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南平检查阳痿最好的医院福州第二人民医院检查精子“下大雨”小心被淋成“落汤鸡“~ -- :6:01 来源:chinadaily 又到雨季,出门别忘记带伞,小心遇到“大雨”秒变“落汤鸡”一起来学习一下下面这些花样表达吧 The hiking is cancelled since it's raining cats and dogs. 徒步旅行被取消了,因为下着倾盆大雨 Because of the heavy rain, he was late school. 由于下大雨,他上学迟到了 It was raining heavily yesterday when school was over. I was all wet when I got home. 昨天放学的时候在下大雨我到家时全身都湿了 I'm saying that it's pouring outside. 我是说外面在下大雨 If it rains hard we have to put off the match. 如果下大雨,比赛只有延期 Heavy thundery rain fell throughout Thursday. 星期四下了一整天的雷暴雨 The climbers were trapped by a fierce storm which went on days. 登山者被一连几天的强风暴雨给困住了 Weather ecast said there would be a heavy downpour tomorrow. 天气预报说明天有大暴雨 The River Frome had burst its banks after torrential rain. 暴雨过后弗罗姆河决堤了 ****** Neither of us had taken an umbrella and we arrived at the party looking like a pair of drowned rats. 我们两人都没带伞,到达晚会的时候看上去像落汤鸡 My goodness, you're soaked through. Where's your car? 天哪,你都成落汤鸡了你的车呢? He was completely drenched by the rain. 他被雨淋得完全成了落汤鸡 Untunately, Tom was caught in the rain. 真不幸,汤姆在雨中被淋成了落汤鸡 We arrived home completely sodden. 我们回到家时已成落汤鸡了 The shower stroked me to the skin. 阵雨淋得我像落汤鸡福州市做人工授精那家比较好 惊天魔盗:日常物品变身时尚 -- 19::1 来源:chinadaily 亚美尼亚时尚插图画家Edgar Artis运用剪纸和日常物品,创作出华丽的裙子富有创意的时尚素描运用了玫瑰花瓣、不同的植物、实物甚至还有建筑物 Armenian fashion illustrator Edgar Artis uses stylized paper cut outs and everyday objects to create beautiful dresses. His creative fashion sketches include such items as rose petals, various plants and food, even buildings. 日常物品系列 燃烧过的火柴棍 燃烧过的纸 石榴 橘子皮 玫瑰花 锡纸 剪纸系列 夜晚的窗景,灯光一闪一闪 树叶的层次 花丛为布 天空为我霓裳 瓷砖 毛衣 English Source: Boredpanda辽宁一高校强制学生搬砖加“操行分” 校方否认 --31 ::55 来源: 据《南华早报报道,近日,中国东北辽宁省的一所大学否认校方曾强制学生学生到广场搬砖,给搬砖学生加“操行分”这一行为,声称这一说法并不属实 A university in north-eastern China debunked claims that it had ced students to carry bricks on its main square in exchange "moral conduct" points, reported the South China Morning Post.据《南华早报报道,近日,中国东北辽宁省的一所大学否认校方曾强制学生学生到广场搬砖,给搬砖学生加“操行分”这一行为The Hong Kong daily ed the news website of state media People’s Daily, saying that students at the Liaoning University of International Business and Economics had posted photos online of themselves working in the square which was covered with bricks, calling themselves cheap labourers.日前,香港日报对官方媒体《中国日报新闻网站上的一则新闻进行报道,声称辽宁对外经贸学院的学生在网上发布了关于自己在广场上义务搬砖的照片,这些学生认为学校让自己沦为了廉价劳动力The students said that they would earn extra points "moral conduct" evaluation if they took part, or have points deducted if they refused, the online post said.据网上某些帖子描述道,学生们表示,学校强制学生搬砖,并给板砖同学加“操行分”反之,学校将倒扣“操行分”A senior official from the Liao- ning University of International Business and Economics clarified that it was a voluntary exercise aimed at inculcating students’ passion their school.后来,辽宁对外经贸学院的一位资深领导接受采访并表示,该项活动是学校开展的义务劳动,目的是为激发学生们的爱校热情The square had been built more than years, and repair works are being carried out to improve the environment, said the official.该领导表示,学校的这片广场建成已有十年之久学校的初衷是为进一步美化校园环境,改善学生学习生活条件,才开展相关修葺工作The university president, some key faculty and staff and a number of students worked together to prise bricks from the ground last Friday as part of repairs.从上周五开始,该校校长带队,组织学院党团干部、全体辅导员以及部分学生在学校广场开展义务劳动,把需要更换的地砖掀起,以方便施工更顺利进行The bricks were later hauled away by machines, he said.随后,这些地砖将会被施工机械铲起运走The purpose of the activity was to involve both staff and students in the building of the school, so as to generate passion the school.校方表示学校开展该项活动的目的在于令广大师生都参与到建设学校的活动中来,进而激发自己的爱校情怀"The rumour of cing students to carry bricks and giving students additional ’moral conduct’ points doing so is untrue," the official said.该领导还提出关于校方强制学生搬砖并给相关学生加 “操行分”的说法并不属实宁德那里可以检查激素六项

福州输卵管复通术专科医院欧洲杯:葡萄牙生死战C罗两球建功,3-3追平匈牙利晋级 --3 19:35: 来源: 昨日葡萄牙和匈牙利在里昂举行了生死战,比分达到了惊人的3-3,其中C罗进两球建功,力平匈牙利,顺利晋级葡萄牙队将在强淘汰赛中对阵本届欧洲杯最大黑马克罗地亚队 A Zoltan Gera half-volley put Hungary in front but Ronaldo set up Nani to fire in an equaliser bee the break.格拉一脚弹射使得匈牙利暂时领先,但是后来C罗传球,纳尼打门,葡萄牙在中场休息前将比分扳平Two deflected Balazs Dzsudzsak strikes twice restored Hungary’s lead early in the second half, but a Ronaldo flick and header levelled on each occasion.边翼球员巴拉斯·德祖兹萨克两次打门,使得匈牙利在下半场早早地便重新取得了优势,而葡萄牙方面C罗快速反击,两次头球解围,扳平比分Hungary progress as Group F winners, with Portugal through in third place.最终匈牙利以F组第一的身份晋级强,而葡萄牙也以“最佳第三名”的资格进入到淘汰赛中Portugal had been on course to play England in the last as they occupied second place in the group at the final whistle in Lyon, but it was Iceland who claimed the runner-up spot with a dramatic injury-time winner against Austria in Paris.本来照预定,如果葡萄牙在里昂的最后一场比赛中能该组第二名的成绩出线的话,那么就将在淘汰赛中对阵英格兰但最终的结果却是冰岛排名上升,成为F组第二名在巴黎对阵奥地利的比赛中,冰岛在伤停补时阶段取得了巨大的胜利Portugal, who would have crashed out had they lost to Hungary, have now reached the knockout stage in all seven of their European Championship appearances.假如葡萄牙输给了匈牙利,那么可能就将无缘本届欧洲杯强,而现在葡萄牙顺利晋级到了淘汰赛(算上欧洲杯,葡萄牙一共参加过7次欧洲杯赛事)Hungary, who were denied a winner when Adam Szalai’s shot hit the post, will now play Belgium, who finished second in Group E.要不是斯扎莱射门打中了门柱的话,匈牙利应该已经打败葡萄牙成为本场比赛的胜者了,而接下来在淘汰赛中,匈牙利将对阵E组第二名的比利时队Relief RonaldoC罗的救赎Ronaldo appeared to be feeling the strain of not having scored at the tournament when, during a team stroll ahead of the Hungary match, he grabbed the microphone of a reporter and threw it into a river.C罗似乎感觉到了开赛至今没有进球的压力,在和匈牙利的比赛之前接受采访时,他抓过一个记者的话筒,扔到了河里The 31-year-old came into the match with no goals from attempts in the first two matches - including a missed penalty against Austria - and cut a lorn and frustrated figure after Hungary took the lead through Gera’s superb strike.在前两场比赛中,C罗有过次进攻,但是却没有一次成功进球(包括对奥地利失误的点球)在比赛中,匈牙利方面格拉以其高超的射门为球队取得领先,而C罗却显得有点孤独和沮丧But the Real Madrid star set up Portugal’s equaliser when he played a piercing ball Nani to drive in a low shot which beat Gabor Kiraly at his near post.但是C罗又重新振作了起来,他一脚穿刺传球给了纳尼,纳尼一脚低射从基拉利旁边的门柱穿过,打入了匈牙利的球门And when Portugal twice fell behind to Dzsudzsak after the break, Ronaldo responded by rediscovering his scoring prowess just when it was needed.比赛重新开始后,由于德祖兹萨克的进攻,匈牙利曾两度领先,而C罗则以自己高超的球技回应,总在需要之时进球,扳平了比分His first goal - a deft flick from Joao Mario’s cross - made him the first player to score in four different European Championship finals tournaments.利用马里奥的一脚秒传,C罗打进了本场比赛的第一粒进球,同时他也成为了第一个在四届欧洲杯决赛上进球的运动员"A crazy game, we were out of the European Championship three times, and we were always chasing the game," said Ronaldo.C罗说道:“真是一场令人疯狂的比赛!我们曾三次被排除在赛事之外,而我们一直在追寻着欧洲杯!”"It’s not every team that manages to beat Spain, so we respect them [Croatia]. But we know our strength, we know our worth, and we’ll look them in the eyes."“并不是每一球队都能够击败西班牙,所以我们佩克罗地亚但是我们了解我们自身的实力,我们了解我们自身的价值,我们会好好注意他们的表现”福州输卵管造影那里最好 中国股市为何波动如此剧烈? -- 01:50:51 来源: China is now home to the world’s largest equity markets after the US. Yet extreme volatility is still typical, with benchmark indices often swinging as much as per cent in hours. On one day in June, example, more than 0bn was wiped off Chinese stocks.中国现在已经是全球仅次于美国的第二大股票市场然而极度波动仍然是中国股市的典型特征,基准股指在数小时内的振幅常常高达%例如,今年6月的某一天,中国股市逾7000亿美元市值灰飞烟灭What is the investor profile behind China’s equity market?中国股市的投资者是什么样子的?Retail punters 80-90 per cent of trading. Many of them are new to investing — in May alone m trading s were opened. That means millions of people trading stocks have little or no direct memory of the - stock market bubble and crash.散户投资者占到中国股市成交量的80%至90%其中许多人是新股民——仅在今年5月一个月就有00万新开账户这意味着数百万股民对-年股市泡沫和崩盘只有很少的直接记忆,或者完全没有记忆Even professional fund managers often act with very short-term horizons. Many are measured on monthly or quarterly permance, adding pressure to chase the market higher as it moves.即便专业的基金公司往往也会超短线交易许多基金公司月或者季衡量业绩,这增加了它们在股市上涨时追涨的压力What impact has state policy had on the market?政府政策对中国股市有什么影响?Chinese markets are often described as policy-driven. That goes well beyond monetary policy and deep into securities and banking regulation. State-media rhetoric has a role, shown by supportive messages in various government newspapers. But Beijing’s pronouncements are often open to interpretation, leading to sharp rises and falls as millions of investors try to the runes.中国股市往往被称为“政策市”这远非仅仅指货币政策,而是还深深涉及券和业监管官方媒体言论也占一席之地,各类政府报纸发表的持性信息就体现了这一点但对中国政府的声明往往会有各种解读,在数百万投资者努力一窥玄机时,导致股市暴涨暴跌As long as the stock market remains a policy lever the government, and share indices dominated by state-owned enterprises, Beijing’s heavy hand is unlikely to be significantly weakened.只要股市依然是中国政府的政策工具、同时股指依然由国有企业主导,中国政府的强力干预就不太可能被大幅削弱Beijing has tried to encourage long-term institutional investors, example by granting freer access to large eign asset managers or sovereign wealth funds. Progress has been slow.中国政府努力鼓励长期机构投资者,例如让大型外国资产管理公司或者主权财富基金更自由地进入国内股市但这方面的进展一直非常缓慢Margin finance has been cited as major factor behind growth. How does it work?融资交易一直被视为推动中国股市本轮上涨的主要因素它是如何作用的?Using borrowed money to trade stocks is a common feature of equity markets globally but in China it has rocketed over the past year. Margin trading as a percentage of overall market capitalisation reached a record earlier this year, says Macquarie — far higher than anything in any other market at any point in history.用借来的资金炒股是全球股市的共同特征,但在中国,融资交易在过去一年里激增麦格理(Macquarie)表示,今年早些时候,融资交易占市场整体市值的比例达到了创纪录的高点,远高于历史上其他所有市场中的这一比例High levels of leverage help explain why stocks ran up so quickly over the past year. But that borrowing leaves the stock market prone to dramatic falls as investors struggle to meet margin calls.高杠杆有助于解释股市为何在过去一年里如此快速地上涨但在投资者难以满足追加保金要求的时候,这种杠杆让股市很容易大幅下跌The regulators have tried to cut the level of margin lending in the system, a key reason the recent pull back.监管机构试图降低系统内的杠杆水平,这就是最近股市回落的关键原因Have initial public offerings also helped drive the market?首次公开发行(IPO)也助推了市场走势?The system new listings in China remains tightly controlled by authorities. The state in effect sets the price of new share sales, virtually guaranteeing quick bumper returns those able to buy in. Even when the Shanghai market has fallen sharply, IPOs have typically risen by the daily limit of per cent.中国新股发行机制依然受到政府的严格控制政府实际上制定新股发行价格,相当于确保让那些能够买到的投资者可以迅速获得巨额回报即便在上海股市大幅下跌之际,新股在上市首日通常也会达到%的涨幅上限The result is investors pull cash from the market ahead of new listings, draining billions of dollars of liquidity a number of days. That can torpedo the market, but then push it back up when the funds are unlocked again.结果是,投资者在新股发行前从市场抽出资金,在一段时间内持续抽走数十亿美元的流动性这可以让市场暴跌,但在资金再次解冻时又可以推升股市Regulators are aware of the need a rethink, and have promised to hand over IPO approval powers to the stock exchanges.监管机构意识到有必要进行反思,并承诺将IPO审批权交给券交易所What are the hedging options?有哪些对冲选择?Although China has introduced a system short-selling stocks, it remains of little use in practical terms. Borrowing costs are high and the availability of stock to borrow is limited. The only viable way of hedging exposure is through index futures, unhelpful those trading specific stocks or sectors. Instead, traders buy or sell to lessen or increase exposure, which can result in stampedes when sentiment switches.尽管中国推出了融券机制,但在现实中仍然用处不大融券成本很高,而且可供融入的股票有限对冲股票风险的唯一可行方式是通过股指期货,但这对那些交易个股或板块的投资者来说没什么帮助实际上,交易员通过买卖股指期货来降低或者增加风险敞口,这在市场情绪转变时可能导致投资者蜂拥出逃And what are the prospects change?变革的前景如何?That regulators have tried to introduce shorting at all shows a recognition of the problem. April’s debut of options shorting small-caps was an important step in the right direction. But the steps taken fall far short of what is needed, suggesting that authorities remain wary of the consequences of making short selling easier.监管机构既然努力推出卖空机制,就表明他们认识到了问题今年月首次推出的可以做空小盘股的中500股指期货是朝正确方向迈出的重要一步但这些举措远远满足不了需求,表明当局仍对降低做空难度的后果怀有戒心闽清县做造影大概多少钱

福州去那间医院输卵管通水最好美第一夫人拼车K歌high翻天(视频) -- 18:: 来源:chinadaily While Ted Cruz was booed off the stage at the Republican National Convention and Melania Trump continued to ward off accusations of plagiarism, the US first lady, Michelle Obama, injected some much-needed humour into US politics with the help of TV host James Corden.就在泰德?克鲁兹在共和党全国代表大会上被嘘下台,而特朗普夫人还在为演说剽窃一事努力辩解的同时,美国第一夫人米歇尔?奥巴马却在电视节目主持人詹姆斯?柯登的帮助下,给美国政坛注入了几缕急需的幽默感Obama rocked out to Stevie Wonder’s Signed, Sealed, Delivered as well as Beyonce’s girl-power anthem Single Ladies a special episode of Corden’s sketch Carpool Karaoke.在录制柯登的短剧《拼车K歌房 的特辑时,米歇尔手舞足蹈地跟唱斯蒂维?旺德的摇滚歌曲《限时专送和碧昂斯的女性赞歌《单身女郎During a tour of the White House, the pair were also joined by the rapper Missy Elliott a rendition of This is My Girls and later Elliott’s hit Get Ur Freak On.在开车游览白宫途中,说唱歌手梅西?埃丽奥特加入了他们,先是重新演绎了歌曲《送给我的女孩们,然后演唱了她自己的热门单曲《Get Ur Freak OnIn between songs Obama highlighted her Let Girls Learn initiative, which aims to promote education girls around the world. “We’re doing a really important trip to Liberia, Morocco and Spain,” she said. “Right now there’s 6 million girls worldwide that aren’t in school a variety of different reasons. So much could be corrected in the world if girls were educated and had power over their lives.在歌曲间隙,米歇尔强调了她“让女孩学习”的倡议,该行动旨在帮助世界各地的女孩接受教育她说:“我们正在利比里亚、洛哥和西班牙开展很重要的巡回之旅现在世界上有60万女孩由于各种不同的原因不在学校接受教育如果女孩受到教育并可以掌控自己的生活,那么就可以纠正世界上的很多问题”“My message to kids here is don’t take your education granted, because there are girls around the world who would die to get the education we have, they would do anything, they would move mountains to make it happen.”“我在此想告诉孩子们的是,不要把你接受教育看作是理所当然的,因为世界各地有很多女孩极度渴望我们拥有的教育,她们会为此做任何事情,为实现这个梦想竭尽全力”The first lady also revealed that this was only the second time in seven and a half years that she had been in the passenger seat of a car listening to music. The last time was some months ago “with my daughter, who learned to drive, and we rocked out with her … so this is a treat”.第一夫人还透露,这是七年半以来她第二次坐在汽车的副驾驶座位上听音乐上一次是几个月前,“跟我女儿一起,她在学开车,我们和她一起唱摇滚……所以这是一种难得的乐事”Asked what she would miss the most about the White House, Obama responded: “The people; these are people you see every single day, they help you, they love you, that’s going to be hard.”当被问及关于白宫她最怀念的是什么,米歇尔回答说:“那儿的人他们是你每天都能看到的人,他们帮助你,爱你,离开他们会让我非常难过”Carpool Karaoke, a regular segment in Corden’s Late Show, sees celebrities join him light-hearted conversations and singalongs. Previous guests have included Adele, Justin Bieber, One Direction, Elton John and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.《拼车K歌房是柯登深夜秀的一个常规部分,邀请名人与他进行轻松的对话并一起唱歌以前的嘉宾包括阿黛尔,贾斯汀?比伯,单向乐队,埃尔顿?约翰和红辣椒乐队米歇尔K歌视频: Vocabularysketch: 短剧英文来源:卫报翻译:实习生朱善美审校#38;编辑:丹妮 一秒环游世界不是梦:希斯罗气味地球仪 一嗅游世界 -- :: 来源: Nothing evokes a sense of place like the heady waft of a familiar smell.  没有什么能像醉人的熟悉气味那样唤起人们身临其境的感觉  And passengers travelling from Heathrow's Terminal can now be transported to across the world in a single sniff.  现在,从希斯罗机场号航站楼启程的旅客们能够“一嗅周游世界”  To celebrate the completion of its newly reinvigorated terminal, the airport has installed a 'scent globe' which shoots out the smell of its most fragrant destinations, intending to 'take passengers on a sensory journey bee even setting foot on their flights'.  为了庆祝新建航站楼的完工,机场安装了一个“气味地球仪”,可以喷出那些“最好闻目的地”的气味,旨在“带领旅客在登机前先来一场感官之旅”  Perched in the departure lounge, the orb offers curious globetrotters whiffs of Thailand, South Africa, Japan, China and Brazil. The selection were chosen their popularity with Heathrow air passengers.  坐落在候机厅,地球仪为好奇的环球旅行者提供泰国、南非、日本、中国和巴西的气味之所以选择这几个地方,是因为它们是深受希斯罗旅客欢迎的目的地  To conjure up the essence of the five nations, Heathrow worked with Design in Scent, to produce tailor-made scents from ingredients associated with the designated country.  为了呈现出这五个国家的本质,希斯罗与气味设计公司合作,运用与指定国家相关的要素为其定制专属的气味  South Africa's smell captures the adventure of safari with notes of tribal incense, wild grass and musky animalics through the scent of Hyraceum (a rock like substance made from the excrement of the Cape hyrax).  南非的气味捕捉了如冒险般的游猎的气息,混杂着部落的焚香、野草的气味和蹄兔香中透着的动物的麝香(蹄兔香是一种岩石状物质,由蹄兔的排泄物形成)  While Brazil's scent oozes rich rainest fauna with a palette of coffee, tobacco and jasmine.  而巴西的气味则散发着丰富的热带雨林动物群的味道,同时还带有咖啡、烟草和茉莉的气味  Japan is brought to life through cool, oceanic tones with a mix of seaweed and shell extracts, green tea and Ambergris, capturing the essence of coastal villages synonymous with the great Pacific Island.  日本被活灵活现地重现了,用的是凉爽的海洋气息,夹杂着海藻和贝壳提取物的气味、绿茶的香气和龙涎香,捕捉到了这座太平洋岛屿的沿海村落的感觉  According to the Heathrow Airport website: 'China's mystical temple incense and subtle Osmanthus Fragrans flower create an orient explosion', and 'Thailand tantalises the taste buds with an appetising mix of lemongrass, ginger and coconut'.  根据希斯罗机场的官网,“中国神秘的寺庙焚香和淡淡的桂花香营造了一种东方的感觉”,而“泰国以开胃的柠檬草、姜和椰子的混合香气满足了人们的味蕾”  Normand Boivin, Chief Operating Officer at the airport said: 'Heathrow connects the UK to 180 destinations in countries and carries over 7 million passengers a year.  机场首席运营官诺曼德·伊文说:“希斯罗把英国同个国家的180个目的地联系在一起,每年运送超过七千两百万的旅客”  'Heathrow is the UK's hub airport; mixing direct passengers, transfers and freight to make long haul flights viable. We strive to offer a unique experience that delights our passengers.'  “希斯罗是英国的枢纽机场,有直达旅客、转机旅客和航空货运,长途飞行得以成行我们独立为旅客提供使他们高兴的独特体验”  'These specially created scents will give passengers travelling through Terminal an exclusive preview of destinations that only Heathrow connects to.'  “这些特别制作的气味能给予那些从号航站楼启程或路过的旅客们独特的预览,而只有希斯罗连接着这些目的地”  Last week saw Heathrow's brand new Terminal operate at full capacity with all 6 airlines now in their new home. Three and a half million passengers' fly out from Terminal on over 1,000 flights in the last five months.  上周,希斯罗全新的号航站楼全力运转,有6个航空公司进驻了它们的新家过去五个月,有三百五十万乘客乘坐两万一千多架飞机从号航站楼出发福州精子检测价格福州博爱不孕不育输卵管复通术



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