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A Canadian family lived with a corpse intheir upstairs bedroom for six months because they believed the deceased manwould be resurrected if they prayed, but the body was discovered when the family was evicted for not paying the mortgage.加拿大一户人家将家庭成员的尸体搁置在他们住所楼上的卧室长达6个月,因为他们认为只要祈祷就能让逝去的人重生,但尸体因这户人家无钱付抵押贷款遭驱逐而被公之于众。Kaling Wald, 50, pleaded guilty to failing to notify police that her husbandhad died, an offense under the provincial Coroner#39;s Act, and was sentenced on Monday to probation and counseling, her lawyer told Reuters on Tuesday.现年50岁的Kaling Wald因未告知警方其丈夫已经离去的事实承认了自己的罪行,根据地方验尸官法案这构成了犯罪。她的律师周二对路透社说,周一,她被判缓刑并接受了心理咨询。Peter Wald, 52, died in March 2013 of what authorities believe were natural causes following a foot infection linked to his diabetes, defense lawyer PeterBoushy said.辩护律师PeterBoushy说,现年52岁的Peter Wald逝世于2013年3月份,有关当局认为与糖尿病有关的足部感染是引发他自然死亡的原因。His wife Kaling Wald left him in bed and sealed up the bedroom in their Hamilton, Ontario,home to prevent the odor of decomposition from disturbing the busy household,which included five of the couple#39;s six children, as well as other adults living in the home.他们家住安大略省哈密尔顿市,他的妻子Kaling Wald将他搁置在床上并把密封以防尸体腐烂的味道干扰到家人忙碌的生活。他们的6个孩子有5个还住在家里,家中还住着其他成人。;Just as Jesus raised Lazarus after the fourth day, so too did she believe God woul dresurrect her husband in due time,; said Boushy.Boushy 说,“正如耶稣在第四日后治好了麻风乞丐,所以她相信上帝会在适当的时间让她的丈夫复活的”。;There clearly was an over-exuberance of one#39;s faith,; headded.他还说,“她显然是太信任耶稣了”。The corpse was discovered in September 2013 when the local sheriff arrived to evict the family after they defaulted on the mortgage. It had attracted rodentsand was badly decomposed, but the family had packed his things in preparation for the eviction and did not attempt to conceal the corpse.由于这家人拖欠抵押贷款,当地警长于2013年9月份到她家下达驱逐令时发现了尸体。尸体已经被啮齿动物重度分解,但这家人已经为这一天收拾好了他的东西,却未想过遮掩尸体。Boushysaid his client now understands what the law required and would not do the same thing again.Boushy说,他的客户现在懂得了法律的要求,她不会重蹈覆辙。;She certainly was remorseful, and definitely was teary-eyed,; he said. ;Indeed, she noted that she wasnever actually able to cry over the passing of her husband, but this seemed tohave been an emotional breakthrough after the court proceedings yesterday. I think counseling is certainly going to be beneficial for her.;他说,“她一定很后悔,一定流了很多泪。事实上,她注意到丈夫离去后自己竟没滴过眼泪,但昨天法庭审理过后,她好似迎来了情感大爆发。我觉得接受心理咨询将对她有益”。 /201412/347235During a news briefing at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory on Tuesday, NASA scientists revealed what they#39;ve gleaned from the latest photos of Pluto. The New Horizons spacecraft was set to make its closest approach of the dwarf planet on Tuesday, and while scientists wait for confirmation of that flyby -- and the 16 months worth of data that it will bring。周二,约翰霍普金斯应用物理实验室举行的发布会上,美国国家航空航天局(NASA)的科学家透露,他们已收集到来自冥王星的最新图像。按计划设定,新视野号飞行探测器会在周二近距离飞掠这颗矮行星,届时将向在地面等待确认飞掠的科学家传回历史16个月所收集到的数据。Remember Pluto#39;s heart?还记得冥王星的心吗?Well, it#39;s broken。好吧,它的心已碎。What you#39;re looking at is an image of Pluto with heavily exaggerated color data -- like when you amp up the saturation on an Instagram. It#39;s a bit hard to see (sorry) but one side of the ;heart; is much bluer than the other. In fact, the left-hand side seems pretty beige-y。你所看到的冥王星图像,附带有极度夸张的色数据,就像你在Instagram(一款图片分享应用)上放大图片的色饱和度那样。图片让人看起来(抱歉~)有点儿费力,但你还是能看到这颗“心”的一边要比另一边蓝的多。实际上看,左边的部分看起来更偏于米黄色。This seems to confirm something that the NASA scientists suspected based on recent photos of the ;heart; feature: It#39;s actually two features. In the latest images, it looks like the left half of the heart is smoother than the right, the team said at the briefing. It#39;s possible that some texture has been lost in the compression of the image, but it could also mean that one side of the heart is a different geological feature than the other -- they#39;re just both very bright, compared with the rest of the surface。这似乎实了NASA科学家们基于这颗“心”的近照所作出的猜测,即实际上心有两部分组成。科研团队在简报会上指出,根据最新的图像,似乎这颗“心”的左半边要比右半边平滑的多。很有可能是在图像的压缩过程中丢失了某些质地,但这也有可能意味着,这颗“心”的一边与另一边地质特征存在差异。这两部分都很明亮,相对于冥王星表面的其他部分而言。And speaking of Pluto#39;s features, NASA scientists are now giving unofficial names to some of the things they#39;ve spotted -- names they can submit to the International Astronomical Union for official approval. They#39;re sticking with the trend of underworld creatures and gods -- Pluto, after all, was the Roman god of the underworld -- and have tentatively named a previously observed dark, whale-shaped splotch (just to the left of the broken heart) after ;Cthulhu,; the dark deity invented by author H.P. Lovecraft。谈到冥王星的特征,NASA科学家们正准备给一些他们发现到的东西进行非正式命名。他们可以将这些名字递交给国际天文学联合会以获得官方认。此次命名将延续以往的传统,以阴间神灵命名。毕竟,冥王星就是以罗马神话中掌管阴间的冥王所命名的。科学家们已打算将前不久观察到的一块鲸鱼形深色暗斑区域(就在这颗破碎的“心”的左边),命名为“克苏鲁”(由作家H.P。洛夫卡拉夫特创作的一个邪神)。 /201507/386116Christmas lost its soul in the west around the time that I stopped believing in Rudolf, and it’s been a source of angst for those who care about such things for all the decades since. But in China the holiday never had much soul to begin with. That’s what makes it such fun.大约是在我不再相信世上真的存在红鼻子驯鹿鲁道夫(Rudolf)的时候,圣诞节(Christmas)在西方失去了它的灵魂。自那以来的几十年里,它已成为在意这些事的人的焦虑来源。但在中国,圣诞节从一开始就不涉及多少灵魂方面的内容。正因如此,它才变得如此有趣。Christmas in China has nothing to do with history, tradition, relatives or regifting. It is, gloriously and unashamedly, about money and fun. Mainlanders celebrate Christmas — and they do celebrate it, even though it’s not a public holiday — by shopping, eating out, maybe doing a bit of karaoke and then more shopping. There’s none of the guilt, stress or family friction of Yuletide in the west (or for that matter, lunar new year in China).在中国,圣诞节与历史、传统、亲属或礼物转送无关。它堂而皇之且无愧坦然地只关乎金钱和欢乐。中国内地人庆祝圣诞节(他们真的庆祝,尽管它并非公共假日)的方式是购物、外出就餐,可能会唱唱卡拉OK,然后继续购物,丝毫不牵扯西方圣诞节期间(或中国春节期间)往往会涉及的自责、压力或家庭擦。China does have Christians, but it has far more people who celebrate Christmas than believe in it. That disconnect exists globally too. But in China, Christmas without the benefit of Christianity is more of a romantic holiday than a pseudo-religious one.中国确有基督徒,但中国庆祝圣诞节的人要比信基督教的人多很多。这种脱节在全球都存在。但在中国,不附带基督教精神裨益的圣诞节更多的是一个浪漫的节日,而非伪宗教节日。Last year on Christmas Day, for example, 250 couples married at the registry office in one district of one southern city alone. In the west, few people choose to marry on that day, to avoid grousing from guests about having to skip the Christmas goose to attend the ceremony (guests don’t attend registry weddings in China anyhow). In China, Cupid and Santa seem to have interbred to give Christ’s birthday a romantic flavour. At Christmas time last year, aspiring blind daters at a matchmaking event in Shanghai were encouraged to tell Santa which of the other participants they fancied most, so that he could help them hook up. Given the low success rate at such events, it might have been better to ask for an iPhone.例如,去年圣诞节当天,仅在中国南方一座城市的一个区,就有250对新人在婚姻登记处登记结婚。在西方,很少有人选择在圣诞节当天结婚,以免宾客因要出席婚礼仪式不得不错过圣诞鹅而发牢骚(反正中国的宾客不出席登记处婚礼仪式)。在中国,丘比特(Cupid)和圣诞老人(Santa)似乎已合为一体,给耶稣的生日带来浪漫的情调。去年圣诞节期间在上海举行的一场婚介活动中,主办方鼓励踌躇满志的相亲者告诉圣诞老人他们最喜欢哪一位参与者,这样圣诞老人就可以帮助他们牵线搭桥。考虑到这种活动的低成功率,可能当时还不如向圣诞老人讨要一部iPhone。So why do the Chinese celebrate Christmas if it’s got nothing to do with Christ, mass or virgin mothers (that last matter being particularly unpopular, if not illegal, under the so-called “one-child” policy)?如果中国的圣诞节与基督、弥撒或处女母亲(最后一类事物在所谓的“一胎化”政策下即使不违法,也是特别不受欢迎的)无关,那么中国人为何还要庆祝这个节日呢?Adrian Cheng, heir to the Chow Tai Fook jewellery store empire that has been selling baubles to mainlanders for decades, says the past five years have experienced a big boom in giving Christmas presents. “Chinese love festive occasions. If you give them a reason for a festive occasion they will do it, even if they don’t understand the meaning behind it,” he says.珠宝零售帝国周大福(Chow Tai Fook)的继承人郑志刚(Adrian Cheng)说,过去五年出现了送圣诞礼物的大热潮。他表示:“中国人喜欢节日场合。如果你给他们一个欢庆某个节日的理由,他们就会去庆祝这个节日,即使不明白其背后的意义。”周大福在内地市场销售饰品已有几十年了。Chinese sociologists say a lot of it has to do with working too hard; Chinese workers are under so much pressure to perform that they seize any excuse to lighten up.中国的社会学家表示,这种现象在很大程度上与工作太辛苦有关;中国劳动者工作压力非常大,因此他们会抓住一切理由放松自己。Lucky for them the older generation doesn’t celebrate the holiday at all — so they don’t have to visit them. The twenty-somethings may pick up a fetching set of reindeer antlers to wear on a date, but they leave the rest of the decorating to restaurants and shopping malls. Few bother with trees at home — what a relief that must be — and no one makes their own cranberry sauce.对他们来说,幸运的是老一辈人从不过这个节,所以不必去看望他们。二十多岁的年轻人或许会在约会时拿出一套引人注目的驯鹿角戴上,但他们会让餐馆和购物中心来负责其余的装饰工作。很少有人劳神在家里布置圣诞树(这肯定让他们省了不少心),而且没人自己做蔓越莓酱。“In the west we make turkey at home, but when I go to holiday meals in Beijing, the turkey is catered by Kempinski and the log cake is from the Ritz,” says Sara Jane Ho of Institute Sarita, etiquette maven to the nouveau riche.瑞雅礼仪(Institute Sarita)的何佩嵘(Sara Jane Ho)说,“在西方,我们在家里制作火鸡,但我在北京吃节日大餐时,火鸡是由凯宾斯基(Kempinski)制作的,而树根蛋糕来自丽兹(The Ritz)。”瑞雅礼仪是向暴发户传授礼仪的专业机构。“In China, there’s no Black Friday,” she says, referring to another “tradition” that didn’t exist when I believed in Rudolf. “But in China, the whole of December is black December” as retailers compete for that Yuletide renminbi.“中国没有黑色星期五(Black Friday),”何佩嵘在提及另一项“传统”时说道。这项“传统”在我相信世上存在鲁道夫时可并不存在。“但在中国,整个12月都是黑色的”,其间零售商会彼此展开竞争,争取在圣诞节前后多赚人民币。Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving — China shopped in the cultural supermarket and decided to import them all. But watch out: the trade in holidays is no longer just one way, says Global Times, the English version of the official People’s Daily. It claims that “Single’s Day”, the bn shopping holiday popularised overseas by Alibaba and known in China as “Double 11” (as it occurs on November 11), may be China’s first exportable modern holiday.圣诞节、万圣节(Halloween)、情人节(Valentine#39;s Day)、感恩节(Thanksgiving)——中国置身于文化超级市场,决定全部引进。但要注意:官方喉舌《人民日报》(People’s Daily)旗下刊物、《环球时报》(Global Times)英文版称,节日贸易不再是单向的。该报称,由阿里巴巴(Alibaba)推广到海外的、销售规模达90亿美元的购物节日“光棍节”(由于发生在11月11日,在中国也被称为“双11”),可能是中国首个可出口的现代节日。“The Double 11, a festival created by Chinese people, is now shoulder to shoulder with western festivals like Christmas or Valentine’s Day, and perhaps even overpowers them,” the paper crowed, adding that its “strong emotional appeal has started to infiltrate foreign countries” and could become “the first symbol of China’s ‘soft power’”.该报得意地称:“中国人创造的节日‘双11’现已可以比肩西方的节日如圣诞节或情人节,甚至可能盖过了它们。”该报还称,这个节日“强大的情绪感染力已开始渗透到国外”,而且有可能成为“中国‘软实力’的首个标志”。That’s one way to fill the spiritual void, I guess: pack it full of Taobao packages. Probably works as well as filling it with Christmas trees.我觉得,这是一种填补精神空虚的方式,即用淘宝(Taobao)包裹来把它塞满。这很可能与用圣诞树来填满它一样管用。 /201412/350958

Of all the tales about the Loch Ness Monster, it must be one of the most unlikely – an English plot to kidnap the beast and display its carcass in London. But back in the 1930s the Scots feared that such a thing was all too possible, according to newly revealed papers, and fought to ensure she stayed north of the border. The Scottish Office opened a file on Nessie in December 1933 after being bombarded with inquiries following sightings that year.在所有关于尼斯湖水怪的故事中,这恐怕是最荒诞的一个了:英格兰计划劫持尼斯湖水怪并在伦敦展出它的遗骸。但据最新公布的资料显示,在20世纪30年代,苏格兰人对此深信不疑,并努力争取水怪继续留在苏格兰。苏格兰当局公布了一份1933年12月的尼斯湖水怪文件。同年发现水怪后,人们不断要求进行调查。And similar files have also been found at the Natural History Museum in London, with the contents describing Scotland’s fears that Nessie should not be allowed to find its last resting place in England after a bounty was placed on the monster’s head.在位于伦敦的国家历史物馆里也发现了类似的文献记载,描述了苏格兰人得知对水怪的悬赏后,担心它的尸体会被带到英格兰。The documents also reveal that many years later Prince Philip even suggested calling in the Royal Navy to search for the creature. By 1934 both the Natural History Museum in London and the Royal Scottish Museum in Edinburgh wanted Nessie.文件还披露多年后有人建议菲利浦亲王召集皇家海军寻找水怪。截至1934年位于伦敦的国家历史物馆和位于爱丁堡的苏格兰皇家物馆都想得到尼斯湖水怪。But while Scotland hoped that the bounty hunters could be kept at bay long enough to get new laws passed to protect her, London preferred her shot on sight. In March 1934 an unnamed official at the National History Museum made no bones about how he thought bounty hunters should deal with the creature.虽然苏格兰方面希望在保护水怪的相关法律通过之前赏金猎人们不要找到水怪,但伦敦方面却想尽快亲眼看到水怪被射杀的场面。1934年3月一位不愿透露姓名的国家历史物馆官员大谈特谈了他对猎人们应该如何处置水怪的想法。The files show he said: ‘Should you ever come within range of the “monster” I hope you will not be deterred by any humanitarian considerations from shooting him on the spot and sending the carcass to us in cold storage, carriage forward. Short of this, a flipper, a jaw or a tooth would be very welcome.根据文献记载他当时说:“如果你发现了水怪,我希望你不要被任何人道主义思想影响而放弃射杀水怪,完成射杀后请把冷藏中的水怪尸体运给我们,运费将由我们付。如果没有水怪尸体,水怪的鳍、颌或牙齿我们也很感兴趣。According to more documents found in Edinburgh, pressure was aly growing for a special Act of Parliament to prevent Nessie being killed or captured. The campaign was led by Inverness MP Murdoch MacDonald, who assured the Scottish Secretary Sir Godfrey Collins the creature was no myth.随后人们在爱丁堡发现了大量的相关文献报道,文献显示当时越来越多的媒体开始呼吁议会推出特别法案保护水怪免于捉捕和射杀。该项倡议活动由因弗内斯议员默多克#8226;麦克唐纳领导,他曾向苏格兰事务大臣柯林斯爵士保水怪并非是传言中伤人的怪物。Evidence of its presence can be taken as undoubted. Far too many people have seen something abnormal to question its existence,’ he wrote. He demanded a Bill be put before Parliament to protect the creature, but Sir Godfrey advised there was ‘no law for the protection of monsters.水怪存在的据毋庸置疑,有太多的人目睹了明水怪存在的异常现象,默多克这样写道。默多克要求在议会明确保护水怪前应先推出相关法案,但柯林斯爵士却表示至今为止还没有为保护怪物制定过相关法律。The Royal Scottish Museum wrote to Sir Godfrey staking Edinburgh’s claim to the carcass. ‘The museum urges strongly that the RSM have the reversionary rights to the “monster” if and when its corpse should become available,’ the letter said.苏格兰皇家物馆还特地给柯林斯爵士写了信强调苏格兰对水怪遗骸的所有权。如果射杀成功苏格兰皇家物馆对水怪的尸体拥有保管权。Natural History Museum files from the 1960s also state that when approached by a Tory MP, David James, who was ‘obsessed’ with Nessie, Prince Philip encouraged him to contact the Royal Navy for assistance.国家历史物馆里记录于20世纪60年代的文献显示当接触沉迷于尼斯湖水怪的保守党大卫#8226;詹姆斯时,菲利浦亲王鼓励他要多接触皇家海军以获取皇家海军的帮助。The revelations are made by author David Clarke in his book Britain’s X-traordinary Files. He said: ‘During the 1930s … Nessie had become a Scottish icon, a symbol of national identity. There was genuine outrage at the possibility that the corpse of the monster might be taken for display in London.大卫#8226;克拉克在其新书《英国特别档案》中记录了苏格兰人对水怪所有权的重视。他说:“20世纪30年代尼斯湖水怪已经成为苏格兰的标志是国家身份的象征。人们对可能在伦敦展出水怪尸体表示极大的愤慨。 /201411/341972

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