在于,西方人有自己单独的菜盘,而中国人喜欢把所有的菜放在餐桌上,大家一起吃出于礼貌,中国人总是让客人或者年纪大的人先品尝每一道菜Although there are no strict rules on how to set chopsticks and spoons, there are some things you should never do during a Chinese banquet.尽管怎样摆放筷子和调羹并没有严格的规定,但是,用餐时有一些举止是应当避免的 3963

现在分词的语法作用现在分词一方面具有动词的性质,另一方面也相当于一个名词或形容词、副词,在句中可以作主语、表语、宾语、定语、状语和补语等1)现在分词(短语)作主语:Laying eggs is the ant queen full-time job. 产卵是蚁后的专职工作Saying is easier than doing. 说比做容易注意:在 There is no 结构中,通常用现在分词There is no joking about such matters. 这种事开不得玩笑There is no holding back the wheel of history. 历史车轮不可阻挡)现在分词(短语)作表语:The problem is quite puzzling. 这个问题很令人困惑3)现在分词作宾语:现在分词作动词宾语如:I suggest doing it in a different way. 我建议用另一种方法做这件事We enjoy attending Miss Li class. 我们喜欢听李老师的课现在分词作介词宾语,经常用在一些短语的后面如:Im against inviting him to dinner. 我反对邀请他来吃饭They dont feel like walking that much. 他们不喜欢走那么多路He went to London in the hope of being a famous painter.他去了伦敦,希望能成为一个著名的画家此类短语还有很多,如:look ward to(渴望,盼望), be proud of (以……自豪), be responsible (对……负责), insist on(坚持), think of(考虑,想到), dream of(梦想), object to(反对,抗议), hear of(听说), prevent...from(防止,阻止), keep...from(防止,阻止), stop...from(防止,阻止), be engaged in(从事于), depend on(依靠,依赖), thank...(因……而道谢), excuse...(因……而道歉), aim at(目的在于), devote...to(献身于), set about(着手做), beget used to(习惯于), be fond of(喜欢), be afraid of(害怕), be tired of(对……厌烦), succeed in(成功地做……), be interested in(对……感兴趣), be ashamed of(对……感到羞愧)等注意:在有些句子中,介词常可省去I have no difficulty (in) communicating with eigners. 我在和外国人交谈方面没有什么困难He used to spend a lot of time (in) playing games. 他过去常花很多时间玩游戏What can prevent us (from) getting married? 有什么能阻止我们结婚?)现在分词作定语:① 单个的分词作定语一般放在被修饰词的前面ing room 阅览室 swimming pool 游泳池 dining car 餐车sleeping car 卧车 singing competition 歌咏比赛 waiting room 候车室a waiting car 一辆等待着的车 a sleeping child 一个酣睡的孩子 flying fish 飞鱼the exciting news 令人振奋的消息 a boring speech 令人乏味的演出②现在分词短语作定语应放在被修饰词的后面,也相当于一个定语从句Who is the man standing by the door? 站在门边的男人是谁?They lived in a house facing south. 他们住在一所朝南的房子里5)现在分词作状语:现在分词作状语可以表示时间、原因、结果、条件、让步、方式或伴随情况等现在分词短语作时间状语,相当于一个时间状语从句,有时可由连词when, while引出如:While ing the book, he nodded from time to time. 他一边看书,一边不时地点头Seeing those pictures, she remembered her childhood. 看到那些画,他想起了她的童年现在分词短语作原因状语,相当于一个原因状语从句如:Not knowing his address, I cant send this book to him. 因为不知道他的地址,我不能把这本书送给他Many of us, being so excited, couldnt go to sleep that night. 因为非常激动,那晚我们许多人都没睡着现在分词短语作结果状语注意:主谓宾+逗号+现在分词表结果His father died, leaving him a lot of money. 他父亲死了,留给他许多钱She was so angry that she threw the toy on the ground, breaking it into pieces.她非常生气,把玩具扔在地上,把它摔成了碎片现在分词作伴随状语,可以放在句子的前面、后面或中间,表示主语的另一个、较次要的动作如:They stood there half an hour watching the stars in the sky. 他们在那儿站了半小时,观察着天上的星星Following the old man, the young people started walking slowly.年轻人跟在老人的后面开始慢慢地走起来现在分词间或也可作条件状语和让步状语,相当于一个状语从句如:注意:下面例句如果没有will,现在分词则作后置定语A person standing at the foot of a high mountain will find himself very small.一个人如站在大山的脚下会发现自己很渺小(现在分词作条件状语)A person standing at the foot of a high mountain find himself very small.(后置定语修饰person)Knowing all this, they made me pay the damage.(现在分词作让步状语)尽管知道了一切情况,他们还是要我赔偿损失“withwithout+名词普通格或代词宾格+现在分词”结构在句中作状语,表示伴随情况或时间、原因等如:His hair became grey with the years passing. 随着时间的推移,他的头发变花白了Without anyone noticing, he slipped through the window. 没人注意,他从窗户溜了出去6)现在分词作补语:现在分词可以在see, hear, notice, watch, feel, look at, listen to, observe, have, get, leave, keep, set, catch, find 等动词后面和一个名词或代词构成一个复合宾语,作宾语补语如:I noticed a man running out of the bank when I got off the car.我下车的时候注意到一个男人匆匆忙忙地从里跑出来Last night the shopkeeper caught a child stealing some food in the shop.昨晚,店主在商店里抓到一个小孩在偷东西 85790Xiaohua: Hello, and welcome to Round Table’s Word of the Week. This week we are going to talk about some science theories that are made known by the film Interstellar.John: Yeah, not so much made known. I mean these are concepts and ideas that have been around quite a long time even as early as the 1930s and 190s, but really what we see with the movie Interstellar which I have not seen yet, we see just a kind of popularization of those ideas. Not to say that Interstellar is the first one to do so, but due to the popularity, especially here in the Mainland, without it we cannot talk about some of them. I want to take the time right now to first describe some very fundamental concepts in the world of mathematics, in physics that inms much of what we saw in Interstellar. So the first is general relativity and a simple explanation of general relativity is the idea on large scales, what happens with large bodies and their influence on other things. So by large bodies, I mean planets, suns, other stars, comets, and things like that. Large massive things in space and how they affect each other, mostly looking at gravity and time.Xiaohua: 广义相对论general relativity基本上讲的就是在广大的空间内的一些高密度的天体是怎样互相之间作用而影响我们的John: Then there is quantum physics. So general relativity is attributed to Einstein in the 1930s and 190s somewhere around there. And then there was quantum physics which was popularized especially in the 1960s and 1970s. So general relativity has everything to do with large massive bodies, again planets, stars, things like that. Quantum physics has everything to do with small things. Things that we cannot perceive with the naked eye, so quantum physics tries to answer the question how is it that an atom stays in atom, how does a molecule stay a molecule, even going future down how does a proton stay a proton.Xiaohua: 在相对论之后,又有了著名的量子理论quantum physicsJohn: The problem theoretical physicists so the people who are doing all the math and trying to figure how the math works is that if you try to apply the ideas in mathematics of general relativity to very small things, everything breaks down. And if you try to apply the mathematics of quantum physics and quantum theory on a larger scale, everything breaks down. And so what theoretical physicists had to do was come up with a completely separate system of math and a completely separate idea of how things work. And they call that string theory. So string theory has not been experimentally proven. However, this point is accepted by a wide number of theoretical physicists and mathematicians as a very elegant way of bringing general relativity and quantum physics together.\Xiaohua: 由于广义相对论和量子理论在很多地方是不能同时成立的,于是理论物理学家们又延伸出一个新的学科,那就是弦理论,也就是string theoryJohn: Right, so the idea behind string theory is that you have strings of different shapes and sizes vibrating at certain frequencies. This can be very, very small, smaller than electron, than the smallest p we know of. Everything basically is made up of different types of strings vibrating at different frequencies and this is where the ideas of branes or membranes and worm holes really start to take shape and actually start to make sense in terms of the mathematics and the actual theory.Xiaohua: 弦理论的一个基本观点就是说自然界的基本单元不是点状粒子,而是很小很小的线状的弦string,而弦之间的不同震动就产生出不同的基本粒子另外在弦理论里面还有一个brane, right?John: Yeah, brane. It’s just the shortening of the word membrane. The idea there is that the membrane is actually a very elongated string that also has its own vibration. And the idea is all theory. None of this is proven. It’s that our universe in fact could be either just on one brane or could be that we are on many different branes, so the idea is that somehow you take one membrane and you fold it around. It should be theoretically possible to create some kind of gateway between those two. That’s really where the idea of a worm hole really starts to make sense, so people used to think there was this science fiction idea that black holes could somehow be a worm hole, but as far as we know, the physics of that just make no sense, because the black hole is a star that collapses upon itself so quickly because of the way that these ces work, that it just sucks in everything else around it and the thing is as far as we can tell, if everything is actually sucked into the black hole, there is no way that a human could actually survive.Xiaohua: 而弦理论的存在使得平行空间,也就是虫洞的存在产生了可能以前有人认为黑洞和虫洞也许是一种东西,但其实我们现在知道黑洞是一种超高密度的天体,那么所有的物体在被吸入黑洞之后都没有办法逃脱出来,所以黑洞和虫洞其实是不一样的John: I want to talk about the speed of light, in about relativity in that sense, because the whole thing with one of the big discoveries of Albert Einstein in terms of relativity was the speed of light. So a lot of science fiction looks at faster than light travel, sometimes abbreviated into FTL. The thing is right now, and this is why worm holes and things like that are so attractive, because according to the physics that in our understanding of the universe now it is virtually impossible to ever actually travel at the speed of light or even faster than the speed of light using what we now have in terms of propulsion technology. Because according to Emc*, as you get closer to the speed of light, the energy required increase in such an exponential fashion. 3690Dialogue 1:Jingjing: Hey, Xiao Gao, do you know what on the agenda this afternoon meeting?京晶:嘿,小高,你知道今天下午的会议要讨论什么吗?Xiao Gao: Not entirely, but I know what up at the top. There been a lot ofbackroom chatter lately about a possible take-over by one of our competitors.小高:不完全知道,但是我知道最重要的话题是什么最近有很多谣言说公司可能要被一个竞争对手收购Jingjing: Oh,right,Ive heard some talk about that,I thought it was mostly rumors.京晶:哦,对了,我也听过,我还以为都是谣言呢!Xiao Gao: No, weve been perming very poorly lately and Im afraid it time to face the music, unless we see a white knight, there a good chance that well be bought out.小高:不,最近公司确实状况不太好,恐怕我们不得不面对现实了除非遇到一个大救星,不然很可能我们就会被别的公司收购了Jingjing: How do our job prospects look? I just signed a new -year contract, do you think their buy-out will affect our positions?京晶:那我们的工作怎么办?我刚刚跟公司签了一个两年的工作合同,你觉得收购会影响我们的职位吗?Xiao Gao: That one thing were going to discuss today, I know that the boss wants to rally the troops.小高:这就是我们今天要讨论的话题之一,我觉得老板们想把大伙集中起来鼓舞士气Jingjing: Ive got a feeling he gonna scale back our responsibilities just in case we do lose out.京晶:我感觉他会裁员,以防我们真的被收购Xiao Gao: Could be, I know the big cheese has been talking about down-sizing, if that the case, some of us will definitely lose our jobs.小高:很有可能我知道公司的高层最近在商量缩减规模如果是真的话,那我们中肯定有一些人就要丢掉工作了Jingjing: Yeah, I can hear the message loud and clear, shape up or ship out!京晶:是啊,我已经很明确地感觉到了,要么好好表现,要么就得收拾东西走人习语短语1. on the agenda 要讨论的话题. at the top 最重要的事3. backroom chatter 背后议论,谣言. take-over 收购,一个公司吞并另一个公司5. face the music 面对一个不太令人愉快的现实6. white knight 白衣骑士,指大救星7. rally the troops 将员工集结起来为某事鼓舞他们的士气8. scale back 减少(员工或工作职位)9. big cheese 公司里的高层,做重要决定的人. down-sizing 裁员,缩减规模. shape up or ship out 提高工作表现,不然就会被开除Dialogue :(Jingjing and Xiao Gao are attending a meeting. Xiao Gaois ing the part of the Chairman)(京晶和小高在参加公司会议,小高扮演总裁的角色)Chairman: Im calling this meeting to session. As you may have heard, we have a wolf at the door and were here to discuss a possible buy-out by one of our competitors.总裁:我宣布会议正式开始你们可能已经听说了,公司正处于困境之中,所以我们今天要讨论一下:公司可能会被一个竞争对手收购Jingjing: Can you tell us our deadline?京晶:您能告诉我们截止日期是什么时候吗?Chairman: We have one month to the day, but pending a bail-out, I think it anopen and shut case.总裁:从今天算起一个月不过除非有经济援助,我估计收购已经是一个既定事实了Jingjing: Are we looking at becoming a subsidiary or is this a whole-sale buy-out?京晶:那我们将会成为一个子公司还是完全被吞并?Chairman: That is up discussion, however, Im tabling a motion to allow us to operate under the same brand name.总裁:这还没有决定,不过我已经提出建议,让我们仍然保留原来品牌的名字Jingjing: I think we are looking at tightening our belt. Weve been spending too much lately.京晶:我想我们得节省开了,最近我们的花销太大了Chairman: True, weve been in the gutter sometime now, and this buy-out can help us get back on our feet.总裁:确实,我们的状况已经不好了一段时间了,而这个收购可以帮助我们重新恢复实力习语短语1. call this meeting to session 宣布会议正式开始. wolf at the door (门外有一只狼)这里指公司正面临着困境和威胁3. deadline 截至日期. to the day 从今天算起5. bail-out 经济上的援助6. open and shut case 既定事实,非常明确的事情7. subsidiary 子公司,受控于总公司8. whole-sale 完全的9. table a motion 提出建议. tightening our belt 勒紧裤腰,指缩减开. in the gutter 处于不好的状况. get back on one feet 从某事中恢复过来 875

大家好,欢迎来到脑筋转转转,我是Jenny 上期留给大家的问题为: Can you explain what is free speech?你能说说什么是言论自由吗?下面给大家揭晓:Your talking on someone else’s phone.用别人的电话打电话Notes:1.free speech 言论自由免费的谈话?!.freeadj. 自由的;免费的;免税的;空闲的adv. 免费地;自由地,无拘束地;一帆风顺地vt. 免除;释放;使自由;解救eg.as free as the wind自由自在an ice-free harbour不冻港an interest-free loan无息贷款free medical care公费医疗a free school免费学校free goods免税品free spirit奔放不羁的精神free verse自由体诗歌a free style of writing流畅的文体free translation意译be rather too free with sb.对某人在态度上过于随便a free road ahead前路畅通free living优裕的生活free gestures and movements潇洒的手势和动作a free fight一场混战3.speechn. 演说,演讲,发言;说话,谈话,说话能力或方式;(乐器的)音,音色;方言,民族语言接下来为大家出今天的脑筋急转弯:If the green house is on the right side of the road,and the red house is on the left side of the road,where is the white house?假设绿房子在马路右边,红房子在马路左边,请问白房子在哪儿? 下期将为你揭晓,谢谢你的收听,我们下期节目见! 573Xiaohua: Welcome to RoundTable’s Word of the Week.欢迎来到圆桌议事RoundTable的词汇小百科栏目This week we’re going to talk about the word “lip sync.”John: Yeah, so “lip sync.” Actually, lip sync can be spelled a few different ways. Obviously l-i-p is the first. The second word “sync,” which can be spelled with an “h” or without an “h.” So it can be, s-y-n-c-h or just s-y-n-c.XH: That’s right. Lip肯定是嘴唇的意思啦Synch不管是s-y-n-c还是s-y-n-c-h都是同步It’s derived from the word synchronization, right?John: Exactly. And interestingly enough, lip syncing is a technical term matching lip movements with sung or spoken vocals. And so this can be applied not just to music, as we know with the Spring Festival Gala, but it’s also used quite extensively in film production, dubbing of eign language films. Also, all you gamers out there, it’s also used in strategy games, especially during the cut scenes, when you have to sync the movements of the lips of the cartoon characters with the actors’ voices.XH: That’s interesting! Lip sync并不一定是指假唱,其实只是对口型的意思,所以说lip sync还有可能在电影后期制作的时候、或者给外国影片配音的时候也可以对口型,就是lip-synch并且在有些游戏里面,当游戏中人物说话的时候,也需要对口型,lip-synchJohn: So there’s been a bit of controversy here in China with the singer from the Spring Festival Gala, singer Da Zhao Wei. He’s been criticized some of his comments but also lip syncing. And interestingly enough, I thought that in the US it wasn’t very common, but it turns out, lip syncing is not as uncommon as you might think. example, Michael Jackson, in his 1983 permance on the television special “Motown 5,” when he sung “Billy Jean,” that was in fact lip synced.XH: 对口型这件事情可不光是中国才有其实在美国有很多著名的歌手也曾经这么做过,比如说Michael Jackson. And I guess in China one the most famous lip syncing sessions happened during the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games when the girl Lin Miaoke actually lip synced and it was another girl, Yang Peiyi, whose voice was actually being used.John: Yeah. Exactly. So in , the opening ceremony. But also, if you look at example the Superbowl recently with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, actually, the lead singer, did in fact sing but the bassist and guitarist, because there was not enough time, they actually did a m of lip syncing, but its more accurately referred to as “miming.” They were miming playing their instruments rather than actually playing.XH: 在超级碗表演环节上演的那次lip-synching,实际上并不是真正意义上的对口型演唱,因为Red Hot Chilli Peppers的主唱是在真唱,但乐队的贝斯手和吉他手因为准备时间不足,所以只是假装在演奏,more like miming,哑剧表演或者双簧表演但是对口型演唱到底是可以接受的呢还是不能接受的呢?John: Yeah, I think in the ed States, while on the one hand there are some fairly prominent cases, in general it is actually frowned upon, because it does seem as if, you, that its not genuine. It feels a little bit fake and also if you are a permer, you are a singer, you should actually have some real talents in doing that. Whereas it seems that with lip syncing in some cases at least, it has that feeling of making the permance actually quite fake.XH: 所以当lip-synching是指对口型演唱时还是具有相当大争议的,主要是因为一方面表演会看上去很假,另一方面也无法反映歌手真实的水平That’s the end of this edition of Word of the Week. 35

Keke Funny Moment可可轻松一刻.Direction LightsA man and his son were riding in the car.The man said to his son, ;Could you check and see if the direction lights are working on your side of the car?;His son looked out the window and said, ;Yes, no, yes, no, yes, no, yes, no...;Notes:1. A man and his son were riding in the car.有一个男人和他儿子坐在车上. The man said to his son, ;Could you check and see if the direction lights are working on your side of the car?;这个男人对他儿子说:“检查一下你那边的方向灯有没有坏,行吗?”“方向灯”也有其他说法,如:blinkers, turn signal, directional signal,各种车灯说法分别为:headlight (头灯)、 taillight(尾灯〉、reversing light!(倒车灯)、brake ligbt(刹车灯)blinker [#7;bl#618;#331;k#601;(r)] n.闪光信号灯 signal [#7;s#618;gn#601;l] n.信号 directional [d#601;#7;rek#63;#601;nl] adj.方向的 headlight [#7;hedla#618;t] n.头灯 taillight [te#618;lla#618;t] n.尾灯 reverse [r#618;v#6;#7;s] adj.例转的 brake [bre#618;k] n.刹车3. His son looked out the window and said, ;Yes, no, yes, no, yes, no, yes, no...;他的儿子把头伸出窗外说:“有,没布,有,没有,有,没有…;;look out the window;有两个意思:①看窗外;②把头伸出窗外看在本句中的含义是“把头伸出窗外看”因为头必须伸出窗外,才能看到方向灯方向灯总是一亮一灭的, 所以孩子就以为方向灯忽好忽坏本节目可可原创节目, 367When I was little boy, I wanted a dog desperately, and we had no money. I was a tiny kid, and my parents couldnt get me a dog, cause we just didnt have the money, so they got me, instead of a dog - they told me it was a dog - they got me an ant. 在我还是小孩子的时候,我非常希望得到一条,但是我们家没有钱我是个小小孩,我父母无法买给我,因为我们就是没有钱,于是他们没有买给我,而是给了我一只蚂蚁——他们告诉我那就是And I didnt know any better, yknow, I thought it was a dog, I was a dumb kid.我一点也不知道,我以为它就是一只,我是个笨孩子Called it pot. I trained it, yknow.我叫它“点点”,我还训练它Coming home late one night, Sheldon Finklestein tried to bully me.有天晚上我回家晚了,谢尔顿·芬克尔斯汀想欺负我Spot was with me. And I said ;Kill!;, and Sheldon stepped on my dog.“点点”就在我身边我说:“杀!”谢尔顿一脚踏在了我的身上 37376Ingrid Michaelson - Little Romance You're in the mood love You're in the mood to dance You're in the mood a little romance You're in the mood love I see you pressed those pants I see you styled that hair There doesn't seem to be much of it there You're in the mood to dance Can I have the last chance To be your little romance Can I have the last dance I'm in the mood love I'm all dressed up tonight I've waited all night long When will they finally play your song I'm in the mood to dance Can I have the last chance To be your little romance Can I have the last dance I'm in the mood love I'm in the mood love If it's the only chance i get If it's the only chance then get Ready to throw your shoes away I will sweep sweep sweep You off your feet Sweep sweep sweep You off your feet To be your little romance Can I have the last chance To be your little romance Can I have the last dance I'm in the mood you Your in the mood me We're in the mood love

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