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龙岩什么医院排卵监测晋安博爱医院检查不孕不育收费标准福州去哪做包皮手术好 1. 应聘保险代理人CONVERSATIONS 会话(AApplicant IInterviewer)Dialogue 1I: Tell me about yourself.A: I was born and raised in Beijing. I attended Peking University and received my bachelor抯 degree in Economics. I have worked for 2 years as a financial consultant in Beijing for China Pacific Insurance Co. Ltd. I enjoy playing tennis in my free time and learning foreign languages.I: What type of position are you looking for?A: I looking for a position in which I can utilize my experience.I: Are you interested in a full-time or part-time position?A: I am more interested in a full-time position. However, I would also consider a part-time position.I: Can you tell me about your responsibilities at your last job?A: I advised customers on financial matters. After I consulted the customer, I completed a customer inquiry form and catalogued the information in our database. I then collaborated with colleagues to prepare the best possible package for the client. The clients were then presented with a summarized report on their financial activities that I formulated on a quarterly basis.I: What is your greatest strength?A: I am an excellent communicator. People trust me and come to me for advice. One afternoon, my colleague was involved with a troublesome customer who felt he was not being served well. I made the customer a cup of coffee and invited both my colleague and the client to my desk where we solved the problem together.I: What is your greatest weakness?A: I tend to spend too much time making sure the customer is satisfied. However, I began setting time-limits for myself.I: Why do you want to work for our company?A: After following your firm progress for the last 3 years, I am convinced that your company is becoming one of the market leaders and I would like to be a part of that team.I: When can you begin?A: Immediately.Dialogue 2I: Please tell me something about your insurance background.A: I majored in international banking at college so I took many insurance courses. And I worked at an insurance company for my graduation field work.I: Why do you want to be an insurance agent?A: I care about people and I know the importance of insurance.I: Do you have any work experience in promotion?A: Yes, I do. I have worked as a salesman for Pamp;G Company Ltd.I: Do people respond well to you?A: Yes, I good with people.注释:应聘保险代理人中国加入世贸组织后,外国保险公司在几年内将进入中国市场,与国内保险公司争夺高级人才。作为一个合格的保险代理人,应当增加经济学和保险学知识,并增强法律观念和敬业精神。BASIC EXPRESSIONS 基本句型表达1) I抦 looking for a position in which I can utilize my experience.我想找个能充分发挥我工作经验的工作。2) I advised customers on financial matters.我在金融事务上为顾客提供咨询。3) I am an excellent communicator.我非常善于和人沟通。4) I tend to spend too much time making sure the customer is satisfied.为了确保顾客满意,我经常要花费很多时间。5) And I worked at an insurance company for my graduation field work.我在一家保险公司进行了我的毕业设计。consulant 顾问,咨询者 utilize 利用catalogue 按目录分类 package 一揽子交易troublesome 棘手的,麻烦的 promotion 促销主要的保险品种有:automobile insurance(汽车保险)、life insurance(人寿保险)、health insurance(健康保险)、business insurance(商业保险)和travel insurance(旅游保险)。1) I have worked for 2 years as a financial consultant forChina Pacific Insurance Co. Ltd.Ping An Insurance Company of ChinaThe People抯 Insurance Company of China我为 中国太平洋保险公司 作了两年的金融顾问。中国平安保险公司中国人民保险公司2) I抦 looking for a position in which I can utilize my experience.work happilyadvance我在寻找一个能 发挥我工作经验 的职位。使我工作愉快使我得到发展3) I am an excellent communicator.advisorconsultant 对话1I: 说说你的情况吧。A: 我出生于北京,并在那里长大。我考入北京大学,获得了经济学学士学位。 我在中国太平洋保险股份有限公司做了两年的金融顾问。我喜欢在空闲时间打网球和学外语。I: 你想找份什么样的工作?A: 我想找个能充分发挥我工作经验的工作。I: 你想做全职还是兼职?A: 我倾向于做全职,不过,我也会考虑兼职的。I: 你能说说你前一份工作的主要职责吗?A: 我为顾客的金融事务提供咨询。当我和顾客商讨之后,我就填完一份顾客咨询表,并把有关信息按目录输入数据库。然后我和同事一起为顾客精心准备尽可能最好的一揽子计划, 顾客会收到一份我根据他们的金融行为按季度作出的简报。I: 你最大的优点是什么?A: 我非常善于和人沟通,人们信任我,来我这里征求建议。有一天下午,我的同事碰到了一个棘手的顾客,他感觉务不周到。我给顾客冲了一杯咖啡,并请我的同事和顾客到我办公室,在那里我们把问题解决了。I: 你最大的缺点是什么?A: 我为了确保顾客满意,经常要花费很多时间。不过,我开始为自己定了时间限制。I: 你为什么要来我们公司工作?A: 我关注贵公司的发展已经三年了,我相信贵公司必将成为市场的主导者之一,我非常希望成为其中一员。I: 你何时能开始工作?A: 马上就可以。对话2I: 请讲讲你在保险行业的从业经验。A: 我大学时主修国际业务,所以我学了许多保险课程, 并且我在一家保险公司进行了我的毕业设计。I: 你为什么想成为一名保险代理人?A: 我关心别人,我知道保险的重要性。I: 你有过促销的工作经验吗?A: 有,我在宝洁公司做过促销员。I: 别人对你的评价好吗?A: 我和大家相处很好。 /200810/54486福州晋安区做人流大概多少钱

龙岩测卵泡最好的医院职场社交英语 Lesson 5:我要提供你认股权SCENE② B 隔周,吉娜到老板的隔间去看他【我要提供你认股权】Vince: I want to 1) offer you more InfoKing stock options.文斯: 我要提供你资讯王的认股权。 Zina: When you hired me, you knew you were going to be low on cash, didn't you?吉娜: 你在雇用我的当时,就知道你会缺现金,对吧?Vince: Let me explain. To get more cash, I'll have to borrow more from Vikam, the 2) venture 3) capitalists.文斯: 容我解释。为了要有更多现金,我就得跟投资我们的维康创投借更多的钱。 Zina: I know how it works. You don't want to give away any more of your future 4) profits than you have to.吉娜: 我知道这种运作方式。除非万不得已,你不会想把更多未来的利润拱手让人。 Vince: Exactly. Instead of 5) increasing their 6) position, I want to increase yours.文斯: 正是。我不增加他们的股权,反倒要增加你的。 语言详解 A: I'm going to offer you a position in our sales department. 我要提供我们业务部的一个职位给你。 B: Thank you. 谢谢您。 【I know how it works. 我知道规矩。】这里的work不是指“工作”,而是指“事物运作的道理与规范”,类似于行规的概念:A:I am afraid we are going to have to fire you. 我恐怕我们得要开除你了。B:It's OK, I know how it works. You just don't like me. 没关系,我知道行规。你就是看不惯我。【give away 送掉】give away 这个短语看起来很简单,不过有许多常用的意思,对话中所用到的give away 是指“赠送”。A: Why did you give your bicycle away? 你为何把你的脚踏车送掉了?B: It's too old. I want to get a new one anyway. 那台太老了。反正我要换新的。1) offer (v.) 提供2) venture (n.) 具冒险性的事业3) capitalist (n.) 出资者,金主,capital 是“资金”。4) profit (n.) 利润5) increase (v.) 增加6) position (n.) 地位,此指“股权”。 /200602/4221龙岩市第二医院看不孕不育好不好费用多少 在日常对话中,向对方提出建议和忠告有这些较常用的说法:  should 应该,要   "You should try to practise English."   "You shouldn't eat too much.   "Why don't you 不如... "Why don't you join an English club?"  ought to应该   "You ought to more." /201003/97483南平检查不育哪家医院最好

龙岩第一医院治疗阳痿多少钱Why are you interested in this job?你为什么对这份工作感兴趣?This is exactly what I want to do.这份工作正是我梦寐以求的。As you can see in my resume,I possess all the skills required and Im well-qualified for it.您可以看一下我的简历,我具备了这个职位所要求的所有技能,而且我也十分符合职位要求。It seems like a perfect fit.我好像是这个职位的绝佳人选。My career goal is to become a CFO and this job would allow me to develop my potential to reach the goal.我的职业目标是成为一名财务总监,而这份工作可以让我发挥潜能,进而达到目标。 /201308/254059 Hotel 旅馆 2. 酒店登记 Checking into a Hotel Desk Clerk: Good evening, sir. Welcome to the Comfort Inn. 晚上好,先生。欢迎光临Comfort酒店。 Mr. Lee: Hello. I have a reservation, under the name Lee, Leo Lee. 你好,我预定了房间,姓名是Lee, Leo Lee。 Desk Clerk: Hmmm. I’m not sure if we have you down here. How do you spell your last name? 我不知道是否已经给您登记了。怎么拼写您的姓。 Mr. Lee: It’s L-e-e. 是L-E-E。 Desk Clerk: Oh, right. You’re in our system. I was just looking under Li. So, we’ve got you down for a Business Suite for three days. If I could just have your credit card, I’ll process your check-in while you fill out our resident’s form. 好的,您在我们的电脑里。我原来以为是L-I。我们给您预定了三天的套间。能给我您的信用卡吗?我给您登记,请您填写客户表格。 Mr. Lee: You mean I have to pay now? 你是说我现在就要付钱? Desk Clerk: Oh no, we just make an impression of your card using our credit card machine. It’s in lieu of a deposit. If everything is OK when you check out, we give it back to you then. It’s pretty standard practice. 不是,我们只是印上你的信用卡号,如果您结账时没有问题我们会把它还给您。这是酒店的行规。 Mr. Lee: I see. I guess you can tell I don’t travel much. 我明白了。你一定能猜出来我很少出门。 Desk Clerk: (later) Here’s your card, sir. You’re all checked in. let me just tell you about a few of our services. We have free breakfast in the lounge from 7:00-9:00. You call the receptionist to arrange for a wake-up call if you like. And checkout time is 2:00. If you check out later than that, we will change you for an extra half-day. Jimmy here is going to take you up to your room. (later)给您卡,先生。您已经完成登记手续。请允许我向您介绍一下务项目。早上七点到九点在休息厅有免费早餐。如果您需要,可以给前台打电话要求叫醒务。下午两点退房。如果晚了,会多收您半天的钱。Jimmy会带您上楼去房间。 fill out 填写 in lieu of 代替 deposit 押金 standard practice 行规 lounge 休息室 receptionist 前台 a wake-up call 叫醒务 /200701/9957福州台江区孕前检查三甲医院南平去那里人工授精



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