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和田永久性脱毛多少钱北屯市鼻头鼻翼缩小多少钱A US military refuelling plane has crashed in Kyrgyzstan after exploding in mid air. The aircraft took off from the US military transit center in Kyrgyzstans Manas airport, established for NATO operations in neighbouring Afghanistan.一架美国军用空中加油机在吉尔吉斯斯坦半空中爆炸后坠毁。这架飞机从玛纳斯机场的玛纳斯转运中心起飞,玛纳斯转运中心为北约向阿富汗转运物资而设。Officials didnt say where the plane was heading and the US transit center declined to comment. A civil aviation official said storm clouds could have caused the explosion. Kyrgyzstans Emergencies Minister said there were between two and five crew members on board.官员没有透漏飞机的航向,美国转运中心拒绝。一名民用航空官员说暴风云可能会引起爆炸。吉尔吉斯斯坦紧急情况部部长称飞机上有两到五名机组人员。201305/238440和田光子美白多少钱 But what consumers really want is technology,但消费者真正感兴趣的是科技the latest home appliances,最新的家用电器the latest entertainment technology.最新的技术There are barely 2 million VCRs in 1980.1980年时只有200万台录像机Over 63 million by 1990.到了1990年 却达到6300多万台From a few thousand cell phones,从最初只有区区几千部手机 by the end of the decade there are over 5 million.到80年代末 发展到超过500万部Your first pocket knife,your first bicycle,your first car,你的第一把折叠刀 你的第一辆自行车 你的第一辆汽车today, you know, your first cell phone,your first laptop,如今 你的第一部手机 你的第一台手提电脑all these are badges of gaining control over your world,这些都标志着你掌控了自己的世界of having, being able to live life better标志着你有能力生活得更好because you have a better tool, and the skill to use it.因为你有更先进的工具和使用它们的技术Thats something thats deeply appealing to the American psyche.这让美国人深深地为之心驰神往But many of these consumer technology advances are developed directly from the biggest spending spree of all:不过 许多消费品的技术进步都直接得益于有史以来最大的开狂潮:the Space Race.太空竞赛The Cold War with the Soviet Union is still going strong.与苏联的冷战状态仍然处在白热化阶段Laying out across the globe and the final frontier.紧张态势蔓延全球 乃至太空By the end of the Cold War, 7 trillion dollars has been spent keeping America ahead of her communist rival.到冷战结束时 美国共花费了七万亿美元只为了领先于它的共产主义对手The result,one of the most sophisticated and daring spacecraft ever built:竞争的结果就是 造就了史上最复杂最大胆的航天器:The space shuttle.航天飞机The space shuttle was a beautiful idea.航天飞机真是个非常美妙的想法It was an elegant craft,that would be more efficient, more economical非常精致的飞船更高效 更经济because it could take off and land and be reuseable.因为它可以像飞机那样起飞着陆并重复使用and lift off.发射The shuttle adds to Americas consumer boom.航天飞机助长了美国的消费热潮One of its primary functions is to launch communication satellites,它最重要的功能之一是搭载通信卫星helping expand Americas ever growing appetite用来助涨美国人日益滋长的for entertainment, communications, telephones and GPS.对 通信 电话和全球定位系统的需求And the technology that goes into the shuttle also comes back to earth.而航天飞机上使用的技术也造福了地面上的人类Cell phones, water purification,airplane landing gear, fire fighting equipment.手机 水质净化 飞机起落架 消防设备Cordless power tools, medical tech,and even ski wear.无线电动工具 医疗技术 甚至滑雪All benefited from the shuttle program.这一切都得益于航天飞机计划For many, the shuttle is symbolic of the American story.许多人看来 航天飞机是美国的象征 /201304/235260乌市人民医院打瘦脸针多少钱

新疆中医学院附属医院双眼皮多少钱Top tips on the best ways to cut your living costs, from reducing your fuel bills to selling your clutter. A great to reduce bills, and gain some quick capital.本视频讲述了降低生活成本的最佳方法,从降低燃料费用到出售废旧物品等等。这段视频可以帮助你降低费用,赚到更多流动资本。Step 1: Reduce your fuel bills1.降低燃料费用One of the biggest expenses in the home is gas and electricity. It may be possible to reduce your bills by changing your supplier and making changes around the home to cut the amount of energy you use. See VideoJugs How to get the best deals on energy and How to save energy in the home for tips on how to do this.家中最大的花费之一就是汽油和电。通过变更供应商或改造家中的设施可以减少能源使用量。可以通过观看本网站的相关视频来了解。Step 2: Fit a water meter2.校正水表To reduce your water bill, it may be worth fitting a water meter, especially if you have a big house with few occupants. To find out whether you can save money by switching to a meter, visit uswitch.com, which assesses what your bill should be according to who your water supplier is and how much water you use.要降低用水费用,校正水表是必要的,尤其是如果你家比较大,有几个居住者。要了解怎样调整水表来省钱,登录uswitch.com网站来查看,该网站可以根据你的水供应商和用水量来评估你的用水费用。Step 3: Reduce your phone bills3.降低电话费用An easy way to cut the cost of your home phone bills is to use a cable company to provide your telephone, television and even broadband internet access in one single package. Web comparison services such as SimplySwitch.com, uSwitch.com and Thisismoney.co.uk will list the cheapest current suppliers according to your address and usage, and can make the switch for you.降低电话费用的一个简单方法就是使用同一家电信公司提供的电话,电视和宽带套餐。SimplySwitch.com, uSwitch.com和Thisismoney.co.uk等务比较公司会根据你的地址和用途为你列出费用最低的供应商,帮你做出转换。To reduce your mobile phone bills, considering getting a pay-as-you-go mobile, which will stop you paying for minutes and texts that you dont use. You can buy a pay-as-you-go phone for as little as 30 pounds and itll mean you only use your mobile when you need to. You could also try a comparison website such as SimplySwitch.com or onecompare.com.为了节约电话费用,可以考虑使用无月租的充值卡电话,这样你就不需要为自己没有使用的通话和短信付费。你可以花30英磅来购买一个小小的充值卡电话,这意味着只有在需要的时候你才会使用你的电话。你还可以尝试使用SimplySwitch.com或onecompare.com等比较网站。Step 4: Do DIY4.自己动手For around £100 you can take a course at your local adult education college which will enable you to do most household repairs yourself. Apart from carpentry and decorating, you may be able to do a plumbing course which will reduce expensive call-out charges and extra insurance policies.花费100英镑左右,你就可以参加当地的成人教育大学,学会大部分家庭修理工作。除了木工和装饰之外,你还可以参加管路系统课程,能够降低昂贵的上门务费用和额外的保险费用。Step 5: Sell your clutter on eBay5.电子商务平台出售废旧物品Most people have at least some unwanted possessions lying around the house. But even if theyve become useless to you, they might be collectable to someone else. The online auction house eBay is the best way to get your possessions seen by millions of potential buyers. See VideoJugs How to sell unwanted goods on eBay if youve never used the site before.大部分人家中都有一些不想要的物品。但是他们对你来说是没用的,对其他人来说可能很有收藏价值。在线拍卖网站eBay可以让数百万潜在买家看到你的物品。如果你从来没有使用过这个网站,可以查看本网站的“怎样在eBay上出售废旧物品”。Thanks for watching How To Spend Less At Home感谢收看“怎样降低家庭生活成本”视频节目。201210/202528五家渠去除疤痕多少钱 Obviously, over time,显然 随着时间的推移the subtle signals for any specific earthquake任何一次地震留下的细微痕迹disappears very quickly,都会很快消失and this has virtually disappeared in less than six months,事实上 它不到6个月就消失了so as were scrabbling around the hillsides,只要我们在山坡周围寻找we see signals every now and then,就可以不时地发现一些痕迹but the data is very sparse,但是这些数据很分散 very difficult to put together.很难把它们收集起来Geologists like Mike hope麦克等地质学家们希望 that by mapping the past,通过测绘已发生的地震遗址theyll come closer to predicting the future.能让他们更进一步地预测未来的地震But even if you know where to measure,但即便你知道测量从何处下手every earthquake is complicated by a significant factor,仍有一个关键因素使地震趋于复杂how big its going to be.即地震的规模We dont know what makes an earthquake start today我们不清楚地震为何发生在今日instead of yesterday.而不是昨天We also dont know what makes it stop我们也不知道它为何停止and thats what controls the size of the earthquake.而这决定着地震的规模A magnitude three starts at a point,比如 3级的地震由一点开始爆发you start to slip at a point地壳从这一点开始滑动and you have a rupture front that travels out并产生了一个延伸的破裂前沿and causes more of the fault to slip,造成了断层的更多滑动and in a magnitude three, you travel out this far.3级地震会延伸这么远In a magnitude five, it travels out for a kilometre or two.5级地震的时候 延伸1至2千米In a magnitude eight, it travels out for 500 kilometres,8级地震的时候 延伸500千米so when were trying to predict what the earthquake will be所以当我们去预测地震大小时were saying, it starts here,我们会说 它从这里开始but does it stop after one kilometre,但它是在1千米后就停止呢or does it stop after, um, 100 kilometres?还是在100千米后才停止201305/239258阿克苏唇部激光脱毛价格

克拉玛依去雀斑多少钱201201/167436 Having a small foreign object in the eye is not life threatening, though it can cause an immense amount of discomfort. Follow these steps to flush the eye clear.小小的异物进入眼睛不会威胁生命,却会导致极大的不适。遵循以下建议,将眼睛冲洗干净。Step 1 Wash hands1.洗手Wash your hands thoroughly, and find a well-lit area where you can examine the eye. If youre examining your own eye, find a mirror as well.彻底洗手,找一个光线较好,可以检查眼睛的地方。如果你是自我检查,找一面镜子。Do not touch, press, or rub the eye -- or try to pull out an object thats lodged in the eye with your fingers or tweezers.That could cause further irritation and make the injury worse.不要触摸,按压,用力擦眼睛,或者试图用手指或镊子拔出进入眼睛的异物。否则会造成进一步的刺激,使情况更加严重。Step 2 Examine eye2.检查眼睛Carefully examine the eye by pulling the lower lid down while the person looks up. Then have them look down as you raise the upper lid.把下眼睑向下拉,眼睛向上看,认真检查眼睛。然后把上眼睑向上拉,眼睛向下看。Step 3 Flush the eye3.冲洗眼睛Thoroughly rinse an eyecup or a small glass. Fill it halfway with lukewarm water or saline solution. Press the rim tightly around the eye to prevent spilling, then tilt the head back, flushing the eye while the person blinks a few times and rolls their eye around.彻底清洗一个洗眼杯或一个小杯子。装半杯温水或盐水。把边缘紧紧地扣在眼睛上,以防水溢出来。然后将头部向后倾,冲洗眼睛,眨几次眼睛,转动眼球。Dont use regular eyedrops, like those containing tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride, to flush the eye.不要使用普通的眼药水来冲洗眼睛,例如含有四氢萘咪唑啉成分的眼药水。Step 4 Flush several times4.冲洗几次If the foreign object doesnt wash away, flush a few more times, rinsing the eyecup with clean water after each use.如果仍然没有将异物冲走,多冲洗几次,每次使用后用清水将洗眼杯冲洗干净。If it doesnt cause too much distress, stretch the upper eyelid over the lower eyelid, allowing the lashes of the lower eyelid to brush away any object caught beneath the upper lid.如果没有造成太多痛苦的话,将上眼睑拉伸到下眼睑上方,让下眼睑的睫毛刷掉任何藏在上眼睑下的异物。Step 5 Seek medical attention5.寻求医疗救助If irritation persists, stop flushing and seek medical attention. The person may have suffered a corneal abrasion.如果刺激物仍然没有出来,停止冲洗,寻求医疗救助。你的角膜可能被磨损了。Sometimes a scratch on the surface of the eye gives the sensation of something in the eye when in fact nothing is there.有时抓到眼睛表面也会让你产生眼中有异物的感觉,实际上什么都没有。 /201302/224508乌鲁木齐市激光祛黄褐斑要多少钱乌鲁木齐哪裡有去疤的医院



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