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龙岩输卵管结扎去哪好福州市检查早泄医院Dear Annie:I live alone with my five cats. Four years ago, my youngest son brought his girlfriend, ;Emily,; for a visit. Emily told me she was allergic to cats and needed a cat-free bedroom, so I gave her mine. My son occupied the other bedroom, which left me on the couch.亲爱的安妮:我一个人居住,只有五只猫相伴。四年前,我最小的儿子带他的女朋友艾米丽回家。艾米丽告诉我说她对猫过敏,需要一间没有猫的卧室,因此我把我的卧室给她了。我的儿子占了另一间卧室,剩下我睡在沙发上。When I realized that Emily had no symptoms, I suspected she wasnt really allergic. But I bit my tongue and was a courteous hostess. The last night of their visit, we went out to a restaurant. Emily didnt offer to pay for my meal, which I thought was rude.当我意识到艾米丽没有出现任何症状,我开始怀疑她不是真的过敏。但是为了做个有礼貌的女主人,我没有说破她。他们拜访的最后一天,我们去了饭店。艾米丽没有为我买单,我感觉她的行为很无礼。Two years ago, Emily finally admitted shes not allergic to cats. Unfortunately, my son married her and I am still seething over that visit. I know I should let this go, but I dont like being lied to and shes such a tightwad.-Fuming in the Southwest两年前,艾米丽最终承认了她对猫并不过敏。不幸的是,我的儿子娶了她,而我始终对那次见面耿耿于怀。我知道我应该让它过去,但我不喜欢被欺骗,而且她又是这样一个吝啬鬼。 ——来自西南的Fuming。Dear Fuming:Please let it go. Emily admitted she wasnt allergic, so the lie was to get her own bedroom-which your son, not you, should have offered. As for the tightwad label, were not so sure. Many young people are unaware of the etiquette that says you should treat your hosts to a meal.亲爱的Fuming:过去的事就让它过去吧。艾米丽承认她没有过敏,那么她说谎就是为了一间卧室,这应该由你儿子提供,而不是你。 至于“吝啬鬼”标签,我们不太确定。许多年轻人都不知道“客人应该请主人吃饭”这个礼节。You are being exceptionally harsh. Find something to like about Emily before you destroy your relationship with your son.你把事情看得严重了。在你和你儿子的关系恶化之前,找一些关于艾米丽的好处,去试着喜欢她。原文译文属!201208/196524晋安区打胎到哪里好 Science and Technology科技Materials science材料科学Dont slag it off废渣别融掉How to make bricks out of industrial waste怎样用工业废渣制造砖块BUILDING houses and offices out of toxic waste sounds like a pretty eccentric idea.用有毒废料建造住房和办公室的点子听起来真怪。Yet it may become commonplace if Ana Andres of the University of Cantabria in Spain has her way.但是如果西班牙坎塔布里亚大学的Ana Andres成功的话,这项技术就会广泛应用。For Dr Andres and her colleagues suggest, in Industrial amp; Engineering Chemistry Research, that the humble brick need not be made of pure clay.Ana Andres士和她的同事们在《工业与工程化学研究》中提出,一般的砖不需要全用粘土烧制。Instead, up to 30% of its weight could be slag—the toxic gunk left over when steel is made.反而,高达30%的重量可以是矿渣,这是一种在制钢过程中产生的有毒废料。Waelz slag, to give its technical name, is composed mainly of silica but is also undesirably rich in poisonous metals like lead and zinc.学名是威尔兹的废渣主要由硅土组成,也不可避免的含有诸如铅和锌之类的有毒金属。Getting rid of it safely is thus a problem. Getting rid of it usefully might sound like a miracle.如何安全的去除这些金属是一个问题。能够去除听起来就是个奇迹。But that is what Dr Andres proposes.但这正是Andres士打算解决的。A series of experiments she has conducted over the past three years suggests this is not only possible but will make bricks cheaper and more environmentally friendly.再过去的三年中,她所做的一系列实验表明,安全去除有毒物质不仅可行,还可以降低制砖成本,更加环保。Her research started after she of previous work which had shown that many ceramics suffer no loss of integrity when the clay used to make them is mixed with other materials, and that the molecular structure of some ceramics acts to trap atoms of toxic heavy metals.一些研究表明,在用于烧制的粘土中添加了其他材料后,陶瓷整体的性质没有减弱,一些陶瓷的分子结构捕捉有毒重的金属原子,读到这些后,士开始了她的研究。She wondered whether these things might be true of brick clay and Waelz slag, and she began experimenting.她想知道这些原理对制砖粘土和威尔兹废料是否同样适用,她开始实验。The answer, she found, was that they are.发现是,同样适用。Bricks show no loss of useful mechanical properties even when 20-30% of their content is slag. Nor do they leak.就算20-30%的是废料,砖的力学性能也没有降低。有毒物质也没有泄露。To check that, Dr Andres and her team ground their bricks into powder and soaked them in water, shook them in special machines for days at a time, and even tried to dissolve them in nitric acid.为了验这一点,士和她的科研小组将砖头打成粉末,浸泡在水里,在特殊装置里几天不停地摇晃,甚至在硝酸中溶解粉末。The pollutants stayed resolutely put.污染物没有一丝一毫泄露。Moreover, adding slag to the clay reduced by a third the amount of carbon dioxide each brick released during its manufacture, because wood pulp is added to clay before it is fired, and less clay means less pulp is needed.而且,通过在砖头中增加废料,可以在制砖的过程中减少三分之一的二氧化碳排放,因为添加在粘土中的木浆没有经过燃烧,粘土越少,需要的木浆越少。The cost, too, fell, because slag is free, whereas clay costs money.成本也有所降低,因为废料是免费的,只有粘土需要用钱购买。There is, of course, the problem of customers.当然,消费者是个问题。Whether people will be willing to live and work in structures that double as waste dumps is moot.人们是否愿意住在工作在砖头含有有毒物质,但面积增加一倍的建筑物中还不得而知。But for those who want to make an eco-point, what better way could there be than, literally, to build their green credentials?但是对于那些想做点对生态有益的人,说实话,什么会比建造环保建筑这一绿色明更好的方式呢? /201211/209660There was one other thing enticing Einstein to Berlin,还有另外一件事诱惑着爱因斯坦到柏林去,At some point, he received a birthday card, it was Elsa writing him a postcard.在某一时刻,他收到一张生日贺卡,这是埃尔莎给他寄的一张名信片。This must have exploded on him as you know reawakening all these emotions.这应该对他具有爆炸效果,你知道,所有这些情绪都被重新唤醒。Planck and Nernst come back at the train station, Einstein is there,普朗克和厄尼斯特回到火车站时,爱因斯坦已经在那里了,it was a dramatic moment, it was self-consciously dramatic moment.这是一个戏剧性的时刻,是自我意识的戏剧性时刻。There would have been a little dramatic flare there, he was holding flowers,在那里会有一点戏剧性的火花,因为他手里拿着花,as they look, and the flowers are red, Einstein says “Gentlemen, Ill go to Germany.就如同他们所见,花是红色的,爱因斯坦说:“先生们,我要去德国。Im gonna become one of you.”我会成为你们其中的一员。”By April 1914, Einsteins world is looking brighter,到1914年4月,爱因斯坦的世界看起来更明亮,the solar eclipse needed to help prove Einsteins long gestating general theory of relativity is only 4 months away,日食需要帮助明爱因斯坦一直育的广义相对论长育只有4个月了,and Einstein is on his way to Berlin to join the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute,而爱因斯坦正准备柏林进入凯泽·威尔姆学院,an elite group of scientists working under Fritz Haber--the institutes director. 这个由科学家组成的精英小组在学院院长弗里茨·哈勃麾下工作。注:听力文本来源于普特201204/178186福州造影那家医院最好

福州第二医院备孕检查多少钱福州抗精子抗体的医院 福州哪里有不孕不育

连江县医院查精子好不好费用多少Unfortunately, we cant disassociate ourselves from Europe, the things that are happening there do affect us. And thats unfortunate fact. I hope very much that Europeans will find a set of solutions that will allow markets to calm down, and take off some of the headwinds from the US economy.不幸的是,我们不能与欧洲脱离关系,在那里发生的事的确影响了我们。这是令人遗憾的事实。我真心的希望欧洲能找到使市场稳定下来的一系列措施,从而除掉美国经济的一些不利因素。Well, as I said before, I surely understand that many people are dissatisfied with the state of economy. Im dissatisfied with the state of economy and unemployment is far too high. Inequality which is not a new phenomenon has been going on increases,inequality has been going on for at least 30 years. But, obviously, as that has continued, we now have a more unequal society than weve had in the past. So again, I fully sympathize with the notion that the economy is not performing the way we like it to be. And in that respect, the concern to people express cross this spectrum, are understandable.正如我之前说过的,我深刻知道许多人不满意目前的经济状况。而令我不满意的不仅是经济现状,还有过高的失业率。社会不平等早已不新鲜了,它至少存在了30年。然而不平等现象仍然在扩大。很明显,如果这种情况再持续下去,我们将生活在更不平等的社会里。因此,我再次对那些经济没有按预期发展的国家表示深深的同情。从那方面讲,人们占领华尔街表示担忧,是可以理解的。I think that the concerns about the fair are based on this misconceptions. The Federal Reserve was involved, obviously, in trying to stablize the financial system in 2008 and , arise simplistic interpretation there was there we were doing that because we wanted to preserve, you know, banker salaries, thats obviously not the case. What we were doing was trying to protect the financial system or prevent a serious collapse of both financial system and the American economy. And we needed to take those steps, if we hadnt taken them, the consequences would have been direr. And that Im gonna understand that, therefore they sometimes misunderstand our motives.我认为他们对公正的担忧是基于很多误解。很明显联邦储备也牵扯进来,试图稳定2008年及年的金融系统。这引起了人们过于简单的猜想:我们这么做只是想保住家的薪水,但很明显事实不是这样的。我们正在尽力保护金融系统,并防止金融系统和美国经济严重崩溃。我们需要采取这些行动,如果不这样的话,后果将更不堪设想。我也明白,正因为如此他们有时候会误解我们的动机。原文译文属!201208/193455 A test run before attempting the fuel hungry and risky trip to the planet below.在这次危险的旅途前会进行测试检验燃料。Dreaming about Mars and actually going there are two very different things.幻想火星会有两个很不一样的东西。Mars may be our neighbour,火星可能是我们的邻居,but 35 million miles to the closest point is still a very long way from home.但到最近点的3500万英里仍然对于回家来说是一段很长的路。To put him on the surface of Mars,为了要把他放在火星表面,someone once joked therere only three issues:有人曾开玩笑说会有三个问题:getting them there, keeping them alive while they are there and getting them back.让他们到那里,让他们在那里活着,之后让他们活着回来。Our space age dreams of off-world colonies on the moon and Mars faded with the cancellation of the Apollo Program and the last trip to the lunar surface in 1972.我们在月球和火星殖民的太空梦想随着阿波罗计划取消和1972年最后一次去月球表面而最终不了了之。It didnt stop us from travelling,但这并不妨碍我们旅行,we simply switched from astronauts to lower cost, lower risk robotic explores.我们只是由宇航员到降低成本,低风险的机器人进行探索。And when it comes to Mars, its probably just as well.当谈到火星,这可能只是。Getting to Mars is just unbelievably hard.到达火星是不可想像的。Weve learned that the hard way before certainly get to go back to the days before the robots launch 2/3 in the missions that they fall in the Mars and fail.我们已经了解到,之前的艰难的方法, 有2/3的发射任务的机器人在火星的任务最终以失败而告终。And they fail for all kinds of reasons,它们失败的理由各种各样,rockets that blew up and spacecraft just vanished partly without a trace.火箭爆炸和宇宙飞船就这样部分消失的无影无踪。注:听力文本来源于普特201204/178607福州去那家医院检查阳痿好宁德输卵管结扎需要多少钱



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