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郑州双眼皮医院哪家好郑州华山医院绣眉多少钱If you#39;ve ever wondered about the shape of your nose, you might be able to blame it on where your ancestors lived.如果你对自己鼻子的形状感到纳闷,你可能会怪你的祖先生活在哪里。Specifically, the climate they lived in.具体来说,他们居住的气候。Researchers from Pennsylvania State University used 3-D facial imaging to to map a variety of nose measurements, including the length of the ridge, the height of the nose and the width of the nostrils.宾夕法尼亚州立大学的研究人员使用三维面部成像来绘制各种鼻子数据,包括鼻脊的长度、鼻子的高度和鼻孔的宽度。They think that last one,nostril width,correlates with the temperature and absolute humidity of the climate your ancestors lived in.他们认为最后一个,鼻孔的宽度,与你祖先居住气候的温度和绝对湿度有关。Besides giving us our sense of smell, the nose also heats up and cleans the air we breathe.鼻子除了给我们嗅觉,也加热和清洁我们呼吸的空气。Narrower nostrils warm air more efficiently than wider ones. That#39;s essential because the researchers found people with narrower nostrils on average had ancestors who lived in cold, dry climates.窄鼻孔比宽鼻孔更能有效的温暖空气。这是至关重要的,因为研究人员发现平均鼻孔较窄的人生活在寒冷干燥的气候中。The study points out where your ancestors lived probably isn#39;t the only reason your nose is shaped how it is.这项研究指出,你祖先生活在哪里可能并不是你鼻子形状的唯一原因。They found men tend to have larger noses than women because, duh, dudes are generally larger people than ladies are.他们发现,男性往往比女性有更大的鼻子,因为,嗯,男性一般体积就比女性大。And sexual selection probably had a bit to do with it, too. After all, if everyone in your family has narrow nostrils, the chances of you having wider ones are pretty slim.并且与性选择可能有点关系。毕竟,如果你家里的每个人都是窄鼻狭,那么你拥有更宽鼻孔的可能性就很小了。译文属。 Article/201703/498621河南省华山整形医院激光去痘多少钱 Each soldier is armed with a gladius,每个士兵都配有一柄短剑A short sword made from steel,短剑由钢铁锻造而成Designed for close-quarter combat.专为近战设计A pilum, a heavyweight javelin,每名士兵还配有短矛 用作重型标Seven feet long with a lethal metal spike.短矛长七英尺 头部装有可致命的金属尖刺And a shield, used in defense and attack.另外 每人还有一个护盾 攻防均可As Paulinus#39; men make contact with the britons,当保利努斯的军队与英国人激战正酣之时The writer tacitus describes the scene:记载家塔西佗如是描述着战争场面;The Druids lifted their hands to the heavens,; 德鲁伊人将双手高举上空;Invoking the gods and pouring forth horrible curses.; 唤醒神灵放下巨毒诅咒;Our troops were in awe at such a spectacle.;; 我军见状惊恐不已;But Paulinus has been a commander for 20 years.但保利努斯将军是久经沙场二十年的老兵He knows he has the firepower to destroy the rebels.他坚信自己有实力击溃敌军You can have passion, you can have guts.即使你有 也有勇气But if you run up against a military might like Rome,但如果你面对的是像罗马军队一样强大的敌人that passion wanes quickly,those guts fade to fear,你拥有的便一文不值 勇气也将转化为恐惧and the next thing you know you#39;re a conquered people.然后你就沦为了阶下囚 Article/201510/403899栏目简介:A Polish agricultural delegation was in town yesterday to promote meat products. Shanghai was its third and final leg following stops in Chengdu and Beijing. Meanwhile, the first freight train from Chengdu to Poland#39;s Lodz departed yesterday carrying a full load of electronics and other consumer goods. It will arrive in Poland in 15 days. Sun Caiqin has more... Article/201701/488464郑州第三人民医院口腔美容中心

郑州/市第三人民医院玻尿酸隆鼻多少钱河南祛胎记费用 郑州市中医院韩式三点价钱费用

河南去黄褐斑价格Even though the evidence supporting the benefits of尽管表明低热量饮食calorie restriction is getting stronger all the time,会为我们带来好处的据日益增多I cannot in all honesty imagine说实话 我完全无法想象myself doing what Joe does.自己会遵循乔的方式生活Which creates something of a dilemma.这让我进退两难So, what I really want to do所以 我真正想做的是is try to understand the ways in which calorie restriction works,弄明白低热量饮食如何改善健康then hopefully I can get all the delicious benefits然后最好能在享受美味的同时享受健康without actually having to do it.而不用真正控制饮食I#39;m in Los Angeles,现在我在洛杉矶a city that is notoriously addicted to youth.众所周知 这座城市痴迷于永葆青春In fact, many people here seem to think事实上 在这里的许多人that growing old and wrinkled is optional.都认为衰老与皱纹是可以避免的I#39;m not going to see anyone as superficial as a plastic surgeon.我不会去见整形医生这种治标不治本的人I#39;m here to meet one of the world#39;s foremost experts on ageing.我是来拜访世界上最权威的衰老研究专家重点解释:1.even though 即使;尽管例句:Even though he tried, he still lagged behind other runners.尽管他努力了,仍落在其他赛跑者之后。2.be addicted to 沉溺于,嗜好,一心在例句:He was addicted to cocaine.他吸可卡因上瘾。3.in fact 其实; 事实上例句:In fact, I think you#39;re right.事实上,我认为你是对的。 Article/201509/400212 After lunch, we head back to the village午饭后,我们回到了村落to prepare dinner for our host, the chief.为招待我们的村长准备晚饭Whilst Ching and the women go river fishing for some of tonight#39;s ingredients...当黄瀞亿和村落里的女人们一起,去河边抓鱼时I start on the chicken.#39;我开始做这只鸡You must cut, like here.你得先这样切Just one, and you let it bleed and the blood is not wasted,就一刀,先放血,这些鸡血也不浪费because you put it with salt因为你可以放点盐and you can make a sort of blood pudding with it.然后鸡血就会冻住,像布丁一样It goes in soup, or is stir-fried.用它来炖汤或是炒菜都可以You can#39;t feel the heart beating any more.你感觉不到它的心跳了And that#39;s it.就是这样I did that when I taught professional chefs how to cook,我以前给主厨上课,教他们这样做时and half the class almost fainted,一半以上的人差点晕过去and the other half went to complain to the dean,另外一半去找院长投诉我了and the dean said to me, ;Ken, please don#39;t ever do that again!;院长对我说,老谭,以后别搞这玩意了But, if you want to really learn about food,但是如果你真想了解食物I think you have to take the good and the bad.就必须要接受它的一切,无论好坏You just can#39;t go to the supermarket and say, eat chicken,你不能仅仅只会去超市,然后说,我要吃鸡you have to know how it#39;s killed.你必须要知道怎么杀鸡If you don#39;t like it, it bothers you, then don#39;t eat it.如果你不喜欢,觉得困扰,那就别吃了Simple as that.就这么简单#39;The chief and I are going to cook a dish each with this chicken我和村长准备用这只整鸡做道#39;to feed ten people.可供十个人共享的菜肴#39;This might look small compared to what you#39;d find in Britain,这和你在英国相比确实微不足道#39;where we eat on average three times more chicken和中国人相比,在英国#39;per person than the Chinese.我们平均每人吃的鸡是他们三倍之多#39;But in a country where there are over one billion mouths to feed,但在有十多亿张嘴要养活的中国#39;that kind of consumption is unsustainable.#39;英国那种吃法显然太不现实Meat is to garnish the veggies.肉和菜一起搭配In the West, veggies are a second thought.在西方,吃素是第二种选择You usually have a big piece of meat,人们大都是肉食主义then you have all these vegetables that are a second thought,把所有的蔬菜都看成是第二选择and as we know, that#39;s not good for your health.而我们都知道,这对健康有害To me, that#39;s really the lessons.对我来说,这真的是教训啊I think the West can learn from Chinese dietary practices.我觉得西方应该学学中国的饮食习惯#39;I#39;m cooking a chicken stir-fry,我要做的是爆炒鸡肉#39;which, in true, resourceful Dai style,这道菜,最正宗,最聪明的傣族本地做法#39;is using ingredients sourced within 50 yards of where I#39;m standing.要用到我所处之地方圆五十码以内的所有食材#39;Even the sauce for the marinade is home-made.#39;连酱汁和腌菜汁都是自家亲手做的I asked the chief, ;Can I have some rice wine?;我问村长,能给我点米酒么And this is a home-made brew that he makes!而我手上拿的这瓶正是他自家酿制的Phew, God, if I taste this, I won#39;t be able to cook!天,如果喝了这个,我估计就不能继续做菜了Ooh! That#39;s - wow!天,这简直-哇!I think I#39;d better give it to the chicken!我还是把它留给小#39;I#39;m leaving the chicken to marinate for half an hour in light soy sauce接下来我将把鸡放入用生抽和村长酿制的米酒调和而成的卤汁里#39;and the chief#39;s home-brewed rice wine.#39;腌制半个小时 Article/201509/401104河南省中医院切眼袋多少钱郑州/上街区治疗粉刺多少钱



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