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Thanks to all of you for being here today, and thanks for inviting me to join you. Its a real pleasure to be part of such a special day. Every time I have a chance to share with teachers, its a good day for me. Actually, I just visited a classroom last week during a trip to Liberia and while there were some pretty interesting takeaways, Im hoping maybe we can dig in to those during the Qamp;A, although Ill say there was not a lot of guide on the side in the teaching in a Liberian elementary school. But speaking of sage on the stage, I wont talk for too long at this podium because I want to make sure that we have plenty of time for questions. You know, thats what its all about. Yes, including questions about pipelines, Im sure. After all, having a conversation is a much better way for us to learn about each other. But first, Id like to say a few words about the influence that teaching has had on my life and about how that experience allowed me to become the person I am today. You know, one thing I was asked to talk about today was why I stopped being a teacher. And to be honest with you, I had a hard time coming up with the answer, because in my mind, I havent stopped being a teacher. I think… I think that, like most of you, Ill identify as a teacher for the rest of my life. Its an essential part of who I am and how I engage with the world every single day. So with that, I thought Id tell you a little bit about my own journey. When I was a kid, I felt a tremendous amount of pressure to follow in my dads footsteps, which, you know, you might imagine, except what was interesting about it as I look back is the pressure didnt come from my dad or from anyone around me, it really came from me. I just assumed that Id get top marks in class, Id go into law school, Id, you know, work for a while and then Id end up going into politics just like him. But then, I reached my late teens and I had to face the fact – and it was fairly difficult – that his path just wasnt mine. It was a tough time because I had to realign my own sense of self and try and figure out if that wasnt my path, well, what was my path? And thats when I began to realize that my path was going to be through teaching. I mean, I had loved being a camp counsellor and a peer tutor in school. Id had some great teachers who deeply inspired me and of course, some lousy teachers that I kept wanting to jump up and do a better job, in front of the class then. Plus I just couldnt imagine myself in any office job stuck from nine to five. I needed diverse intellectual challenges. I needed to interact and connect with people in different ways and in different settings. And one other thing. I was the eldest child and I later learned that most teachers apparently are first-borns, which certainly fit within my family experience. But I was never actually sure it was true. So weve got about 5,000 teachers here. Can all the first-borns put up their hands? Okay. Hang on. Hang on. Lets check. Can all the non-first-borns teachers put up their hands? You know what? I think the first-borns have it by a smidgen, but thats totally non-scientific. See, what was most exciting about it for me was that my decision to become a teacher was mine. It was uniquely my path, not my dads, not my moms or anyone elses. Or so I thought, because as it turned out, I told my Aunt Heather, who was a teacher… and a first-born. She said, ;Oh, Justin, thats wonderful. You know, you come from a long line of teachers all the way back to Scotland.; So, it wasnt unique necessarily, but it wasnt my dad, which was the important thing for me. So I started my B. Ed at McGill and I finished it at U and I ended up teaching in British Columbia for about five years. I trained in the middle years math program. I ended up teaching everything from kindergarten French to grade 12 law in private schools, in public schools, wherever I could find a job. You guys know how it is. And I actually – and this will be a surprise to some and not at all a surprise to others – I actually loved my years as a substitute teacher. Yeah. I mean, think about it. You get new challenges every day, not so much in the way of having to plan lessons, no report cards, no parents to deal with, you know, fun for a while, but then you know, you really wanted to sink your teeth into a particular class.201612/484961NO.3Sweet November《甜蜜的十一月》 萨拉是个性开朗的女孩,一次偶然的机会,认识了尼尔森。她把他带到了自己的住处,并试图通过自己的个性改变他,唤起面前的男人对生活的热爱。本节对话中的结尾部分,萨拉的话非常精,充满哲理,属于更深层的会话表达。推荐背诵。单词通缉令1. gift n.天赋;才能2. denial n.否认3. screwy a.扭曲的;4. pet n.宠物5. bust vt.使爆裂6. count vi.计数;算入7. case n.情况;案例8. workaholic n.工作狂9. stage n.阶段10. intimacy n.亲密; 亲昵行为11. wither vi.衰退12. extinct a.灭绝的;耗尽的13. sheer a.彻底的;纯粹的14. perverse a.错误的;反常的15. lunatic n.疯子Sara Deever: Nelson, I can help you. You see I have a 1)gift, a special ability to help men with problems.Nelson Moss: I don’t have problems. Sara: Ah, now see that is usually the first sign.Nelson: Of what?Sara: 2)Denial.Nelson: Denial? Sara: First of all I think you work too much.Nelson: Really?Sara: Umhmm.Nelson: And what do you know about work?Sara: Plenty. You admit it, you do nothing else and it doesn’t make you happy. So how’s that for 3)screwy logic?Nelson: I admitted nothing. I was silent.Sara: No special interests, no 4)pets, you hate dogs. Nelson: 5)Busted, actually I do have a pet, a fish.Sara: A fish? Doesn’t 6)count, cold-blooded. Sorry. Nope, you are a walking 7)case study. Look at you. You’re a 8)workaholic at such an advanced 9)stage that your 10)intimacy skills have 11)withered away to almost nothing. Left untreated. Nelson, you could become emotionally 12)extinct. Nelson: Out of 13)sheer 14)perverse curiosity. How does a 15)lunatic like you help a guy like me?Sara: You live in a box. I could lift the lid, let some light in. Nelson: Wow, that’s deep.萨拉#8226;迪普:尼尔森,我可以帮你。你看我有天赋,有种特别的才能帮助男人们解决问题。尼尔森#8226;莫斯:我没有问题。萨拉:噢,你看这通常就是第一征兆。尼尔森:什么征兆?萨拉:否认。尼尔森:否认?萨拉:首先我认为你是个工作狂。尼尔森:真的?萨拉:是。尼尔森:你了解工作吗?萨拉:了解很多。你承认没做别的事,但还是不开心,这种奇怪的逻辑怎么样?尼尔逊:我没承认什么,我什么也没说。萨拉:没有特别感兴趣的东西,没有宠物,你恨。尼尔森:胡说,事实上我有宠物,是条鱼。萨拉:一条鱼?不算,冷血动物。抱歉。不,你是一个活物个案研究。看看你自己,你是个工作狂,到了非常的地步,你的亲昵技能几乎衰退到零。如果得不到治疗,尼尔森,你的情感可能濒临枯竭。尼尔森:荒谬透顶,像你这样的疯子怎么能帮助像我这样的人?萨拉:你生活在盒子里。我可以揭开盒盖,让光明进来。尼尔逊:喔,很深奥。句子模仿秀这句话的表达层次很高,语法严谨,寓意深刻,用词非常文学。能说出这样的句子说明主人公看过很多文学作品。这种句子多加背诵对写作很有用处。学习指导复读背诵,最佳背诵时间为7秒钟。句子模仿秀又是一句文学语言,有种暗喻的意味,很形象地阐述了一种状态。句子虽然简单,但难得的是它的意味。学习指导跟读背诵,最佳跟读时间为3秒钟。 /200603/5384

He likes chocolate, he likes vanilla.他喜欢巧克力,他喜欢香草Theres nothing that one should be able to say to the other that should persuade the other.无论跟他们说什么,都不能改变他们。Notice that we dont do this in science.但我们不会这样讨论科学On the left you have Edward Witten. Hes a string theorist.左边这位是爱德华·威滕。他是弦理论的专家If you ask the smartest physicists around who is the smartest physicist around,如果你问你旁边最聪明的物理学家谁是世界上最聪明的物理学家in my experience half of them will say Ed Witten.我的经验是一半都会说是爱德华·威滕The other half will tell you they dont like the question.另外一半会告诉你她们不喜欢这个问题So, what would happen if I showed up at a physics conference and said, ;String theory is bogus.那么,如果我出现在一个物理研讨会,然后说弦理论是个假货It doesnt resonate with me. Its not how I chose to view the universe at a small scale. Im not a fan.;我对它没有感觉,这不是我选择的宇宙观,我不是那派的。Well, nothing would happen because Im not a physicist; I dont understand string theory.什么都不会发生,因为我不是物理学家,我不懂弦理论Im the Ted Bundy of string theory.我是弦理论的Ted BundyI wouldnt want to belong to any string theory club that would have me as a member. But this is just the point.我不想加入任何愿意接受我的弦理论社团,这就是重点Whenever we are talking about facts certain opinions must be excluded.当我们谈论事实,我们必须排除某些意见That is what it is to have a domain of expertise. That is what it is for knowledge to count.那就是为什么我们有专业。那就是为什么我们应该依靠知识How have we convinced ourselves that in the moral sphere there is no such thing as moral expertise,无论我们怎么和自己说,在道德里没有所谓的道德专家or moral talent, or moral genius even?道德人才,或甚至道德天才How have we convinced ourselves that every opinion has to count?为什么我们要说自己所有的意见都应该纳入考虑?How have we convinced ourselves that every culture has a point of view on these subjects worth considering?我们是怎么说自己,所有的文化对这些事情都有自己的观点,而我们都应该把他们纳入考量?201609/465619

There are zeros and ones Im a one 这里有0也有1我是一个1Youre a one my friend in the Himalayas shes a one 你是一个1我的喜马拉雅朋友她也是一个1Martin Luther King Jr. He was not a computer programmer so he called this concept a brotherhood 马丁.路德.金他不是一位计算机程序员他的理想是全世界情同手足His hope was that college students would bring a brotherhood into being Dr King thought at that time 他希望大学学生们实现全世界情同手足的理想金牧师早在当时That the world has shrunk as much as it was going to shrink and its his words we dwarfed distance and placed time in chains So the fact that people still dont treat each other like brothers and sisters 就认为世界已经收缩得很小他认为我们已经缩短了时间和空间距离所以人们无法像兄弟那样相互对待To him, was an ethical failure I take a slightly different point of view I believe we are finally creating the scientific and technological tools 在他看来 是伦理的失败我的想法略有不同我认为现在我们才最终创造出科学和技术工具To turn the world into a neighborhood and that gives you an amazing ethical opportunity You can light up network of 7 billion people 将世界转化为邻里从而赋予你们这个奇妙的伦理机遇你们可以筑起70亿人的联系网络With long-lasting and highly motivating human connections You have spent the last few years at one of the most amazing universities on the planet 让人和人之间具有持久 积极的相互联系你们过去数年间在地球上最着名的大学之一就读Youve gained the knowledge and the skills to go out and do in the world whatever it is that you choose to do So what will you do? 不管你们如何选择后面的道路你们都学会了相应的知识和技能你们要怎么做呢I hope youll use the tools of technology to do what you aly had it in your heart to do to connect 我希望 你们使用科技的工具做你们心中已经决定的事情去建立联系To make of this world a brotherhood and a sisterhood And I cant wait to see what you do Congratulations 去把世界改造成一个充满手足之情的理想之地我已经等不及想看你们的作为了祝贺你们Produced by Duke University online at duke.edu杜克大学制作详情请登陆duke.edu201608/460741

  VOA流行美语 80: KICK ONESELF / RAW DEAL今天Michael和李华正在谈论有关买汽车的事。李华会学到两个常用语:to kick oneself和raw deal。L: Michael, 你没有买Jerry的车啊?我以为价钱很公道啊!怎么回事啊?M: Please don't mention that! Jerry sold the car to someone else yesterday. I'm still kicking myself for not buying it when I had the chance.L: Kicking yourself, kick不就是k-i-c-k,踢球的踢吗?你为什么要踢你自己呢?M: No, no Li Hua. "To kick oneself" means to feel regret for missing an opportunity, or making a mistake that could have been avoided.L: 噢,to kick oneself不是真的踢自己,意思是:自己失去了一个好机会而埋怨自己太笨。Michael, 那到底是怎么回事啊?M: Well, I told Jerry that I wanted to check out some other cars before I made a decision. Someone else bought the car before I had a chance to decide. I'm still kicking myself for waiting too long.L: 原来你是想等看看别的车以后再做决定,结果Jerry就把车卖给别人了。哎哟,Michael, 你不用埋怨自己啦。不管做什么交易,作决定前仔细考虑清楚总是好的。M: Well, I guess you're right. When I bought the car I have now, I wasn't careful enough. Later, I found out the car was in very poor condition, and I have been kicking myself ever since.L: 你看,我说得没错。你买现在这辆车的时候不小心,所以现在老要出问题。哎,Michael, 你呀,买得不好也怨自己,没有买到也埋怨自己。你累不累呀!M: Hey, speaking of regret, I heard that your ex-boyfriend Ding Yu is doing really well these days. I bet you are kicking yourself for dumping him, huh?L: 你在说我以前的男朋友丁余?告诉你,不管他现在多有钱我都不会因为跟他分手而后悔。M: Hmm, I know, when you're a famous professor at a top U.S. university, Ding Yu will be kicking himself for not being nicer to you when you were together.L: 我要是在美国当了名教授,他再捶胸顿足地后悔也没有用。******L: Michael, 你没有买Jerry的车,那你是不是还想找一辆旧车呢?M: Yes, I still want to replace my car. But I'm sort of afraid... The last time I bought a car, I got a really raw deal!L: 你上回买车怎么啦?什么是raw deal?是不是不好的意思?M: That's right! A raw deal. Raw. A "raw deal" means an unfair deal, or to be treated roughly and unfairly by someone.L: A raw deal就是吃了亏的交易。你的意思是,你上次买这辆车的时候,卖车的人让你吃了大亏?M: That's right. The week after I bought the car, the engine broke down, and I had to completely replace it! The guy I bought it from refused to pay for it.L: 车才买了一个星期就出问题。这实在是太倒霉了。这就是所谓的a raw deal。那么,Michael, raw deal是不是只能用在买卖方面的?M: No, not necessarily. For instance, my Uncle George worked at a factory for over twenty years. Unfortunately, the factory was shut down and George lost his job right before he had a chance to retire. That was a raw deal!L: That's really a raw deal! 我听到好几个这样的例子了。一个人在一个公司做了几十年,还没来得及退休公司就关门了。退休金全完了。我舅舅的工厂关门前,他工作了八个月,到现在还没拿到工资呢!M: That's really a raw deal!今天李华学到了两个常用语:to kick oneself和raw deal。To kick oneself是由于错过了机会而怨恨自己。Raw deal就是在跟别人打交道时吃了亏。 /200602/3155

  Thank you very much. And I am pleased to be here in Turkey today and to be able to meet Prime Minister Yildirim and President Erdogan just one day after meeting the new US President Donald Trump in Washington. The relationship between Turkey and the ed Kingdom has always been important, but it is arguably even more vital today. For Turkey sits on the frontline of some of the most difficult and serious challenges we face. This relationship is central to our capacity to tackle the terrorist threat to the UK. Turkey aly does a huge amount to disrupt the threat posed to our countries by terrorists including foreign fighters leaving Syria. And today, we have agreed to strengthen our co-operation on security through a new strategic security partnership. This will help our two governments and security services to work even more closely together in important areas such as intelligence sharing, aviation security and domestic security. This partnership will help Turkey as it grapples with the threat posed by heightened terrorist attacks in this country. We should never forget that in the last 18 months, over 1,500 Turkish civilians and security personnel have been killed by terrorist attacks. Crucially, it will also help to protect the 1.7 million British tourists who travel to Turkey from the UK every year. It is therefore a vital new partnership for us both. We have also discussed a number of other important regional security issues today including: Syria, where we are working together to fight Daesh and create the conditions for peace, the challenge of mass migration, where I pay tribute to Turkeys generosity in hosting more than 3 million refugees from surrounding countries, and where the ed Kingdom is committed to doing all it can to help. And Cyprus, where we are both committed to playing our full part in an effort to secure an early agreement. Finally, I am delighted that we have today been able to mark the signing of a new agreement between TAI and the British business BAE Systems that will see the companies collaborating on the pre-design phase of Turkeys new fighter jet, the TFX. This is more than a trade deal – it is the start of a deep defence partnership that will contribute to our overall security. At the same time, we are today announcing a new and unique government-to-government agreement between Turkey and the ed Kingdom that sets a new framework for cooperation and dialogue between our governments including the defence ministries and air forces. And we have also agreed to establish a trade working group to explore ways in which we can improve Turkish-UK trade. These initiatives stand as concrete commitments to a strengthened relationship between us, which will help to ensure the continued security and prosperity of both Turkey and the UK. This is the first opportunity I have had to visit Turkey since the attempted coup of 15th July last year. On that day, the UK was clear that we supported those who stood up for this important democracy and its institutions. And we continue to hope that the values you stood for on that day will guide you in the months and years ahead. So I would like to thank Prime Minister Yildirim for giving up his time today so that we might discuss these important issues. On each one, Turkey is demonstrating its determination to live up to its historic role as a regional power, and its significance as a key member of the NATO Alliance. I look forward to building on the commitments we have made today in order to strengthen the cooperation between our two nations in the years ahead. Thank you.201702/493498。

  99. ... or / otherwise... 否则······ 用法透视 在祈使句后面加上"or/otherwise",意思相当于汉语中的"否则,要不然的话"。两个句子是并列句,前面使用逗号,"or"是连接副词,前面有时用句号。 持范例 1. Hurry up or you won't make the train. 快走,要不然你赶不上火车了。 2. Put on your jacket, or you'll catch a cold. 穿上衣,不然你会感冒的。 3. Do it now. Otherwise, it will be too late. 马上干,否则就太晚了。 会话记忆 A: I'm very sorry, sir. My car has broken down. 非常抱歉,先生。我的车坏了。 B: Sorry to hear that. Can we do anything about it? 真遗憾。还有办法吗? A: I'm afraid not. 恐怕不行。 B: Then I have to call another taxi, or I'll be late. 那我只好叫另一辆车了,不然我就晚了 /200706/14669

  Hi, everybody. On behalf of the Obama family – Michelle, Malia, Sasha, Grandma, Bo, and Sunny – I want to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving. Like so many of you, well spend the day with friends and family, turkey and touchdowns. Well give thanks for each other, and for all that God has given us. And well reflect on what truly binds us as Americans. Thats never been more important. As a country, weve just emerged from a noisy, passionate, and sometimes divisive campaign season. After all, elections are often where we emphasize what sets us apart. We face off in a contest of ;us; versus ;them.; We focus on the candidate we support instead of some of the ideals we share. But a few short weeks later, Thanksgiving reminds us that no matter our differences, we are still one people, part of something bigger than ourselves. We are communities that move forward together. We are neighbors who look out for one another, especially those among us with the least. We are always, simply, Americans. Thats why, through the fog of Civil War, President Lincoln saw what mattered most – the unalienable truths for which so many gave their lives, and which made possible ;a new birth of freedom.; And so precisely when the fate of the Union hung in the balance, he boldly proclaimed a day of Thanksgiving, when the nations gifts ;should be solemnly, reverently, and gratefully acknowledged, as with one heart and one voice by the whole American people.; Today, we continue to give thanks for those blessings, and to all who ensured that they would be our inheritance. We remember the determined patriots who landed at the edge of the world in search of freedom. We give thanks to the brave men and women who defend that freedom in every corner of the world. And we honor all people – from the First Americans to our newest arrivals – who continue to shape our nations story, enrich our heritage, and give meaning to our founding values, values we must never take for granted – that in America, we are bound not by any one race or religion, but rather an adherence to a common belief that all of us are created equal; that we may think, and worship, and speak, and love as we please; that the gift of democracy is ours, and ours alone, to nurture and to protect. Never doubt, that is what makes us American – not where we come from, or what we look like, or what faith we practice, but the ideals to which we pledge our allegiance. Its about our capacity to live up to the creed as old as our founding: ;E Pluribus Unum; – that out of many, we are one. And as long as we continue to welcome the contributions of all people, as long as we stand up for each other, speak out for what is right, and stay true to these ideals – not just when its easy, but when its hard – then no one can ever take away our liberty. Our best days will always be ahead. And we will keep building a future where all of our children know the promise of America. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.201612/481719Now to the second potential misunderstanding.至于第二个可能的误解Ive been talking a lot about my experiences in the Middle East, and some of you might be thinking now我一直在谈论我在中东地区的经历,你们有些人可能在想that the solution then is for us to educate Muslim and Arab societies to be more inclusive of their women.问题的解决方案在于教育穆斯林和阿拉伯社会对女性更加包容If we were to do that, they would be more successful. They do not need this kind of help.如果我们要那么做,她们可以更加成功。她们不需要这种帮助Women have been part of the most influential movements coming out of the Middle East,女人参与了中东地区的最有影响力的运动but they tend to be invisible to the international community.但她们对于国际社会来说是隐形的Our cameras are largely focused on the men我们的摄像头大部分都对准了who often end up involved in the more confrontational scenes that we find so irresistible in our news cycle.那些在让我们屏息的新闻场景中直接对抗的男人们And we end up with a narrative that not only erases women from the struggles in the region我们通常以一种不仅抹平了地区斗争中的女人but often misrepresents the struggles themselves.而且错误描述了运动本身的叙事方法In the late 1980s, an uprising started in Gaza, and quickly sp to the West Bank and East Jerusalem.在20世纪80年代后期,一场起义发端于加沙,迅速传播到西岸地区和东耶路撒冷It came to be known as the First Intifada,这场起义后来被称为“巴勒斯坦大起义”and people who have any visual memory of it generally conjure up something like this:任何对这场起义仍有视觉记忆的人一般会想起这样的场景:Palestinian men throwing rocks at Israeli tanks.巴基斯坦男人向以色列坦克扔石块The news coverage at the time made it seem like stones, Molotov cocktails and burning tires当时的新闻报道让它看起来好像石头、燃烧弹和燃烧的轮胎were the only activities taking place in the Intifada.是在这场起义中出现的所有东西201704/506602A Speech by The Duke of Cambridge at the Patrons Lunch on The MallYour Majesty,Good afternoon, everybody. Thank you so much for showing that the Great British public doesnt let a little rain spoil a good day out. It means so much to see everybody here today.Can I begin by thanking the organisers of this event, especially my cousin Peter for working so hard over the past year to turn his vision for this celebration into a reality? Catherine, Harry and I and the rest our family are extremely proud to be here today.My family has had plenty of reason to celebrate since The Queen turned 90 in April:The Queens strong health and relentless energy; her sharp wit and famous sense of humour; and the fact that The Queen remains very much at the helm of our family, our nation and the Commonwealth.The Queen at 90 is the one Head of State that world leaders can turn to for a first-hand perspective of the arc of history over the last six decades.At 90, The Queen is the leader of our country, who we all look up to in good times and in challenging moments to set an example, and to guide the way ahead. But the reason we are here today is to celebrate a role that matters just as much to The Queen as the one that she holds on the world stage.We are here to celebrate The Queen as Patron. Her commitment to the more than 600 charities to which she lends her name and support is unwavering.From national military and sporting bodies, to small local associations, to charities that champion children, faith, education and arts, The Queens pride in her role as your Patron is absolute.Through The Queens association with you, she is not just shining a spotlight on the individual causes you care about; she is reminding us all that being active and engaged in society has virtue in its own right. Service to those around you is what unites you all.So on behalf of my entire family, can I say thank you? You have been partners in The Queens service for so many years.Before I finish, I hope you wont mind if I say a personal thank you to The Queen, and to do so on behalf of all her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Granny, thank you for everything you have done for your family. We could not wish you a happier birthday.And now, it is my honour to invite here to the microphone, Her Majesty The Queen.201607/452874

  In the spring of 1971, I met a girl.1971年春天,我遇到了一个女孩。The first time I saw her we were, appropriately enough, in a class on political and civil rights.当我第一次见到她的时候,我们恰恰是在一堂关于政治和民权的课堂上。She had thick blond hair, big glasses, wore no makeup, and she exuded a sense of strength and self-possession that I found magnetic.她一头厚厚的金发,戴着一个大眼镜,没化妆。她浑身散发的那种力量和镇定让我着迷。After the class I followed her out, intending to introduce myself.下课后我跟着她出去,想向她介绍自己。I got close enough to touch her back, but I couldnt do it.我跟得很近,近到可以碰到她的背,但我不能这么做。Somehow I knew this would not be just another tap on the shoulder, that I might be starting something I couldnt stop.冥冥中我觉得这不仅仅是拍下肩膀那么简单,我可能要开启一段不能停止的旅程。I saw her several more times in the next few days, but I still didnt speak to her.在随后的几天我又看到她几次,但我还是没有和她说话。Then one night I was in the law library talking to a classmate who wanted me to join the Yale Law Journal.然后有天晚上,我在法律图书馆里和一个同学聊天,他想让我加入耶鲁法学杂志社。He said it would guarantee me a job in a big firm or a clerkship with a federal judge.他说这能保我在一家大公司找到工作,或成为联邦法官的助理。I really wasnt interested, I just wanted to go home to Arkansas.我并不是特别感兴趣,当时我只想回老家阿肯色州。Then...Then I saw the girl again, standing at the opposite end of that long room.然后...然后我又看到了那个女孩儿,站在长长屋子的另一头。Finally she was staring back at me, so I watched her. She closed her book, put it down and started walking toward me.最后她反过来看着我,我也看着她。她合上书,放下,然后径直朝我走来。She walked the whole length of the library, came up to me and said ;look, if youre going to keep staring at me...and now Im staring back, we at least ought to know each others name. Im Hillary Rodham, who are you?;她穿过图书馆,走到我面前说:“嗨,如果你要一直盯着我看的话…现在我也在看你,我们至少应该知道彼此的名字。我叫希拉里·罗德姆,你呢?”I was...I was so impressed and surprised that, whether you believe it or not, momentarily I was speechless.我...我被震到了,而且非常惊诧,不管你信不信,那一刹我竟无言以对。Finally, I sort of blurted out my name and we exchanged a few words and then she went away.最后,我几乎脱口而出自己的名字,并且简单说了几句,然后她就走了。Well, I didnt join the Law Review, but I did leave that library with a whole new goal in mind.我并没有加入法律杂志,但离开图书馆后,我心底有了一个全新的目标。201612/480375So there, we experience the translation. Now well experience the interpretation.刚刚,我们感受了一个把乐谱翻译到乐器上的过程。 现在我们来感受一下演奏的过程。Now my career may last a little longer!现在我的职业生涯或许可以持续的长一点了。But in a way, you know, its the same if I look at you and I see a nice bright young lady with a pink top on.但是其实是一样的,如果我观察一下您,我会看到一个戴着粉色帽子的靓丽女士。I see that youre clutching a teddy bear, etc., etc.您正在抓着一个泰迪熊,等等等等。So I get a basic idea as to what you might be about, what you might like,所以我会得到一个基本的个人印象,比如您可能是个怎样的人,您的爱好是什么,what you might do as a profession, etc., etc.您的职业,等等等等。However, thats just, you know, the initial idea I may have that we all get when we actually look, and we try to interpret,但是,众所周至,这样的初次印象每个人都会得到当大家在观察的时候。然后我们试图解释,but actually its so unbelievably shallow.但是,事实上,这是很表面的。In the same way, I look at the music; I get a basic idea;同样地,当我看一段音乐的时候,我得到一个基本的概念;I wonder what technically might be hard, or, you know, what I want to do.我在想,什么将会是技术上的难关,我到底要怎么处理。Just the basic feeling.一些最初的感受。201604/439878

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  So you should be incredibly proud 所以你们应该异常自豪And I hope that you never lose sight of what brought you to this day 而且我希望永远不要忘记 是什么成就了这一天的你those values that you came here with 也就是你们来到这里时所拥有的价值观and those skills and talents you developed while you were here 还有你们在这里培养出的技巧和才能Because when you pair those two things together, you will 因为这两点加在一起be prepared for whatever comes next, whatever comes next 将会让你有能力应对接下来的任何挑战And that brings me to an important question 这就引出了一个很重要的问题What does come next? 接下来会有什么挑战As I thought about the journey you all are about to embark upon 在我思考你们即将开启的旅程时it reminded me of a conversation I had with my daughter Malia shes my oldest 我想到了我同我大女儿玛丽亚的谈话and this conversation we had when she was 10 years old 这是发生在她十岁时的谈话We were talking about college and our future我们在讨论大学 以及我们的未来And I told her 我告诉她I always tell my kids 我总跟我的孩子们说I said, once you graduate from college, you cannot come back home 大学毕业后 你就不能回家了Cannot不能Now, of course, I was joking 当然 我是开玩笑but I still dont want her to know that 但我现在仍然不希望她知道这是玩笑But her response she took it in was one I will never forget 她当时真信了这句话 而她的回话我总记得She said, well, mom, where do you go after college? 她说 妈妈 你大学毕业后去了哪She said, I mean literally, the day after you graduate? 她说 我是说正好毕业后的那一天She said, because youre not in school, and you cant come home 你既要离开学校 又不能回家So where do you go? 那去了哪里呢Now I hope that all of you have an answer for that question today我希望你们每个人 今天都对这个问题有了And hopefully nobodys sleeping out in the ravine 但愿没有人会睡在深谷中But I think there was also something profound about her question 不过我觉得 她的问题中蕴含了某种更深刻的意义Where are you gonna go? 你要去哪里201603/432170。

  Mr. President, Mr. Secretary-General, Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen, Thank you very much for all your kind words. I am deeply honoured by the trust and confidence Member States have placed in me, and determined to be guided by the purposes and principles of the Charter. But first of all, Id like to pay tribute to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. Secretary-General, your principled leadership has helped to chart the future of the ed Nations – through the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development; through your commitment to peace and security; through your initiative to put human rights at the heart of our work. Under your direction, the world committed to the historic Paris Agreement on climate change – and ratified it in record time. I strongly believe this momentum is unstoppable. Dear Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, it is an honour to follow in your steps, defending the same values that unite us. Thank you very much. Mr. President, Twenty-one years ago, when I took the oath of office to become Prime Minister of Portugal, the world was riding a wave of optimism. The Cold War had ended, and some described that as the end of history. They believed we would live in a peaceful, stable world with economic growth and prosperity for all. But, the end of the Cold War wasnt the end of history. On the contrary, history had simply been frozen in some places. And when the old order melted away, history came back with a vengeance. Even hidden contradictions and tensions resurfaced. New wars multiplied and old ones reignited. And lack of clarity in power relations led progressively to greater unpredictability and impunity. Conflicts have become more complex – and interlinked – than ever before. They produce horrific violations of international humanitarian law and human rights abuses. And people have been forced to flee their homes on a scale unseen in decades. And a new threat has emerged – global terrorism. Megatrends – including climate change, population growth, rapid urbanization, food insecurity and water scarcity – have increased competition for resources and heightened tensions and instability. Mr. President, At the same time, the last 20 years have seen extraordinary technological progress. The global economy has grown; basic social indicators have improved. The proportion of people living in absolute poverty has fallen dramatically. But globalization and technological progress have also contributed to growing inequalities. A lot of people have been left behind, even including in developed countries where millions of old jobs have disappeared and new ones are out of reach for many. In many parts, youth unemployment has exploded. And globalization has also broadened the reach of organized crime and trafficking. All this has deepened the divide between people and political establishments. In some countries, we have seen growing instability, social unrest – even violence and conflict. And a little bit everywhere, voters now tend to reject the status quo, and whatever Government proposal is put to a referendum. Many have lost confidence not only in their Governments, but in global institutions – including the ed Nations. Mr. President, Fear is driving the decisions of many people around the world. And we must understand their anxieties and meet their needs, without losing sight of our universal values. It is time to reconstruct relations between people and leaders – national and international; time for leaders to listen and show that they care about their own people and about the global stability and solidarity on which we all depend. And it is time for the ed Nations to do the same: to recognize its shortcomings and to reform the way it works. The Organization is the cornerstone of multilateralism, and has contributed to decades of relative peace. But, the challenges are now surpassing our ability to respond. UN must be y to change. Our most serious shortcoming – and here I refer to the entire international community – is our inability to prevent crises. The ed Nations was born from war. Today, we must be here for peace. La prévention exige que nous nous attaquions aux causes profondes à travers les trois piliers des Nations Unies: la paix et la sécurité, le développement durable et les droits humains. Cela doit être la priorité dans tout ce que nous faisons. La prévention exige que nous soutenions plus les pays dans leurs efforts pour renforcer leurs institutions et rendre leurs sociétés plus résilientes. Il sagit aussi de rétablir les droits humains comme une valeur fondamentale qui doit être défendue en tant que telle, et non à des fins politiques autres. Tous, y compris les minorités de tout genre, doivent pouvoir jouir de lensemble des droits humains – civils, politiques, économiques, sociaux et culturels – sans aucune discrimination. Protéger et autonomiser les femmes et les filles est primordial. Légalité des genres est essentielle au développement, et le r#244;le clé quelle joue dans la consolidation et le maintien de la paix devient de plus en plus indéniable.201701/486583

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