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,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活Learn a language-you need to know学习语言必备Go to where the language is spoken去到说目标语言的地方 It may not be an option everyone but Braun reminds us that ;if you are serious about learning the language andgetting direct pleasure from what you have learned, you need to go to where that language is spoken;.不是所有人都能做到这样,但布劳恩提醒我们说,“若你认真对待你所学的这门语言,同时能够在学习它的过程中得到快乐,那么你应该到说这语言的地方去” Travel and living abroad can complement learning in the classroom: ;The books and verb charts may be the easiest way to ensure you expose yourself to the language at home, but the people and the culture will far outclass them once you get to the country where your language is spoken.;旅行和住在外国能够有效地对课堂学习进行补充:“在家手看书本和词汇表可能是让你置身于目标语言环境的最简单的方式,但是该语言环境中的人和文化都在书本之外,除非你到说这种语言的国家去”更多详情敬请关注新浪微:DJ_Ukki安夏[本节目属],,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 How To Burst Out of Bed Each Morning如何摆脱起床难Way bee the sun peeks over the horizon, a few chosen people awaken from their slumber and dive head first into their day.These chosen few accomplish a ton bee the rest of us would ever considerrising from our nice warm beds.每天早晨,太阳还没在地平线上露头,少数人已经从睡梦中醒来,投入到了一天的工作中当我们还在纠结要不要从温暖的床上爬起来,他们已经完成了许多工作Who are these juggernauts that have command over the morning hours?这些早起的鸟儿是何方神圣?In theory, your productivity level shouldnt differ if you rise at am or am. What matters is the quality of sleep that giving your mind and body sufficient time to recover.理论上来说,早晨点起床和中午点起床,你的工作效率并没什么不同关键是你是能否有高质量的睡眠,让你的头脑和身体有足够的时间恢复状态These early rising juggernauts, these unstoppable agents of productivity, they see things differently. They see these early hours as their chance to lay claim to their share of the day. They rise with purpose,act with determination, and achieve ruthlessly.这些早起的鸟儿,这些一往无前追求工作效率的人,他们却不这么看他们把早起几小时当做掌控一天时间的宣誓他们目标明确,决心坚定,不达目的决不罢休The world is in awe of these special people, so let take a look at what pops them out of bed like a toaster strudeland what gets them up, sometimes bee the alarm!世界对这些早起的人们充满了敬畏之情早晨起床时,他们像多士炉里的面包一样,从床上一跃而起,有时候都不需要闹钟催促——他们是如何做到的呢?burst out 突然发生,例如:Everyonesuddenly burst out laughing.大家突然哄堂大笑peek 偷窥slumber 熟睡sufficient 足够的juggernaut 巨大的力量[物体]alarm 闹钟 [本节目属] 6.icon_sina, .icon_msn, .icon_fx{ background-position: px -1px}

你丈夫能帮上很多忙吗- :3:6 A:Your husband is very helpful, isn't he?你的丈夫能帮上你很多忙,不是吗?B:Willing to help, maybe, but not as helpful as you think.也许他挺愿意帮忙的,可是不像你想像中的那样能帮上忙A:Really?是吗?B:Last night he told the children a cliff-hanger story and both of them were scared out of sleep.昨天晚上,他给孩子们讲故事把他们俩吓得睡不着

,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活Put down your phone放下手机Your divided attention could keep you from what truly important注意力分散,错失真正重要的东西 Were not just talking about missing special moments--although surely, texting during time spent with loved ones can prevent full engagement. Were talking about priorities.这里要讲的不是错失特殊时刻——当然,和爱人在一起时发短信会妨碍约会这里强调的是优先次序 It can prevent you from really enjoying the activities you cherish妨碍你享受真正值得珍惜的活动 Google executive Bonita Stewart banishes her cellphone from her ballet class so that she can enjoy her dance practice unfettered by her to-do list.谷歌高级主管妮塔-斯图尔特在上芭蕾课时绝对不用手机,只有这样,她才能照任务清单专心享受舞蹈训练更多详情敬请关注新浪微:DJ_Ukki安夏[本节目属] 7,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活爱自己Not checking your email.没有查看邮件 With the advent of the smartphone, it can feel like youre obligated to check your emails and messages important memos every few minutes. 随着智能手机的问世,似乎每分钟都去查看邮箱,重要的留言信息是你的一种义务All this does is spike your stress levels.这些都会助长你的压力advent n.出现;到来;基督降临节(圣诞节前的四个星期) 例句:Swallows come by groups at the advent of spring.春天来临时燕子成群飞来.更多详情敬请关注新浪微:DJ_Ukki安夏[本节目属] 378酒吧里的驻唱歌手-1 :7: A:Hey. I'm a visitor from China. I love your music. It's the best I've ever heard. Will you please spare a little bit of time me?嗨我是从中国来的游客我喜欢你的音乐它是我所听到过的最棒的你有时间跟我聊一会儿吗?B:Sure. Thank you saying that. Actually, those songs were sung the first time today. I wrote them in the past two months.当然谢谢你喜欢实际上,那些歌今天是第一次唱,是我在上两个月创作的A:Oh, you wrote them all by yourself. That's amazing! Are you a regular singer here?哦,那些歌都是你自己写的那太棒了!你是这里的驻唱吗?B:You can say that. But my band and I also sing regularly in several other places, too.可以这么说但是我和我的乐队也在另外的几个地方驻唱A:Cool. Your guitar skills are very impressive. How did you learn to play like that?好酷啊你弹吉他的技术让人印象深刻你是怎么学会弹吉他的啊?B:I picked up guitar at an early age, maybe around 8 years old. Afterward, I taught myself by listening to some records of top players.我从很小就开始弹吉他了,可能是在八岁左右之后,我就听一些顶级吉他手的录音来自学A:Wow, that's unbelievable! You play so well, but you've never been to a real teacher. You will definitely be famous in the near future.哇,真让人难以自信啊你弹得这么好,但却从来都没有向一位真正的老师学习在不久的将来,你一定能够出名

,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 Stop Waiting Approval别再期待别人的认可Firsthand experience is often necessary personal growth.亲身体验通常是成长所必须的Some life lessons can only be understoodby going through them on your own. 关于生活的经验只有通过你自己的实践之后,才能转化成你的智慧Doing so allows you to m your own conclusions based on firsthand experience, rather than someone else’ssubjective opinion. 所以,要去尝试并积累经验,而不是依赖别人的意见This experience gives you the ability tothink more logically and take educated steps in a positive direction.这种亲身的体验,可以让你更加理智的思考,然后朝着正确的方向,更加成熟稳重的前进【知识点讲解】firsthand adj.amp; adv.(得自)直接来源的[地]; 第一手的[地]; 亲身; 原始例句:School trips give children firsthand experience not available in the classroom. 学校组织的出游能让孩子们获得在课堂上得不到的亲身体验We gather up from various sources a great amount of firsthand data. 我们从各种来源收集了大量第一手资料.I heard her news firsthand. 我直接从她本人那里听到她的消息.安夏の微信公众号:安夏说英语(anxia)安夏个人微信:anxia[本节目属] 53牛仔裤的夏天 -- :3:6 来源: 牛仔裤的夏天《牛仔裤的夏天改编自安·布拉谢尔(Ann Brashares)于01年出版的同名小说,讲述关于四个女孩的故事Lena,Tibby,Bridget和Carmen是最好的朋友,在这个夏天,她们即将首次分开离别前一天,她们发现了一条表面很普通却适合她们所有人穿的牛仔裤,尽管她们体形各一第二天,她们穿上一样的牛仔裤各奔东西The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants was based onAnn Brashares"s novel of the same name published in 01.It told a story about four girls—Lena, Tibby, Bridget, and Carmen — are best friends from Bethesda, Maryland, who are about to separate the summer the first time in their lives. Lena is spending the summer in Greece with her grandparents; Tibby is staying at home; Bridget is going to soccer camp in Mexico; and Carmen is visiting her father in South Carolina. On one of their final days they want shopping together, the girls find a seemingly ordinary pair of jeans that fit them all perfectly and flatter their figures, despite their very different measurements. The girls dub them the Traveling Pants and decide to share them equally over the course of the summer. They part the next day, and the film focuses on each girl's journey separately. 牛仔裤的夏天

Some news just in the Haitian attorney has said 8 of the American missionaries charged with kidnapping children in the aftermath of last month's earthquake will be released.刚刚收到的新闻海地律师表示,被控在上月的地震之后绑架海地儿童的名传教士中的8人将被释放报道称,预期他们将在今天晚些时候离开海地 36

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