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河北传统#;打树花#; 铁水洒墙满天花 -- 18:5: 来源:sohu ;打树花;是河北蔚县传统的艺术活动, 民间艺人身穿羊皮袄、戴上斗笠, 用木勺子把高温熔化的铁水泼洒到空中, 然后溅形成火花照亮舞台, 为观众带来叹为观止的表演 As hot melted iron flies through the air, a shower of brought sparks lights up the stage, thrilling the audience. The folk artists perming these stunts wear sheepskin coats and hats, and carry wooden ladles filled with the molten metal. The art m is called Dashuhua, literally translated as ;tree flowers;, or traditional iron spraying, and is a local art m in Weixian county, Hebei province. 传说在古代元宵节时,铁匠会把高温的铁水洒到冰冷的城墙上, 所溅出的火花可以把恶魔吓跑 Legend has it that in ancient times, blacksmiths used to throw hot melted iron against the cold walls during Lantern Festival. When the metal struck the walls, it exploded into a shower of sparks to scare demons away. 当地一直把;打树花;的传统保留下来,至今已有500多年历史现在更成为了广受游客欢迎的表演, 并同时被列入河北省非物质文化遗产 The tradition has been preserved more than 500 years and has now become a popular permance tourists. It was also listed as an intangible cultural heritage of Hebei province. English Source: China Daily宇宙级网红霍金送祝福 祝愿高考考生金榜题名 -- 18:51: 来源: 目前,全中国高三考生都在准备人生中最重要的一次考试这次考试将会决定他们将要走进哪所大学,甚至有可能决定其未来的人生走向在此重要的时刻,著名宇宙学家、作家以及《辛普森一家人的客串明星斯蒂芬·霍金也在微上为广大考生送去简短的祝福 As students across China prepare to take the most important exam of their life, which will certainly decide where they get into university and theree possibly their entire future, none other than celebrated cosmologist, author and occasional Simpsons guest star Stephen Hawking has chimed in to offer a few words of encouragement.目前,全中国高三考生都在准备人生中最重要的一次考试这次考试将会决定他们将要走进哪所大学,甚至有可能决定其未来的人生走向在此重要的时刻,著名宇宙学家、作家以及《辛普森一家人的客串明星斯蒂芬·霍金也在微上为广大考生送去简短的祝福As many of you prepare to take the National Higher Education Entrance Examination, I want to wish you, the next generation of scientific minds, success in your academic endeavors. This culmination of your hard work marks just the beginning of your very bright futures.你们当中的许多人即将参加年的高考我在这里祝愿你们,新一代的科学人才,金榜题名这是你们勤学不辍的顶峰,也标志着你们人生美好未来的开始Growing up, my parents placed a high value on education and I am grateful the limitless opporties provided by my studies. Whether you aim to be a doctor, teacher, scientist, musician, engineer, or a writer — be fearless in the pursuit of your aspirations. You are the next generation of big thinkers and thought leaders that will shape the future generations to come. - SH在我成长的过程中,我父母一直很重视教育我很庆幸这一路来的学习给我带来了无数的机会无论你励志成为一名医生,老师,科学家,音乐家,工程师亦或是一名作家,请勇往直前地追逐你的梦想你们是下一代的大思想家和意见领袖,未来将因你们而生——斯蒂芬·霍金Hawking shared his thoughts on his Weibo , which was opened in April to supernova-sized support from Chinese netizens. Hawking’s gained over a million followers in just the first six hours and it’s now past million. His inaugural post gained over 800,000 likes, 375,000 comments and 350,000 shares in the first hours.霍金将上述两段话发布在了新浪微上他早在四月份就已开通新浪微账号,并在短时间内备受中国网友追捧,成为一代“网红巨星”在霍金刚刚开通账号的六个小时内,粉丝数就已经飙升至一百万,到目前为止,粉丝数已高达四百多万在他发布首条微之后的短短二十四小时内,该微就已获得八十万个点赞,三十七万五千条,被网友转发三十五万次In hours, Hawking’s bilingual gaokao post has racked up 90,000 likes, 5,000 shares and 3,000 comments. Here are few of the top ones:在霍金发布这条高考祝福的微之后,十小时之内该微已获得二十九万个赞,收到四万三千条网友,并被转发十二万五千次"I feel like the whole universe is cheering me on," s the top comment with over 18,000 likes.该微之下的一条热门置顶写道:“我感觉收到了来自全宇宙的祝福”目前,该条已收到一万八千个个赞"Jiayou, jiayou, don’t let Stephen Hawking down," s another comment.还有网友道:“加油加油,不要让霍金失望!”"With Stephen Hawking’s support, I can aly feel my IQ getting higher," wrote another netizen.一位网友道:“有了霍金的鼓励,我感觉我的智商顿时变高了”The gaokao will be held over the next two days (Tuesday and Wednesday). We’d like to wish everyone good luck as well and encourage them to blow off some steam in healthy ways.高考将会在本周周二和周三两天进行我们在这里也祝愿所有考生都能够答题顺利,沉着应战,同时适当减压

接吻抗过敏获搞笑诺贝尔奖 -- :57:5 来源: 接吻抗过敏获搞笑诺贝尔奖Japanese doctor wins spoof Ig Nobel award study showing how kissing can be natural allergy reliefA Japanese scientist has won the spoof Ig Nobel medicine prize a study that revealed kissing could reduce allergic reactions in humans.一名日本科学家研究发现,接吻可以缓解人体的过敏反应,这项研究让他赢得了搞笑诺贝尔医学奖“I wish that people will understand the new effect of kissing and I also hope that kissing will bring not only love but also attenuation of allergic reaction,” Hajime Kimata, who could not attend last week’s 5th annual event, said in a taped acceptance speech.“我希望人们能了解接吻的新作用,我也希望接吻不仅能带来爱情,也能够弱化过敏反应”木全肇没能出席上周的5周年颁奖礼,他通过视频发表了获奖感言“I am honoured to be awarded the Ig Nobel Prize and I appreciate it very much.”“我非常荣幸能获得搞笑诺贝尔奖,非常感谢”Kimata received the prize jointly with three Slovakian scientists who also studied the “medical effects of kissing.” The Slovakian group looked at how long male DNA stays in a woman’s mouth after “intense kissing.”木全肇和三位斯洛伐克科学家共同赢得了这一奖项,他们也研究了“接吻的医学作用”这三位科学家关注的是“激吻”之后,男性的DNA会在女性嘴里停留多久After the medical award was announced, some couples in the audience, prompted by the master of ceremonies, responded by embracing and kissing each other.医学奖宣布之后,观众席上一些情侣受主持人的鼓动,相拥亲吻The award ceremony - which the science humour magazine “Annals of Improbable Research” gives in categories as a parody of the Nobel Prizes - was held at Harvard University’s Sanders Theatre. It was the ninth straight year an Ig Nobel prize to go to Japanese recipients.颁奖仪式在哈佛大学桑德斯剧院举行,主办方科学幽默杂志《不可思议研究年报颁发了个滑稽的诺贝尔奖项,这是日本人连续第九年获得搞笑诺贝尔奖Kimata, who runs an allergy clinic in Neyagawa, Osaka Prefecture, said: “Using the natural healing powers that humans have, I have been working towards alleviating allergic reactions in people.”木全肇在大阪的寝屋川市经营一家过敏诊所,他说:“我一直在研究人类拥有的天然康复能力,为缓解人体的过敏反应而努力”Among other winners were scientists from the US and Australia creating a way to “partially un-boil an egg” and a group of researchers at a Dutch linguistics institute revealing the universality of the word “huh.”在其他获奖者中,来自美国和澳大利亚的科学家创造了一种方法将熟鸡蛋“部分”变成生鸡蛋荷兰一所语言学研究院的研究团队发现,世界语言中普遍存在huh这个词Last year, four Japanese researchers won the physics prize their work measuring the friction that occurs when someone steps on a banana peel.去年,四名日本研究人员测量了人踩到香蕉皮后的擦力,获得了物理学奖Vocabularyspoof: 戏弄,恶作剧attenuation: 减弱parody: 模仿滑稽作品英文来源:scmp.com译者:洪宣审校编辑:丹妮

九大饮食坏习惯,你却天天在做!(双语) -- ::7 来源:sohu 近日起草的《中国膳食指南中,水果被首次列入一顿正餐之中,而不单单作为饭后甜点该指南建议每人每天应摄入0-300 克水果,同时也提出了日常我们应尽量避免的一些饮食误区 The Chinese dietary guidelines were issued recently, in which fruit has the first time been included in a meal, not only as an after meal dessert. According to the guideline, eating 0 -300 grams of fruit is recommended, and there are also some traps to avoid. 在这儿,小编列出九个影响你健康的饮食坏习惯为了我们的健康,快来围观吧! Here, we list nine habits that ruin your attempts to eat healthy. You might as well try to avoid them a healthier life. 1. 经常在外用餐 Eating out often 餐厅的食物都很美味,但这同时也要付出健康代价一般来说,美味的奥秘就在于它添加了丰富的调味料,经常在外用餐就相当于摄取了大量的油、盐和糖——这可能会影响你的健康 Restaurant foods are often tasty, but this comes at a price. Usually, it is the seasoning that works the magic. Eating them too often, theree, equals taking too much oil, salt and sugar – which may adversely affect your health. . 晚餐过于丰盛 Big dinner 最好的晚餐是简餐事实上,指南建议一顿晚餐所摄入的卡路里最好维持在一天总量的30%以内否则,长期下来你增加的不仅是体重,还有器官的额外负担 It is best to have a light dinner. In fact, the guideline suggests that the amount of calories provided by an evening meal is best kept within 30 percent of the day's total. Otherwise, you not only gain weight but also burden your organs in the long term. 3. 用含糖饮料代替水 Sugary drinks instead of water 大多数的软饮都有很高的含糖量事实上,一瓶500 毫升饮料的含糖量就等同于50 克的甘蔗糖(相当于一杯咖啡放进袋糖包的量!)除饮料以外,白酒也会增加你的健康风险,一斤白酒就包含相当于八个馒头的卡路里! Most soft drinks are filled with sugar. In fact, the sugar contained in a 500ml bottle drink equals that of 50 grams of cane sugar. Other than beverages, alcohol also poses risks your health, as half a kilo of alcohol contains the same amount of calories as eight steamed buns. . 不吃碳水化合物 No grains 谷物是健康饮食必不可少的的确,不吃碳水化合物可能会有助于你减肥,因为你的身体消耗了存储的蛋白质,但这同时意味着你的肌肉组织正在萎缩,代谢也在降低必须认识到谷物是维生素和矿物质的一大来源 Grains are essential to a healthy diet. Indeed, avoiding carbohydrates might help you lose weight, as your body consumes stored protein, but this means your muscle tissues are shrinking, and you're becoming less sustainable. You should be aware that grains are a big source of vitamins and minerals. 5. 嗜甜如命 Sweet tooth 花式咖啡、冰饮和甜点——为了健康,你也许会想要减少食用这些指南建议每天摄入的糖分不要超过50克 Fancy coffee, icy drinks and desserts – you might want to cut down on these to remain healthy. The guideline suggests taking no more than 50 grams of sugar at most. 6. 嗜饮靓汤 Soup addict 与许多人的想法不同,汤并不是最有营养的食物通常情况下,肉汤中大部分的蛋白质还在肉中,只有百分之一、二溶解到了汤中所以,下次开始不要仅仅喝汤,也开始大口嚼肉吧! Unlike what many people think, soup is not the most nutritious type of food. Generally speaking, most of the protein in meat soup is still in the meat, while only one to two percent will be dissolved in the soup. So, maybe you should avoid drinking the soup only and startchewing on the meat next time.、 7. 只食用蛋白 Egg white only 有些人不喜欢蛋黄只吃蛋白——他们认为大部分蛋白质都来自蛋白然而在一定程度上,不吃蛋黄同样意味着你错过了维生素、矿物质和胆固醇,而这些都是生产荷尔蒙所必需的 Some people do not like yolk, and only eat egg whites – they think most of the protein comes from the egg white. While this is true to some extent, avoiding the yolk also means you miss out on the vitamins, minerals and cholesterol, which is necessary in producing certain hormones. 8. 吃饭过快 Eating fast 吃饭过快可能会使你的胃不适如果不放慢节奏,最后你很有可能吃过量 Eating quickly might strain your stomach. And if you don't slow down your pace, you might end up eating too much. 9. 只吃蔬菜 Veggie only 近些年,吃蔬菜已成为一种时尚但如果没有适当的指导,进行均衡饮食,为身体提供所必需的营养那么,你可能会走向另一个极端——营养不良 Eating vegetables has become a fad in recent years. But without proper guidelines to have a balanced diet that provides you all the nutrients necessary, you could go to the other extreme, which leads to malnutrition.、 写到这,小编的肚子已经咕咕叫了祝大家都能拥有均衡的饮食和健康的身体! 你的健康饮食秘诀是什么呢,留言给我吧! English Source: China Daily

  科技的魅力:时空船或可让冷冻人重生 -- :: 来源: 导语:相信每个人都希望自己能够长生不死,永葆青春最近美国有科研团队表示,他们正在建造全球最大的人体低温贮藏中心,未来人类或可实现永生 Humans have long dreamt of finding the ‘fountain of youth’ – a way to prolong life, sustain health, and even achieve immortality.一直以来人们都梦想着找到“不老泉”——一种延长寿命、保持健康甚至长生不老的方法Now, one project will soon be spearheading the efts toward making this a reality.现在,一项工程将很快作为探路先锋来尝试实现这个梦想After many years of planning, construction has finally begun on the Timeship Building, where thousands of frozen bodies will eventually be contained, in hopes to one day bring them back from the dead.经过多年的准备,这座名为“时光船”的建筑终于开始动工,它将可以储存成千上万具冰冻的人体,以便在未来某一天将他们起死回生According to New Scientist, the site will become the largest structure dedicated to life extension research and cryopreservation in the world.据《新科学家报道,该建筑将会成为世界上最大的致力于研究延长寿命和低温贮藏的地点Designed by renowned architect Stephen Valentine, the sprawling building will sit behind the gates that encircle a massive plot of land in Comt, Texas.它由著名建筑师史提夫·瓦伦丁设计,其庞大的身躯将坐落在德克萨斯州康福特镇的一片大片土地上It won’t just house bodies; the Timeship Building will also be used to store biological materials, including cells, tissues, and organs.这座“时光船”将不仅仅用于贮藏尸体,还用于贮藏其他生物材料,包括细胞、组织和器官This project is essentially ‘taking people to the future,’ Valentine explained to New Scientist.瓦伦丁向《新科学家介绍说,这一项目能够将人类带到未来Cryopreservation is the practice of storing animals and humans in extremely low-temperatures with hopes that they can be revived in the future.低温贮藏是一种在极低温度下储存动物和人类尸体以便未来将之复活的方法Cryonics is often criticized as a misguided venture reserved the wealthy, and aims to heal those who cannot be saved through current capabilities.不过,人体冷冻法经常被批评为针对有钱人的错误冒险,其目的在于治愈那些现有条件无法治愈的病人Instead of definite death, the procedure aims to provide a way them to exist in a frozen state until technology arises to meet their needs.这种方法旨在提供一种途径让人类不用彻底消亡而以冰冻的状态存在,直到未来科技发展到足以满足他们的需求With such precious materials contained within its walls, the Timeship Building is being built with safeguarding in mind.由于建筑内部保存着如此贵重的物料,建造“时光船”必须考虑到安全防护措施Its location and structure are suited to protect the project from any imaginable dangers, from natural disasters to terrorist attacks.它的位置和结构将保护项目抵抗任何可能的危险,包括自然灾害和恐怖袭击And, the first bricks will soon be laid.该工程很快将动土‘We see the Timeship as the ‘t Knox’ of biological materials,’ the site explains.设计方称:“我们认为‘时光船’就是生物材料的‘诺克斯堡’“‘DNA, tissue samples, and cryopreserved patients will be housed in Timeship, and their safety and security against all threats, both natural and human-made, will have to be maintained hundreds of years.“DNA、组织样本和低温贮藏的病人将被安置在‘时光船’中,在数百年内,他们将不受任何威胁,包括自然的和人为的”‘Timeship has been designed to provide that security at every level, from defense against terrorist attack, to sea level changes due to global warming, to interruption of energy supplies due to any catastrophe.’“‘时光船’预设了各级安防措施,包括防御恐怖袭击,因全球变暖导致的海平面上升以及由于任何灾难而导致的能源供给中断”

  恐怖事件使得改革势在必行 -- 19:1: 来源: 奥兰多市恐怖的大规模击案是美国历史上最悲惨的案件众议院和参议院的民主党人对此案件作出回应,称他们受够了,并且他们要求采取行动来遏制该国愈演愈烈的暴力 The horrific mass shooting in Orlando was the deadliest in our nation’s history. In response, this week Democrats in both the House and the Senate said ENOUGH, and demanded action to stem the rising tide of gun violence in our country.奥兰多市恐怖的大规模击案是美国历史上最悲惨的案件众议院和参议院的民主党人对此案件作出回应,称他们受够了,并且他们要求采取行动来遏制该国愈演愈烈的暴力On Monday, House Democrats refused to participate in the perfunctory moment of silence held after each mass shooting, pledging to remain silent no more. Then on Wednesday, Senate Democrats led by Chris Murphy of Connecticut, took the floor in a hour filibuster to demand action on common sense legislation.周一,众议院的民主党人拒绝参加每次击案后例行公事的默哀活动,承诺类似的事件不会再次发生周三,由来自康涅狄格州的Chris Murphy领导的参议院民主党人在一个长达个小时的演说中发言,要求加强美国人的立法常识We are proud to have joined in those efts. Democrats in both chambers will no longer stand business as usual in the face of these horrific gun crimes. Congress must honor the victims of this bloodshed not with merely thoughts and prayers, but with action.我们对自己在这方面作出的努力感到非常自豪两院的民主党人绝对不会容忍再次发生类似这次恐怖的击案国会必须向这次流血事件中的受害者表示哀悼,不仅仅以思念和祈祷的形式,而是要作出具体的行动What happened in Orlando on Sunday was shocking, and our hearts are broken the victims and their loved ones. And while the scale of these mass shootings captures the nation’s attention, the carnage caused by guns on the streets of Chicago every day is no less tragic. More than 0 people have been killed in this great city since the first of the year. Thousands more are living under siege in neighborhoods where they fear sitting on their front porches or letting their kids out to play because of the threat of gun violence.周日发生在奥兰多市的案子着实令人震惊,我们为遇难者及其亲属感到悲痛尽管只有如此规模的击案会才引起全国上下的注意,但是每天发生在芝加哥街头由引起的致命案件也同样令人疾首痛心年初以来,这座大城市死于击案的人数已经超过了0人数千人生活在巨大的压力中,他们惧怕坐在自家的阳台上,不敢让孩子出去玩,因为这里暴力实在猖狂No one in the ed States of America should ever have to live this way.美国任何一位公民都不该这样活着That’s why we are pushing in Washington to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. There are simple steps Congress can and must take to end this gun violence nightmare: We must make universal background checks the law of the land, and close a shocking loophole in current law that allows known or suspected terrorists to buy guns and even explosives. In we were inmed that ty percent of the crime guns confiscated in the most violent neighborhoods in Chicago were coming from gun shows in Indiana where guns can be purchased without background checks. And despite having been on the terrorist watch list in the past, the Orlando shooter was able to purchase an assault weapon and ammion to stage his attack.,我们正在努力,希望在华盛顿境内,能够远离那些危险的人国会可以也必须采取以下简单的几个步骤,来结束美国这场暴力噩梦我们必须普遍审查该国关于背景调查的法律条款,目前已知或可疑恐怖分子均有权购买甚至是炸药,我们必须弥补这个法律漏洞年,我们得知,从芝加哥犯罪率最高的地区没收的有0%是来自于印第安纳州的展销会而在该州,购买是不需要经过背景审查的奥兰多市这名抢手尽管被列入了恐怖分子观察名单,但他依旧能买到攻击性武器和弹药并发动袭击Establishing universal background checks and closing this terrorist gun loophole will help keep guns out of the hands of convicted felons, the mentally unstable and individuals with ties to terrorism. This should be done now as a matter of national security and public safety. This is a starting point. We know that much more must be done to keep guns out of dangerous hands, and that the appalling gun violence in Orlando and here in Chicago is the consequence of inaction.建立普遍的背景审查制度,弥补恐怖分子购漏洞,这些举措能够保远离那些重犯罪者,精神不正常者以及那些与恐怖分子有关系的人出于国家安全和公共安全考虑,我们应立即实施这些措施这只是一个开始,为了让远离那些暴力者,我们要做的还有很多发生在奥兰多和芝加哥的暴力击案都是我们无为的结果The pursuit of gun rem is personal us. And we won’t stop — not until all Americans everywhere can live free from the threat of gun violence.改革与我们每个个体的利益息息相关我们不会停下脚步,我们将不断努力,直到美国的各个地区都能免受暴力的威胁。

  研究表明 满月可能减少孩童睡眠时间 -- 18:: 来源: 一项研究表明,孩童在满月时可能会减少几分钟的睡眠时间这项研究对包括印度在内的个国家的孩童进行了调查 Children may sleep less when there is a full moon, but only by a few minutes, according to a new study conducted on kids from countries, including India.一项研究表明,孩童在满月时可能会减少几分钟的睡眠时间这项研究对包括印度在内的个国家的孩童进行了调查However, the study failed to find a link between the occurrence of the full moon and kids’ activity levels, debunking the myth that children are more hyper during a full moon.然而,该研究并没有找到满月和孩童活动水平的联系,这使得孩童在满月期间更亢奋的谜团浮出水面Researchers from the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario Research Institute in Canada analysed inmation from over 5,800 children, ages 9 to , from countries - India, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Finland, Kenya, Portugal, South Africa, the UK and the US.加拿大东安大略儿童医院的研究人员分析了5800名儿童的数据这些儿童年龄在九岁到十二岁不等,分别来自印度、澳大利亚、巴西、加拿大、中国、哥伦比亚、芬兰、肯尼亚、波兰、南美、英国和美国The children wore accelerometers - devices similar to fitness trackers that record body movement and can be used to monitor sleep - hours a day, at least seven days.在至少七天之内,这些孩童全天都佩戴加速器加速器和健身追踪器功能相似,能够记录身体活动和监控睡眠Results showed that children’s activity levels - including the amount of time they spent doing high- and low-intensity activity, and their sedentary time - were about the same during a full moon and new moon.结果显示,孩子们的活动水平在满月期间和新月期间的水平相同活动水平的数据包括他们进行高强度、低强度活动的时间以及久坐的时间However, children’s sleep time was about 5 minutes shorter on nights with a full moon, compared to nights with a new moon, ’Live Science’ reported.Live Science杂志报道称,但是儿童在满月夜的睡眠时间比新月夜少了大约五分钟This is about one per cent of children’s total sleep time, researchers said.研究人员表示,这大约是一名儿童总共睡眠时间的1%One possible reason could be that the brightness of the full moon interferes with children’s sleep, they said.他们表示,一个可能的原因是明亮的满月干扰了孩子们的睡眠The study was published in the journal Frontiers in Pediatrics.该研究在期刊《儿科前沿上出版

  世界首架载人无人机将在美国测试 -- :18:58 来源:sohu “亿航18”载人无人机[Photo: jinghua.cn] 没人开有人坐:世界第一架能够载人飞行3分钟的无人机将在美国内华达州进行进一步测试 The world's first drone capable of autonomously flying a passenger 3 minutes has been approved further testing in the state of Nevada, the ed States. 载人无人机“亿航18”年1月由中国广州亿航公司在发布内华达州州长经济发展办公室的航空国防专家汤姆;维尔切克在内华达自制系统研究所表示,内华达州愿意帮助亿航实现安全飞行的目的,通过联邦航空标准 The electric ;Ehang-18; passenger drone was released in Las Vegas this January by Ehang, a Chinese company based in the country's southern province of Guangdong. Tom Wilczek, an aerospace and defense specialist from the Governor's Office of Economic Development in Nevada, said through the Nevada Institute Autonomous Systems, the state would help guide Ehang through the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) regulatory process with the ultimate goal of achieving safe flight. “亿航18”载人无人机[Photo: Xinhua] 亿航公司希望在今年下半年开始进行测试,并在大规模生产之前向联邦航空明产品的适航性亿航公司的首席执行官胡华智表示,这将推动未来无人机的商品化并加速民营航空制造业的发展 Ehang hopes to begin testing later this year and will have to prove airworthiness to the FAA bee operating in a bigger scale. The company's CEO Hu Huazhi said it would promote the drone's commercialization in the future and fuel the autonomous civil aviation industry. 使用“亿航18”的用户可以进入连接无人机的智能手机应用无人机可垂直起飞,飞行时速可达到每小时0公里 Passengers using the ;Ehang-18; enter a destination into the drone's linked smartphone app. It takes off vertically, flying at up to 0kmph.年国峰会即将召开,杭州全城处于警戒状态 -- ::31 来源: 中国浙江省省会杭州为即将到来的年国峰会举行0天倒计时仪式,显示出作为主要主办方城市为全力准备峰会做出的努力 Hangzhou, capital of East China’s Zhejiang Province, held a 0-day countdown event in preparation the upcoming Group of (G) summit, demonstrating the city’s efts as the main host to prepare fully the summit.中国浙江省省会杭州为即将到来的年国峰会举行0天倒计时仪式,显示出作为主要主办方城市为全力准备峰会做出的努力China, the chair of the G meetings this year, has put innovation high on the agenda of the G summit, along with topics such as boosting trade and investment, improving global economic and financial governance, cross-border tax cooperation, and anti-corruption cooperation.中国是今年国峰会的主席,此次峰会上,中国将创新置于高峰会议程的要位,与此同时,还有推动贸易和投资,提升全球经济金融掌控力,跨境税务合作和反腐败合作等话题Around 5,000 representatives from many teams that will participate in the upcoming summit attended the countdown event, including armed ces, medical workers from hospitals, and volunteers.约有5000名来自参与即将召开的峰会的代表出席了倒计时仪式,包括军队力量,医务工作者和志愿者They pledged to do their utmost to provide better service and support to the summit.他们承诺竭尽全力为峰会提供更好的务和持Zhao Yide, Party chief of Hangzhou, vowed at a later press briefing on Friday that the city will host the summit with "high standards, swift service and pragmatism."在随后周五的一份新闻简报中,杭州市委书记赵一荻发誓,杭州将以“高标准,便捷务和实用主义”举办峰会Security concerns安全顾虑Yu Pengfei, a member of the Hangzhou Special Weapons and Tactics , told the Global Times on Friday that 30 members of the division took part in the ceremony, as they are responsible the security of the summit.周五,杭州特种武器和战术成员单位成员于鹏飞告诉《环球时报,30名部门成员参加了仪式,因为他们负责峰会安全Zhao told the press briefing that all the hotels that will accommodate the summit guests have begin to undergo security checks.赵在新闻简报中说,所以安排峰会客人住宿的酒店都已经开始安全检查了The city, with 7 million permanent residents, has mobilized more than 760,000 volunteers to serve the summit. Many of them are regular street security patrols composed of retired or elderly people.杭州市拥有700万常住居民,已经动员了76万多名志愿者务峰会他们中的很多人都是常规街道安全巡逻,由退休人员和老人组成These volunteers now play important roles in maintaining commy security, guiding residents on garbage classification and meditating deputes.目前,在社会安全维护方面,这些志愿者扮演着重要的角色,指导居民进行垃圾分类,调解争议A resident in the city’s Shangcheng district surnamed Zhou told the Global Times that they have helped the city conduct a thorough survey of household gas tanks, which may pose a safety risk.上城区一位姓赵的居民告诉《环球时报,他们已经帮助城市对家用燃气罐进行彻底检查,这可能存在安全风险Hangzhou is aly home to tens of thousands of eigners. The city’s first employment service center eigners was inaugurated earlier this month.杭州已经是数以万计外国人的家杭州首个外国人职业务中心于月初正式开业脱欧致英镑贬值 赴英旅游升温 -- 18::33 来源:chinadaily US travel firms have seen a surge in interest from customers looking to visit to Great Britain following last week's ground-breaking Brexit vote.在上周英国脱欧公投这一具有里程碑意义的历史事件后,美国旅行社发现游客赴英旅游的兴趣上升了Airlines and touring companies have been inundated with requests from Americans hoping to take advantage of the plummeting value of the pound against the dollar.很多美国人希望利用英镑兑美元贬值的机会去英国旅游,航空公司和旅行社接到了大量的类似咨询Many websites have reported traffic increases of more than 50 percent as vacationers look to cash in on the country's chaotic current condition.休假者想利用英国的无序现状省一笔钱,不少网站的流量增加了超50%The boom has also been felt as far afield as China and east Asia.遥远的中国和东亚地区也出现了赴英旅游热情高涨的景象On the flip-side, several travel firms have also had more inquiries than ever bee from Brits looking at heading abroad.另一方面,有几家旅行社还发现,英国人海外游的咨询量也上升了Billy Sanez, vice president of marketing and communications at FareCompare.com, which analyzes airfares, said: 'Americans may want to secure a great fare, while British may be worried that higher fares will soon hit the market,'分析机票价格的FareCompare.com网站的市场公关部副总裁比利-桑尼斯说:“美国人想使费用更便宜,而英国人担心的是今后价格更高”US and Chinese travel sites reported a jump in queries about UK holidays immediately after Britain voted to leave the European Union last week.上周,英国“脱欧”结果一出,美国和中国的旅游网站上英国游的咨询量立刻上升Travel agents, hotel chains and airlines say it is too early to tell if the vote will impact bookings in the longer term, but inquiries jumped as travelers hunt cheaper breaks.旅行社、连锁酒店和航空公司均表示,从长期看公投是否会影响预订量这一问题现在下结论还为时尚早但游客想要减少假期花费,咨询量上升Britain's decision to pull out of the European Union leaves the world's fifth-largest economy facing deep uncertainty. The pound has dropped to its lowest level in over three decades.英国“脱欧”的决定使这一世界第五大经济体面临巨大的不确定性英镑兑美元汇率下跌至三十年来的最低点But travelers like Wen Zhihong, from China's western Chengdu, that means lower prices. She had been planning to spend her vacation travelling with her daughter in France and Italy, but said she changed her mind after the vote.但对来自中国西部成都市的旅行者温志红(音)来说,这意味着去英国旅游更便宜了她之前计划假期和女儿一起去法国和意大利旅游,但公投后改变了主意'Now it seems a better idea to travel to England,' Wen, a university official, said.这位高校主管说:“现在看起来去英国旅游更好”'With the depreciation of the pound, hotels, plane tickets and shopping are all much cheaper.'“英镑贬值,酒店、机票和购物价格都更便宜了”Ctrip.com, China's biggest online travel agency, has aly sought to capitalise on the surge in interest, arguing this week that a summer vacation in Britain could now be a third cheaper, helping UK searches on its app triple.中国最大的旅行网站携程网已经力图利用这次赴英游热潮携程网本周表示,去英国度暑假现在价钱能便宜三分之一,这导致其应用程序上赴英游的搜索量增至三倍Vocabularycash in on:乘机利用,靠……赚钱英文来源:每日邮报翻译#38;编辑:yaning

  留学极端事件频发 出国留学真的好吗 -- :3: 来源: 高考成绩公布不久,不少留学中介机构就开始征集那些对海外留学感兴趣的考生尽管许多家长和孩子的雄心被膨胀起来,但关于中国留学生在海外生活的频繁的负面报道也让部分家长心慌意乱 After scores the gaokao, China’s university entrance exam, were released, many study abroad agencies began recruiting students who are interested in attending college abroad. Although many parents and students are tempted by the study abroad experience, some are worried by the frequent, disturbing news of Chinese students struggling to get used to life abroad.高考成绩公布不久,不少留学中介机构就开始征集那些对海外留学感兴趣的考生尽管许多家长和孩子的雄心被膨胀起来,但关于中国留学生在海外生活的频繁的负面报道也让部分家长心慌意乱On June 6, Chinese student Robert Liu hanged himself in a dormitory of New York University; on June , a Chinese junior at the University of Pennsylvania killed herself by jumping in front of a train. Sadly, these tragedies are only the tip of the iceberg. With more and more Chinese students studying abroad at increasingly earlier ages, the students’ psychological conditions must be given more attention.6月6日,中国留学生罗伯特.刘被发现在纽约大学一间宿舍里上吊自杀;6月日,一名大三华裔学生撞上火车自杀身亡……然而,这些仅是中国留学生极端事件的“冰山一角”近年来,我国留学生的数量不断增多,留学生的年龄也逐渐呈现低龄化的趋势,,应当对留学生的精神需求给予足够的重视According to Cui Hong, a psychological consultant specializing in the mental condition of Chinese students overseas, there are three gaps that parents and children need to bridge if they hope to have a successful study abroad experience: generational, cultural and time-space. These students often find it difficult to fit in while studying in eign countries; at the same time, when they come back to China vacations, they also find it hard to get along with their old classmates.据专门从事中国留学生心理咨询工作的咨询师崔红表示,想要有一个成功的留学体验,需跨越“三道壕沟”:“代沟”“文化沟”“时空沟”这些学生在海外留学时与当地学生格格不入,与此同时,在假期回到中国后,又发现很难与昔日的中国同学相处Cui suggests that parents pay more attention to their children’s development from an early age. Parents can also learn to use social media to communicate with their children abroad. Instead of focusing solely on academic permance, Cui advises parents to learn more about their children’s daily lives. It is helpful if parents learn about the culture in which their children are living, and even seek out recent news from the country in which their children are studying.崔红建议,在孩子还小的时候家长就要多关注孩子家长也要学会使用新型社交工具方便与国外的孩子联系同时,家长也不要只关心孩子在外面的学习成绩,要多关注他们的日常生活除此以外,崔红还建议父母多了解孩子留学所在国家的文化,甚至可以关注那里的新闻Cui believes that children from harmonious, stable families are the best candidates to study abroad since they are most likely to feel a strong sense of security. In addition, children with independent characters who like to socialize and participate in many activities also tend to thrive in their lives abroad.她认为,家庭成员关系融洽的家庭出来的孩子最适合出国留学,因为他们更有安全感此外,从小自立性强,曾参与过很多社会实践或课外活动的孩子更适宜出国接吻可能导致的五种疾病 --18 :56: 来源: 研究表明,接吻十秒的时间内,大概8000万细菌和病毒会进行传递,快来看看甜蜜的接吻可能会带来哪些恼人的后果吧 Though studies say that as many as 80 million bacteria and who knows what viruses are transferred during a -second kiss, HIV and Zika are not likely to be among them.虽然研究表明,接吻十秒的时间内,大概8000万细菌和病毒会进行传递,但是艾滋病和寨卡这样的疾病却不可能通过这样的方式传播That doesn’t mean you’re totally safe when puckering up. Read on some unpleasant consequences of the intimate bliss that is a kiss.这也不意味着接吻的时候你就是绝对安全的快来看看甜蜜的接吻可能会带来哪些恼人的后果吧1. Any respiratory virus -- such as a cold, the flu, mumps and German measles -- could certainly be sp by kissing. But you’re more likely to get infected way bee you lock lips.1. 任何呼吸道病毒——比如感冒,流感,流行性腮腺炎以及风疹——都是可以通过接吻传播的但是在嘴唇接触之前你可能早就被传染了You can obtain these viruses, called contact diseases, by being within three to six feet of a person who is sneezing or coughing, or by touching something they have touched and then bringing your fingers to your nose or mouth. That’s why vaccinations -- and lots of handwashing -- are your best bet to avoid these extremely contagious diseases.但是这些病毒,也就是所谓的接触性疾病,能够在你距离一个打喷嚏或者咳嗽的人三到六英尺的时候,或者你接触过任何他们摸过的东西之后又将手指靠近口鼻的时候,就感染你这也是为什么预防措施以及常洗手就是避免这些高传染性疾病的最佳方式. Called the "kissing disease," mononucleosis is usually caused by the Epstein-Barr virus and comes with extreme fatigue and flu-like symptoms such as fever, sore throat, muscle weakness and swollen lymph glands. Ages to 30 are most susceptible to mono, as well as those who spend a lot of time in close contact with others, like high school and college students and members of sports teams.. 所谓的“接吻病”,单核细胞增多症,一般由爱泼斯坦-巴尔病毒引起,造成极度疲惫以及流感类症状,比如发烧,喉咙疼痛,肌无力以及淋巴腺肿大岁到30岁的人是单核细胞增多症的高发人群,也是和他人进行亲密接触最多的人群,比如高中生,大学生以及运动队队员There’s no treatment mononucleosis, so staying rested and hydrated and taking over-the-counter pain meds can help you survive the one- to two-month infection.单核细胞增多症没有治疗办法,多休息,多喝水以及用非处方止痛药能保住你度过一个月到两个月的感染期3. Cold sores or fever blisters are actually the result of the herpes simplex virus. The Centers Disease Control says that at least half of all Americans are infected with herpes simplex, most of us by the age of . Just a quick smooch can give this to your partner or even your children. All they have to do is come into contact with the virus while it’s shedding, which can happen even bee the telltale blister begins to m. Warning symptoms are mild: an itching, burning or tingling in the area, along with a possible sore throat, fever or swollen glands.3. 唇疱疹是单纯疱疹病毒引起的最常见的病症疾控中心表示至少一半美国人都感染上单纯疱疹病毒,大部分都是岁左右的年轻人只短暂的一个亲吻就可能把病毒传染给你的伴侣,甚至是你的孩子他们只要在病毒脱落之时接触到就会被感染,而感染有可能发生在水泡生成之前预警症状比较温和:感染部位瘙痒,灼痛或者有刺痛感,可能伴有喉咙疼痛,发烧或者腺体肿大. Cytomegalovirus is another not-so-well-known member of the herpes family that can be sp by kissing. A majority of us have antibodies in our systems against this virus but never knew we were infected. That’s because healthy adults and children often have no signs or symptoms. Sp through saliva, blood, urine, semen and breast milk, Cytomegalovirus can become a problem if you have a compromised immune system. Fever, fatigue and muscles aches are the common symptoms, but severe cases can result in seizures, pneumonia, encephalitis (an inflammation of the brain) and visual problems.. 巨细胞病毒是另一种不那么为人所知的可通过接吻传播的疱疹家族的一员我们中大多数人身体中都有对抗这种病毒的抗体,但是我们从不知道我们被感染过这是因为健康的成人和儿童都不会出现任何迹象或者症状巨细胞病毒可通过唾液、血液、尿液、和乳汁传播,如果你的免疫系统不够强大就可能会出问题常见的症状有发烧、疲劳以及肌肉酸痛,但是重者会导致癫痫发作,肺炎,脑炎(一种脑内炎症)以及视觉障碍5. A bacterium that can cause a range of infections, Group A streptococcus is sp through direct contact with mucus from the nose or throat of an infected person. Thought might sound gross, you will come into contact with mucus while kissing, but you could just as easily catch it by eating or drinking after an infected person. While most infections, like strep throat, are mild and easily treated with antibiotics, an untreated strep infection can lead to pneumonia.5. A组链球菌是一种能引起许多种感染的细菌,通过直接接触被感染者的鼻喉粘液进行传播听起来可能有点恶心,但是你确实会在接吻的时候接触到鼻喉粘液,与被感染者一同吃喝(不区分餐具)也会轻易被细菌感染到然而更常见的感染症状,例如链球菌性喉炎,能通过抗生素快速治疗,而喉部感染如不经医治会导致肺炎

  职场女性表情符号来袭:各种职业都有男女两种选项 -- 18::6 来源:chinadaily Emoji users will soon be able to select female versions of police officers, doctors and athletes after critics said the popular text-message cartoons discriminated against women by showing mainly men in professional roles.人们很快就能在表情符号中选择女警官、女医生或者女运动员了此前家表示当下流行的手机卡通表情符号中职业角色以男性形象居多,这是对女性的歧视The Unicode consortium, the body that decides global standards emoji, said 33 existing characters would be altered to allow smartphone users to pick between male and female options.统一码协会是决定世界通用表情符号的机构,该机构表示智能手机用户将有33个可选男女的角色表情符号In addition, a new set of emoji showing people at work, including chefs, farmers and computer programmers, will display male and female versions, as well as several different skin tones.除此以外,代表不同职业的一组新表情符号,将包括厨师、农民、计算机程序员等个角色这组符号不仅有男女两个版本,还有不同肤色可供用户选择Previously, phones had represented emoji such as "weightlifter" and "spy" as male characters, while "cutting hair" and "tipping" had been represented by females. Future updates to the iPhone and Android software will allow texters to choose between genders.之前,手机上“举重运动员”和“特务”的表情符号都是男性,而“剪头发”和“给小费”都是女性在将来苹果和安卓系统的新版本中,这些角色都有男女两种性别可选择Google, which had led a campaign to encourage more emoji showing women at work, said: "More than 90 percent of the world's online population use emoji. But while there's a huge range of emoji, there aren't a lot that highlight the diversity of women's careers, or empower young girls.谷歌发起了一场运动来提倡表现职业女性的表情符号,谷歌表示:“全世界90%以上的网民使用表情符号尽管表情符号数量庞大,但其中表现女性职业多样化的并不多,可供年轻女性使用的也不多”"We hope these updates help make emoji just a little more representative of the millions of people around the world who use them."“我们希望这些更新能使表情符号更具代表性,方便世界各地用户使用”Other new emoji showing men and women in professional roles include factory workers, mechanics, office workers, scientists, singers and teachers.其他的新表情符号代表了各行各业的男性和女性,包括工人、机修工、上班族、科学家、歌手和老师等The rise of text messaging apps such as WhatsApp and iMessage have made emoji – of which there are now more than 1,500 – a key m of communication. However, they have been criticised a lack of diversity.像WhatsApp和iMessage这样的信息应用的崛起已经使得00多种表情符号成为交流的重要形式之一然而它们却因为缺乏多元性而备受批评Last year, a range of ethnically-diverse emoji were introduced that allowed users to change from the default yellow to one of six skin tones, and a series showing same-sex couples and families were also added.去年苹果推出了一组种族多元化的表情符号,用户可以把默认的黄皮肤改成六种肤色中的任意一种,同时也增加了一系列表现同性夫妇和家庭的表情符号On Friday, the charity Scope urged Unicode to add new emoji featuring disabled people and Paralympic athletes.慈善组织Scope上周五强烈要求统一码协会增加残疾人士和残奥会运动员的表情符号英文来源:每日电讯报翻译:张雪妮(中国日报网爱新闻iNews译者)审校#38;编辑:丹妮

  一起来看霉霉的新豪宅! --19 :50:3 来源: 人生赢家、男神收割机泰勒斯威夫特在于前任分手两周后,火速将大长腿抖森收入囊中,然而这次,霉霉换的可不只是男友,还搬入了豪宅与抖森共度美好时光 She recently broke up with her boyfriend of months, Calvin Harris, and is now fully loved-up with British actor Tom Hiddleston.泰勒斯威夫特刚和交往了个月的男友Calvin Harris分手不久,就与英国演员汤姆希德勒斯顿坠入爱河And her love life isn’t the only thing that Taylor Swift is changing, as she recently moved in to a stunning five bedroom townhouse in New York.霉霉这回换的可不光是男友,最近她还搬进了位于纽约的奢华别墅,豪宅中仅卧室就有五间The 6-year-old will be staying in the luxury pad - which features a roof terrace and indoor swimming pool - the next months while her current plush home in the Big Apple is being refurbished.由于纽约城的现有住所正在重新装修,6岁的霉霉接下来一年将会住在这座带有屋顶花园和室内泳池的豪华别墅中The four-storey house commands a whopping rent of 台风尼伯特袭击台湾,死66伤 -- :9:6 来源: 该风暴将于周六早晨袭击中国福建省,目前风暴已减弱为中等强度台风,在抵达中国大陆时应该会是热带风暴 Typhoon Nepartak hit Taiwan’s east coast on Friday, leaving two dead and 66 injured, as well as cing evacuations and disrupting services.台风“尼伯特”周五袭击台湾东部海岸,造成死66伤,目前已强制疏离,各种务中断More than ,000 people had to leave their homes as hundreds of flights were cancelled and offices and schools shut.超过1.5万人离开家园,几百个航班取消,各部门停止办公,学校停课The typhoon packed winds of up to 198kmhour (3mph) and made landfall just bee 00 local time in eastern Taitung.台风时速达到198kmh(3mph),并与当地时间00登陆台东东部The storm is expected to hit China’s Fujian province by Saturday morning.该风暴将于周六早晨袭击中国福建省The storm has now weakened to a medium-strength typhoon, according to the island’s Central Weather Bureau and should be a tropical storm upon reaching China.根据该岛的中央气象局,风暴已减弱为中等强度台风,在抵达中国大陆时应该会是热带风暴"The wind is very strong," a resident of Taitung told the Reuters news agency.“风力很强,”台东居民告诉路透新闻社说"Many hut roofs and signs on the streets have been blown away," another resident said.“许多屋顶和街道标志被吹走了,”另一位居民说Some 70,000 households have been affected by power cuts, Li Wei-sen, Taiwan’s Central Emergency Operations Center spokesman told news agency AP.台湾中央应急行动中心发言人Li Wei-sen告诉美联社说,约有7万户居民受停电影响He also added that railway services had been suspended, and more than 500 domestic and international flights cancelled.他还补充说,铁路设施已被暂停,超过500个国内和国际航班被取消Nearly ,00 soldiers have been deployed around the island, with 35,000 troops on standby to help with evacuations and disaster relief.已在该岛部署近00名士兵,还有3.5万士兵待命,以帮助疏散和救灾A storm is classed as a super typhoon if it reaches maximum sustained 1-minute surface winds of at least 65 ms (5mph), the equivalent of a category-five hurricane in the Atlantic basin.如果一场风暴保持65 ms (5mph)的风速至少1分钟将被归到超级台风类,等同于大西洋盆地五类飓风的等效Taiwan is often hit by typhoons, with super typhoon Dujuan killing three people and leaving more than 300 injured in Taiwan in .台湾常有台风袭击,年曾有超级台风杜鹃造成台湾人死亡,0人受伤,000 (?,7) per month and will cost the ten-time Grammy winner, a cool ,000 (?336,8) the year that it will take her current home in NYC’s Tribeca neighbourhood to be renovated.这栋四层别墅每月收取高达万美元(7英镑)的天价租金,在霉霉位于纽约市翠贝卡区的现有住所重新装修的一年时间里,这位十次格莱美得主将花费8万美金(3368英镑)Described as one of the finest rental properties in New York’s prestigious West Village, Taylor’s new house comes complete with five bedrooms, a basement and a private garage.这栋别墅被誉为纽约久负盛名的西村中最豪华的出租房之一,拥有五间卧室,一间地下室和一个私人车库And it also has plenty of room entertaining with a two-storey patio, mal dining room and a double height reception area with a feature chandelier.同时,别墅内还有足够的空间供休闲,包括两层高的露台、正式餐厅以及带有枝形吊灯的双高会客区Even the lavish master bedroom suite comes complete with its own private roof terrace and vast windows in each room to make the most of the stunning city views.就连豪华主卧也自带屋顶花园,每间屋内都有巨大的落地窗能够看到城市最美的景色Alongside her new house, Taylor is also rumoured to have a new love interest in action hero hunk, Tom, of The Night Manager and Avengers fame.除了新居以外,舆论传言说霉霉还对因夜班经理和复仇者联盟走红的动作英雄汉克-汤姆产生了爱慕The 35-year-old British actor is widely rumoured to be in the running to take over from Daniel Craig as the next James Bond.这位35岁的英国演员据说有望接替丹尼尔·克雷格角逐新一期詹姆斯邦德的主演Time to relax: Taylor’s vast living room is fitted out with luxurious leather sofas and mahogany furniture around a fireplace, perfect cosy evenings in with her new beau Tom休息时刻:霉霉宽敞的客厅配备奢华真皮沙发和红木家具,围绕在壁炉旁边,是她和恋人抖森度过舒适夜晚的绝佳场所Room with a view! Taylor’s new house is airy with lots of natural lighting and three huge windows in the master bedroom stunning views of the Big Apple观景房!霉霉新居南北通透,采光自然,主卧有三扇落地窗能够观赏到纽约城醉人的美景Keeping cosy! Some of the rooms are decorated in warm shades of red, orange and purple with luxurious fixtures and fittings and a stunning wooden floors sweeping throughout舒适!有些房间用了红、橙、紫等暖色调装饰,并配以奢华的家具和附属设备,地上铺满了优质实木地板Mix and match! Despite the house having a modern design the interior is decorated in an extravagant old-fashioned style with antique pieces which are sure to be in keeping with Taylor’s taste混搭风!尽管房屋整体是现代化设计,但内部用古董展现了奢华复古风来进行装饰,这绝对与霉霉的品味相符Softening the blow: The popstar will have the use of five gorgeous bedrooms each with its own stunning cityscape view, perfect putting up her loved ones when they come to the city乐坛常胜将军的柔软面:霉霉可以在每一间卧室观赏到城市美景,是好友来访的绝佳借宿之处However he could perhaps do with taking some tips in going undercover from 0 - having been sensationally spotted kissing Taylor on Wednesday.然而在周三轰动性地被拍到和泰勒接吻之后-或许他该好好从0电影中学学如何暗中行事The indiscreet romp came just two weeks after she broke up from Scottish DJ Calvin Harris.顽皮的霉霉在和前任男友分手两周后,火速和抖森坠入爱河And while initially Calvin insisted there was ’no drama’ in the break-up, he now reportedly believes that Taylor cheated on him with Tom while they were still together.最初Calvin坚持称他们属于和平分手,但据报道,他现在认为霉霉还未和他分手时就已经劈腿了The I Knew You Were Trouble singer and the DJ, 3, split up just two weeks bee she was photographed passionately kissing Tom on the beach.《我知道你是大麻烦的歌手以及音乐节目主持人Calvin今年3岁,在霉霉被拍到与抖森在海滩热吻前两周才刚刚与霉霉分手A source told TMZ: ’He thought they were in a committed relationship and now he’s p***ed and feels betrayed by her.’美国名人消息网得到消息:“之前他认为两人之间很忠诚,但现在他非常愤怒,感觉受到了背叛”Calvin made a public point about his feelings Taylor by unfollowing her on social media on Thursday, and promptly deleting all traces of their -month-long romance from his Instagram .周四霉霉取消了社交媒体对Calvin的关注,还把Instagram上他们个月恋爱关系所有的痕迹迅速删除,Calvin公开表达自己对于她此种行为的感受The entertainer: Taylor will have lots of space to host events in the new house, including a sizable dining area leading off the kitchen东道主:霉霉将会有足够的空间在新居举办活动,包括连通厨房的超大餐厅Taylor made: The modern kitchen comes fully equipped with everything the singer, who is known her love of cooking and baking, needs to make the perfect dinner, including two vast ovens霉霉私人定制:现代化厨房配备齐全,拥有热爱烹饪和烘焙的霉霉所需要的一切,包括两个巨大的烤箱,她可以随时做出完美的晚餐Soaking it up! The lush bathroom comes complete with a marble tiled floor and eye-catching bath, perfect long luxurious soaks沐浴吧!豪华浴室铺满大理石地砖,还有抢眼的浴缸,是一个长长的泡泡浴的绝佳场所In turn the We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together singer deleted all her lovey dovey posts about Calvin - of which there were many.作为回击,唱过《我们再也回不去了的歌手霉霉,删除了他和Calvin高调秀恩爱的状态-当然有很多Calvin is said to have been suspicious about Taylor and Tom back in May when a emerged of them enjoying a flirty dance at the Met Gala, which he did not attend.五月份,一个霉霉和抖森在纽约大都市时装庆典上暧昧舞蹈的视频流出后,据说没有参加该舞会的Calvin就一直怀疑霉霉和抖森A source told The Sun: ’The timing of this looks very bad Taylor. There was an obvious connection with Tom at the Met Gala – you can see that in the of them dancing together.太阳报得到消息:“该事件的时机对霉霉非常不利时装庆典上两人明显有意-从他们一起热舞的视频能非常明显地看出Her people are insistent that no one else was involved in the split with Calvin, which is most likely the case.霉霉方面的人坚持称,与Calvin分手和其他人无关,而事实也极可能如此But it feels pretty disrespectful to be moving on to someone so public so quickly.’但这么短的时间内如此迅速而且公开地步入新恋情还是令人感到怀疑”。

  NBA选秀 周琦加盟火箭队 -- 1:55:19 来源:chinadaily 在纽约州布鲁克林举行的年NBA选秀中,中国篮球运动员周琦被休斯顿火箭队选中周琦是近九年来NBA选秀中的第一个中国球员,也是第六个进入NBA的中国球员 Seven-footer Chinese basketball sensation Zhou Qi has been picked by Houston Rockets at NBA draft held in Brooklyn, New York. He is now the first Chinese player in the NBA draft in nine years and the sixth Chinese ever joining the franchise. NBA总裁亚当;席尔瓦宣布,火箭队在第二轮中以第3顺位选中了周琦席尔瓦表示,“休斯顿火箭队在年NBA选秀中以第3顺位选中了来自中国新疆的周琦他之前在中国效力于新疆飞虎队” NBA Commissioner Adam Silver made the announcement as Rockets selected Zhou with the 3rd pick in the second round, “With the 3rd pick of NBA draft, the Houston Rockets selected Zhou Qi from Xinjiang, China. He last played Xinjiang Flying Tigers in China.” 周琦是6月3日晚从名候选球员中被选中的60名球员之一现在,他在意大利参加中国国家队备战今年夏天里约奥运会的训练 Zhou Qi is among the 60 players selected from candidates on the night of June 3rd, . Zhou is now in Italy, training with the Chinese national team, which will compete in the Rio Olympics this summer. 凭借着身高和技术,周琦引起了很多球队的兴趣他身高米,体重95公斤不过,周琦过于消瘦的体格令人担心,他的身体是否可以应对激烈的NBA比赛 Zhou has attracted a great deal of interest because of his length and polished skills. He is 7-foot- and pounds. However, his skinny stature has raised concerns among many that he is not y to make an immediate impact in the physical competition of NBA. 在上赛季效力新疆飞虎队的比赛中,周琦场均.8分、9.8个篮板还有3.个盖帽自从年易建联回到中国以后,NBA至今没有中国球员 He averaged .8 points, 9.8 rebounds and 3. blocks in the last season Xinjiang Flying Tigers. The NBA has been without a Chinese player since when Yi Jianlian returned following a mediocre NBA spell.

  自拍臂让自拍不再孤单 -- :18: 来源: 自拍臂让自拍不再孤单Never be alone in a picture again: Selfie arm make it look as if you're holding handsSelfie sticks, better or worse, have taken the world by storm. 无论结果是好是坏,自拍杆已经席卷全球However, a pair of US artists believe they have gone one better, with a selfie arm. 然而,两位美国艺术家相信,他们发明了一种更好的自拍神器——“自拍臂”The gadget makes those in the picture look as though they are holding hands with a loved one. 这个小工具能让照片里的人看起来就像是在与爱人手牵手Created by New Mexico artists Aric Snee and Justin Crowe,the pair say it offers a far better experience than using a straight stick. “自拍臂”的发明者是新墨西哥州艺术家艾瑞克?斯内和贾斯汀?克洛他们表示,“自拍臂”能提供比自拍杆更好的拍摄体验They say they are fascinated by the idea of technology and its illusionary 'connectedness' and 'sociableness'. 他们表示已为这种技术营造出来的“陪伴感”和“亲和感”而着迷They describe their invention as 'the sarcastic solution to a quintessential problem — nobody wants to look alone while they mindlessly snap pictures of themselves.' 两位艺术家还认为,自己的发明“以一种讽刺的方法解决了自拍中最实质的问题——没有人想在随兴自拍时显得太过孤单”The product, currently just an art project, 'conveniently provides you a welcoming arm. and better yet, it doesn't talk or have emotions of any sort.' 该产品目前只是一个艺术项目,“为你提供一个温暖的手臂更好的是,它不言不语,也不会闹任何情绪”The 'selfie arm' is made of fiberglass, is lightweight and portable, 'and tunately only a prototype,' the pair say. 他们称,“自拍臂”由玻璃纤维制成,重量轻,携带方便,“而且幸好只是一个模型”The collaborative project is a direct commentary on the growing selfie stick phenomenon, and the constant, gnawing need narcissistic internet validation. 这一合作项目直接反映了当前日益风靡的自拍杆现象,以及不断增长的自恋度和网络认同感需求Vocabularygadget:小工具 fascinated:入迷的 gnawing:苦恼的 validation:认可


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