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Riots in Britain英国骚乱Anarchy in the UK英国的乱局A bout of violent mindlessness that has shaken Britain’s sense of self—and may be exportable极端的无知动摇了英国的自我意识,并可能祸水外流Aug 13th 2011 | from the print editionSHAME was the first response of many people in Britain to the riots that started in the Tottenham neighbourhood of London on August 6th, skipped across the capital in the following days and nights and sp to Manchester, Birmingham and many other cities. Alongside the shame, there was a jolting bafflement. The law-abiding majority suddenly saw that some of their compatriots were happy to torch cars and buildings, loot shops, and attack firemen and ambulance crews. The confidence trick at the heart of the social order was violently laid bare: it turns out that if sufficient numbers of criminals want to create havoc on the streets, they can. In the absence of internal, moral restraints, external ones can only do so much.许多英国人对该国骚乱的第一反应是羞耻。这场骚乱8月6日始发于伦敦托特纳姆地区,在随后几天里掠过首都蔓延到曼彻斯特、伯明翰和其他一些城市。人们在羞耻之余,还深感困惑。那些守法的大多数突然看到,一些国人竟乐于焚烧汽车和房屋、劫掠商店以及袭击消防员和救护人员。社会秩序深层的骗局昭然若揭:原来,如果意图在街头制造大破坏的罪犯足够多,那么他们就能达到目的。当缺乏内在道德制约的情况下,外在制约的作用仅此而已。The world watched London in fascinated amazement. Other nations tend to regard Britain as enviably orderly and law-abiding, at least compared with many of its more excitable continental neighbours. That peaceable image is only partly justified: contagious rioting has broken out before, typically during the summer, including in the 1980s, when Tottenham and some of the other flashpoint areas this week last erupted. This time, however, the complexion of the trouble is different from those earlier flare-ups. In its sheer mindlessness, it was, in a way, even more depressing.全世界都惊异地看着伦敦。其他国家往往对英国的遵纪守法颇为羡慕,认为英国至少强于它的一些更易冲动的大陆邻邦。而它的这种平和形象只是部分才有正解:四处蔓延的骚乱先前已然爆发过,它们通常发生在夏季,其中就包括1980年代的那场骚乱,那是本周托特纳姆和其他一些“火药桶”地区最近一次骚乱。然而这次困局与早期的那些冲突不同,从其十足的无知一面来看,它在某种程度上更让人忧虑。201108/148945。

PM Brown Threatens To Sue Iceland A diplomatic row between the UK and Iceland has erupted with PM Brown demanding the return of billions of pounds of British investments. He has threatened to seize assets and take legal action against the Icelandic government. Sky's Glen Oglaza reports. It's 30 years since the so-called Cod Wars. The relations between London and Reykjavik are almost as frosty now as they were then, with the prime minister using the most undiplomatic of language and threatening to sue the government of Iceland. We believe that, and I think everybody at least home will agree that the Icelandic authorities are responsible for this. We'll do what we can, working with local authorities to help. And I think we, as the government, are doing the responsible thing. We are holding the Icelandic authorities responsible with demanding that the money be paid back to the local authorities. (Through Legal action?) And we are prepared to consider all forms of action including as we did, attempting to, and freezing assets. The problem is that it's not only Iceland's banks that have crashed. Yesterday, the British government used anti-terror laws to freeze the assets of those banks. But now, the Icelandic government is in fact defaulting. "Totally unacceptable!", says Gordon Brown, threatening legal action something Iceland's prime minister is keen to avoid. Legal action is something that is always available. That's one way of civilizing, excuse me, it's one way of setting disputes in a civilized manner, go to courts, but I don't know we're...we're hoping and planning to try to resolve this issue in good cooperation with the UK authorities. More than a hundred local authorities placed large sums of money on deposit with Icelandic banks. The total amount is hundreds of millions and could be as much as a billion pounds. That money is needed to revive the goods and services run by local councils. The local authority leaders say they can't guarantee those goods and services unless they get their money back. Until we've actually looked to the implications, for each local authority, the sum is very large and it will be a small amount in the total context of the budget; others, it will be a much greater impact. We still haven't assessed that fully... And then there are the police authorities, who also invested in Icelandic banks and now stands to lose the best part of 100 million pounds.The government's now embroiled in a huge row with the governments of Iceland. But while ministers say they're doing what they can to help local councils retrieve those missing millions, they are also asking question what on earth you have been doing with tax payers' money. The councils reply "we invested it in banks that we thought were safe." But safe? They were not. And Gordon Brown is making it crystal clear that he expects the government of Iceland to underwrite the debts of its banks and to pay up. Glen Oglaza, Sky News.参考中文翻译:所谓的冷战到现在已经30年之久的。但是现在伦敦和雷克雅未克之间的关系仍然像以前一样僵,英国首相布朗使用非外交辞令,威胁会起诉冰岛政府。我相信,我认为每个人,至少是国内的每一个人都同意,冰岛官方需要为此负责。我们会尽我们所能与当地官方团结一致以提供帮助。我认为,作为政府,我们所作的事情是负责任的。我们认为冰岛政府有责任将资金归还当地政府。(会不会通过法律途径?)我们准备考虑所有的方式,包括我们已经采取的措施,冻结资产。问题是,并不是只有冰岛的崩溃。昨天,英国政府利用反恐怖法冻结了那些的资产。但是现在,冰岛政府不付欠款。“这是完全不能接受的!”布朗首相说,威胁说会采取冰岛首相极力避免的法律手段。法律手段总是可以采取的。这是一种文明的,处理争端的文明的方式,上法庭。但是我不知道我们……我们希望通过和英国政府的友好合作来解决这个问题。100多家当地在冰岛存储了大量现金,总数高达数亿甚至十亿元。当地委员会需要这些钱来恢复货物和务供给。当地政府官员说,除非这些钱能够被归还,否则他们不能保那些货物和务。我们仔细考虑一下,对于每一个当地的政府,这些钱是非常大的数目,对于整个国家预算来说非常少;而对于其他人来说,将会造成很大的影响。我们没有全面的评估……还有警察机关,他们也对冰岛进行了投资,现在随时可能损失1亿英镑。政府现在卷入和冰岛政府的争端。但是当统治者们尽一切可能来帮助当地委员会取回即将丢失的数百万时,他们也在问一个问题:你们到底拿着纳税人的钱做什么了?委员会的是“我们投资于,以为是是安全的。”但是安全吗?未必。布朗已经让这一点非常明显了。他希望冰岛政府承认欠款并且尽快归还。200812/57782。

通过比较山顶与山脚的叶子化石,得出了一个惊人的结论。那就是在60万年前,落基山脉的高度应该是今天的两倍。为什么是这样的?那么大的山怎么会消失一半呢?Daisy很好奇,我要听下文啦! After the Rockies emerged from the sea, it took them 10 million years to rise. Sixty million years ago, they reached spectacular heights of 28,000 feet, rivaling the Himalayas today. The deep history of the Rocky Mountains is beginning to take shape. A weak line in the crust explains why the Rockies rose 500 to 1000 miles inland. Fossil leaves show that the young Rocky Mountains were once nearly twice their size. Half of the rock that formed them originally has vanished. Scientists are now trying to unravel the processes that cut them down to the size they are today. One hundred million years ago, a vast inland sea covered the area where the American Rockies stand tall today. Seventy million years ago, the sea retreated as the Rockies began to rise. Sixty million years ago, the Rocky Mountains reached their pinnacle, towering into the sky with peaks over 28,000 feet high, rivaling the Himalayas. Since then, the entire mountain range has lost nearly half its height. Geologists investigating the history of the Rockies are trying to discover what happened to the billions of tons of rock that went missing. The investigation starts with a mystery at the Owl Creek Mountains in the Wyoming Rockies. The Mountains are sliced by a river that has formed a deep canyon. "Well, the Wind River is very perplexing. It chose to take a straight path right through the core of a major mountain range. This is not the way that rivers normally act. Usually it will take the easiest route which is a downhill. But this river cut right through a major mountain range and has been a mystery. It is a very perplexing issue to early geologists in the region." This river led to confusion as early as 1806 when Marry Whether Louis and William Clark mapped the area during their famous expedition to explore uncharted territory.小编有约:哦,本期的听力中有一个非常著名的“刘易斯与克拉克远征”,Daisy简单介绍介绍,刘易斯与克拉克远征(Lewis and Clark expedition,1804年–1806年)是美国国内首次横越大陆西抵太平洋沿岸的往返考察活动。领队为美国陆军的梅里韦瑟·刘易斯上尉(Meriwether Lewis)和威廉·克拉克少尉(William Clark),该活动是由杰斐逊总统所发起。大家应该猜到,由总统发起的,一定是想夺得这里的土地啦!呵呵~~具体详情就自己查啰。课后题目:Daisy想让大家自己了解了解美国的地理,你能告诉我,文中出现的“ Owl Creek Mountains”在美国哪里吗?它有什么特征呢?201111/159555。

Some 40,000 people have been killed in Mexico over the past five years as the Latin American country's police and military battle powerful drug cartels that are also fighting with each other over smuggling routes. In spite of the dire headlines, hundreds of thousands of US citizens vacation in Mexico every year and many of them, especially those who are retired, have opted to buy property and live there. The warm weather and the lower cost of living are big draws.  在过去5年,墨西哥军警与强大的贩毒集团之间的战斗,以及贩毒集团之间为争夺贩毒路线而进行的内斗造成大约4万人丧生。然而,仍然有几十万美国公民不顾这些可怕的新闻,每年都要去墨西哥度假。其中许多人,特别是那些退休的人,甚至选择在墨西哥购买房子并且住在那里。墨西哥温暖的气候和较低的生活费用是吸引他们在那里买房的最大动力。News from Mexico these days tends to be bad.   近来从墨西哥传来的往往都是坏消息。Shootouts and grisly murders dominate media reports. 媒体报导充斥了战和恶性谋杀之类的新闻。But some Americans are moving to Mexico looking for peace and relaxation. 可是,一些美国人却前往墨西哥寻找平静与休闲。Michael Baldwin and Stephanie Villareal spoke to VOA via Skype from their home near the tip of Mexico's Baja peninsula. “We have been here almost a year now. We came from Houston, Texas. We came down temporarily last summer and made the decision to make it permanent and we actually drove from Houston to Cabo San Lucas,” Baldwin said. 迈克尔.鲍尔温和斯蒂芬尼.比利亚雷尔从位于墨西哥巴扎半岛顶端他们的家里,通过Skype软件对美国之音说,“我们在这里住了将近1年。我们是从德克萨斯州的休斯敦来这里的。去年夏天,我们本来是临时性地来这里玩儿,结果决定要在这里长住下去。实际上,我们是从休斯敦开车到卡波圣卢卡斯来的。”Baldwin says they love the natural beauty and mild climate and that their improved lifestyle has also saved them money. “Houston versus Cabo, our expenses have been reduced by about 30 percent,” Baldwin said. 鲍尔温说,他们很爱那里的自然美景和温和的气候。另外,生活方式的改善也给他们省了钱。他说,“卡波圣卢卡斯与休斯敦相比,我们的生活费用减少了大约30%。”201106/139467。

维多利亚瀑布是赞比亚和津巴布韦两国的共同财宝,它是自然的奇观,是非洲骄傲。在遥远的赞比西河上,维多利亚瀑布迎进了我们的大游和奇灵。维多利亚瀑布是世界上最大的瀑布,1855年,传教士和探险家戴维·利文斯敦是第一个看维多利亚瀑布的欧洲人,这位伟大的探险家当时正沿着2700千米长的赞比西河进行考察,了解赞比西河的通航潜力,希望把它开拓成非洲内陆的交通要道。他是乘坐独木舟顺流而下,最后抵达该瀑布。 维多利亚瀑布的形成,是由于一条深邃的岩石断裂谷正好横切赞比西河。断裂谷由1.5亿年以前的地壳运动所引起。08/81727。

Unrest continues in France as the government debates a reform to France's retirement system that has sparked more than a week of action targeting transport. Demonstrators blocked access to Marseille airport and continue to block fuel depots halting gas supplies.在法国政府就退休制度改革展开辩论的同时,法国各地罢工浪潮导致的骚乱仍在继续。一个多星期来,反对退休制度改革的罢工工人把目标对准交通系统。示威者封锁了通往马赛机场的道路,并继续封锁油库,导致汽油供应中断。Government plan France's Labor minister, Eric Woerth spelled out the financial benefits of the government's retirement reform program to the Senate. He outlined the billions of Euros that will be saved, saying that is essential in today's economy to address France's deficit.法国劳工部长沃尔斯向参议院阐明了政府退休改革方案在财政方面的好处。他表示,这项改革将节省数十亿欧元,这对解决法国经济目前面临的财政赤字问题至关重要。The proposal to raise the retirement age by two years, to 62, has sparked mass protests, including a day of demonstrations last Tuesday that brought at least a million people onto the streets, the unions that called the strikes claim 3.5 million demonstrated. Another day of mass action could come next week. 法国政府的提案将法定退休年龄提升两年至62岁。这一计划引发大规模抗议活动,包括这个星期二长达一天的示威游行。这次全国范围的抗议至少有一百万民众走上街头。号召罢工的工会则称,有350万人参加了这次示威。下个星期可能还会发生大规模的抗议活动。Helene Puyrigaud has been protesting with others, outside the French Senate, which is debating the law. She says every day the demonstrations will continue until they have won.海伦·普瑞戈同其他人一起在法国参议院外参加抗议活动。参议院正在就退休改革的立法进行辩论。普瑞戈说,他们会将示威活动进行到底,直到胜利的那天。French President Nicolas Sarkozy has appealed for calm as some protests have turned violent. 法国总统萨科齐呼吁民众保持冷静,因为一些抗议者将示威活动演变为暴力骚乱。Fuel shortage Nearly a quarter of French gas stations are without fuel because of the blockade of refineries and fuel depots, and there has been some panic buying. Pressure is increasing to get the gas supplies back to normal before Friday, which marks the start of school breaks when many French travel. 由于炼油厂和油库被封锁,法国已经有将近四分之一的加油站发生供油短缺,导致一些民众进行恐慌性抢购。在周五前恢复汽油正常供应的压力正不断增加,因为从那天起,法国学校将开始休假,许多法国民众将赴各地度假旅游。Analysts say the protests are about more than just retirement reform, and reflect the public's discontent with the president. Polls show Mr. Sarkozy's popularity at an all-time low a year and a half before elections.分析人士认为,这些抗议活动不仅仅是针对退休制度改革的,也反映了民众对总统萨科齐的不满。民调显示,萨科齐的持率已经下滑到他上任以来的最低水平,而目前距离下次大选只有一年半的时间了。Pop singer Lady Gaga cancelled her weekend concerts in Paris, over concerns that trucks carrying stage equipment and other necessities may not be able to reach the concert venue.201010/116262。

Most people searching for buried treasure would be looking for silver and gold, ancient coins or rare artwork. But scientists studying the extinct giant moa (已灭绝的一种新西兰无翼大鸟) bird and its environment are looking for a different kind of artifact. Poop(排泄物,粪便). That's right. A treasure trove of information can be found in fossilized feces, commonly called coprolites. The Giant Moa of New Zealand is a great species to study because they stood about nine feet high, weighed close to five-hundred pounds and some of their feces were over six inches in length. Now, that's a big piece of treasure. There were once ten species of moa birds in New Zealand, but they were hunted to extinction when Polynesians moved to the island in the 1500s. They were flightless birds, similar to ostriches and emus. Scientists assumed they were herbivores, eating a diet of plants and seeds. But it wasn't until they began studying moa coprolites that they discovered what the birds actually ate and how they affected their environment. Scientists expected a bird as large as the moa would eat shrub and tree parts. Moa droppings told a different story. Moas grazed mostly on tiny herbs no more than a foot high. Not only that, many of those herbs are rare or threatened today. Scientists think this is because while the moa ate the plants, it also swallowed seeds whole. Those seeds passed through the digestive tract and were scattered across the countryside to find new places to grow. Moa poop has revealed important clues about the moa and its environment. Now, scientists hope to use what they've learned from the moa to make predictions about our own changing world. 07/78760。

Y: What would you say your attitude towards celebrities, Don? D: Do you mean whether I like them? Y: I mean are you obsessed? Do you spend hours on the Internet trying to find out what their favorite nail polish color is and whether they believe in hypnosis? D: I'm fond of The BeeGees, but I don't think they wear nail polish and I could care less what they think about hypnosis. Y: Okay, do you believe in a just world, that life is fair? D: I can't pick up a newspaper without ing evidence that life is not only unfair, but often cruel. Y: Good. What I mean is that psychologists have found that people who believe in a just world are more likely to worship celebrities, whereas people more critical of society are less likely to obsess over a celebrity. People who strongly believe in a just world believe that life is fair, that good things happen to good people and bad things to bad people. People who believe in a just world are expressing acceptance of society and its institutions. Since the celebrity system is one of these institutions researchers suggest that it makes sense that those believing in a just world would be satisfied with how celebrities are made and thus more likely to admire and even obsess over them. Vice versa, people who do not believe in a fair world might resist worshipping celebrities, and in fact question or criticize the system that produces them and decides who gets to be a celebrity. D: Don't get me started. 【生词注释】celebrity n. 名声; 名人obsessed adj. 心神不宁的nail polish 指甲油hypnosis n. 催眠a just world 世界是公平的evidence n. 据psychologist n. 心理学者worship v. 崇拜, 尊敬institution n. 制度vice versa a. 反过来的(也是一样的)201110/157836。

Envoys Continue Negotiations at UN on Cessation of Gaza Fighting美英法阿盟外长继续谋求加沙停火 Foreign ministers from the ed States, Britain, France and the Arab League met separately and together behind closed doors at the ed Nations Wednesday, seeking an end to nearly two weeks of deadly fighting in the Gaza Strip. After hours of talks, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice told reporters that there "is still work to do" to reach a consensus. 美国、英国、法国和阿拉伯联盟各国的外交部长星期三在联合国分别或一道举行闭门会议,谋求结束在加沙地带持续了将近两个星期的流血冲突。美国国务卿赖斯对记者说,要达成共识,还有工作要做。The U.S., British and French foreign ministers said they would stay in New York for a third day to lead Western efforts at finding a cessation of hostilities between Israel and Hamas militants.  美国、英国和法国的外长们说,他们将在纽约逗留第3天,领导西方国家的努力,寻找在以色列和哈马斯激进分子之间停止敌对行动的途径。Following an evening meeting with Arab foreign ministers, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice spoke briefly to reporters. "We believe there is still work to do. [French Foreign] Minister [Bernard] Kouchner, [British] Foreign Secretary [David] Miliband and I are extending our stays and we still believe there is work to do," she said. 美国国务卿赖斯在晚间会晤阿拉伯国家外长之后,对记者发表简短讲话说:“我们认为,还有工作要做。法国外长库什内、英国外交大臣米利班德和我将延长在纽约的停留,我们仍然认为,这里有工作要做。”Arab ministers leaving the meeting echoed her response. 阿拉伯国家的外长在离开会晤地点时也作出同样表示。The Security Council remains split over two possible responses to halt Israel's military incursion into the Gaza Strip to silence Hamas rocket attacks on southern Israel.  联合国安理会在停止以色列对加沙地带的军事进攻的两种可能选择的反应方面有分歧。以色列的进攻是为了终止哈马斯对以色列南部的火箭攻击。One option is a legally-binding U.N. resolution demanding an "immediate and permanent cease-fire" and the lifting of Israel's blockade on Gaza put forth by council-member Libya on behalf of the Arabs. The other option is a weaker, non-binding statement, drafted by France, the ed States and Britain, that emphasizes that a "durable cease-fire will require arrangements and guarantees", including preventing the smuggling of weapons to the militants and the reopening of border crossings.  一种选择是,落实具有法律效力的联合国决议,这项决议要求立即和永久停火,要求以色列停止对加沙的封锁。这项决议的发起国是安理会理事国利比亚,它是代表阿拉伯国家发起这一决议的。另一个选择是一项经过软化的、不具有法律效力的声明。这个声明是法国、美国和英国起草的。该声明强调“持久的停火将要求作出一些安排和保”。包括防止向激进分子走私武器,重新开放过境点。French Ambassador Jean-Maurice Ripert, whose country holds the council's rotating presidency this month, said all 15 members want to work toward a unanimous position but they are not there yet. "There is no unanimity today on either of those texts and because we want to go forward in a common approach we have decided to continue our talks and negotiations." 法国是本月安理会的轮值主席。法国大使里佩尔说,安理会15个成员国都希望达成一致立场,但是他们还没有做到这一点。他说:“今天,在两种决议的文字上都还没有达成一致立场。因为我们希望以共同的立场向前迈进。我们决定继续对话和谈判。”Diplomats close to the discussions say there is some convergence on the substance, but not yet on the form it will take. 据接近相关讨论的外交官说,各国在决议的实质内容上有一些共同点。但是在决议的形式上还有分歧。Meanwhile, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has put forth his own initiative, offering to mediate between the Israeli and Palestinian sides in Cairo as soon as possible. 同时,埃及总统穆巴拉克提出了他自己的建议,他提出尽快在开罗举行多方会谈,由埃及在以色列和巴勒斯坦人之间进行斡旋。But Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit told reporters that Israel has so far only agreed to send a high-level technical team to Cairo. "They [the Israelis] have been indicating willingness or that it is a positive step. But there is not yet a clear cut recognition and acceptance," he said. 但是埃及外长盖特对记者说,到目前为止以色列只同意派遣一个高层技术小组去开罗。他说:“以色列暗示,它愿意来谈判,或者说,这是一种可能性。但是它还没有明确承认和接受这一点。”The ed States, Britain, France and the Arab ministers will resume their negotiations Thursday morning. 美国、英国、法国和阿拉伯各国的部长们将在星期四上午再次会谈。01/60728。

US Navy Captures More Pirates, May Take Them to Kenya美海军索马里海域抓获海盗嫌疑人  The U.S. Navy has captured nine more suspected pirates off the coast of Somalia, after they allegedly tried to board an Indian commercial ship. The same American ship took seven other men into custody Wednesday.美国海军在索马里海域抓获了九名海盗嫌疑人,此前这些海盗嫌疑人被控企图登上一艘印度商船。美国海军同一艘舰艇星期三还扣押了另外七人。Thursday's incident started when the USS Vella Gulf received a distress call from the Indian merchant ship, Premdivya. The ship said it had been fired on by men in a small boat, who were trying to board it. The crew of the Indian ship detached the ladders the attackers were using, stopping them temporarily. Meanwhile, the American warship dispatched a helicopter.星期四一艘遇险的印度商船来电向美国军舰“维拉湾”求援。这艘船说,一艘小船上的人向他们开火,并企图登上他们的商船。印度船员们切断了袭击者攀登的舷梯,暂时制止了他们的行动。与此同时,美国战舰派出了一架直升飞机。Pentagon Spokesman Bryan Whitman says the attackers fled, and ignored warnings to stop broadcast from the helicopter, so the crew fired two warning shots near the small boat. When it finally stopped, the Vella Gulf and another U.S. ship moved in and sent a boarding party to the pirates' boat, where they found weapons including a rocket-propelled grenade launcher.五角大楼发言人怀特曼说,袭击者没有听从直升飞机要他们停止行动的广播警告,并开始逃离,因此机组人员向小船放了两,予以警告。小船最终停了下来,维拉湾号舰艇和其他美国军舰来到了现场,派人登上海盗船,在船上发现了武器,包括火箭推进手榴弹发射器。Whitman says the men were taken into custody and will be transferred to another ship, the USS Lewis and Clark, for detention while the incident is investigated.怀特曼说,这些人被收押并将被送往“路易斯和克拉克号”军舰,在对该事件进行调查时调查期间对他们进行拘留。"They are going to be remaining on Lewis and Clark until we have had an opportunity to collect the necessary evidence, evaluate it and make a decision regarding further transfer," he said.他说:“这些人将被拘留在路易斯和克拉克军舰上,直到我们有机会收集到了必要据、加以评估并就他们的进一步移交作出决定。”The ed States recently signed an agreement with Kenya for the prosecution of alleged pirates. That led U.S. Navy ships in the area to take a more aggressive approach, capturing and holding suspected pirates, rather than simply releasing them. Whitman says the 16 men now in U.S. custody will likely be the first to try the new system.美国最近和肯尼亚就海盗嫌疑人的起诉问题签署了协议,这导致美国海军舰艇在这个区域可以采取更为大胆的行动,捉拿并扣押海盗嫌疑人,而不是简单地释放他们。怀特曼说,这16名美国扣押的嫌疑人将可能是第一批对其试用新体制的人。"Once we have been able to satisfy our information needs, collect the necessary evidence that we have, we will be looking to turn these individuals over to appropriate legal authorities for them to address their activity," he said. 他说:“一旦我们的信息需求得到满足,收集到我们掌握的必要据,我们就会着手将这些人送给恰当的司法当局,让他们对自己的行动作出说明。”Whitman says this is also an opportunity to work out final details with Kenyan authorities for the transfer and detention of suspected pirates.怀特曼说,这也是一次机会让我们和肯尼亚当局就转交和拘留这些海盗嫌疑人作出最终的详细安排。Pirates are currently holding several ships in the Gulf of Aden area, following a sharp increase in such hijackings last year. 海盗目前在亚丁湾还劫持着几艘船只,这种船只劫持事件去年明显上升。Last week, after receiving a ransom, pirates released a Ukrainian-flagged ship loaded with tanks and other military equipment after holding it for 19 weeks. The ship, with its freed crewmembers, has arrived in the Kenyan port of Mombassa.上个星期,海盗得到了一笔赎金以后释放了一艘被扣押了19个星期的满载坦克和军用装备的乌克兰船只。这艘船上的船员得到自由,已经将船停靠在肯尼亚港口蒙巴萨。In keeping with a U.N. Security Council resolution, the U.S. Navy has recently increased its patrols in the region, in an effort to deter the pirates, who come out of chaotic and poverty-stricken Somalia. Warships from several other nations are also patrolling in the area.根据联合国安理会作出的决议案,美国海军最近已经增加了在该地区的巡逻,以便对海盗形成威慑力量,这些海匪都来自兵荒马乱又贫困交加的索马里。来自其他国家的一些战舰也在这个海域巡逻。02/62292。