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129 foods that can serve as the basis of your Healthiest Way of Eating. Links to the articles about these foods can be found below.Of course, there are many other nutritious foods other than those that we have included on our list that we feel are wonderful, health-promoting foods; if there are other whole foods - such as fruits, vegetables, nuts/seeds, whole grains, etc - that you like, by all means enjoy them. Just because a food is not on our list doesn't mean that we don't think that it can be included in a diet geared towards the Healthiest Way of Eating as long as it is a whole, natural, nutrient-rich food.To find out why some of your favorite nutritious foods are not included in our list, The Criteria Used to Select the World's Healthiest Foods.VegetablesAsparagusAvocadosBeetsBell peppersBroccoliBrussels sproutsCabbageCarrotsCauliflowerCeleryCollard greensCucumbersEggplantFennelGarlicGreen beansGreen peasKaleLeeksMushrooms, criminiMushrooms, shiitakeMustard greensOlivesOnionsPotatoesRomaine lettuceSea vegetablesSpinachSquash, summerSquash, winterSweet potatoesSwiss chardTomatoesTurnip greensYamsSeafood /200809/48999Jan Fields, who started at McDonald's 33 years ago cooking fries and is now the fast food chain's U.S. president, was soon to turn 55 when, she says, "I woke up one day and said, "Oh my God, how did I gain this much weight?" 33年前简#8226;费尔茨加入麦当劳的时候还只是负责炸薯条,当她快要55岁那年,她已成为这个快餐连锁集团的美国总裁。她说,“有天醒来后我对自己说,‘天啊!我怎么变得这么胖了?’” Like millions of her customers at the 14,000 restaurants she oversees, Fields added her weight gradually--"10 pounds at a time: 10, 10, 10 and all of a sudden, I looked and I said, 'Oh, my God, I've gained 90 pounds. How did I ever do that?" 与她掌管的14,000家麦当劳连锁店的上百万顾客一样,费尔茨也是在不知不觉间长胖的——“每次10磅:10磅,10磅,10磅,然后突然间,我看了看自己,不禁惊呼,天哪,我重了90磅。我怎么长这么胖了?” Of course, McDonald's tops critics' hit list for compounding America's obesity epidemic, but Fields insists that her own culprit wasn't food but lack of exercise. "I didn't exercise," she confesses. "I worked all the time, went home and went to bed." 诚然,麦当劳一直是家们公认的美国肥胖问题的罪魁祸首,但是费尔茨坚持认为她本人发福的根源不是食物,而是缺乏锻炼。“我不怎么运动,”她承认,“整天除了上班,就是回家睡觉”。 Fields, No. 25 on Fortune's Most Powerful Women list, has always been easy to underestimate: The seventh of eight children raised in tiny Vincennes, Indiana, she grew up skinny and dreamed of being a nun, then a lawyer. But she met a guy, married young, had a daughter, and was driving to an interview for a secretarial job at a construction company when, at 23, she stopped at McDonald's for a Coke and spotted a "Now Hiring" sign. It was, in fact, the first time Fields ever ate in a McDonald's. She and her husband, who had enlisted in the Air Force, were so poor that they couldn't afford to eat out. 费尔茨在财富(Fortune)最具影响力女性名单中位列第25名,并不怎么引人注目:她在印第安纳州的小城镇文森尼斯长大,来自于一个有8个孩子的家庭,排行老七。小时候她一直很纤瘦,并梦想着长大了当一名修女,后来又憧憬着当一名律师。但她随后结识了她丈夫,早早地结了婚,生了个女儿。23岁那年,在开车去参加建筑公司秘书招聘面试的路上,她上麦当劳喝了一杯可乐,碰巧看见了“招聘”的牌子。其实,那是费尔茨第一次在麦当劳用餐。由于囊中羞涩,她和曾是空军的丈夫从未在餐馆吃过饭。 Accepting a job on a whim and starting at .65 an hour, she went home that first night and cried -- "a disaster" until they moved her from cooking fries to serving customers at front counter. "Never quit over one thing or one person," she advises. Rising rapidly through the ranks, she was propelled by a remarkable discipline and a down-home, inspirational leadership style. 由于一时心血来潮,她接受了麦当劳的工作,时薪2.65美元。上班第一天晚上回到家,她大哭一场——“糟透了”。后来公司把她从煎炸部调到了前台做。“不要因为某件事或某个人而放弃,”她说。由于在工作上恪尽职守,在领导风格上平易近人,励精图治,她在公司一路平步青云。 /201108/149468

现年29岁,金发碧眼、有着甜美微笑的凯瑟琳#8226;伯斯诺尔将在5月25日宣誓成为英国温莎市的市长,她将是英国历史上最年轻的市长。凯瑟琳表示自己当选并不是因为长相,而是她真的了解人们需要什么。在过去两年间,凯瑟琳一直担任温莎市副市长。她承认,一些人对她的成功冷嘲热讽。她当选副市长后,一些人在当地报纸上撰文说她太年轻,只因为长得漂亮才当选。但凯瑟琳认为,人们与她接触并有所了解后就会发现她乐于参与其中的热情和意愿。凯瑟琳和同为当地议员的丈夫被当地人戏称为“汤姆猫”,这一绰号常用来指代好莱坞明星汤姆#8226;克鲁斯和妻子凯蒂#8226;霍姆斯,但晚于丈夫进入政坛的她上升速度却要比丈夫快很多。在说到自己上任后人们对她的称呼,她表示并不想人们称呼她为Mayoress(市长夫人),因为这是对市长的太太的称呼,她也不愿意人们叫她Madam Mayor这样更正统的称呼,她还是希望人们管她叫“猫”。  With her long glossy locks, model good looks and perfect smile, Catherine Bursnall is no doubt not a stranger to cruel “blonde” jokes.  But the 29-year-old is now having the last laugh – as she prepares to become England’s youngest mayor.  She will be working alongside her husband, Tom, who is also a local Conservative councilor. The pair have even been dubbed “Tom Cat” in reference to the nickname given to Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise.  However, Catherine reveals she has climbed the political ranks much quicker than Tom, 30, who joined the Young Conservatives at 16 and has been promoted to national chairman.  But she's keen to point out that she believes her three-year fast-track process to mayor, for which Catherine will be inaugurated on May 25, is down to merit rather than her appearance.  “It certainly helped that I was local,” said Catherine, who was brought up in Ascot by parents Terry, 59, and Elaine, 55 - both local government officials - and moved to nearby Eton with Tom before settling in neighboring Windsor.  “I knew there were certain things people wanted, such as more police on the streets, weekly bin collections, less noise from nightclubs and better parking, because I wanted them too.  “I didn't think I was that likely to win, but somehow on the night I got elected.”  However, Tom, a politics graduate who Catherine met when they were both students at the University of Warwick in 2001 and married at the Windsor Guildhall three years ago, is more blunt about his wife's triumph.  “They underestimated Catherine and probably thought she was a blonde bimbo,” he told the Sunday Express.  “Our friends mock us because I’ve been more political throughout my life, whereas Catherine’s only been in politics for two years and yet now she’s in higher office than me.”  Catherine agreed: “I’ve always been the one walking behind Tom, posting the leaflets through the doors but now it’s the other way round.”  The sociology and psychology graduate does admits that some local residents have been quite cynical about her success, which has also seen her carrying out the deputy mayor role for the past two years.  “When I was elected as deputy, a few people wrote into the local paper saying I was too young and only been picked because of my looks,” she said.  “On the whole though, when people get to know me they can see that I care and want to get involved.”  The couple, who run successful recruitment business, The Talent Pool Company, and are currently renovating their Grade II-listed 18th century Georgian home, have also appeared in an online poll of the country’s best-looking councilors.  However, Catherine will be taking a break from the company following her inauguration at the Windsor Guildhall as her role as mayor is a full-time job and will see her carrying 750 civic duties over the next 12 months.  The former pupil of Carters School in Sunningdale said she is keen for her people-focused political career to continue.  “Being a mayor is a more community-based role and less political, which is what I enjoy most,” she said.  “I won’t be called Mayoress because that’s the name for a mayor’s wife. You’re meant to be Mr Mayor but a lot of women ask to be Madam Mayor. I’d rather just be called Cat.”  However, Tom adds, for him, it’s nothing new, joking: “I’ve been calling her a ‘mare’ for years!” /201004/102671



  For attractive lips, speak words of kindness.要有吸引人的双唇,请说好意的言语。  For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people.要有美丽的双眼,请寻索他人的优点。For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry.要有纤细的身材,请与饥民分享愕氖澄铩?For beautiful hair, let a child run his or her fingers through it once aday.要有亮丽的头发,请让小孩每日触摸你的头发。For poise, walk with the knowledge that you never walk alone.要有自信的态度,请学习你不曾学过的知识。People, even more than things, have to be restored, revived, reclaimed andredeemed; never throw out anyone.人之所以为人,是必须充满精力、自我悔改、自我反省、自我成长;并非向人抱怨。Remember, if you ever need a helping hand, you"ll find them at the end ofeach of your arms. As you grow older, you will discover that you have twohands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.请记得,如果你需要帮助,你永远有你的手可以自己动手。当你成长后,你会发觉你有二只手,一只帮助自己,一只帮助它人。The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that shecarries, or the way she combs her hair. The beauty of a woman must be seenfrom in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place wherelove resides.女人的美丽不存在于她的饰、她的珠宝、她的发型;女人的美丽必须从她的眼中找到,因为这才是她的心灵之窗与爱心之房。The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mode, but the true beauty in awoman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives,the passion that she shows.女人的美丽不是表面的,应该是她的精神层面-是她的关怀、她的爱心以及她的热情。The beauty of a woman grows with the passing years.女人的美丽是跟著年龄成长。 /200911/88372

  有些句子我们在电影里面经常听到,但对于它们的确切意思可能并不是很了解,下面我们一起来看几个这样的句子吧!1. Have at you! 如果外国夫妇请你到家里吃饭,看着一桌丰盛的酒席,你问他们可以开始吃了吗,他们通常会说“Sure. Have at it.”(当然,吃吧)。当两个小孩子在相互追逐玩乐,互相打斗的时候,一个通常会主动碰了一下另一个,然后说“哈哈,打到你了!”,翻译过来就是“Have at you!”2. Good night, sleep tight. 这句话大家可能都认识,但是如果我说“Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite.”可能你就不太明白了。这句话通常都是家长对自己的小孩子说的话,其起源众说纷纭。不过这有点像儿时的童谣,很押韵,像:Good night, sleep tight/ Wake up bright/ In the morning light/ To do what's right/ With all your might.之类的。3. She is a has-been. 有一次我在酒吧里谈论Britney Spears的时候,我朋友Tomas就说: “Well, Britney Spears is a has-been, Lady Gaga is hot nowadays.”(布兰妮早就过气了,Lady Gaga现在很火。),不过,我回了他一句“Well, it's better to be a has-been than a never-was.”(昙花一现也比默默无闻强啊!),他也不得不点头认可。 这就是口语。恰当的用好简单词也能出奇制胜。像Something is off-key.(这事儿有些不对头/蹊跷。)、Mr.Know-it-all is humbled.(你这个“万事通”这回可砸牌子啦!)、Don't be such a goody-goody.(不要跟个老好人似的谁也不得罪。)等等。4. Mud in your eyes. 我们在敬酒的时候都知道用“Bottoms up!”、“Cheers!”、“Here's a toast to you!”,其实还有一句就是“Here's mud in your eyes!”。这句话通常是在幽默轻松的环境来用的,多表示“祝你好运”。 其实西方还有一句谚语和饮酒有关,那就是:Beer before liquor, you'll never be sicker; but liquor before beer and you are in the clear。字面翻译就是“喝完啤酒再喝白酒你就不会清醒,不过喝完白酒再喝啤酒你仍旧清醒”。从我个人的经验来看,I second that(我赞成这句话)。这句话也可以翻译成“由浅入深难,由深入浅易”或“由俭入奢易,由奢入俭难”。5. Do you respect me in the morning? 这是笔者许多年前在三里屯酒吧和一个外国友人一边喝酒一边shoot the breeze(神侃)的时候他教给我的,至今我没用出去过,不过在电影里倒是遇到过几次。这种情况多发生在party或bar里,当一个男孩和一个女孩彼此hit it off(聊得来),到了最后,男孩子如果鼓足了勇气ask the girl to come to his house,这个女孩通常会问到这句话。因为她不希望是one night stand(一夜情)。这句话可以这样理解,就是:“你是认真的吗?” /201110/157748As Hollywood's best-known "cougar", Demi Moore has become the envy of millions.But while British women may wish for the 47-year-old's youthful, toned figure, it seems they do not hanker after her toyboy husband, 31-year-old Ashton Kutcher.作为好莱坞最著名的“吃嫩草”熟女,黛米·尔成为万千女性羡慕的对象。尽管英国女性也许渴望拥有像这个47岁的女星那样年轻、健美的身材,但她们似乎对她的小老公——31岁的阿什顿·库彻并不感兴趣。New research has found that 71 percent of women over the age of 35 said they would not date a man who was more than three years younger than them.Two-thirds of the women told a poll they believed shared values and interests were more important than looks.一项最新调查发现,年龄在35岁以上的女性中有71%的人表示她们不会与比她们小三岁以上的男性约会。三分之二的女性认为在择偶方面,共同的价值观和兴趣爱好比相貌更重要。The survey's findings go against the recent publicity surrounding so-called cougars, middle-aged women who date considerably younger men.emi Moore, Madonna and British artist Sam Taylor-Wood are all in relationships with younger men, and the trend has even sparked a hit television series, Cougar Town.这一调查结果与近来流行的“熟女”一说似乎并不相符。“熟女”指的是和与比自己年轻很多的男性约会的中年女性。黛米·尔、麦当娜和英国艺术家萨姆·泰勒-伍德都有过“弟恋”,这一潮流甚至还催生了一部热门电视连续剧——《熟女镇》。 /201009/113708



  *aU5ClJ]8*f%W3k.nnXuwotoG3TguXs15TGfcrlxKUZWear a Little Pink Dress.穿条粉色的小裙子@1Toe-uU|QThe little black dress? A classic, of course. But there#39;s no rule that says you can#39;t veer into a pretty bright color occasionally.黑色裙装固然是永恒的经典,但这并不意味你不能尝试亮色裙装^ceSDX~mI@cFtXuei。lElN_VP;irOA1wT(GM^A5cziqclHa9n.kY#GG;4@tIp!v]isK;V.wQ0 /201203/175679。

  Peter was a clever boy. On his first day at school, he learned three words: I, You and She. The teacher taught him how to make sentences with those words. The teacher said, I, I am your teacher; (then pointing to a girl) She, She is your classmate; You, You are my student.   When Peter went home, his father asked him what he had learned at school. Peter said at once, I, I am your teacher; (then pointing to his mother) She, She is your classmate; You, You are my student His father got angry and said, I, I am your father; (then pointing to his wife) She, She is your mother; You, You are my son.   The next morning at school, the teacher asked Peter if he had learned the three words by heart. Yes, he said proudly, I, I am your father; (then pointing to a girl) She, She is your mother; You, You are my son.彼得是个聪明的孩子。在学校的第一天,他学了三个词:我,你,她。老师教他如何用这三个词造句子。老师说:我,我是你的老师;(然后指着一个女孩)她,她是你的同学;你,你是我的学生。   彼得回到家里,爸爸问他学了什么。彼得马上说:我,我是你的老师;(然后指着他的妈妈)她,她是你的同学;你,你是我的学生。他的爸爸听了非常生气,说:我,我是你的爸爸;(然后指着他的妻子)她,她是你的妈妈;你,你是我的儿子。 第二天,老师问彼得是否用心学那三个词了。是的,彼得自豪地说,我,我是你的爸爸;(然后指着一个女孩)她,她是你的妈妈;你,你是我的儿子。

  As BlackBerries and global business mean more and more of us work #39;out of hours#39;, addiction to work is becoming more common.黑莓手机和跨国贸易意味着越来越多的人超时工作,工作狂现象变得越来越普遍。But until now, being a #39;workaholic#39; has been a matter of opinion - much in the same way as Dylan Thomas quipped, #39;An alcoholic is someone you don#39;t like who drinks as much as you do.#39;到现今为止,“工作狂”仍是见仁见智的一个话题,狄兰#8226;托马斯对酒鬼的定义也是如此,他曾打趣说:“嗜酒者就是喝酒喝得和你一样多的讨厌鬼。”Now, Norwegian scientists have designed a #39;scale#39; toseparateout keen workers from those who have a behavioural problem that drives them to harm themselves by overwork.现在,挪威科学家设计了一个“尺度表”,将积极的员工和那些有行为问题、工作过度以至伤身的员工区分开来。The ‘Bergen Work Addiction Scale’ looks at the kind of behaviour that is displayed by all kinds of addicts, from drug users to alcoholics, but related to the workplace.这一“卑尔根工作狂尺度表”观察了从吸毒者到嗜酒者等各种瘾君子的行为表现,但是将这些行为和职场联系起来。Those who, for instance, free up time to fit in extra work or feel guilty if they don’t stay late on a regular basis may be workaholics.举例来说,那些腾出时间加班或是如果不天天超时工作就会感到内疚的人可能是工作狂。Reporting to the Journal of Psychology, researcher Doctor Cecilie Schou Andreassen of the Univesity of Bergen, said the Scale was the first of its kind in the world.研究人员、卑尔根大学的塞西莉亚#8226;休#8226;安德瑞亚森士说该尺度表在全世界是头一个。这一研究发表在《心理学杂志》上。It was tested on 12,000 workers from 25 different kinds of industry, and reflects what she called the ‘seven core elements of addiction.’这个表经过25个行业的1.2万名员工的测试,反映出安德瑞亚森士所说的“上瘾的七个要素”。These are salience - noticeability - mood, tolerance, withdrawal, conflict, relapse and problems.这些要素是:突出性(显著性)、情绪、忍耐力、脱瘾、挣扎、复发、问题。The Scale was designed jointly by psychologists from Norway’s University of Bergen withcolleagues from Nottingham Trent University.该表是挪威卑尔根大学的心理学家和诺丁汉特伦特大学的同事共同设计的。The Bergen scientists believe work addiction is getting worse, not better, because the boundaries between home and office are getting blurred.卑尔根大学的科学家认为人们的工作成瘾症日益严重,因为家庭和办公室的界限越来越模糊。Being in constant touch through mobile phones and laptops and tablet computers, for instance, means it is harder to ‘switch off’ and easier to work from home.例如,经常使用手机、笔记本电脑和平板电脑意味着更难“关机”,也更容易在家工作。Growing globalisation also means it necessary for some companies to be in touch withcolleagues in different time zones, so it will happen outside normal working hours.全球化的发展也意味着某些公司需要和不同时区的同事联系,因此人们也会在非正常工作时间工作。These factors, and others, contribute to more employees who are ‘driven to work excessively and compulsively’ - the definition of an addict.这些因素和其他因素让更多的员工“不得不强迫性地工作过度”——这构成了工作成瘾。Are you a workaholic? The test that finds out if you have a problem测一测你是不是工作狂Look at each of the following statements and rank yourself on each one according to the following: 1 Never; 2 Rarely; 3 Sometimes; 4 Often; 5 Always.阅读下面的陈述,并按如下几类给自己打分:1、从不;2、很少;3、有时;4、经常;5、总是。You think of how you can free up more time to work.你思考如何能腾出更多时间来工作。You spend much more time working than initially intended.你工作的时间比你预想的多得多。You work in order to reduce feelings of guilt, anxiety, helplessness and depression.你为了减少内疚感、焦虑感、无助感和抑郁感而工作。You have been told by others to cut down on work without listening to them.别人让你减少工作量,但你置若罔闻。You become stressed if you are prohibited from working.如果你被禁止工作,你会感到压力很大。You deprioritize hobbies, leisure activities, and exercise because of your work.你让工作优先于你的爱好、休闲活动和健身。You work so much that it has negativelyinfluenced your health.你工作太多,已经对你的健康造成负面影响。If you score ‘often (4)’ or ‘always (5)’ on four or more of these seven statements, it ‘may suggest you are a workaholic.’如果这7项陈述中,你有4项以上是“经常”或 “总是”,那么这“可能意味着你是个工作狂”。 /201206/185614

  Staying single may shorten life spanStaying single all your life may not be good for your health.That's the conclusion of new research that shows that people who never marry face an even greater chance of dying early than people who have been divorced, separated or widowed. All of these groups had shorter survival prospects than people who were currently married.The effect held true across all age groups, even younger ones, the researchers noted."This seems to happenall the way along," said lead researcher Robert Kaplan, professor of the department of health services at the University of California, School of Public Health.His team published the findings in the September issue of the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.Previous research had found a connection between being married and a longer life expectancy and, more specifically, between being married and a lower incidence of heart disease. Marriage is considered a rough proxy for "social connectedness," which experts believe can help people live longer.Most of these studies, however, haven't distinguished between people who are separated, divorced or widowed and those who have never been married."We're getting at never-married people," Kaplan said. "That hasn't been looked at as much."The authors argued that widowed and divorced people are more likely to have children and are thus more likely to be socially connected. Never-married people would not have these benefits.一辈子单身对于健康可能没什么好处。这是一项最新研究得出的结论。研究表明,从未结过婚的人比那些离婚、分居或丧偶的人英年早逝的危险要高得多。而以上这些人群的寿命又都比已婚人士短。研究人员指出,这个结论适合于各年龄段的人,年轻人也不例外。加尼福尼亚大学公共卫生学院健康务系的罗伯特·卡普兰教授是研究小组的组长,他说:"这个道理在任何时候都适用。"该小组的研究结果在《流行病学和社区健康》九月刊上发表。此前的研究发现,结婚可以让人长寿,更确切的说,结婚可以降低患心脏病的危险。婚姻被认为是"社会关系"的一种简单形式,而专家们认为社会关系能使人的寿命延长。然而,这些研究中的大部分没有将分居、离婚、丧偶的人和从未结过婚的人区分开来。卡普兰说:"我们主要针对的是从未结过婚的人。目前对这个人群的研究还不够。"研究报告的作者们认为,丧偶和离婚的人有孩子的可能性较大,所以他们还是有一定的社会关系。而从未结过婚的人则没有这些好处。Vocabulary:all the way along: 自始至终 /200808/45868

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