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Language Points1.I felt free2.I felt sexy3.My mind follows my body into bed4.I felt SO relaxed5.My sleep was more refreshing6.My hair was less a birds nest the next morning7.My hubby snored less8. My bed was easier to make9.I woke up in a better mood /201610/471021讲解文本: insecure 不安全的,不稳定的,不牢靠的I dont know why. I just feel insecure all the time.也不知道为什么,我总是都没有安全感。secure 安全的,安心的,有把握的Mary felt secure and protected when she was with Mike.和Mike在一起的时候,Mary有安全感,有被保护的感觉。 疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201706/513895unit 329 买学生机dialogue 英语情景对话A:Can I help you?A:我可以帮你吗?B:Yes, I need to buy a computer for this semester. I was told it is cheaper to buy computers here.B:是的,这学期我需要买一台电脑,人家告诉我这里的电脑比较便宜。A:Well, you heard right. You can c excellent deal on a new computer We have great discounts for students.A:的确,你听说的没错。在这儿买新电脑你可以拿到很不错的价格,我们给学生很大的折扣。B:I dont know much about computers. But I know I want a desktop computer with a lot of memory. And I need a printer.B:我对电脑了解不多,但是我知道我想要一台有很大内存的台式电脑,而且我还要一台打印机。A:Well, first lets consider your computer. Here, for example, is a system I highly recommend-the Power Macintosh G3. it comes with 64 megabytes of total memory.A:好的,我们先考虑你要的电脑。我极力推荐这儿的一套系统———麦金塔G3。它的总内存为六十四兆。B:Is that a lot? Sixty-four?B:那很大吗?六十四?A:Yes, it is. It should be enough for any student needs you might have. What department are you in?A:是的,对任何学生的需求应该是足够了。你是什么系的?B:History.B:历史系。A:Well, so you will mostly be using word processing, for writing papers. I recommend the Corel Word Perfect program for word processing. We can talk about software later. Lets talk about your hardware first. We have a special deal on right now. I should tell you about it, as it only goes until next Tuesday. If you buy one of these fifteen-inch color monitors with a Power Macintosh G3, you can actually get 30 percent off the usual sale price.A:嗯.所以你会常用文字处理系统来写论文。我推荐用Corel Word Perfect程式来做文字处理。我们待会再来谈软件,先谈硬件吧。我们现在有特价,我应该告诉你,因为只持续到星期二为止。如果你购买这套麦金塔G3系统的15寸显的主机,事实上可以拿到平常售价的七折。B:Thirty percent?B:七折?A:Yes.A:是的。B:Wow. Thats really good. And you think this is really a good system for a graduate student?B:哇,太好了。你觉得对一个研究生而言,这真是一个很好的系统吗?A:Yes. Its an excellent system.A:是的,是很棒的系统。B:Hmm. Hey, wait. This has an Apple on it. Is this an Apple computer?B:嗯。嘿,等等,这上面有个苹果标志,这是苹果电脑吗?A:Yes, its a Macintosh. Its Apple. Mocintosh and Apple are the same thing.A:是的,是麦金塔,就是苹果机。麦金塔和苹果机是一回事。B:I dont want Macintosh. I want PC.B:我不想要麦金塔,我要个人电脑。A:Im sorry, but our university computer center only sells Macintosh equipment.A:很抱歉,但是我们大学电脑中心只卖麦金塔设备。B:What? Are you serious?B:什么?说真的吗?A:Yes.A:是的。B:But nobody uses Macintosh!B:可是没有人用麦金塔。A:Thats not true. Most of the students and professors in the university here use Macintosh. They find it is better for writing and word-processing, and that is what students mostly do. May I ask where youre from?A:不会啊,这所大学大部分的学生和教授都用麦金塔。他们发现这套系统对写作和文字处理比较好,而且大多数学生都在使用它。我可以问你从哪来的吗?B:Yes, Im from Taiwan.B:我是台湾来的。A:Well, I know that in most Asian countries Apple is not very popular. But here in America, especially in universities and publishing companies, Apple is very commonly used.A:哦,我知道苹果电脑在亚洲大多数的国家并不是很流行。但在美国这里,尤其是大学和出版社里,使用苹果电脑是非常普遍的。B:But I need a computer that can handle writing in Chinese.B:但是我需要一台可以处理中文写作的电脑。A:There are several Chinese writing programs you can use with Macintosh. Chinese is no problem for Apple.A:有一些中文的写作程式可以在麦金塔上使用,对苹果电脑而言,中文不是问题。B:Hmm. I think I should ask some of my friends for advice before I make a decision. Im sorry.B:嘿。我想在做决定前应该请我一些朋友给点建议。很抱歉。A:No, dont be sorry. Its reasonable to ask your friends. But believe me, most of the students here in the university-Asian students included-most of them use Apple.A:不会,不需要抱歉。问你朋友是合理的,但是相信我,这所大学大多数的学生———包括亚洲的学生,大部分都使用苹果电脑。B:Well, thanks for your advice. I will probably come back later.B:好的,谢谢你的建议,我可能之后会再回来。A:Youre very welcome. Here is my card, if you need any help.A:非常欢迎。这是我的名片,如果你需要任何帮忙的话。 /201602/425397Todd: OK, now Keren, Hello.托德:凯伦,你好。Keren: Hello.凯伦:你好。Todd: I thought we would talk about travelling. Now youve travelled to many places, many continents.托德:我们来谈谈旅游吧。你去很多地方旅行过,去过很多大陆。Keren: Yes.凯伦:对。Todd: Can you talk about some of the places youve been to.托德:你能说几个你去过的地方吗?Keren: Yes. First of all, I spent about four and a half months in Australia. I suppose the most amazing place I went to there was Uluru.凯伦:好。首先,我在澳大利亚呆了四个半月。我去过的最神奇的地方是乌鲁鲁。Todd: Uluru.托德:乌鲁鲁。Keren: Ayers Rock. And its just an incredible place which is... the land is very barren and very red and the sky is very blue and its just beautiful.凯伦:艾尔斯岩石。那里是一个不可思议的地方,土地非常贫瘠,呈现出通红的颜色,而天空又非常湛蓝,那里太漂亮了。Todd: Wow, And whats it called again?托德:哇,那个地方叫什么来着?Keren: Uluru.凯伦:乌鲁鲁。Todd: Uluru. OK, besides there, anywhere else?托德:乌鲁鲁。好,除了那里,还有其他推荐的地方吗?Keren: Ive also been to South America. I spent a year in Peru and while I was there I went to Machu Picchu.凯伦:我还去过南美洲。我在秘鲁呆了一年的时间,我在秘鲁时去了马丘比丘。Todd: Machu Picchu. What is Machu Picchu?托德:马丘比丘。马丘比丘是什么?Keren: Machu Picchu is an ancient ruin of an old Inca town.凯伦:马丘比丘是印加古城的遗址。Todd: Do you know how old it is?托德:你知道马丘比丘有多少年的历史吗?Keren: Probably about seven hundred, eight hundred years old, I think. Its not actually that old.凯伦:我想大概有七八百年的历史吧。并没有那么古老。Todd: Oh, really.托德:哦,真的吗?Keren: Really.凯伦:真的。Todd: Huh! Thats interesting.托德:哈!这很有意思。Keren: Yeah.凯伦:对。Todd: OK, any other places?托德:好,还有其他地方吗?Keren: I spent quite a lot of time in Spain and the most interesting place I went there was Granada.凯伦:我在西班牙呆了很大时间,我认为西班牙最有意思的地方是格拉纳达。Todd: Granada.托德:格拉纳达。Keren: Yeah.凯伦:对。Todd: OK, whats in Granada?托德:格拉纳达是哪里?Keren: The Alhambra which is the old Muslim capitol of Spain. And its an amazing old town with Muslim palaces.凯伦:格拉纳达的阿尔罕布拉宫曾是西班牙古老的穆斯林宫殿。格拉纳达是一座非常棒的古镇,有很多穆斯林宫殿。Todd: And there is just one palace or is there many, many palaces?托德:是只有一个宫殿还是有很多宫殿?Keren: There is many, many ruins and theres a lot to do. You can spend the whole day there walking around the different old buildings that were built in different times.凯伦:有很多宫殿,很多遗址,有很多可以做的事情。你可以花一整天的时间在建造于不同时期的古老建筑之间漫步。Todd: Very cool. So, youve seen something in Australia, in South America, in Europe, how about Asia?托德:真酷。你谈了澳大利亚、南美和欧洲的景色,那亚洲呢?Keren: Asia. Ive been to Japan and Thailand and Malaysia and Singapore.凯伦:亚洲。我去过日本、泰国、马来西亚和新加坡。Todd: And what is you favorite place in Asia?托德:你最喜欢亚洲的哪个地方?Keren: Hm. Its a difficult question. I liked Hokkaido.凯伦:嗯,这很难回答。我喜欢北海道。Todd: Hokkaido?托德:北海道?Keren: Yeah, in Japan. Hmm... I spent a week there working on a farm, and it was just a really interesting place to be.凯伦:对,在日本。我在那里度过了一周的时间,在一家农场打工,那里真的是一个很有趣的地方。Todd: Cool. Well, thanks, Keren.托德:真酷。谢谢你,凯伦。Keren: Its Ok.凯伦:不客气。 译文属 /201510/402889本期内容:It is never too late to mend.亡羊补牢,尤时未晚。我们首先来学习一个新单词:mend意思是修补,修理。无论何时修补都不晚,也就是亡羊补牢,尤时未晚的意思 再来看一下短语: too late to do sth 意为做某事为时已晚关注微信公众号@ 口语侠(ID: xia2015) 查看更多英语资讯!好玩有趣有料,有外教,有英语大咖! /201612/481393

charge/recharge----充电大家好,欢迎来到小强英语。今天要学的是跟每个人的生活息息相关的,那就是如何“充电”。什么,难道不是插上电源就可以了?诶,咱要说的是如何用英语说“充电”。我们可以用charge或者recharge这两个动词。比如说:Alex had forgotten to charge the battery.亚历克斯忘记给电池充电了。再比如:The device can recharge a battery in about 25 minutes.这个设备可以在大约25分钟之内给电池充满电。那“充电器”用英语怎么说呢?我们可以在charge或者recharge的后面加上r,变成charger或者recharger就可以了。当然,有时候你会看到power adapter,“电源适配器”,这种说法也是可以的!现在,我们的手机使用的都是锂离子电池,用英语叫lithium-ion battery (Li-ion battery或LIB)。lithium是“锂”,ion是“离子”。怎么保养好锂离子电池呢?知乎上网友“颜辉”建议说:多跑几次循环是比较好的,也就是等到用光了再充满。大神补充说,这里的用光可不是指过度放电,那样对锂离子电池也是伤害。而对于长时间不用的电池,一般来讲隔一两个月补一次电就好。好了,关于如何充电,我们就聊到这儿。你还可以在微和微信上找到“小强英语”。我们下期再会!本栏目由原创,。 /201504/369991

10. Counteroffer 10.买方还价A: Good day, Thomas. We have an offer on your house.A:美好的一天,托马斯。我们有一个买家要看你的房子。B: Thats good! I hope its better than the last one.B:那很好!我希望它好过上一个。A: It is, Thomas.A:是的,托马斯。B: Okay, lets hear it.B:好的,我们听听它。A: The offer is 5,000.A:出价是275000美元。B: 5,000! Thats ,000 under the listing.B:275000美元!挂牌是35000美元。A: I know, Thomas, but I think we should consider it.A:托马斯,我知道,但我想我们应该考虑。B: Why would I consider this price?B:我为什么要考虑这个价格?A: We should counteroffer. I think we can work with this buyer.A:我们应该还盘。我认为我们可以和这个买家合作。B: I wont take less than 0,000. You know that.B:我不会少于300000美元的。你是知道的。A: Lets consider the counteroffer. The house has issues.A:让我们考虑买房还价。房子有问题。B: Okay, I listen to you. B:好吧,我听你的。 译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201605/440231

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