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Dick was seven years old, and his sister, Catherine, was five. One day their mother took them to their aunt#39;s house to play while she went to the big city to buy some new clothes.迪克年龄七岁,他的凯瑟琳五岁。一天,妈妈把他们带到姨妈家去玩,自己就到大城市去买些新的衣。The children played for an hour, and then at half past four their aunt took Dick into the kitchen. She gave him a nice cake and a knife and said to him, ;Now here#39;s a knife, Dick. Cut this cake in half and give one of the pieces to your sister, but remember to do it like a gentleman.;孩子们玩了个把小时,在四点半的时候,姨妈领着迪克走进了厨房。她交给迪克一块精美的蛋糕和一把刀子,并对他说:“喏,迪克,给你刀子,把这块蛋糕一切为二,给你一块。不过,你得记住要做得像一个绅士那样。”;Like a gentleman?; Dick asked. ;How do gentlemen do it?;迪克问:“像一个绅士?绅士怎样做呢?”;They always give the bigger piece to the other person.; answered his aunt at once.他姨妈马上回答说:“绅士总是把大的一块让给别人的。”;Oh; said Dick. He thought about this for a few seconds. Then he took the cake to his sister and said to her,;Cut this cake in half, Catherine.;.迪克说了一声“噢”。他对此想了一会,然后,他把蛋糕拿给,并对她说:“凯瑟琳,你来把这块蛋糕一切为二吧。”福州第二医院无精症福州做男科检查价格不知从什么时候开始城管成了;暴力执法;的代名词。为了让大家更理解这一工作群体,日前北京一名城管队员出书,以;局内人;的身份揭露真相。An urban administrator in Beijing has been thrust into the spotlight after the release of his new bestselling book in which he openly discusses working in the city management system, China Youth Daily reports.《中国青年报》报道称,一名城管队员在出版了一本公开讲述自己工作经历的畅销书后,几乎一夜成名。;Chengguan: an Insider#39;s View; by Song Zhigang, a Beijing chengguan (urban administrator who is responsible for city management), tackles the role of chengguans in China, which has long been a major issue of contention because of their love-hate relationship with city residents.这本《城管来了:一个局内人的观点》作者是北京城管宋志刚,书中对于中国城管这一角色进行了解读,长久以来这一群体因为与市民间爱恨交加的关系而处于舆论的中心。While their job duties include helping people and making the city better, they also must crack down on street vendors who operate without a license. While the chengguans receive smiles and thank-yous from local residents, they also are constantly showered in sarcasm for stripping people of their livelihoods and being inhumane and violent.他们的职责包括帮助市民、让城市变得更美好,但同时也必须打击那些没有营业执照的街头小贩。尽管城管们会得到当地居民的微笑和答谢,但也常常因中断他人的生计,或不够人道或暴力执法而置身于铺天盖地的挖苦声中。In his book, Song shares his personal experiences as a chengguan and says he believes there are inadequacies in China#39;s city management system. He expresses his opinion on the social problems that are common in Beijing and across China, which show no sign of abating despite all the efforts to solve them.在书中,宋志刚分享了自己作为一名城管的亲身经历,并写道他个人认为国内的城管系统还尚未完善。同时他针对北京和整个中国的社会问题发表了个人观点,表示尽管各方都在全力尝试解决问题,但并没有任何缓和的迹象。Song also touches upon recent hot topics that are both attention-grabbing and controversial with a hint of humor and attempt to tease. For example, he comments on three deadly accidents involving school buses, which all occurred in one month, saying: ;It wouldn#39;t hurt to spend some money on improving school bus safety given all the money that the government has wasted.;同时,宋志刚还用略带幽默、调侃的方式,提到了近来的一些备受瞩目且饱受争议的热点话题。例如,他就一个月内连续发生三起校车事故发表了:;比起被政府浪费掉的那些钱,花些钱去改善校车安全性根本算不了什么。;Song also said he would smash the luxurious chandelier in a state-owned enterprise, which cost an extravagant 8 million yuan.他还表示,要是换做他,他真想去砸碎某国企里那个价值800万人民币,极尽奢华的吊灯。Despite his seemingly lighthearted tone, Song said he performs his job duties with reason and respect and believes nothing is unsolvable with better understanding among all people.尽管语气看似漫不经心,但宋志刚说他在执行公务时总是理性执法,尊重他人,他相信只要人们都能相互加深理解的话,没什么问题是解决不了的。;The current city management is far from satisfactory,; he writes. ;Chengguans are rude and violent, which makes both the residents and us unhappy. It just won#39;t work. Our city should be more tolerant, more people-oriented and more beautiful.;;目前,城市管理情况还远不能令人满意。;他写道,;城管们的粗鲁与暴力,使得市民和我们自己都觉得不痛快。这样没用。我们的城市应该更包容,更具人性化,也就会更加美好。;In ;Chengguan: an Insider#39;s View,; Song speaks eloquently about the rights and wrongs of both chengguans and the public and expresses his hopes and vision for the future.在《城管来了:一个局内人的观点》一书中,宋志刚不仅用生动的语言探讨了城管与公众的是非对错,同时也表达出了自己对未来的希望与梦想。;I can#39;t change the whole country, but I can do something to make it better,; he writes. ;Becoming a chengguan was my choice, and I#39;m proud of it.;;我无法改变整个国家,但我可以做些什么让它变得更美好。;他写道,;成为一名城管是我的选择,我为之自豪。; /201201/168729福州检查阳痿哪家医院最好

宁德哪间医院检查激素六项福州博爱医院医生As parents and educators, how do we help to empower children to become healthy problem solvers? It’s important for children to understand the difference between “big problems”, that require help and “small problems” that they can work through. It’s beneficial we empower students to become problem solvers, so as they grow, they don’t always need an adult to solve the problem. Students can learn that when they’re dealing with a “small problem”, they should try healthy choices before they seek help. When students can resolve “small problems”, teachers have more classroom time to focus on academics.作为家长和教育者,怎样帮助我们的孩子成为问题解决者呢?让孩子了解寻求帮助的“大问题”和自己可以解决的“小问题”之间的区别是很重要的。我们鼓励孩子成为问题解决者是很有益的;他们长大后,不会一直依靠家长解决问题。学生会知道,当他们在解决“小问题”时,在寻求家长帮助之前应该尝试正确的选择。学生能解决“小问题”后,老师就有更多时间集中在教学上。 /201211/206893宁德B超监测卵泡价格福州检查输卵管造影医院

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