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福州检查排卵哪个医院最好福州市人工授精哪家医院好Rent or Quit房屋中介Karen had a new job. She was a real estate agent. Clients called her up. Clients emailed her. Clients wanted an apartment. Karen showed them apartments. The clients didn’t like the apartments. Karen showed them more apartments. The clients still didn’t like the apartments. She showed many apartments to many clients. But nobody rented an apartment. Tanya was Karen’s boss. Tanya yelled at Karen. “You have worked here four months,” she yelled. “You haven’t rented one apartment yet. You are no good. You should quit. You should find another job. You are not a good real estate agent.” Karen said, “I am a good real estate agent. But my clients have a big problem. They all want a penthouse, but they only have enough money the basement.” Tanya said that was not her problem. That was Karen’s problem. “I will give you two more weeks,” Tanya said.凯伦有了新工作她是房屋中介代理客户给她打电话给她发邮件客户想租房凯伦带他们看房客户不满意这些房子凯伦带他们去看更多的房子客户还是不喜欢她又带客户看去看房但没人愿意租房塔尼娅是凯伦的老板塔尼娅对凯伦大叫道她叫嚷到:“你工作个月了,一间房子也没租出去你不合格你应该辞职换个工作你不适合做中介”凯伦说:“我是一名好中介但我的客户都存在个大问题他们都想住豪华公寓,但他们的钱也只够租地下室”塔尼娅说这不是她的问题这是凯伦的问题塔尼娅说:“我再给你两周时间”译文属原创,,不得转载 1831福建试管生儿子三甲医院 Problems at Home家里的问题Emily sat down on the sofa. She took off her shoes. She put her feet on the coffee table. She leaned back. She picked up the remote and turned on the TV. It was 6 o’clock. The news was on three channels. She didn’t want to see the news. The news depressed her. It was usually about accidents and murders. There was too much bad news on the TV news. She found a talk show to watch. It was Ellen. She liked Ellen. Ellen was a comedian. She told good jokes. She showed animals doing funny things. She gave expensive gifts to her fans occasionally. This show was a rerun, because Ellen’s “live” show was usually on at o’clock. But that didn’t matter to Emily. All she wanted to do was relax. Her life was one problem after another. Her husband had just lost his job. Her only child had dropped out of high school. Even worse, he had left home. He told his mom he would call from time to time. But he hadn’t called in two weeks. She was worried sick. She didn’t know where he was. She didn’t know if he was dead or alive. Her husband said she shouldn’t worry. He had done the same thing when he was . But when he found out that life on the road wasn’t as easy as he thought it was, he returned home and got his high school diploma.艾米丽坐在沙发上她脱掉鞋将脚放在咖啡桌上并向后仰拿起遥控器,打开电视现在是晚上六点有三个频道转播新闻她不想听新闻新闻让她感到不悦新闻通常与事故谋杀有关新闻中尽是坏消息她找到了一个脱口秀节目主持人是艾伦她喜欢艾伦艾伦是一个喜剧演员她会讲笑话向人们展示会搞笑的动物偶尔向粉丝赠送贵重礼物现在是重播,因为艾伦的现场直播通常会在下午四点但艾米丽却不在乎她想做的只有放松她的生活是一个麻烦接着另一个麻烦丈夫刚刚丢了工作她唯一的孩子高中辍学更严重的是,他离开了家对艾米丽说他会时常打电话过来但他两周都没打电话了她因为担心而生了病她不知道他在哪不知道他是死是活丈夫说不要担心他岁时也是这么干的但当他发现生活远比想象的复杂时,他回了家,完成了高中学业译文属原创,,不得转载 5Famous Americans: John Dewey; the X Games; phrases used to talk about people jobs; the lack of; be that as it mayWords:remprogressive educationtheoreticalposthumouslymedalextreme sportparachuteto snowmobilesteepto flipspectatorsponsor lack ofbe that as it may 3559福州查不孕哪里好

福州做人流手术哪家比较好福州看卵巢多囊大概多少钱 m)|E^BZND[+%6Fvn[CHIN,T[b;JH)5zCDT-GThe fox was brown. The fox was quick. The dog was brown. The dog was lazy. “You are a lazy dog,” said the fox. “Yes, I am a lazy dog,” said the dog. “Why are you a lazy dog?” asked the fox. “Why not?” asked the dog. “My owner feeds me. My owner takes me out walks. My owner loves me. I eat. I go out walks. I sleep. I’m a lazy, happy dog.” “But don’t you have any ambition?” asked the fox. “Ambition? Ambition to do what? I’m just a dog,” said the dog. “Lassie was a dog. She saved people’s lives,” said the fox. “I’m too lazy to save people’s lives,” said the dog. “Let Lassie save people’s lives.”@gPr*a-(-b%YasAn@qkS,gr%Ei90Z@CU[fVf.ki5;Dp@^(kahZx5GNi~h9ZwPEV^hp3V6# 19福州去哪家医院治不育最好

福州取避孕环那家比较好Elaine: Can I help you?Client: Im looking someone who works here, but I lost his business card. His name Jong or Jang or something like that.Elaine: Chang?Client: Yeah, that sounds right.Elaine: There are about twenty people named Chang who work here. What department?Client: Let me think...ing, finance, something like that.Elaine: [Checks office directory] Eric Chang in ing?Client: That him!Elaine: Ill call him and tell him youre here.Client: I appreciate your help.Elaine: Would you like to have a seat over there? Itll just be a minute. And can I have your name?Client: Here my card.Elaine:OK. Ill have him come up to get you.参考译文:伊莲:有什么我能帮您的吗?客户:我在找一位在这儿工作的人,但是我弄丢他的名片了他姓蒋或是简之类的伊莲:是张吗?客户:对,听起来是伊莲:大约有二十个姓张的在这儿工作是哪个部门的?客户:我想想看……会计、财务之类的吧伊莲:(查办公司名册)是会计部的艾瑞克张吗?客户:就是他!伊莲:我来打电话告诉他您来了客户:非常谢谢你的帮忙伊莲:请在那边坐一下好吗?只要一下就来了请教大名?客户:这是我的名片伊莲:好的我请他上来接您重点词汇:business card名片,也可称作name card或简称cardPlease give me your business card.请惠赐一张名片department (n.)部门A: Where do you study?你在哪里念书?B: At Harvard, in the English department.哈佛英文系finance (n.)财务I have a BA in finance.我有财务的学士学位appreciate (v.)感激Do you appreciate my suggestions?你觉得我的建议对你有帮助吗?something like that诸如此类的A: Do you work the government?你为政府工作吗?B: Something like that. Actually, Im a spy.可以这么说其实,我是个间谍ing (n.)会计She in the ing department.她属于会计部office directory办公室名册,分机表Look up his number in the office directory.在公司分机表上找一下他的号码 6558 Thanks.It's a story that perplexed people from coast to coast. What would drive a NASA astronaut to snap confronting a woman she thought was her romantic rival? And NASA is now asking itself the same question this morning, wondering if it let Lisa Nowak slip through the cracks. N’s Don Teague’s at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston with the latest on this. Don, good morning.Good morning, Mac. It’s one of the most bizarre and embarrassing episodes in NASA’s history. Today the first astronaut ever charged with a felony is back in Houston as NASA tries to figure out what happened.Her return to Houston was anything but the hero’s welcome astronauts so used to. Lisa Nowak hid her head under a jacket to avoid cameras as police and chief NASA astronaut Steve Lindsey escorted her out of the airport. Nowak is free on bond facing charges of attempted murder in a bizarre attack that shaken those in NASA. It's hard to tell the astronaut caught took this, I think folks are shocked and concerned.At the Johnson Space Center, NASA officials announce they are now reviewing psychological screening procedures astronauts in the wake of the Nowak case.In light of the current situation, determine whether there were any areas of concern, any leading indicators we might have picked up on.And liftoff.NASA astronauts are considered the best of the best . They undergo rigorous physical and mental testing bee ever-taking flight. But Nowak, mother of three children and recently separated from her husband, was hardly acting normal.Prosecutors say she wore adult diaper on a 900-mile drive from Houston to Orlando where she allegedly pepper-sprayed Colleen Shipman, an air ce officer she considered a rival the affection of shuttle pilot William Oefelein.Shipment filed restraining order on Monday, claiming Nowak had been stalking her months. Back in Houston, Nowak and her family aren’t speaking publicly. Neighbors, too, are in shock. I have sympathy the stress she apparently was under.But beyond simple stress, psychology professor Kiv Davis believes Nowak may have been deeply insecure and susceptible to romantic illusions.She’s a kind of person because of her attachment insecurity would lash onto someone who may have done nothing, and then been perfectly prepared to eliminate any rival to this new relationship.As NASA rules concerning romantic relationships between astronauts, right now, there aren’t any.We do not meddle into the private lives of astronauts.But that, too, may soon change.As you can imagine, this has all been a huge distraction NASA, but the agency says it’s important not to lose focus on its mission, in fact, astronauts at the International Space Station have a spacewalk today, Mac.Alright, Don, thanks very much.Don Teague in Houston. 576福州看多囊大概多少钱福建省费用保健院做试管婴儿好不好费用多少



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