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The magnificence of Hangzhou scenic beauty is best described by the old Chinese saying: ;Up above there is paradise, down here there are Suzhou and Hangzhou.; With the upcoming G summit in Hangzhou almost upon us, let us take a look at the most recommended Hangzhou attractions.中国有一句老话来形容杭州美景之华丽--;上有天堂,下有苏杭;在年G峰会即将在杭州举行之际,让我们一起来看一看杭州大最值得推荐的美景吧!The West Lake Cultural Landscape of Hangzhou was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in . With a surface area covering 6 square kilometers and 00 years of history, the West Lake has been visited and admired by countless tourists from around the globe.杭州西湖文化景观在年被联合国教科文组织认定为世界文化遗产西湖的覆盖面积达到了6平方公里,历史跨度00多年,全世界无数游客都前来这里参观欣赏Leifeng Pagoda is located on Nanping Mountain near the West Lake, and was built in 975, during the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period (9-979). Untunately, the original Leifeng Pagoda collapsed in 19, but in , it was given a second life through government restoration work. Nowadays, the famous scenery of Sunset Glow over Leifeng Pagoda is a favorite spot tourists.雷峰塔位于西湖附近的南屏山,始建于公元975年,当时正值五代十国时期不幸的是,雷峰塔旧址在19年倒塌了,不过在年该塔又一次矗立了起来,政府的修复重建工作让雷峰塔重新焕发了生机如今,著名的;雷峰夕照;是游客们非常喜爱的景点之一Lingyin Temple, or Temple of the Soul Retreat, is the most famous temple in Hangzhou, with a history of around 1,700 years. It is one of the largest and wealthiest Buddhist temples in China, and contains numerous pagodas, Buddhist grottoes and religious rock carvings.灵隐寺是杭州最为有名的寺庙,其历史跨度约为00多年灵隐寺是全中国最大、最富有的佛教寺庙之一,庙内建有大量的宝塔、佛窟和佛教石刻The Qiantang River is the largest river in Zhejiang Province, and is considered to be the major cradle of Yue culture, giving birth to the people of Zhejiang. The Qiantang River also boasts one of the world largest tide, causing tourists to gather along the riverbank every year on the th to 18th days of the eight lunar month to take in the spectacle.钱塘江是浙江省境内最大的河流,并被认为是越文化的主要发源地,是浙江人的母亲河钱塘江还有世界上最大的潮汐流,每年农历八月到18日期间,都有大量游客聚集在钱塘江畔,来观看这一壮阔的奇观Thousand Islets Lake lies in Chunan county of Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province. It is China first artificial lake as well as its largest national park. The lake gets its name from the 1,8 islands found within its waters, linking tourist attractions between Zhejiang and Anhui Provinces with a flourishing tourism network.千岛湖位于浙江杭州淳安县内千岛湖是中国第一个人工湖,同时也是中国最大的国家公园由于在该水域内发现有多达18座岛屿,得名;千岛湖;千岛湖以其繁荣的旅游网络连接了浙江和安徽两省的旅游景点Meijiawu Tea Village in Hangzhou is well known its Longjing tea plantation. Longjing tea, literally translated as Dragon Well tea, was once granted the status of Gong Cha, or imperial tea, the Emperors of the Qing Dynasty (-19). Meijiawu has a history of over 600 years and is home to 0 tea houses. Here, visitors can learn more about the region rich tea culture, as well as try their hands at picking tea leaves under the guidance of the Meijiawu experts.杭州梅家坞茶村以其龙井茶园而闻名龙井茶曾经被当做贡茶进献给清朝皇帝梅家坞的历史长达600多年,村内有0家茶馆在这里,游客们可以了解到该地区丰富的茶文化,同时也可以在梅家坞专家的指导下尝试亲手摘茶叶The Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal is the longest ancient canal in the world, stretching a length of 9 kilometers. The canal begins in Hangzhou, where tourists can appreciate the beauty of the water town and experience the tranquil lifestyle of Hangzhou residents.京杭大运河是全世界最长的古代运河,全长9公里京杭大运河始于杭州,在这里游客们可以欣赏水乡的美景,同时也可以领略杭州居民们的宁静生活Xixi National Wetland Park is the only national wetland park in China, with river ports, ponds, lakes and wetlands covering 70% of the park area. In Xixi National Wetland Park, three causeways (Fu, Lu, and Shou Causeway) and ten sights (Dasheng Nunnery, Water Mirroring Red Persimmons, Dragon Boat Pageant, Egret Trace with the Lotus, Hong Villa, Moonlight Mirroring within the Reeds, Rainy Fishing Village, Xixi Plum Villa, Gao Villa, and Appreciate Music in Hezhu) are regarded as must-sees.西溪国家湿地公园是中国唯一的湿地国家公园,公园内河港、池塘、湖泊和湿地的覆盖面积达到了70%在西溪国家湿地公园,山堤(福、禄、寿)十景(秋芦飞雪、火映柿波、龙舟盛会、莲滩鹭影、洪园余韵、蒹葭泛月、渔村烟雨、曲水寻梅、高庄宸迹、河渚听曲)绝不可错过The Three Temples of Tianzhu Hill nearby the West Lake were given the names of Faxi Temple (the upper Tianzhu temple), Fajing Temple (the middle Tianzhu temple), and Fajing Temple (the lower Tianzhu temple) by Emperor Qianlong (-99) in the Qing Dynasty (-19). The three temples share a deep Buddhist heritage, helping the region of Hangzhou earn the honorary title ;The Buddhist Heaven of Tianzhu.;西湖附近的;天竺三寺;之名得自于天竺山的三座寺庙,分别是法喜寺(上天竺寺)、法净寺(中天竺寺)和法镜寺(下天竺寺)三寺之名由清朝乾隆皇帝命名它们共享一个渊源深厚的佛教文化背景,帮助杭州该地区获得了;天竺佛教圣地;的殊荣Six Harmonies Pagoda, or Liuhe Pagoda, is a masterpiece of ancient Chinese architecture. It was first built to calm the tides of the Qiantang River in the Northern Song Dynasty (960-), drawing its name ;Six Harmonies; from Buddhist teachings. Today, it serves as an ideal lookout point over the Qiantang River.杭州六和塔是中国古代建筑的杰作瑰宝该塔始建于北宋时期,用来镇压钱塘江大潮,其名;六和;来源于佛教教义时至今日,六和塔已经成为了一个眺望钱塘江的绝佳地点 63

6.What time is it?请问几点?What time is it?请问几点?Do you have the time?请问几点呢?What time is it now?请问现在几点?Do you know what time it is?请问你知道现在几点吗?Three oclock.3:00It three.现在3:00It three oclock现在3:00It seven ofive.现在7:It five after seven.现在7:It five past seven.现在7:It half past seven.现在7点半It seven thirty.现在7:30It almost one现在快一点了It five to one.差5分钟就一点了It seven fifteen.现在7:It a quarter past seven.现在7:It a quarter after seven.现在7:It eight ty-five现在8:5It a quarter to nine.差分钟9点It six twelve.现在6:It twelve past six.现在6:It twelve after six.现在6:What time is it?(It seven oclock five.)请问几点?现在7:Do you have the time?(It five after seven.)请问几点呢?现在7:What time is it now?(It five past seven.)请问几点呢?现在7:Do you know what time it is?(It seven thirty.)请问你知道现在几点吗?现在7:30What time is it?(It half seven.)请问几点?现在7点半Do you have the time?(It seven fifty.)请问几点呢?现在7:50What time is it now?(It ten to eight.)请问几点呢?还有分钟就8点了Do you know what time it is?(It seven fifteen.)请问你知道现在几点吗?现在7:What time is it?(It q quarter past seven.)请问几点?现在7:Do you have the time?(It a quarter after seven.)请问几点呢?现在7:What time is it now?(It eight ty-five)请问现在几点?现在7:Do you know what time it is?(It quarter to nine.)请问你知道现在几点吗?差分就9点了What time is it?It almost ten.请问几点?现在快点了Do you have the time?It almost oclock.请问几点呢?现在快点了What time is it now?It almost noon.请问现在几点?现在快中午了Do you know what time it is?It almost midnight.请问你知道现在几点吗?现在快晚上点了

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