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栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201512/415270龙岩哪里弱精TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201601/421101福州治疗胎停育哪家医院好A flyover under construction in Kolkata, India, has collapsed killing at least 14 people.在印度加尔各答,一座在建立交桥发生倒塌,造成至少14人死亡。A 100-metre slab of metal and cement crashed onto moving traffic below, pinning down dozens of vehicles.一块100米的金属和水泥板砸向下面穿行的车辆,数十辆汽车掩埋。The death toll is expected to rise as up to 70 people are believed to be trapped in the debris, according to a disaster management official.据一位灾害管理员称,死亡人数预计将上升,有70人被困在废墟中。Locals and rescue workers alike could be seen trying to help those under the rubble. 当地和救援人员正在试图帮助那些掩埋在废墟下的人。A senior police officer confirmed at least 15 critically injured people had been rescued.一名高级警官实至少有15名伤势严重者获救。The bridge has missed several completion deadlines since construction began in .自年开建以来,这座桥已经错过了几次竣工最后期限。译文属。 /201604/435085And while a new world economy transforms lives in Africa,在新大陆经济形势改变非洲的同时across the globe in India,the riches of the Americas help turn its ruler地球另一端的印度 因美洲的繁荣into the wealthiest man on earth.育出世界上最富有的一代君王And help build one of the most epic monuments on the planet.并建造出地球上其中一座最宏伟的纪念殿堂1631.Burhanpur fortress, central India.1632.1631年 在印度中部的布尔汉布要塞The worlds richest man on campaign to consolidate his power: Shah Jahan.这位世界首富正走在 巩固政权的征途之上 他就是沙杰汗Emperor of 100 million people,His name means king of the world.他是一亿人民的皇帝 他的名字意为;世界之王;Shah Jahan was the king of kings during the Moguls Golden Age.在莫卧儿王朝的黄金时代 沙杰汗是王中之王He expanded the reach of the empire.Shah Jahans wealth is legendary.不断扩充着自己的疆土 沙杰汗的财富是个传奇A chronicler describes just one of his treasure houses:一个年代记编者这样描述他其中一个宝库;750 pounds of pearls, 275 pounds of emeralds,;有七百五十磅珍珠 二百七十五磅;;3 silver thrones, 100 gold and silver chairs,;三个银宝座 一百把金银椅;;100,000 silver plates.;Contributing to this wealth,;十万个银盘; 这笔财富的来源a string of trading ports along Indias coast,归功于印度沿海的一串通商口岸drawing thousands of European merchants,flush with American silver.它们吸引着成千上万的欧洲商人 带着美洲白银涌入印度201603/429532福州检查卵巢囊肿哪家比较好

福建检查排卵多少钱啊福建妇幼保健院看阳痿多少钱Carnegie Hall is New Yorks new home for the performing arts.And for high society to rub elbows卡内基音乐厅成为了纽约音乐演奏的新归宿 同时也成为了社会名流交际之所On opening night, Russian composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky is the featured performer.在开放当晚 俄国作曲家彼得·基柴可夫斯基担任主演嘉宾Andrew Carnegie is treated like royalty.安德鲁·卡内基被当作皇室成员一般对待Honored for the masterpiece hes built.新建的杰作让他充满荣誉But even in this setting, one man is a bigger presence.不过就在当晚 还有另一个更重要的存在John D. Rockefeller is worth three times as much as Carnegie.约翰·D·洛克菲勒他的身价大约是卡内基的三倍But the Cathedral Carnegies built bearing his name,takes their rivalry to another level.卡内基以自己名字命名建造的这座大礼堂让两人的竞争进入到另一个水平201604/437922福州做人工受精专科医院Mrs Peng has prepared a whole selection of different cuts彭太太准备了来自她家所养的猪身上of their own pork which shes boiled for 30 minutes,不同部位的猪肉 并烹调了30分钟and before I cook, she wants在我开始烹饪之前to show me some classic home-style dishes,她想向我展示一些经典的家常菜starting with a much-prized cold salad.首先是一道很珍贵的凉拌菜Its funny, isnt it? Because back in England,很有意思 不是吗 在英国pigs ear is probably the cheapest thing猪耳大概是最便宜的东西了because people dont want因为人们往往都不愿意吃that and actually discard it, or make it一般都直接把它们丢掉into dog food, but here,或者是制成粮its really prized and the most expensive part.但在这里 猪耳很珍贵 是猪身上最贵的部分Shes got some baby spring onions.她切了一些青葱Before it can be eaten, the pigs ear salad在食用之前 这些猪耳needs to soak for a couple of hours in the spicy dressing,需要在辣酱中腌渍几个小时which is, of course,那些辣酱made with chillies and Sichuan flower pepper.是由辣椒和花椒制成的From all the activity, it looks like Im in for从各种准备活动来看more than the simple supper I was expecting.这顿饭似乎远远不止是便饭那么简单With typical Chinese hospitality,遵照传统中式的待客之道Mrs Peng is preparing us a feast彭太太正为我们准备一场using every part of the pig.由猪的各个部位组成的盛宴She said this is like a bridge, a bridge pork rib.她说这像一座桥 一座猪肋骨桥Its a really wonderful way of steaming here,这种烹蒸方式极妙shes just put water at the base,她在底下倒一些水and then put a plate over the top.然后把盘子放在上面Their woks amazing.他们的锅太神奇了For her next dish,作为第二道菜Mrs Peng is making another local speciality,彭太太准备了另一种当地特色cherry pork made with soy sauce, and a mix of caramelised sugar由酱油 焦糖 和少许的醋共同烹制的and a touch of vinegar.樱桃肉Its juicy, really tender and very sweet.鲜嫩多汁 甜而不腻201508/394011闽清县性激素检查大约多少钱

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