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In Miami, there was jubilant celebration over Fidel Castro’s death; in Havana, shock and disbelief.在迈阿密,人们热烈庆祝菲德尔.卡斯特罗(Fidel Castro)的去世;在哈瓦那,人们的情绪是震惊和不相信。In La Tropical dance spot in Havana, a salsa band suddenly stopped playing on Friday night when the news of Castro’s death became public. An announcer came on stage and said simply: “Force majeure. We have to suspend the activities. Fidel Castro has died.”在哈瓦那的“热带”(La Tropical)舞场,上周五晚当卡斯特罗去世的消息逐渐传开时,一萨尔萨乐队突然停止演出。一名报幕员来到舞台上,简要地说道:“不可抗力。我们必须暂停活动。菲德尔.卡斯特罗去世了。”“There was no audible response. Just quiet. Any Cuban in the audience younger than me has never known any other reality,” said Ned Sublette, the 65-year old US jazz critic and author of a history of Cuban music. “I stood there with my jaw open; a woman came up to me and pushed it shut.”“听不到什么反应。只有寂静。观众中任何比我年轻的古巴人从来不知道有其他任何现实,”65岁的美国爵士家、曾就古巴音乐史著述的奈德.萨布利特(Ned Sublette)表示。“我呆站在那里,嘴张着;一位女士走上前来,把我的嘴合上。”By contrast, in Miami, home to most of the US’s 2m strong Cuban-American exile community, there was noisy jubilation. Margarita Fernández, a university student, was at home when she heard the news late on Friday. She rushed down the stairs and into Calle 8, the heartland of Miami’s Cuban community, where a programmed Friday street party was aly taking place.相比之下,在居住着200多万流亡到美国的古巴裔美国人的迈阿密,人们欢欣鼓舞。大学生玛格丽塔.费尔南德斯(Margarita Fernández)上周五晚间在家里听到这条新闻。她冲下楼梯,来到迈阿密古巴社区的心脏地带——第八街(Calle 8),那里有一个原先安排的周五街头派对正在举行中。“There was hugging, celebrating, hooting of horns, everyone — young and old — were whopping it up,” she said. “It was incredible, there was an uproar.”“人们拥抱,欢呼,按喇叭,每个人——无论老幼——都欢欢喜喜,”她说。“那一幕令人难以置信,人群简直沸腾了。”Similar scenes were repeated around Miami as news of Castro’s death sp. Meanwhile, on Saturday morning, thousands of miles away in Madrid, pro- and anti-Fidel Castro groups scuffled outside the Cuban embassy, witnesses said.随着卡斯特罗去世的消息传开,类似的情景在迈阿密全市各地出现。另据目击者介绍,上周六上午,在几千英里以外的马德里,拥护和反对菲德尔.卡斯特罗的人群在古巴大使馆门外发生肢体冲突。Castro’s death comes as no surprise. Aged 90, he was rarely seen in public and, when he did appear, it was only briefly and looking weak and infirm. Fidel’s younger brother Raúl, 85, formally took over the reins of power in 2008 as president, and his government has long planned for this moment.卡斯特罗的去世并不让人意外。90岁的他近来已很少在公共场合露面,而当他难得露面时,他看起来虚弱和衰老,而且总是匆匆离去。菲德尔的弟弟、现年85岁的劳尔(Raúl)在2008年正式接掌大权,出任总统,他的政府为这一刻已经准备了好久。As Saturday dawned in Cuba, there was no opposition activity reported on the streets, nor any visible sign of increased state presence — unless you count the carpenters building a stage in Revolution Square for a memorial service scheduled for Tuesday.上周六拂晓时分,没有传出反对派在古巴街头活动的报道,也看不到明显的政府活动迹象——除非你把在革命广场(Revolution Square)搭建一座舞台的木匠们算进去,这里将在周二举行追悼会。But state-run media poured forth endless tributes — including the start of nine days of mourning; the sale of alcohol was banned; and community organisations linked to the Communist party, such as the Woman’s Federation, held rallies where chants of “Viva Fidel” rang out weakly.但是官方媒体没完没了地表示哀悼——包括九天哀悼的开始;禁止出售酒类;共产党的社区组织(例如妇联)举行集会,反复低声呼喊“万岁菲德尔”(Viva Fidel)。“Cuba became a country of silent people this Saturday,” tweeted Yoani Sánchez, publisher of the independent news website, 14yMedio.com.“古巴在本周六成了一个由沉默的人们组成的国家,”独立新闻网站14yMedio.com的站主雅尼.桑切斯(Yoani Sánchez)在Twitter上写道。“It is like everyone is just sad,” added Anaida Gonzales, a retired nurse in the central province of Camaguey. Castro’s death “was expected but it still came as a shock”.“就像每个人都沉浸在悲伤中,”居住在中部省份卡马圭(Camaguey)的退休护士阿纳伊达.冈萨雷斯(Anaida Gonzales)补充道。卡斯特罗去世“是意料之中的事情,但它的来临仍然让人震惊”。Amid the uncertainty, at least what happens immediately next is clear. Castro’s body was cremated on Saturday and, after the memorial service in Havana on Tuesday, his ashes will move in a procession east across the country to Santiago, the country’s second biggest city, known as the “cradle of the revolution”. There they will be put to rest on Sunday, December 4.在充满不确定性的大背景下,至少接下来的安排是清楚的。卡斯特罗的遗体已在上周六火化,周二在哈瓦那举行追悼会之后,载着他的骨灰的游行车队将一路东行,最终抵达古巴第二大城市、有“革命的摇篮”之称的圣地亚哥。他的骨灰将在12月4日(周日)在那里下葬。Beyond the memorial plans, however, there is uncertainty. Cuba and its 11m people find themselves at a crossroads. Mr Castro’s death comes as Venezuela, facing its own economic crisis, has scaled back its aid to Cuba. Castro’s death also comes as the policy of rapprochement led by Barack Obama — which has relaxed but not ended the longstanding US embargo — could be rolled back by Donald Trump.然而,除了悼念计划外,其他事情都处于不确定状态。古巴及其1100万人民正处于一个十字路口。卡斯特罗去世之际,正值面临本国经济危机的委内瑞拉减少了对古巴的援助。与此同时,美国现任总统巴拉克.奥巴马(Barack Obama)主导的和解政策——该项政策放松(但没有终结)长期的美国禁运——可能被候任总统唐纳德.特朗普(Donald Trump)逆转。The president-elect has blown hot and cold on Mr Obama’s policy of détente, at first saying during his campaign that he supported it but would seek “a better deal”, then pledging to “reverse” Mr Obama’s approach.特朗普对奥巴马的缓和政策表现出忽热忽冷的态度,在竞选期间最初表示持,只不过会寻求“更划算的交易”,后来则承诺“扭转”奥巴马的政策。For now normalcy rules. In Miami, there were neither reports of violence nor arrests, and officials told the Associated Press there were no plans to activate the emergency operations centre either – another sign of the generally subdued reaction.就目前而言,局面大致正常。迈阿密没有传出暴力或逮捕的报道,同时美国官员们告诉美联社(Associated Press),没有计划启动紧急行动指挥中心(Emergency Operations Center)——这是总体反应平静的又一个迹象。The US coast guard also ran regular patrols and has not taken emergency measures, despite a recent rise in the number of Cubans seeking to arrive in Florida by sea. More than 7,400 attempted the perilous crossing in the 12 months to September 30, versus 4,400 the year before.美国海岸警卫队也仅执行常规巡逻,没有采取紧急措施,尽管近期寻求从海上抵达佛罗里达的古巴人有所增加。截至9月30日的12个月里,逾7400名古巴人投奔怒海,而上一年为4400人。In Cuba, state-newspaper Granma, despite thousands of words of praise, notably avoided using the word “death”. Instead, in a sign of how Havana plans to close ranks around Castro’s memory, the paper wrote how “Cuba’s great baseball slugger” had “left the realm of this world for immortality”.在古巴,官方的《格拉玛报》(Granma)连篇累牍地发表赞美之词,但明显避免提到“死亡”这个字眼。相反,突显哈瓦那计划如何以追忆卡斯特罗来号召众人的一个迹象是,该报写道,“古巴的伟大棒球手(卡斯特罗)”已经“离开尘世,得到永生”。 /201611/480260

As growth slows at home, more and more Chinese companies are looking to do deals in the ed States. And they are increasingly running smack into the American national security apparatus.随着国内经济增长放缓,越来越多的中国企业试图在美国做交易。但他们正在越来越频繁地撞上美国国家安全机器的南墙。Such scrutiny will have implications for ed States and China relations, as well as for mergers and acquisitions more broadly.这种严苛的审核将会对美中关系形成冲击,并对更广泛的并购活动造成影响。The latest Chinese deal to feel the chill from Washington was a planned .78 billion investment by the Tsinghua Unisplendour Corporation of China in the American hard disk drive maker Western Digital. On Tuesday, Tsinghua said it was abandoning the purchase of a 15 percent stake in Western Digital, citing a decision by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the ed States to review the deal.感受到华盛顿这股寒意的最新一宗中美交易,是中国公司清华紫光投资美国硬盘驱动生产商西部数据(Western Digital)37.8亿美元的计划。本周二,清华紫光表示将放弃收购西部数据15%的股份,援引的理由是美国外国投资委员会(Committee on Foreign Investment in the ed States)决定对该交易进行审核。What is this government body that holds such power?是什么样的政府机构拥有这样的权力呢?The committee, better known by the acronym Cfius, has a long history, going back to the Exon-Florio amendment of 1988. At that time, there were concerns about Japanese acquisitions in the ed States, a fear whose legacy is several mediocre movies like “Rising Sun,” a tale about Japanese corporate corruption, and the comedy “Gung Ho,” which starred Michael Keaton as an executive at a car plant struggling under Japanese ownership.该委员会的缩写Cfius更为常见。它的历史比较悠久,可以追溯到1988年的埃克森-弗罗里奥修正案(Exon-Florio)。当时,日本企业在美国的收购行为引起了人们的担心。这种忧虑催生了几部平庸的电影,比如描述日本企业腐败现象的《旭日》(Rising Sun),还有喜剧《超级魔鬼干部》(Gung Ho)。迈克尔·基顿(Michael Keaton)在后一部片子里扮演日本汽车厂的高管,在日本老板手下苟延残喘。Since then, Cfius has grown increasingly powerful. In 2006, an uproar erupted over DP World of Dubai’s acquisition of the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company, a British company that owned ports in the ed States. Washington lawmakers from both parties attacked the deal, choosing to ignore that the ed Arab Emirates is an ally of the ed States. Congress again acted to give Cfius even broader reach. DP World soon sold the American P.amp;O. ports.从那时起,Cfius的权力越来越大。2006年,迪拜环球港务集团(DP World)准备收购在美国拥有多座港口的英国企业铁行轮船公司(Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company),引发了一片哗然。华盛顿的两党议员均对这宗交易进行了抨击,选择性地忽略阿联酋是美国盟友的事实。国会再次采取行动,授予Cfius更大的权限。迪拜环球港务集团很快就出售了铁行轮船在美国的港口。Last week, Cfius issued its annual report for actions in 2014. The interagency body — it includes representatives from the Treasury, Justice and Defense Departments — is a bit secretive. All its filings are confidential, it doesn’t have a building in Washington and it lags an entire year in reporting figures.上周,Cfius发布了2014年度的行动报告。这个跨机构的组织由财政部、司法部和国防部的代表组成,行事有点遮遮掩掩。所有的申请都是保密的,它在华盛顿没有办公楼,公布的数据滞后了整整一年。Potential foreign acquirers make a filing for a national security review. In 2014 there was a record high of 147 filings, up from 97 in 2013. The increase in 2014 was mainly a result of acquisitions in manufacturing, primarily technology. The most filings were by China with 24. Next was Britain with 21, and after that was Canada with 15. (Yes, even our closest allies are subject to Cfius review.)国家安全审查申请由潜在的外国买家提出。2014年,Cfius共收到147份申请,创历史新高,而2013年为97份。2014年的增长大多是制造业收购案所致,主要是科技制造业。提出申请最多的国家是中国,有24份,其次是英国的21份,然后是加拿大的15份。(是的,即使我们最亲密的盟友也受到Cfius的审核。)Once a filing is made, the committee can decide to do nothing or investigate further to see if the transaction presents a national security problem. In 2014, there was a record high of 51 investigations, fully a third of all filings.接到申请后,Cfius可以决定什么也不做,或展开进一步调查,以确定这项交易是否存在国家安全隐患。2014年,该委员会创下历史新高,对51项申请展开了调查,占所有申请的三分之一。After an investigation, if Cfius finds that the transaction has a national security issue, it will make a recommendation to the president, who can then decide to block the deal.调查结束后,如果Cfius发现交易存在国家安全问题,就会给美国总统提出建议,后者可以决定阻止这项交易。But Cfius rarely gets that far. There has been only one presidential action to block a transaction in the last five years. That was the 2012 acquisition of a wind farm by a Chinese company. Why would a wind farm implicate national security? Well, it was too close to a military base.但Cfius很少会走到那一步。过去五年,只出现过一次由美国总统采取行动来阻止交易的情况。那是在2012年,当时有一家中国公司试图收购美国一座风电场。风电场怎么会和国家安全扯上关系?这个嘛,原因是它太靠近一座军事基地。Instead, what typically happens is that Cfius signals to the acquirer that it will recommend against the transaction. In that case the acquirer will withdraw the transaction to avoid the public stain of a full presidential action.实际上,更常见的情况是,Cfius给收购方发出信号,表示它会建议否定这项交易。此种情况下,收购方会主动撤回收购意向,以避免被美国总统采取阻止交易的行动,留下人尽皆知的污点。This is what happened in the case of Western Digital. Similarly, Cfius has acted to block an acquisition of a gold mine by a Chinese company because it too was too close to a military base. Philips withdrew the sale of its lighting subsidiary last year under similar concerns.清华紫光对西部数据的收购申请就是遭遇了这种情况。类似的,Cfius因一座金矿太靠近军事基地而阻止一家中国公司对它进行收购。出于同样的原因,飞利浦(Philips)去年撤销了出售旗下一家照明产品子公司的计划。Some pending deals are coming into Cfius’s cross hairs. The biggest is China National Chemical Corporation’s billion acquisition of Syngenta, a Swiss giant in farm chemicals and seeds with big operations in the ed States.有一些悬而未决的交易正在进入Cfius的瞄准范围。其中最大的一宗是中国化工集团公司收购先正达(Syngenta)的计划,价值430亿美元。这家瑞典公司是农用化肥和种子生产领域的巨头,在美国有多处大型分机构。It may seem odd that an agriculture company would become a matter for national security, but this is all about food technology. The market is betting that Cfius is almost certainly going to require divestitures or restrictions on access of the Chinese company to Syngenta’s American operations and technology.这看似有些奇怪,一家农业公司会牵涉国家安全,但它关乎的其实是食品技术问题。市场猜测,Cfius几乎肯定会要求进行资产剥离,或者限制这家中国公司得到先正达在美国的分机构和技术。But it is not just food technology. Chongqing Casin Enterprise Group’s agreement to acquire the Chicago Stock Exchange has been met with heated protest. Forty-five members of Congress have sent a letter to Cfius asking the committee to block the deal on “transparency” concerns, namely that the Chinese economy and buyer are opaque and that providing access to American market and trading technology might harm the ed States.然而,不是只有食品技术才会如此。重庆财信企业集团收购芝加哥券交易所(Chicago Stock Exchange)的申请就遭到了强烈的抗议。45位议员给Cfius发了一封联名信,要求该委员会阻止这项交易,原因是有关“透明度”方面的顾虑,即中国经济和买家是不透明的,给他们提供进入美国市场和进行技术交易的机会,有可能会给美国造成伤害。Expect tensions to get worse. Chinese companies are desperate to get dollars out of China in anticipation of a further slide in its currency. Foreign acquisitions are an easy solution, since they are encouraged by the Chinese government. And American sellers are willing to take the risk. Indeed, pending now is Tianjin Tianhai’s billion deal for the technology distributor Ingram Micro, which would be the largest Chinese acquisition of an American technology company.这种擦还会加剧。中国企业目前急于将资金放到中国以外的地方,因为他们预计本国的货币还会进一步贬值。海外并购是个比较容易的解决办法,因为中国政府对这种行为持鼓励态度。美国卖家也愿意承担其中的风险。实际上,中国航运集团天津天海即将达成的以60亿美元收购技术分销商英迈(Ingram Micro)的交易,将会是中国在美国进行的最大的一宗科技企业收购。To be sure, Cfius actually approves most acquisitions, even the Chinese ones. For example, it approved the acquisition of Smithfield Foods and the battery maker A123 despite some protest.当然,Cfius 实际上通过了大部分的交易申请,甚至包括中国公司提出的那些。比如,尽管有人提出抗议,它还是批准了对史密斯菲尔德食品公司(Smithfield Foods)和对电池生产商A123的收购。These types of national security reviews also occur in other countries, including China, and can sometimes take on an absurdist flavor. Canada, for example, reviewed Burger King’s acquisition of Tim Hortons, its national coffeehouse chain, on national security grounds. France famously stated that it would not allow the acquisition of Danone, since the yogurt maker was a national champion.其他国家也有这类针对国家安全的审核,包括中国,而且有时候还会显得有些荒诞。比如,加拿大就以国家安全为由,对汉堡王(Burger King)收购该国咖啡连锁店蒂姆-霍顿斯(Tim Hortons)一事进行了审核。法国曾出了名地表示,它不会允许外国公司收购达能(Danone),因为这家酸奶生产商是国宝。But we are entering into a new phase with Chinese acquisitions. The ed States’ national security service, never considered a transparent process, is going to have to grapple with how far it can allow these Chinese companies to go. When is food technology important? Is a stock market really something that needs protection, particularly one that is dying?不过,在中国企业的收购申请方面,我们正进入一个新的阶段。一直被认为不透明的美国国家安全审核,将要面对在多大程度上给中国企业放行的难题。食品技术什么时候成了重要的问题?券交易所真的需要保护吗,尤其是那么一家快要倒闭的?If you want to know how heated these debates can become, think about what is going on with Apple now and the controversy over whether it should be forced to unlock an iPhone. Then imagine a foreign company is substituted for Apple.如果你想知道这些争论未来会激烈到什么程度,可以想想眼下苹果正在经历的事,想想就是否该强迫苹果公司解锁一部iPhone产生的争议。然后想象一下,把其中的苹果替换成一家外国企业。Would it be better to let the money in, as we did with the Japanese, and watch them overspend and mismanage? After all, even in the best of times foreign acquisitions are difficult. And it may just be that this money and new viewpoint will make American companies better.让外国资金进来,然后看他们超和管理不善,会是更好的选择吗?就像我们以前对待日本人那样。毕竟,就算是在经济形势最好的时候,外资收购也并不容易。而且,情况也可能是,这些钱和新的视角会让美国企业变得更好。And ultimately, there is the issue of xenophobia and commerce. These acquisitions create value for the ed States. Is blocking them based on rationality, or simply on fear?最根本的,还存在着这是排外还是商业考量的问题。这些收购交易能为美国创造价值。我们是基于理性判断在阻止它们,还是只是出于恐惧?Deal-making, particularly cross-border deal-making, is always hard, but it is about to get much harder over the next few years as the ed States decides how vigorous its national security review process will be. This will be a debate that will primarily be about China.达成交易,尤其是跨国交易,总是很难的,但在接下来的几年里,它会变得更难。美国会决定它就国家安全问题进行的审核会严格到什么程度,而这方面的争议将主要和中国有关。 /201602/428504


  Starting from June 1, some Chinese express delivery companies will hike up delivery fees.自6月1日起,国内部分快递公司将上调派送费。Delivery fees refer to the income a courier gets from collecting or delivering mail or a parcel, insiders said.据业内人士介绍,派送费是指快递员收取和派送邮件或一票包裹所得的收入。Companies including YTO, STO, ZTO, Yunda and Best have all published a notice on 56ec.org.cn, a Chinese e-commerce logistics service portal.圆通、申通、中通、韵达和百世汇通都在中国电子商务物流务网上发布了通知。The companies asked all outlets to increase delivery fees by 0.15 yuan per ticket, effective from June 1.这些公司要求所有网点将派送费上调0.15元/票,自6月1日起实施。All the express companies involved in the hike operate on a franchise model, and said the move was aimed at improving delivery service quality and preventing cutthroat competition.此次提高派送费的均为加盟型快递公司。这些快递公司称,此举旨在提高派件务质量、避免恶性竞争。However, SF Express, an industry leader that sticks to a company-owned model, will not hike up prices.不过,坚持直营模式的快递业领头企业顺丰速运将不会上调派送费。 /201705/511752。

  Officials in one of China’s hottest property markets have banned developers from borrowing money to buy land, as local governments embrace increasingly drastic measures to curb soaring home prices.中国最热楼市之一的地方政府已禁止开发商借款购地。目前中国各地的地方政府正采取越来越严厉的措施来遏止房价飙升。Prices of new residential properties in Nanjing, capital of eastern Jiangsu province, were up 40 per cent year on year in September, in line with increases in other big cities.在华东的江苏省首府南京,9月新建住宅价格同比上涨40%,与其他大城市楼价涨幅相仿。Over recent months, local governments have tried to cool residential property prices by making it more difficult for people to buy homes. 近几个月来,地方政府试图通过加大购房难度来给房价降温。The unprecedented decision by officials in Nanjing to cut off developers’ access to the banking system for land purchases highlights how local governments’ policy focus is shifting to real estate companies and their funding sources.南京官员们作出前所未有的决定,阻止开发商在购地时利用体系的资金,此举突显地方政府的政策重点正在转向房地产公司及其资金来源。Highly leveraged developers, colloquially known as land kings, have driven prices to record levels in many Chinese cities over the past year. 有地王之称、杠杆水平极高的开发商,在过去一年里把中国许多城市的房价推高至创纪录水平。Local governments were initially reluctant to act, as auctions of land are an important part of their revenue base. 地方政府最初不愿意采取行动,因为土地拍卖是其重要的财政收入来源。In September, however, the government and central bank ordered local governments to cool overheated property markets.然而在9月份,中央政府和央行勒令地方政府给过热的房地产市场降温。Bidders must use their own funds [at auctions], Nanjing’s land bureau said. 南京市国土资源局发出通知称,竞买人拿地须用自有资金。The notice banned developers from bidding with funds from banks, trust companies and insurers. 该通知禁止开发商利用来自、信托公司和保险公司的资金进行投标。They were also banned from using money raised either on capital markets or through the issuance of wealth management products and other unregulated funds.它们也被禁止使用在资本市场上募集的资金,或使用通过发行理财产品等募集的违规资金。Nanjing was due yesterday to hold its first land auction since late September, when central government directives to cool markets began to take effect.南京定于昨日举行自9月下旬(当时中央政府有关降温市场的指令开始生效)以来的第一次土地拍卖。Last month China’s securities and banking regulators began to restrict real estate developers’ ability to issue new shares and bonds. 上月,中国的券和业监管机构开始限制房地产开发商发行新股和债券的能力。All the relevant [national] regulators and government departments have intervened to curb developers’ financing, said Jonas Short at NSBO, a policy research group. 所有相关的(国家)监管机构和政府部门都进行了干预,以抑制开发商的融资,政策研究团体蓝橡资本英国(NSBO)的乔纳斯.肖特(Jonas Short)表示。It is an example of the concerted action that you get when [Beijing] is convinced something must be done.这是在(北京方面)确信必须有所作为时,你会看到的那种协调行动的一个例子。Corporate bond sales by real estate developers have come to a complete halt this month while their issuance of trust products fell by a quarter in October compared with September. 房地产开发商的公司债券发售本月已完全停止,而它们在10月的信托产品发行量也比9月下降了四分之一。Trust products bundle corporate loans and other assets that are sold on to a variety of investors, including bank depositors.信托产品把公司贷款和其他资产捆绑打包,然后出售给各类投资者,包括储户。Thomas Gatley at Gavekal Dragonomics said the immediate impact on many developers would be limited. 龙洲经讯(Gavekal Dragonomics)的托马斯.加特利(Thomas Gatley)表示,对许多开发商来说,直接影响将是有限的。Property developers are cash-rich from excellent sales this year, said Mr Gatley. 今年极佳的销售表现使房地产开发商现金充足,加特利说。Only the smaller ones will be affected. 只有较小的开发商会受到影响。More broadly, it is high demand for housing in China’s top cities that drives both land and house price growth.整体而言,推动地价和房价双双上涨的因素是人们对一线城市的住宅需求居高不下。 /201611/479231

  China on Track to Add Coal Plants Despite Pledge for Curbs, Greenpeace Says报告称中国未来每周新增一座燃煤电厂BEIJING — The Chinese government is trying to slow down the approval of new coal-fired power plants because of overcapacity, but projects aly in the pipeline, as well as loopholes in policy, mean China is on track to add an average of one new coal-fired plant a week until 2020, according to a report released on Wednesday by Greenpeace East Asia.北京——据绿色和平组织东亚分部周三公布的一份报告称,由于产能过剩,中国政府正在努力放缓新燃煤电厂的审批,但是已经批准的项目与政策中的漏洞,意味着中国在2020年到来前,仍在以平均每周一个的速度建设新的燃煤电厂。The construction boom would result in about 400 gigawatts of excess capacity and would waste more than one trillion renminbi, or 0 billion, on building unneeded plants, the report said.报告称,这个建设热潮将在不必要的燃煤电厂上浪费超过1万亿元人民币的投资,并导致约400千兆瓦的过剩产能。China now has 910 gigawatts of coal-fired capacity and is expected to retire 70 gigawatts of that. The new construction means the country would increase capacity at a time when additional coal-fired power is not needed, Greenpeace said.中国目前的燃煤发电能力是910千兆瓦,其中有70千兆瓦的产能预计将被淘汰。绿色和平组织表示,新的建设项目意味着,在不需要更多燃煤电厂的时候,中国仍在增加产能。As part of its broad climate change policy, China — the world’s biggest emitter of greenhouse gases — has promised that it would try to make 20 percent of its energy renewable by 2030. But given the planned growth in coal power capacity, some environmentalists question that goal.中国是世界上最大的温室气体排放国,作为其应对气候变化的全面政策的一部分,中国已经承诺争取在2030年前将能源组合中的20%变为可再生能源。但考虑到计划中的燃煤发电能力的增长,一些环保人士对这个目标的实现表示怀疑。“China’s worsening coal overcapacity crisis is acting as a dead weight on the country’s ongoing energy transition,” said Lauri Myllyvirta, who wrote the report with Shen Xinyi.“中国日益严重的燃煤电厂产能过剩的危机,是中国目前能源转型的沉重负担,”柳力(Lauri Myllyvirta)说,他与沈昕一一起撰写了这份报告。Representatives of China’s hydropower and wind power industries have complained of the glut of coal power plants. The addition of a large number of such plants would make it harder for companies specializing in non-fossil-fuel energy to be profitable because coal-fired plants can more easily secure contracts with the major state-owned electrical grid companies.中国的水电、风电等行业的代表已经在抱怨燃煤电厂产能过剩的问题。燃煤电厂的大量增长将让致力于非化石燃料的公司更难盈利,因为燃煤电厂更容易从国有的电网公司获得入网合同。Mr. Myllyvirta and other Greenpeace researchers have been trying to calculate the amount of overcapacity of coal-fired power plants in China. Greenpeace East Asia released its first report on the topic in November, noting that 155 projects had received a permit in 2015, equal to 40 percent of operational coal power plants in the ed States.柳力及绿色和平组织的其他研究人员一直在试图计算中国燃煤发电的过剩产能。绿色和平组织东亚分部在去年11月份首次发布有关报告指出,共有155个燃煤电厂项目在2015年获得了许可,相当于美国目前运营的燃煤电厂总数的40%。In March, Greenpeace revised that number upward, saying 210 new or proposed plants, with a total capacity of 165 gigawatts, had received environmental permits last year. Greenpeace tracked China’s proposed capacity by examining provincial websites for permit approvals.今年3月,绿色和平组织调高了这个数字,称去年有210座新建或拟建燃煤电厂获得了环境许可,总装机容量达165千兆瓦。绿色和平组织通过在省政府的网站上查找许可的审批信息,来跟踪中国拟建的煤电产能。There are aly too many coal-fired power plants in China, as shown by a steady decline in the plants’ average operating hours since 2013, according to official statistics. China also used less coal in 2015 compared with 2014, and coal-producing companies across China have complained of a deepening slump in the industry.据官方统计,中国目前已经拥有过多的燃煤电厂,而产能过剩表现在,自2013年以来,燃煤电厂平均运行的小时数在持续下降。中国2015年的煤炭使用量与2014年相比有所减少,中国各地的煤炭生产企业也在抱怨煤炭行业日益深化的衰退。The boom in approval of coal-fired power plants began in early 2015, after the central government said provincial governments could approve projects.燃煤电厂的审批热潮始于2015年初,那之前,中央政府曾表示,省级政府可批准这类项目。But the central government has tried to rein in the approvals, and it announced a policy in April to limit capacity and retire some plants. Under that policy, about 110 gigawatts of proposed capacity would be suspended and 70 gigawatts would be retired by 2020, according to the Greenpeace report on Wednesday.但是,中央政府后来试图严格控制审批,并在今年4月宣布了一项限制产能和淘汰一些燃煤电厂的政策。绿色和平组织周三的报告称,按照这一政策,大约110千兆瓦的拟建产能将暂停,现有产能中的70千兆瓦将在2020年前被淘汰。But plants that would add 200 gigawatts are aly under construction, and projects adding 165 gigawatts could get permits despite the new limits, Greenpeace said.但是,绿色和平组织表示,已经开工的燃煤电厂将增添200千兆瓦的产能,尽管出台了新的限制,仍有许多燃煤电厂有望拿到许可,这些电厂将进一步增添165千兆瓦的产能。Mr. Myllyvirta said that he and his colleagues estimated there would be 600 new coal-fired units, or boilers, at 290 plant sites.柳力说,他和他的同事们估计,将有600个新的燃煤机组分布在各地的290个燃煤电厂中。Greenpeace said that northern and northwestern provinces and regions that are designated new “coal bases” have been trying to approve or build plants as quickly as possible. These include the provinces of Shanxi and Shaanxi and the region of Inner Mongolia, all of which have large coal reserves and whose economies depend on coal.绿色和平组织说,北部和西北省份、以及那些被指定为新“煤炭基地”的地区正在试图尽快地批准或建设煤电项目。其中包括山西省、陕西省以及内蒙古,都是拥有巨大煤炭储量、经济依赖煤炭的地方。The industrial burning of coal is the biggest source of carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas responsible for climate change. It is also the main contributor to the air pollution in many Chinese cities.工业燃煤是二氧化碳的最大来源,二氧化碳是导致气候变化的主要温室气体。燃煤也是中国许多城市空气污染的主要原因。 /201607/454551An amusement park in Japan has been forced to close its skating rink after a torrent of online criticism over its centrepiece: thousands of fish frozen into the ice. 日本一家游乐园将数千条鱼冻在溜冰场的冰层中作为装饰,这一创意在网上遭到一片指责,溜冰场被迫关门。Space World in the city of Kitakyushu, south-west Japan, bowed to pressure to close the facility on Sunday after an online campaign denouncing the piscine graveyard as ;cruel;, ;immoral; and ;weird;. 27日,日本西南部城市九州市的“太空世界”游乐园迫于压力关闭了其溜冰场,网友怒斥这里是“残忍的”、“不道德的”、“诡异的”鱼群墓地。The rink, which was supposed to have stayed open until the spring, featured about 5,000 dead sprats, mackerel and other fish that had been bought from a local market embedded in the ice, some with their mouths still open in apparent suspended animation, according to local media reports. 据当地媒体报道,这家溜冰场本应一直开放至明年春天。他们从市场精心选购了5000条已经死亡的鲱鱼、鲭鱼等鱼类,将其嵌入冰层,有些鱼的嘴仍然张着一动不动,看似窒息而死。The fish were also used to spell out ;hello; under the ice and to form an arrow showing skaters which direction to follow. 该溜冰场把鱼拼成“你好”的字样,还将鱼摆成箭头形状,为溜冰者指示方向。Other parts of the rink showed rays and whale sharks that, the park pointed out, were merely enlarged photos that had been placed beneath the ice. 在溜冰场中还可以看见光束和鲸鲨,游乐园称,他们只是把鲸鲨的照片放大了置于冰下。The outcry was prompted after the fish were featured in a local TV report last week. 一家地方电视台上周对这些鱼儿进行报道后,引发了人们的抗议。Space World#39;s Facebook page was inundated with complaints and calls for the attraction to close. 太空世界游乐园的脸书主页充斥着投诉批评和要求其关门的呼声。One commenter said the park was ;disrespectful of life;, while another said it was displaying an ;appalling lack of morality;. 一位留言者称,该游乐园“蔑视生命”,还有人称这是“极不道德”的表现。The facility#39;s website had touted the Ice Aquarium as an opportunity for visitors to ;glide across the sea; in what it called the first attraction of its kind in the world. 太空世界游乐园曾在官网吹捧称该溜冰场是全球首个冰冻水族馆,它能够让游客感受“在海面滑行”的感觉。But on Sunday, the park announced it was closing the ice rink. ;We deeply apologise to people who felt uncomfortable about the Ice Aquarium event,; it said in a statement ed in the Japan Times. ;As a result, we have stopped the event from today.; 但该游乐园27日宣布关闭该溜冰场。《日本时报》援引游乐园的声明称,“对于冰冻水族馆给人们带来的不适,我们深感抱歉。因此,从今天起我们将这里关闭。”A spokesperson told the Asahi Shimbun that the park was considering holding a memorial service for the fish next year, adding that the fish were aly dead when they were bought from a local wholesaler. 一位发言人对朝日新闻社表示,游乐园正在考虑明年为这些鱼儿举办一场悼念仪式,他还称,他们从当地批发商那里购买的是已经死去的鱼。;Misunderstandings sp on the internet that the fish were frozen while they were still alive, but that was not the case,; the spokesperson told the newspaper. ;We should have explained more.; 这位新闻发言人表示,“网上谣传这些鱼在还活着时就被冻住,但这并非事实。我们本应该解释得更清楚些。” /201612/481152

  As the number of Chinese people owning private cars is expected to continuously rise as a result of their growing wealth, greater awareness of the traffic rules and stronger enforcement of them are urgently needed to reduce incidents of dangerous driving and road rage.随着中国的人们收入的增加,拥有私家车的人数有望不断上升,这就迫切需要人们对交通规则有更高的意识和更强的执行力,以降低危险驾驶和路怒事件。China is now the world#39;s largest car market, but unfortunately this has failed to result in a corresponding improvement in driving skills and road etiquette among its drivers. More than 17 million cases of road rage have been handled so far this year, the traffic authorities said on Monday, a day before the Fourth National Traffic Safety Day.中国现在是全球最大的汽车市场,但不幸的是,这并没有导致国人的驾驶技术和道路社节也相应的提升。交通部门在周一称,今年迄今为止已经处理了超过1700万起路怒事件,而周三(12月2日)正是国家交通安全日,自2011年起设立。Driving angrily has proved a big contributor to frequent road accidents and casualties. In 2013, altogether 80,200 accidents were attributed to anger behind the wheel, a 4.9 percent year-on-year increase and the number rose by 2.4 percent in 2014.愤怒的驾驶被明是造成频繁的交通事故和人员伤亡的一大因素。在2013年,一共有80200起交通事故归咎于驾驶员的愤怒,同比2012年上升4.9%,这个数字在2014上升2.4%。A was recently posted on the Internet showing a driver in Heilongjiang province, Northeast China, intentionally impeding an ambulance that was responding to an emergency. This sparked intense discussion about the lack of respect for traffic rules among Chinese drivers and their lack of basic road safety awareness.最近在网上有一则视频,显示中国东北黑龙江省的一名驾驶员故意阻碍一辆正在执行紧急任务的救护车。这点燃了网友们针对中国司机不尊重交通规则和缺乏基本的道路安全意识的激烈讨论。By the end of October, China had 276 million registered vehicles, 160 million of which are cars, and the number of drivers is 322 million. The growing congestion as a result of increased car use has also led to more drivers violating the traffic regulations.截至10月底,中国登记注册的机动车辆达到二亿七千六百万,其中一大半约一亿六千万是私家车,拥有驾驶执照的人数是三亿二千二百万。更多的汽车导致了道路的拥堵,从而又加剧了驾驶员违反交通规则。China has the highest number of road accident fatalities in the world, many of which have been directly attributed to drivers#39; bad habits and their lack of respect for traffic rules.中国是世界上因交通事故而丧生的人数最多的国家,其中有很多都是由于驾驶员驾驶陋习和无视交通规则造成的。The continuing rise in the number of drivers means that greater efforts have to be made to raise drivers#39; traffic awareness and prompt them to obey traffic rules so as to reduce the number of killers on the road.驾驶员人数的持续上升,意味着交通部门必须付出更多的努力来提高他们的道路安全意识,提醒他们遵守交通规则,从而减少“马路杀手”。 /201512/414022



  One out of every three Chinese people over the age of five is nearsighted, according to a recently released white paper on the visual health of the Chinese population, the first of its kind.近日发布的首份研究国人视觉健康的白皮书显示,我国5岁以上人群中,每3个人就有1个人是近视。According to the white paper, 437 million to 487 million, or 35.16 to 39.21 percent, of the Chinese population aged above 5 suffer from myopia — with 29 million to 30.4 million, or 2.33 to 2.47 percent, living with a high degree of myopia.该白皮书指出,在我国5岁以上的人口中,近视的患病人数在4.37亿至4.87亿之间,比例为35.16%至39.21%。其中,高度近视的比例在2.33%至2.47%之间,患有高度近视的总人口高达2900万至3040万。Without effective intervention, the percentage of myopia patients above age 5 is expected to jump to about 51 percent by 2020, it added.该白皮书还补充说道,如果没有有效的干预,预计到2020年,我国5岁以上人口的近视发病率将增长到51%左右。The occurrence of myopia and its harm are irreversible and high myopia can lead to pathological changes in the eye, causing severe and permanent visual impairment, the white paper warned. The disease could also adversely affect future population quality, as it could be inherited and passed on through families.白皮书警告称,近视的发生与危害都是不可逆的。高度近视可能导致各类眼底病变,造成严重、永久性的视功能损害。由于近视可以遗传,这种疾病还会影响未来的人口素质。In addition, prescription lenses are a significant economic burden. In 2012, 232 million to 263 million people above the age of 5 had them. About 102 million to 117 million new lenses were demanded by patients every year, costing somewhere between 45.45 billion and 53.25 billion yuan, the paper said.此外,白皮书还指出,配眼镜带来的经济负担也不低。2012年5岁以上近视人群中,已配镜人数在2.32亿至2.63亿人之间。配镜人群每年配镜1.02亿至1.17亿架次,配镜年成本在454.48亿至532.47亿元之间。 /201606/450303

  Instruments as Investments是乐器,也是投资His father was skeptical. His mother worried he would drive the family business into turmoil.他的父亲表示怀疑。他的母亲担心他会把家族生意搞得一团糟。But Nick Liu, a 26-year-old heir to a large musical instrument company in eastern China, was determined. He would open a store focused exclusively on selling the brand of pianos he had worshiped during his days as a budding concert pianist.不过,26岁的刘骋心意已决。他是中国东部一家大型乐器行的继承人。他想开一家店,专门销售他作为音乐会钢琴演奏者初露头角时最崇拜的钢琴品牌。Mr. Liu’s father had tried selling Steinway pianos a decade earlier with limited success. The concept of a high-end instrument is unfamiliar in a country where the average income for a middle-income family is about ,000, according to a report last year by Goldman Sachs. Most people won’t spend more than ,000 on a piano.十年前,刘的父亲曾尝试销售施坦威钢琴,不太成功。据高盛公司(Goldman Sachs)去年的一份报告,中国中等收入家庭的年均收入约为1.2万美元,高端乐器的概念在中国并不为人们所熟悉。大部分人不会购买超过1000美元的钢琴。Mr. Liu, who studied piano and finance at Wake Forest University in North Carolina, sensed an opportunity. He believed that China’s nouveaux riches were in the market for new symbols of wealth. “I knew rich people wanted something more subtle to show their taste and sophistication,” he said.刘曾在北卡罗来纳州的韦克福里斯特大学(Wake Forest University)学习钢琴和金融。他看到了商机。他认为,中国的暴发户正在市场上寻找新的财富象征。“我知道有钱人想要一些更精致的东西来展示自己的品味和修养,”他说。Shortly after New Year’s Day last year, in a sleepy business complex in Ningbo that housed a fine-wine store and an art gallery, Mr. Liu opened a Steinway dealership, the latest addition to his family’s business empire, Tianmu Music.去年新年之后不久,刘在宁波一个安静的商业综合楼里开设了一家施坦威专营店,这是他的家族企业天目琴行的最新分。这个商业楼里还有一家高档红酒店和一个画廊。Mr. Liu found the space with the help of Wang Zhaochun, a technology executive and one of Steinway’s most enthusiastic Chinese customers, who owned the building.刘在王兆春的帮助下找到了这个空间。王是一家技术公司的总裁,是施坦威最热心的中国顾客之一,也是这座商业楼的所有者。Mr. Wang was an avid fan of sports cars and watches. But his latest obsession was a red Steinway concert grand piano valued at more than 0,000, which he showed off to friends in a private salon decorated with fur rugs and bottles of Royal Salute whisky on the building’s ninth floor.王是跑车和手表的狂热爱好者。不过他最近痴迷的是一架红色施坦威音乐会三角钢琴,价值超过30万美元。他在这座商业楼九层的一个私人会客厅里向朋友们炫耀这架钢琴,会客厅里装饰着皮毛小地毯和一瓶瓶皇家礼炮威士忌(Royal Salute)。“I wanted to buy something special,” Mr. Wang said. “It’s just like a Rolls-Royce.”“我想买点特别的东西,”王说,“它就像劳斯莱斯。”In his store on the ground floor, Mr. Liu arranged dozens of pianos, polishing them with cloths made of chicken skin to make each look as seductive as possible. He turned an empty wall into a timeline of Steinway history, beginning with a portrait of Henry E. Steinway, the company’s founder, in a top hat and holding a cane. He created a mock living room, complete with Steinway-branded teacups and tissue boxes, to help customers visualize high-end pianos in their own homes.刘在底层的店里布置了几十架钢琴,用鸡皮做成的布擦拭它们,让每架钢琴尽可能看起来充满诱惑力。他在一面空白的墙上展示施坦威大事记,开头是公司创始人亨利#8226;E#8226;施坦威(Henry E. Steinway)的肖像,他戴着大礼帽,拿着手杖。他还设计了一个模拟客厅,布置着施坦威品牌的茶杯和纸巾盒,帮助顾客想像自己家里有一架高端钢琴的样子。Yet Mr. Liu struggled to make a sale. “It was hell,” he said. “No customers, just three employees in the store and me.”不过,刘的销售情况不佳。“很糟糕,”他说,“没有顾客,店里只有三名员工和我。”His sales team, accustomed to using a pushy manner to peddle far cheaper products, had difficulty connecting with elite customers. Mr. Liu, a classically trained pianist, felt more comfortable speaking about the musical aspects of the instruments than investment value.他的销售团队习惯于采用纠缠不休的方式兜售便宜得多的产品,很难与高端顾客建立联系。刘是一位受过正规训练的钢琴演奏者,他更喜欢谈论乐器的音乐价值而非投资价值。Selling a Steinway in China is a particularly trying task. Unlike sports cars or watches, pianos are not easy to show off. Many older people in China never developed a talent for playing the piano. The instrument was shunned during the Cultural Revolution, and widesp poverty in the ensuing decades made it inaccessible to many Chinese families.在中国销售施坦威尤为困难。不像跑车或手表,钢琴不好炫耀。很多年龄稍长的中国人从未开发过弹钢琴的天赋。“文革”期间,人们对这种乐器避而远之,在之后的数十年里,中国家庭普遍贫穷,买不起钢琴。Steinway has depended on salesmen in more than 25 cities to educate and excite its customers. The company has instructed them to play up the potential return on investment of a Steinway — a message that resonates strongly with frugal Chinese families — and to speak at length about the company’s history.施坦威依靠在超过25个城市的销售人员教育和激励顾客。公司指导销售员强调购买施坦威钢琴的潜在投资回报——这一点在节俭的中国家庭中很能引起共鸣——并详细讲述该公司的历史。Mr. Liu thought back to his days as an intern in China selling English lessons to working-class families. He remembered the time he had sold more than ,000 worth of lessons to a woman who made only 0 a month.刘回想起自己在中国当实习生时向工薪家庭推销英语课程的情形。他记得,有一次,他把价值6000多美元的课程推销给一个月薪仅为460美元的女人。“That was an achievement,” he said. “It was like ‘The Wolf of Wall Street.’ You have to figure out their motivations and their pressure point.”“那是一种成就,”他说,“就像《华尔街之狼》(The Wolf of Wall Street)。你必须找出他们的动力和压力点。”Mr. Liu invited families in for concerts. He began courting music teachers and local performers. He recruited a Bentley salesman to help market the pianos to affluent customers.刘邀请家庭观看音乐会。他开始讨好音乐教师和当地演奏者。他聘请了一名宾利(Bentley)销售员,帮助向富有顾客推广钢琴。“We had to convince them that pianos should be a noble good, not something people buy from the grocery store,” he said.“我们必须说他们,钢琴是一种高贵的东西,不是从杂货店买的那种东西,”他说。By March, Mr. Liu had made his first sale, and he was beginning to learn to accommodate the peculiar requests of his clients. A customer called one morning to say she wanted to buy a grand piano costing more than ,000. But there was a catch: She demanded that it be delivered at 8 p.m. that same day, on the advice of her spiritual master, who had said that time would accord with the laws of feng shui.3月,刘售出了第一架钢琴,并开始学着适应客户的特殊要求。一天早上,一名客户打电话说她想买一架钢琴价格超过2万美元的钢琴。但有个难题:按照她找的大师的建议,她要求在当天晚上8点送到,在那个时间入户有利于风水。Mr. Liu scrambled to make it happen.刘竭尽全力满足了这个要求。By December, Mr. Liu had sold 50 pianos at his store in Ningbo. In his office, he kept a supply of single-malt whiskey he sometimes used to celebrate milestones. At the end of his first year, it had begun to run low.到12月,刘在宁波的店面已经卖出50架钢琴。在他的办公室里常备单一麦芽威士忌,有时被用来庆祝达到某个销售里程碑。在第一年年底,威士忌已经所剩不多。‘A Fighting Hero’“战斗英雄”In a sleek office tower in the heart of Beijing’s high-tech hub, 60 engineers and 20 musicians work day and night to perfect a product they hope will one day compete with traditional instruments from makers like Steinway.在北京的高科技中心的一座豪华写字楼里,60名工程师和20名乐师日以继夜地完善一种产品,他们希望有一天它能与施坦威这种传统乐器制造商的产品竞争。The device is a smart piano known as the One, and it uses synchronized lights and games to show children how to play the piano — no teacher required. With a compact design and a price starting around 0, it has proved to be popular among Chinese parents; the company sold 85,000 units in two years.这是一种智能钢琴,名为the One。它使用跟灯模式和来向孩子们展示如何弹钢琴——不需要老师。The One外形小巧,起价600美元,事实明,它受到了中国家长的青睐,两年就销售了逾8.5万架钢琴。Founded by an engineer with no background in music, the company that produces the One, Xiaoyezi Technology, has not been shy about its ambitions. “Witness the rebirth of the classical piano,” s one advertisement.The One是由一位没有音乐背景的工程师创办的,这个名为小叶子科技的公司的雄心在一个广告中一览无余:见古典钢琴的重生。There are now some 300,000 digital pianos in China, about the same number as acoustic pianos. Some forecasts say the total could reach one million within five years.现在中国消费者拥有30万架数字钢琴,与声学钢琴的数目大抵相同。一些人预测说,五年内这个数字将达到100万架。For generations, Steinway has thrived by ignoring competitors claiming to have reinvented the piano. But the surging popularity of digital pianos like the One, as well as concerns that a slowing Chinese economy could hurt demand, have prompted the company to reconsider.几十年来,施坦威无视那些自称重新创造了钢琴的竞争对手,一直发展得有声有色。但随着the One这种数字钢琴的兴起,以及担心中国经济放缓可能减缓需求,该公司已经开始重新考虑这个问题。In Beijing this month, Steinway unveiled a product that executives heralded as one of the most significant innovations in the company’s 163-year history: Spirio, an acoustic piano equipped with a digital brain so that it can play without human intervention.施坦威本月在北京推出了一个产品,被高管们誉为该公司163年历史上最重要的创新之一:配备了数字大脑的声学钢琴Spirio,它可以播放音乐,完全无需人工干预。Spirio, which starts at about 7,000 in China, traces its roots to a generation of player pianos that filled homes across America in the early 1900s, the golden age of pianos. It was a time when jazz and ragtime flew off the keys, and Steinway was producing more than 6,000 pianos a year, triple what it makes today.在中国起价约为14.7万美元的Spirio,起源可追溯至上世纪初全美几乎一户一台的那一代自动钢琴。那是钢琴的黄金时代,琴键间流淌着爵士乐和雷格泰姆音乐,施坦威一年生产的钢琴超过6000架,是现在的三倍。Steinway sees China as the best shot at rekindling the fervor of that era. Indeed, for two months last year, the company sold more grand pianos in China than in the ed States.施坦威认为中国最有可能重新点燃那个时代对钢琴的热情。的确,在去年的两个月里,该公司在中国售出的三角钢琴超过了美国的销量。In a somewhat frustrating sign of the company’s growing popularity in China, imitators have began cropping up, including small piano shops that have repurposed Steinway’s lyre logo. One company even usurped the brand name to sell water heaters for showers with built-in televisions.一个有些让人心烦的迹象表明了公司在中国的受欢迎程度:模仿者开始涌现了,包括将施坦威的里尔琴标志用于其他目的的小型琴行。一家公司甚至用该商标销售安装了内嵌电视的淋浴热水器。But Steinway executives face a persistent worry. No matter how much money the company spends promoting its craftsmanship, no matter how many performers endorse its pianos, China’s middle class might ultimately be unwilling to make the leap to high-end instruments.但施坦威的高管面临一个由来已久的担忧。不管该公司花多少钱宣传自己的工艺,也不管有多少演奏者称赞他们的钢琴,中国的中产阶级最终可能还是不愿一跃选择高端乐器。“When you rule the piano world for 160 years, you can get complacent,” said Mr. Husmann, the company executive. “It can lead to a mentality of, ‘Everyone needs a Steinway anyway.’ Steinway has to be a fighting hero — we have to fight every day for our business.”“统领钢琴界160年,可能会让人沾沾自喜,” 该公司首席执行官胡斯曼说。“可能会让人产生一种‘反正每个人会买一台施坦威’的心理。施坦威必须成为一名战斗英雄,我们每天都必须为了生意而战斗。”Du Ruizhe, a 15-year-old piano student in Beijing, was the model of a next-generation Steinway customer. She grew up revering the Steinway name, associating it with great pianists like Arthur Rubinstein. She practiced five hours a day — six on weekends — and was ecstatic when she learned she had qualified for the Steinway piano competition in Ningbo.15岁的杜睿哲(音)是北京一名学习钢琴的学生。她是典型的下一代施坦威用家。她在对施坦威这个品牌的崇拜中长大,将其等同于像阿图尔#8226;鲁宾斯坦(Arthur Rubinstein)那样的伟大钢琴家。她每天练五个小时琴——周末六个小时。得知有资格参加在宁波举行的施坦威钢琴比赛时,她欣喜若狂。But at home, she played on a grand piano made by Kawai, a low-cost Japanese maker. Steinway pianos, she said, were simply too expensive.但在家里,她弹的是一架出自日本廉价钢琴生产商河合(Kawai)的三角钢琴。她说施坦威的钢琴实在太贵了。“It feels like Steinway is getting famous,” said the teenager, who plans to become a piano teacher. “But in many people’s eyes it’s still a luxury, and until that changes, it’s not like we’ll be rushing to get it.”“感觉施坦威越来越有名了,”打算当一名钢琴老师的杜睿哲说。“但在很多人眼里,它依然是一种奢侈品,除非这种看法发生改变,否则我们不会急着去买。” /201607/453653


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