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The U.S. dollar dropped to a 12-year low against the Japanese yen, and also sank to new lows against the euro and other global currencies. Stock markets in Asia also sold off, in part because of the weak dollar and because of concerns that the U.S. economy is going into recession. 美元兑日圆的汇价降到了12年来的最低点。同时,美元兑欧元以及世界上其它货币的汇价也都创下新低。美元大跌部分原因是人们担心美国的经济开始进入衰退 。The dollar fell one percent to 100.20 yen in Tokyo trading Tuesday, its lowest rate since 1995. It also hit record lows against the euro and the Swiss franc.  在星期二的东京外汇市场,美元兑日圆的汇价下降到了自1995年以来的最低点,为1美元兑100.20日圆。此外,美元兑欧元以及瑞士法郎的比价也都创下新低。David Mann, chief currency strategist at Standard Chartered Bank in Hong Kong, says the 100-yen level for the dollar is dangerous because it is a psychological mark for investors.  香港渣打的首席货币分析师大卫.曼恩说,在100日圆比价这个水平对美元来说是危险的,因为那是投资人心理指标。"If it goes, if that taboo is broken, then traders will be comfortable with the idea that we can actually see even further losses in the dollar against the yen and so we can be trading into the 90's for some time," he said. 他说:“如果这个心理的标准被冲破了的话,那么交易人就会觉得更低的兑换率、甚至90年代的水平也不足为奇了。On Tuesday the dollar rallied after the Federal Reserve said it would pump 0 billion into financial markets to ease the credit crunch caused by a hike in unpaid home mortgages. 星期二,美联储表示将向市场投入了2000多亿美元的资金,以减缓家庭贷款危机所带来的冲击,之后美元曾一度上扬。But the gains quickly vanished because of concerns that the plan is not enough to boost the U.S. economy. Mann says investors are wary of the Fed's plan because they worry about U.S. bank failures. 但是很快又开始下跌,因为人们担心美联储的措施不足以振奋美国的经济。"The problem is that we are still in a situation of 'can lend, won't lend,' and while we have that type of problem even aggressive monetary easing won't necessarily do it, it'll be a little bit more like just pushing on a string," he said. 香港渣打的首席货币分析师大卫.曼恩说:“问题在于我们仍然处于那种可以贷、但又不愿贷的局面,所以即使是很大胆的财政措施也解决不了问题。”Mann says the Fed is also likely to cut interest rates even further. 他说,美联储也可能进一步的降低利率。"Very likely to get a minimum of 50 basis points cut from the next meeting and we are actually expecting the fed funds rate to go all the way down to one percent by the middle of this year," he added.The dollar's slide against the yen has also sparked concern that Japanese authorities may intervene, as the country has a history of restraining the yen's strength to maintain the competitiveness of exporters. 美元兑日圆比价的下降也令人们担心日本政府可能会进行干预,因为日本政府为了维持日本在出口方面的竞争力过去曾采取措施使日圆不至上升过快。The U.S. sub-prime mortgage crisis, together with fears that the economy is slipping into recession, is taking its toll on global markets. Mann says the big worry is the possibility the problems could last a long time, similar to the Asian financial crisis in the late 1990s.  美国的次级贷款危机,以及对美国经济衰退的担心正在全球市场造成负面影响。大卫.曼恩说,人们很担心的一个问题是这会持续很长的一段时间,就象亚洲地区在90年代后期的那场危机那样。Other worries for investors in Asia included rising inflation in much of the region and oil prices nearing 0 a barrel.On Thursday most major Asian stock markets closed lower. Japan's Nikkei plunged more than three percent, the Hang Seng Index in Hong Kong lost 4.8 percent and the Kospi in Seoul gave up 2.6 percent of its value.  星期四,亚洲股市大都走低。日经指数跌了3%以上。香港恒生指数跌幅达4.8%。首尔股市也下跌了2.6%。200803/305052 商讨条款3句英文任你选Wed like to discuss the term of payment in more detail.我们想讨论一下付款条件的细节。Lets discuss the contract item by item.让我们逐条来讨论这份合同。There are some points that need to be worked out.还有几点需要研究一下。半个句型要记牢discuss the contract (讨论合同)Tip:在签订合同,双方都应谨慎仔细,认真讨论合同每个细节,item by item就是一条接一条,逐条的意思,类似有 one by one(一个接一个)。讨论过程中可能用的句型: What do you think? In my opinion. Are satisfied with...等。 /201604/434111

apocryphal ------ 可信度不高的(形容词) 英文释义(adjective) Describing stories that are highly unlikely, but that often may be repeated and valued despite being obviously untrue. 例句Many cultures cherish apocryphal stories about the magical powers of their ancient founders.很多文化都有关于古代开国者的神奇力量的可信度不高的故事。 /201610/466515

Bush Aims to Strengthen Relations on European Trip布什总统将出访欧洲  Less than one month after his return from the Middle East, U.S. President George Bush is heading abroad again, this time to Europe. He will hold talks with European Union leaders and visit the capitals of key allies: Germany, France, Italy, and Great Britain. 美国总统布什结束中东之行回到美国还不到一个月,即将再次出访,这次的目的地是欧洲。布什将跟欧盟领导人举行会谈,访问重要盟友德国、法国、意大利和英国的首都。You might call this George W. Bush's farewell tour. As his presidency draws to a close, he is making the rounds of European capitals - stressing the importance of trans-Atlantic relations. 可以把布什的这次出访称为告别访问。布什在总统任期即将结束之际访问上述欧洲国家首都,目的是强调大西洋两岸关系的重要性。Those ties have been strained throughout much of his presidency, in large part due to the war in Iraq. 在布什担任总统的大部分时间里,美国跟这些国家的关系紧张,主要原因是伊拉克战争。Tensions rose during the run up to the war, and have only begun to ease a bit in the last few years. The White House has made a concerted effort to reach out to Europeans. 伊拉克战争即将打响时,美国跟欧洲盟友的紧张关系升级,最近几年才稍微有所缓解。白宫全力以赴,争取与欧洲和解。The president's message: there is more that unites us than divides us. 布什想让欧洲知道:让我们团结的因素大于我们的分歧。"The alliance of Europe and North America is the main pillar of our security," he said. "Our robust trade is one of the engines of the world economy. Our example of economic and political freedom gives hope to millions, who are weary of poverty and oppression." 布什说:“欧洲和北美联盟是我们实现安全的主要柱。我们之间繁荣的贸易是推动世界经济增长的动力之一。我们的经济和政治自由榜样让厌倦贫穷和压制的成百上千万人有了希望。”Mr. Bush visited Europe three times in the 12 months following his second inauguration. And, in February 2005, he became the first U.S. president to set foot in the Brussels headquarters of the European Union. 布什在第二届总统任期的头一年曾经先后三次访问欧洲。2005年2月,布什成为第一位访问欧盟布鲁塞尔总部的美国总统。"Our strong friendship is essential to peace and prosperity across the globe, and no temporary debate, no passing disagreement of governments, no power on earth will ever divide us," the president said. 布什说:“我们的牢固友谊是世界和平与繁荣不可或缺的,任何一时的争论、任何政府之间过去的分歧、任何力量都不会将我们分开。”The goal was to change the tone, to ease the bitterness of the war, according to John K. Glenn, who heads the foreign policy program at the German Marshall Fund of the ed States. 美国德国马歇尔基金会对外政策项目负责人约翰.格伦认为,布什欧洲之行的目的是改变调子,缓和战争给美国和欧洲盟友之间造成的不愉快。"What we have seen over the past couple years is, you might think of it as a kind of a gentleman's agreement not to discuss Iraq," he said. "And, instead, trans-Atlantic relations have been fairly bolstered by a vision of a kind of global agenda - what are the challenges that face us all? And that list is fairly formidable." 格伦说:“过去两三年的情况看起来好像是一种君子协定,就是大家同意不讨论伊拉克问题。实际上,泛大西洋国家之间的关系出于对全球的看法而得到了加强。这种看法是,我们大家共同面临的挑战是哪些?这些挑战相当可怕。”The list includes Iran, the rise of China and Russia, and economics - especially trade. 这些挑战包括伊朗问题,中国和俄罗斯的崛起,以及经济,特别是贸易问题。On Iran in particular, President Bush embraced the European diplomatic initiative led by Germany, France and Britain. 尤其在伊朗问题上,布什接受了德国、法国和英国所倡导的欧洲外交动议。"The U.S. and Europe rarely have the kind of big, deep disagreements that they used to have over Iraq," said Glenn. "There certainly is [was] the complaint about a lack of consultation and coordination that we used to hear, in particular, over the issues of the Middle East. Instead, U.S.-European relations seem to be on a fairly functional, fairly working level and to be reasonably successful." 他说:“美国和欧洲很少存在像伊拉克问题上那么巨大而深刻的分歧。我们听到过双方抱怨彼此缺乏磋商和协调,特别是在中东问题上。不过,美国和欧洲的关系似乎处于比较顺畅、比较好的水平,也相当成功。”In the final years of his term, President Bush has seen a new group of European leaders come to the fore who have signaled more of a willingness to work with the ed States. Angela Merkel of Germany and Nicholas Sarkozy of France have brought about great change according to veteran journalist Reginald Dale, who is now an analyst with the Center for Strategic and International Studies. 在布什总统任期的最后时间里,一批新的欧洲国家领导人崭露头角,他们表示更倾向于同美国合作。美国智库战略与国际问题研究中心的分析员雷金纳德.戴尔曾是一位资深记者。他认为,德国总理默克尔和法国总统萨尔科奇给欧洲带来了很大的改变。"Sarkozy even ran for office with the nickname of 'the American,' and made no secret of the fact that he wanted to patch up relations - not only patch up relations with the ed States, but that he admired the ed States," he said.  他说:“萨尔科奇甚至以‘美国人’为昵称来参加竞选,并且公开表示他不仅想修补和美国的关系,而且很欣赏美国。”Dale says that fondness for the U.S. may be bearing fruit. 戴尔说,对美国的喜爱也许正在产生良好的效果。"The whole climate in Europe has actually moved more favorably from President Bush's point of view," he said. "And even - we are beginning to see slightly less anti-Americanism in Europe at the popular level." 他说:“实际上,从布什总统的角度看,欧洲整体上变得更加友善了。我们甚至开始看到欧洲普通老百姓的反美情绪已经略微减弱。”The improvement in the image of the ed States, according to European public opinion surveys, is slight but real. In part, experts say, it may be because of the prospect of change in the White House as Americans prepare to elect a new president. 欧洲的民意调查结果显示,美国形像的改善虽然有限,但却是实实在在的。有关专家说,这种变化的部分原因可能是美国人准备选举新总统,白宫内将出现变化。But Dale says it may also be a function of a growing realization that the two sides need each other. 但是,戴尔说,还有一个原因可能是,双方越来越认识到彼此需要对方。"The relationship between Europe and the ed States will be absolutely key to solving the problems of the 21st century," he said. "Where else can the ed States ultimately look for allies but Europe? It has to be Europe." 他说:“美欧关系绝对是解决21世纪各种问题的关键。除了欧洲,美国最终还能去哪里寻找盟友呢?只能是欧洲。”Dale says, despite their fundamental problems, the Americans and the Europeans share basic values of the rule of law, democracy and freedom. He says their bond is unique, and unlike any other in the world.  戴尔说,虽然美欧关系存在一些根本性问题,但是双方都信奉法治、民主和自由的基本价值观。他说,双方的凝聚力是独特的,和其它任何国家都不同。200806/41479

Katie: Couric: There are a lot further along with Dorry Winning which's just scaled than we thought.Donny Deustch: Let's scrape in our knuckles in other words, right.Katie Couric: Yeah, exactly. Well, I thought those guys were great, by the way, I am in love with Allen, he is in Houston now. What a nice guy.Donny Deustch: He is a good guy. Great, great 3-point shooter also. You know, I'm not surprised that....Katie Couric:Yeah, I, I thought that as well, a great 3-point shooter to me.Donny Deustch: I am not, I am not surprised the guys on camera, saying things ,these things will blow you away. He's basically regreted this world of Allen Orden for Donny O'Neal. Guys, 80% guys don't need more time to themselves. 80% guys we asked them, do, does your loved one tell you she loves sweet love? Absolutely. Do you want your woman to lose weight? Yes, 40% said yes. But would you think /...but would you think two out of...Katie Couric: But I didn't like that guy. 44% said yes, 53% said no, and 4% said not sure.Donny Deustch: But two out of three people in this country're technically overweight. So in reality, that's good news. Men like curves, you know, why don't women think, men ...Katie Couric:They like women with a little junk in her trunk as fiance says.Donny Deustch: A little junk in the trunk and a little stuff in the buff, whatever it is, don't like the skinny, Kate Moss. A curve is OK. And guys didn't want plastic surgery, two, over two thirds of guys, don't touch it, we like it the way it is, so I think the media (played this~)Katie Couric: Do you think they really think that, or do you think, you know, oftentimes in these polls, as you know, Donny, in your career in advertising, people really do say what they think they are supposed to say?Donny Deustch: On camera they do, but I think in an on-line poll and in an anonymous poll, I think that's when people have an opportunity though, you know what, nobody is watching I can say what I want, and I was blown away that you know, we've got this whole group of happily married guys in this country. They were all kidding. They kind of complain with the other guy friends, they say, oh, you know, ah, the old ball in chain. But in reality, when asked, do you want your wife to express herself less? No..Katie Couric:Yeah, it's so happy to hear about, because you know...Donny Deustch: No...I want it, bring it on, bring it on.Katie Couric: You know, well I think oftentimes, he is an odd character, caricatures, in generalization, (Yes, that's it.)about people and manner, you know...Donny Deustch: We wanna hear what's going on.Katie Couric: Are.. are as human as women, and(Just a little bit.) you know, they may communicate differently. But I think their basic needs and their basic desires are (Right.) are really quite similar.Donny Deustch: Here is the only kind of niche in the whole thing. They always skip on the whole thing. When you asked, 50% said they would like their wives or girlfriends to spend more time with their girlfriends. It was interesting. So then, does that... you know, solemnly mean they really do want time by themselves? But yes, we want our girls to be with other girls, that's OK. But do they want separate vacations? 3 out of 4 no. I wanna go away with the woman I love. Once again, are you nurtured enough? 83% Yes, we've got happy guys out there. We are not pinched, we are ok.Katie Couric: And what about the single ones vs. the married ones?Donny Deustch: Single ones , once again, a little more sexual obviously, but the guys...Katie Couric: And what'd they want in terms of sexy? (Aggressive.)Want woman to be more aggressive?Donny Deustch: More aggressive, more aggressive, they are overwhelming guys. They want women to make the move, they don't want to have to make the move, they want women, they want women, they want women, they want women! Here it is. I, I actually represent the picks. No, they want women to be more sexually aggressive.Katie Couric: Oh, gosh, so much to say so little time. (So little time.)Fine, Donny, please. All right, you can catch more Donny's insights on the Big Idea With Donny Deutsch. Week nights at 10:00 Eastern and Pacific on CN. 200808/46527

Zimbabwe Opposition Rejects y Government, Mbeki Mediation津巴布韦反对派领袖拒入联合政府   Zimbabwe's Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, has rejected the African Union call for a government of national unity. Tsvangirai says he wants no part of a mediation led only by South African President Thabo Mbeki. 津巴布韦“争取民主变革运动”领导人茨万吉拉伊拒绝非洲联盟提出的建立民族团结政府的呼吁。茨万吉拉伊说,他不想参与仅仅由南非总统姆贝基主持的调解。Morgan Tsvangirai says in calling for a government of national unity in Zimbabwe, the African Union failed to take into consideration the findings of three African observer groups who said last week's presidential run-off election was flawed and illegitimate. 茨万吉拉伊说,非洲联盟呼吁在津巴布韦建立民族团结政府,没有考虑到三个非洲观察员小组上个星期的结论。这三个小组都认为,上个星期津巴布韦举行的总统选举决选有问题,不合法。"The resolution endorses the concept of a government of national unity [GNU] without acknowledging that the MDC, as the winner of the last credible elections on 29 March 2008, should be recognized as the legitimate government of Zimbabwe," he said. "A GNU does not address the problems facing Zimbabwe or acknowledge the will of the Zimbabwean people." 茨万吉拉伊说:“非盟决议赞同建立民族团结政府的概念,但是没有承认在2008年3月29号举行的那次有公信力的选举中,‘争取民主变革运动’获胜,应该被承认为津巴布韦的合法政府。民族团结政府也没有涉及津巴布韦面临的问题,也没有考虑到津巴布韦人民的意愿。”Most importantly says Tsvangirai, the resolution failed to deal adequately with ongoing violence in Zimbabwe which he says continues even now. He says that in the past week nine MDC supporters have been killed, and many more beaten and forced to leave their homes and seek shelter elsewhere. 茨万吉拉伊说,更重要的是,该决议未能充分考虑津巴布韦目前还在持续的暴力活动。茨万吉拉伊说,即便是现在,仍然在发生暴力。他说,在过去一个星期中,有9名“争取民主变革运动”的持者被杀害,许多人被殴打、被迫离开家园到其它地方寻求庇护。Tsvangirai says negotiations under these conditions are not possible and that before any talks can take place violence must end and jailed MDC supporters must be released. In addition, he says, militia bases and what he called torture camps must be disbanded. 茨万吉拉伊说,在这种条件下不可能进行任何谈判。他说,在举行会谈之前,必须首先结束暴力,释放所有被关押的“争取民主变革运动”的持者。此外,他还说,准军事人员的基地以及一些拷打营地必须解散。The AU resolution endorsed South African President Thabo Mbeki as mediator in Zimbabwe, but Tsvangirai says the MDC has reservations about any mediation under Mr. Mbeki. 非盟决议授权南非总统姆贝基作为在津巴布韦的调解人,但是茨万吉拉伊说,“争取民主变革运动”对姆贝基总统主持的调解持保留态度。200807/43294

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