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金曲奖林俊杰获歌王苏打绿包揽5奖 -- 1:50: 来源:chinadaily 6月5日,第7届金曲奖颁奖典礼在台北举行新加坡歌手林俊杰获得最佳华语男歌手奖,台湾歌手彭佳慧获得最佳华语女歌手奖 The 7th Golden Melody Awards has concluded with the awarding ceremony held in Taipei, Taiwan, on June 5th, . Singaporean singer JJ Lin won the Best Male Mandarin Singer and Julia Peng was awarded the Best Female Mandarin Singer. 苏打绿获得5个奖项,包括最佳专辑奖、最佳编曲人奖、最佳乐团奖、最佳专辑制作人奖,以及主唱吴青峰获得最佳作词人奖 Sodagreen picked five awards, including Best Mandarin Album, Best Musical Arranger, Best Band, Best Album Producer with Wu Tsing-Fong, the lead singer, winning Best Lyricist. 著名歌手莫文蔚、张惠、萧敬腾、蔡依林也出席了颁奖典礼 Famous stars such as Karen Mok, A-mei, Jam Hsiao, Jolin Tsai also attended the awarding ceremony.亲情真的可以靠“探亲法”强制获得吗? -- :38:5 来源: 楼梯很陡,很陡从过道走下来,也要颤颤巍巍、小心翼翼还要护好自己的头,不撞上墙 Two floors up, you emerge into a small room with a big hospital bed, and in it is Yao Jainguo’s mother in law. She’s in her early 80s. She’s been confined to this space more than years after a nasty fall.二楼,一个窄间,姚江国(音)的岳母躺在一张大大的病号床上她今年80多岁了在一个烦人的秋后,她搬进了这里,自那以后已过了多年Mr Yao and his wife care her 7. One does the night shift, the other the day. They have help from a volunteer group who visit, and there is some government assistance too.老姚和他的妻子日夜不停、轮流照顾这位老人,一个白天来,一个晚上来经常还会有一个志愿者团队来拜访这位老人,老姚他们也得了不少帮助,当地政府也协助他们一起来赡养老人But it is them - and the porter they hire - that carry her down the steep stairs a few times a year a trip somewhere nice in Shanghai.但是还是要靠老姚他们(或者他们雇的人)来把老太太搬下楼来,一年里有那么几次到上海风光还不错的地方转转逛逛The Shanghai government fears that level of commitment is fading.上海政府担心儿女们逐渐地不再赡养老人It fears the demise of the proud Chinese tradition of filial piety. It fears that a richer generation of children, whose lives are dominated more by their work, will be less inclined to look after their ageing parents.他们担心令中国人引以为傲的传统孝道会逐渐消亡他们担心更加富裕了的子孙一代将更加不愿意照顾他们年迈的父母,因为他们的生活都被工作所主导了Shanghai is a vast metropolis. Among its million people is the highest proportion of pensioners of any city in China.上海是一个超级大城市,拥有00万人口但与此同时,和全国其他城市相比,上海市领取退休金的老人的比例也最高Officials here think part of the answer is to ce people to care.一些上海政府官员认为,也许可以用强制子女探望父母的办法,来解决目前这一难题It’s introduced a punishment that strikes at the heart of every Chinese consumer - their credit score.上海市政府引入了一项惩罚机制,直击中国消费者的内心--他们的信用评分It’s a tool the state uses to deal with a range of wrongdoing: even traffic offences can lead to a worsening credit score.中国使用这一手段来处置一系列不法行为:甚至交通违法也会导致信用评分下降New rules implemented this month extend a law which gave elderly parents the right to sue their neglectful children in the courts. Shanghai now has the power to punish the worst offenders by downgrading their credit score.年,上海市曾出台一项规定,允许父母起诉疏于探望的子女,而从本月开始实施的这项新规就是在年规定上的扩大通过下调信用评分,上海现在有能力来处罚最恶劣的罪犯"If the behaviour is harming old people, if it goes past the legal threshold, and if the old people sue and complain about it, then the behaviour will be punished under the law," said Ying Zhigao from the city’s Bureau of Civil Affairs.上海市民政局应志高(音)表示说:“如果子女的行为危害到老人,如果子女的行为没有履行法律规定的义务,如果老人抱怨子女的行为或者要求打官司,那么子女就会因自己的行为而依法受到处罚”He said this wasn’t a measure aimed at dealing with the ticking time bomb of social care provision in a country where the population is ageing fast.应志高表示,在目前中国老龄化人口快速增加的情况下,这一举措并不能解决日益尖锐的社会关爱问题"We are building on a very strong Chinese tradition of respecting and caring old people" he said.他说道:“我们的工作有一个强而有力的中国传统做基础,人们尊敬、关爱老年人”But there is the issue of who will pay.但是问题是,谁来为此买单呢?An ageing population is an issue that much of the world is trying to grapple with. But China has a unique contributory factor: the one-child policy.人口老龄化是世界上许多国家都在试图解决的一个问题但是中国的情况也许更严重,因为他们面临一个独一无二的因素:独生子女政策The decades old restriction, which has just been removed, means there are fewer children to do the caring.这一维持了几十年的旧制度(不久前才废除)使得能够赡养老人的子女更少了Ju Higun was quick to show us the black and white photograph of his son inside the folder where he keeps all his government documents.车海刚(音)向我们展示了他儿子的黑白照片,他把这些照片都保存得很好,和他的政府文件放在一起The couple see their son once or twice a month. The expansion of Shanghai’s metro network has made it easier he says.老车两口子每个月能见到他们的儿子一两次他说,上海地铁线路扩张使得他们团聚更方便了His son also sends money. Mr Ju whips out an envelope and fans out the handful of red 0 yuan ($; pound ) notes inside. It goes under the pillow in an instant.老车的儿子也会给他们寄钱来老车掏出一个信封,从里面倒出一把红灿灿的百元大钞(约合美元,英镑)随后,他又马上把钱藏在了枕头下面Does he miss his boy? Yes he does.他想儿子吗?是的,他想He said he wishes they lived together, as three generations of some Chinese families still do, so they could care each other, like families in this country used to.老车说他希望他们可以住在一起,像其他那些三代同堂的中国家庭一样那么他们就可以互相关心、照顾,就像中国的家庭以前那样

愤怒:网曝男子恶意毁坏长城 -- 18::57 来源: 网曝河北一男子手掰脚踹、恶意毁坏长城,目前警方正在调查 Police in China are searching a man filmed tearing down bricks of what’s thought to be the Great Wall of China.中国警方正在追查一名男子,这名男子在一份视频中被拍摄到手掰脚踢长城砖块The man was filmed on a section of a stone structure pulling and kicking bricks while making kung fu poses, reports the People’s Daily Online.据《人民日报报道,视频中这名男子站在一段石质建筑之上,手掰脚踢从上面掰下了砖块,还摆着功夫姿势The footage was posted online on July 19 and has caused outcry on China’s social media sites.这份视频于7月19日被上传到网上,在中国社交媒体网站上引起了愤怒In the footage, the man can be seen pulling at one of the bricks and tearing it off the wall.在视频中,可以看到这名男子正在掰城墙上一块砖头,最终将它从墙体上掰了下来He then tries to perm some kung fu moves, kicking at the wall causing a giant brick to shatter to the ground.后来这名男子又想要表演一些功夫动作,用脚踹城墙,导致一大块砖头掉在地上砸得粉碎From the footage, the wall looks like it is an unrestored part of the wall.从视频中可以看出,这段建筑是一段未修复的长城Dong Yaohui, vice president of the China Great Wall Society told Chinamil.com.cn that the section in the looked like it was Dapanying Great Wall located in Hebei province.中国长城协会副主席董耀辉(音)告诉中国军网说,视频中这段城墙看起来像河北省境内的大盘营长城He says that this section of the wall is from the Ming Dynasty (68–) and is a wild section that has not undergone repair and is not monitored.董耀辉表示说这段长城是明(68-)长城的一部分,是一段没有被修复和监管的野长城People have been discussing the story online.人们一直在网上热议这件事On Sina News, one user wrote: ’Destruction of cultural relics must be punished. Scum!’新浪新闻上一名用户写道:“破坏文物必须受到惩罚败类!”While another commented: ’Scum. This person should be arrested.’另一名用户道:“败类这个人应该被抓起来”And one user said: ’In this world, there is no nation like ours that is as good as destructing their culture.’还有一名用户说道:“在这个世界上,没有那个国家像中国一样这么善于破坏自己的文化”Destruction of the Great Wall, a Unesco World Heritage site, could lead to a maximum of years imprisonment, according the Chinese law on protection of cultural relics.据中国文物保护相关法律规定,长城是联合国教科文组织规定的世界遗产,毁坏长城可能导致最长年的监禁In June , it was reported that the Great Wall is disappearing at an alarming rate.年6月,有媒体报道说长城正在以一个惊人的速度消失Natural erosion, human destruction and a lack of protection means that a total of 1, miles of the wall, which dates back more than 00 years, has vanished.自然侵蚀、人类破坏、以及缺少保护意味着这座可以追溯到00多年前的长城已经消失了多英里Only eight percent of the Ming Dynasty (68–) wall, which was first built 700 years ago and is the most visible section of the wall, is well-preserved明(68-)长城于700年前开建,是目前墙体最明显的长城但是即使这样,目前也只有8%的明长城保存完好The Great Wall, which is actually made up of many different structures over many centuries, is estimated to have measured between 5,600 to ,000 miles, depending on which sections are included.长城实际上是一座由许多不同结构组成的建筑,他们建于不同的年代随着纳入长城的建筑范围的不同,长城的总长度在5600到000英里之间The findings of a survey conducted by the Great Wall of China Society suggest that plants growing on the walls have increased damage, as well as the number tourists visiting the attraction.中国长城协会曾进行了一场调查,其结果显示墙体上生长的植物加剧了长城的损毁,而且游客参观也会使得长城进一步损坏The practice of stealing bricks from the wall also poses a great threat to the conservation of the wall.偷取城墙上的砖块也对长城的保护造成了巨大的威胁Bricks from the Great Wall, which have been carved with Chinese characters, are being sold 30 Yuan (3.0 pound) each by local villagers in Hebei province in northern China as souvenirs.长城上的砖块镌刻有汉字,河北当地村民以每块30元人民币(约合3.英镑)的价格当做纪念品卖出People who steal bricks from the wall can be fined up to 5,000 Yuan (567 pound) under Chinese regulations.根据中国的法规规定,偷盗长城砖块的人最高可被罚5000元人民币(约合567英镑)

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  俄罗斯男子养了头狮子帮自己放羊 羊群无一敢跑 --9 :3:51 来源: 家里养头狮子已经令人惊叹了,如果这头狮子还能帮忙放羊呢?是不是很酷?俄罗斯一名男子家里有一只不同寻常的“牧羊犬”,它不是一只,而是一只小狮子 A FARMER has raised eyebrows by using a young lioness as a sheep dog to keep his flock on their hooves.一个农场主养了头狮子放羊,让人大吃一惊Bayrambek Ragimov is using the six-month-old lion to help round up his sheep.达吉斯坦农场主巴伊拉姆别克.拉基莫夫让这头6个月大的狮子帮自己放羊He says he keeps a close eye on the cub, which he has named Masha, to make sure she doesn’t chase the sheep too aggressively.他给狮子取名马莎,称其一直密切关注着这头狮子,确保他不会攻击羊群Mr Ragimov insists that Masha is good his flock as running away from her helps to build up their muscles and strengthen their immune system.拉基莫夫说,马莎对羊群大有好处,因为逃跑可以帮助它们强健肌肉,并增强免疫系统But he admits that he was worried at first that Masha might revert to type and take a lamb her supper.不过他坦言,一开始他也担心马莎会原形毕露,叼走一只羊当晚餐Friends gave Mr Rahgimov the cub as a present and he says he wasn’t sure what to do with her at first.他说朋友将这头小狮子作为礼物送给他,起初他并不知道如何养育He decided to use her as a “sheep dog” after keeping her in the same barn as his flock and seeing how well they seemed to get along together.于是他将小狮子和羊羔们一起养,看到它们在一起相处融洽,他就决定将马莎作为一只“牧羊犬”Bayrambek, from Dagestan, Russia, said: “Masha grew up with the sheep and she is on good terms with them so obviously she’s not going to harm them.”这位俄罗斯达吉斯坦的农场主说,“马莎和羊羔们一起长大,他们关系很好,所以很显然它是不会伤害它们的”He added that Masha had never let a sheep get separated from the flock and that her roar and presence kept wolves and rustlers away.他补充说,羊群在马莎的管理下没有一只乱跑,而它的在场,以及其有力的咆哮,也能够保护羊群不受其狼和其他动物的攻击Pictures of the big cat rounding up the sheep have gone viral on social media and local internet ums.这头大狮子和羊群和平共处的图片已经在社交媒体和当地论坛上走红Online user ‘Navernoeye’ said: “I wonder who she would eat first, the owner or the sheep?”一位叫“Navernoeye”的网友说,“我在想,谁会先成为狮子的腹中之物,主人还是羊羔?”

  NASA震撼预告片:冥王星高清照首曝 -- :0:7 来源: 年7月日,是探索太空历史上具有纪念意义的一刻  历经9年的飞行,跨越50亿公里的距离  新视野号探测器终于飞掠冥王星,人类也第一次清晰地看见了冥王星的样子  冥王星(Pluto)于1930年月18日由克莱德·汤根据美国天文学家洛韦尔的计算发现  汤于19年月日出生于伊利诺斯州,后来随父母迁居堪萨斯州  从小热爱观星,在有生之年一共自制了30多架文望远镜  他利用自己自制的望远镜观望星空,曾将观察到的木星和火星的结果送到亚利桑那州的劳维尔天文台,被劳维尔天文台雇用,一生致力于天文学,共发现几百颗小行星,星团及星系  自世纪30年代他发现冥王星后,被堪萨斯大学和北亚利桑那大学授予天文学学位从1955年起,他在新墨西哥大学任教直到退休  1997年1月日,在美国去世   关于昨日那历史性的一刻,无论是科学界亦普通人,无不为之兴奋  奥巴马总统也在第一时刻发推   相信之后会有更多细节陆续更新,一起跟普大来回顾一下之前NASA发布的新视野号靠近冥王星的预告片  你一定会为之震撼,心潮澎湃  Dear Earthlings,  Thank you not giving up on me.   孤独飞行的九年,只为见你一面  还好,终于等到你。

  坚持1天课堂上不用手机 成为“手机忍者”有多难 -- ::58 来源: 近日,一些手环在微上走红这些特定的手环上写着;手机忍者;Recently, a series of bracelets have gone viral on Weibo. On these specially made bracelets are the words ;Cell Phone Ninja.;近日,一些手环在微上走红这些特定的手环上写着;手机忍者;The bracelets are actually part of an experiment carried out by Chongqing Three Gorges University that challenges students not to use cell phones in class 1 days.这些手环是重庆三峡大学进行的一项实验,让学生挑战1天在课堂上不用手机The experiment started on April . Each student who volunteered to participate received a bracelet. Bee the first class and after the last class of each day, students were instructed to upload a photo of their bracelet to the schoolrsquo;s public Wechat if they did not use their cell phones.这项实验开始于月日每位愿意参与此实验的学生将会收到一个手环每天在第一节课开始前和在最后一节课结束后,如果没有使用手机,学生都就上传一个自己配备手环的图片到学校的公共微信账号Over 800 students signed up the experiment, and 00 were selected to participate. After seven days, only 1 students remained. The experiment was set 1 days because of a claim in psychology that 1 days is the length of time required to m any habit.八百多名学生报名学生中,00名学生被选中参与一周之后,只有1名学生坚持下来这项实验指定时间是1天的周期,因为在心理学上有1天是培养一个习惯的时间长度的说法According to the teachers monitoring the activity, there were no rewards or punishments in the experiment. It depended on students themselves to make the decision. Teachers hope students can m better study habits through activities like this one.据组织这个活动的老师说,这个实验过程不会有任何的奖赏和惩罚完全由学生自己做决定老师希望学生通过这样的活动能够养成良好的学习习惯

  英国大爷马路上驾碰碰车 拉风惊呆路人! --5 ::50 来源:   MOTORISTS may have been given thinking they were in a real-life funfair thanks to one driver taking to the road in a dodgem.  就因为一个司机在大马路中间开着一辆碰碰车,开车的人可能都忘乎所以,以为自己身处现实生活中的游乐园里了  Retired fairground operator Tom Evans, from Glasgow, whizzes around Scotland in his street-legal purple car.  来自格拉斯哥的退休游乐场运营商汤姆·伊万斯——开着他那辆合法街头紫车碰碰车,围着苏格兰兜了一圈  The 69-year-old was pictured in Hawick, in the Borders, showing off the bumper motor.  这位69岁的老人被拍到在霍伊克的边界上,正在炫耀保险杠汽车  It has wing mirrors, indicators, runs on petrol and is fully taxed and while its potential speed is in the region of 75mph Tom usually sticks to a much safer 0mph. Fun-loving Tom’s wife and two sons bought him the car as a Christmas gift two years ago after he spotted it sale on Facebook.  这辆汽车有后视镜、指示灯、靠汽油发动,并且交纳全部税款,尽管它的速度潜力是75英里小时,但是汤姆通常坚持开0英里小时觉得更安全两年前,当他在脸书上看到这辆车出售后,他那爱好玩乐的的妻子和两个儿子给他买了这辆车,作为圣诞礼物送给他   Passers-by usually stop and stare as he cruises past because they can’t believe their eyes.  当他开着这辆车拉风飘过时,路人通常都会停下来盯着他看,大家都不敢相信自己的眼睛  The wacky vehicle would be more at home back in a funfair than it looks on the road but Tom simply loves driving around in it.  这辆古怪的车可能更适宜于在家里或是游乐场,而不是在街上,但是汤姆仅仅就是喜欢开它  The engine came from a Reliant Robin and Tom said it needed a lot of work on the brakes and electrics.  里面的发动机来自a Reliant Robin(英国著名的三轮汽车),汤姆说在刹车和电动方面还需要进行一些改善面对熊孩子,咖啡店老板怒了 -- 18:01:36 来源: 面对发脾气的孩子,很多人都束手无策,一位咖啡亭老板誓言要管教这些小淘气,结果引发争议 It’s the meltdown moment all parents d, when a young child has a tantrum in a public place and refuses to calm down.当自己你年幼的孩子在公共场合大发脾气,而且不愿意平静下来时,所有的家长都会紧张到崩溃Do you ignore them and hope they will run out of steam – to the annoyance of people nearby? Or grab their hand and march them away while muttering apologies to bystanders?你会怎么做呢?是不理睬他们,等他们自己慢慢平静下来——尽管这样会惹怒周围的人?还是抓起他们的手,拉着就走,一边轻声和周围的人道歉?Now a frustrated seaside cafe owner has triggered a heated debate on the subject after posting a warning to customers who fail to ‘discipline’ screaming children.一海滨咖啡亭老板也为此深受困扰,近期,她在脸书上写了一则警告,警示那些管不住孩子的顾客,这引发了人们的热议Kim Christofi was accused of ‘hideous insensitivity’, discrimination and even cruelty when she warned parents too ‘scared’ to act that she would intervene the sake of other visitors who want to enjoy a quiet cup of tea and a slice of cake.咖啡亭老板金·克里斯托弗警告那些太‘胆小’不敢管教孩子的家长,她为了其他顾客能够安静的品茶吃蛋糕,她会亲自出面制止有人指责她‘太过冷漠’,歧视,甚至冷血Writing on her business’s Facebook page after gently admonishing a child at her kiosk in Felixstowe, Suffolk, she said: ‘Can we make ourselves perfectly clear to all parents who are too scared to discipline their children about tantrum screaming?她的咖啡亭就位于沙福克郡的费利克斯托港,克里斯托弗曾在这里温和训诫过一个孩子,之后她在自己脸书的商业平台上表示:“对于那些太胆小不敢管教自己发脾气尖叫的孩子,你们明白我的意思了吗?”‘We will give you five lenient minutes to ask the child to stop screaming and then we will ask the child ourselves.“我们会仁慈地给你5分钟的时间,阻止孩子尖叫,如果你失败了,我们就来帮你管教孩子”‘If that means you too having a tantrum about our having to speak to your child and hurling threats about not returning – that’s really okay with us. We have a duty of care to the rest of our customers“如果那意味着你会因为我们直接管教孩子而发火,并且威胁再也不来了——也没关系我们有义务照顾其他顾客的需要”Within hours, more than 1,000 people had shared the post or added their own comments – many criticising Mrs Christofi.仅仅几个小时,就有00多人转发了该警告,并发表了——许多人批评克里斯托弗C Rachael Twoms wrote: ‘Why don’t you take a lenient five minutes to have a word with yourself being hideously insensitive and condescending?’雷切尔·托姆斯说:“为什么你不仁慈地给自己5分钟的时间,好好反思下自己的过度冷漠和高人一等的态度?”And Sally Grant said: ‘Thank you your kind and understanding post. I’ ll make sure my family (including our autistic daughter) never darken your doorway.’莎莉·格兰特说:“谢谢你的善良和体谅,写了这样的警告我一定不会让自己的家人(包括我有自闭症的女儿)踏进你的店里The Facebook page – which normally features photos of mouth-watering cakes, sausage rolls and other home-made food, or shots of smiling customers braving the elements – had been taken down yesterday to end the onslaught.克里斯托弗的脸书页面上——通常是上传一些有特色的照片,例如让人流口水的蛋糕,火腿卷和其他一些自己做的食物,还有一些顾客的照片,微笑着品尝美食——这些照片全都删除了,以避免继续遭受抨击But the debate continued elsewhere on the internet – with many supporting Mrs Christofi.但是人们在互联网上对此依旧争论不休——许多人表示持克里斯托弗Boyce wrote in one um: ‘I fully support the owners of this kiosk and long may they continue.’伊斯在一论坛上:“我完全持咖啡厅老板,希望他们继续这样做”Jamesb said: ‘I applaud the decision. Too many parents these days seem too scared to tell their children to behave and have no respect the people around them.’詹姆斯说:“我持这一决定现在有太多家长似乎不敢教育自己的孩子守规矩,对周围的人没有一点儿尊重”And Carolina added: ‘This woman was accused of discrimination, assault, cruelty, all sorts, just because she’d had a quiet word with a child asking her to quieten down.卡罗琳娜也说:“人们指责她歧视侮辱他人,冷血等,仅仅因为她平静地和孩子说几句话,劝他安静下来”‘Several people threatened her with physical violence if she ever dared speak to their children – mostly using foul language.“有人威胁要动对她动手,如果她胆敢管教自己的孩子——这些人语言都很粗俗”‘There was then a “lynch mob” decision to try to bring her business down, encouraging people to leave one-star reviews on her page, which many did.“之后有人要恶意搞垮她的生意,他们鼓励他人在克里斯托弗的脸书商业平台上做一星评价,很多人真的这样做了”‘Lots of these reviews were from people who had never even been to Felixstowe, let alone to this café – hardly fair!’“很多人从未去过费利克斯托港,更别提这家咖啡亭了,但是他们也做了这样的评价——非常不公平”The modest kiosk in Martello Park, a leisure and recreation area, is rated th out of 68 restaurants in Felixstowe on Tripadvisor, with customers marvelling over the food, friendly service and blankets and hot water bottles made available on cold days.这间小咖啡亭位于马特罗公园,是一处休闲场所,从旅游网站上看,在费利克斯托港68家餐馆中排名第十六位,顾客们对这里的食物赞不绝口,务很周到,天气冷的时候,还提供热水和毯子The debate was triggered on Sunday after Mrs Cristofi shared her experience online.这一争论始于克里斯托弗周日网上分享了自己的经历之后Speaking yesterday, she insisted the business was ‘child friendly’, with ‘toy boxes, free jugs of Ribena, free ice cream and sun factor cream freely available’.截至昨天,她坚称自己“对孩子很友善”,店内有玩具箱,孩子们有免费的利宾纳果汁喝,防晒霜也不收费”But she insisted she had to act when a child became ‘very upset, threw a tantrum and it went on some time’.但是她仍表示如果有孩子变得“躁动,乱发脾气,而且有一阵儿没人管得住”,她还是会去插手的She added: ‘In this situation we initially do not get involved because we anticipate that the parents will step in.她还说:“这样的情况,我们一开始的时候不会插手,因为估计家长们会管的”‘Untunately, the parents did not and that led me to go and have a quiet word with the child, gently and sensitively.“但是不走运的是,有的家长不想管,而是让我出手,我会和孩子平静地谈谈,温和谨慎地处理这种情况”‘To completely ignore this hysterical screaming would have been quite frankly unkind and uncaring to the child.’“如果完全不理会歇斯底里的尖叫,老实说,对孩子也是非常不和善的,是对孩子的不关心”She added: ‘The situations I am describing are not children having a bad day. We are talking about children smashing up the toy box, throwing things around and, in this situation, we expect parents to step in.她还说:“我所描述的情况,不是简单地孩子情绪低落,而是有些孩子在店里乱砸玩具箱,扔东西,这时我希望家长们出来制止”‘We have a duty to all our customers and we are in a public place.’“我们有义务不影响其他顾客,而且这里是公共场合”Child psychologist Professor Judy Hutchings, director of the Centre Evidence Based Early Intervention at Bangor University, last night sympathised with Mrs Christofi – but advised it was usually best to approach parents first.昨晚,儿童心理学家朱迪·哈坎斯教授表示同情克里斯托弗——她建议最好先和家长商量再行动,他也是班戈大学早期干预中心负责人‘The key thing would be an adult to speak to the parents and ask if they can help or ask them to move away,’ she said.朱迪说:“关键是要和家长商量,问问是否可以帮忙,或者请他们离开”‘If you address the child then that is over-riding parental responsibility.’“如果直接管教孩子,就侵犯了家长的权利”暖冬减少欧盟国家的温室气体排放 -- ::1 来源: 暖冬对欧盟国家温室气体排放量持续下降起了显著作用 Significantly warmer winters have played an important role in the ongoing decline in EU greenhouse gas emissions.暖冬对欧盟国家温室气体排放量持续下降起了显著作用According to a new report, the use of CO and other gases across the bloc dropped by almost a quarter between 1990 and .根据最新报道,欧盟国家CO及其他气体的使用量在1990年至年间下降了近四分之一A switch from coal to natural gas, the recession and the rise of renewable energy all contributed to the fall.由煤炭转用天然气、经济衰退以及可再生能源的兴起都对这个下降起到了作用The latest figures, from , show that a milder winter was the major factor in the reduction that year.年的最新数据表明,一个更温和的冬天是那年数据下降的最主要因素Overall from 1990 to emissions across the member states of the European Union fell by .%, easily beating the target of % put ward as part of the first international agreement on climate change, the Kyoto Protocol.总的来说,1990至年欧盟成员国排放量下降.%,轻松达到第一个关于气候变化的国际协议——京都协议——提出的年前排放量下降%的目标Importantly, the EU managed to reduce emissions in this period while economic output rose by 7%.重要的是,欧盟在经济产出上升7%的同时成功降低了排放量The keys to cutting warming emissions over the period have been a big switch from coal to gas electricity production, the rise of renewable energy, better home insulation and the economic recession of .这段时间温室气体排放量减少的关键在于:发电由使用煤炭转向使用天然气,可再生能源的兴起,更优良的房屋绝缘以及年的经济衰退But milder weather has contributed as well. In , when emissions fell by .1%, it was the most important factor.但是暖冬也起到了同样重要的作用年排放量下降的.1%中,暖冬是最主要的因素"If you look at the year period, there is some warming in Europe and this has contributed to lower heat demand and lower greenhouse gas emissions," said Ricardo Fernandez from the European Environment Agency who compiled the figures.“如果你看过去这年,会发现欧洲气候在变暖,而这减少了人们对暖气的需求并降低温室气体排放,”来自收集这些数据的欧洲环境总署的Ricardo Fernandez说"In the last two years it has even been stronger - in you can see that, while its not the only factor, by and large it’s due to the milder winter conditions in Europe."“过去两年这变得更显著——在年你会看到,欧洲的暖冬虽然不是唯一的因素,但却是最主要的因素”That mild, wet winter was felt particularly in Germany and the UK, and it is reductions in domestic heating demand in both those countries that s just under half the decline across the states that year.德国和英国的冬天尤其令人觉得温和、潮湿,而家庭暖气需求的减少使这两个国家排放量的下降在那年占个国家总排放量下降的一半Overall though, over the past years the UK and Germany have both been major movers in helping to reduce greenhouse gases - in that time UK emissions have dropped by more than a third, by .3%.总的来说,过去年间英国和德国是减少温室气体的主要推动者——期间英国的排放量下降.3%,超过了三分之一"In Germany after re-unification there was a lot of energy efficiency improvements such as the shutting down of inefficient power plants," said Ricardo Fernandez.“德国在统一后采取了多种提高能源效率的举措,例如关闭效率低的发电厂,”Ricardo Fernandez说"In the UK there was a liberalisation of electricity production and that lead to much more gas, but beyond what happened in the 1990s both countries have continued to reduce emissions significantly."“英国曾经因为电力生产自由化导致气体排放量增加,但在90年代这两个国家都对减少排放量有着显著贡献”But despite the gains, there are some areas where progress is not being made as quickly. The use of hydrofluorocarbon gases, primarily in air conditioning and refrigerators, has increased.尽管进展不少,但也有一些领域进展不够快,像氢氟烃气体的使用(主要是空调和冰箱)就增加了Emissions from road transport have grown by million tonnes between 1990 and , now ing around % of all emissions in .道路运输的排放量在1990至年间增长了1亿00万吨,占年总排放量的%While the recession of reduced the amount of CO coming from this sector, the last couple of years have seen significant rises, particularly in road freight.虽然道路运输中CO的排放量因年经济衰退而减少,但过去几年它又开始显著上升,尤其在道路货运领域This difficult area will likely feature in discussions at the EU Commission over the coming months to decide how much each country will cut its carbon under the Paris Climate Agreement.在接下来的几个月,欧盟委员可能要讨论这块不易解决的领域,并根据巴黎气候协议决定每个国家应减少的碳使用量The EU has agreed that it will cut overall emissions to 0% below the 1990 level by but it will probably be the end of this year bee the members can agree on how much each state will contribute.欧盟已经决定在年减少排放量至1990年的0%,但可能今年年底才能知道这个成员国将各自贡献多少Despite the rapid progress on the target, getting to the benchmark will require more eft all round.虽然年的目标已快速完成,但达到年的基准需要大家更努力" , there has to be more, it’s not just sufficient with the current trends we have," said Ricardo Fernandez.“年应该更多,而不仅仅根据我们目前的趋势,”Ricardo Fernandez说"At the moment the target it is clear but we have to step up a little bit."“现在的目标是年,这很明确,但为了年的目标我们应该稍微加快步伐”

  别人家的学生宿舍:影音室、健身房、游戏室-- :36: 来源: 别人家的学生宿舍:影音室、健身房、游戏室一应俱全Is this the most luxurious student accommodation ever? Stylish apartments boast flat screen TVs and en-suite bathroomsIs this the most luxurious student accommodation ever?这就是史上最豪华的学生宿舍吗?As students begin flocking to the city the start of the academic year, Vita Student residence onFirst Streethas just been voted luxury accommodation of the year by the Design Curial.新学年伊始,学生大军来到曼彻斯特,坐落在该市第一大道的Vita Student宿舍最近刚被权威设计网站Design Curial投票评选为“年度最豪华宿舍”The block boasts a VIP-style check-in, a concierge service, movie rooms, gyms and games rooms. The rental rates start at £696 a month, Manchester Evening News reports.据曼彻斯特晚报(Manchester Evening News)报道,这栋宿舍采用VIP式门禁,配备门卫,还有电影放映室、健身房和游戏室每月租金696英镑(约合人民币6880元)起Each of their studio apartments contains a double bed, desk, two wardrobes, a bookcase, dining table and chairs, and an en-suite with boutique styling.每间一室公寓房配有一张双人床、书桌、两个衣柜、书架、餐桌以及椅子,还有精心设计的独立卫浴间On top of that, students get their own high-gloss kitchen, complete with pans and utensils, and 3-inch flat-screen Smart TV with a licence included.此外,入住的学生将拥有私人厨房,厨房台面选用亮光漆、自带锅和餐具,另外房间还配备3寸的平板智能电视,并已办理电视执照Students don"t even have to clean their own apartment as it comes with a weekly cleaning service.宿舍还有每周清洁务,所以学生甚至不用自己动手打扫ManchesterandSaldhave been at the heart of this transmation with blocks of luxury student apartments being thrown up across both cities.曼彻斯特和索尔福德是学生宿舍向豪华宿舍转变的中心地,两市都有大量的豪华学生宿舍区兴起SaldUniversitywill next week be welcoming their first tenants to the brand new Peel Park Quarter in their student village.索尔福德大学的学生村中的皮尔公园宿舍区(Peel Park Quarter)将于下周迎来首批入住的学生According to developers, students don"t want to be confined to the traditional areas like Rusholme and Fallowfield.开发商称,学生们不想被局限在传统的地区:比如鲁什尔姆(Rusholme)和法洛菲尔(Fallowfield)They want everything on their doorstep in the heart of the city.他们想要住在市中心,在家门口就能享受所需的一切务Trevor Moore, chief executive of Vita Student, said there was a huge demand high-quality student accommodation.Vita Student宿舍的首席执行官特雷弗?尔(Trevor Moore)称,优质的学生宿舍需求量很大He said: "Today's modern-day student expects more than a single bed and shared bathroom in digs that are miles away from the university campus.他说:“那种离校区老远、还只有单人床和公共浴室的宿舍已经满足不了如今的学生了”"They want luxury, state-of the art facilities in the heart of their chosen city.“他们想要的是位于自己选择就读的城市市中心、拥有豪华、先进设施的宿舍”"Our residence not only delivers on this but is equally committed to providing a level of customer service that is previously unheard of in the student accommodation sector.“我们的宿舍不仅能达到这个要求,还能给住户提供学生宿舍市场中前所未有的客户务”"The fact that we achieved 0pc occupancy last year and are fully booked this academic year with a waiting list of students wanting to live with us shows that our proposition is perfectly aligned with what modern students want from their university accommodation."“去年我们实现了百分百的入住率,本学年也已预订满了,还有一长串的学生排队等待入住,这明了我们的主张完全契合当代学生对大学宿舍的期望”Vocabularyconcierge:守门人digs:寓所proposition:主张英文来源:镜报译者:陈爽审校编辑:刘明为何在国外反响平平的魔兽电影在中国却炙手可热? -- 19::01 来源: 魔兽世界最先开始是一款电脑游戏,后来被改编成为电影而现在,尽管魔兽电影在国外反响平平,但是中国人对它却尤其追捧,魔兽电影席卷了中国各大影院 Warcraft: The Beginning, the film of the hit computer game, opened in China last week, taking m (pound 1m) in five days and topping box offices.改编自热门电脑游戏的电影《魔兽:起源于上周登陆中国电影院,在五天之内就席卷了1.56亿美元(约合1.亿英镑)的票房,票房名列首位Comparatively, Star Wars: The ce Awakens took .m during its entire box office run in China.相比之下,《星球大战:原力觉醒在整个上映期只在中国获得了1.5亿美元的票房Warcraft is now on its way to overtake Furious 7 as the highest-grossing Hollywood film in China.《魔兽即将取代《速度与7,成为在华票房最高的好莱坞电影In the US, the film is considered to have bombed, having opened to the tune of $.m (pound .m). Warcraft also received critical reviews, getting only 7% on ratings website Rotten Tomatoes.然而在美国,《魔兽却被认为已经暴死了,上映至今只收获了0万美元(约合万英镑)的票房《魔兽还被许多人批评,在烂番茄网站上,这部电影的新鲜度只有7%So why has Warcraft permed so well in China?那么,为啥《魔兽在中国表现这么好咧?Globally, the majority of WoW players are men aged 18-35, a demographic which often has expendable income.从全球来看,魔兽的大多数玩家是男性,年龄在18到35岁之间,这部分人群的可配收入往往很可观And China has long been one of the biggest markets, making up about half of the game’s five million players.而中国一直是魔兽游戏的最大市场,在其全球500万玩家中,中国玩家占到了一半The game was first introduced in China in , at a time when online access and internet cafes were growing rapidly.魔兽游戏第一次被引入中国是在年,当时中国互联网接入和网吧的数量都增长得非常快The film adaptation, with a budget of 赞比亚小象头脑冷静,击退只雌狮 --9 :01: 来源: 赞比亚的一只象从只雌性狮子口中逃脱,展示了他在压力下保持冷静头脑的能力拍摄视频的旅行团观光客说这只象在绝处逢生并赢得“大力神”的绰号 SOUTH LUANGWA NATIONAL PARK, Zambia, July 7 (UPI) -- An elephant in Zambia demonstrated his ability to keep a cool head under pressure when he escaped being made into a meal by female lions.赞比亚,南卢安瓜国家公园,7月7日(UPI)——赞比亚的一只象从只雌性狮子口中逃脱,展示了他在压力下保持冷静头脑的能力The , filmed by Jesse Nash on a tour with Normal Carr Safaris at the Chinzombo Safari Camp in Zambia, shows a group of lionesses descending on a young elephant.Jesse Nash在跟Normal Carr旅行团在赞比亚Chinzombo Safari营的行程中录制了该视频:只狮子涌到一只小象身上The elephant, keeping calm, swats at the lionesses with his trunk while making his way to a nearby body of water.这只象,冷静地,用鼻子扑打着狮子,并设法走到附近的水里The pachyderm reaches the water, but only a handful of the predators decide to stay on shore while the more daring members of the pride give pursuit in the shallows -- including one lioness riding piggy-back on the elephant’s rear.这只象走到水里后,只有少数的狮子决定待在岸边,更大胆的狮子们却一直追到浅滩里——其中一只狮子骑上了小象的背The elephant flees further into the water, causing the lioness to jump off its back, but the big cats continue to stalk the elephant.这只象又往水里走,使它背后的那只狮子跳离了它的背,但这些大型猫科动物继续追踪它The ends with the elephant, finally fed up, charging the lionesses and causing him to flee.视频的结尾这只象终于厌倦,向狮子猛冲并成功逃离The safari tour group said the elephant survived the encounter and earned the nickname Hercules.旅行团说这只象在绝处逢生并赢得“大力神”的绰号m, was released on 67% of China’s 39,000 screens in the middle of last week.这部电影改编的预算达到了1亿6千万美元自从上周三登陆中国市场以来,魔兽电影已经在中国67%的影院中上映(全国共有39000家影院)The opening coincided with the Dragon Boat Festival, a public holiday across China, so the potential audience was vast.魔兽电影首映期恰逢中国的端午节,在这个全国性的法定节假日期间,《魔兽的潜在观众数量非常巨大It did face competition - X-Men: Apocalypse, the Angry Birds Movie and Tim Burton’s Alice Through the Looking Glass were the other main Hollywood flicks showing in China. But none could touch the appeal of Warcraft.魔兽电影并非没有竞争--《X战警:天启、《愤怒的小鸟、和《爱丽丝魔镜之旅等好莱坞电影也在中国市场上映但是没有那一部电影的吸引力能够和《魔兽相比The studio behind the movie, Legendary Entertainment, was earlier this year acquired by Chinese conglomerate Dalian Wanda .5bn. Legendary’s in-house marketing teams reportedly cut several dozen pieces of China-specific footage, and released more trailers the movie in China than in the US.这部电影是由“传奇”工作室制作的,在今年年初,这个电影工作室被万达以35亿美元的价格收购了据报道,传奇美国营销团队删减了几十个中国特色的镜头,并且在中国发布的预告片要比在美国市场发布的更多It also brought on companies such as computer maker Lenovo, chip maker Intel, car maker Jeep and brewery Tsingtao to sponsor the show.这部电影还获得了来自电脑厂商联想、芯片制造商英特尔、汽车制造商吉普和青岛啤酒等公司的赞助"Many of the decision-makers at these brands were ’Warcraft’ players," Peter Loehr, chief executive of Legendary East, Legendary’s China arm, told the LA times.传奇中国分社“传奇东方”的CEO皮特·罗异告诉《洛杉矶时报说:“这些公司的许多决策者都是‘魔兽’的玩家”On Sunday, ticket sales Warcraft in China plunged to.m pound, a big drop from previous days.上周日,《魔兽电影门票收入骤跌,只有万英镑,较前几天的战绩来看下跌非常严重Yet it still ed 7.5% of Sunday’s box office screenings, according to Deadline.但是据“Deadline”表示,魔兽电影还是占据了周日中国市场票房总收入的7.5%It all points to the growing importance of the Chinese cinema-going public. China’s box office is expected be the world’s largest by next year, according to one report this weekend , surpassing the US.这一切都显示了中国市场对电影上映的重要性据这个周末的一份报告显示,中国票房市场将在明年超过美国,成为世界第一Hollywood actor Jackie Chan recently told the Shanghai Film Festival that the success of Warcraft had "scared" Americans.最近在上海电影节上,据好莱坞大腕成龙透露说,魔兽电影在中国市场的成功“吓坏”了美国人"If we can make a film that earns bn [yuan] then people from all over the world who study film will learn Chinese, instead of us learning English."“如果我们可以拍一部票房达到0亿(元)的电影,那么全世界研究电影的人就会学习中文,而不是学习英文”

  全球最低工资排行:澳洲公民最幸福(双语) --01 :30: 来源:   The country has the most generous national minimum wage in the developed world, according to a report from the Organisation Economic Co-operation and Development.  经济合作发展组织的一份报告显示,澳大利亚在发达国家中享有最高的国家最低工资  The report ranked 7 countries that have laws setting a nationwide minimum rate of pay.  这份报告给7个设有国家最低工资的国家作了排序  Australia's minimum wage workers -- aged 1 and over -- make .96 Australian dollars per hour. After tax and other deductions, that's equivalent to .5, once the difference in the cost of living is taken into .  澳大利亚最低工资的工人年纪在1岁及以上,每小时挣.96澳元去除税和其他扣款,要是把生活成本差异考虑进去的话,相当于9.5美元  "They have a high minimum wage. And interestingly they have a low tax burden," said Herwig Immervoll, the author of the OECD report. "Australians recognize that supporting low wage earners through the tax system is important."  “他们的最低工资很高,有意思的是,他们的税收负担很轻,”经合组织报告的作者赫尔维·易马福说道“澳大利亚人意识到通过税务系统持低薪工人很重要”  Other countries have set higher hourly rates but they also tax minimum wage workers more, leaving them with less in their pockets.  其他国家定了较高的单位小时工资,但他们对持最低薪水的工人的税收也高,因而工人们口袋也比较干瘪  The U.S. ranked th on the list, with a federal minimum wage of .5 per hour. That leaves workers with take-home pay of .6 per hour.  美国在排行榜上位居名,联邦最低时薪是7.5美元,即税后到手时薪为6.6美元   However, the U.S. would move up the rankings if state minimum wage rules were factored into the equation. Roughly half of U.S. states have rules ensuring workers are paid more than the federal minimum, Immervoll said.  不过,要是美国综合考虑国家最低工资规则各种因素的话,美国的排名还是会提升的美国大约有半数州规定要确保工人的收入高于联邦最低收入,易马福说道   The OECD report shows that a single Australian minimum wage worker with two kids could work just six hours per week to lift themselves above the poverty line, because they would also receive state benefits.  经合组织报告显示,带俩娃、拿最低工资的单身澳洲人每周只需工作六小时就可以脱离贫困线,因为他们同时还享受国家福利  In the U.S., the same worker would have to clock in 50 hours per week to escape poverty. In the Czech Republic, it would take 79 hours of work per week.  在美国,同一个工人得每周打卡上班满50小时才能逃脱贫困水平在捷克,同样情况每星期得工作79小时才行  Eight countries, including Finland, Sweden and Switzerland, were not included in the report because their governments do not set national rules on minimum pay. Many of them have strong labor union s and established arrangements collective bargaining, which means governments don't have to step in.  有八个国家,包括芬兰、瑞典还有瑞士没有纳入报告,因为其政府没有设定国家最低工资规则这其中多数国家的工会强劲,并且会安排劳资双方集体谈判,也就是说政府不必就此问题介入  Here are the top five countries hourly minimum wages, based on the latest OECD data from :  如下是经合组织年所采集的五大最高时薪国家的数据:  1. Australia - .5  澳大利亚9.5美元  . Luxembourg - .  卢森堡9.美元  3. Belgium - .57  比利时8.57美元  . Ireland - .6  爱尔兰8.6美元  5. France - .  法国8.美元  Countries with the lowest take-home minimum wages include Latvia, Chile and Mexico, which is bottom of the list with a rate of about per hour.  税后实得工资最低的国加有拉脱维亚、智利和墨西哥,排名最末的工资每小时仅1美元

  苹果开发者大会发布iOS新特性 -- :9:37 来源:chinadaily 当地时间6月日,苹果全球开发者大会(Worldwide Developer Conference)在旧金山举行,现场正式发布了iOS 系统新的操作系统包括很多新功能,比如,用户可以卸载股市、日历等内置软件,照片可以通过面部识别功能进行分类,等等Apple took the wraps off of the latest version of its iOS operating system at its big developers conference Monday, and it promises to bring a boatload of new features to your iPhone and iPad. Available later this fall, iOS is one of the largest updates to the operating system to date.苹果公司周一(6月日)发布了最新版的iOS操作系统,并声称会为用户手中的iPhone和iPad带来很多新功能iOS 将于今年秋季正式发布,也是目前为止该操作系统最大规模的一次升级下面我们就一起了解一下iOS系统的十项新特性(new features)1. “抬起唤醒”(Raise to wake)功能:手机被拿起时会自动唤醒锁屏,让用户查看消息通知,同时通过3D Touch功能可以直接回复.对开发者放开Siri(opening up Siri to developers):所有第三方应用都可以用Siri了,比如,你可以跟Siri说:“给小明发一条微信,让他四点来接我”3.Siri可以提供智能建议(intelligent suggestions):苹果 Siri 在聊天中能够帮你推荐电影、规划日程,做到主动感知、快速反馈.照片功能升级(update to the Photos app):iOS 提供面部识别查找人像功能,还可对物体和场景进行识别,根据地点和主题进行归类这些操作只限本地,不会存储到iCloud5.苹果地图功能全新升级(Apple Maps is getting an all-new design):苹果也把系统地图开放给了更多开发者通过地图应用,用户可以获得更多第三方务( 打车、订餐、加油等 ),从而实现一站式的操作体验6.全新面孔的 Apple Music:界面更加简洁,底部菜单保持不变,增加歌词显示功能7.新增Apple Home应用:通过 Home 这款应用,用户可以集中控制和管理接入苹果 Homekit 体系的所有智能家居产品8. 语音电话功能升级(Phone app on the iPhone is also evolving):可将语音留言转换为文本,同时,可以分辨未知来电是否骚扰电话,并对其进行标记(detect when an unknown caller is potentially phone spam and will label those calls as such)9.强大的新版 iMessage 应用:可以在iMessage 应用内直接播放视频,持更多个性化的表情、动画等趣味表达比如,发信息时系统会提示你哪个词可以转换为表情符号,你只需轻轻一点即可将这个词用表情符号来显示. 内置软件可卸载(stock apps will be made removable):邮件、天气、股市、计算器等内置软件均可卸载哪些苹果设备可以更新使用iOS 呢?iOS will be available as a free update this fall the following devices: iPhone 5 and higher, iPod touch 6th gen, iPad mini and higher, and iPad th generation and the subsequent iPad Air and iPad Pro models.iPhone 5及更高版本的手机, iPod touch第6代,iPad mini 及更高版本,iPad 以及之后的iPad Air和iPad Pro设备均可升级使用iOS 系统(中国日报网英语点津 Helen)。

  特朗普吃麦当劳喝可乐庆祝初选获胜 --31 ::6 来源:chinadaily Donald Trump on Thursday reached the number of delegates needed to clinch the Republican nomination president, completing an unlikely rise that has upended the political landscape and sets the stage a bitter fall campaign.本周四,唐纳德?特朗普得到了足够的票数,锁定了共和党党内总统候选人提名一度看似不可能胜利的特朗普却一路胜出,颠覆了政治版图,为即将到来的更加艰苦的秋季竞选铺好了道路And he celebrated with McDonald's takeout and Diet Coke on his private plane - after a swipe at his rival Hillary Clinton being unable to secure the Democratic nomination.他在自己的私人飞机上吃着麦当劳外卖,喝着健怡可乐来庆祝此次胜利;;此前,他攻击对手希拉里?克林顿,说她难保民主党提名During a press conference Thursday in North Dakota, Trump said he was 'honored' by the help he received from a handful of local delegates who gave him a majority.星期四,在北达科他州举办的一场记者招待会中,特朗普说他很;荣幸;得到当地一些选民的帮助,助他赢得了大多数选票'I'm so honored by these people! They had such great sense!' Trump beamed.;有这些人的持我深感荣幸!他们太有眼光了!;特朗普笑容满面地说One, John Trandem, said he was Trump's 1,38th pledged delegate ndash; the one who put him over the top and cemented the presidential nomination.一位持者,约翰?川德姆说他是持特朗普的第38位选举人;;是他让特朗普得以在初选中获胜,敲定他的总统候选人位置的Trump shook hands with Trandem - after crowing that Clinton can't do the same.特朗普与川德姆握手;;此前他洋洋自得地说,希拉里可做不到像我一样'Here I am watching Hillary fight, and she can't close the deal,' he told reporters. 'We've had tremendous support from almost everybody.';我就在这儿看着希拉里角逐候选人提名,她成不了,;他对记者说;我们的持者极多,几乎每个人都持我们;It takes 1,37 delegates to win the Republican nomination president. Trump has reached 1,38. With 3 delegates at stake in five state primaries on June 7, Trump will easily pad his total, avoiding a contested convention in Cleveland in July.赢得共和党党内总统候选人提名需要37位选举人的投票特朗普获得了38票还有五个州3位选举人的投票归属未定,6月7日将在这五个州举行预选,届时特朗普会轻易把它们收入囊中,避免7月克利夫兰共和党党代会的火药味太浓Trump, a political neophyte who years delivered caustic commentary on the state of the nation from the sidelines but had never run office, fought off other Republican contenders in an often ugly primary race.多年以来,特朗普作为一个局外人发表了很多关于国事尖酸刻薄的,他是个政坛菜鸟,从未参加过竞选,但在向来丑恶的预选中他打败了其他位共和党竞选人Many on the right have been slow to warm to Trump, wary of his conservative bona fides. Others worry about Trump's crass personality and the lewd comments he's made about women.很多右派人士慢慢才接受了特朗普,提防着他对保守党的诚意另外一些人则担心他粗鲁的个性,以及他对女性下流的But millions of grassroots activists, many who have been outsiders to the political process, have embraced Trump as a plain-speaking populist who is not afraid to offend.但是数百万的草根激进分子都拥护特朗普,其中大多数都是政治程序的局外人,认为他是个直率的民粹主义者,不怕惹怒一些群体Steve House, chairman of the Colorado Republican Party and an unbound delegate who confirmed his support of Trump to AP, said he likes the billionaire's background as a businessman.科罗拉多州共和党主席、非绑定代表史蒂夫?豪斯向美联社实他持特朗普,他说他喜欢特朗普的商人背景'Leadership is leadership,' House said. 'If he can surround himself with the political talent, I think he will be fine.';领导要有领导力,;豪斯说;如果他能在身边聚集起政治人才,我觉得他能行;Others who confirmed their decision to back Trump were more tepid, saying they are supporting him out of a sense of obligation because he won their state's primary.另外一些承认自己持特朗普的人就没那么热情,他们表示是因为特朗普赢了州预选所以才出于义务持他的Cameron Linton of Pittsburgh said he will back Trump on the first ballot since he won the presidential primary vote in Linton's congressional district.匹茨堡的卡梅伦?林顿说,他在第一轮投票中会持特朗普,因为他在林顿所在的国会选区的总统预选中获胜'If there's a second ballot I won't vote Donald Trump,' Linton said. 'He's ridiculous. There's no other way to say it.';如果还有第二轮投票,我就不会再持特朗普了,;林顿说;他很荒谬只有这个词才可以形容他;All the while, Republican leaders declared themselves appalled by Trump's rise. Conservatives called the onetime Democrat a fraud.一直以来,共和党领导人都宣称他们对特朗普的崛起感到惊异他们还把曾经是民主党人的特朗普叫作骗子But they failed, ultimately, to block him. Republican leaders slowly, warily, began meeting with Trump and his staff. And he began winning endorsements from a few members of Congress.但是他们最终失败了,没能阻止他共和党领导人慢慢地、小心翼翼地开始与特朗普和他手下的工作人员会面特朗普逐渐赢得了几个国会议员的持Trump incurred relatively low campaign costs ; just million through the end of April. He covered most of it with at least million of his own money loaned to the campaign.特朗普参加选举的花费相对较少;;到四月底为止只有5700万美元,其中他自己投入了至少300万美元,占了参选花费的大部分He spent less than million on paid television and radio commercials. That's about one-quarter of what Jeb Bush and his allies spent on TV.他在付费电视和广播宣传上花的钱不到万美元,这一数字是杰布?布什和其盟友在电视广告上所花费的四分之一Bush dropped out of the race three months ago, after disappointing results in South Carolina.布什在南卡罗纳州的得票情况并不理想,三个月之前就退出了竞选Trump, 69, the son of a New York City real estate magnate, had risen to fame in the 1980s and 1990s, overseeing major real estate deals, watching his financial tunes rise, then fall, hosting 'The Apprentice' TV show and authoring more than a dozen books.现年69岁的特朗普是纽约房地产巨头的儿子,在八九十年代名声鹊起,负责大宗房地产交易,目睹过自己金融财富的涨落,主持过热门电视节目《学徒,还写了十几本书Vocabularyupend: 颠倒swipe: 猛击;批评crow: 吹嘘,夸耀pad: 扩充neophyte: 初学者caustic: 刻薄的,尖刻的bona fides: 真诚;善意crass: 粗俗的populist: 平民主义者;民粹派tepid: 不太热烈的;不热情的英文来源:每日邮报译者:实习生孙美真审校amp;编辑:丹妮

  科比微问“打铁”啥意思 -- :3:8 来源: Basketball superstar Kobe Bryant stirred up a frenzy on social media. The 19-year NBA veteran posted an update on his Weibo , or the Chinese version of Twitter, on which he has more than 3 million followers, on June :篮球巨星科比·布莱恩特日前在社交媒体上引起一阵骚动6月日,这位19年NBA球龄的明星在其拥有300多万粉丝的微上发帖:"It's been a while since I've been on Weibo. I see there's some new web lingo. Can you teach me some? What does "da tie" mean? "“我玩微也有一阵子了,我看到了一些新的网络词汇,你们能教我一些吗?‘打铁’是什么意思?”The post immediately drew tens of thousands of comments from Chinese Web users, with some basketball fans trying to explain the catchphrase to the NBA star.这条微瞬间引发数万中国网友,不少篮球迷试图跟科比解释这个流行语的含义双语君插播科普:“打铁”是中国球迷专门用来形容投丢球的“黑话”,而科比就是以投篮命中率低著称在年月日的一场比赛中,科比正式加冕NBA第一“铁王”,总共有8次投篮不中机智的网友们是如何回复的呢?有些很科学地给出了解释:@Kyrie_basketball: da tie means miss the shot.(打铁意味着你投失了一球)@刘天宇CDUT: Da tie is Chinese. That means if you shot, you can get the voice of duang. It's so cool, right?(“打铁”是中文,意思是如果你投篮,你会听到“duang”的声音)有些吐槽科比是NBA钢铁侠:@陈军DTE:作为历史上打铁最多的人,他竟然问打铁是什么意思?好吧,打铁是你的专业和工作,是你每天凌晨点为之努力、终生为之奋斗的伟大事业@hht-泰Jason: Bro, you are the best Iron Man in NBA history.(兄弟,你是NBA历史上最好的“钢铁侠”)还有些粉丝以善意的谎言作答,让人感动:@RevenantM:Datie means you are the best player, Mr 30000, the MVP and so many legacies of you.(打铁意味着你是最好的球员,你是30000分先生,你是MVP,还有留下的无数纪录)@紫風哥:It means you are great that even you shot but don't get point, you still shot and shot. Because you are the best and I love you, Kobe.(这意味着你是伟大的,你虽然没有投进但是依然坚持投篮,所以你是最好的,我爱你,科比)最后,一起来欣赏下网友恶搞科比打铁图吧(来源:中国日报网双语新闻微信,编辑 Helen)


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