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汉中割包皮多少钱汉中最好的包皮手术Conversation 3A: Are you going to buy a bicycle?B: Maybe. How much is it?A: 350 yuan.B: Oh, dear. It too expensive. Can you give me a better price?A: Your discount is aly included. Normally we charge 00 yuan, but now we can give you a special price. This is our sale period.B: It still too much. Cant you make it any cheaper than that?A: Sorry, but this is the beat price. You cant get it any cheaper than here.B: I see. Can I pay by traveler checks?A: Im afraid you cant. Youre welcome to pay in cash.A:您要买自行车吗?B:可能多少钱一辆?A:350元B:哦,太贵了能便宜点吗?A:平常我们要00元,现在正降价出售,已经给您优惠了B:价格还是太贵了,进不能多降点吗?A:抱歉,这是最低的价钱了,您买不到比这儿更便宜的了B:哦,明白了我能用旅行票吗?A:恐怕不行,还会用现金吧 18878汉中有哪些私立医院 汉中佳和美生殖健康医院规范诊疗不骗人

汉中治疗前列腺炎医院哪家好汉中前列腺医生 Housekeeping 客房务Key Sentences(重点句子)99.Housekeeping.May I come in?我是客房的,可以进来吗?0.When would you like me to do your room,sir?您要我什么时间来给你打扫房间呢,先生?1.You can do it now if you like.如果您愿意,现在就可以打扫1.I would like you to go and get me a flask of hot water.我想请你给我拿一瓶开水来1.Im sorry that your flask is empty.很抱歉您的水壶空了1.May I do the turn-down service you now?现在可以为您收拾房间了吗?1.Oh,thank you.But you see,we are having some friends over.噢,谢谢,但你知道我们邀请了一些朋友过来聚聚1.Could you come back in three hours?你能不能过3小时再来整理?1.Certainly,madam.Ill let the overnight staff know.当然可以,女士我会转告夜班务员1.Would you tidy up a bit in the bathroom?请整理一下浴室好吗?1.Ive just taken a bath and it is quite a mess now.我刚洗了澡,那儿乱糟糟的1.Besides,please bring us a bottle of just boiled water.此外,请给我们带瓶刚烧开的水来1.It growing dark.Would you like me to draw the curtains you?天黑下来了,要不要我拉上窗帘?1.Is there anything I can do you?您还有什么事要我做吗?1.Im always at your service.乐意效劳 199汉中男科病哪里看

汉中割过包皮多少钱Inspection of packaging 检验包装A:What procedures do you have in package inspection.对包装的检验都包括哪些程序?B:The inspection of package is the process in which comparison and assessment are made between the package features and the standardized requirements. It includes the inspection, measurement and computation of the feature of the package.包装检验就是将包装特性与规定的要求进行比较和评价的过程A:Can you explain it? It sounds a little bit complicated. How exactly should packaging be inspected? 您能不能给我解释一下,听起来有点复杂究竟包装是怎么检验的?B:Yes, sure. Among the features of packaging, security is of essential importance. dangerous and poisnous goods, the nature and the generally adopted symbol should be marked conspicuously on each package. 当然没问题了在包装的特性当中,安全问题是及其重要的对于危险品和有毒的货物,在每件包装上应有醒目的标记及性质说明A:I get it.我明白了B:Sanitation is another standard to meet in the inspection of packaging. That is to say, packaging must be done according to the sanitation law and meet the sanitation standard.卫生问题是检验包装中另外一条标准那也就是说,包装必须根据卫生法规来执行,同时还要达到卫生标准A:I guess this is a very important standard to meet with as to packaging.我想这也是检验包装中一个非常重要的标准吧B:Exactly. Besides, packaging has to be convenient and safe in delivery, that is the principle of circulation.完全正确除此之外,包装还必须满足运输时的方便、安全原则这就是流通原则A:What does that mean exactly? 具体是什么意思呢?B:It means that you had better choose some light material rather than the heavy material as your packaging material so that it is easier to deliver; but at the same time safety must be taken into , too. That means that you have to choose some strong material and take some measure like putting foam at the bottom of the container to protect the stuff from being damaged.意思就是说比起厚重的材料来,你最好选用轻薄的材料来包装商品,这样一来的话运输就会比较方便快捷但是同时安全性也必须选用结实的材料并且要采取一些措施来保物品不被损坏A:Amazing. I have never heard of these bee. 真是不可思议,我以前从来没有听说过这些东西B:And there is the last standard in the inspection of packaging, the principle of economy. That means you have to use less expensive material rather than more expensive material in packaging if possible.最后检验包装还有一条标准,那就是经济原则经济原则的意思是说尽可能地用一些成本低的材料来包装 7 What is the definition of customs clearance? 通关的定义是什么?It refers to the act that the people in charge of the inhound or outbound vehicles, consignors and their agents, or the owners of the items make a declaration to the customs about applying the malities their import, export cargoes or items. 通关是指进出境运输工具的负责人、货物的收发货人及其代理人、物品的所有人向海关申请办理进出口货物、物品手续It refers to the whole process in which the customs officers audit, inspect, collect duty, approve import or export of the documents and the cargo provided by the consignors. 海关通关是指海关对发货呈交的单和申请进出口货物、物品依法进行审核、查验、征收税费、批准进出口的全过程What malities do we need to go through to clear the customs? 海关通关都需要什么手续?It quite easy, just answer some questions. 很简单,回答一些问题就行了If you are importing or exporting commodities, you have to go through a series of procedures. 要是进出口货物就要通过一系列的程序You have to make a declaration if you have brought something which has to be declared. 假如你有要申报的东西必须申报Do you have anything to declare? 请问您有需要申报的东西吗?No, I dont. 没有Actually I have no idea about what stuff should be declared. 事实上,我不知道什么东西是需要申报的Yes, I have some eign currency. 有,我有一些外币What are the official malities in terms of customs clearance? 海关通关的官方手续有哪些?The inbound or outbound passengers have to enter or depart from the place where a customs office is located so that their personal possessions and belongings can be supervised and managed by the customs office. 进出境旅客行李物品必须通过设有海关的地点进境或出境,接受海关监督Passengers ought to make declaration in accordance with the regulations. 旅客应规定向海关申报 667汉中哪里割包皮更好汉中市中医院治疗龟头炎多少钱



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