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吉林长春市四院顺产多少钱长春市儿童医院可以做引产吗US private equity firm KKR plans to sell SMCP to China’s Shandong Ruyi in a deal that values the French fashion group at 1.3bn including debt, according to people familiar with the matter. 知情人士称,美国私人股本公司KKR计划将SMCP出售给中国的山东如意,这笔交易对上述法国时尚集团估值13亿欧元(包括债务)。 The owner of the Sandro and Claudie Pierlot brands would become the latest European luxury target to fall into Chinese hands under an arrangement that would see the textile manufacturer buy KKR’s majority stake in SMCP. 拥有桑德罗(Sandro)和Claudie Pierlot等品牌的SMCP,将成为最新一个落入中资囊中的欧洲奢侈品目标。根据交易安排,身为纺织品制造商的山东如意将买下KKR在SMCP所持的多数股权。 The deal, expected to be announced today, would mark an abrupt reversal of plans for KKR. It said this month that it planned to list SMCP on the Paris stock exchange as early as this summer. 预计今日宣布的这笔交易,将标志着KKR的计划发生突变。它在3月早些时候曾表示,计划最早于今年夏天将SMCP在巴黎券交易所上市。 KKR declined to comment. The New York-based private equity group bought 65 per cent of SMCP three years ago from L Capital, the private-equity investing arm of French luxury group LVMH, and Florac, another buyout group, in a deal that valued SMCP at about 650m including debt. KKR拒绝置评。总部位于纽约的这家私人股本集团在三年前收购SMCP的65%股份,卖家是法国奢侈品集团路威酩轩(LVMH)的私人股本投资部门L Capital以及另一家收购集团Florac,那笔交易对SMCP估值6.5亿欧元(包括债务)。 The deal is the latest international foray by Shandong Ruyi, which in 2012 led an international consortium to buy Cubbie Station, an Australian cotton farm, for 2m. It had been in talks with SMCP before the flotation plans. 这笔交易是山东如意最新的境外收购行动。2012年,该公司曾牵头一个国际财团以2.32亿美元买下澳大利亚库比棉花农场(Cubbie Station)。该公司在SMCP上市计划出炉之前就开始与SMCP洽谈。 SMCP has enjoyed rapid growth in recent years as its labels tapped in to the accessible luxury market. SMCP近年享有快速增长,旗下品牌打入轻奢市场。 The group now has more than 1,100 stores worldwide including a recent expansion into Hong Kong and mainland China to cater to the region’s fast-growing middle classes. 该集团目前在世界各地拥有1100多家门店,包括最近扩张进入香港和中国内地,迎合该地区快速发展壮大的中产阶层。 The group was founded by Evelyne Chétrite and Judit Milgrom, two sisters. Ms Chétrite began Sandro, which dresses young executives, in the late 1980s. Mrs Milgrom founded Maje, which targets urban teenagers. The two acquired Claudie Pierlot in 2009. 该集团由埃弗利娜#8226;谢特里特(Evelyne Chétrite)和朱迪丝#8226;米尔格龙(Judith Milgrom)两创立。谢特里特在上世纪80年代后期创立桑德罗,推出面向年轻高管的女装。米尔格龙创立Maje,瞄准城市青少年。2009年,两收购Claudie Pierlot。 According to the registration statement SMCP filed ahead of its planned IPO, the two founders own a little more than 21 per cent of the group, and 14.6 per cent of the voting rights. KKR owns 69.8 per cent, and 78.8 per cent of voting rights. 根据SMCP在原计划的首次公开发行(IPO)之前提交的登记声明,两位创始人如今拥有集团略高于21%的股权,以及14.6%的投票权。KKR拥有69.8%的股权,以及78.8%的投票权。 Group earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation (ebitda) last year were 107m, 44 per cent up on a year earlier. Revenues were 675m, 33 per cent more than in 2014. 集团去年的息税折旧及摊销前利润(EBITDA)为1.07亿欧元,较上年增长44%。营收为6.75亿欧元,比2014年高出33%。 Daniel Lalonde, SMCP’s chief executive, said at the time of the IPO registration filing that the listing would include a capital increase of 150m — 175m. He also said that the money raised would help reduce its 290m debt. SMCP首席执行官丹尼尔#8226;拉隆德(Daniel Lalonde)在提交IPO登记声明时表示,上市将包括1.50亿至1.75亿欧元的增资。他还说,筹资所得将帮助减少该集团2.9亿欧元的债务。 The prior negotiations between KKR and Shandong Ruyi reportedly broke down over the price but also over the amount that the founding sisters would be prepared to sell of their stake. The people familiar with this week’s planned sale announcement said it will see the sisters retain a stake in the group. 据报道,KKR和山东如意之前进行的谈判曾经破裂,原因既涉及价码,也包括创始愿意出售多少股权。熟悉本周拟宣布的交易的人士称,两将保留一部分集团股份。 /201603/434376吉大四院网上预约电话 市人民医院做人流要多少钱

长春省人民医院是正规医院嘛The mayor of Xingtai City in north China#39;s Hebei Province apologized last Saturday night for inadequate responses to the storms that have caused 25 deaths and 13 missing in the city.上周六晚,中国北部河北省邢台市市长就本次暴雨灾害应对不力,造成25人死亡及13人失联向民众道歉。Dong Xiaoyu said the government had underestimated the intensity of the rainfall, been insufficient in emergency ability, and late and inaccurate when it came to disaster assessment.邢台市市长董晓宇表示,政府低估了此次降雨的强度、应急能力不足,对灾害评估不及时、不准确。;I am deeply sorry for failing to protect people#39;s lives and properties, no matter howserious the natural disaster is,; Dong said. ;On behalf of the city Party committee and government, I pay deepest condolences to the victims and their relatives, and apologize tothe public.;董晓宇市长说道:“无论面对多大的天灾,没能保护好人民群众生命财产安全,我深感内疚。我代表市委、市政府向所有遇难者及亲属表示沉痛哀悼,向全社会诚恳道歉。”Dong said the city has initiated an accountability investigation and will punish those responsible for the tragedy.他表示,目前邢台市已启动责任追究程序,对这次抗洪中工作不力的责任人将给予处分。Torrential rain and floods have left 114 people dead and 111 others missing in Hebei, according to the provincial civil affairs bureau.据河北省民政局数据显示,此次特大暴雨已造成河北省114人死亡,111人失踪。 /201607/457442长春市二院妇产 四平第一人民中医院收费标准

长春市吉大第三医院治疗宫颈糜烂好吗 A parking lot sharing mobile application is gaining popularity among white-collar workers in Hangzhou, east China#39;s Zhejiang Province, amid China#39;s sharing economy boom.在目前中国经济高速发展的背景下,一个共享停车位的APP现在获得了浙江杭州的白领的欢迎。Searching for parking spaces has long been a headache for many office workers in metropolises across China.在中国的大城市里,寻找停车位对很多上班族来说一直都是令人头疼的事儿。Especially for those working in central business districts in first- and second-tier cities, parking near their companies for five days a week could cost them a fortune.尤其是对那些在一、二线城市商务中心区工作的人来说,每周在公司周围停车5天会花掉他们一大笔钱。Meanwhile, even with prices for parking lots in residential areas soaring, most of their spaces remain unoccupied during workdays.与此同时,连住宅区停车场的价格也在飞涨,所以大多数停车位在工作日仍然空置。There lies the business opportunity for ;Searching for Parking Spaces;, or in Chinese ;Zhao Che Wei;, an application developed by a science and technology company.而这样的情况就为由一家科技公司开发的手机APP--“找车位”提供了商机。The company, named ;Cloud Butler,; has upgraded the barrier gates for the residential areas, to enable them to be linked to its database.这家名为云管家的公司,升级了住宅区的道闸系统,使得它们可以和其数据库相连。By inputting one#39;s cellphone number, license plates number and periods of time needed, an app user will be able to find a shareable parking space in a residential area close to his or her working place.通过输入手机号码、车牌号和所需停车时间,该APP的用户就可以在工作地附近找到一个共享停车位。A man surnamed Zhang is one of the users who have benefited from using the app. He told local newspaper Qianjiang Evening News that it cost him nearly 1,000 yuan (147 US dollars) every month for parking before using the application, but now, after renting one from his parking-lot landlord, the expense has been lowered to 400 yuan (59 US dollars) per month.张先生就是从使用这款APP中获益的人之一。他向当地的《钱江晚报》透露,在使用这款APP之前他每月停车需要花近1000元人民币(约合147美元),而现在他从停车场主处租赁了一个停车位,每月停车费用降至了400元人民币(约合59美元)。;And it is safer to park the car in a residential block than at the roadside,; said Zhang.张先生说道:“和把车停在路边相比,停在居民区更安全。” /201706/514888长春在正规医院做人流需要多少钱长春第四医院在周日有上班吗



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