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How should I prepare for my first day as an intern?实习第一天去上班应该做哪些准备呢?On the first day as an intern, first of all you want to be there early - half an hour early. You want to wear a suit. You want to dress your best. Afterwards you can see / feel the culture of the place. You want make a really good first impression and going to work as an intern usually in the first week dress your best because you#39;re going to be walked around - you going to meet 8 million people. First bring a little notebook to write down everything: who you meet, phone numbers, important information. Have this with you throughout the entire experience: a) its great when you#39;re done, b) while you#39;re there you can flip through and say this number of so and so. Write everything down but get that notebook in advance. Have it on your first day because that will be huge - you#39;re going to be introduced to everybody and get a goodnight#39;s rest - don#39;t fly there the night before. If you want the day before maybe figure out how you#39;re going to get there, if its a new city / if its a new place so you know where you go - scout it out. Do a little research so when you walk in you#39;re prepared and you#39;re y to kick butt.实习第一天,首先你应该早一点到达办公室——提前半小时。最好穿套装,穿上你最好的衣。然后,感受一下办公室的环境。你要给大家留下好的第一印象。作为实习生,上班的第一周你的穿着打扮一定要做到最好,因为你需要走来走去,要跟许多人见面。首先拿一个小小的笔记本写下所有注意事项:你会见了谁,电话号码,重要信息。整个实习期间都带好这个笔记本:第一,可以记录下你做的所有事情。第二,你可以快速浏览,回忆起许多重要信息。写下所有事情,但是要提前准备好这个笔记本。上班的第一天就要随身携带,因为你将要被介绍给所有人。前一天晚上一定要休息好,不要匆匆忙忙赶到办公室。如果去实习的前一天你想要弄明白应该怎样去那里,如果你要去的是一个新地方或新城市,最好提前做好侦查。提前做一点调查,这样,当你走进办公室的时候你已经胸有成竹。Thanks for watching How To Prepare For Your First Day As An Intern.感谢收看“实习第一天应该怎样做准备”视频节目。 Article/201211/2071462012欧洲杯C组次轮第1场比赛在波兰的波兹南市政球场展开角逐,对阵双方是蓝衣军团意大利队和“格子军”克罗地亚队。上半场意大利依靠皮尔洛的电梯球破门领先。下半场克罗地亚球员曼朱基奇近距离抽射入网将比分扳平,最终意大利1:1克罗地亚握手言和。Italy sat back and paid for it Thursday in a 1-1 draw with Croatia at the European Championship.Andrea Pirlo gave Italy the lead with a curving free kick in the 39th minute but Mario Mandzukic was left unmarked to equalize in the 72nd. Having opened with a 3-1 win over Ireland, Croatia has four points in Group C.Italy has two points after its opening 1—1 draw with defending champion Spain. Italy had numerous other early chances, but the Azzurri lacked finishing quality.At the start of the second half, Italy rarely threatened, instead choosing to absorb Croatia#39;s attacks. The tactic backfired when Ivan Strinic launched a long pass from the left flank to Mandzukic, who had time to control at the edge of the box and shoot in off the post. Article/201206/187060演讲简介:这世界上的小恐龙都去了哪里?在温哥华的TEDx大会上,古生物学家杰克·霍纳向我们讲述了他是怎样通过头骨化石切片技术发现了关于我们最爱的恐龙不为人知的秘密。 Article/201211/211006President Hu Jintao has expressed his condolences and sympathy following the death of former Cambodian King Norodom Sihanouk. On behalf of the Chinese government and the people, he expressed his deepest condolence to King Norodom Sihamoni, Queen-Mother Norodom Monineath and to the Cambodian people.柬埔寨前国王西哈努克10月15日在北京逝世,中国主席胡锦涛向柬埔寨政府和人民表示了哀悼和慰问。胡锦涛主席代表中国政府和人民,向柬埔寨国王和太后以及柬埔寨人民致以最沉痛的哀悼和最深切的慰问。President Hu says Sihanouk was Cambodia#39;s father of independence, and he dedicated his whole life to the cause of national independence and peace. His death is a great loss to the people of Cambodia. Hu Jintao said Sihanouk was an old friend of the Chinese people, and he was committed to the friendly relations between the two countries. Jiang Zemin has also expressed his sympathy to Queen-Mother Norodom Monineath.胡锦涛主席说西哈努克是柬埔寨国家独立运动的教父,为国家独立与和平倾尽心血。他的逝世是柬埔寨人民的巨大损失。胡锦涛还说,西哈努克是中国人民的老朋友,致力于两国友好关系。江泽民也向柬埔寨国王西哈莫尼、太后莫尼列表示了慰问。 Article/201210/204331

Quick: Picture yourself drinking some iced tea. Maybe, you#39;re sitting poolside, eating hot dogs and hamburgers with your friends at a cookout. Or maybe you#39;re taking a stroll through the park, taking in the sights on your way to a picnic. Or, just perhaps, you#39;re at the beach, with your toes buried in the sand, a glass of tea in one hand and a book in the other.快:想象自己正喝着某种口味的冰茶。也许,你正和朋友坐在户外的泳池边吃着热和汉堡。又或者你正在公园散步,在去野餐的路上享受美景。或者,也许你正在沙滩上将双脚埋在沙子中,一手拿着杯茶,另一只手捧着本书。No matter where you may be in your mind, there#39;s simply no denying that iced tea is the ultimate refreshing summertime beverage. Nothing beats the heat quite like this lightly sweetened, highly iced, and subtly flavored drink.不管你脑海中出现的是什么地方,你都会觉得冰茶是清凉一夏的终极饮品。没有什么比这甜甜的、冰冰的、味道好极了的饮料更能击败酷暑了。In honor of the wonders of iced tea, we reached out to our Culinary Content Network of food bloggers to see what their favorite ways to drink this beverage is. From a citrusy latte to a lightened-up version of a Southern staple to everything in between, here are iced teas you simply need to drink this summer.为纪念神奇的冰茶,我们与烹饪内容网络(Culinary Content Network)的美食主取得了联系,看看他们最喜欢怎么喝这种饮料。从柑橘拿铁到淡淡的南方主食再到其间的一切,今夏一定要试试下列这些冰茶哦!Blueberry Pineapple Iced Tea蓝莓菠萝冰茶Want to give your iced tea an extra dose of summertime flavor? My Suburban Kitchen infuses her unsweetened iced tea with blueberry a?ai juice, pineapple juice, and fresh fruit for a satisfying chilled drink.想给自己的冰茶注入另一股夏季风味吗?我的郊区厨房主(My Suburban Kitchen)将蓝莓阿萨伊汁、菠萝汁和新鲜的水果倒入不含糖的冰茶中,一杯令人满意的冰饮就完成啦。Orange Iced Tea Latte橙子冰茶拿铁Oranges may be the world#39;s most refreshing citrus, and Sweet and Spicy Monkey mimics the flavor of biting into a big slice of fruit in this latte.橙子也许是世界上最清新的柑橘水果了,甜辣猴主(Sweet and Spicy Monkey)在这款拿铁中模仿了橙子味儿。Pomegranate Green Tea Mojitos石榴绿茶鸡尾酒This Moroccan-inspired cocktail blends the pomegranates and green tea favored by that region with a summertime favorite cocktail, the mojito. The Redhead Baker#39;s recipe can easily be made non-alcoholic by omitting the rum.这款洛哥风格的鸡尾酒用当地的夏日最爱mojito鸡尾酒融合了石榴和绿茶。The Redhead Baker的冰茶做法很容易就可以做成无酒精饮料,只要不加朗姆酒就行。Refreshing Mint Tea清爽的薄荷茶A Little Rosemary and Thyme was inspired by the cold mint tea she found at the greenmarkets in New York. This five-ingredient tea includes its most apt descriptor right there in the name: refreshing.一点点的迷迭香和百里香与她在纽约绿色市场发现的冰薄荷茶相碰撞。该茶的名字最好的描述了它含有的5种成分:清爽。Sugar-Free Southern Sweet Tea With Rosemary and Lemon迷迭香柠檬无糖南方甜茶Southern-styled sweet iced tea is known for a heavy dose of sugar, but Rural Mom lightens this up by using a zero-calorie sweetener. Aside from that, this recipe is a total Southern classic thanks to fresh lemon and rosemary.南方甜冰茶以甜味重而出名,但Rural Mom通过使用零卡路里甜味剂减轻了甜味。除此之外,由于柠檬和迷迭香,该冰茶完全是南方经典。译文属 /201706/513641

VideoJug presents you with some great tips on how to eliminate insomnia. Let VideoJug help you sleep with these great steps.本期视频汇将会告诉你如何消除失眠。Step 1: Establish a Schedule1.建立行程表Your body rests best when it gets into a regular sleep-wake cycle.只有在有规律的作息中身体才能得到最好的休息。Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day – even on weekends.试着每天固定时间躺下,然后早上在固定时间起床—周末也要坚持。Eventually your body will get better at “knowing” when it#39;s time to sleep and when it#39;s time to get up.最后你的身体会适应这个作息周期。Step 2: Follow a Routine2.日常事项Do the same things in the same order every night. Following a pre-bed ritual trains your brain and reminds you that sleep is coming soon.每个晚上都按照一定的顺序完成睡眠之前的事情。这样有助于训练你的大脑。Step 3: Things to Avoid3.不能做的事情Food creates energy, and big meals can trigger indigestion and heartburn – both of which can keep you up.食物是能量的来源,大餐能让你消化系统延长工作时间,并可能带来胃灼热,这两种情况都能使你无法正常入睡。Alcohol – even small amounts – can cause disruptive sleep and an early rise.酒精-哪怕是一小口-也能让你无法正常入睡,并且容易早醒。The nicotine in cigarettes is a potent drug that acts as a stimulant for some and can contribute to poor sleeping patterns.香烟中的尼古丁是一种能够引起人睡眠质量降低的成分。Caffeine – Of course not.咖啡因-这个就不用多说了。And while 30 minutes of exercise each day will help you sleep at night, make sure it#39;s at least three hours before bed.尽管每天锻炼30分钟有助于睡眠,但是要记住,睡前三小时内不要运动。Step 4: Setting the Stage for Sleep4.创造睡眠条件Keep your bedroom cool – but not cold – and as dark as possible. Fans, humidifiers and white-noise machines also help drown out little noises that could distract or wake you.保持卧室舒适—但不是冷,尽可能的黑,风扇,增湿机和任何产生白噪音的极其都有助于减少干扰睡眠的因素。Avoid doing any work or paying bills in your bed or bedroom. Those stresses can spill over into your mind when it#39;s time to sleep.避免在卧室和床上做任何工作或者算账,这种活动产生的压力容易使你在睡眠时间心烦意乱,无法安然。Step 5: Clear Your Mind5.心神合一Insomnia sufferers often complain that a flurry of thoughts enters their mind the minute their head hits the pillow. Instead, try some relaxation techniques. Focus on your breathing. Imagine your body floating in a pool of water. Let your arms and legs go limp. Begin counting sheep… one…two…three…失眠症患者经常抱怨说,在他们接触到枕头的瞬间脑海里涌进无数的想法。相反的,尝试一些放松的技巧,比如集中注意力在呼吸上,想象你的身体漂浮在水池中,让手脚变得柔软无力,开始数羊:一只,两只,三只……Thanks for watching How To Eliminate Insomnia谢谢收看本期“失眠症”节目。 /201208/195396

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